Derpy has just returned from her horrifying expirences in the 149th Games. But the capitol is not finished with her or Eugene as the next dangerous quell throws them back into the arena. But the 48 tributes this year are not going to put up with this, and are refusing to play the games. Can Derpy and Eugene survive the arena's horrors, or perish to them?

Chapter 1: Back Home

When I had finally settled home, and my family moved in, we were all good. It had been a year since I saw Rainbow's face and Bronze's corpse. Today the capitol would be announcing the quell this year and my mentorship would begin. I walked outside and the chill surprised me, as I could see my breath forming in mists. Eugene walked out in his usual tuxedo, which had a rose on it. He was 19 and I was 16, and we had been through a lot last year. "Well well look at you." I say and Eugene flashes me a smile. Most think he is a hideous monster, but I think it's what is on the inside that counts. "Got to look good for the reapings." he says. I smile, as I had gotten ready. Hazel fixed me up and made me look gorgeuos as usual. I watch as Brick walks out wearing a tuxedo like Eugene. We all go to Eugene's house to watch the announcement for the quell. Caeser folds some papers and says "Well Hunger Games fans, it is yet again another quarter quell year! The quell this year will be... New and Old Tributes!". The mood changes. I am shocked. I have to go back into that cursed arena to fight more tributes. I start to cry and Eugene tries to comfort me. Brick throws the TV out the window in anger. We attend the reapings. I can tell Taffy is not pleased, as she reaches in for the new tributes. "Ladies first..." she says poking her hand in the bowl. She reads aloud "Sunset Skyward." "I VOLUNTEER!" Someone shouts. I look over, and see my sister Sparkler. I nearly cry out, tell her to go back to mom. But she walks up. She was always less emotional than me, but I worried for her. Taffy draws the boy's name. "Elliot Tuxedo" she says. Eugene's brother... A 16 year old who looks like he had better days. He was a more brainy looking person. She then draws my name and I try to not cry. Then she goes over to draw from Brick and Eugene's bowl. "Eugene Tuxedo." she reads aloud. Eugene must have discussed that Brick was too old to go in, as Brick was 67... we board the train, this time no final words to our families...

Chapter 2: Train Ride

"I am worried for you Derpy. Your going to need more than Eugene." Sparkler explained to me on the train ride. Eugene was trying to comfort his brother, who seemed more interested in trying to fix the tv. "Eugene, I can handle myself. Now this cord goes here..." he says and the TV flashed on. The D1 Reapings. "Amelia Dash!" the escort for them reads. I see Rainbow's MOTHER who seemed to be a victor walk up looking fierce like her daughter. "Gold Lilkers!" and the male victor walks up. He is very tall and has messy brown hair. Later that night Brick pulled me and Eugene in a room for a victor discussion. He flipped on the flat screen, and said "Amelia and Gold. Two deadly District 1 victors who will no doubt be careers. They won there games by slaughtering a lot of the tributes in the bloodbath." the scene changed to the bald district 2 Male who had a handlebar mustache and the female who had grey hair in a pony tail. "Brute and Cobble. These two are most likely careers too, and they are threats." It went on to District 3. "Shock and Charge... these two are very smart and won there games by trapping tributes into quicksand pits.". District 4... "The other careers... Salmon and Minnow... they like you won there games together, and both were very deadly with a bident.". District 6, 7, 8, and 9 I really didn't pay attention too. "District 10, John and Anne. These two in their time were the best hunters.". District 11 didn't striek much. "District 12, Cole and Brianna. They hid in mud until everybody died.". We walked out to eat supper. I had nightmares that night. I watched as Salmon plunged a bident into Eugene and I lost control of myself and plunged a dagger into Salmon's throat. I watched as Amelia weeped over a grave marked Rainbow and then sprinted at me with a knife. It ended when I saw myself in a desert. The sand turned to quicksand and I sank. I woke up panting.

Chapter 3: The Parades

When we arrived at the capitol, Sparkler and Elliot were amazed. "The lights in those are over 74 watt." Elliot blabbered. "This place is amazing! I wonder how they did it." Sparkler said. I frowned. These two apparently didn't care that in 4 days they'd have to fight to the death. We got into our room which was the same as last time. Except our escort, Taffy said "You two victors get your own room." she led us to it. A huge bed and a tv were in here along with a nightstand and cabinet. It was much more grand then the one from last year. "Now relax for a while, then we'll have to get down to the parades!". About 2 hours later, I was meeting my stylists, Dimitri and Ivory again. They got me all ready again, and I got to see Hazel, one of my favorite capitol people. "Now after our sucess last year, let's see what we can get here this year." she says. She looks in and pulls out black suits. When she turns them on they spark with electricity. "How, Shocking...." she mutters. Yet again, Hazel pleases me again. I look at Eugene and he has purple hair again and his black electrical suit. Elliot and Sparkler were dressed like us. We were outside and then the victors from two, Brute and Cobble... approached us. I thought they were trying to intimidate us, but they gave us a letter. "All victors have one this year from District 12's Victors. They asked us to hand it out." Cobble explains as they go back to there chariot. We all opened them and read "Dear Victor or Tribute. We have been treated poorly haven't we? Victors, we have been reaped back into these AGAIN. Don't you think that is unfair? We have a plan. We're not playing by the capitol's rules. Everyone one of us will not kill each other. -Signed, Cole and Brianna.". We were shocked just as the chariot got moving. A bloodless hunger games? Were they insane? I lost track of time as soon as we got back to our rooms. "What could that mean?" Sparkler asked. Elliot looked down and said "No blood for the capitol.". We would need to talk to Cole and Brianna during training tomorrow.

Chapter 4: Training Day 1

I watched the new tributes training and the victors huddled together. I walked over and saw that they were talking. "Oh Eugene and Derpy, last year's victors" The boy victor from 9 said. "Okay, we are going to make it where none of us kill. The capitol will hopefully just cancel the games." Cole said. "Not in a longshot." Shock warned. "Won't they send mutts?" The female victor from 6 asked. The other's murmerred in agreement. "But isn't this unfair?" Brianna asked. "Well yes, but when has the capitol ever been fair?" Minnow questioned. "Though we can escape. We just all, all 48 of us have to band together." Charge replied. "I can make a bomb." Charge said. "And we can blow our way out of the arena.". Everyone murmered in agreement. We all trained to avoid suspicion, when Amelia and Gold approached Eugene and I. "Rainbow and Bronze should be here." Amelia said. They walked off and I had a flashback. Of Rainbows tearry eyes, her pained look. Her slitting her own throat. Eugene was guiltier than me. He killed Bronze. If he hadn't, then Rainbow and Bronze would win. Rainbow could have killed me, ended me. But Eugene saved me from that. I found out the names of the new District 1 and 2 tributes. Their names were Silk and Mahogany for district 1 and Mason and Melanie for District 2. They were powerful looking, must have been training. I watched and saw how deadly Salmon and Minnow were. They used bidents, which were a two pronged trident, and they hit the target in the center with each on they threw. I walked over and asked "How did you get so good at that?". Salmon smiled and said "It's in the balance of the hold, and the technique of the throw. It is not much different than throwing a spear." he explained. He showed me and hit the target perfectly again. I tried and I hit the lower part of the target. I guess it was good enough. I had a dream of a rickety bridge on a ravine. I saw Eugene fall down into it and I ran screaming as the bridge collapsed.

Chapter 5: Training Day 2

I thought the capitol was getting fishy of me, so I decided to try out one of the new simulators. Sword fighting. "You ready?" Elliot asks. Elliot was the tech genius so he knew exactly how to start the simulator up. Plus Eugene was busy in his own simulation. I walked in with a sword. I watched the thing do it's weird lasers, then I saw a hologram coming at me with an ax. It swung, and I parried slicing it in half. I looked behind me to see one throw a knife at me. I rolled to the side and thrust my blade into it's stomach. I was doing better than I expected. I saw one jump off the balcony and I cut it's head off. The final one ran at me with a knife and I stabbed it, momentarily lifting it off the ground. I had done impressive. I walked out, and Elliot gave me a thumbs up. I saw Eugene, who was sweaty. "How'd it go?" I asked. "There were about 10 coming at me at once." he said wiping sweat from his eyes. I saw Sparkler throwing knives, hitting it in the head or chest each time. I walked over to the camo station, when the Victor Male and New Female from distrct 6 Popped out at me. The male victor chuckled. He looked about 44, and was about 6"3. The new tribute girl was about 13, and she was shy as she hid behind the victor's back. He smiled at me. "I saw what you did last year. Maybe I could assist you with camouflage? In case they do send mutts." he offers me. "Sure" I say. He shows me some painting tips, but I end up messing up. I watch the small girl, and watch her expertly apply the camouflage to her arm. I hoped dearly she would live.

Chapter 6: The Final Judgement

I was sitting with all the others, awaiting my individual assessmant. "Amelia Dash, District 1" the speaker droned. I watched as Amelia walked in, apparently pleased. A couple hours later, and "Ditzy Doo Whooves". I got up, and watched as Eugene left, and I saw he had done well as he left to an applause. I grabbed a bident. Time to surprise the gamemakers. The holograms came. I plunged my bident into it's abdomen, I turned and threw my bident into a hologram running at me with an ax. I retrieved my bident and dodged a throwing knife. I stabbed the thrower hologram, and then watched as about 3 charged me with swords. I threw my, and two of it's prongs caught two of the dummies heads. The last one I snapped it's neck. I looked at the gamemakers, who were impressed. This time, I knew my score would be higher. I took the elevator to our room, when the male and female victors from 9 got on too. Then the new male tribute from 8. I watched as the two victors from 9 bickered and argued, and the new boy from 8 pretending to punch someone, as he punched the air. A scared Brianna and Cole rushed up to me before I got into my room. "We've got a problem. The tributes from district 1, 2, and 4 are not going to play by our rules. They are going attack tributes too. They are keeping the careers. So... we need to take them down before we know.". I knew the richer districts would wanna kill. They were careers. That's all careers knew how to do. Except Rainbow and Bronze.... I shook my head. When I got in, I saw Elliot, Sparkler, Eugene, Brick, Hazel, Taffy, Dimitri, and Ivory sitting watching the scores. "Your just in time for District 3!" Taffy says bubbly. I sit down. "Shock, a score of 8.". "So, you know that Districts 1,2, and 4 are attacking everyone else?". Eugene nods. "Minnow, a score of 10." the tv says. Then, it got to us. "Sparkler, a score of 7" The tv announced. "Elliot, a score of 6." it yet again announced. "Eugene, a score of... 11!". Everyone cheers and applauds. "Ditzy Doo... a score of... an 11 also! Good job Victors from 5!". I knew interviews were soon. I had to rest for when they came up tomorrow night.

Chapter 7: Another Interview

Well, I had been all prettied up by Hazel, Dimitri, and Ivory. I looked over, and saw Sparkler who kind of look like me. Then I saw Eugene and Elliot walk out in matching tuxedos. I watched the interviews. "Amelia and Gold, the fierce District 1 Tribute!". Amelia walked out, hissed at us, and then walked off. Gold gave us a glare and followed. So they were doing interviews in pairs of victors and new tributes. Soon, Sparkler and Elliot went on stage. "So you two, how do you feel about being a relative to last year's victors?" Caeser asked them. "I wanna win like her." Sparkler replied. Elliot just nodded. "I see. So, how do you feel about participating in the games?" Caeser asked. "I have my odds" Elliot replied. Caeser obviously didn't know what to ask them, so he finished by saying "The new tributes from District 5! Sparkler Whooves and Elliot Tuxedo!" they walked off to an applause. I knew Eugene and I had to get up there. "Eugene Tuxedo and Ditzy Doo Whooves, victors of last year's games and the District 5 Victors!" Caeser says, as his loud boisterus theme plays and the crowd roars. When they finally shushed and we were seated, Caeser began asking questions. "So Eugene, how does it feel in the Victor's Village in five?" Caeser asked. "Comfy and kind of lonely, weirdo combo" he said as everyone laughed. "Ditzy Doo, what did you think of the victory tour?" I stifled a cry. "They were... wonderful." I said, forcing the last word out. "And lastly, what do you think of going into a family games?". As if on cue, Eugene and I said "Bad.". Caeser then repeated what he said when we got on to the stage, and we left. When we got back to our rooms, Sparkler asked "What's it like going to the arena?". "They get you on a hovercraft, and then they stick a tracker in your arm, Your taken to your launching area, where your stylist will give you the arena wear. You then go into the tube, and then your lifted into the arena.". Sparkler looks amazed. I couldn't do this. Eugene rushed in, scared look on his face. "Look on the tv.". I saw what it was. The replay of the 149th games. The ending. The camera showed Eugene engage with Bronze, and Rainbow attack me. "Ooh, Rainbow tackles Derpy. Looks like District 1 will have two new victors... What's this? Eugene just killed Bronze!" Caeser says excited as Eugene thrusts his sickle through Bronze's chest. I couldn't bear watch the rest, as a tear fell. I ran into my room. I had to get ready. The next games were coming.

Chapter 8: The bloodier Day 1

I knew the routine. I knew it all too well. Soon, we were in the launching room. Hazel was sitting their, looking grim. She gave me a jumpsuit, that was completely orange and silver. "This arena is going to be bigger, judging on how lightweight this thing is. You can run long can't you?". I nod, and a voice says "30 seconds.". I get in the tube, and watched as it closes. Soon, the pedestal rises up. I see that the cornucopia is on a platform, and that in front of me is a narrow metal walkway to the cornucopia. There is stairs leading down to a desert looking area, with a plantation. Then to the north is a range of mountains, to the right a forest, and somewhere far a glittering ocean. 30 seconds. I was running out of options. But we had all discussed well. The victors and new tributes together would run, except Districts 5, 8, and 11. We had to get the supplies for the huge alliance and head off to the biggest meating point, which meant the ocean. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.. . I took off, running down my walkway. To my left, I saw the victor District 9 Female running down the staircase behind her platform. To my left, was Stone, who was running towards the sword rack. Somethin,g caught the corner of my eye, as I saw the new female from District 11 trip and fall to her death. I had reached the cornucopia at the same time as Elliot, Cobble, and Gold had. I grabbed my sword, and I heard Elliot say "DUCK!". I ducked, and watched as Amelia threw a knife, straight into the new male from District 8, who was approaching her with a sword. I swung at Amelia, who nimbly dodged. By now, the rest of the tributes were on the cornucopia platform duking it out for weapons and supplies. Salmon and Minnow threw their bidents,  hitting the 77 year old female victor from District 11 who had started to escape with a bag. I watched her corpse fall off her beam and then I started to run. Now on the outside of the cornucopia platform, I watched Sparkler brawling with the new female from District 4 over a trident. I saw Eugene grab Minnow by her jumpsuit and lift her off the ground. He then threw her off the platform, and she fell. Her cannon went off when she finally hit the ground. Gold stabbed the Victor Male from District 8 with a spear and watched as he fell on the platform, dead. By now, Eugene had grabbed about 5 bags, Elliot had 3, Sparkler had won her trident and had acquired a bag, and I had a sword and 2 bags. The female victor from District 8 had been fistfighting with Amelia, and was losing, and the New District 4 Male and the New District 11 Male fought each other over a bag. The new female from District 8, and the New male from District 11 had grabbed some bags and were following our escape. Two more cannons, and I knew the Victor Female from District 8 had perished. The New Male from 8 however, could still be alive. When we finally reached the ocean, tribute new and victor alike, from Districts 3, 6, 7, 9, 10, and 12 were waiting. "We got a lot of bags." Sparkler says panting as she sets them down. Everyone searched. We had enough food, and a bunch of weapon parts and even some spears and daggers. "So Cole, what's our plan?" I ask him. "Try to not die. Like 6 of us already have. That brings us down to 30.". "Don't worry, I killed Minnow" Eugene says. "Well, it's 11 to 30. We can go back up their and overpower them!". Some agreed, and some didn't. "If 6 of us died, imagine how many of us would die if we all went!". I then look over, while everyone else is arguing, to see the new female from District 6 get drug off the beach by something in the water. She screams, but it's soon muffled by water. I dive in with my sword, and don't believe my eyes. Sharks. Everywhere. The one holding the girl from 6 was a baby. I stabbed at it, and it was killed. I pulled the new female from District 6 out of the water. She clambered on the beach, when Eugene said "Derpy behind you!". The male victor from 7, the new female from 9, and the female victor from 6 all shot at the sharks with their bows, effectively driving them away. "So the mutts have already been sent" Brianna says as I clamber onto the beach. "What's your name?" I ask the District 6 Female. Then she says it. "Rebekah.".

Chapter 9: First Night

After about the rest of the day debating, we chose to go back to the cornucopia. I grabbed my sword, and we all started the journey back to cornucopia. We each took a different staircase to get their. When reached the platforms, the cornucopia was empty. In haste, the new tributes from district 12 ran there. "NO WAIT!" I say... too late. Brute jumps out and decapitates the new male from District 12. The Female from 12, tries to stab him, but out of the dark cornucopia, Cobble stabs the New Female from 12 in the back. We here a yell, and see the District 6 Female victor's corpse fall from the metal beam, with a spear in it. Gold is on the cornucopia roof, and Amelia is running at me. The 4 tributes from 9 rush in, trying to grab axes. Mason and Silk jumped out at them, then Mahogany and Melanie charged down the beam the 98 year old District 7 Male victor was. The younger, more fit District 7 Female victor tried to keep them at bay with a hand crafted spear, but the overpowered her. I saw the new District 9 Male getting shoved into a crate and then Amelia stabbed at me. It hit my shoulder, and I swung. Amelia ducked, and rolled sideways off the beam. I watched as she landed in the lake. She lived. Brute and Cobble, realizing they were overpowered, did the same. Gold slid off the cornucopia roof and stabbed the New Male from District 6, who fell on the beam, and surprisingly didn't fall off. Gold dove into the lake, and I was forced onto the beam. Salmon, who had a bident, tossed it at the New Male from 6 who had tried to save me with a throwing ax. I watched as it hit the boy in the chest, and he fell over. "I think your coming with me." Salmon said, grinning. I gapsed as he lifted me up in a choke hold. "DERPY NO!" Eugene said. I saw a quick movement, and saw Cole shoot a bow. It hit Salmon's hand, who groaned and fell backwards into the lake. Then, I saw as the New female jumped towards the lake, along with the male. The New Male however, didn't land in the water, and instead died as he hit a rock. I saw Mason's body cut in half by one of the District 9 tribute's axes, and Mahogany's body mangled with cuts caused by The District 6 Male Victor and Rebekah, who both had daggers. WE had the cornucopia. And only had the threats of Gold, Amelia, Brute, Cobble, Melanie, Silk, Salmon, and the new female from 4. Eugene hugged me. "I thought you were a goner." he said. In the cornucopia, me and Eugene slept. Greatful for having a bounty of items.

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