Intro and Rules

Welcome! Yes I am back and have been dying to start a new Hunger Games. Now there are some Rules! Excellent, Rules.

1) No cussing, swearing, "explicit language". Please.

2) Don't kill someone if your tribute is killed. In other words, don't be mad.

3) Detailed Tributes only. Make them unique.

4) LUNAII'S PLEASE! I don't want descriptions like "Oh, he has Blonde hair and Yellow eyes".

5) If you don't follow these rules then your tribute will not be accepted.

There are 30 Tributes spanning from The Capitol - 13. And you may submit only three tributes per user. This may increase or decrease depending on what happens. Bear that in mind. But please, I want good tributes.


Capitol Male: Hadrian Heroditus - 15 - KronosTheTitanKing

Capitol Female: Flavia Heart - 17 - District3

D0 Male: Rebel Groots - 17 - Mistfire333

D0 Female: Coral Blu - 13 - Abbeylover

D1 Male: Zaphire Beux - 17 - Distrct3

D1 Female: Andrea Marshal - 17 - Prezziesnow9704:)!

D2 Male: Blade Spectrus - 14 - Tehblakdeath

D2 Female: Adria Nereus - 12 - Alyssa101

D3 Male: Jeremiah Glacier - 15 - Xbilliex

D3 Female: Petra Mines - 17 - District3

D4 Male: Delta Bourne - 16 - Hybrid Shadow

D4 Female: Mew Windlass - 12 - Hybrid Shadow

D5 Male: Shade Spectrus - 15 - Mistfire333

D5 Female: Lené Haliburton - 16 - EvilHaribyoMadness

D6 Male: Titinius Chrome - 17 - KronosTheTitanKing

D6 Female: Tonic Tome - 15 - Yui Nii-san

D7 Male: Mist Schorchil - 14 - Mistfire333

D7 Female: Storm Lexus - 13 - Alyssa101

D8 Male: Rogen Cruv - 15 - FeiLong

D8 Female: Shae Summerfield - 15 - 66mc

D9 Male: Donavan Hayze - 17 - EvilHariboMadness

D9 Female: Saguna Isola - 15 - 66mc

D10 Male: Baron Cronin - 18 - FeiLong

D10 Female: Wind Misty - 16 - Yui Nii-san

D11 Male: Gareth Gilbertson - 18 - KronosTheTitanKing

D11 Female: Bree Andria - 15 - Iron Berry

D12 Male: Jordan Flame - 17 - EvilHariboMadness

D12 Female: Stacey Ranger - 17 - ~glitterday~

D13 Male: Marshall Hayes - 17 - FeiLong

D13 Female: Sabrina Ranger - 17 - ~glitterday~

Training Scores

Capitol Male: Hadrian Heroditus - 7

Capitol Female: Flavia Heart - 5

D0 Male: Rebel Groots - 7

D0 Female: Coral Blu - 8

D1 Male: Zaphire Beux - 9

D1 Female: Andrea Marshal - 9

D2 Male: Blade Spectrus - 8

D2 Female: Adra Nereus - 6

D3 Male: Jeremiah Glacier - 6

D3 Female: Petra Mines - 7

D4 Male: Delta Bourne - 10

D4 Female: Mew Windlass - 7

D5 Male: Shade Spectrus - 7

D5 Female: Lené Haliburton - 4

D6 Male: Titinius Chrome - 5

D6 Female: Tonic Tome - 4

D7 Male: Mist Schorchil - 6

D7 Female: Strom Lexus - 5

D8 Male: Rogen Cruv - 6

D8 Female: Shae Summerfield - 9

D9 Male: Donavan Hayze - 6

D9 Female: Saguna Isola - 10

D10 Male: Baron Cronin - 3

D10 Female: Wind Misty - 8

D11 Male: Gareth Gilbertson - 6

D11 Female: Bree Andria - 8

D12 Male: Jordan Flame - 8

D12 Female: Stacey Ranger - 7

D13 Male: Marshall Hayes - 7

D13 Female: Sabrina Ranger - 9


The arena for these Hunger Games is set up into thirds. There are 3 segments. The top segment is a beautiful, glimmering, shining beach. But looks can be deceiving. The bottom left segment is a forest. Trees, brush, and animals. A source if food, however, all is not what it seems. The bottom right and final segment of the arena is a desert. Searing hot temperatures, endless sand and death around every corner...


Zaphire Beux - 4

Mutts - 5

Blade Spectrus - 2

Wind Misty - 1

Mew Windlass - 1

Walkers - 4

Hunters - 1

Death Chart



Killed By

How Killed


Lenê Haliburton

Zaphire Beux

Head split open by Sword


Storm Lexus

Sharks (Mew Windlass)

Split in two by shark (Stabbed out of mercy)


Jordan Flame

Blade Spectrus

Stabbed in head


Coral Blu

Wind Misty

Shot in head with arrow


Titinius Chrome

Blade Spectrus

Face Punctured


Saguna Isola

Zaphire Beux

Head sliced in two


Stacey Ranger


Turned after being bit


Tonic Tome


Turned after being bit


Marshall Hayes

Zaphire Beux

Sliced in two


Flavia Heart

Zaphire Beux

Throat pierced by a knife


Hadrian Heroditus




Mist Schorchil


Fell to her death


Sabrina Ranger




Baron Cronin


Crushed to death


Bree Andria


Crushed to death


Gareth Gilbertson

Turtle Muttation

Eaten Alive


Rebel Groots


Crushed to death


Jeremiah Glacier


crushed to death


Donavan Hayze

Anglerfish Muttation

Head crushed


Shae Summerfield

Anglerfish Muttation

Eaten alive


Andrea Marshal

Anglerfish Muttation

Bitten in half


Adria Nereus




Wind Misty




Rogen Cruv


Spil in two


Mew Windlass


Brain pierced by an arrow


Petra Mines

- (Partially inflicted by Delta Bourne)

Fell to her death





The Games, Day 1


Rebel trots through a dimly lit hallway, underneath the arena. 28 other tributes do the same in their respective passages. Mew Windlass reaches the set of doors first and stretches out her arms to open them. As she pushes her way through the exit, she is set upon by Gamemakers, who pin her down and begin beating her, she slowly slips out of consciousness, as do all of the others…

Mew Windlass, D4

I wake up to the sound of birds chirping. My eyes are droopy and I feel as though it’s very early morning. I sit up, attempting to get a sense of where I am. I sit on a bed of leaves, surrounded by thick trees, showering me with their green droppings, lush brushes sprouting raspberries and twigs, sticks and nuts. Looking around I don’t see anyone, so I call out waiting to hear a voice in return. That’s when I remember where I am. I search the area for any signs of life, nothing approaches immediately. I can’t believe I just yelled out in the Hunger Games, that’s suicide! Deciding my best point of order would be to hide, I scan the forest for anywhere I could seek refuge in. my eyes lock on a tall tree with a heap of stubby branches inviting me towards it. I make my way over to the target and begin climbing my way to the top.

Donavan Hayze, D9

“Welcome tributes, I see you are all settled. The Games begin in 1 minute, and it’s kill or be killed. Last tribute standing wins, you know the drill.” I panic, knowing anyone or anything could kill me at any point from the beginning of the games in a minute. I search the sand for a weapon. Sand! I look up, yes, I’m on a beach. There’s the water. I try to get to terms with what’s happening. The beach extends for miles down to both sides, there is no way I would be able to walk all that way without any supplies. So I walk forward. And just as I start to do so, the gong rings out to signal the start of the traumatic events that are to come in the Games.

Zaphire Beux, D1

Nice! I’m in the Hunger Games, and I’m also in a small cottage filled with glimmering weapons just waiting to slay some tributes. Wall to wall lay axes, swords, knives, sickles, scythes and kopis’. I grab a backpack lying on the floor a few feet away from me and shove as many weapons as I can fit in it. When I’m done, I sling the pack over my shoulder and set out to find some tributes.

I’ve barely even made it 20 yards when I encounter my first victim. She sits, rather awkwardly over by a tree. I plunk my bag down to retrieve a short sword and unnoticeably, saunter over to the attractive young girl and get ready to take her down. I raise my rapier above her head and plunge it down into her cranium. Blood and mush begin to ooze out of the large split in the unknowing teenager’s brain. BOOM!

Petra Mines, D1

The first cannon of the games sounds just as I hear a stick snap behind me. I whirl around to see a vacant clearing. Silently I begin tiptoeing backwards, and as I do a dagger comes darting towards me and misses my face by an inch. I swing round and dash ahead, running in motion and I don’t stop.

I’m running out of breath, and I’ve probably been sprinting for about 30 minutes. Surely I’ve outrun whoever it was that was hounding me down. I investigate the vicinity of which I’m in. I appear to be on the border of each division of the arena. I abruptly contemplate as to why there was no bloodbath, because if there had been it would have been held here unquestionably. I formulate a decision to look for food. I’m superior with flora; I was educated back home, so I get going into the forest.

Baron Cronin, D10

A 3! A bloody 3! That’s the worst training score I’ve ever witnessed. I can’t accept it. Well I’ll show the Gamemakers what I’m really made of. I’ll triumph in these Games if I have to tear myself apart in the process. I woke up in a cavern underneath a searing hot desert. I have already investigated the entire thing. No food, no weapons, no supplies! The first thing I’m going to have to do is scavenge for some elsewhere.

I decide to head out because I’m becoming more and more eager to show off some of my skills to the Gamemakers. I open the little hatch in the ceiling and step out into the brilliant, burning sunshine. It’s sweltering hot, so hot in fact that a cactus beside me is on its last legs. Unbelievable, I’ve got to abscond now. After 100 yards or so I clamber up a mound and I’m able to observe what’s happening out in front of me. No way, it can’t be. But yes, it is.

Flavia Heart, Capitol

Only an hour or two into the games, and I’m already exhausted. I’ve been walking for the entire time, trying to locate somewhere to take cover, and yet, to no prevail. I walk another 20 minutes and still, I come up empty handed. I drop to the ground, dehydrated and starving. I’ve never known how to deal with being like this. But then, I spy with my little eye, could it be? YES, a beach. I crawl the last minute to get there and flop into the salty liquid.

Mist Schorchil, D7

It’s getting dark, and we are looking for a place to take shelter for the night. I found Shade, and we are determined to create an anti-career alliance, we just need a bigger group. My eye catches on a metallic looking tin platform in the distance. “There!” I say to Shade, pointing towards the flat covering. We scurry along to find a small cottage, and that the tin was actually a roof. It’s perfect. Guess we’ll be staying here the night.

Delta Bourne, D4

I scurry about, listening for anyone, watching out for anything. I need a place to crash for the night, but I can’t find anywhere, and to make matters worse, it’s late and I can’t make out anything. I’m on sentry, checking the locale for tributes because at the moment, I’m extremely vulnerable. I decide just to try and camouflage myself amongst the leaves and bushes. I just hope nothing attacks me during the night. I’ll try and sleep with one eye open, literally.

End of Day 1


Lenê Haliburton, Killed by Zaphire Beux, Head sliced open by sword, Placed 30th.

Day 2

Rebel Groots, D0

Night hits us as swiftly as we were plunged into the Games. I’m still in pain from when the Gamemakers beat me. I have a black eye and I feel like my hand is shattered. But I desperately proceed, hoping to find some tributes. I would also have liked to be wearing my black apparel, but I blend in none the less. The shadows engulf me, and we merge as one. Just me and the dark. Until a tribute shows up, and then I shall stain the darkness with death! I can almost feel the urge to kill rising in me. Anyone who crosses my path better wish they were dead, because otherwise they’re going to be in for a lot of pain…

Gareth Gilbertson, D13

I’ve been walking all day and all night, I need to sleep, but I must find somewhere to buckle down. Suddenly, I hear something, a whistle, from not far away. It could be my District Partner, Bree. We bonded in training so she might want to form an alliance. I jog over to the source of the sound and find a closed door to what appears to be some kind of little shack. The door opens and the boy from 5, Shade walks out, crossbow poised at my heart. “State your name.” he says. ‘Gareth Gilbertson, District 11,” I declare. He asks whether I have any form of truce with the careers and whether or not I would be willing to join an anti-career alliance. I accept the offer quickly, in the hopes that he will let me into their hideaway. We bit stare at each other for a bit, until he breaks the silence.

“Very well, as long as you commit to this alliance you will be permitted into the hideout. But try anything and I will kill you on the spot, without hesitation. You understand?”

“Of Course.” I reply. I am allowed in, and am bewildered to see that there are about 10 tributes in there. They greet me one by one. Starting with the two leaders, Mist Schorchil of District 7 and Shade himself. They are followed by Hadrian Heroditus, Flavia Heart, Andrea Marshal, Petra Mines, Donavan Hayze, Saguna Isola, Stacey Ranger and… and, Bree. I walk over to her and we embrace. She kisses me on the cheek.

“Glad you’re safe.” She states.

“As am I.” I reply.

“As am I.”

Shae Summerfield

Up here in this bloody tree, I can see everything but I can't do anything. I watched a boy slice young girl's head open yesterday and nothing else. That image has been fixed to me ever since. But I'm trying to put it behind me on my task. I have to get to that anti-career union. It's about 200 yards away to the north-east. In my way however, just under halfway, there are the careers, loaded with an arsenal that the guy who slayed that chick under my tree brought back to them. I could go either way around them but it take way too long. I munch on my squirrel as I think up another scheme. And as I devise it, it starts to come together.

Mew Windlass, D4

I meander aimlessly around the seaside, tracking crabs. I have no understanding, just my reliable axe. I stumble over in the sand, and my foot drops. That's odd, there is a hole there. I jostle my hand down the hole only to be met with an excruciating bite. I raise my hand and am astonished to see a crab clutching my left pinkie with its claws. I cleave it off eventually and toss it into my swag which I'm hauling on my shoulder.

Unexpectedly, I hear a racket from the edge of the forest area and duck down behind a mound of sand. Don't Come this way, I think. A girl, who looks ver young, grasps a trident in one hand and a pack is slung over her other arm. She is poised, ready to attack, clearly she is quite courageous. She ambles by the shore, keeping the terrain in front of her. She's smart, but not a hunter, so she can't locate me. She must've heard me yelp before with the crab. She passes me swiftly, still on the look out for the tribute of which she heard.

Abruptly, a huge splash emerges from the water, sending shivers down my spine, and a gigantic shark rises from the liquid depths, mouth open wide,net etch bared, and descends down next to the girl. As it lands, she chucks her trident at the beast, but misses by meagre inches. The giant fish then clamps down its jaws on her and tosses her I to its enormous mouth. Blood oozes from the girl's pale, limp body, now split in half, the top section lying on the sandy beach spewing up pools of red, sticky liquid all over the place. I can see her intestines, he lungs, eh liver and I vomit; it's just too much for me. I hurry over to the little girl's suffering corpse and begin crying, she didn't deserve to die, she was so young. The girl is short of breath and obviously in unbelievable pain. I pick up my axe and swing down, putting her out of her misery, ending her life.

I vomit again, BOOM!

Blade Spectrus, D2

The careers are planning to attack the anti-career alliance at dawn tomorrow. I have to depart before then. I choose to do so tonight. Whilst the rest are in their tents, sound asleep. After all, they trust me. I must get there and lend a hand to my brother and Mist. They are all I have let, so I must protect them t all costs. As the core leaders head off tracking, I saunter over to my tent and begin stuffing my bags with food and supplies. I don't store my knife, I keep that with me. When night hits, my plan will be put into effect.

Andrea Marshal, D1

Night hits us like a punch in the face, hard. Darkness everywhere, nobody can see a thing. Pitch black, it’s just lucky that we anti-careers are buried down in this cabin. I cannot begin to imagine what people out on their own are going through right now. I really hope nobody dies tonight, we’re going to need everybody we can gather up to defeat the careers. They’re just so strong. Out of the blue, a light appears just to the north of where I am standing. It is flailing about, suggesting someone is running with it. I catch a glimpse of the face of the tribute and can instantly recognize the expression on his face.


End of Day 2


Storm Lexus, Killed by a shark, Split in two (Out of mercy by Mew Windlass), Placed 29th.

Day 3

Rogen Cruv, D8

I come across the anti-careers at the same time as a very worried Baron Cronin. He is tired, flashlight in hand, he must have been running for a while. Blade, who appears to be the leader, seems excited to have new arrivals. He tries welcoming the two of us, but Baron interrupts him, speaking quickly.

“Up on the hill there, it’s awful. People, people are…”


The cannon cuts his sentence short. We all twirl around, met by the rest of the alliance at the door. A figure sprints towards us, bloody knife in his left grasp, back pack in the right. Another boy appears after him, yelling and screaming behind him. I recognize the first boy straight away as Blade Spectrus. The second guy I think may be Zaphire Beux. Zaphire ditches his spear at Blade but the throw is off and it just misses him. The careers all follow Zaphire, trotting down the hill at pace. They are poised; weapons at the ready, the anti-careers do so in unison aswell. I reach down and grip my kopis.

This is war.

Blade Spectrus, D2

I join the anti-career group after outrunning the careers. I take my sword and get ready to fight. A million thoughts rush through my head. Zaphire Beux screams and dashes towards me. The careers follow in his steps, and the battle begins with an arrow piercing through the skull of Coral Blu who appeared to be sneaking up from behind. BOOM! The careers have 9 tributes: Zaphire Beux, Rebel Groots, Titinius Chrome, Tonic Tome, Wind Misty, Marshall Hayes, Sabrina Ranger, Adra Nereus and Petra Mines. The Anti-careers have everyone else I think: Hadrian Heroditus, Flavia Heart, Andrea Marshal, Jeremiah Glacier, Delta Bourne, Mew Windlass, Shade Spectrus, Mist Schorchil, Rogen Cruv, Shae Summerfield, Donavan Hayze, Saguna Isola, Baron Cronin, Gareth Gilbertson, Bree Andria, Stacey Ranger and I. Careers have 9, Anti-careers have 17. The careers are outnumbered and they know that, but they are stronger, so this fight will go down to the last man standing. Titinius Chrome approaches me with his weapon and swings at me. I block it with my own, and then puncture his forehead with it, just as I did as I left the careers to Jordan Flame. BOOM!

Zaphire Beux, D1

Another cannon sounds as I see Titinius crumple. I need kills. I must win this. I hurry over to a battle between two girls, Petra Mines and Saguna Isola and slash the top half of Saguna’s head off. BOOM! One down, I help Petra up and order her to find someone else to target.

In the middle of all the commotion, Baron Cronin, the boy from 10, begins yelling and screaming. “Wait, wait. You all need to listen to me. We cannot kill another person. We need each other, now more than ever. I was up on that hill over there and I could see through the arena. Outside, there are things attacking people. Eating them, biting them. And those people are dying, but then coming back as one of the things. I have heard rumors from Peacekeepers about this. The things are called walkers. We need to get out of here, but the only way we can do that is together. If you don’t believe me than you can go and have a look for yourself, but you need to be aware that if we lose anyone else, we will all lose. So a cease fire it is that I call, until we can get out of here and help. Then we can go our separate ways. But I, we need your help.”

Jeremiah Glacier, D3

Everyone is silent, Baron just delivered one of the strangest speeches of all time, but he seems sincere. I honestly believe what he is saying. And this is exactly what the anti-careers wanted. Peace. Zaphire Beux appears angry, and storms off to have a look himself at what baron was talking about. The rest of us wait in our positions. After several minutes, he returns looking frightened.

“He’s right,” Zaphire states, his voice timid and weary. “But how do we get out of here then,” questions Rebel Groots. “Like this,” says Baron and he starts digging right in the middle of the arena. “This is why there was no bloodbath in these games; they couldn’t risk us finding the exit”, Baron confesses. He reaches the bottom of his hole and we all peer down the opening to see a trap door. He turns it with all his might and it eventually opens.

What I see is unbelievable.

Bree Andria, D11

The group all step through the hole one by one. The word is in absolute chaos. 'Walkers' roam freely, loping thoughout the streets of what obviously used to be the Capitol. Clearly, this all went down just as we were sent into the arena. The streets are desertted apart from the walkers. They look awful, ripped to shreds by others and left to rot and turn. "Aaaghh," screams a voice behind me. Everyone turns to face Stacey Ranger, horridly trying to free herself from the powerful grasp of a walker. She manages to escpae, tearing the beast from her shoulders, but in the process is bitten by the walker. She yelps out in pain, crumpling to the ground, terrified by the oozy, red liquid poiuring from the wound in her neck. Everybody gasps. Blade and Mist help her up and begin carrying her onwards. I lock my fingers around Gareth's and he does the same to mine, and we follow the leader.

Tonic Tome, D6

After outwalking and outrunning those things for a while, we come across an old building where the leaders believe we should rest. I agree with them, so I keep my mouth shut. Zaphire has other plans. "We can't stay here, it'll get overrun," he says. "This will be temporary," counters Blade, confonted by Zaphire's willingness to argue. Zaphire calms down and agrees to enter the building, as long as we leave once we sort out Stacey Ranger's situation. Angrily, he bursts through the entrance with his machete raised. Nothing occurs, so we press on. Shortly after, we discover a safe enough room, blocked out, one window up the top near the ceiling, and the door the only other way out. We all waltz in and set ourselves down, as do I, partly worried about what the hell is happening, whilst focussing on Stacey's bite wound. Mist finds an old rag and begins cleaning up the wound. A clear bit mark is spotted in her neck, but at least the bleeding has stopped. Miust tells Stacey to sit tight, and keep the rag on the injury as long as possible. We all wind down and get to sleep, we probably have another big day ahead of us tomorrow.

End of Day 3


Jordan Flame, Killed by Blade Spectrus, Stabbed in the head, placed 28th

Coral Blu, Killed by Wind Misty, Shot in the head using a bow and arrow, placed 27th

Titinius Chrome, Killed by Blade Spectrus, Face punctured, placed 26th

Saguna Isola, Killed by Zaphire Beux, Head sliced in two, placed 25th

Day 4


In the middle of the night, a little into the next day it was when Stacey turned and ripped open Tonic Tome's larynx. Terror swept thoughout the room. Thoughout the chaos, three cannons sound.




Zaphire Beux, D1

Tonic and Stacey both walk towards me, I dont know what to do. Suddenly they are distracted and start devouring Marshall Hayes. I stab Tonic in the head, killing her, or whatever she is, but then I am set upon by Stacey. She attempts to bite me, but then she is grabbed and her weight is pulled off me, a knife stuck though her forehead. Blade Spectrus helps me up and then I stab Marshall though the throat. "What the hell!" Blade yells. "What? He was going to turn, he was bit," I argue. "What do you mean?' Blade quizzes. "That's Stacey," I say, pointing to the dead corpse Blade killed. "When you get bit you turn. She did, bit Tonic, she turned and bit Marshall. He would've turned and killed someone else, I did you all a favour," I mutter, raising my voice slightly. And with that comment, I walk out of the room, leaving the group distressed and exhausted, scared and dillusional, frightened and afraid.

Jeremiah Glacier, D3

We wait for Zaphire to return after clearing his head. Everyone knows he is right, but no one wants to admit it. I stare at the bodies of Stacey, Tonic and Marshall. They look horrible, dry blood, staining the floor, scaring the youngest of us. I try to work out how to survive this so called 'apocalypse'. I could take off, scavenge some supplies and even siphon some fuel for a vehicle. I'll find a group and we'll gather weapons, this could work! Just as I come to the conclusion that I'll leave the group, Zaphire returns.

Hadrian Heroditus, Capitol

Zaphire walks back through the door, and walks right up to Flavia Heart. "When those three died last night, three cannons went off," he states. "You know what that means, don't you. It means the Games are STILL GOING!" Frustrated, he tosses a knife from his belt and it embeds itself in Flavia's throat. She crumbles, dead, and Blade screams at Zaphire. "No," he yells. Zaphire throws himself at Blade, who ducks and Zaphire goes flying over the top of him. He gets up and Blade attempts to push him back onto the ground but Zaphire grabs Blade's arms and twists him around, putting him into a headlock. Blade retaliates by head butting Zaphire in the face, opening a gash on Zaphire's nose. He yelps out in pain, and then Blade picks him up, lifts him onto his shoulder and rams him into the door of the hideout, which splits and breaks. Zaphire pushes Blade outside and then walks out after him, everyone else follows them. Zaphire punches Blade in the cheek and then Blade punches Zaphire back. Both boys take out their weapons, and Mist and Shade watch in fear as Blade fights Zaphire with their swords, Blade trying desperately to get a chance to stab Zaphire, who simply blocks each slash. This fight will go down to the last second.

Petra Mines, D3

Both boys are evenly matched, neither can kill each other. One throws a punch, one counters and returns it. it's almost like a non-stopping cycle of fighting and violence. Fists collide, knives and swords clash until finally, finally, they stop, but not because one has killed they other, they stop and search the arena, just as we all do after hearing a voice loudly cackling through the area. it;s head gamemaker, Denny of Dennies. "Congratulations tributes, you have succesfully completed arena one and two. Now find the exit to arena 3, so you can find your way to victory by surviving all ten arena's. You must survive the arena's not eachother anymore, which means no more killing. Good Luck, oh and watch out Hadrian," the voice mutters, before trailing off. Hadrian tries to work out what the voice meant but he is tackled to the ground by a walker. He suffers a bite, and then begins getting devoured by the walker, everyone else runs, leaving Hadrian to die, but before we leave i see Zaphire turn to face him. I look at Hadrian, trying to figure out what zaphire is looking at, and I see Hadrian putting the finger up at him. I refrain from laughing, and instead commit to finding the exit to get the hell out of here. Zaphire calls bullshit and tries to stab blade but is blocked by some sort of shield or force field. " A, a, a. No more killing, remember." Zaphire curses.

Delta Bourne, D4

We regroup about 500 metres away from where Hadrian was brutally and inhumanly eaten alive. Everybody chimes in with different ideas and suggestions as to the whereabouts of the so desperately saut after escape to the 'fourth arena'. I assume by that Denny meant that the next arena will have some other 'fun' surprises up its sleeve. I express my opinion, about how we should split up and each separately search the arena for the exit, keeping an eye out for and avoiding walkers, only returning when someone has found the exit. Everyone seems at least partially pleased with this plan, and so with that, we all head out on a mission to discover the way out of this place once and for all.

Bree Andria, D11

I walk in a direction towards the south east in search of the exit. I come across an old Hospital, seemingly abandoned. The bricks are all layered in ancient, green, moss, the windows shattered, spraying transparent glass along the ledge under each of the open windows. I sneak along the outskirts of the building, attempting to encounter our escape route. When I see something disgusting.

4 or 5 walkers sit, huddled around a body, the person is screaming, but practically dead. Blood, stains the floor and walls of the hospital when suddenly the screaming and moaning in pain comes to a halt. I begin walking back to where we were supposed to meet.

Sabrina Ranger, D13

BOOM! I'm startled by the cannon, I definitely wasn't expecting anyone to die whilst we just snoop around a bit. I can't help but wonder who it was, I suppose somebody that wasn't strong enough to sur... AaaaaaaGh!!


Shae Summerfield, D8

I hear a second cannon and assume two people have fallen, and as it's starting to get dark, I don't act like they suck or anything but seriously, they just had to walk around. I make it back to the rendezvous point and notice several guys walking towards me. I suppose they heard the cannons and came back aswell. Jeremiah Glacier arrives first and tells me he found nothing, he is followed by Adria Nereus who announces she came up empty before Shade Spectrus declares he found what appeared to be a hidden hole in the wall of the hospital that leads somewhere. "That's perfect!" I explain. Jeremiah and Adria agree, but Shade looks down, as if his brilliant product idea had just been rejected by the company owner. "What's, what's wrong?" I ask him. "I uh, I, Mist..." Then he burst out in tears. "Oh my god, Shade, is there anything I can do," I question. "No, but if shall avenge her death," he splutters through constant cries. "I must."

Shade Spectrus, D5

I can't believe it, I can't believe she's gone. I refuse to believe it, and yet, her cannon, signalling the end of her wonderful life, has sounded. Mist, beautiful, harmless Mist, who didn't have to kill to win the Games, who could make me laugh, make me smile, no one else could do that. And now, she can't any more. I may not smile again, laugh again, and this makes me that bit more unhappy. So alive or not, I will make the government and the president pay for her death. I is my duty, and I will fulfil my duty, by winning these Games, and taking down the president. I sniffle, recalling the snot from the lip of my nostril back inside of my freezing, runny nose.

I look around at ouir group, decreasing in numbers by the day, I will survive, I think, however much doubt creeps into my racing mind. I look at Wind Misty, who seems not to notice that she is so breathtakingly beautiful. Her luscious brown hair, flailing about in the wind down at her shoulders. I can't help but notice trhat she has two mdifferent coloured eyes. One blue and one green, they compliment her clothing, a green sweater vest slung over a darkish blue t-shirt, dirtied by the Games. I swear if we weren't in the Games I would probably be wooing her, but seems as though she is deadly with her bow and arrow, I decide to keep my distance and admire from where I am. I shiver, while a gusty breeze rushes through the area, and for the first time i give thought to how cold it is, nearing night. The wind stops abruptly, before momentarily waiting and then continuing. Wind... I will avenge you Wind, I will.

End of Day 4


Stacey Ranger, Killed by Walkers, Turned after being bit, Placed 24th

Tonic Tome, Killed by Walkers, Turned after being bitten, Placed 23rd

Marshall Hayes, Killed by Zaphire Beux, Sliced in two, Placed 22nd

Flavia Heart, Killed by Zaphire Beux, Throat pierced by a knife, Placed 21st

Hadrian Heroditus, Killed by Walkers, Devoured, Placed 20th

Mist Schorchil, Fell to her death, Placed 19th

Sabrina Ranger, Killed by Walkers, Devoured, Placed 18th

Day 5

Wind Misty, D10

We all follow Shade to the building where Mist's death occurred. Shade begins tearing up, mourning his death. He revealed to me that in his delirium he thought of Mist as a girl, and that I remind Shade of him. We reach the exit of the arena and Shade steps through. He is followed by the rest of us and I enter last, reentering in what appears to be some kind of box. The floor is made up of different coloured square tiles. I stand on a green tile and, I realise, have a green top on. Everybody has coloured shirts on, corresponding to the tiles they stand on.

Baron Cronin, D10

Abruptly, a gigantic creature presumably a turtle approaches from a distance, snapping its jaws at us helpless tributes. A couple of us scream, others act. The turtle mutters something.

'Avoid Red'

I can't help but notice the red tile underneath me. Suddenly, the tile I stand on, the red one, erupts upwards, not stopping. So do the other red tiles, myself and Bree Andria pushed towards the roof. The tiles don't stop rocketing into the air until they hit the roof hard.


Gareth Gilbertson, D11

"BREE!" No, no she can't be gone, she can't. But she is, her cannon's gone. I feel supposedly the same way Shade does at the moment. The Games have taken everything away from me, it just doesn't stop killing us. I can't do it anymore, can't live though this. I watch as the turtle mutt charges right at me, and digs it's teeth directly into my body.


Rebel Groots, D0

I run, not from the mutt, but from the red tiles, they appear out of nowhere and then shoot up to the roof, crunching anyone on them. I only look at the floor not taking any notice of the chaos and calamity going on all around me. A red tile appears quite literally underneath me and I am shot up into the air but I'm not completely on the tile and I begin to slide off just as it hits the roof, I fall. I land on somebody. Jeremiah Glacier. We both collapse on the ground. On a red tile just as it shoots upwards.


Delta Bourne, D4

Suddenly the beast retreats and the tiles all go black, the lights, I'm not completely sure they are lights, dim and all goes dark. They must have killed enough tributes today. I suppose it is night time, and am corrected by the anthem playing and the fallen tributes faces flashing up in the sky, well on the roof. What a day!

End of Day 5


Baron Cronin, Crushed to death, Placed 17th

Bree Andria, Crushed to death, Placed 16th

Gareth Gilbertson, Eaten alive, Killed by Turtle mutation, Placed 15th

Rebel Groots, Crushed to death, Placed 14th

Jeremiah Glacier, Crushed to death, Placed 13th

Day 6

Petra Mines, D3

I listen to the snores of the other tributes, and the quiet hush of others. It's quiet, maybe too quiet for the Hunger Games. and for once I really feel like i could win this thing. I've survived careers, a battle, zombies, killer crushing tiles, a gigantic tutle muttation, surely i can survive whatever the capitol throws at us next.

As if on cue, light streams through somewhere, lighting up each and every tribute for a moment, before going dark again. Light, dark, light, dark. That's odd. Suddenly a huge flood of water comes rushing at us from all directions. The lights appears right in front of me, revealed to be dangling off of a giant angerfish. coming straight towards me, i quickly duck out of the way and watch as it continues onits path and staright into Donavan Hayze, pinning him against the wall. I see that there is a noticably more amount of water now, rising towards the roof. "Find the exit, we're all going to drown!" I yell.BOOM! A cannon sounds, I assume Donavan's and the anglerfish heads towards its next target, Shae Summerfield. I scream at her to get out of the way but it is too late, and the anglerfish swallows her hole, sounding a second cannon. BOOM! I search for the exit, hoping to find it soon, or i'll drown, along with every other triute in here.

Rogen Cruv, D8


I hear a third cannon, as the mutt takes down another tribute, i see the lifeless body of Andrea Marshal floating in the water, then sinking underneath. I scan the surrounding room, wanting so badly to find the escape route, to get out of here and in the next arena, a step closer to victory, and survival. Then I see it, a hatch, just small enough for somebody to fit though. I call everybody over, but the water is nearly above us, we have to act quickly. Zaphire tells us he is the strongest so he'll open it. He lays his hands on the hatch but refuses to open it. Everybody yells at him. "See you later losers," he chuckles, before finally oipening the hatch and entering but the water is lready above us. I crawl throught the tunnel, followed by the rest of the tributes, but I then hear two cannons. Two more dead.



Blade Spectrus, D2

I realise that it's not days, it's just arenas. When in one arena, there is no days until you find the next exit. So I immediately begin searching for an exit, whilst coming to the realisation that there are only seven of us left. Me and Shade, Mew and Delta, Petra, Bloody Zaphire and Rogen. He has done well. Nobody really expected him to come this far. As if my words cued something, Rogen is tossed up in the air by some invisible force and then he starts screaming. His legs stretch out and then his head too. His stomach splits in two and two body parts fall to the ground. I run. I run just as I spot the exit. I call to the others as a cannon fires. BOOM! Then I sprint through the escape to the next arena.

End of day 6


Donavan Hayze, Asphyxiated, Killed by Anglerfish Muttation, Placed 12th

Shae Summerfield, Eaten Alive, Killed by Anglerfish Muttation, Placed 11th

Andrea Marshal, Bitten in half, Killed by Anglerfish Muttation, Placed 10th

Adria Nereus, Drowned, Placed 9th

Wind Misty, Drowned Placed 8th

Rogen Cruv, Split in two, Killed by Ghosts, Placed 7th

Day 7

Mew Windlass, D4

I step into a pristine jungle like area, on what appears to be a cliff face. Out of the corner of my eye, I spot something coming straight at me. Pfft, they don't give us much time to rest do they? I think to myself. I don't have time to react. In fact, I only have just enough time to admire the crisp, luscious environment and say a silent thank you and goodbye to Delta forever, before the arrow pierces my skull. Wow, they don't give us a break.


Delta Bourne, D4

I am startled by the cannon and turn to face a bloody mess that was once my beautiful loving cousin Mew. I can't believe it, I vowed I would keep her safe and I have failed. The only judgement I had left on me was whether or not Mew was still breathing and now, she's dead. "No, no, no, no, no, no!" I scream. I thrash my clenched fists around wildly, barely aware of what I am even doing. Barely aware of my own actions. I just swing my balled hands around like a maniac. I accidentally bump into Petra and she tumbles backwards, rolling along the flowing, green grass until she reaches the edge of the cliff face we stand on. "NO!" I yell, but it's too late. Petra topples of the cliff and falls to the sound of her cannon. I am a murderer, and I don't deserve to live. Yet, I must win for Mew. Because I can't do that to my mother and father, I know they, along with Mew, are watching down on me and would want me to win.. For them.

BOOM! There goes Petra.

End of Day 7


Mew Windlass, Pierced by an arrow through brain, hunters, Placed 6th

Petra Mines, fell to her death, (Partially inflicted by Delta Bourne), Placed 5th

Day 8

Zaphire Beux, D1

I notice an opening in the cliff face and slide through, knowing immediately that it is the exit. I return to to what appears to be an abandoned school. I follow the other three, final three,a part from me I realise. I. So close. To winning this thing now, I can't believe it. I'm going to follow in the footsteps of great victors from my District. I'm going to win this thing! BANG!!!!!!!!!!!

A blast rings out from somewhere, splitting the ground beneath us, and Blade trips. Falling backward, he manages to grab onto the floor that hasn't separated. He holds on, crying out for help, and I trundle over to him. Blade, Vicious Blade, Blade, who has been my anti, mr rival throughout. And you can't win a Hunger Games without a rival, so reach down with my arm, and I pull Blade up.

Shade Spectrus, D5

I can't see, through thick smoke, but I can hear, and I can a scream and then a laugh from two different people. I don't who but I know it's not me and that means I'm one tribute closer to victory. To actually coming out alive.

As the smoke and dust clears, I see two figures walk towards me from different angles. One I know is Delta Bourne and the other is Blade Spectrus.

"I dealt with him once and for all", Blade states.

We three walk through the exit to the final arena, and to victory, together.

End of Day 8



Day 10 (Final Day)

Delta Bourne, D4

I walk through the arena with Blade and Shade beside me, Blade having killed Zaphire just moments prior to this. I can't believe that after all we've gone through, Zaphire's dead, he was the one to beat that's for sure. Blade got him though, just as he wanted to throughout the entire games. And now we're here, in some kind of jungle. It's quiet, too quiet, and the brush is so fresh that it looks like it is slithering towards us. Shade lets out a short, sharp shriek and looks down at his feet, and then I notice. The plants are moving! I grab a pointy stone from the leafy bed underneath me and swipe down at the plant. It splits the edge, so I do it once more, cutting right the way through, and releasing Shade from its sticky grasp.

"You alright?" I ask him.

"Yeah, never better," he replies, rather sarcastically.

"This way!" Calls Blade from the right of us, possibly having found the exit, and for a moment I feel a sense of relief, finally we are going to win the Games, come out alive! We'll be free forever from these retched game makers, the twists, the turns, the scares around every corner, it all goes away! But as I come closer to the spot which Blade has fixated upon, I sense that it is not this longed for exit, but rather a small cave, capable of holding three people, but not comfortably. I laugh, like comfortability is the first thing I think about, we need to hide.

Blade Spectrus, D2

Gathering ourselves, we sneak into the miniature cave, probably classified more easily as a hole. Not quite big enough for a cave. It's squishy, but we manage and we wait, 1 hour, 2? I'm not sure how long but after a long time, I decide it has probably stopped and that we need to have a look around. I get out of the cave, leaving Shade and Delta in their, protected. I scan the area, watching, waiting for than anything, almost knowing the game-makers have something ready. And I am corrected by a soft, skin like feeling covering my mouth from behind. And then I hear Shade yell. He and Delta emerge from the 'cave' and stare at me, whilst I struggle against this force.

"Help me guys!" I yell. I don't know why they are too scared to help me until the force thrusts me forward. I turn, spin and gasp.


Delta Bourne, D4

I sense Blade drop beside me. Sneaking a glance at Shade I realise he is fixated in front of him. I turn around and my mouth drops. Because that's when I realise, that we never heard Zaphire's cannon.

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