Bold text==INTRODUCTION== Hey guys. You will never believe what i'm doing here. I hope you liked my last games, the 100th hunger games. If you didn't read please do and also please go bak to my first games The 53rd hunger games. So anyway these are my third hunger games and i wanted to do something amazing! So these are the Insanity Games and there will be 10 tributes from each district resulting in 140 tributes! You can each have 7 tributes as said in the rules below. Thanks guys and may the odds be ever in your favour!


1) Please don't swear, dis or offend people in any way.

2) 7 tributes each. (as said in Introduction)

3) No complaining when your tribute dies.

4) Reservations are allowed but only last for 2 days.

5) Please make the names unique. I wasn't as strict as i will be this time with that rule.

6) WIKIA CONTRIBUTERS DO NOT GET TRIBUTES. I'm sorry but i have to refer to you in some way and i'ts hard for me to do that.

7) I will be doing Reapings for all 140 tributes, Chariot Rides, Training Scores and Interviews.

8) Unlike my last games i will put out a list of items that you can sponsor your tributes with. Remember that there could possibly be 30 Career tributes so sponsors for non-career tributes is basically essential.

9) Thanks to Fawkes and Dobby I have a Twist even though my last games was a Quarter Quell. I will announce what this is later. Thanks Fawkes and Dobby!

10) Please use the template or I won't accept the tribute. No profiles!

11) I don't want Perfect tributes.

12) I will be making a Lunaii for each tribute so just give me a physical description not a Lunaii of your own.

13) No I am not crazy and I intend to do this for real. I know it's huge but i thought i would do something spectacularly big so lots of people that don't often get tributes in will now have somewhere to do so.














Reaped or Volunteered

Bloodbath Strategy


  • Iris (C)
  • Jefferson (1)
  • Noah (1)
  • Onyx (1)
  • Shaden (1)
  • Clay (1)
  • Diamond (1)
  • Chloe (1)
  • Tea (1)
  • Alexis (1)
  • Raven (2)
  • Drake (2)
  • Jasper (2)
  • Armour (2)
  • Venus (2)
  • Roosevelt (2)
  • Jackie (2)
  • Bailey (2)
  • Marigold (2)
  • Kronice (3)
  • Bethunia (3)
  • Jaydo (4)
  • Cody (4)
  • Jag (4)
  • Jaga (4)
  • Lucas (5)
  • Trenton (5)
  • Harriot (6)
  • Krane (7)
  • Chumpia (7)
  • Stacia Lopez
  • John (8)
  • Arkta Luster
  • Chase (6)
District Male User Female User
Capitol Raff Dragonstring Bensss12 Iris Arcus Wesolini
Capitol Quinten Navarro FoxFaceFan32825 Zasha Kerrina Write46747
Capitol Hunter Scofflin Write46747 Calipso Renama District4 Tribute
Capitol Riley Sinx District4 Tribute Annabella Kerkoni The Outsider
Capitol Foxlip Dillard Everderp Shervert Wonkalandia HungerGamesFanatic21
1 Onyx Blight RavenHG Diamond Pearl RavenHG
1 Jefferson Golderness HungerGamesFanatic21 Peridot Leer The Outsider
1 Noah Everest Theman77 Chloe Madison Theman77
1 Shaden Kanyne Kanine400 Tea Forest AxedFox
1 Clay Golden AxedFox Alexis Icer AxedFox
2 Raven Mockingjay RavenHG Inertia Vertigo Smurfmaster
2 Drake Mordon Theman77 Venus Mockingjay RavenHG
2 Jasper Addams AxedFox Jackie Devilin Theman77
2 Armour Tyke AxedFox Bailey Anderson AxedFox
2 Roosevelt Golderness HungerGamesFanatic21 Marigold Huxley AxedFox
3 Kronice Hayes RavenHG Naria Avenforth Fawkes and Dobby
3 Cliff Harton Write46747 Bethunia Underium HungerGamesFanatic21
3 Michelangelo DeSantillo Rainbow Shifter Catharine Wilsnow FoxFaceFan32825
3 Jacques Flintwood TheDeadlyOne Daffodil LaCoup Write46747
3 Alec Tromagnet Beetee19 Ava Microft The Outsider
4 Luxus Ryabov Smurfmaster Nerissa Clair Fawkes and Dobby
4 Jaydo Tsunami RavenHG Jaga Aqua Theman77
4 Cody Freshwater HungerGamesFanatic21 Sea Gull Write46747
4 Jag Aqua Theman77 Wavelina Shore Shelleybelly
4 Mikey Dickey Cato'sSon Creada Manez District4 Tribute
5 Lucas Heyk RavenHG Bronwen Flash Shelleybelly
5 Trenton Powers HungerGamesFanatic21 Cassandra Nigax Daniel17
5 Daragon Luzuli Dedejacob Ellowyn Blakk Everderp
5 Veto Magnate TBWTPT Bronwyn Naismith TheDeadlyOne
5 Sparky Kleff The Outsider Hadix Maven RavenHG
6 Chase Locke Daniel17 Harriot Portisca HungerGamesFanatic21
6 Marko Steele Fawkes and Dobby May Evans penguinlover:)
6 Summanus Chrome AxedFox Ziz Troutle Bensss12
6 Sparks Jones Iluvgale Kara Maple penguinlover:)
6 Harthorne Adams District4 Tribute Mylene Valante Wesolini
7 Krane Octrus Kanine400 Chumpia Barks HungerGamesFanatic21
7 Elm Hawthrone The Outsider Aleyen Woods RossinSA
7 Grant Daniel Dedejacob Stacia Lopez District4 Tribute
7 Gavin Lopez District4 Tribute Thistle Wisteria TBWTPT
7 Hawk Talon RavenHG Jennifer Coal Shelleybelly
8 John Madrick Theman77 Polly Nolan The Outsider
8 Jacob Shorts penguinlover:) Cali Shorts penguinlover:)
8 Picasso Knox AxedFox Emma Bentley ViniciousDeAssis1999
8 Jonah Thompson TheDeadlyOne Kumori Nikko Wesolini
8 Bill Waterson penguinlover:) Cassidy Harris Dedejacob
9 Tantun Magret ViniciousDeAssis1999 Arianna Syler Eloni12
9 Jet Miller Beetee19 Wind Settle TBWTPT
9 Edilio Escolarr YoungGuy5 Zeph Niles TBWTPT
9 Gavin Heart Manner me456 Emily Tailer penguinlover:)
9 Bruce Calipz District4 Tribute Cornelia Rogan The Outsider
10 Arkta Luster Kanine400 Volare Corvino TBWTPT
10 Janus Brankque Daniel17 Story Tillian Write46747
10 Zane Landon ViniciousDeAssis1999 Lilac Canipp District4 Tribute
10 Manner Kreuger Manner me456 Sarah Renswick Justafox
10 Dwayne Crupnick Fawkes and Dobby Nelly Ann Manner me456
11 Brazen Fieldwise Smurfmaster Keira Lark The Outsider
11 Brayden Haul Daniel17 Arria Singson Write46747
11 Pram Tinsel AxedFox Wess Cornstob HungerGamesFanatic21
11 John Schmidt Beetee19 Bayleaf Mangolia TBWTPT
11 Marson Klyde District4 Tribute Rhine Mai IHGWIKI
12 Griffin Majoris Bensss12 Lia Mina Write46747
12 Khan Aonyx Daniel17 Shelby Woods Bubbashelb
12 Exolian Dynamite HungerGamesFanatic21 Roxy Firework Dedejacob
12 Pyro Vuldren TBWTPT Malanoi Jet TBWTPT
12 Carbo Ferrum Wesolini Kaden Ron IHGWIKI
13 Dustin Langley District4 Tribute Annika Starr MsA
13 Titus Roxen Bensss12 Scylla Nerissus The Outsider
13 Jay Saqura Write46747 Ameryllis Silvermoon Dedejacob
13 Demon Axewood TBWTPT Sue Yang penguinlover:)
13 Yax Cratyr TBWTPT Jade Saqura Write46747


The arena is just a normal arena. There is a volcano in one corner of the arena and a mountain in the other opposite corner. In the middle is the cornucopia. On the other side in the right corner is a swamp and in the opposite corner to that is a tunnel that exits the arena into a giant cage with 5 of the most deadly animals.


Raff Dragonstring (c)

I wake up in a cold bed having awoken from the best dream. My best friend Voxen had been reaped and won The Hunger Games. I waltz down out the door and head to the square where the reaping will be held. It's AMAZING. Huge banners with the capitol seal hang from the rooftops overlooking the big stage. 4 glass bowls sit on pedestals, 2 at each side of the stage. 2 for the boys and 2 for the girls. Unlike the district's reapings the capitol has so many potential tributes that it has to have 4 bowls to hold all of the cards. As everyone is arriving I spot Voxen out of the corner of my eye. He gives me a wink and I manage a smile back. My mother passes me wincing because of her headaches and she tells me it will be ok. I get my finger pricked and little blood oozes out and the capitol lady scans it. I am cleared to pass and walk to the pack of 17 year old boys. As big as the capitol is though no one volunteers. They don't want to give up thier life when they have such a good one here in the capitol. If I am reaped I am doomed. I have just reached my position when the capitol escort, Warson Malinga, takes the mic and introduces the video. We watch as we do every year and once again I find myself whispering the words to myself. It is fairly catchy. Once the video is finished Warson begins talking again. "Now as you know the capitol reapings are a little different. We will do the boys frirst. She walks over to a glass bowl and pulls out one slip of paper. Then she walks to the other bowl and picks out another slip. She closes her eyes and shuffles them around in her hands. She then throws one back in the bowl and starts to read out the name. I am just hoping that it is not me. That it is not Raff Dragonstring.

Iris Arcus (c)

I watch as the reaped boy is called out." Raff Dragonstring," says Warson. I see a boy step out of the 17 year old section, brush away one of his dreadlocks and make his way to the stage. Next they will do the first girl and alternate like that. I wouldn't mind if i was reaped. All the other kids think i am wierd. I could win it, then they would have to like me. I am just wondering whether or not I should volunteer when Warson pulls out the slip of paper and reads out the name. I smirk as she reads it out. "Iris Arcus," she calls out. I quickly run up to the stage and force a grin. Perfect I think. I have decided that I will kill anyone in my path during the games. I'm not a very good climber but oh I am fast. This is the one thing that I am noticed for. I can use a machete too. My father taught me, not for The Hunger Games but if the rebellion ever starts up again and he thought i needed to know how to wield a weapon so he tought me that. I will win these Hunger Games I think. I don't care if they're are 23 or 139 other tributes. I will win. I realize i am turning into a killing machine but I welcome the feeling. It is the first step towards me becoming a Hunger Games victor. So I keep the grin on my face as Warson moves to the boys bowls once again. Yes, perfect.

Quinten Navarro (c)

I see Warson Malinga skip over to the boy's bowl once again. I can clearly see how terrified the first two reaped tributes are. Warson picks out a slip of paper out of the glass bowl and holds us in suspense. The she opens the slip and begins to read the name. I am desperately hoping that it is not me. She calls the name and I fill with dread. "Quinten Navarro", she says. I slowly glance at my brother Strife and make my way slowly to the stage. It's a long way and when I get there Warson has to help me up because I am actually tired of walking. That's what you get when you live in the Capitol. So many people I think as I stare down at the stage. I am going to die, I think and my body starts to shake. I am going to die.

Zasha Kerrina (c)

" Girls again", says Warson as she moves to pull the slip out of the girl's bowl. She waves her hand around in there for a bit and then digs her hand to the very bottom and pulls it out. Please don't be me, I think as she walks over to the microphone and reads out the name. "Zasha Kerrina". Oh No, I think, but still, I make my trek down the long pathway and over to the stage. It seemed smaller from where I was standing in the 17 year od girl section. From here though it is huge. I catch a glimpse of the eyes of Raff Dragonstring. I know the look.


Hunter Scofflin (c)

I see the girl named Zasha walk up onto the stage and Warson walking to the boy's bowl for the 3rd time. I don't want it to be me. Please don't be me. She pulls out the slip and reads it out. "Hunter Scofflin". No one volunteers. No, I think, not after what happened to Hannah and Hubert. I find myself walking up to the stage though. Past the thousands of Capitol faces watching me. When I get up there all the embarressment turns to nerves. I shake all the other tributes hands; they are all shaking so I look down at my legs and yes, I myself am aslo trembling.

Calipso Renama (c)

As Warson retreats back to the girl's bowl again I run through my plan. My parents are idiots. Taunting the poor and then when dad died all our money disappeared. I became addicted to that life though so I have decided to volunteer so that if, no, when i win, I will bring back the riches for my family. Warson reads out the slip. "Calipso Re...", "I volunteer" I scream. Captol people stare at me in disbelief. When I reach the stage Warson asks me why I did it. "You don't understand the hell I have been through", I say. "Well ladies and gentlemen, we have a volunteer". "What is your name", She asks. I tell her and she replies, "Well, you didn't need to volunteer darling, you were reaped". Well what are the chances of that happening I think. The thought brings a smile to my lips. Possibly the last one ever for me.

Riley Sinx (c)

As Warson moves to the boy's bowl once again I sneak a glance at my friends. Of course they are all wondering if I will actually volunteer. I will though and I will prove them all wrong, I will prove to them that I can win the Hunger Games. Warson calls out the name on the slip she has just pulled out. Matthew.. "I volunteer", I scream. Gasps escape the mouths of the citizens who don't know what I am doing and I laugh. Idiots, I think. I get up on stage and shake the hands of all the shaking capitol tributes. Weaklings, I think. I stare at all my friends out in the crowd and smirk. Don't worry guys, I will bring you back a souveneir from the games.

Annabella Kerkoni (c)

I watch as Warson, the capitol escort, moves back over to the girl's bowl. Please don't be me, I think. I have been pretty lucky so far and haven't been reaped, but apparently that is all about to change. I hear our escort call out the name and start to feel sick. "Annabella Kerkoni", she says. After that the world starts to swirl around me and darkness encloses my eyes and I feel droopy. I don't remember anything else of that reaping.

Foxlip Dillard (c)

I wait until Warson reads out the name before I volunteer. I don't know why my parents have sent me away to the orphanage this year, but life there has been terrible. So now I am going to prove to them that I am the son they want and win the Hunger Games. Warson reads out the name. "Amelia Bu... "I volunteer", I scream. At that moment I promise myself that I will win the games this year.

Shervert Wonkalandia (c)

I am so sick of these idiots teasing me all the time. Now I will let it all go , run into the bloodbath and get killed. I am not even going to try. I can't stand it anymore. "Brittney El... "I VOLUNTEER", I scream at the top of my lungs. People cover their ears and as I walk past all the goirs from school I pull the finger. I do not want to win the Hunger Games, I tell myself. No I don't.

Onyx Blight (1)

I know my mother has secretly paid the escort, Warson Malinga, not to reap me but I am going to volunteer anyway. Just like my father has told me too. Warson picks out a slip and then throws it away. "It's blank", she says. I laugh, Yeah right I think, I just got reaped. She pulls out another but before she has even said anything I scream. "I Volunteer" I say. Fail mom, Fail Warson. I will win for one person only, My father.

Diamond Pearl (1)

I brush away some of my blue hair and sit up straight. Starlight Darnty, Our escort, moves to the bowl and says something I can't quite hear and then says who is reaped. "I Volunteer", I yell. I glance at my parents and my mother makes a twirling motion with her finger and I do. The crowd cheers and claps and I walk up to the stage.

Jefferson Golderness (1)

I watch as Starlight shuffles back and forth forgetting whether she is up to boy's or girls. The last girl to be reaped, actually she volunteered, tells her and she pulls out a slip. "Dan Stardu.. "I Volunteer", I scream. I will avenge you Mason, I will avenge you.

Peridot Leer (1)

Starlight Darnty drops the slip and then can't pick it back up again with her gis Captol fingernails. Jefferson picks it up for her and hands it to her. "Marley...", She reads out. No, I think. I know this girl. It is the 12 year old from next door. Our parents were best of friends. "I volunteer", I scream. I will win for you Marley.

Noah Everest (1)

Starlight barely has time to read out the name before I scream out. "I volunteer", I yell. I peek over at my parents who are smiling and clapping. That's when I realize everyone is clapping. Everyone, my friends and my family are all cheering me on as I walk up to the stage and shake all of the other tributes hands.

Chloe Madison (1)

Starlight waddles over to the girls bowl and then reads out, "Amalee...", I Volunteer", I yell and walk up to the stage where I will make my first impresssion in the Hunger Games. I smile because I know I will protect Noah whatever it takes.

Shaden Kanyne (1)

Starlight reads out the name of the tribute reaped next for district 1. I know I will volunteer today as soon as the name is called out. "Shaden Kanyne", Says Starlight. Well, apparently I don't need to, I think. I walk up to the stage and state my name and why I am going to win.

Tea Forest (1)

Starlight, UUUGH what a horrible name, walks up to the girl's bowl again and reads the name, but not before I volunteer. I say at and loads of faces stare at me and then glance towards my parents who I am now smiling at aswell.? I will win, I think.

Clay Golden (1)

Starlight walks past Tea Forest on the stage and knocks her over. She then picks up the slip not even worrying about tea, and niether am I. It is my turn to volunteer. I do, and walk up to the stage just hoping that 139 tributes die before me.

Alexis Icer (1)

Starlight is such an idiot I think as Tea slaps her across the face. She is hurt but continues on to pick the last tribute from district 1. "Li Ang", "I Volunteer", I scream and know that district 1 will have a victor named Alexis Icer this year.

Raven Mockingjay (2)

My training has certainly led up to this day. I will volunteer now and will win the Hunger Games. The first male is chosen and I volunteer over him and walk up to the stage. They all look at me and I smile back knowing I will beat all of the other tributes.

Inertia Vertigo (2)

Mandy Strappers walks over to the girl's bowl again and tells us the name of the reaped girl. She starts running up to the stage but I run after her and push her over. "I volunteer", I say. "Well she certainly is ready for the games isn't she folks", says Mandy.? I agree,? I think.

Drake Mordan (2)

I will volunteer, I think. "Drake Mordan", calls Mandy. Or maybe not, but I still have to put up a struggle. A kid named Jasper Addams volunteers over me but I scream out. "No", I say."I want to stay as tribute". And I do.

Venus Mockingjay (2)

Bloodthirsty, that's what I am. Now I will volunteer and make sure Raven wins. "Alice..", "I volunteer", I yell out and walk up to the stage. That's right 138 other tributes you will not win. Raven Mockingjay will. So deal with it and spend your last days thinking that before I kill you.

Jasper Addams (2)

I am not showing any this year. I will volunteer again now. That kid called Drake Mordan will be the first one i kill. He deserves it for doing what he did. I will kill anyone in my path. Including the careers. That victor's crown is mine. I volunteer as Mandy calls out the name of the reaped boy and I run up to the stage. I have volunteered.

Jackie Devilin (2)

Now that I know Drake is in this year's Hunger Games I will volunteer and double his chances of winning by protecting him during the games. I volunteer, run up to the stage and hug him. "I will protect you", I say to him.

Armour Tyke (2)

I watch Mandy pull out the slip of paper from the reaping bowl. "Armour Tyke", She calls. A monstrous boy volunteers but I tell him that I want to go and I walk up to the stage. Step 1, check.

Bailey Anderson (2)

I will be the winning tribute for district 2 this year. I see a disturbance behind me and turn as Mandy calls out the reaped girl. Someone in the crowd volunteers and I know I have missed my chance. I punch the guy who caused this to happen and everyone looks at me. 'I Volunteer", I say. That should keep them held for a while.

Roosevelt Golderness (2)

Mandy pulls out the slip of paper and reads the name out and then I volunteer. I watch my mother faint and my father smile and wink.Up to the stage I go to begin my journey to becoming a Hunger Games victor.

Marigold Huxley (2)

"I Volunteer", I scream as Mandy releases the name of the final tribute from district 2 into Panem. I walk up to the stage, state my name and grin as they cheer me on."Our trubutes from district 2", she says. I am ready.

Kronice Hayes (3)

I know I won't be reaped. I am only 12 so my name is only in the bowl once. Once out of 1000 cards. It won't be me. Even if it is me I can weild a sword pretty well. But apparently my luck has run out. I can only manage to mouthe Oh My God to my parents before I have been reaped.

Naria Avenforth (3)

Our escort, Pummell Grane wlaks over to the bowl once again. I can't be reaped. I can't let my father lose his entire family. No after what happened to mum. Pummell reads out the name of the reaped girl but i don't pay much attention to the name, but then someone behind me is crying. I turn to see it is my father in a full scale breakdown. I look back at the stage and the escort is waving me up to the stage. My last thought is I'm sorry dad.

Cliff Harton (3)

I walk out to the reaping and watch as Pummel Grane pulls out the second boy reaped. I am praying it isn't me but it does not work. "Cliff Harton", She calls and I know I am going to die, unless my powers can save me...

Bethunia Underium (3)

Pummell tells us that the reaped girl's name is Bethunia Underium and I let out a short yelp. I glance at ? my mother and mouthe an apology before setting off towards the stage.

Michelangelo DeSantillo (3)

I am reaped and I walk up to the stage dreading the moment when I am lifted up into the arena where I will spend my last moments. I am sorry family.

Catharine Wilsnow (3)

Pummell tells me that I have been reaped and beckons for me to come up to the stage. I obey and follow her commands until I am shaking hands with the other reaped district 3 tributes.

Jacques Flintwood (3)

I hate you Jessica. I will have revenge on you. Pummell reads out the reaped boy's name. "I volunteer", I scream out. Everyone turns and looks at me. Yeah well get over it. I am gonna win for you father. And I will have revenge on you Jessica.

Daffodil LaCoup (3)

I cannot believe they are doing this to me. It is so unfair. I am only 9. Just because my parents were top rebelliers. Now they are going to kill me. When my name is called out everyone turns over to look at me. Gasps escape the crowd and some just stand confused. A few of the girls in my year hug me. And then, promising myself that I will atleast try to win, I walk up to the stage. Frightened.

Alec Tromagnet (3)

I can't believe a nine year old just got reaped. That is crazy. They can't do that. Now though my heart fully stops for a second because people are pushing me towards the stage. I am a tribute. This can't be happening, I think, but it is.

Ava Microft (3)

I won't let the Capitol know my secret. I don't care how much district 3 needs me. I will volunteer and my secret will die with me. I don't mind. No one really liked me much anyway. Pummell says Kenzie Byte has been reaped and I volunteer over her. This won't be such a bad way to go, I think. Oh well, goodbye everyone I ever loved. Goodbye.

Luxus Ryabov (4)

By the time I reach the blood testing table it is pouring down with rain like darts in the back of your neck. Our annoying as hell escort, Bo Harris, stands up and says in his deep voice. "Michael...", he trails off because I am shouting over the top of him. I have volunteered for the Hunger Games.

Nerissa Clair (4) By AxedFox

Luxus confidently strides towards the stage then mounts the wet steps due to the heavy rain. This guy is way too confident. Hmm, should I volunteer? As if on cue, the escort screeches my name into the glimmering microphone. I shove a few girls out of my way and take the stage. 

Jaydo Tsunami (4) By Smurfmaster

I wake up in a hot sweat. I know I am late for the reaping, damn. I rush down stairs and grab a bite to eat before I sprint out the door and over to the justice building to get my finger pricked and before I know it I am assembled into my age group. Our escort, Bo Harris, stands up to address the crowd about our next tribute... "Jaydo Tsunami". Crap! 

Jaga Aqua (4) By Smurfmaster

I just witnessed an innocent looking boy get reaped, but never mind that, after I volunteer and get into the arena i'll just kill him. "Next tribute" announces Bo, "is Mika..... "I volunteer", I yell over Bo. Am I feeling scared?, get real! 

Cody Freshwater (4) By Smurfmaster

Standing here all dressed up in my best clothes really seems like a waste of time for me. I mean if you think about in a couple of days i'll be fighting to the death with 139 other kids chances for me are im gonna die. And in the blink of an eye i've volunteered and signed my death note. 

Sea Gull (4)

Here I am. Volunteering for the Hunger Games. My training has led up to this day. I can't believe it's finally happening. So when the escort calls out the name of the aped girl I am up on the stage in a flash and a have volunteered.

Jag Aqua (4)

Uuugh. The escort screams as a seagull poos on her. Fitting that is because the last girl to volunteer's name was Sea Gull. Now though, the escort is reaping a boy named Marcus something. I have volunteered before anyone and have made my way onto the stage to win this year's Hunger Games.

Wavelina Shore (4)

There are only 3 tributes left for district 4 and I will be one of them for sure I have promised my father that I will volunteer. So when my best friends name is called I make sure I am the one to volunteer.

Mikey Dickey (4)

I am going to volunteer this year. The escort calls out the name of the reaped boy and I have volunteered in a flash. Then I am suddenly watching the rest of ther reaping from the stage.

Creada Manez (4)

The last tribute from district 4 is about to be reaped. I won't let them though so when the girl is called out I am volunteering for the Hunger Games and reassuring myself that I will win this year.

Lucas Heyk (5) By KatnissandPrimSisterhood

I wake to the hum of the mechanical bell. Ugh, I hate that thing. It pierces into your mind, forcing you to get up. Eventually, after the last ring, I force my limbs to get out of the bed and struggle to put my clothes on. I look around the empty room. Since my brother died a week ago, things have been usually quiet. And with the reaping ceremony soon to come. It’s eerily quiet. I rush down the stairs, and make a simple meal. We're not rich my mother and I, but, we're not poor either. I make simple toast, with some butter spread. As I’m plating up the food, my mother comes down the stairs. “Hey mum.” I say causally. She gives me a solemn look. “Are you okay Lucas?” She says examining my expression. “Yeah, why? Oh, cause of the reaping? No, I’m fine. It aint gonna be me. Don’t worry mum.” I glance up at the clock. “And we have to get going anyways. Hurry up, get dressed.” I say. My brother and dad both died with the flu they caught. So, I’ve taken over the father role for her. “Okay. Meet you down here in a sec.” She kisses me on the cheek and rushes up the stairs. We walk to the square which is lined with banners saying “Happy Hunger Games", and “may the odds be ever in your favor”. I honestly don’t think much about the games. District five is pretty big. I’ve adopted the “Its not going to be me.” Attitude. When I check in, the prick to my finger hurts me. If only I knew how small a problem that would be. I walk next to the “Sixteen’s” and gaze at my shoes. I’m not worried. I hardly worry. They say a few names, none of them really ring a bell. Until one peeks my interest. “Lucas Heyk.” My name. I’m going to die in that arena. 

Bronwen Flash (5) By KatnissandPrimSisterhood

“Wow! Your getting stronger everyday!” I say sweetly while folding him in my arms. Jalo is simply the cutest six year old in the district. After his triumphant win against me in arm wrestling, I get him to get dressed for the reaping. I mostly try to shield him from the horror of the games. But, he’s starting to understand what it means, and how it works. Which concerns me. Its just me him and dad. Mum died giving birth to Jalo. So, I try to take care of him best I can. He comes out of the room, In a strapping brow suit. He’s just so small, it pains me to think in a few years, he has to face the prospect of the hunger games. “You look handsome little man. Have to keep the ladies away from you!” I joke tickling his stomach. His innocent laugh makes me smile. “Dad! You ready?” I yell down the hall. He pops his head out of the door frame and nods. We all walk down the stairs. Expecting to see the inside of the home once again. “Ill see you soon.” I kiss Jalo on the cheek, and walk to my line. And of course, my name is called first. This is the last time I will see my little brother, my father. And my home. 

Trenton Powers (5) By KatnissandPrimSisterhood

“You know. Reaping soon. We should probably get dressed up.” I say while I softly trace her arm with my finger. “Are you saying to you want me to dress up for you, Trent?” Cassandra says with a cheeky grin looking up from my chest. “Well it would be nice for a change.” I say pulling the strap on her shoulder. She laughs and playfully punches my arm. In one swift move, she jumps from the tree and lands softly on the ground. I smile, and follow her. Once I land next to her, she smiles. “Race ya.” She says just as she bolts away. I’m taken by the competition, and follow her quickly. I jump over logs, swiftly dodge though tress, and weave though the tall grass, until eventually we reach her window. She’s laughing, and I have my hands on my knees panting hard. “That’s what you get for being slow. You would suck in the hunger games.” She says while joking. “Oh yeah. You’re the one who snores like a lumberjack. The careers would find you within seconds.” I say between pants. “Yeah, yeah. We’ll see.” She says with a slight smile. “Hopefully we won't.” I say with a serious look. She purses her lips together and nods. She embarrasses me. “Its going to be okay. You know that right?” She says looking up, and resting her chin in my chest. “As long as I have you with me.” I whisper. She smiles, and kisses me softly. “Ill see you soon.” I say quietly. She smiles, that gorgeous smile that made me fall in love with her. Beautiful, perfect, her. “Nice pretend sleeping!” I yell at her has she climbs the vine up her window. I smile and walk home. At the square, people are lined up. My heart is pounding. I shouldn’t be worried, but. I am, and that scares me. I log in, and line up next to the 17 year olds. One of them is laughing, and joking around. Another staring at his shoes looking board. I feel my knees shaking. The girls of course go first, and a few different girls are called out. One however, sends me to panic. “Cassandra Nigax” Everyone looks over to her. And I feel a weight in my stomach drop. She looks me dead in the eye, and bravely walks to the stage. I cant, I cant even mouth back to her “I love you” when she does it to me. I frozen. Not until my own name is called. “Trenton Powers” Turns out we will find out. And soon. 

Cassandra Nigax (5) By KatnissandPrimSisterhood

I climb, being careful to be as graceful as possible. I know Trenton is watching to make sure I make it up safe. His really protective of me, and, I love that. He looks out for me, and, is truly concerned when I’m suffering. He’s like no one I’ve ever met. I’ve never had someone to take care of me, I’m used to doing it on my own. But, I’m learning. Once I’m up, I give him a thumbs up, and watch him retreat into the woods. I turn, and hear my mother stomping up the stairs. I feel my stomach drop, and I retreat under my covers. I position my hair to make it look messy, and close my eyes gently. They just close as she opens the door gruffly. Of course, she’s drunk. “Ge-t up” She slurs. I open my eyes and breathe in roughly, as if I have been here all night. When really, trent and I spent the night in our tree. “Okay” I say croaking my voice. I’ve had a lot of practice at this. I groggily get out of the bed, and put my best cloths on. I don’t even bother eating breakfast. I just need to get to the square. Why? Well, one. Because if I’m late, it means death. And two, I feel like I need to see Trent. I don’t know why, there’s a knot in my stomach. And no matter how hard I clutch it, I cant get rid of it. I run a little bit faster then what’s ladylike (Screw that) to the square. When I get there, there’s a nasty scramble to get to the blood picker. When I do, I catch a glance of Trent. He’s there…Okay. Maybe I was just overreacting. I take a deep breath, and walk to my line. The knot is still there. This is bad, and when I hear my name called, it confirms it. I take a deep breath, and walk to the stage. The escort says a few things to me. All of them are tuned out. My eyes cant even search the people in the crowd. When I get my eyes to respond, and I finally look to them, I see Trent. He has the same panic on his face, as I'm sure I do. That panic increases, when his name is read. Were both going in the games. To kill. Eachother.  

Daragon Luzuli (5) By KatnissandPrimSisterhood

“Dara! Stop it!” My mothers firm voice tells me. I sigh, and stop pulling her hair. “She deserved it.” I mutter. My sister, Kayla, smoothes out her hair, and pokes her tongue out. Ugh…Girls. “Did you do your homework?” Father says asks auspiciously. “No. My teacher is such a idiot. I’m not doing anything.” I say. He shakes his head, and walks away. I guess they have just given up fighting with me about it. “Well, get dressed. We have to go in five minutes.” My mother’s busy tone says. “Yeah yeah. Whatever.” I say. I stand up unenergetically. I get dressed, not paying much attention to how I look. I honestly couldn’t care less. I walk down he stairs and head out. Not waiting for my family. Truth is, everyone annoys me. And, apparently, I do them to. That’s okay, i know I’m annoying. There the ones who have to put up with it, not me. When I make it to the reaping, I catch my teachers eye. He looks at me with detest. I roll my eyes at him, and line up with the rest of the fourteen year olds. I tap my foot impatiently knowing that I can get back home soon. I hate coming to these things. Have to get dressed in ridicules clown suits, and put your BIGEST smile on. A few names are called, I think I would care about some of them if I bothered to make friends. But, I don’t. “Daragon Luzuli”. Our escort is smiling ridiculously. I’m going in there. I hear a cheer, and look over to the onlookers, as my teacher its clapping. Well, at least I don’t have to deal with him anymore. Not when I’m dead.

Ellowyn Blakk (5) By KatnissandPrimSisterhood

“Chug, chug, chug, chug.” I hear chanting behind me. I stare at the next beer with a stubborn eye. Despite, I have the smallest body out of the entire year, and I’ve already had 9 beers. I wont let this one get me. I’ve always had a strong mind, that, set at a goal, nothing, or no one can stop me. According to my parents, I haven’t done “good” with my gift of my driven mind. I use it mostly to win bets. And right now, the bet is that I can swallow 10 beers in one sitting. The very one, I’m about to win. I wrap my hands over the cold glass, and take a deep breath, before bringing it to my lips. I scoff the fizzy, bitter, thin liquid down my throat. I finally take a breath, after the entire glass is down. There are cheers all around the room, people clapping my back. And some sighs. I walk up to him, stumbling a bit on the way. Sure, I’m determined, but not immune to the alcohol. I can almost immediately feel it hit my blood stream. “Pay up Sparky.” I slur. “Ugh, I was sure I had you with that one.” He sighs. “You will never learn. Where’s the cash?” I say trying to keep my stomach. “ Don’t have it. But, I will by the reaping. Ill give it to you there.” I sigh, and eventually nod. “Okay, ill see you at the reaping.” I say, with a burp. “Yeah, with any luck you will be reaped and you wont be my problem anymore.” He laughs. “Careful what you wish for Sparky. Careful.” I walk out the bar, and swerve on the walk home. When I stumble in the door, I climb up the stairs on my knees, and throw myself on my bed. My alarm says I’ve got an hour until the reapings. Good, an hour to sleep off the hangover. After the hour, I’m left with a wicked head-ace. And a foggy memory. But, I still get dressed, and go to my reaping. Where, its difficult to understand what’s going on, but. My mind registers loud and clear when my name is chosen. Well, looks like its time to see how far I can stretc that determination.

Veto Magnate (5) By KatnissandPrimSisterhood

My head pounds with a filmier pain. I’m often riddled with headaches. I get them almost everyday. They range from a almost unbearably, shooting, “Might as well me dead”. Pain, to. A small tapping. This was the first. Usually on headaches like this, I stay home from school. But, The reaping are today. So, there is no slacking off. I put my cloths on with great hardness, and kiss my mother goodbye. She awfully Ill, so she’s not required to go to the reaping. But, we are both worried I will be chosen. I don’t know why, i only have my name in there a few times. So, its not like there is a lot of chance I will be chosen. But, I still have a hole in my stomach, Threatening to release this mornings breakfast. But, never the less, I leave. When I get the the square, I barely notice the prick to finger. I’m to neverous. I feel my knees knocking, and my ankles growing weaker by the second. I watch as a few people get chosen, each reaction different from the last. It varies to shocked, to angry, and. Just plain scared outta there minds. Then, the moment, I didn’t really believe would ever happen did. My name is called. The hole does release my breakfast. 

Bronwyn Naismith (5) By KatnissandPrimSisterhood

I watch as some guy pukes on the peacekeepers shoes. I feel a snicker rise with-in me. Pathetic. I’m pretty sure I know that kid. Oh well, anyone who cant handle being chosen as a tribute, shouldn’t have a chance in the games anyways. I know If I’m ever chosen. It wont be the worst thing, I’m a winner its what I do. Its what I’ve done all my life. That’s why people don’t like me much, because they know I can defeat them. I’m bigger, fast, stronger, and usually much more determined. Most people say its because I’m the last child. That I feel I have to “Prove” something. Really. I’d just rather people stay out of the way when I defeat them.And, before I know it, I have my chance to prove to anyone, and everyone. That I am the best of them all. When I’m chosen, to be in the hunger games. I walk up to the stage, with long, confidant steps. I will win, and they will be crushed.

Sparky Kleff (5) By KatnissandPrimSisterhood

I begrudgingly count the money. How she won AGAIN boggles my mind. Ill tell ya, if I were up against her in the hunger games. I would not get on her bad side. Ever. I shove the cash into my pocket, and pick up my backpack. I had to sell some of my mothers gold earrings to pay for the bet I made. And lost. Luckily I have a lot of practice with stealing things, so much so. That all guilt for the action fades. I walk out the door causally. I can feel the frown on my face, this is just like her. Bleeding me dry. And, now I have to walk up to her, and HAND her the money. She’s my best friend, sure. But, we have always said, when money is involved. There is no friendship. The agreement seems to work on a certain level. When I get to the square, she’s looks like one of the capitols mutts. That would be the alcohol. I smile a bit, that must be a nasty hangover. Make me handing over the money, seems a tad be easier. I stand next to the others in my age group, and wait for the reapings to be over. So, I can get over the exchange. Until, One name catches my ear. “Ellowyn Blakk” I feel my heart pulse. I can think of nothing, but my best friend, is going to the games. I feel like, the barrier in my eyes, will break. And let the water fall. I’m about to yell out her name, as she stands motionless on the stage, looking so fragile and defeated. I’ve never seen her look that way. Then, my name is called. 

Hadix Maven (5) By KatnissandPrimSisterhood

I feel tears whell in my eyes, as the young girls family face drop. She cant be older then 12. She premature face, is shattered, and motionless. She has a childish look upon her face, one that, the hunger games will shatter. Right before she is murdered. I have a family, a brother, his age. Even kind of looks like her. What I presume is his mother, is on the floor, sobbing loudly. I do something I think I will regret for the rest of what I’m sure is a short life. 

Mylene Valante (6)

I watch as the first tribute from district 6 is reaped. "Chase Locke", says our escort. Then she calls out a name I don't really pay any attention to. "Harriot Portisca". Then a few more tributes are reaped and walk up to the stage. I don't really care, not many people in district 6 do, but I pay enough attention to know that so far after those two already reaped thare has been Marko Steele, May Evans, Summanus Chrome, Ziz Troutle, Sparks Jones, Kara Maple, and Harthorne Addams and then another name is called. My jaw drops. Everyone around me goes silent and then I am walking up to the stage. My death will not be the usual of old age. It will be in the Hunger Games.

Thistle Wisteria (7)

Our annoying as hell escort rushes over to the reaping bowl and pulls out the first slip of paper. She says that Jaxon Woodly has been reaped. A boy named Krane Octrus volunteers over him and walks up to the stage as Chumpia Barks is reaped. Then a few more are reaped named Elm Hawthrone, but as he is walking up to the stage a strong girl named Maple Hawthrone holds his arm and won't let go. As punishment the peacekeepers let her enter the Games so that she can die. I have never seen that happen before! Aleyen Woods,Grant Daniel, Stacia and Grant Lopez, wow that is horrible, are also reaped and then someone else is reaped. That is when I notice the name, remember the name. My name. I walk up to the stage and listen as another boy named Hawk Talon and a girl named Jennifer Coal are reaped and then we are whisked away to the justice building.

Emma Bentley (8)

Our escort walks over to the boys bowl to start and pulls out a slip. She reads out the name. "John Madrick", she calls. A boy walks up to the stage and is followed by a girl named Caki Shorts. Then a boy named Reuben Jamiez is reaped but Jacob Shorts volunteers to save Cali. Then a girl named Polly Nolan is reaped followed by Picasso Knox and then another girl named Emma Bentley. Wait. Emma Bentley! That's me. I find myself walking up to the stage as Jonah Thompson is reaped. He follows me up and I shake hands with all the other tributes. Then Kumori Nikko is reaped followed by Bill Waterson. The final tribute to be reaped from district 8 is a girl named Cassidy Harris. I know her. She is from school. We walk into the justice building and say goodbye to district 8 forever.

Jet Miller (9)

The first boy to be reaped from district 9 will not be me. I try to reassure myself this but it doesn't work. The escort for our district calls out the name. "Jet Miller", no one volunteers. I try to run, run as far away as I can but I can't. The peacekeepers have me back on the stage as soon as I start. Then the other tributes are called out. One by one they make their way to the stage. Wind Settle, Edilio Escolarr, Zeph Niles, Gavin Heart, Emily Tailer, Bruce Calipz and then finally Cornelia Rogan. Inside the justice building I say a silent goodbye to everything, including Panem.

Dwayne Crupnick (10)

I sneak a snigger, maybe my last one ever, when the escort trips over and lands on President Snow's lap. She steadies herself, brushing away the peacekeepers and then darts her Capitol hand into the glass dome. Wen she picks up the slip Ibreathe a sigh of relief. "Janus Bankqe', she calls. A boy walks up to the stage, he is 17, and takes his place while a girl named Story Tillian is reaped. Then the names are called out continuously. Zane Landon, Lilac Canipp, Manner Kreuger, Sarah Renswick, and then a name catches my attention. "Dwayne Crupnick", calls the escort. My feet shuffle out of my roped off section and walk me up to where I shake the other tributes hands. The the final tribute is reaped, a girl named Nelly Ann but I don't pay much attention becuae I am looking right into the terrifed eyes of my father. I am sorry dad, I truly am.

Rhine Mai (11)

Hello, I think. There is a wait for the escort and people are getting restless. Eventually she walks out of the justice building drunk as you can be. She dips her hand into the glass bowl and pushes it onto the ground. It shatters into pieces and President Snow who has just travelled district to district, reaping to reaping, runs inside and grabs another bowl and chucks all the slips of paper back into the bowl and then starts pulling them out himself, denying the escort the right to do it. He calls out the first name. "Brazen Fieldwise". Then it is Keira Lark, Brayden Haul, Arria Singson, Pram Tinsel, Wess Cornstob, John Schmidt, Bayleaf Mongolia, Marson Klyde and then it is time for the final tribute. When it is called out people shuffle out of my way. I realise what this means just as my feet do and I walk up to the stage, shake hands with the other tributes and give up on life.

Khan Aonyx (12)

The escort, Effie Trinket, walks out onto the stage and reaps the first boy. "Griffen Majoris", I breathe again. Then a girl named Lia Mina is called out. Then a boy named, oh no. "Khan Aonyx". I walk up to the stage and shake hands with the other tributes. Then a girl named Shelby Woods. Then the rest of the boys are: Exolian Dynamite,  Pyro Vuldren and Carbo Ferrum. The other girls reaped are: Roxy Firework, Malanoi Jet and Kaden Ron. These are the tributes from district 12 in this year;s Hunger Games and I am one of them.

Annika Star (13)

The underground base is stuffy with so many people in it. There aren't usually this many. The weird escort pulls out the first boy and first tribute from district 13. "Dustin Langley", she calls out. Then the strangest thing happens. I am reaped and then someone else volunteers over me. Then I am on stage shouting into the microphone. "NO!", I yell. "I will be in this year's Hunger Games and I will win it". Wow I guess I am born to have blood on my hands. Then another boy named Titus Roxen who I know from work is reaped and then the same girl who tried to volunteer over me does so again and I find out her name is Scylla Nerissus. The other tributes for district 13 this year are Jay Saqura and his sister Jade Saqura, Demon Axewood and Sue Yang and Yax Cratyr. Then my best friend from school volunteers to rry and save me. I try to stop her but I can't. She forces herself onto the stage, announces to the rest of district 13 that her name is Ameryllis Silvermoon and walks inside the justice building with the rest of us.


District Male Score Female Score
Capitol Raff Dragonstring 8 Iris Arcus 6
Capitol Quinten Navarro 5 Zasha Kerrina 7
Capitol Hunter Scofflin 6 Calipso Renama 6
Capitol Riley Sinx 8 Annabella Kerkoni 8
Capitol Foxlip Dillard 9 Shervert Wonkalandia 7
1 Onyx Blight 9 Diamond Pearl 9
1 Jefferson Golderness 8 Peridot Leer 7
1 Noah Everest 9 Chloe Madison 9
1 Shaden Kanyne 10 Tea Forest 10
1 Clay Golden 9 Alexis Icer 12
2 Raven Mockingjay 9 Inertia Vertigo 10
2 Drake Mordon 9 Venus Mockingjay 9
2 Jasper Addams 9 Jackie Devilin 9
2 Armour Tyke 8 Bailey Anderson 11
2 Roosevelt Golderness 9 Marigold Huxley 7
3 Kronice Hayes 5 Naria Avenforth 4
3 Cliff Harton 6 Bethunia Underium 6
3 Michelangelo DeSantillo 4 Catharine Wilsnow 6
3 Jacques Flintwood 6 Daffodil LaCoup 5
3 Alec Tromagnet 5 Ava Microft 6
4 Luxus Ryabov 11 Nerissa Clair 9
4 Jaydo Tsunami 10 Jaga Aqua 9
4 Cody Freshwater 10 Sea Gull 8
4 Jag Aqua 9 Wavelina Shore 9
4 Mikey Dickey 8 Creada Manez 9
5 Lucas Heyk 7 Bronwen Flash 6
5 Trenton Powers 7 Cassandra Nigax 9
5 Daragon Luzuli 6 Ellowyn Blakk 6
5 Veto Magnate 5 Bronwyn Naismith 6
5 Sparky Kleff 4 Hadix Maven 5
6 Chase Locke 4 Harriot Portisca 5
6 Marko Steele 6 May Evans 5
6 Summanus Chrome 7 Ziz Troutle 4
6 Sparks Jones 7 Kara Maple 6
6 Harthorne Adams 6 Mylene Valante 6
7 Krane Octrus 7 Chumpia Barks 5
7 Elm Hawthrone 5 Aleyen Woods 7
7 Grant Daniel 6 Stacia Lopez 6
7 Gavin Lopez 6 Thistle Wisteria 5
7 Hawk Talon 5 Jennifer Coal 5
8 John Madrick 8 Polly Nolan 6
8 Jacob Shorts 7 Cali Shorts 6
8 Picasso Knox 8 Emma Bentley 6
8 Jonah Thompson 9 Kumori Nikko 7
8 Bill Waterson 6 Cassidy Harris 5
9 Tantun Magret 7 Arianna Syler 7
9 Jet Miller 7 Wind Settle 4
9 Edilio Escolarr 5 Zeph Niles 5
9 Gavin Heart 6 Emily Tailer 6
9 Bruce Calipz 9 Cornelia Rogan 7
10 Arkta Luster 8 Volare Corvino 2
10 Janus Brankque 7 Story Tillian 4
10 Zane Landon 5 Lilac Canipp 7
10 Manner Kreuger 6 Sarah Renswick 4
10 Dwayne Crupnick 6 Nelly Ann 5
11 Brazen Fieldwise 5 Keira Lark 6
11 Brayden Haul 7 Arria Singson 6
11 Pram Tinsel 8 Wess Cornstob 7
11 John Schmidt 7 Bayleaf Mangolia 6
11 Marson Klyde 6 Rhine Mai 5
12 Griffin Majoris 6 Lia Mina 5
12 Khan Aonyx 5 Shelby Woods 6
12 Exolian Dynamite 3 Roxy Firework 5
12 Pyro Vuldren 4 Malanoi Jet 6
12 Carbo Ferrum 7 Kaden Ron 7
13 Dustin Langley 6 Annika Starr 5
13 Titus Roxen 7 Scylla Nerissus 6
13 Jay Saqura 5 Ameryllis Silvermoon 4
13 Demon Axewood 6 Sue Yang 2
13 Yax Cratyr 6 Jade Saqura 3

Maple Hawthrone (0)

Each Tribute starts off with $750 and earns $50 for each kill.


Camoflauged Boots- $75

Camoflauged Gloves- $50

Camoflauged Hat- $75

Camoflauged Snowpants- $125

Camoflauged Jacket- $150

Camoflauged Sweatshirt- $150

Thermal Boots- $100

Thermal Gloves- $100

Thermal Hat- $100

Thermal Jacket- $150

Thermal Sweatshirt- $125


Betadine- $25

Bandages- $25

Antiseptic- $50

Panadol- $50

Aspirin- $100

Burn Cream- $100

Cut Cream- $100

Puffer- $100

Neosparin- $200

Painkiller- $300

Instant-Heal- $400

Medical Kit- $450


Arrows(10)- $100

Axe- $150

Baton- $125

Bladed Discs - $135

Blowgun- $150

Bow- $125

Crossbow- $300

Curved Sword- 175

Dagger - $100

Darts(10)- $100

Hammer- $125

Hook Sword- $175

Machete- $150

Mallet- $125

Poison - $125

Rocks (10) - $75

Scythe - $150

Slingshot - $125

Spear - $150

Sword - $200

Throwing Axes - $175

Throwing Knives - $175

Trident - $175


Apple - $50

Assorted Fruit Basket - $125

Assorted Meat Basket - $175

Bacon - $75

Banana - $50

Beef - $100

Chicken - $100

Fish - $100

Lamb - $100

Pear - $50

Pork - $100


Matches - $75

Net - $75

Night-Vision Glasses - $150

Rope - $100

Sleeping Bag - $100

Sunglasses - $75




2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Raff Dragonstring


Griffin Majoris


Titus Roxen


Ziz Troutle



Quinten Navarro


Catharine Wilsnow



Hunter Scofflin


Cliff Harton


Jay Saqura


Jade Saqura


Lia Mina


Arria Singson


Story Tillian


Sea Gull


Daffodil LaCoup


Zasha Kerrina


District4 Tribute

Riley Sinx


Harthorne Adams


Gavin Lopez


Bruce Calipz


Marson Klyde


Dustin Langley


Lilac Canipp


Stacia Lopez


Creada Manez


Calipso Renama



Foxlip Dillard


Ellowyn Blakk


Raven HG

Onyx Blight


Raven Mockingjay


Kronice Hayes


Jaydo Tsunami


Lucas Heyk


Hawk Talon


Hadix Maven


Venus Mockingjay


Diamond Pearl



Jefferson Golderness


Roosevelt Golderness


Cody Freshwater


Trenten Powers


Exolian Dynamite


Wess Cornstob


Chumpia Barks


Harriot Portisca


Bethunia Underium


Shervert Wonkalandia



Noah Everest


Drake Mordan


Jag Aqua


John Madrick


Jaga Aqua


Chloe Madison



Shaden Kanyne


Krane Octrus


Arkta Luster



Clay Golden


Jasper Addams


Armour Tyke


Summanus Chrome


Picasso Knox


Pram Tinsel


Marigold Huxley


Bailey Anderson


Alexis Icer


Tea Forest


Rainbow Shifter

Michelangelo DeSantillo



Jacques Flintwood


Jonah Thompson


Bronwyn Naismith



Alec Tromagnet


Jet Miller


John Schmidt



Luxus Ryabov


Brazen Fieldwise


Inertia Vertigo



Mikey Dickey



Daragon Luzuli


Grant Daniel


Ameryllis Silvermoon


Roxy Firework


Cassidy Harris



Veto Magnate


Pyro Vuldren


Demon Axewood


Yax Cratyr


Malanoi Jet


Bayleaf Mangolia


Volare Corvino


Zeph Niles


Wind Settle


Thistle Wisteria


The Outsider

Sparky Kleff


Elm Hawthrone


Scylla Nerissus


Keirra Lark


Cornelia Rogan


Polly Nolan


Ava Microft


Peridot Leer


Annabella Kerkoni



Chase Locke


Janus Brankque


Brayden Haul


Khan Aonyx


Cassandra Nigax


Fawkes and Dobby

Marko Steele


Dwayne Crupnick


Nerissa Clair


Naria Avenforth



Sparks Jones



Jacob Shorts


Bill Waterson


Sue Yang


Emily Tailer


Cali Shorts


Kara Maple


May Evans



Tantun Magret


Zane Landon


Emma Bentley


Manner me456

Gavin Heart


Manner Kreuger


Nelly Ann



Carbo Ferrum


Kumori Nikko


Mylene Valante


Iris Arcus



Annika Starr



Kaden Ron


Rhine Mai



Shelby Woods



Sarah Renswick



Arianna Syler



Jennifer Coal


Bronwyn Flash


Wavelina Shore



Aleyen Woods



Edilio Escolarr



Place Name District Killed By How Killed
141st Ava Microft 3 - Stepped off plate early
140th Kara Maple 6 Bailey Anderson Decapitated
139th John Schmidt 11 Bailey Anderson Scythe down throat
138th Gavin Lopez 7 Krane Octrus Knife in brain
137th Sue Yang 13 Sparks Jones Arrow in skull
136th Scylla Nerissus 13 Mikey Dickey Axe in Brain
135th Sparks Jones 6 Mikey Dickey Axe in Head
134th Cali Shorts 8 Brazen Fieldwise Slashed across stomach by Sickle Sword
133rd Hawk Talon 7 Brazen Fieldwise Stabbed through Heart
132nd Lucas Heyk 5 Summanus Chrome Knife in Head
131st Jasper Addams 2 Harriot Portisca Sword through Abdomon
130th Arria Singson 13 Jet Miller Stabbed by Knife
129th Lia Mina 12 Jet Miller Knife in Heart
128th Wavelina Shore 4 Arkta Luster Whipped to Death
127th Cassidy Harris 8 Foxlip Dillard Knife through Face
126th Foxlip Dillard Capitol Chase Locke Knife in Heart
125th John Madrick 8 Kronice Hayes Arrow in Skull
124th Arkta Luster 10 Cody Freshwater Punched in Temple
123rd Krane Octrus 7 Shaden Kanyne Sword in Abdomon
122nd Polly Nolan 8 Armour Tyke Knife in Back
121st Bayleaf Mongolia 11 Armour Tyke Knife in Head
120th Carbo Ferrum 12 Noah Everest Mace in Brain
119th Michelangelo DeSantillo 3 Clay Golden Sword in Brain
118th Jay Saqura 13 - Bled to Death
117th Aleyen Woods 7 - Committed Suicide
116th Kaden Ron 12 Sea Gull Kopis in Heart
115th Noah Everest 1 Gavin Heart Knife in Throat
114th Gavin Heart 9 Cody Freshwater Throat slit
113th Jet Miller 9 Alec Tromagnet Knife to Chest
112th Volare Corvino 10 - Crushed
111th Marson Klyde 11 - Ripped to shreds by Muttations
110th Mikey Dickey 4 Alexis Icer Chest punctured by Trident
109th Onyx Blight 2 Alexis Icer Decapiated by Trident
108th Jefferson Golderness 2 Alexis Icer Stomach ruptured by Trident
107th Armour Tyke 2 Alexis Icer Trident in Heart
106th Jaga Aqua 4 Alexis Icer Trident in Head
105th Sea Gull 4 Alexis Icer Trident in Brain
104th Venus Mockingjay 2 Alexis Icer Trident in Chest
103rd Creada Manez 4 Riley Sinx Knife down Throat
102nd Riley Sinx Capitol Roosevelt Golderness Knife in Neck
101st Bailey Anderson 2 Unknown Poisoned
100th Clay Golden 1 Unknown Poisoned
99th Drake Mordon 2 Unknown Poisoned
98th Tea Forest 1 Unknown Poisoned
97th Jaydo Tsunami 4 Unknown Poisoned
96th Peridot Leer 1 Unknown Poisoned
95th Diamond Pearl 1 Unknown Poisoned
94th Raven Mockingjay 2 Unknown Poisoned
93rd Chloe Madison 2 Yax Cratyr Bled to death
92nd Marigold Huxley 2 Yax Cratyr Throat ripped open by Knife
91st Cody Freshwater 4 Yax Cratyr Bled to death
90th Yax Cratyr 13 Cody Freshwater Knife in Head
89th Dustin Langley 13 - Crushed
88th Titus Roxen 13 Alexis Icer Cut in half
87th Inertia Vertigo 2 Unknown Throat Slit
86th Roosevelt Golderness 2 Unknown Throat Slit
85th Nerissa Claire 4 Unknown Throat Slit
84th Shaden Kanyne 1 Unknown Throat Slit
83rd Iris Arcus Capitol Alec Tromagnet Throat punctured
82nd Edilio Escolarr  9 Alec Tromagnet Brain punctured
81st Sparky Kleff 5 Alexis Icer Throat Stabbed
80th Raff Dragonstring Capitol - Exploded
79th Zasha Kerrina Capitol - Exploded
78th Zane Landon 10 - Exploded
77th Elm Hawthrone 7 - Exploded
76th Grant Daniel 7 - Exploded
75th Chase Locke 6 - Exploded
74th Alec Tromagnet 3 - Exploded
73rd Marko Steele 6 - Exploded
72nd Pram Tinsel 11 - Exploded
71st Bronwen Flash 5 - Exploded
70th Jacob Shorts 8 - Exploded
69th Hunter Scofflin Capitol - Exploded
68th Brownwyn Naismith 5 - Exploded
67th Daragon Lazuli 13 - Exploded
66th Demon Axewood 13 - Exploded
65th Kumori Nikko 8 - Exploded
64th Pyro Vuldren 12 - Exploded
63rd Anikka Starr 13 - Exploded
62nd Jade Saqura 13 - Exploded
61st Bill Waterson 8 - Exploded
60th Tantun Magret 9 - Exploded
59th Picasso Knox 8 - Exploded

Emma Bentley

10 - Exploded
57th Jonah Thompson 10 - Exploded
56th Exolian Dynamite 11 - Exploded
55th Brazen Fieldwise 11 - Exploded
54th Janus Brankque 8 - Exploded
53rd Harthorne Adams 6 - Exploded
52nd Stacia Lopez 7 - Exploded
51st Thistle Wisteria 7 - Exploded
50th Chumpia Barks 7 - Exploded
49th Arria Singson 11 - Exploded
48th Luxus Ryabov 4 - Exploded
47th Bruce Calipz 9 - Exploded
46th Ameryllis Silvermoon 13 Alexis Icer Stabbed in back
45th Jackie Devilin 2 Jacques Flintwood Stabbed
44th Manner Kreuger 10 - Crushed by a tree
43rd Nelly Ann 10 Jag Aqua Stabbed
42nd Wess Cornstob 11 Dwayne Crupnick Stabbed
41st Shervert Wonkalandia Capitol Dwayne Crupnick Stabbed
40th Bethunia Underium  3 Dwayne Crupnick Stabbed
39th Trenton Powers 5  Naria Avenforth Stabbed
38th Naria Avenforth 3 Harriot Portisca Stabbed
37th Dwayne Crupnick 10   Harriot Portisca Stabbed


Jennifer Coal's POV:

I am shivering. I am not able to think properly so am not aware of whether it is cold or nerves. The timer that rests on the golden cornucopia starts to tick down from 60 seconds and I watch as the first death of the games takes place before the games have even commenced. One of the girls from district 3, I think her name was Ava Microft, has jumped off her metal plate and eliminated herself from the games. Parts of her body fly out in all directions and most of the others are in shock, like me. BOOM!

Annika Starr's POV:

The first girl's cannon fires as the bloodbath technically hasn't started yet I guess. She explodes in a hirendous manner and I scream. My body starts to shake and I can't control myself. The timer is at 10 seconds so I force myself to not let loose until the gong rings out across the cornucopoia. When it does sound, I run as far as I can away from the bloodbath and towards a section of the arena that looks almost like a tunnel.

Bailey Anderson's POV:

I rush into the bloodbath as fast as I can and grab the closest weapon, a scythe. I turn around and spot a boy named John Schmidt fighting a girl named Kara Maple. She pushes him onto the ground and I sling my scythe at her neck. It connects and slices straight through. Her head drops into a pool of dripping blood and I know she is gone. Then John tries to run off but I catch him in the foot and trip him up. I feel a little sorry for the boy but then plunge my dripping weapon down his throat until it makes its reappearence out the other side of his wind pipe. I glance around and see another death. A boy named Gavin Lopez has just had a knife stuck thorugh his brain by another boy named Krane Octrus, funny I think, since they are both from the same district. I put it out of my mind though and focus on my next destination, the horn.

Sparks Jones' POV:

I start to climb up onto the horn with the set of bow and arrows I collected on the way here. My mentor told me that this was what he wanted me to do. I start to snipe some of the other tributes from higher than they were expecting. I shoot 3 arrows and they all miss a girl named Sue Yang but the fourth one pierces her skull and beyond and she falls to the soft earth, dead to the world. Then something that I didn't anticipate happens. Whilst I am trying to shoot Mikey Dickey he picks up an axe, embeds it in Scylla Nerissus' brain, pulls it out and hauls it in my direction. I try to duck but I am not fast enough and my life is shortened and I drop the bow and arrows as I die.

Raff Dragonstring's POV:

I see death and fighting all around me. About 30 tributes have escaped into the luscious forest and mountainous areas. The careers are picking away at the tributes that have dared set their paths on thre horn. I decide to catch up with Hunter Scofflin who I got along with a bit preceding the games. He says he is headed for a part of the arena that shapes a tunnel. I go with him and we make our way further away from the death but not before I see Cali Shorts slashed through the stomach by Brazen Fieldwise. He then rushes into Hawk Talon and stabs him through the heart with his sickle sword. 

Harriot Portisca's POV:

I grab some throwing knives and Chumpia retrieves some two throwing axes. We had agreed to ally with Bethunia, Summanus and Shervert as we all got along. I especially like Summanus. He is really nice to me and I think if this wasn't happening I would ask him out. Back in district 7 we worked together but he never really noticed me. He throws a throwing knife at Lucas Heyk as Jasper Addams walks up behind me and I stab him in the abdomon. He dies and Summanus turns around and compliments me on my kill. I blush but look at the ground so he doesn't notice. I know he loves someone else, someone that I will kill so I can be with Summanus. That person is Marigold Huxley.

Edilio Escolarr's POV:

I run over to my ally, Jet Miller. He has just stabbed Yax Cratyr and has greeted me. "Look out", he yelps. I duck and he throws a knife over my head at Lia Mina. Well he can kill, I think. "Thanks", I reply. I see the careers who have just lost Wavelina Shore to Arkta Luster's whip. I wonder how many tributes have died so far. I put the thought out of my mind and rush over to the volcano.

Marko Steele's POV:

As I rush into the cornucopia another death occurs right in front of my eyes. Foxlip Dillard stabs Cassidy Harris through the face and she dies. He turns to me and I throw my knife at him. He ducks under it though and I know these will be my last moments of life. I try to savour them but it is not working, I am not dying. I open my eyes and Foxlip lies dead on the floor in front of me, knife in his heart. Blood seeping out of the ugly wound onto a deep crevice in the earthy ground. I turn and glance into the eyes of my district partner Chase Locke. He saved me but now he will kill me. But instead of that he runs off, spares my life. I thank him silently, retrieve a sword and run away from the horror of the bloodbath.

Kronice Hayes' POV:

As I step off my illuminum plate and lead my body towards the vibrant cornucopia death explodes around me. I set my sights on a delicate quiver of arrows perching on a lovely brown bow. It greatens in size as I manouvere my way overtaking the obstacles that lie in my path until it is firmly in my grasp and I twirl around to let it spear through the sticky, bloody mess that was John Madrick's skull. He shows no sign of movement as the life drains from his carcus. I search through the tight flock of tributes that still fight at the mouth of the horn. There must be close to 30 but they are slowly dying off. Blood stains the edge of the volcano region, the most remote of the areas that suggest hiding places might be among the dense spots. I move off towards the volcano and surprise myself when I spin around and slap Picasso Knox across the face with my abundant quiver of arrows. 

Cody Freshwater's POV:

My teammate, Arkta Luster and I waltz off without collecting any weaponries. They will come from sponsers. I don't think he knows about my devious plan to decapitate him in revenge for what he has done to my district partner, Wavelina. If he gets suspicious enough to try and kill me I know I will be able to take him down without flinching. He is weak, weak enough that the only weapon he could gather was a whip and he didnt even take it out with him. Then something is occuring though. He lashes out at me with his fists and knocks me to the ground only for me to counter that with a blow to the temple with my knuckles, now throbbing from the impact. He lies motionless on the ground and the careers walk up to me, now having killed another 8 tributes and tell me they were the impressed with my kill, offering me a spot in their pack. This is the perfect oppertunity to add some more deaths to my list. I will betray the careers and win The Insanity Games.

Clay Golden's POV:

As I scrape my shining silver sword against the rough outcrop of the horn a tribute rocks up behind us wielding a throwing axe. He pronounces that his name is Gavin Heart and tells us that he would like to be accepted into the career pack. We laugh it off and tell him that if he can hit Noah Everest from 50 meters away then he can stay. Noah gives me a glance as if to say "if he misses ill kill you", but it quickly fades away as Gavin gets into position. He locks his knees and powerfully throws his axe and it dislodges Noah's arm from his body. He yelps out in pain and drops into the crater of earth. Then Gavin walks up to me, snatches my knife out of my hand and stabs Noah through the neck, clogging his internal organs. A cannon fires followed by 26 others marking the end of those tribute's lives. He twinkles over to us and guarantees his full commitment. I grab back my knife, still regretting proposing the idea of him killing Noah although I can't say we got along that well. The corpses of the dead all around us are suddenly materializing into the breeze which caresses my short brown hair. A short stab to my knee from Gavin's knife slaps me back to reality. I duck under his next attack then lash out to slit his throat but it has already been committed. Thank you Cody, I think as I retreat over to the medical kit.

Alec Tromagnet's POV:

I bedrudgingly make a beeline for the pitch black cylinder that approaches me at warp speed as I charge towards the tunnel. An idiotic tribute attepmts to cut me off. I belive his name is Edilio Escolarr. Another boy appears out of the brush that surrounds us. "You want to party", I yell? I shove my knife at him but he manages to make a leaping dive out of the way of the weapon. Jet lunges at me with a pathetic attempt to decapitate me with his now dripping with dark, slimy liquid, sword. It is to no prevail though becuae when Edililo lets loose one of his knives I defend the blow sending it rebounding into the wet, bloody chest of a lifeless Jet Miller. I lash out at Edilio and grab him in a headlock. "Now you are going to help me with my plan aren't you", I question him, tightening my grip on his windpipe? "Of course", he replies, now turning an almost teal colour. I let go of his neck and spin around to tell him the rest of my idea. 

Iris Arcus' POV:

I drop all my supplies and run as the tribute explodes into a beeline for me with a dripping, bloddy dagger that she grips in a clenched fist. She sticks out her leg and trips me up and I roll across the lawned off area that stretches for kilometers. She stands on my arms with her leather boots denting my skin with the sharp peircing thorns she has attatched to them. I reflect on my life. I guess my father will be proud of me for surviving the horrid, bloodwrithen cornucopia bloodbath. Yes, this is the thought that i will go out on. And that is my last though before the hovercraft crashes down on Volare Corvino's body. A dark skinned boy, announcing his name is Edilio Escolarr opems the hovercarft door and steps out into the wild plain. He is followed by another boy, who looks a bit older. Thewy are trying to tell me something but im not listening. I am slowly inching my hand down to the dagger that Volare dropped. The older boy, Who said is name was Alec, senses that i am trying to kmill them and acts immediately, ripping my hair almost out of my scalp the way it feels. Forcing me to drop the weapkna and focus on him. The knife rips open my shoulder blade before i even have ntime to scream out in pain. When i do he pushes harder so i force myself to stop. It hurts, Oh god it hurts but i stop and listen to what he hast to say. 

Marson Klyde's POV:

The swamp water brushes against my knees. My brain screeches pain and tells me to stop but I must get to her. I must get to Shelby. My love, the love of my life. What was I thinking telling her I liked her in  training. What was that going to accomplish? Idiot, I say. That was enough to trigger a rampage though. The first Wolf flies out of the trees almost as I say it. Wait a second, flies? Yes, I look again. I was right, The wolf has eagle like wings that glide through, slicing the bushes into pieces. I run and I dont stop running until I slam into the tree that peirces my neck and the muttations start to feed on my carcus. BOOM!

Day 2 (Sponsers Available)

Jonah Thompson's POV:

I have no supplies, no weapons, no food or water and we have to share 1 piece of rope between myself and my ally, Sarah Renswick. She is not the kind of person I would normally hang out with at home but I guess she's nice. We continue walking down the path that becomes rockier and ashier as we approach the volcano. We figured that no other tributes would come to such a dangerous place so we would be fine. Last night, we saw all of the faces of the fallen tributes. 31 of them in all. This is what I am taking into my new life in the arena. That I am not one of them, and I wont be. Not in these Hunger Games anyway. The volcano starts to spit ash and then Sarah wraps the rope around my neck and runs off.

Alexis Icer's POV:

All we careers sit around the horn trying to keep busy. A few are eating or drinking which I have advised to stop but in this career pack they all ignore me, I am the number two and they all sit above me in number 1 position. Well i'm sick of it. Its so very annoying. I am sharpening up my trident which got completely crushed during the  bloodbath. At that exact moment a glint of silver flashes through the air. I look up, as does everyone else. A parachute is what it is. The sponsership flutters to the ground and Bailey Anderson picks it up. She looks over at me. "For you", she pronunces. Me? Wow, I think. My fingers grapple around the opening and twist the lid. Inside I find a hoard of items. The first thing I notice is the gold Sparkle of a trident, a new one that isn't banged up. Yes! I almost scream it. There is also a gathering of meat, and other supplies. I reach down for the jacket. Thermal. The word comes to mind. Thermal Jacket. I wrap it around me and pull out the night-vision goggles. These will certainly come in handy. I walk with my objects to a spot next to the side of the horn when the others surround me. "Well? Says Mikey Dickey. "Aren't you going to share"? "Of course not, it's mine. Absured, I think. Mikey leaps forward and grabs me by the shirt. "Are you going to share"? He asks again, this time aggrovated. Something snaps inside me. I won't let them do this any longer. "Ill share this! I scream, then punch him in the nose. I drop the trident and it punctures his chest. Then rampage.

Inertia Vertigo's POV:

All hell breaks loose as soon as the trident embeds itself in Mikey's chest. Alexis gets up, rips the weapon out of the bloody, sticky, mess of a boy and hauls it in my direction. I duck for all my life and it pierces Onyx Blight's throat. His head slowly slides off his neck and slopes to the earth below. She is rampagingly stabbing tributes with her trident and screaming "REVENGE"! Alexis approaches Jefferson Golderness and ruptures his stomach. His insides droop and hit the ground with a bloody noise. A few careers I can name as such lie dead, carcus and all on the soft floor that just moments ago was our hideout. Armour Tyke, Jaga Aqua and Sea Gull are the fallen. 6 cannons fire in a continuous fashion. All Alexis' kills. She adds Venus Mockingjay to that list and probably record and abascuates away to the mountain. Hovercrafts pace above us and then circle down to steal the dead boys and girls. We all stand. In silence.

May Evans' POV:

Cannons. 7 in total. They blare around the arena and screams begin to sound from the cornucopia. If they can be heard from here than someone must be attacking them or something. My district partner, or one of them, Ziz Troutle walks beside me. Well, not walks. We have reached the edge of the tunnel. A black cylinder that looks old and worn. Scratches, blood and dirt stain the walls and droop to the ground below. I saw something similar to this on a past Hunger Games and there was a consequence but i feel as though we have to check it out. As tjough if we don't we will regret it. I know how many people are coming here. We were able to manovoure our way up on top of the passageway and look out at thye rest of the arena. We got a big idea of how everyone was going. We saw our district partner Harthorne Adams injured with nothing toi keep him from dying. We thought about going to help him but he would only slow us down. Almost 30 tributes sat around the cornucopia. The careers. The most feared tributes in the games. And then there were all the tributes approaching this place. about 40 of them. We got here first so we quickly decide to enter and do.

Riley Sinx's POV:

A career tribute named Alexis Icer has just left the rest of them stunned. I have been hiding out watching them. spying i guess. I decide this is the perfect oppertunity to attacj them becuase they will still be shocked. I tep out of the bush and run at the closest person. She turns and stares at me then snaps out of her "coma". But not before my knife has plunged down her throat. Then i turn towards the next tribute only to be gtreeted with an evil smile. "i thought you were a weakling but i guess i was wrong. too bad it has to come to an end". Then he stabs me in the neck and i crumple to the ground and take in my last breath before the blood cascades down my throat and choke on it. Choke until i die.

Roosevelt Golderness' POV:

Cold blooded. The word flutters into mind and then escapes my thoughts almost as silently and scarcely as it entered. Careers are cold blooded killers. I am one of them. And so is Alexis. That devil. Betraying us. The reason being that we were teasing her. What a loser. She killed my brother. The only family I have left and now I am stripped of everyone. I never loved, I never lived really, and now, I will not stand to live myself. I am hardly keeping my shaky, worn body standing and it is about to shatter and crumble. Most of the careers are eating, Eating. After all the blood on their hands they sit on the grassy, muddy planet floor and act like it means nothing. Of course it means something. It means they will be held responsible for taking the life of a teenager the rest of their lives. The crystalline, sparkling horn changes it's shadow. The shadow of a tribute that reflected onto its surface has now drooped and no longer rebounds the dark patch. I glance to the real person who has just dropped. No scream, no choking, just a trip and a fall and she doesn't get back up. Bailey Anderson lies dead, blood and vomit spewing from her mouth. She ejects the murky liquid once more and falls silent. No longer making any difference in the world. About half of the careers notice that she must have been poisoned. And about 10 of them were eating. Eating the poison! My brain stutters onto the solution just after 6 more die. On the spot. Never to see or think again. The other 4 scream out. Yelling and running, trying to find water. One spits out the wet, gooey vomit and descends to the earth below. The others continue to dawdle while I sneak a look over towards a fleeing, shady looking figure.

Yax Cratyr's POV:

The shining torch I recieved from the horrid bloodbath exits the ferns surrounding me and for the first time I know where I am. The horn glints as my light runs over it's surface. Faces turn and gaze at me. Shocked, scared faces. Lightening quick my knife is ripped from it's pocket in my brown track-suit pants. It flies out of the palm of my now bleeding hand and caresses across the forehead of Chloe Madison. Her cannon blasts across the arena alerting the living tributes that another has fallen to the predetor, death. Some of the careers, who now realise they are falling apart, stand startled and I take the opportunity to reach down and cast my second blade skidding deep into a chunk of Marigold Huxley's throat. Sticky, maroon liquid seeps from the gaping wound that now reveals her larynx to esophagus region. She conlvulges and eventually abandons breathing forever. A wave of guilt washes over me and pushes my thoughts out of my mind, only to be replaced by sudden fear. Two of them erupt from their hideout and head straight for me. I come in contact with my third and final knife but the problem salutes my brain and tells me to throw at the stronger of the two, Cody Freshwater. I act quickly, letting the weapon loose from my fist. It embeds itself in his abdoman and he stops still, rips the blade out of his butt and sends it flying back in my direction. There is no time to duck. But one last opportunity to smirk becuase my mission is complete. Cody and I die. BOOM!

Calipso Renama's POV:

The sky looks as though it has started to pull out of the sun's rays and night is falling. The gleam of the moon on my knives is beautiful. The effect marvelous. A noise. I fall silent, swishing away into my tree in which I have called home in this death place. Two tributes. Both from 13 Is the only thing I can conjure up in my mind about them. They both are weaponless, however the one on the left is grinning and looking towards the sky. It's as if I obey and glance upwards simultaneously. Descending from the air, a parachute, a sponser gift. A take a look in the opposite direction. More parachutes drop from the clouds which are now barely visible with the light fading. 7 of them In total. They are labelled but only 3 are readable. Annika Starr, who I now remember is I e of the girls below me, Alexis Icer and Brayden Haul. All who must be close if I am able to read them. Then I remember. My glasses! I feel for the zip and pull it, revealing the contents inside of the pack I received from the cornucopia. The velcro rubs on my neck but creates light where before there was just dark, gloomy splashes of colour. I read the rest of the names that stick to each of the gifts. Chase Locke, Janus Brankque, Khan Aonyx and Cassandra Nigax. Some greater in mass than others, but some proving heavier as they descend quicker. The snickering of voices underneath my hiding place awakens me from my trance. "That bitch Bailey is dead". Says Annika. "She deserved to die, she killed Jay", replies the other in a tone of anger. As they depart my region the Capitol anthem blares through the arena. The districts show up one by one and disappear just as they arrived. The Capitol, 1,2 and finally 13. Practically all careers. Interesting. Something is going on down there. I drift off into the dark, wonderful world of sleep before anything can kill me for today.

Day 3 (Sponsers Available)

Titus Roxen's POV:

I awake from my sleep at the sound of the chopping of wood. Thump, thump, thump, craaaaaack. A swaying motion and then eventually I realise what's going on. No. Surely not. Surely this isn't how i'm going to go out. I assure myself that it's not. I wipe the sleep from my eyes and glance down at the "lumberjack". I laugh at that though. The action feels good. Gives me a sense of home. A feeling I have sorely missed. I have longed for it and now it is here I savour it. Enjoy it. And forget what is happening until the lurching pine collapses atop Dustin Langley. Pain explodes from my pulsating body now radiating with the overwhelming hurting feeling. I tell myself to open my eyes and force my eyelids upwards. Green. Leaves. Brown. trunk. Yes, the tree. I stretch out my arms and brush away some branches with a whip of my arm. Glistening light reflects from the metal in front of me. Metal? Making myself stand up I discover the source of the blinding auroura. Sheathing an axe from her lethal array of weapons that rest in her pack is Alexis Icer, the girl from district 1. I realise these are probably going to be my last moments. "Please, don't kill me", I plead. "Pfft, yeah right", she replies, throwing as much arrogance as she can into the phrase. I scream out as the deadly blade plummets through the air and crushes my head.

Jackie Devilin's POV:

After last nights lunacy, we have decided to send two of our strongest remaining careers to track down the killer. The tribute who took the liberty of poisoning 10 of us. 10! And already almost 10 of us had been killed already. After packing bags of food and a weapon each, Shaden Kanyne and Roosevelt Golderness head out in search of the wimp. We decide to send off our weakest as well as bait. Just in case they find themselves in trouble. Not that they will. 3 careers against 1 means no chance f trouble. They head off to the northern end of the cornucopia, where Roosevelt spotted the fleeing tribute. I kind of feel scared that something will happen. A gut feeling but I decide to ignore it. After all they are our two strongest tributes. I glance around for my best friend, Inertia Vertigo but I do t find her. Instead I find a bloody patch and a loud BOOM!

Shaden Kanyne's POV:

As myself, Roosevelt Golderness and Nerissa Claire trudge through the forest I decide that this would be the perfect opportunity to take them down. Roosevelt is my toughest opponent in the games and he is unsuspecting. Perfect. However, Nerissa is the problem. She would go running back to the careers and tell them what happened. She was told to do so if anything happened. All of us were. We reach a point that separates itself from the rest. It looks and feels different. We continue, but only for a few hundred meters then stop and gasp at the sight. Nerissa tries to run but Roosevelt grabs her around the neck with one arm. Inertia Vertigo is hanging upside down from a rope on a tree. Stunned, I say: "She was going to die anyway right"? No answer. I twist around and find no Roosevelt and no Nerissa. I walk about 20 meters back and still no sign. When I return I feel scared, frightened. Like watching a car crash. Horrid, but you keep looking. Roosevelt and Nerissa hang from the tree as well. Faces as if they were screaming, but I heard no scream. No noise at all. And I still hear no noise when my throat is slit by a girl. A girl who I will hate forever in hell. Now a noise though but not a noise I want to hear. BOOM!

Alec Tromagnet's POV:

I watch behind my slaves as the hovercraft exutes its beam to collect the dead career tributes who were just killed and hung up in a tree. The beam reaches no one though, obviously and we take the oppertunity. Pushing the others towards the ray I am met with a melicious grin. We are getting out, I think to myself. Lifted into the air is Edilio followed by myself. I throw my knife into Iris Arcus' throat but she continues to rise. Edilio vanishes in the ship and I soon do the same. The sight is astonishing. Capitol food lay everywhere and just 1 attendent whom Edilio slits their throat and we pursue. After a bread roll I hurry away from them whilst he still eats. I slowly twirl and thrust my second last knife through the air and watch it plunge into his head. Who cares. No cannon fires from  here. I snigger because this surely means i am too far away from these blasted games. I search 3 rooms before I head into the cabin. When I do, both drivers rush at me and tackle my body to the pristene open glass floor. You can see the careers sitting around bored and they all stare up at me, gasping. They don't know anything about what's happening. Losers. I shove my final knife into the first of the two and push him off me. He dies immediately and I act quickly. The second seems to have no fighting skills so I throw him off my head quite easily. Then I literally pick him up and throw him out of the craft along with the other. At that moment I feel a wave of satisfaction. I have defeated the Capitol. Screw them.

Sparky Kleff's POV:

The hovercraft spirals through the air, hurtling towards the cornucopia at what can only be described as warp speed. It plunges into the seemingly peaceful field and explodes, caressing the surface of the arena with flickering flames which kiss everything around me. I am thrown 200 metres before coming to a smashing finality in a tree, burning me. Pain throbs through my body and I acheingly drop out and roll around on the ground. "Party times over", I hear behind me and into view returns Alexis Icer. Her sword punctures my throat and I am immediately added to her ever increasing list of kills. BOOM!

Head Gamemaker's POV:

Damnit! That completely did not go to plan. Now 35 other tributes have been killed without me initiating them. Oh well, 1 step closer to the end, I think. That's when we can have some real fun with the remaining tributes... I stampede over to a monitor to check who those 35 tributes were.


  1. Raff Dragonstring
  2. Zasha Kerrina
  3. Zane Landon
  4. Elm Hawthrone
  5. Grant Daniel
  6. Chase Locke
  7. Alec Tromagnet
  8. Marko Steele
  9. Pram Tinsel
  10. Bronwen Flash
  11. Jacob Shorts
  12. Hunter Scofflin
  13. Bronwyn Naismith
  14. Daragon Lazuli
  15. Demon Axewood
  16. Kumori Nikko
  17. Pyro Vuldren
  18. Annika Starr
  19. Jade Saqura
  20. Bill Waterson
  21. Tantun Magret
  22. Picasso Knox
  23. Emma Bentley
  24. Jonah Thompson
  25. Exolion Dynamite
  26. Brazen Fieldwise
  27. Janus Brankque
  28. Harthorne Adams
  29. Stacia Lopez
  30. Thistle Wisteria
  31. Chumpia Barks
  32. Arria Singson
  33. Luxus Ryabov
  34. Bruce Calipz
  35. Sparky Kleff


  1. Quinten Navarro
  2. Calipso Renama
  3. Annabella Kerkoni
  4. Shervert Wonkalandia
  5. Alexis Icer
  6. Jackie Devilin
  7. Kronice Hayes
  8. Naria Avenforth
  9. Cliff Harton
  10. Bethunia Underium
  11. Catharine Wilsnow
  12. Jacques Flintwood
  13. Daffodil LaCoup
  14. Jag Aqua
  15. Trenton Powers
  16. Cassandra Nigax
  17. Ellowyn Blakk
  18. Veto Magnate
  19. Hadix Maven
  20. Harriot Portisca
  21. May Evans
  22. Summanus Chrome
  23. Ziz Troutle
  24. Mylene Valante
  25. Jennifer Coal
  26. Arriana Syler
  27. Wind Settle
  28. Zeph Niles
  29. Emily Tailer
  30. Cornelia Rogan
  31. Story Tillian
  32. Lilac Canipp
  33. Manner Kreuger
  34. Sarah Renswick
  35. Dwayne Crupnick
  36. Nelly Ann
  37. Keira Lark
  38. Brayden Haul
  39. Wess Cornstob
  40. Rhine Mai
  41. Griffin Majoris
  42. Khan Aonyx
  43. Shelby Woods
  44. Roxy Firework
  45. Malanoi Jet
  46. Ameryllis Silvermoon


Daffodil LaCoup's POV:

I rush into the canopy just as the flames begin to lap at my heels. I am just outrunning it, but it is a fire... Logistically it will catch me and I will die. I have to face these facts. Still, the adreniline and pure fear keeps me running at a full sprint towards the cornucopia, where I hope to be able to get away. If not, I can't run for ever. Just then, a figure bursts out of the bushes and ushers me parallel to the fire. This way, it is a life or death situation. With just 46 tributes remaing, I start to wonder why this girl is helping me escape the gamemaker's death trap. Instinctively, I stop running, wishing I was some place else, but it's too late. The fireball's whoosh as it kisses my forehead is the last thing I hear before I black out and hear two cannons. Empothy is the feeling after that. Not for myself, but for the girl who started helping me away from the fire. She obviously wasnt trying to get me killed in the end.



Wess Cornstob's POV:

After meeting up with 4 other tributes, Shervert Wonkalandia, Bethunia Underium, Trenton Powers and Harriot Portisca, we have travelled at the very least, 50 kilometers. Even still, we are tired and in pain and Harriot's short but quite often asthma attacks force us to move at a slow pace. A couple of k's ago we passed the careers, sitting round a campfire in the middle of the morning. That kept us walking. Our alliance is trustworthy, I have convinced myself. It all lies in the hands of our plan to create the biggest alliance ever seen in Hunger Games history. At ther moment, i have reserached enough to know that the record is 23. At this point in time, we have just the 5 of us. We have made it our 'mission' to hunt down another alliance and form a new, bigger one with both. For now, however, we just need to find some more tributes...

Naria Avenforth's POV:

Dwayne and I are the only tributes who have spotted this alliance. Weoverheard their plan to make the buggest alliance in Hunger games history and think it is a great idea. It would certainly assist us in our plan to take down the careers. We decide now is the time.

Stepping out into the open, approximately 10 meters out in front of them they freeze, drawing their weapons. I drop mine and Dwayne mimics. "Hi", says one of the boys. "Hey", Dwayne retorts. "We were just wondering if we could assist in your idea?" "Sounds good", replies Wess Cornstob, their so called leader. Prior continuing on to search for more tributes we introduce ourselves and then meet and greeet the other tributes in this alliance. It just got two tributes bigger.

Wind Settle's POV:

We only have about 50 meters until we are out of this blasted arena. We went through the tunnel and found ourselves in a luxurious wetlands. Then we had a quick drink, regrouped and headed forwards. Now Zeph Niles and I find ourselves 50 meters away from freedom, away from iminant death. I love the aroma cascading across the water and into my stench-ridden nose. It clears my mind and before I know it i'm back home, chopping away at trees needed to fuel the Capitol's needs. The snarly growl wakes me from my daydream. I'm back in reality. I can't spot Zeph. Then I hear a cannon, two, three, I count them all up until 7. 7 cannons all at once! What could possibly have caused that? I instinctively spin around and to my horror I see a huge bear, claws carrying a dead Zeph, crushing the tunnel beneath it's feet. All the tributes in there. Dead. And now, i'm lucky to be alive, possibly the only person alive in a 30km radius. I turn to see where the bear began it's rampage and shockingly, spot 4 more gigantic animals hurtling my way. One tiger, two lions and a rhino. They stampede towards me and in a split second, I am being trampled by their huge paws, claws and horns. An eighth cannon careens around the arena and I know in that terrible moment, that I have lost this bloody game.


Alexis Icer's POV:

As I lay, battered and bruised from that gigantic explosion, I recap my games so far. Certainly not bad by my standards. My dad would kill me if he saw me lying half dead in the dirt like this. I remind myself that someone will happen, something will happen and I will get better. Then I will win. Then I will kill each and every living tribute left in this arena! A girl approaches from a distance in the North-West. She doesn't notice me. It is Ameryllis Silvermoon from District 13. I was able to meet her in training whilst I didn't want anyone else to know of my talents. I plan out my moves from here. I need to kill her, but first I need to be healed. I could get her to heal me and then stabe her. Simple as that. Easy. Yes, that is what I will do. The tears come naturally. I just twist my knife not my arm. A small price to pay for the medical treatment and deaths to follow. Ameryllis rushes over and asks if I'm ok. Of course I'm not ok you absolute idiot, I think. "I need medical attention, and fast. I notice the first-aid kit in her backpack. Perfect. She takes It out and begins to wash the blood from my stained body. It hurts, but I'll get over it. She patches up my wounds with bandages and then antisepts them. When she is finished, I thank her and then embrace her in a hug, then to her incredible surprise, watch her die in my arms as my weapon is thrust into her spine. She winces then falls. What an exciting moment!

Jacques Flintwood's POV:

I hate killing. But when i'm matched up against a career tribute who's staring me down from 20 meters away, slowly approaching me, as if she is enjoying the moment, which she probably is, I am in dire need of a kill. She is sizing me up. Looking for weapons which I don't even have. Her eyes are squinted, her fists clenched tightly around the knife that will end my life in a matter of seconds. I don't know why she doesn't hurry up and throw it. Perhaps she's terrible with a knife and needs to get closer to actually stab me. If that's the case, I could just run and find somewhere to hide. I am excellent at hiding, she would never find me. And yet, my feet are cemented to the ground, they aren't going anywhere. She takes her time and advances to 10 meters in front of me, 5, and then she punches me in the gut. When she tries to stab me, I instintively roll out of the way and she stabs the rock I was leaning on. Pain shoots through her hand and she takes her palm off the knife. I quickly grab it.

I hate killing, I say to myself again. But when placed in a situation like this, it has to be done. The career looks up at me with pleading eyes and then... I stab the knife into her head.

Nelly Ann's POV:

Horror sweeps over my gloomy face as the tree in front of me tumbles towards Manner Kreuger, my face a terrified look of fear and sadness. I am beggining to cry and then I look away. I can't watch someone die, i just can't do it. I hear snaps, and screams like nothing i've ever heard before and then comes the silence and the cannon.


It happened so fast, so quickly and I hadn't even had a chance to stop it. Erase it from happening. Forever, though, this moment will be embedded in my eyes. That's when I hear a second snap and a third, then a hurry of feet running close to me. I turn again to find Jag Aqua staring me down. From what I have heard and been told by Manner, he is the second last career tribute left in the games. He continues to run at me at a full on sprint, closing the minor gap between us. It crosses my mind that I have a knife attatched to my belt, but I don't want to use it. I want to die, just let me escape these Games forever and let me into heaven. Oh please god, just let me into heaven. It doesn't work. Jag finally reaches me and exrutiatingly slices through my chest and I watch my own seeping blood drain from my body. 'I'm sorry", he says, but I almost don't hear it. I am slowly slipping away from eternitry and I mouthe one last sentence before I die. 

"Thank you".

Dwayne Crupnick's POV:

So far the alliance has not worked out well at all. There has been arguments, disagreements and fights. I have decided that I must leave immediately. I collect my weapons, gear and just as I am about to go, I initiate my plan. My knife easily ends Wess Cornstob's life silently, and then I do the same to Shervert Wonkalandia. I manage to also stab Bethunia Underium but she screams out in pain. The two others awaken and I run. Instantly they follow me, but Naria Avenforth falls behind. She stops and mouths that she wishes me luck, then throws her knife into the back of Trenton Powers. He dies straight away but then I hear another scream. Naria! She is lying on the ground, dead. Of course, Harriot Portisca! I can't believe I forgot about her. I am so annoyed that I don't even notice when she stabs me with a sword. That is until I am killed.


Hadix Maven’s POV:

I think back to my start to these games. It has been a wild ride, but now, it really is time for all of us to leave. To go. The nuke around my fingers that I dug up from under the ground rests above a flat rock, littered with shiny ores which clung to the bomb when I hefted it out of the soil. The match that I will set alight the string attached to the bomb wrestles itself out of my hand and I pick it up again, gloomily staring at its impeccable layered pattern. I delicately place the rope on the grass, and light it with the match. I watch it burn and burn and burn until….

Story Tillian’s POV:

Cannons fire all around me. Fire spreads above, behind, to the left, to the right. Ok, let’s face it, it’s everywhere. I know I am going to die, and I also know 1 other thing. 1 thing that I’m sure all the other tributes know aswell. That while they may have survived this far, there will be no victor of the Hunger Games.



36 cannons fire simultaneously. The arena shatters. Bodies are flung here and there, and every so often there is the random explosion. Crackling fire zooms around the area surrounding the arena, or what’s left of it. There are no survivors. None of the tributes have subsisted through the murderous Hadix Maven’s nuke. She single handedly killed every tribute in the arena. The tributes families will grieve for a bit longer, die a bit earlier, go a bit hungrier, but even these devastating effects won’t overwrite those of depression, suicide, and more murder.

Aftermath 2

Panem. Once a starving country of what was left of the Earth after the first rebellion. The dark days they had been called. Now, a thriving state deprived of poverty, of starvation, of suicide, of depression, of war and of The Hunger Games. After the second rebellion, staged by all districts and the families of the capitol children whom died in the INSANITY GAMES. The Capitol, wiped out. And now they citizens of Panem, they live in peace, in harmony and as long as the rebuild will take, they will continue to live this lifestyle. Some of these people, they will never get their real lives back; will never know who their children were going to grow up to be. But aside from that, they will grieve and they will grieve as long as it takes. For some, it will never stop, the nightmares, the horror, the grieving, it will stay with them until they themselves die. But the others are there to help them now, and that makes it alright. But throughout all of this, the time those children spent together in that death trap of an arena, there will always be…


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