Ok, so, I just cancelled The Sports Games due to lack of tributes and comments. I figured I would have one last games before I buckle down and finally finish the Insanity Games. Then i'll begin my project of the 1st-25th Hunger Games. Anyway, these are my first selected tribute games. Basically I will be asking the users if I can take tributes of my choice from they're crop. I have been wanting to do one of these for a while now but never got around to it. So here we go. I will only be asking users I think will have tributes up to standard and well descripted. I will be doing Reapings, Training Scores and then the Games themselves. Hopefully people will like it. The Games will be written in 3rd person.


1) AxedFox (Bella)

2) Annamisasa (Anna)

3) ViniciousDeAssis1999 (Vinny)

4) Wesolini (Wes)

5) Beetee19 (Beetee)

6) EvilHariboMadness (Oli)

7) Hybrid Shadow (Kekai)

8) TheDeadlyOne (Adrian)

9) 66mc (Mia)

10) Leapkit (Tyler)

11) Everderp (Lemon/Alice)

12) TheMysteriousGeek (TMG)

13) Rainbow Shifter (Jade)


District Male User Female User
Capitol Mason Everwood Leapkit Lume Antorcha Wesolini
1 Lynx Striker Hybrid Shadow Misty Bull ViniciousDeAssis1999
2 Xerox Roult EvilHariboMadness Reed Phantom AxedFox
3 Thias Feyuz Wesolini Evanesca Harlow Everderp
4 Hiro Khan 66mc Artemis Kane Beetee19
5 Alex Blue TheMysteriousGeek Torrent Wave TheMysteriousGeek
6 Thanatos Hayden AxedFox Vanessa Hayes Leapkit
7 Carlos Yuacka Rainbow Shifter Cordelia Morgius TheDeadlyOne
8 Dexter Howe Beetee19 Shae Summerfield 66mc
9 Bryan Quatreo ViniciousDeAssis1999 Serina Frostswords Annamisasa
10 Anubis Pyramid Hybrid Shadow September Rollo EvilHariboMadness
11 Chrom Acovin TheDeadlyOne Kipper Luantag Rainbow Shifter
12 Icarus Vago Everderp Sian Malley Annamisasa


District Male Score Female Score
Capitol Mason Everwood 6 Lume Antorcha 8
1 Lynx Striker 10 Misty Bull 9
2 Xerox Roult 10 Reed Phantom 10
3 Thias Feyuz 5 Evanesca Harlow 5
4 Hiro Khan 9 Artemis Kane 10
5 Alex Blue 4 Torrent Wave 6
6 Thanatos Hayden 7 Vanessa Hayes 6
7 Carlos Yuacka 8 Cordelia Morgius 6
8 Dexter Howe 7 Shae Summerfield 5
9 Bryan Quatreo 2 Serina Frostswords 9
10 Anubis Pyramid 7 September Rollo 5
11 Chrom Acovin 8 Kipper Luantag 6
12 Icarus Vago 6 Sian Malley 4


Lume Antorcha (Capitol)

The Reapings start early. I had no idea and as such have only just reached the desk when they start to pack up. The lady pricks my finger with the identification device and returns smeared with blood. I am permitted into the area and sneak over to the 17 year old girls section hoping no one thinks I'm an idiot for arriving late. The escort, Valerino Padesca, trots along to the thin, translucent glass pot and dips her palm inside the concave hole. When she recedes her hand the slip of paper revealing this year's female tribute from the Capitol is audible to everyone here. And the voice speaks up. Someone else's name. The one name I didn't want to hear. I bellow out, "I VOLUNTEER"! Looks of astonishment are shot my direction and I ignore them, keeping the smug expression on my face as I waltz up to the stage and explain. 'My mother won the Hunger Games 20 years ago"! " Now, it's my turn", I spit. That will keep them held for a while I think. I am transported to the chair at the back of the barge to hear the boy tribute's name. The escort reads it out almost happily, as if she is excited that someone from her own home is being reaped. A Capitol child, and she seems glad. How retarded can you be? The name is called and a boy named Mason Everwood steps out of the sixteen year old sector. He looks glum, and then glances my direction. I smile, trying to reassure him that it will be fine. He seems nice enough to give a shit about my feelings as well, even though I volunteered. He possibly thinks I volunteered to help out whoever my district partner is. Anyway. We shake hands and I notice how warm his hands are. Radiating heat onto my frosty palms. We are redirected to the Justice building and then whisked away to the train station, where we are to depart on the 10 minute journey to our home for the period of time before the god damn games.

Lynx Striker (D1)

I am stuck in the blistering heat out here along with 1,000 other people at the reaping square. I sneak a glance over at my 'foster' father. We don't like to call it that. To me, I have two families, the Lynx that I grew up with in the woods until I was 8 and my dad, Hunter. He notices and grins back, telling me that it will be ok. What he doesn't know is that I am going to volunteer. He thinks I'm volunteering at 18 but I am ready now. First off, the escort reads aloud the reaped female tribute. A girl, 16 years old stumbles to the stage after volunteering as loud as possible. Her blonde hair glistens as she waltzes up to the place where soon I will stand. The male tribute's name is then called, I don't know and honestly don't care who it is. I screech at the top of my lungs. "I VOLUNTEER"!!! I run up to the stage, almost tripping on the adamantine, iron steps. Once upright, next to the escort I watch a person escape from their roped off part. It stumbles to my mind that I know this person... Hunter. He screams my name and then rushes towards me. Two peacekeepers hold him at bay and when he tries to fight back, I look in horror as they shoot him through the head. He lets out a groan and crumples to the ground. Then, before I can even react to the event that has just occurred, I am whisked away into the Justice Hall and in the blink of an eye, I'm on the train heading towards the Capitol.

Reed Phantom (D2)

The reaping is supposed to take one hour on the dot. So far, with the distractions of riots earlier, it has taken about 3 and we are yet to start. Eventually, the escort comes out looking battered and bruised. “Apparently there was a mishap backstage”, the girl next to me tells me. She chuckles then looks back at her muscles which she has been admiring the whole time. I feel like flicking my blonde hair in her face and showing her mine but instead I just smile at her ‘joke’, and continue watching. The escort pulls out the small sheet of embroidered paper and reads out the name of the reaped tribute. I take no time at all shoving the girl who made that terrible joke out of the way and volunteering. As I make my way up to the stage, I glance at my father, who gives me a curt nod and keeps watching. Then the boy’s name is called out. An 18 year old guy with short brown hair and pale skin walks out into the centre of the isle and screams, “I Volunteer”! Once he has reached the stage, he shakes my hand and we are escorted to the justice hall where we will be taken to the Capitol for me to win these games. Because I am Reed Phantom, and everyone, including my district partner, Xerox Roult, will perish at my feet.

Thias Feyuz (D3)

I watch as the girl from District 3 is reaped for the games. As expected, no one volunteers. She walks out of the 16 year old section, her long, black hair flapping in the cool, winter breeze behind her. Her name is Evanesca Harlow. Then our escort trips over and pulls herself back up underneath the boy’s bowl. She dips her fingers deep inside the concave sphere and returns, bravely grasping a thin slip of what once was tree bark. It reads “Thias Feyuz”. SHIT! That’s me. I am never going to win the games. Not with my scrawny little body and tiny arms. I have no body strength, and if that isn’t changed in training then I am almost a certain bloodbath death. I am only 12 after all. Gasps are heard as I walk up to the stage, and I almost cry when I catch a glimpse of my desperate family, I have to at least try… for them.

Artemis Kane (D4)

I walk up to the stage after I have volunteered over all the other girl’s attempting to do so. I am prepared for these games, even though I may be 1 year younger than all the other girl’s trying to volunteer. My self training out in the woods will finally pay off. I am certain of that. After I get there, the escort calls out the boy’s name. “Hiro Khan”, she yells. Hundreds of boy’s yell over the top of each other but then Hiro bellows, “No!’ “I will do it’. He makes his way to the stage and all I can think about is how I will be allied with this boy, this hot boy. When he shakes my hand I feel a warm sensation flow over my body and let it go as I enter the Justice Building with him. I love my life. We are guided into the Justice Hall and my journey to becoming a Hunger Games victor arrives. But it might have to take a minor detour, I think as I take one last glance at Hiro.

Alex Blue (D5)

This is it. This is the moment Torrent and I have been waiting for. This year, we are both going to volunteer and we are both going to win. The escort calls out the name of the reaped female tribute and going to plan, Torrent volunteers. When the male tribute is reaped, myself and another boy both volunteer. I run, trying to get to the stage first and we reach the stairs at the same time. We wrestle for a bit and then I finally get the upper hand. I throw him onto the ground and walk up the steps and join Torrent in our mission to become twin victors. This will be brilliant. And I get to spend it with Torrent!

Vanessa Hayes (D6)

I need blood, that is why I am volunteering today. People will think i'm crazy, but i'm ready. Silently, I thank my father for training me for the Games after he won a few years prior to this brilliant moment in my life. When the escort calls out their name, I volunteer as loud as I can. I know no one else will, I just do it for show. When I reach the stage, I find my father in the audience. He winks and I smile back. This will be interesting. The male tribute, Thanatos Hayden is reaped and then I shake his hand and tell my father I will see him soon.

Carlos Yuacka (D7)

I hold my necklace up to the light to convince myself that this is the moment. This is the moment where I will defeat everyone in this year's games. A girl called Cordelia Morgius is reaped and walks up to the stage like a puny little 2 year old. When the male is reaped, I make sure I am up there breathing my first breath of my journey to the Games. I cannot wait for this. We are marshalled into the waiting are in the justice hall and I tell myself that I will be back. I will be back soon.

Shae Summerfield (D8)

I reach the reaping just as it starts. My foster carers march over to their spot and I take my place at mine. I know that if I am reaped, I won't stand a chance. I just can't help but feel that my childhood isn't worth living for anymore.  Then by sheer coincidence my name is called to be the reaped female from District 8. Great! I make my way up to the stage and announce myself to the escort. Once the male tribute, Dexter Howe has been reaped I take one last look at the crowd of people, knowing that my real parents could be out there somewhere, cheering me on during these Games.

Brian Quatreo (D9)

Gotta hate the Capitol right. That's what i've been thinking since I was able to walk and talk. Now that i'm 12 I can volunteer and finally stick up to them. It is time. The female tribute, Nyctimene Phocus is reaped and a girl named Serina Frostswords volunteers. Wow! 2 volunteers from District 9. That's not something you see every day. When the male tribute, Edilio Escolarr is reaped, I volunteer aswell and take my place oin the stage. Bring it on Hunger Games!!

September Rollo (D10)

The escort calls out my name to be reaped before I have even reached my position in the girl's section. I shyly move towards the stage, slowly glancing around at my district peers. I get to the stage and focus on the male. Anubis Pyramid. He finds his way to the barge like object and shakes my sweaty hand. As nervous as I am, I can't let my emotions get in the way of the task at hand. I need to concentrate.

Chom Acovin (D11)

I can’t help but blush when the female tribute, Kipper Luantag is reaped. She is breathtakingly beautiful….


 I can’t let my emotions spoil my chances of impressing everyone I know, my girlfriend, my father, my family and my friends. I will impress them all by winning these Games once I have volunteered. Still, I take note that even though she is hot, she could be a potential threat. When the boy is reaped, I flood him with relief and thanks by volunteering and I make my short but slow trot towards the stage. I shake Kipper’s angel-like hands and continue through to the Justice building. This is going to be very fun…

Sian Malley (D12)

I glance over at Nicole, the girl who has been living with me for years now. She winks at me, trying to tell me that this year will be no different, that neither of us will be reaped. I don’t believe that though. Signing up for tesserae was a terrible idea and now my name is in the bowl 10 times, double the amount of her’s. And yet, it’s still her safety I’m worried about. Of course, we are both incredible with knives and I believe if one of us was reaped we could win it. That doesn’t change my scared feeling though. Then, the male escort calls out the name of the reaped female tribute. I gasp, then without thinking, volunteer over the top of Nicole.

 The rest of the reaping rushes by like a blur among a flurry of thought. That is, until the male tribute, Icarus Vago is reaped. Then we are ushered into the Justice Hall and then to the train station where I become 1 step closer to either death or fame


===Day 1 ===

Sian Malley (D12, Underground Chamber)

I watch the metallic colored doors recede and my stylist walks in. He has been extremely kind to me and I thank him for all he has done to help me. A gravelly voice informs me that I have 2 minutes until I must be in the futuristic tube that will carry me into my death bed, the Cornucopia. I think back to when I first met Nicole, after I killed those bullies. She made a promise that if I let her live with me she would teach me how to become a master with throwing knives. I still can’t get the feeling that if I win these games I will be back with her, and we can actually live a nice life in the Victor’s village. I need to think of a strategy though, something that can at least get me through to day 2. Then I can start working out how I am going to survive the rest of the games.

“1 minute”, says the robotic like, female voice.

I silently thank Nicole for everything she did, in case I don’t survive the bloodbath. It is going to be a struggle, but I need to get my hands on some throwing knives if I am to have any chance of winning. Therefore I am going to have to go into the bloodbath to find them. It’s risky, but it might be only opportunity to find my signature weapon.

“10 seconds”.

I nod to my nice stylist and then make my way to the tube, the inky-darkness around me forcing me to feel my way towards the pipe. When I reach it, I maneuver my way inside and wait to be hauled up by the magnetic force that the Gamemakers will provide.

Head Gamemaker (The Capitol, Outside the Arena)

The tributes are all in the tubes and ascending towards the metal plate. I press a button and the timer on the golden-lined horn starts to tick down to the moment the bloodbath will begin. This is just my first year as head Gamemaker so I need to make a good impression. The twist I have planned will hopefully blow some of the competitor’s minds. The tributes arrive above ground and all seem to stare at one another, getting a closer look at their friends, enemies and killers from these games. The clock continues to run down until it reaches 30, half way to some of the tribute’s deaths. The participants are getting increasingly frightened about the possibility of losing their life. The timer reaches 10 seconds and some tributes start to panic. 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1,


Alex Blue (D5, Cornucopia)

I glance over at Torrent and she winks at me. I smile back as if I’m saying ‘we are going to own this’, which we are of course. The digital clock counts down from 1 minute, all the way down to 5 seconds and then I get ready to run. When it hits zero that is exactly what I do. I start at a light jog then build up all the way to a full on sprint for the golden horn. When I reach it, only two tributes have beaten me here. One of them, Hiro Khan from District 4, picks up a mace off of a crate and thrusts it in my direction. I am just able to evade it. I grab a gleaming sword and shove it at him as if it was a dead animal and I was horrified at the sight of it. He grins, and then finds a throwing knife amidst the littered array of weaponry, and chucks it at me. I can’t defend myself with my sword and I don’t have time to dodge the knife. I am certain that I am done for. In my head, I apologize to Torrent, and wish her the best in these games. But then by some magical, mysterious power, the knife just disappears. Out of thin air, it is gone, leaving no trace that it ever existed.

Hiro Khan (D4, Cornucopia)

That kid from District 5 just survived my attack. And it wasn’t even by skill, my knife disappeared! This is impossible, I can’t believe it. Everyone has stopped running, ceased fighting and they have all turned to stare at the event that has just occurred. I take the opportunity to throw a second knife, which, same as the other one vanishes without showing a mark of visibility. I throw knife after knife at the idiotic boy, who just sits there now with an ear to ear grin plastered across his ugly face. Eventually I give up and regroup with the other careers, who question me, confused expressions spread along their heads. I walk back to the horn and pick up a sword, glimmering in the burning sunshine, the number 6 stained on the front of its blade. I turn it over, the same on the other side. ‘What is this?’ I think, fiddling with the sword, tossing it over and over in my hot, sweaty palms. I take it and return to the careers who are also attempting to figure out what the number on the sword means. Artemis Kane, my district partner, jumps over to the stash of impressive glinting swords, axes, bows, arrows, maces, kopis’, and pulls out whatever she can gather and brings them back to our huddle. We scavenge the items, surveying their numbers, each of us straining to conjure up in our minds what it has to do with anything. Then it hits me. The Districts!

Lume Antorcha (The Capitol, Cornucopia)

Not one tribute misses the sight of Hiro Khan, thrashing about, searching for something. He looks completely stupid. He walks straight up to every single tribute, asking the same small question over and over. ‘What district?” Everyone tells him and when he reaches Vanessa Hayes, and she replies, District 6, he stabs her. Simple as that, no warning, he just stabs her, right through the stomach. It works this time though and everyone realizes what the numbers mean at the same time. That’s when the Head Gamemaker’s voice comes travelling through the arena sky, blowing, never stopping, changing tone, as if he were standing right in the middle of us all, talking to us face to face. “Great work tributes! You have discovered the twist, now. You better find out who has your desired weapon or you’ll be dead within a minute” It crackles, fades out, and then, I run.

Xerox Roult (D2, Cornucopia)

Torrent Wave, the tall, blonde girl from District 5 is the only tribute I have spotted with a weapon with a ‘2’ on it. I see her chase after Reed Phantom though; my district partner and I honestly hope she tracks her down. She was quite rude to me and our mentors. Although fighting and killing isn't in my nature, I felt the urge to say something but I kept my mouth shut, for reasons other than the fact that she might make a good ally later in the games, when I am desperate. I make it my plan to the cove I saw earlier, from my pedestal. As I depart to go, I am caught off guard by a sword that slices down the back of my hip and descends down my right leg. The pain sweeps through my body, coursing through my veins almost as if it were trying to kill me. It feels like a bullet has just hit me square in the heart, and yet I am able to keep my footing, only stumbling at the exact moment it happens. I spin around, and sure enough, find Thias Feyuz, from District 3 lunging over me. He is small, but I am really short. I defend his next blow with the axe I collected at the beginning of the bloodbath. I see the ‘2’ imprinted on the face of the blade. I can’t help but think that this sword of his could have been specially made to kill me. He swings again and again, each time defended by my axe until eventually, I counter with the hilt of my axe. It splinters, then tears apart and crumbles, like a cheesecake base when it hasn't been cooked right. I laugh. This is it for me, I want one final laugh. It cheers me on, makes me more eager to win, and fuels me with a passion I have never discovered until now. And yet, after all that, I can’t stop the blade from positioning itself above my head and caressing my hair… Snap!

Shae Summerfield (D8, Forest)

It took a long time, and a lot of effort. But I finally got away from whoever was following me. I feel a little stupid knowing that it could have been my district partner or someone just looking for an alliance and I rejected them, not even turning around to see who it is. I wasn’t able to gather any weapons at the cornucopia, seems as though there were distractions all over there place. Plus, once the twist was found out, I was certainly not going to hang around for anyone or anything. I spin around now, just a final check. No, nobody is there. I let out a sigh of relief and plunk myself down on a rough log, dotted with scratches and encased in the hazy morning dew. I run my fingers along the hard wood, wiping my palm across the drips of water. I lap them up, knowing that this could be my only source of water, and I want to be drinking when I can. My thoughts start to drift back to District 8, where I was abandoned and taken in by two rich merchants. If I win, I need to thank the orphanage owners and the two merchants with a share of the prize money. I know I would have been dead if those orphanage owners hadn’t found my, starving to death in the alleyway I called home for 1 year. The thoughts make me smile; I had a nice time back in district 8. I just, can’t shake the feeling that anyone I look at over 16 could be my birth parents. A noise ricochets off of the trees and into my ears. I snap around hoping to find an alliance seeker, but instead come face-to-face with a possum. Just a possum. Well, at least I’ll have some food.

Thanatos Hayden (D6, Cornucopia)

I was forced to sit there and watch my district partner die, stabbed by that boy from District 4. Now, I’ll have my revenge. I am going to have vengeance on Hiro for killing Vanessa. That’s how it works in The Hunger Games. I jog back to the shiny-gold horn and attack the spread of glorious weapons. I hurry through sword after sword, axe after axe until finally, the mace with the number ‘4’ comes into view. As I pick it up, the heat radiating off of it, starts to burn my hands. It is so hot! I don’t care though; none of this makes any impact on me. I am now destined to kill Hiro, and so engulfed in the fact that I now have the weapon that will make that kill, that I hardly even notice the pain. It energizes me, makes me more aware of my surroundings, and more aware of Hiro khan sprinting towards me, a knife in one hand, a sword in the other. Both say ‘6’. This is it. This is the battle I have been waiting for. And now it is here. And I will kill Hiro Khan and avenge Vanessa Hayes’ death. He didn’t deserve to die first. I don’t even care if this drives me to insanity, I must make the kill, I must make the kill, I must make the kill! The words play over and over in my head as Hiro approaches as if he was in slow motion. He raises his sword, I raise my mace. I need blood; I need blood on my hands. Hiro’s blood… Die!

Misty Bull (D1, Cornucopia)

I stick with Lynx at the bloodbath. Most of the other tributes have scattered around the arena, trying to escape their looming fate. Well, guess what. They can’t escape, not with the sufficient party of career tributes this year. We are going to kill every tribute in the arena, and then I will turn on the careers. Betray them, kill them. At the moment though, I can lead them on. “Careers, retreat”, I yell. They come bounding back towards me. “We need a plan. We need to kill every tribute in here, and while they’re running away like this, we’re not getting anywhere. Let’s wait it out until night, and then we’ll go hunt them down, one by one. Any objections?” They all shake they’re head in the sense that they agree. “Perfect,” I say. Now we can take as many lives as we want. I malicious grin spreads across my face and I laugh. Not one of those cheesy ‘muhaha’s’ but a simple laugh. Just like how I used to at home. I enjoy it while it lasts. But it fades away as soon as my brain functions properly again. We will kill every tribute here. And I will be the Victor of the Hunger Games.

Dexter Howe (D8, Relics)

I didn’t make it into the arena. I am stuck down in this underground basement type room, filled to the brim with old ruins and paintings. I tried to read it but I don’t understand a word of this foreign language. It must have been written hundreds of years ago. I landed in here with someone else, but every time I ask them when they are they just say the same thing over and over. “Endgame” The word plays around and around in my head, trying to tell me what it means. I ask him if he knows what the code on the walls of this relic mean and he tells me once again that ‘this is the endgame’. I am getting so frustrated with him that I barely even notice the young woman in the corner of the room, lurking in the shadows. I had been so intrigued about this place that I hadn’t even bothered to explore the rest of it, and deep in the crevices laid this person the entire time. She greets with me when I look at her by telling me her name is Tynan and she is here to rescue me. I don’t know what that means but I’m not telling her that I don’t want to be rescued. I’d give anything to not have to participate in these games. Plus, I am starving! I obey, and follow her when she tells me to. We trudge out of the room into a narrow hallway, covered in dust. It looks like it hasn’t been used in decades and I wouldn’t be surprised if it hadn’t. Tynan takes me down the hallway which at points we have to duck and weave our way through, at others we must crawl. When we reach the exit, I feel kind of stupid for having not looked for an exit the whole time I was in there, although I have no idea how long it was, she lifts the hatch and I jump outside into the fresh night air. The light is bare and I can hardly see 5 metres in front of my face. Trees appear to lean over us and the bushes rustle where animals attempt to escape us. But we’re not going to hurt them. However, the thought of some cooked meat makes my mouth water. I focus on treading carefully and trying not to make any sort of noise that will create a scene, especially when I didn’t even know where anyone is and they would be wondering why the hell I wasn’t on my pedestal at the bloodbath. Tynan takes me through a dense mangrove portion of the arena and into a mysterious clearing filled with scavenging owls and other nocturnal animals. They scurry away at the sight of us, others cringe in our wake. “I hope you know what you’re doing”, I tell her. ‘Shut up and listen”, she replies.

Mason Everwood (The Capitol, Cottage)

My hand encases the spear I managed to muster from the cornucopia. The bloodbath lasted approximately a minute and merely one tribute was killed. That has got to be some kind of record. My thoughts waft back to other Hunger games where 10, 11, 12 tributes were killed and now I’m in one where just 1 died… I’m in the Hunger Games. Not back in the Capitol watching my family being executed for letting me survive, whilst I hopelessly glare at the ground in an attempt to not notice it, to not see all the horror that has befallen me in my lifetime. I don’t know which is worse. Well guess what peacekeepers; I’m not so hopeless now! When I win these games, I will tell everyone about my childhood at the victor’s ceremony following these retched Games, and thus avenge my parent’s demise. Since I am Mason Everwood, and it is time the world, or what’s left of it, knew my tale. I grasp my father’s band in my other hand, its soft outline silently gliding along the ends of my fingers, delicately delivering a sensation of calmness through my upper body. ‘I love you Dad’.

Head Gamemaker (The capitol, Outside the Arena)

“Who the hell is that?” I screech, attempting to scavenge a reply from a fellow colleague. No one is valiant enough to answer. I reiterate the phrase, and this time one of them steps up to the plate. “That is Dexter Howe, from District 8 Sir”, she says with a hint of fear in her voice. She has shoulder-length blonde hair that gives the impression of an elegantly flowing river and her lovely, gentle green eyes, shimmer in the reflection of the futuristic illumination above our craniums. No more than a few freckles dare to blemish her flawlessly textured skin. She truly is impeccably gorgeous, but I am obligated to command these games until the final bereavement. “And what is he doing with HER!” I order, emphasizing the last word with as much intensity as achievable. “She appears to be guiding him away from a surreptitious location underneath the arena”, she responds with just a trace of satisfaction, even though the words stream like they had been planned out in a play script. I retort one concluding sentence that consists of just two unsympathetic words. “Kill him.”

Tynan (AHGA, Escape Route)

I am Tynan. I don’t possess a last name, just the one. Like Cher, or Beyonce or famous people like that. In the AHGA, Anti Hunger Games Association, I am known as Debutant 18, for I am to assist in getting the 18th tribute out of the arena via the outlet our group was able to construct. See, I’ve been a part of this allegiance for roughly 3 years now. We have been leading up to this year for an extraordinarily long time. Because this is the year that we will be busting out the tributes, getting them out of the arena, escaping. At last, we have our third act of rebellion towards the Capitol. And the symbol will be no longer a Mockingjay, no longer Katniss Everdeen, no longer Districts 12 and 13. No. This act of rebellion is from the Anti Hunger Games Association. The Capitol governed after the first rebellion, they fell and rebuilt after the second, but now they will perish ceaselessly. It is time they learned their lesson. That’s why the two capitol children in these games are not being rescued, as chastisement for the Capitol. And they will view every minute of it live. This is a brilliant moment for Panem. And I get to be a part of it, by saving this adolescent from District 8.

Thias Feyuz (D3, Cornucopia)

I hear the snap before it takes me. The wolf like creature crunches its jaws down on my left leg and then clamps them down as hard as it can. My entire leg bursts in a spray of red blood that spatters all along the weapon I was holding. I reach for the sword, and grasp it in my hands, then maneuver it towards the beast. Its athletic ability enables it to avoid my next assault, but not the next. The blade slices through the wolf’s neck and penetrate its vital internal organs. Not a second later, it kicks the bucket, and stops bothering me for now. My wounds are practically unable to be healed, and I have lost sight of Xerox Roult, the boy I was about to slay. I need to tourniquet this injury, before I die of blood loss. But I know that it’s too late for that. I slowly start to fall apart, and the life seeps from my body. I have just seconds left to live and in that time, I savour the feeling of life, before it all comes to an end.

Serina Frostswords (D9, Ocean)

I am being lashed out at by bugs and flies and they are so annoying! I manage to swat one away but by the time my hand has hit it, it is flying back towards me, its shrill buzz affecting my thoughts. I climb a nearby hollow tree, and scan the perimeter of my position in the arena. I reflect on the old me, the me that only lived whilst my mother lived, and when she was murdered, my old self’s spirit was murdered along with it. I wish my mother were here, to comfort me, to protect me. My father too, although I hardly spoke a word to him before illness plagued his soul. This tree will act as a sense of shelter for the night, if I don’t freeze to death during it. I need my crossbow. That is what will win me these Games. The only one I noticed was at the cornucopia, and the careers are guarding that. But I must get it. It is essential. I will get the crossbow, my crossbow. And I will kill whichever district number appears on it. Meanwhile, it’s the insects I have to vex about. But apart from that, I can win these Games, and I will, with the help of my weapon.


Day 1 Casualties

1) Vanessa Hayes: Knife in the Stomach by Hiro Khan

== DAY 2==

September Rollo (D10, Cottage)

I approach the cottage with caution. It could at any time, explode or cause my death in the Games. And I can’t die; I couldn’t let my family live the rest of their lives like that. They need my help on the cattle farm, since my father was killed. From my stance, more or less 20 metres away from the hut, I can spot movement inside the cottage. I shake my head, regretting coming here, remorseful in my decision to take this option. After all, I could have asked a number of people to ally with me, and for all I know, this person could be a murderous killer. But I do need an alliance, and this is what keeps bringing me closer and closer to the small house. Once I reach it, I raise my hand to the doorknob and twist it in my tight grasp. It clicks and I hear whoever is inside panic. The door widens and I stagger in. I recognize the boy immediately from training, he is from The Capitol. As much as I detest the Capitol, I can’t help but feel apologetic for him. He must have imagined he would never have to participate in the Hunger Games. But now he is here, clutching a kopis rigidly to his torso. I extract my dagger and rapier, and release them, so they plummet towards the polished, floorboards. Back in District 10, we could never have dreamed of having floorboards in our residence. The boy, whose name is Mason Everwood, lets go of his weapons aswell, and lets them clutter to the base of the lodge type shelter. I can’t help but admire his beauty. His face radiates perfection and his upper body seems as brawny as possible in a boy of… I trail off. “How old are you Mason”, I enquire. “Why are you here?” He retorts. Not quite the answer I was looking for, but I tell him that I practically just stumbled upon this chalet, searching for an ally. He informs me of his childhood, of his dreadful past and how he challenges to win the Games to let everyone know how it feels to be him. I know this is horrible. “Well, only one of us can win, but we can both get closer to that goal if we team up,” I utter. He nods agreeing with me. I can’t believe it was that easy to crate a partnership between the two of us. Maybe this won’t be too hard after all. In the end, he looks like a fighter, and we could make it to the end.

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