Hey Guys My first Games didn't go so well so i'm just going to go ahead and make this one. I'm not very good at making intros so i'll keep it short. You can each have 2 tributes. No complaining when you're tribute dies. Please make the names unique. I will announce a quell twist and the arena when i have 17 tributes. I am looking forward to these games and i hope you are too. Reservations are allowed but only for 1 day. At the end of that day the reservation is out and that space is open to anyone. please leave your ideas for the Quell Twists and Arena in the comments aswell as for the tributes. Thanks guys. I love you.
















District Male User Female User
1 Noah Everest Theman77 Diamond Pearl RavenHG
2 Raven Mockingjay RavenHG Inertia Vertigo Smurfmaster
3 Edmund Kingswirth TheDeadlyOne Orianna Thompson TheDeadlyOne
4 Luxus Ryabov Smurfmaster Katharina Tereneth Ougi-kun
5 Bolt Zerk SuperTomato  Amber Grace Clove101 
6 Levley Green Aerialchinook Blair Wilson Eloni12
7 Krane Octrus Kanine400 Maxine Klesnert Ougi-kun
8 Ash Vayle 66mc Melody Vayle 66mc
9 John Madrick Theman77  Aleyen Meyer  RossinSA
10 Arkta Luster Kanine400 Elora Kingsley The Outsider
11 Crucious Beetleson SuperTomato  Laylee Cobbler  Write46747
12 Larxe Fare Aerialchinook Deanna Keet Aerialchinook


Quell Twists

1. Every 2 days a different deadly animal, turned 3 times bigger than it's usual self, will come out of the cornocopia and stay for the day.

2. Lava surrounds an island which has the cornocopia in the middle.

Hope you like them



100th hunger games arena


A stream of lava surrounds the cornucopia that the tributes must jump over to get to each of the parts of the arena go too far and you fall through the Earth into lava. The tributes cannot see the edge they just fall, however, there will be a line that if they cross they are over the edge. If there are any questions ask them in the comments. thank you. I know it looks terrible but that's because i'm a terrible drawer, sorry about that. and i'm also sorry to all the people whom I used their lunaiiapos;s. that wasn't fair and i apologise. I think that's it. Keep sending in your tributes and i'll keep trying to make this the best Hunger Games ever!



8 Siblings & 3 Lovers: Ash (8), Orianna (3) ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Training Scores

District Male Score Female Score
1 Noah Everest 8 Diamond Pearl 9
2 Raven Mockingjay 9 Inertia Vertigo 9
3 Edmund Kingswirth 6 Orianna Thompson 6
4 Luxus Ryabov 10 Katharina Tereneth 9
5 Bolt Zerk 10 Amber Grace 6
6 Levley Green 6 Blair Wilson 5
7 Krane Octrus 7 Maxine Klesnert 6
8 Ash Vayle 7 Melody Vayle 5
9 John Madrick 11 Aleyen Meyer 7
10 Arkta Luster 6 Elora Kingsley 8
11 Crucious Beetleson 7 Laylee Cobbler 5
12 Larxe Fare 6 Deanna Keet 4

Sorry if your tribute got a low training score i used I will not be using this in the actual games.


Death Chart

Place Tribute Killed Killed By How Killed
24th Levley Green Ash Vayle Sword to Head
23rd Edmund Kingswirth Raven Mockingjay Mace to Face
22nd Raven Mockingjay Orianna Thompson Kopis to Chest
21st Krane Octrus Aleyen Meyer Knife to Neck
20th Larxe Fare Noah Everest Spear to Stomach
19th Elora Kingsley Arkta Luster Knife to Heart
18th Laylee Cobbsler Fell in Lava
17th Melody Vayle diamond Pearl Baton to Head
16th Maxine Klesnert Crucious Beetleson Saber Claw to Head
15th John Madrick Blair Wilson Knife to Head
14th Inertia Vertigo Ash Vayle Spear to Head
13th Katharina Tereneth Orianna Thompson Kopis to Chest
12th Noah Everest Blair Wilson Axe to Head
11th Amber Grace Luxus Ryabov Axe to Head
10th Aleyen Meyer Arkta Luster Sword to Chest
9th Luxus Ryabov Arkta Luster Pickaxe to Head
8th Orianna Thompson Crucious Beetleson Knife to Chest
7th Crucious Beetleson Ash Vayle Spear to Stomach
6th Diamond Pearl Deanna Keet Club to Chest
5th Deanna Keet Arkta Luster Axe to Head
4th Ash Vayle Blair Wilson Arrow to Head
3rd Arkta Luster Bolt Zerk Mace to Chest
2nd Blair Wilson Bolt Zerk

Axe to Neck

(Final tribute to Die)

Victor Bolt Zerk Is The VICTOR



Deanna's POV: As i rise up from my tube I scan my surroundings. We are in a meadow with the golden cornucopia in the middle. as far as i can see there is a forest to my right, desert to the left, mountains behind me and i am facing a beautiful, sparkling ocean. there is no time to waste though because the clock is ticking down. 59, 58, 57, 56, 55, 54, 53, 52, 51, 50

Maxine's POV: 49,48. The clock is ticking and i know i will have to figure out a plan before i rush in to grab weapons at the cornucopia. I decide that i will run to the desert because I know other tributes won't go somewhere so hot, but i just have to get some water here and i will be able to survive in there for a while, but first the cornucopia...

Bolt's POV: 12, 11, 10. I don't have long. I have to get to Amber before she is killed by some monstrous career. This is my first point of call. Save amber. The words race around in my mind as the gong rings out. So i run, and don't stop till i have the axe.

Ash's POV: I run to a sword and swing it at Levley's head. It connects and he falls to the floor bleeding to death. I turn knowing i must find Melody and protect her. Levley's cannon fires BOOM! I spot Melody standing helpless not knowing what to do. I run after her and along the way find Edmund and Orianna both armed with deadly kopis's.

Melody's POV: My alliance reach me at the same time as the career does. Ash swings his sword and the career ( Raven) ducks under it. Raven then slices his Mace through Edmund's face and a cannon fires. BOOM! I find a kopis sticking out of Raven's chest and he falls too. BOOM! We run and we don't stop until we are a long way away from the bloodbath.

Krane's POV: I have seen the deaths so far. Raven, Levley and Edmund. I rush to a bow and arrows just as Aleyen Walks in front of me holding a knife already dripping blood. She swings it and i have just enough time to duck before the knife collides with my neck. I am oozing blood and i know my time is short. So in my last few seconds, I shoot the bow into Aleyen's back. I won't know if it kills her though because there has been no cannon and my world is slowly slipping away. BOOM!

John's POV: I hear Krane's cannon fire and go to meet up with the careers as Aleyen's does. BOOM! 5 tributes are dead already. Luxus grips a deadly trident and the others are all armed with weapons aswell. There is one tribute still left at the cornucopia though. He waltzes in minding his own buisness. "I'm good with a knife you know," he splutters. But the spear has impaled Larxe's chest before anyone can reply. I turn and see the smug look on Noah's face. BOOM! 6 dead now.

End Of Cornucopia

Rest Of Day 1

Arkta's POV: Well, I survived the cornucopia and I have a knife 2 apples and a sleeping bag. it's hard to carry but i think I am far enough away so that I can be safe for a while. I hear a rustling in the bushes and drop everthing except my knife and ready myself for battle. Then, when Elora Kingsley jumps out I throw it but it just grazes across her neck. She will surely bleed to death unless she gets urgent attention. but now i am unarmed and vulnerable. She winces but then smirks obviously believing she has me done. "I'm sorry I have to do this", she says and then readies her axe. As she attempts to bring it down on my shoulder, I roll knocking her feet out from under her. I grab the knife and say "I'm sorry too," and stab her repeatedly through the heart. BOOM! I grab her axe because the other stuff I don't need and it will be better for me out of the arena.

Deanna's POV: I can't believe i did so well at the cornucopia. Teaming up with Laylee was a great idea. I found a sword, an apple and two sleeping bags and she grabbed a club, a rope and a net. we walk about a mile or so through the jungle and then find a red line. We decide to ignore it but tread carefully because it could be a career trap. Laylee goes first but as soon as she is over the line she sinks through the ground and i hear her scream. i reach out for her knowing that i won't reach her in time. Her body disappears and her screams of horror diminish. BOOM! Her cannon fires and i walk backward not wanting to seee the red line ever again.

Luxus' POV: I did alright at the cornucopia. As i'm running my fingers along my throwing axe the anthem begins. The first to appear is the boy from two. He was supposed to be a killing machine. That's a real surprise. Then it's the boys from three, six and seven. From there it's the girls from 9, 10 and eleven and then the boy from 12. I was really surprised that there were only 6 deaths at the cornucopia and then there were only two other deaths. Oh well at least i'm safe and sound up in this tree but i'm pretty close to those mountains. I hope there isn't anything deadly in there 'cause tomorrow that's where i'm going.

Desert: Maxine, Crucious

Jungle: Deanna, Arkta,

Mountains: Luxus, Bolt, Amber

Ocean: Ash, Melody, Orianna, Aleyen

Cornucopia: Noah, Diamond, Inertia, Katharina, John, Blair

Day 2

Crucious' POV: The heat is nearly unbearable out here in the desert. I can't believe i didn't grab any water at the cornucopia and decided to run to the desert. Oh well, at least i'm alive. For now. I hear a noise amd turn around to see Maxine Klesnert throw her axe at my face. I am able to duck under it though and now she is running and i still have my saber claw. I throw it and it lodges in her back and she falls. BOOM! I walk over to her and see she's still breathing though. Who's cannon was that then? I don't want her to suffer though, i'm not a killer. I thrust the saber claw through her skull and a cannon fires, hers, this time. BOOM! I take her supplies and Yes! She has a bottle of purified water. I watch the hovercraft lift her body out of the arena as I walk away and try to find somewhere to shelter for the rest of the games.

Noah's POV: "We have to split up," says Diamond. We all agree. Myself, Katharina and John go out hunting our next kill. Diamond and Inertia stay yo guard the supplies. We reach the spot where we found that group of tributes and we killed Melody Vayle. Pathetic. Ash and Orianna ran for their lives. She was still asleep. I wouldn't be surprised if Ash commited suicide over the death of his little sister. A wave of guilt rushes over me but quickly brushes off because John has just doubled over with a knife in his head. BOOM! We had bonded really well and basically become best friends. "Hey," I yell and run to nowhere in particular. Diamond follows but i tell het to go back and tell them what happened. I just need a moment to say goodbye to a friend and will myself to go on to win this thing.

Blair's POV: I now have one kill to my name. The wound on my arm is starting to bleed again though. I don't have any weapons now either. I will surely die of thirst before anything though. Unless i can grab something from the careers while some of them are gone. But now something is happening Diamond is walking back and then starts running because there are 2 tributes running out of the cornucopia. Ash and Orianna. They are attacking with spears and Kopis'. Ash throws his spear and it embedds itself in Inertia's Brain. BOOM! Katharina then throws a knife at Orianna but she ducks under it and throws her Kopis at Katharina. BOOM! They then start running away leaving Diamond standing there unsure what to do. She calls out to Noah and he comes running through the bushes and then stares in amazement.

Diamond's POV: For a while we just stand there stunned by what has happened and we don't see Blair Wilson Coming up behind us. She throws an axe at Noah and he doesn't realize. He falls to the floor with the axe still in his heart. BOOM! Then she is running away again back though the brush to the jungle. I am now the only Career left, I think. I take this as a good thing but i am starting to feel something different. Anger, resent, fear but most of all despair bubble up inside me and i run with the sword in my hand to kill her and everyone else to get back home.

Desert: Crucious, Amber, Bolt

Jungle: Deanna, Arkta, Blair

Mountains: Luxus, Ash, Orianna

Ocean: Aleyen

Cornucopia: Diamond

End Of Day 2

Rest Of Day 2

Bolt's POV: Amber sits with me as we much down on some bacon we stole frrom the careers. At this stage in the games all food is precious. The attack on the careers was great to watch. I don't believe it had been planned. Ash and Orianna had definately planned the attack and did well and then they ran off to the mountains. I saw Luxus from 5 there as well. Blair certainly had just taken the oppertunity and killed John and Noah. Diamond was seen runmning off to avenge their deaths by killing Blair. I suppose she would try to kill Ash and Orianna as well. Right now I hear a rustling in the bushes but I turn too late to see Crucious' Axe pierce Amber's skull. He runs off but not before my knife slashes through his leg. He falls but keeps runing. Curses I think as Amber's cannon goes off. BOOM!

Luxus' POV: I am running away when i burst into the cornucopia. Surely there are some supplies left there that will heal my leg. Diamond is gone so i easily find a bottle of cut cream. A distubance in the Horn alerts me and a snake, no, not a snake it's huge! It exits the horn and comes straight for me. I turn and run just as Aleyen bursts into the Cornucopia closely followed by arkta weilding a sword. He stabs Aleyen and she falls. BOOM! " Arkta help," I scream and he throws his sword to me. I cut off the giant snake's tail and it winces out in pain. Arkta then picks up Aleyen's Axe and throws it at the beast's head and it comes straight off. He then throws a pickaxe at my head though and i turn but not fast enough and it embedds itself in my brain. I hear a cannon, know it must be mine and slowly drift off into a black world with nothing in it. BOOM!

End Of Day 2

Desert: Crucious, Bolt

Jungle: Deanna, Blair, Diamond


Mountains: Ash, Orianna

Cornucopia: Arkta

Day 3

Crucious: I walk past the desert and back to the cornucopia. Yesterday i saw the faces of the Noah from 1, Inertia from 2, Katharina from 4, Amber and Luxus from 5, Maxine from 7, John and Melody from 8 and Aleyen from 9. 9 people died yesterday. Now there are just 8 of us left and i know that the biggest threat right now is Diamond from district 1. Surely she will want to avenge her fellow careers deaths. I can see the golden horn in thew middle of the cornucopia and know i'm close. I can see Arkta Luster i the middle of the cornucopia with all the supplis in the world. He will last a while with all that. Unless i can do something about it. I stealthally walk to the edge of the cornucopia and jump over the stream of lava that surrounds the cornucopia. Then i sit there contemplating what to do. Suddenly Orianna and Ash jump out from behind me. I throw my knife and it hits Orianna in the chest. BOOM! Then Ash throws his spear at me and i know it won't miss. I spend the last seconds of my life wishing the best to my family back in district 11 and hoping that they can survive a bit better than i did. BOOM!

Diamond's POV: I wield my sword up when i hear the rustle in the tree. Deanna from district 12 drops down and thrusts her club at me. She misses and i try to stab her with my sword but she moves out of the way. She punches me in the face and starts running away. I run after her and she jumps up in the air. I don't and the net entangles me and Deanna comes back laughing. She thrusts her club into my chest and i know my time is short. She starts to take my supplies then the world slips away from and i know i have died. BOOM!

Blair's POV: I saw the whole incident between Deanna and Diamond. I guess now would be a good time to take Deanna out but I'm wounded and I wouldn't make it. She walked past now but I'm well concealed in these bushes. Once she walks past, I guess going back to the cornucopia I come out of the bush and follow her. When she gets there she stops and falls flat on her back without so much as a scream. BOOM! Arkta! I saw him before and then night starts to fall, so I hide in the bushes again and watch Orianna, Crucious, Diamond and Deanna flash across the sky and then disappear from the Earth forever. Then Claudius Templesmith's voice is echoing around the arena. " Congratulations to the final four! There will be a feast tomorrow at the cornucopia. Do not be late if you want some supplies. This will be the only announcement." I find myself walking towards the cornucopia.





Cornucopia: Blair, Arkta, Bolt, Ash

Day 4

Ash's POV: I sit at the edge of the lava surrounding the cornucopia. Arkta is in the middle of the horn waiting. Suddenly a white table bursts out of the ground and I run for the water bottle that rests on top of it. Arkta picks it up as I tackle him to the ground. I cut his leg and stab his arm with my knife and he pushes my off with his feet. He throws his axe at me but I dodge it and crawl to the nearest weapon. A sword lays several meters to my left. I roll over to it and grab it. I roll back onto my side and get up as Arkta runs over to me. He swing his axe at me again but I defend it with the sword. Suddenly a figure climbs on top of the horn with the water bottle. She also has a bow so when Blair shoots the arrow at me I cannot get out of the way in time and I know I will be dead when it hits. Sorry I think to my family as it connects with my brain and the world goes black. BOOM!

Bolt's POV: I can clearly see the dead body of Ash Vayle lying on the ground next to Arkta. Blair on top of the cornucopia is shooting arrows at Arkta but because he is so far away she cannot get a clear shot. He is facing her so I think I could get him from here. I decide I have to try at least. I run out and pick up a mace. I run over to him and hit him in the back. He falls but not dead. I take one more swing down on his chest and a cannon booms. BOOM! Now I just have to worry about Blair. She shoots another arrow at me and it grazes my arm. I yelp out in pain as her last arrow flies at me. I duck and roll over to an axe and throw it at her. She jumps off the back of the cornucopia and runs around to my side. She picks up a sword and swings at my hip. I shuffle out of the way and grab a Kopis. I shove into her leg and she falls. I take the opportunity and pick up an axe and bring it down on her arm. I don't want to kill this girl though. The very least I can do is give her a quick death. I have won I think as I bring the axe down on her neck. BOOM!


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