Ok people so these are going to be the Apprentice games! For those of you that have never watched the Celebrity Apprentice, YOUR MISSING OUT! but anyways The thing is that this is a collaboration user! I am not going to tell you who it is thought because WE want to keep it a secret until the games are over. We are doing this so that it is way more interesting and stuff like that. Ok so here it goes!

About Celebrity Apprentice

Ok so i know that most of you dont know about The Celebrity Apprentice, so here is the explanation.

First of all i am going to use TCA to talk about it because its too long of a name to say over and over again.

Ok so TCA is Donald Trumps show. In the show there are 12 guys and 12 girls who compete in awesome challenges to see who wins all the money for thier charity.

Well if you want to know more then go here....

Our Apprentice Games

Ok the difference about our games to theirs is that YOU GUYS ARE MOST LIKELY NOT CELEBRITIES! Also instead of 12 guys and 12 girls its going to be 6 guys and 6 girls! Ok so if you are interested please sign up in the comments! Oh and BTW guys are against Girls! >:)

Guys Girls
KEAP Quinn
Luke TSS
Wolverine Leslie

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