Ok. This is just a little thing I am doing whilst my other games keep going. No one enters, no one dies. It is loosley based on Andy's Hurt/Heal games but not like that: As I said, no one dies. It works like this:

I will have every tribute from each of the 74th and 75th Hunger Games. I will also add other charactors that were mentioned in the series. You can comment whoever you like, and how ever many times you like. Also, you don't have to comment the same tribute each time. The tribute with the most points on the 1st of March wins. Yes I do live in Australia so it may not be the 1st where you live. It will absolutely be the 1st in Australia though. Deal with it. Hope you enjoy.

The Tributes

Marvel: 96

Finnick: 114



A special thanks to Rainbow Shifter and TMG!! Great effort Marvel voters!! Unlucky


Feel free to tell me if I have missed anyone out. I'll update daily unless unable. If not able to I will confirm that in  the comments. One final thing. You can comment every 1 hour. Have fun!

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