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    Hey, these games aren't being hosted on this wikia. I'm just notifying anyone interested in joining here to click this link to get to the actual games. Thanks! The Games

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    I was skeptical about starting a new games, mostly due to my low string of luck with my past two games. However, after reading one of my older games, I had an evil plan. Due to these being my 5th games (I don't count the hybrid games as they were never started nor the salmon games as they were canceled), I think this idea will work well.

    4 dead tributes will be voted from the previous Appalachian Games. It's not so easy for the tributes of the 124th, 125th, and 126th Games. 16 of these tributes will be voted to fight in an arena, until 6 of them remain. Those six will be entered into the main games for a second shot at winning.

    Canidates for the revenge arena below.

    124th Games: The Isle Games

    125th Games: The Mutt Games

    126th Games: The Disastro…

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    Something to get me in that writing spirit again. Read and comment if you feel the need to.

    Drake was just turning 17. Most tributes from 9 had little sucsess, and Drake felt he was no different. When reaped into a games of utter terror and suspense, Drake had little to say, but knew he had to prove his worth to the district, and the distrusting president...

    "Drake, up! C'mon Drake!" my sister says, hitting me with a pillow. I groan, and rise up. "Reaping is in 20 minutes! Better get ready!" she says, before sliding down the stairs. She was lucky, being just a mere 9 year old child, safe from the reaping.

    I myself am 17. Most tributes in my district were reaped at the age of 13 or 14, which is why we had such a low victor percentage. Combined…

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    A twist on every one's favorite Total Drama Island. So here is how it works.

    • I'm the host, and MARVEL is the chef.
    • Don't complain about Marvel.
    • I'll give out a challenge, which is normally a stupid trivia question. First to answer will get a head start in the challenge. The thing that will get your team to win is the one with the most activity.
    • You can vote off others by saying in comments "I vote for
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    Since my last games were a total failure and ended up having only one reader , I have decided to make a new games, this time with one POV per update and instead of 3 paragraphs you'll probably get the massive wall of text. HOPEFULLY if you join you'll keep reading. Remember, you comment, I update >:3.

    District Name Age Strengths Weaknesses Weapon
    1/F Sapphire Lustre 17 Her stubborn, no nonsense attitude, her amazing hand to hand combat skills, and her ability to discern a trustworthy ally from an untrustworthy one, coming from years of training at the academy they train future careers in.

    Too nosy for her own good, and often won't let a subject drop, her bitter attitude towards the rest of her fellow 'Careers', and her inability to make many …

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