Ok guys. So basically what i'm thinking is after I finish both and                              ,

i'm going to have a series of Hunger Games. 

My idea is kind of like what Fox did with the 4th-8th Hunger Games. However, mine will be longer. Im going to do 1st- 25th. Each games will be bigger and more strict as I get through them and I think i'll go out with a huge games. Mind you, it will definately not be as big as the Insanity Games because that has been hell. But i'll finish those, then Total HG Island and then i'll get on to this project. Hit that comment button down the bottom and tell me if you would enter or if you think this would be a good idea or of you can't wait or if you think i'm crazy!. I hope I will be able to do this once I finish my two current games. Thanks guys.

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