The day Derpy was reaped in District 5, she doubted her victory of the games. When her district partner, Eugene, catches her eyes, she gains some confidence. Little does she know her and Eugene were more than just district partners.

Chapter 1: The Reaping

My name is Derpy, and I look pretty funny at times. I love muffins too... a little too much. Anyways, it was reaping day, so as usual, I was dressed in my fanciest avaible clothes, or my family made me wear them. I was 15 now, so I wasn't expecting much. District 5 was power and we rarely ever had victims. Our victor, a drunkard sat in his chair drinking a bottle of whiskey. Our escort gave him a disgusted look, then she said in her annoying tone "Welcome, Welcome! Let the odds, be ever in your favour.". The stupid video played, and then she drew names. She took like what was forever until she said "Ditzy Doo Whooves!". It would have been easier if she had just said Derpy, and I walked up to the stage. Many murmered. How could a sweet girl like me survive in these games? Then, the escort called the boy's name. "Eugene Tuxedo!". A hideous boy walked up. Well, to many people. He wasn't too bad actually. "Shake hands!" our escort said. I did, and he had a firm grip. I knew I had found an ally. I didn't want to go to the hunger games though, I was scared. When Eugene said "I am confident... how about you?" he asked. I shook my head. How could I win? We were then escorted to the Justice Building to say our final farewells.

Chapter 2: Final Farewell

"Five Minutes" someone said. My family rushed in, and my mom was crying. "Derpy, promise me you'll come home.". I started to tear, and replied "I'll try my best". My dad put his hand on my shoulder and said "Remember how good you are with a sword. Get one eventually. And try to ally with that Eugene fellow. He might be ugly, but I heard he was one of the strongest in this whole district." he said. That was good advice, but I wasn't the best there was. They left and I cried. I didn't want to die in these games. I wanted to come home and see everyone. I walked out with my escort and Eugene, as we boarded the train. Eugene waved but I was to busy sniffling in my seat. He walked over and tried to comfort me. "Derpy, you have potential. You just have to use it. I believe in you. What do you say about an alliance?" I sniffle, then reply "Yeah.". He being in my alliance stopped my crying. I had the smallest chance of winning with him. I hoped we both could come home.... but that was probably not going to happen.

Chapter 3: Train Ride to Capitol

I was sitting at the dining table, conversing with our mentor. His name was Brick Hydro, and he took a sip of his whiskey and said "So you wanna stay alive, huh? Say, are you weak in your arms and fast in your legs, or slow and strong?" he asked. "Weak and Fast" I reply. "Then you need to focus on survival skills. Put as much distance between you and that cornucopia as possible. Live off the edible stuff in the wilderness. Avoid combat at all times." he advised me. Eugene walked in, and he had something in his hand. I realized it was a blueberry muffin. "How did you know I loved those?" I ask. He shrugs and replies "Lucky guess?". He gives it to me and I eat it and enjoy it. We hit a bump, and Brick spills whiskey all over his shirt. "I'll be right back, got to change." he said walking to his room. Eugene then asked "Are you all right? Your face is red." he said. I didn't know I was blushing. I suppressed a giggle and ran into my room, embarassed. That night I had a nightmare. The careers had my ankle tied to a heavy rock, and laughed at me. They hefted me and threw me into the lake. I woke up screaming when Eugene came in, followed by Brick and our Escort who's name was Taffy Bulbs. "They... they enjoyed watching me... drown..." I stuttered and Taffy replied "It's only a dream dear.", though it seemed real to me. "Now lets try to get some sleep?" she finished up saying. I didn't sleep that night. I woke up and had some bacon, and of course, muffins. Thats when a city appeared. The capitol. We had arrived.

Chapter 4: The Parade

When we arrived, many capitol people were cheering. We got off and were immediatly shown to our rooms. Compared to our beds at home, these were softer, more posh beds. "Now come come! Your stylists will be preparing you for the parade!" Taffy says as Eugene and I groan. I was taken to my stylists, Dimitri and Ivory, who immediately got to work freshening me up. They washed me off and they put my long blonde hair into a pony tail. They applied a soft eyeliner and put on a tint of lipstick too. "I think Hazel will love you!" Dimitri says excited. They put me in clothes so the head stylist Hazel can check me out. I see her and she is obviously all rich and fancy. "Well dear, aren't you looking pretty" she tells me. "Now this year, I think there will be a great way to show off District 5's power ability." she says. She pulls out a black jumpsuit. She then presses a button and it glows neon, like a light. I put it on and meet up with Eugene on the chariot. They dyed his hair purple and trimmed it a little. "You look beautiful tonight, Derpy." he says, and yet again I blush. Then I feel our chariot start to move. I look around at the millions of cheering folks of the capitol. Eugene and I wave, trying to earn sponsors. Our chariot stops, and the cheering dies down. President Glacier, stands up and says curtly "Welcome, tributes to the 149th annual hunger games. I am amazed by this year's stylists! Let's give them a big hand!". The crowd gives an applause. I could tell we had made a mark. We went back up to the room. We all toasted, then headed to bed. Tomorrow was the first day of training, and the first day to mark the tributes.

Chapter 5: Training, Day 1

I walked into the training hiding behind Eugene. These tributes would try to kill me in about 5 days. a new head trainer then spoke "Welcome to the training center. In 14 days, 23 of you will be dead, and one of you will be alive. What decides that is how well you pay attention for the next three days. No fighting with other tributes, you'll have plenty of that in the arena. Don't ignore survival skills. Exposure can kill as easy as a knife.". I didn't know what to train on... then I remembered Brick's advice. So I walked over to survival skills to learn to start a fire. I took a look at the tributes this year, noting threats to Eugene and I. District 1 had Bronze Lucrian, a blonde boy about 17 with blue eyes and toned muscles. I knew he was a capitol favorite. He was deadly with a spear as he hit a bull's eye with one. I saw the female tribute, Rainbow, throwing knives into the deadly spots on the targets. She looked more nimble and agile then Bronze, and I knew she would be trouble. District 2 was no less intimidating. Stone Rockgobbler, a huge brute, was chopping off dummy limbs with a machete. The female, Pinkamena, was deadly with a dagger as she impaled where the dummy's eye would be. District 3 had two very brainy tributes. There boy, Spark, wore rectangle glasses and was small. But he was smart as he aced the edible plant's station. His district partner, Byte, showed equally smart. District 4 were part of careers but I didn't know their names. Districts 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 I didn't know either. That's when I saw something happen. "Hey weakling!" I saw Bronze say as he pointed at the District 8 Female who had trouble trying to hit the target with a throwing ax. The careers ganged around her and started to insult her. I walked over and said "You leave this poor girl alone you mean careers!". Rainbow as fast as lightning pinned me to the floor and held a dagger at my throat. Eugene lifted her off me and threatened to throw her into the wall when the peacekeepers broke up the fight. "Thanks" the little District 8 Female said. "My name's Rarity, what's yours?". I reply "Derpy.". She smiles and asks to be in an alliance. I nod, and know we have a good alliance.

Chapter 6: Training Day 2

Today, I was going against Brick's advice. If Rainbow could kill me that easy, I needed to know combat. I grabbed a two handed sword, but could barely lift it above my head. I barely dented the dummy when I saw the careers laugh at me. I picked up a lightweight short sword and thrust it into the dummy's heart. I couldn't do this to a person, I was just to kind. I regrouped with Eugene and Rarity, who had recruited the two 12 year olds from District 12, Flutters and Spike. Flutters was a shy and sweet girl, and spike was a cocky one. "Whats our strategy?" I say as I watch Bronze impale another dummy in the chest by throwing a spear. "There is enough of us to easily take down solo tributes. We'll let the careers kill themselves..." Eugene explained. "I prefer we take them out at a range to reduce the hurt to us." Rarity suggested, when Spike argued "Well some of us prefer to not throw our weapons.". The two argued and then Eugene had to stop them. We continued training and I watched how good Eugene was with a sickle. The careers looked impressed. Rarity kept hitting her target at the throwing a stations. Flutters started a fire at the survival station, and Spike stabbed a target while shouting "DIE DIE DIE!". I noticed two new threats. The D10 boy specialized with a baton, and the D9 Female who apparently was obsessed with choking dummies. Tomrrow was the day to impress the gamemakers. I hoped my score was decent.

Chapter 7: Final Impression

"Eugene Tuxedo" a voice said. I watched Eugene get up and walk into the training center, as the doors shut beside him. I kept thinking of what I would do and how to impress the gamemakers. Something I was good at... I had to know what I was going to do. I waited until Eugene walked in, very sweaty. "Ditzy Doo Whooves". Why couldn't they call me my nickname? I walked in, and the head gamemaker, Frost Blizzards, said "10 minutes to show me what you have got. Start". I walked over to the survival station, effectively starting a fire in 86 seconds. I then climbed fast up the ropes and quickly back down. I had three more minutes. I picked up a sword, and swung it. I missed the dummy, and slipped. The gamemakers laughed at me and nudged each other with their elbows. I picked up a sword, and felt a feeling I didn't often feel. Anger. I whirled around and cut the dummy. It's head rolled on the floor. I looked up at the gamemakers, who's expression of laughter had changed to one of surprise. I walked out, and readied for my score. Later that night, our D5 Team sat at the dining table waiting for the scores. "Bronze Lucrian, score of 10. Rainbow Dash, score of 11. Stone Rockgobbler, score of 9. Pinkamena Pie, score of 8. Spark Plug, a score of 6. Melinda Byte, score of 6.". The scores went on to District 4, and they had both scored an 8. Then it got to us. "Eugene Tuxedo.... score of 7." Eugene smiled. "Ditzy Doo Whooves... score of... 6!". I guess that was okay and average, and just fine. The other tributes scored 5-7, except for the D10 Boy who got an 8, and the D9 Female who got a 9. Poor Rarity got a 4, and Flutters a 5. Spike got a 7, same as Eugene. I went to bed thinking of what I would say to Caeser...

Chapter 8: Interview

I was in a pretty red dress and was watching the interviews. "Well, I really am looking forward to these games." Bronze tells Caeser. "I love stabbing things." Raibow says when she is up. Then, it was happening my turn. Eugene came over and I was expecting a hu, when he kissed me on the cheek. My face was redder than a cherry and then I walked up to the stage. "The beautiful Derpy!" Caeser exclaimed. Finally someone from the capitol who called me my nickname. "So Derpy I heard you have already formed a rivalvry?" I nod, and reply "They were bullying someone... that is not right". Caeser then says "So are you prepared for the games?". Truthfully, I wasn't, but I didn't want to make the capitol not like me, so I said "Yes, more prepared than ever.". Caeser raised my hand and the crowd cheers. I then watch Eugene go up stage. "So Eugene, does your looks bother you?" Caeser asks. Eugene laughs and says "Nah, it don't matter whats on the outside. It's the inside.". The crowd awes and then Caeser asks "How is it at home?". Eugene replies "Well people run from me and shout monster, but it isn't that bad.". Then Caeser asks the biggest quesiton. "Do you have anyone at home you like?". "Yes, I do." he replies. "Who are they?" Caeser eggs on. "They know who they are.". I am glad he didn't say my name... Eugene exited and he hugged me. "You know it is you" he says and I smile. "Of course I did.".

Chapter 9: The first day of the Games

I winced when they inserted the tracker into my arm. I met Hazel, who gave me my arena wear. A red jumpsuit. "The arena is going to be humid dear." she tells me as I walk into the tube. Soon it rises up, and the glass doesn't go away. When I see where we start. We are in the bottom of a lake, with the cornucopia being above. I look around, spotting the D7 Female, D8 Male, D9 Male, D10 Female, and Eugene. He is pointed towards the cornucopia. 30 seconds... I see Spark looking shocked, possibly because he could not swim. The D11 tributes looked like their were happy with death. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1... I inhaled as the glass broke. I swam up and watched as Spark drowned. I gapsed and broke surface. I saw Eugen already in the cornucopia, grabbing stuff. I watched Rarity swim towards the shore, and watched Spike try to drown the District 7 Male. The D9 Male twisted his ankle as he hobbled away on the shore. I saw the D6 Male running from the D7 Female who wielded an ax. Something shoved me under. I saw the hand of the D8 Male pushing me. I spat out air bubbles as I tried to shake him off. My lungs felt heavy and my head light, until a blood pool emerged from him. I swam up and got a breath of air, when a spear whizzed past my head. Bronze was on the cornucopia roof throwing spears at every tribute. I took the spear from the D8 Male's corpse and ran. I bumped into Eugene, who said he killed the D11 Male on his way to me. Spike, who looked bloody, said he had snapped the D7 Boy's neck and had gotten sliced by Pinkamena. Flutters looked fine and was quite. But were was Rarity? Then the cannons went off. 9 total. We would know who at the anthem tonight.

Chapter 10: The First Night

Thanks to Eugene and Spike, we had enough items to last us. The anthem blared, and the faces appeared. Spark, the D4 Male, the D6 Female, the D7 Male, the D8 Male, D10 Male, D10 Female, D11 Male, and D11 Female. Rarity was still alive. I heard a yell. "DERPY, EUGENE, SPIKE, ANYONE, HELP!". We all ran to the soucre to see the D7 Female chopping at an oak tree that Rarity was in. It started to fall, and we all dived to the side. I heard a cannon boom and ran into the leaves. I saw Rarity, cut and bruised but alright. Isaw the D7 Female, who was pierced in the chest by one of the branches. Rarity took her ax, and we took her bag. We exlpored the arena and ran into Byte, who seemed sad at Spark's death. We didn't kill her. We noticed the arena had a huge ravine deep into the forest, and there was quicksand by the lake. That is when we setled to sleep. "I'll take watch" Eugene said. I slept at ease, I dreamed of a huge lion mutt ripping Spike to shreds and me running. It caught me and the scene changed. I was in a room and a coffin was in there. The D8 Male came up behind me and threw me in and nailed it shut. He then threw me into the ocean, and I woke up screaming.

Chapter 11: The second night and day

Eugene patted me  and said "It's alright, he's dead derpy... he's not going to get you...". I cried into him and knew Spike must have been rolling his eyes. "Can we get going?" Spike egged on. "We got 14 people still out there too kill us. We need to move.". We hunted that day, and went back to the cornucopia. The careers were down one member, as the D4 Male died sometime on day one. Bronze had a spear in his lap, and was yawning. Rainbow carried throwing knives and kept throwing them at the walls of the cornucopia. Stone was sleeping on a crate, and Pinkamena was sharpening her knife. The D4 Female was on top of the cornucopia looking for tributes. I waited for some distraction, and if on cue, Byte jumped into the lake. The D4 Female grabbed her trident and jumped in after her. There was some blood and they both came up thrashing. There heads disapeared under the surface again. I saw Byte leap up and gasp before being dragged down again. I then watched Byte use brains against brawn. She hooked the D4 Female's hair against the point of the cornucopia, preventing her from surfacing. Byte jumped out of the water, and coughed on the shore. She ran when the rest of the careers chased after her. The cannon wasn't going off... I saw bubbles on the surface as our alliance entered the cornucopia and saw the D4 Female come up. She had cut off her hair with a dagger and was bleeding. Eugene grabbed her and pinned her against the cornucopia's wall. We got our items and left, leaving an empty cornucopia. That night was no less different, but Rarity took watch. I awoke to a tugging at my shoulder, and saw what had happened. The ravine had gotten bigger, and we had to move. The anthem played and the face of the D7 Female appeared.

Chapter 12: Day and night 3

We watched as the ravine was twice he size, and were we had been moments ago collapsed. The ravine had stopped getting bigger, and we stopped. I heard a rustle, and saw the careers. They were mad. "Theres the theives! The weaklings!" Pinkamena shouted as they charged forward. Rainbow targeted me and had me in a choke hold by I elbowed her ribs and she released me. I tried to stab her but she knocked my sword away. I saw Eugene and Stone having a pure strength battle as they tried to shove each other into a tree. Spike and Flutters was desperately fighing both Pinkamena and Bronze, and Rarity was aiming with her throwing ax. Rainbow punched me in the neck and I fell over. She came down with a knife and I rolled, but nearly rolled of into the ravine. I was helpless, as Rainbow threw a knife at me. Flutters jumped in front of me and took the knife to the neck. I watched as her corpse fell to the ravine's bottom and her cannon went off. That's when I saw Eugene throw Stone into Rainbow. I picked up my sword and went to kill Rainbow but sure enough, the D4 Female stabbed my arm with her trident. She then fell ontop of me, and I saw an ax potrude from her back. I saw Rarity crying, because she killed. The ground shook, and the ravine grew. The careers took off and we stood dumbfounded. We grabbed what we could and ran from the growing ravine. Now we were forced to be at the forests edge, as we were in the desert. It was so dry, but we had our water flasks from our cornucopia raid. The faces that night was Flutters and The D4 Female. Spike was upset about Flutters death and blamed me. I slept holding the crying Rarity, while Spike took watch.

Chapter 13: The unluck of Day and Night 4

We all awoke to a cannon. I checked and all of us were alive. I wondered who it was... We got on the move as we started to hunt the careers to avenge Flutters. We occasionally saw the clever D9 Female using cactus juice to hydrate herself in the desert. I heard another cannon. We left the dry desert and looked at the cornucopia. There was a body that was all cut up. I turned it over and saw it was Stone. I nearly vomitted. Something got him in the night, as the careers were still in the cornucopia sleeping. Rainbow woke, and screamed. Her rainbow hair had been tied up to a crate. The crate was leaning towards the lake. "Bronze he..." she said as the crate pulled her into the lake. I hoped she would drown. Bronze lept in there to save her and Pinkamena saw us. When Bronze surfaced with Rainbow, who's hair was slightly shorter, saw Pinkamena yell. Spike looked grimly at us. "Run." he cracked his knuckles. "I've got business to attend to." We ran to the edge of the ravine in the forest. We heard a cannon boom. Then another. That night we found out who died early in the morning. The D9 Male's face appeared, and I assumed his broken ankle had killed him off. Then Stone's face appeared, then Pinkamena's. Then... Spike's. I took watch that night, the horrors of today fresh in my mind. Stone's cut up body, Spike sacrificing himself. Something moved. I saw a bloodied up Byte, who seemed running from something. A huge bobcat sprang after her, and Byte plunged her knife into it's eye. She threw it into the ravine, and took off running. Bobcat mutts... great. I saw the the sun rise, and I woke my allies.

Chapter 14: The Fifth night and day

5. Mine and Eugene's district number. Maybe we would find luck. Rarity wasn't bubbly anymore. She was always crying and Eugene had to carry her. Poor soul, had to kill someone. I spotted Bronze and Rainbow across the ravine, apparently hunting.  I wandered why the careers were not in the cornucopia... then I saw it. The cornucopia was gone. The water had transformed into a whirlpool and had sucked everything in. We were lucky. Eugene set Rarity down and then said "Well Derpy, we have a chance.". I smile, when we hear a cannon. We whip around and see Byte had just slit Rarity's throat. Eugene shoves Byte up against a tree and then shout "YOU HEARTLESS KILLER! YOU KILL A HELPLESS 12 YEAR OLD?". He then slams her into  the ground and stabs her with his sickle. BOOM! Just me and Eugene now... We got back to the ravine, and we started to make plans. "Okay, we know Bronze and Rainbow are near the cornucopia. The District 9 Girl is in the desert using cactus juice to her advantage. The D6 Male, I have not seen since the bloodbath. I knew he ran off with a short sword and a bag." I tell Eugene. Eugene nods and says "So we got two loners and the remaining careers.". That's when an announcement was said "In honor of such an entertaining games, there can be two victors. But if in the same district only. Good luck!". Eugene and I were eligible. But so was Bronze and Rainbow... We were almost out... and something surprised me. Eugene pulled me into a kiss. We kissed and then we stopped. He said "Derpy, if you don't know yet... I love you.". I reply "I love you too Eugene.". That night the anthem comes on. I see Rarity's face one more time and feel guilty. I wish she could have won. Poor girl. Then Byte appeared, and no more. Me and Eugene slept and I had good dreams of victory.

Chapter 15: Sixth Day and Night

We yawned that morning, and we decided to take a more stealthy approach. We were by the ravine's edge to use it to our advantage. We caught a rabbit and charred it as we waited for cannons. They were very sparse today. Well, the only ones hunting were Bronze and Rainbow... I leaned against a tree, and something shoved me to the ground. "Eugene!" I yell as the camouflaged D6 male brings his short sword down. Eugene blocks the blade with his sickle and kicks the D6 Male down. The Boy springs up and starts to cut at me. He stabs at Eugene who ducks, and his blade goes into the D9 Female who had her knife ready to backstab Eugene. Eugene distracted by this get's shoulder butted to the ground. He raises his blade and I slam into the D6 Male. I hit my head hard on a rock, but I see the D6 Male slip, and watch as he falls into the ravine. BOOM! 4 tributes left.... Bronze and Rainbow were out to kill us. My vision blurred and I was knocked out. I awoken and saw it was dusk, and that Eugene had put something cold on my head. "You hit your head very hard. You okay?" I reply "My vision is still a little fuzzy... but I am fine.". It was night, and the D9 Female's face appears, and so does the D6 Male's. Then I hear a moan. I look and see a zombie crawling out of the ravine. I look and see it as the D8 Male... I look to the right and see more zombies based off their tributes. Eugene and I run, as the zombies charge. We outrun them and fall asleep cause we are tired. 

Chapter 16: The Final Day

I awoke to hitting something. I saw the ravine had eaten half of the arena away. And the zombies were there too. They chased us to were the cornucopia was... Bronze and Rainbow emerged being chased also. Bronze threw a spear that hit Eugene in the stomach. Eugene groaned and drew his sickle as Bronze got closer. I drew my sword but Rainbow was so agile she had already reached me. I was prepared for the first knife as it buried itself into my shin. I screamed. She threw another and I dove to the side. I got up and sliced at her, cutting her cheek. She stabbed my left arm and I felt myself start to become weaker. She was jabbing at my joints! I swung again but Rainbow nimbly jumped backwards and came in with another jab nearly hitting my heart. I grabbed her arm and she started to press as her knife came closer and closer to my heart... until a cannon went off. Both Rainbow and I looked over to Eugene and Bronze. Eugene was on his knees, and Bronze had a sickle sticking in his back. "NOOOOOOOOOOO!" Rainbow yelled as she lept off of me shoving Eugene away from Bronze's corpse. She hugged Bronze's corpse and held his hand, and she sniffled. She turned to me, and I saw her face was streamed with tears. She didn't look fierce and fast... she looked sad and scared... Bronze meant something to her... I knew that they actually had hearts. They were human after all... I watched Rainbow cry into Bronze's chest, before getting up. She could kill us both, as we were weak enough. But she said this "End me.... I cannot live life without him...". When neither Eugene or I moved, she grabbed a dagger. She put it against her throat and slit it. BOOM! "Eugene..." I moaned crawling towards him. He was passed out from bloodloss, and I saw he had not won easy. The hovercraft came and I blacked out.

Chapter 17: Victory Tour/The End?

When we were patched up and the victory tours came around, Eugene and I left for the train. Taffy, Ivory, Dimitri, Hazel, and Brick were on board. "Well well well, I don't think the capitol has had a favorite since them 74th games... well done." Brick said. Everyone was happy to see us. First stop was District 1. I knew they were mad at us, as if it were not for Eugene and I, Bronze and Rainbow would be home. "I didn't really know Bronze or Rainbow... but I knew they together were not inseperatable. They fought hard and well, and I regret them dying..." I said. Surprisingly, District 1 didn't riot. I looked at Rainbows 3 sisters who had hair like her, and Bronze's dad and 2 sisters, who had his blonde hair and blue eyes. District 2 was another stop, but I really had nothing to do with Stone and Pinkamena. At District 3, people were giving angry glances at Eugene, and I said "Your tributes, Byte and Spark, were two of the smartest people I have ever met. If Spark knew how to swim, him and Byte would have won.". District 4 I didn't even know the tributes, and then District 6. Eugene said "Your tributes fought hard this year... they deserved to come home.". District 7 was nothing to be mentioned, and then D8. I looked at the boy's photo on the big screen and cringed, then I saw Rarity. "Your boy tribute this year tried to kill me, and he probably would have. Your female, Rarity... she was a great ally... I would have let her win if I could have. She deserves to be here, not me. She was the sweetest person I have met...". I looked at D9... "Your tributes were tough this year..." was all Eugene said. District 10 and 11 I didn't know much about, and then D12. "Spike and Flutters were two great allies. Both of them sacrificed themselves to help us when. Why should you all be starving, when you have the most selfless tributes in Panem.". We returned home, and I knew I would start to mentor. Next year was a quell... Another deadly capitol surprise.


  • Spark Plug was the first death of the games.
  • Rainbow Dash was the last death of the games.
  • The District 6 Male is the last unnamed tribute to die, as he placed 5th.
  • Only two deaths occured naturally (District 6 Male and the District 9 Male).
  • Stone was the only tribute who died to a muttation.
  • It is unknown who exactly placed in 22nd-16th.
  • Rarity was the youngest tribute. (Being 12)
  • Eugene and Stone were the oldest tributes. (Both being 18)
  • Both D10 and D11 tributes died in the bloodbath.
  • The last death of the bloodbath was the D10 Male, who placed 15th.

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