Since my last games were a total failure and ended up having only one reader , I have decided to make a new games, this time with one POV per update and instead of 3 paragraphs you'll probably get the massive wall of text. HOPEFULLY if you join you'll keep reading. Remember, you comment, I update >:3.


District Name Age Strengths Weaknesses Weapon
1/F Sapphire Lustre 17 Her stubborn, no nonsense attitude, her amazing hand to hand combat skills, and her ability to discern a trustworthy ally from an untrustworthy one, coming from years of training at the academy they train future careers in.

Too nosy for her own good, and often won't let a subject drop, her bitter attitude towards the rest of her fellow 'Careers', and her inability to make many friends.

Sword, Throwing knives
1/M Joshua Woodart 16 He is very swift and agile, he is able to dodge very well and escape from blows easily. He is very friendly, he can make friend easily and make alliance very fast. He’s dumb, he has hard time at everything intellectual and that needs to use his brain. He is not the sharpest tool in the shed, let’s say. He is very weak physically, he is much smaller than the usual career or tributes in general. Samurai-Sword
2/F Lavinia Quartz  16 Skilled with twin swords as well as a bow and arrow, Lavinia is a confident girl, which should surely help her. Very good at hand to hand combat, and can quite easily manipulate people to get what she wants. Her inability to stand up for herself, her bad habit of acting first and thinking later, and the quiet, soft voice she possesses that automatically makes people think she's weak. Also quite cold sometimes. Twin SWORDS
2/M Akumai "Tenshin" Kubaya 17 Very fast, strong, and good at swimming. Can not climb extremely fast.A lso not stealthy or sneaky. GREAT SWORD LIKE BURGUNDY :P
3/F Honeysickle Ash 13 Good killer, can throw knives like Clove did. Always a target sword, sometimes an axe if in reach
3/M Diamond Reaperson 17 Agility, reflexes, strength. WAY too caring, kind towards basically anyone, climbing. I DON'T NEED THEM :D
4/F Mary Pacifica 13

Her elusiveness, proficiency with knots, and tridents, and ability to manipulate people.

Her naivety, and innocence, often trusting people too easily, as well as her relatively short patience and temper. 

4/M Dennis Drikker Rystentia 12 Speed, small, stealthy. Weaponry, strength, height. Knife
5/F Cora Sparks 13 Cora is very smart, and is very stealthy and is a fast learner. Cora has a low pain-tollerance, isn't that good with survival skills, and is bad at climbing. Throwing knives, dagger, traps
5/M Welson Dare 14 Good with electricity in the arena (force fields, explosives), smart Bad with nature, bad with most regular weapons Dagger
6/F Ruby Burn 12 Ruby is very resourceful and good with healing (using plants, ect.), and is very smart. Ruby isn't strong, and is easily heartbroken since she gets attatcked to other people too easily. She also is a bad runner. Dagger, Knife
6/M Casper Ware 17 Fast, Good Swimmer Weak, Bad Climber Throwing Knives
7/F Bell Fladgate 18 She is very strong; she could easily overpower a lot of people because of her training. With her weapon or not, she is a threat, ready for action and fights.  She has a survival instinct, guiding her in the most violent and crazy situation. District 9 sucks for another reason, how do you want to learn how to swim? She can't swim, she is able to float but that's it. She is not the best at making alliance, unless people approached her, she won't be making a lot of friend. Her physical strength came to a price, she is a bad runner. She can't sprint for medium distances, nor run for long one. She's an expert at using clubs and maces. She is able to fight without any weapon, bare handed
7/M Uzi Jystentek Kistrel 15 Uzi is pretty basic. He's intelligent, strong and fast He would kill anyone there is if someone found out his secret. He's also rather clumsy and can't aim with ranged weapons he isn't used to. Machete, and maybe there will be an uzi on the top of a mountain >:3
8/F Viola Schismino 12 Viola is very smart, and has a lot of survival skills, along with being very stealthy. Viola's imaginary friend-side of her personality can take a turn for the worst, and she is bad with weapons, and psyichally weak. Blowgun, throwing knives
8/M Luigi Wilkins 17 Strong, Swimming Slow, Climbing Sword, Throwing Knives
9/F Sharpe Cindre 12 Sharpe knows how to kill and isn't afraid to either. She's fast and strong. Sharpe wouldn't be able to live without Ark, and would be driven even more insane by his death. She isn't the best climber either. KNIVES
9/M Jamie Flip 15 Jamie is good at withstanding pain, due to the amount of times he went to the hospital before the surgery, and he is also pretty good at stealth as well as running.

Jamie seems to be horrible at any kind of thing involving swimming since the downside of surgery, he has weak bones and they tend to stiffen up in water. He also isn't very good at thinking ahead which is why he doesn't like contributing in plans of any kidn very much. Ontop of these flaws, Jaime often s quite clumsy with his many artificial muscles and different parts.

Any knife, Bowie, Combat, Kitchen... Michael Myer's knife...
10/F Robin Smoke 13 From all that running from other people, she developped a great stamina and became great at hiding from people and others things trying to kill her. She's very clever and observe people a lot because doing anything She's small, very, very small. She's one of the smallest tribute of the whole game. This could an advantage but if she fights somebody hand-to-hand, she’s less than dead, unless she has a weapon. She has hard time making friend and is very recluse in her world, gone in there for too long. Slingshot and throwing axe
10/M Jakub Kunnson 14 Good with combat (escpecially kicking), good speaker, somewhat strong, very skilled at climbing and swimming and sly. Slow, lack of friends, untrustworthy, bad stamina and is not an accurate thrower or in combat. SWORD of Homo
11/F Willow Thorn 15 She's good with farming tools as she's grown up using them all her life, and she often uses her 'Shy and sweet' personality to her advantage, making many people underestimate her quite drastically. She is also a nimble, agile girl who is good at climbing, and light on her feet from years of tree climbing. She is also a very fast runner, as running is one of the quickest ways to get somewhere in district 11. Sometimes a little to shy for her own good, she is a bit too meek and gentle to really be a good participant for the games. She hates the idea of killing anything, which could be a downside, though she isn't averse to wounding someone just enough so they can't come after her. Also has poor hand to hand combat skills, and she can quite easily be imposed on. Farming toolsssss
11/M Jake Locketback 18 Swimming, holding breath, close combat Hunting, hiding, throwing knives Swird?
12/F Celicia "Celi" Fen 15 Celi is very good with survival skills, being from District 12. She also is very intelligent, and is very stealthy. Celi is very physically weak, and not good with weapons (other than her choice weapons), and would never want to be violentBow, Knives
12/M Anders Longtail 16 strong, can sense people's weak spots ignorant, big so he's slow Mace, Spear


  1. You may make reservations, be warned only 2 days is the time.
  2. You may complain about your tributes death, as long as your reading the games.
  3. If I haven't updated it's mostly likely because no one is reading or I get distracted.
  4. 4 tribute limit.


Gurly Gurl Alliance: Ruby, Cora, Viola, Mary

Careers: Saphire, Lavinia, Anders, Luigi


You expected it. This is based like the great Appalachian Mountains. But these mountains have a twist. They're. 10. Times. Taller. Tributes will have to fight bitter cold at night and thin air, not to mention the trees covering the whole moutains except for the rocky top. Grizzly bears, Bobcats, even the normally peaceful deer are out to kill you and eat you for dinner. You better hope to climb well, or doom yourself to an over 10,000 foot drop. But, it's not all bad. Mountain streams and lakes are ice cold and are clean, being safe to drink. Food is abundant, and when you reach one of the ten mountain peaks, a reward surely awaits. Say, a jetpack? You'll find out whenever.

The Cornucopia lies in a valley between two 15,000 foot high peaks. The valley is lush and warm all the time, giving the cornucopia dwellers a helpful temperature boost. A small stream goes from the cornucopia up the mountain on the right, providing a nice water source. Gaining the cornucopia will give a major advantage.

There is also a secret. 3 of the mountains have aincent mine shafts within. In these contain the ghost miner mutts, but if you can avoid them, the treasures of the mines will be yours to take. Be warned, the mines are pitch black so bring plenty of torches. Oh and a final note... One of the 10 mountains is secretly a volcano. Good Luck >:).


Training Scores

Everybody got 1-12 scores duhhh.



The tributes are eager to get to the shiny, golden horn known as the cornucopia. Joshua of District 1 eyes a shiny kantana as it gleams in the sun, he is obviously ready to hack off his opponents limbs.

Celicia is looking sneak as if she's ready to put as much distance from the cornucopia. Saphire and Lavinia look like their going to double team every opponent they face. Jake has his eyes set on the mountain stream, as he is ready to use water to his advantage.

Jakub is the one nearly everyone is after, his eyes darting nervously to the two tributes on his left and right. Bell looks like she is going after Sapphire, hoping to eliminate a threat early. The countdown begins from 60 and mostly everyone tenses.

Anders has his sights on a mace, grinning knowing no one but Bell knows how to use them as well as he can. Ruby is looking skittish, but she sighs with relief knowing she has strong allies. Luigi gives off a blank expression, looking almost like a cold-blooded killer.

30 seconds has passed, and the tributes are getting anxious as each second passes. Sharpe looks scared, but is secretly excited, ready to kill. Uzi is looking pretty calm and collected, but is furiously ready. Casper is looking to take a careful approach.

15 seconds. Everyone is ready for flight or fight. Jamie is pointed toward the cornucopia, ready to kill. Welson looks like he is going to attack Cora. Cora gives a frightened glance at her district partner, until it countdowns. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...


The first to the cornucopia Robin who grabs a backpack, but she doesn't make it far before Saphire sticks a knife in her leg. Robin screams out and swings her backpack at Saphire, but Saphire is quicker and ducks beore stabbing Robin in the stomach. Saphire yells victorious as she kicks the corpse down, as the first cannon booms. BOOM!

Everybody else who chose to go to the cornucopia are fighting for supplies. Anders picks up a mace before Bell shoves him away. Anders picks up an ax and swings at Bell, who deflects with her mace. Bell swings, and smashes Anders in the arm. Anders quickly swings the ax while Bell trys to pull the mace for another blow, but Ander's ax blow lodges into Bell's chest. BOOM!

Welson dodges another throwing knife from Casper, as Jake runs up the stream. Welson charges Casper, who is surprised. Welson grabs Casper and the two tumble down the hillside, fighting each other trying to gain the upper hand. Welson finally gains it, as he quickly cuts Casper's throat with a sickle. BOOM!

Jakub starts running, but runs straight into Sharpe, who grins evilly as she knocks him out and drags him away. The cornucopia is nearly deserted, but Luigi is fighting over a kantana with Joshua. Luigi pulls out a large kukri and stabs Joshua, quickly running away as the careers chase him. BOOM! 4 deaths, 20 more to go.


I run with my allies up the mountain. We're a good 50 feet up, when I stop to catch my breath. "Come on Ruby, we can't stop!" Cora says down. "My district partner could be anywhere!". "The only person I saw come up this mountain before us was the boy from 11 and he's probably long gone." I reply. "Come on we need to get to the rocky part of this mountain before dusk. Let's move it!" Mary says. "Wait... let's see what my friends have to say." Viola says and she starts talking to no one. "Now's not the time Viola" Cora says. "Uhhh guys?" I say and my allies turn. "Look." I point down, and climbing up the mountain, is none other than Careers.

Adrenaline kicks in, and I find myself sprinting up the slope. We didn't recover many weapons, only a sword and two throwing knives. My backpack jostled on my shoulders as I sprinted up the mountain side. I hear Cora scream, and I turn to see the girl from 2 right on her heels. Instinctively, I pick up a rock, and yell "Duck!" to Cora. Cora dives and I throw the rock. Luckily it hit's the girl from 2 in the head, knocking her down the slope. The other 2 careers yell insults at us as they go to their fallen ally.

We had climbed around the mountain and on to another mountain. We sat on a ridge, searching through our backpacks. Mine contained sewing needles, painkillers, a can of pringles, and a seed. "Yes!" I hear Mary say triumphantly. She pulls a trident out of her sea green bag. We all knew she was good with it, and a simple trident boosted our morale.

Me and Cora stayed on the ridge while Viola and Mary searched for water. "Ruby?" Cora asked me nervously. "What?" I replied. "Do you think Welson is coming after me?". It takes me a while to remember who Welson is, then I remember him as Cora's district partner. "If he does, we'll strike him down." I say patting Cora on the back like Amber did to me when I was afraid. Cora gave thanks as I started to try and make myself a weapon.

I watch Viola and Mary emerge from the bushes, their canteens filled. "There's a lake about 500 meters east of this ridge." Mary says. "I even fished in it with my trident. Got ourselves a bountiful of salmon." she said. I wondered about my District, probably watching me. My family... My mentor told me to stay strong and to not get attached to my allies, but I knew that was impossible. We were all young, all had the same things in common. We were more than allies. We were friends.


Luckily, Lavinia wasn't so heavy. I heard a twig snap and turned to see the silent boy from 8. I readied my weapon but Saphire waved it away. She was the leader of the careers, no matter how many times I protested that I should be.

"Make a sign if you wanna join the careers." Sapphire said. Luigi nodded. "He did kill Joshua... I guess he's proved himself." I mutter. Great. More untrusty allies. Lavinia was knocked out, Saphire didn't care about her, or me for that fact, and now I had a quiet mute in the alliance.

We finally make it down to the cornucopia valley. I was tired, so I took a sip from the stream. I sat Lavinia down inside the cornucopia, and watched Luigi. It was hard to see his true motives, the guy was like a robot. Wondered if he actually had emotions. I was so busy being creeped out by Luigi, that it took me a while to hear a fight.

Akumai had put Saphire in a headlock and Luigi was trying to throw him off. I grabbed my mace and ran towards the comotion ready to put an end to the threat. However, the boy thought a lot more, as he brandished a large sword. He swung it and Saphire barely dodged it. Saphire started to punch him and was doing good until Akumai brought the hilt down on her head. Luigi aimed a stab, grazing Akumai's side. He disarmed Luigi and kicked him into the stream, before escaping with 3 backpacks.

I ran towards Saphire, who was a little drowsy. "Were did Akumai go?" she asked. "Escaped" I say, and Saphire gets up in a fury and slaps me. "WHY DIDN'T YOU STOP HIM??" She yelled at me. She kicked Luigi in the shin, and stormed into the cornucopia, muttering "These careers are utterly useless.". I was furious. Saphire was a bad leader. I am going to make sure she doesn't survive the night.


I was tired. It was starting to get cold, and snow was starting to fall. My breath came out in wisps, and there was only a lone tree here and there. I would be easy to spot, though someone shouldn't come after me. In my hand was a steel sickle.

I had a close call down at the foot of the mountain, as I saw the boy from 7 running up the mountain. I knew something was at the top of this mountain. The air was getting thinner, making it harder for me to breathe. I was shaking, and knew if I didn't find shelter that I would freeze to death. When I saw him. In a fur coat. The baby boy from 4. Dennis.

He didn't notice me, so I slowly stepped toward him. Until my foot made a twig snap. He turned, and started to sprint. Oh no he didn't. He was not getting away from me! I charged after him, knowing the thin air would tire him. I had the advantage, when I didn't see it coming. A ledge.

Dennis nimbly jumped over it, and landed on the other side. I slipped and started to fall, but I grabbed the edge just in time. Then, Dennis came over. He stomped on my hand, and I screamed in pain. "You little bitch! Stop that!" I yell at him, but this makes him stamp harder. I make another yell of pain, when he rears back and kicks me in the face.

I scream as I fall into the crevice. I hit the ground with a large thud. I cough and I see myself bleeding. I see my arm bent at an angle, and I sniffle. I was going to die in the bottom of this crevice. Then, I notice it. A camera. I crawl meakly over to it, then say "Please... if your out there mentor... please send me something, anything..." I say, before I fall over, crying.


While everyone was busy climbing, I was situated at the bottom of the mountain, warm. I grinned, knowing some tributes were wasting their time climbing up a stupid mountain. Pfft, I doubt they would find anything when they got to the top. That's when with blazing speed a spear came out of the tree line.

I quickly ducked, and saw the one who threw it. Lavinia comes out yelling, swinging a sword wildly. I block the first two poor slices with my machete, but the third cuts my arm. I give a grunt of pain and swing my machete blade at her. She swung again, this time knocking me backwards.

"Your getting beat by a girl!" she says as she swings again, this time I parry and stab her in her side. I knew it was a vital artery and she would drown in her own blood, but I had to survive another minute before it could happen. I heard the other careers coming quickly, but I could see Lavinia starting to get fatigued.

She brought her other sword down, this time slicing my chest. I was lucky this jacket i found in the cornucopia was very thick, or I might have died from that. Then, all of a sudden, Lavinia dropped down and started sputtering and coughing wildly. She coughed up blood, and kept gasping just to cough more up. Anders first arrived, and I threw a log at him, but he dodged it. I punched him, knocking him away. I started running off, to the voice of Anders saying "Stay with me Lavinia! Come on don't die!".

A quarter way up the mountain, I heard a loud BOOM! Lavinia finally died, and I stopped to catch my breath. I could see the sun getting lower in the sky, and knew the night was going to come. I found a cave, but when I entered, it wasn't a cave... it was a mineshaft. I waltzed in, looking around myself carefulley. My sixth sense told me someone was watching, when something sprang up.

I grabbed the girl in mid air and pinned her to the wall. The girl from 12. "Please no!" she says when I draw my machete. "Allies, please!" she begs. I don't know what to do. Ally with her or not. Maybe my mentor knew what I should do.


Thankfully, Uzi didn't kill me and accept an alliance. "So, I need a bow. Do you have one?" I ask him, and he shakes his head. "All I have is a machete and a backpack with string, medicine, and granola bars." he replies. All I had was a dagger, and I only got it because it was about 4 inches from my tribute plate.

I walked down the mountain, and watched the sun set. I heard the notes of the anthem, and looked to the sky.

  • Joshua Woodart, District 1
  • Lavinia Quartz, District 2
  • Casper Ware, District 6
  • Bell Fladgate, District 7
  • Robin Smoke, District 10

I guess you could say I was surprised. I didn't expect Lavinia or Bell to be in the sky, as they were very strong tributes. That meant at least 2 threats where out of the way. "So Celicia..." "You can call me Celi" I say quickly. Uzi then starts again "So Celi, with one career down we should sneak to the cornucopia. If you get a bow, you're very deadly." he says. It does sound like a pleasing idea, but it would be 2 vs 3 at the moment.

"I think I'm going to get a good night's rest before I attempt any cornucopia ambushing." I say, and it seems Uzi understands. I wrap myself up in the sleeping Uzi had stolen from a dying Lavinia. Maybe the dark cluctches of the arena would soon loosen, giving me a chance to escape.

Day 1 Status Chart

District Name Where With
1 Saphire Lustre Cornucopia Anders Longtail, Luigi Wilkins
2 Akumai Kubaya 7th Mountain No one
3 Honeysickle Ash Crevice in 4th Mountain No one
3 Diamond Reaperson 1st Mountain No one
4 Mary Pacifica 2nd Mountain Cora Sparks, Viola Schismino, Ruby Burn
4 Dennis Rysteria 4th Mountain No one
5 Cora Sparks 2nd Mountain Mary Pacifica, Viola Schismino, Ruby Burn
5 Welson Dare 2nd Mountain No one
6 Ruby Burn 2nd Mountain Mary Pacifica, Viola Schismino, Cora Sparks
7 Uzi Kystrel 3rd Mountain Celicia Fan
8 Viola Schismino 2nd Mountain Mary Pacifica, Cora Sparks, Ruby Burn
8 Luigi Wilkins Cornucopia Saphire Lustre, Anders Longtail
9 Sharpe Cindre 9th Mountain Jakub Kunnson, though not allied.
9 Jamie Flip 7th Mountain No one
10 Jakub Kunnson 9th Mountain Sharpe Cindre, though not allied.
11 Willow Thorn 6th Mountain No one
11 Jake Locketback Near lake on 5th Mountain No one
12 Celicia Fan 3rd Mountain Uzi Kystrel
12 Anders Longtail Cornucopia Luigi Wilkins, Saphire Lustre

Day 2, A Ghostly Encounter

Jakub Kunnson

I am an awoken by a sweet voice. "Hi Jakub..." the feminine voice says. Wait, I don't have allies! I open my eyes quickly and try to move, but my limbs are bound. I look up to see the girl from 9. "Now wake up sweety pie, I wouldn't want you to miss out on all this pain!" she says, pulling out an array of knives.

I shout, and squirm but it's no use. "Hmm... let's start small and work our way up!" Sharpe says as she picks up a small pocket knife. She takes off my boot and plunges it into my foot. I scream in agony, when Sharpe pulls out a switch blade. "This is my version of acupuncture!" she says.

She stabs that one into my ankle. She then pulls out a kitchen knife. She plunges that one into my shin. "Aww shush... acupuncture is supposed to be relaxing!" she says maniacillay. She pulles out a steak knife, and plunges it into my knee.

She then pulls out a bowie knife, and plunges it into my waist. I can't stand this pain! When she looks like she is out of knives, she grins evilly. "The biggest for last!" she says. She digs through her bag, and pulls out a large machete. She swings it my head, and I duck quickly, and she cuts the rope holding my left arm.

I punch her, knocking her back. I pull the bowie knife out and cut off the bonds holding my right arm. She gets back up and charges. I quickly pull out the switch blade and I throw it into her thigh, and watches as she screams and falls.

I cut the final two bonds, and take a run for it. How far up was I? I looked down for what seemed to be a 2000 foot drop. I grimaced, and looked over. Sharpe was exiting the cave. "I'm going to end you!" she says, limping after me.

I run to the side, when someone puts a sword in my belly. I look to, and see Jamie's eyes looking back at me. "End of the road homie." he says as if an insult, before he kicks me off the cliff edge. So this is it, so close to escaping and dying at the end.


BOOM! The cannon startles me and I check for Welson. I knew he wanted to kill me, so he could outplace me. "You look frightened Cora" Ruby says in her sweet voice. She was so nice, but I knew we would be meeting each other with weapons near the end. "It's nothing." I lie as we walk towards the lake.

"So this is where I can catch salmon in masses." Mary says, pointing at the lake. She readies her trident, and stabs into the water, pulling up a salmon fish. "There we go." she says shoving it in her wet bag. I look nervously and dart my eyes to were a bush just rustled. "It's only a squirell, Cora..." I say to myself. I needed to keep a clear head if I was going to win.

I wasn't paying attention to Mary and her voice faded out, as my eyes were locked on a shadowy figure. It seemed to wave to me, and point to a hole in the 3rd mountain. I walked over, transfixed. I didn't hear my allies' calls for me to come back, just focusing on the shadowy figure.

I kept on going, and the shadowy figure moved into the hole. That's when something tackled me. Awoken from my trance, I screamed out, but it was just Viola. "Cora! Where are you going!" she said. I pointed, and she notcied the hole too. "We found ourselves a mine shaft..." Mary says.

It was too dark to see in it, and I told my allies about the shadowy figure. "Shadowy figure?" Ruby asks. "It didn't look human or like a tribute. It was too tall to be Welson." I say, and I can tell Ruby is trying to find an explanation. "Well I'll say for sure, we're not going in that mine shaft without a source of light." Mary says.


I grinned. Them idiots were going to check out the mineshaft. I just had to silently kill Cora. Yes, I admit, I didn't know what the shadow was either, but still, it helped me in my plan. In my hand was a sickle, bloodstained from the late Casper.

I saw Cora alone, as I started to make my way over, but I quickly ducked when I saw the girl from 6 come out of the bushes. "Something is troubling you, isn't it?" she asked. Duh, I was. But Cora's answer was different. "I worry about my future. I wanna make it out of the games, but I don't want the blood of you, Mary, or Viola on my hands." she confesses. "Me too." Ruby admits. Pfft. Enough of this.

I wait for what seems like an hour of calming talking, before Ruby finally leaves. I sneak up to Cora, and put my hand over her mouth. She screams out, but it's muffled. "Hand me everything you got or you're going to die." I whisper in her air.

"Cora, Cora?" I hear her ally, the girl from 4 call out. I drag her away, and stab her, before Viola discovers me. "HELP! CORA'S BEEN STAB-" Viola screams out, before I slash her side and shove her into the lake. I start to run.

"Oh no you don't!" Mary says stepping in the way, trident extended. I barely sidestep the stab, before I grab the tridents pole and yank it out of Mary's hands. She tackles me and we both are sent into the lake. It was now a fight for escaping.

I get on top of Mary and push all my weight down on her shoulders, dunking her underwater. I surface, when Ruby's throwing rocks at me from the shore. One lands and hits me, as I fall off of Mary. She grabs me and keeps forcing me under. But this was her mistake.

I still had my sickle. I try to cut her, but the water makes it a lot harder, and she skillfully dodges before diving under and trying to punch my gut. I just barely block it, before she starts swimming up. I feel woozy, and try to surface. But it's too late.

When I reach it, Mary's got her trident. "I AM GOING TO KILL YOU!" she yells. She is mad. I can use this to my advantage. "I bet you can't!" I say as I jump to the shore. She makes an stab, but her anger throws it off, and I easily dodge it. I slam her to the ground, before slicing her. But, a hand stops me at the last moment.

Ruby screams as one of her veins are slashed open. "You're pathetic alliance has been beaten, by me, the awesome, Welson Dare!" I yell triumphantly. "I'm sorry Welson. But I think I always hated you." someone behind me says. I turn, to see Cora. She plunges the knife right into my heart, and I have no time before I die.


Another cannon booms. I, however, am high in the mountains, inside of a mineshaft. I had dared to enter, and it wasn't so bad. It protected me from the howling winds outside, and it was pretty warm in here. I then see a chest. Curious, I open it.i

Seeds. I grin in delight, recognizing them instantly as melon seeds. If I could keep this well tended to, I would have a food supply the whole games. I hear a dinging noise, and pull my fur coat tight as I walk outside in the single digit temperatures.

I shield my eyes from the blizzard it seems. I must be at least 13,000 feet up, as it's super hard to breathe and it's very cold. But, to my relief, I see a sponsor package. I bring it in the shaft before I suffocate or freeze to death.

It is warm bread. I smell the delicious aroma it brings, and eagerly begin eating. A creepy noise that sounds like a violin screeching interrupts me. I reach for my weapon, a measly knife, and ask in a very scared sounding voice "He-ello?". No answer.

I try to think of good thoughts, like my bread, and how I had melon seeds. I just need something to till the dirt. Then, I feel something breathing on my neck. I turn around, but nothing is there. I'm spooked now, as my eyes dart to every corner of the shaft.

"Ple-eas-e... lea-v-ve me al-lon-e..." I say in a shaky voice. A low moaning sound sounds through the shaft. It wasn't a tribute, no one else followed me up this mountain. This was a capitol trick. I then see a sign, and I walk over, and shine my torch over it.

"Leave now, if you want your soul to be ever free! Fear the mineshaft, on the 6th mountain." it read. I was spooked very badly. I started to back away, towards the exit, when there it was. Standing at exactly 6 feet tall. A spectral. I scream in fear and start to run outside.

The ghost appears right in front of me, shocking me as I fall backwards. I scramble away, I can feel my heart beating in my chest. Then, the spectral speaks. "A heartbeat... breathing... blood running through the veins. A living being. I once was the same, till I met a terrible fate. You are the gateway, to life again." and then my torch burns out.

The room temperature noticeably deacreses, as I search for my matches. I light one, and look around. Goosebumps cover my arms, as if the specteral's effects penetrate the fur coat. "Willow, willow, willow." it says. "How do you know my name?" I say out, and it replies "Everyone's name is inscribed on their soul.". I see the exit and sprint for it.

I jump out. I start to ascend the mountain. I needed to reach the top. I'm not going back into that mineshaft, no way at all. I didn't know much about ghosts, but that one seemed like it was a real one, and not a capitol creation.


"Slow down Uzi, this climbing isn't as easy for me!" Celicia calls down. Being from District 7 made me a natural at climbing, and I was a ways ahead of Celicia. I hear her make a sharp cry of fear, and run down to catch her hand just in time.

"Thanks, again." Celicia says. That's the second time she almost slipped off, but the mountain summit was in view. Unlike the others, which summits were having major blizzards, this one was peaceful, with a stream running down to the cornucopia and evergreen trees and trails running up it.

We are just 50 feet from the summit, so we decide to take a break. "Uzi, that... is... tiring..." Celicia says in between breaths. "It least it isn't that cold." I say happily. Celicia nods, but doesn't say anything. We were almost up the mountain anyways.

I was wedged against the cliff wall, a long drop in front of me, so long in fact I was above the clouds. We were almost too the top. I finally reached the top, and saw a bright wood chest. "Yes!" I say out, before I run to it and open it. Celicia makes it up too, and I see what I got.

An uzi. A devious grin crosses my face, but then a look of disapointment does too. It only comes with one clip. I silently curse. "So, let's go massacre the careers?" Celicia suggests. I look, and grin. "With pleasure." I reply, as I begin the descent. Time to give them somthing they deserved from the start.


"We've been doing nothing all day!" I complain to the other careers. "Lavinia died last time we went hunting!" Anders says angrily. "These tributes are a lot more deadly then the average ones!" he adds on. I glare at him, and stomp over to the weapons.

Being the leader was hard when you had a silent one and a defiant one for an ally. Anders had to go, I knew that. He had started stupid stuff from the begining of the games. I grab three throwing knives, and put a sword on my sheathe, and walk outside.

That's when someone swings at me. I duck just in time as their weapon clangs against the cornucopia. Luigi has his kukri in hand, and he is looking pissed. Anders then comes in with his mace and trys to smash me, but I hop over his low blow and slash him in the side.

I feel a sharp pain in my leg and yelp out, and look to see Luigi's kukri lodged in there. Luigi then draws a dagger and begins cutting at me, each time I step back to avoid another cut, until my back is against the cornucopia wall. "Bye bye Sapphy." Anders taunts.

"Do not call me Sapphy!" I yell to Anders before kicking Luigi into Anders and running up the mountain. I pull out the kukri, and see I'm losing a lot of blood. I pull some bandages out of my bag, and cover the wound, but it will need a good time for fully healing.

I climbed the mountain, it was a lot colder than the warm cornucopia. I shivered, I forgot to grab a fur coat. That's when I heard a roar. An enormous grizzly bear got on it's hind legs, then swatted the air, then gave a ferocius roar and charged at me.

I already had thrown one knife at it, but the wind blew it away. I threw another, using the wind to hit the bear in the side. I threw my last one, but it hit the tree behind the bear. I drew my sword, and yelled a warcry of my own, before charging to meet the bear.

I slash down it's neck, but the beast smacks my chest with it's paw, shredding my skin. I stab at it, but it keeps turning away. It raises on it's hind legs, and I see my opprotunity. I jump forward and put all my body weight into the stab. It goes right in the bear's chest.

The thing collapses, but on top of me. It's fur starts to smother me, I frantically try to push it off. I can't do it, so I wiggle out. When I think I'm about to pass out I make it out from under the bear. "Guess that solves my fur coat problem." I say, looking at the dead bear.


I had been allied with Sharpe since the morning. District 9 had to stick together, they rarely placed past the bloodbath, and even rarer than that, won the games. "Nice kill today." Sharpe said, pointing towards my bloodstained blade. "Thank you." I reply, as we watch the sun set.

It isn't long before the anthem begins, and the faces of the deceased were portrayed in the sky.

  • Welson Dare, District 5
  • Jakub Kunnson, District 10

I knew I had killed the boy from 10, and the boy from 5 wasn't the biggest surprise. The anthem closed, and I decided to take first watch. I saw a fire, and looked to see it had started to spread over the 6th mountain. I could hear a scream, but no cannon yet.

Day 2 Status Chart

District Name Where With Status
1 Sapphire Lustre 1st Mountain No one Leg wounded
2 Akumai Kubaya 7th Mountain No one Cold
3 Honeysickle Ash 4th Mountain No one Healthy
3 Diamond Reaperson 1st Mountain No one Hungry
4 Mary Pacifica 2nd Mountain Ruby Burn, Cora Sparks, Viola Schismino Healthy
4 Dennis Rystentia 2nd Mountain No one Healthy
5 Cora Sparks 2nd Mountain Mary Pacifica, Ruby Burn, Viola Schismino Injured
6 Ruby Burn 2nd Mountain Mary Pacifica, Cora Sparks, Viola Schismino Losing Blood
7 Uzi Kystrel 3rd Mountain Celicia Fan Healthy
8 Viola Schismino 2nd Mountain Mary Pacifica, Cora Sparks, Ruby Burn Wet
8 Luigi Wilkins Cornucopia Anders Longtail Scraped
9 Jamie Flip 9th Mountain Sharpe Cinder Healthy
9 Sharpe Cinder 9th Mountain Jamie Flip Injured
11 Willow Thorn 6th Mountain No one Slightly Burnt
11 Jake Locketback 5th Mountain No one Hungry
12 Celicia Fan 3rd Mountain Uzi Kystrel Healthy
12 Anders Longtail Cornucopia Luigi Wilkins Scraped

Day 3: Wait, I know those eyes...


I've dried off from last night. We had gotten sponsors. Poor Ruby and Cora were bleeding everywhere, but the sponsors saved us. Mary said Ruby's bandaged arm would be unusable due to her blood vein being cut open, and that she would have to wait for it to heal.

Cora has a large bandage on her side from were Welson stabbed her. Luckily, he didn't get us in the legs so we could still have mobility, but the wounds would still be a problem. I walked over to Mary who had been fishing the whole morning, and watched as Ruby and Cora slept.

"Are you worried the gamemakers will send something our way for staying here too long?" I say to Mary, who spears another fish. "Yes, we should move whenever Ruby and Cora wake up. Don't wanna wake em up now, they need there sleep from the Welson attack." she says.

I stoke the fire, to keep warm. This lake was about 300 feet up, and it was a somewhat rugged one. Last night a fire blazed on one of the mountains, which frightened me. I knew we were far from the mountain, but no less threatening nonetheless.

A growling sound awakens me from my thoughts, then a yelp. I turn to Mary who has just speared a wolf in the neck. "It's eyes Viola! They looked just like the girl from sev..." she doesn't finish with it, as another wolf with the eyes of the boy from 10 leap on her.

I jump forward and stab it over and over with my dagger. Mary throws it off, and we rush back to the camp. I quickly splash water on Ruby and Cora, awakening them with a fright. "Climb the nearest tree, now!" Mary says.

I knew Cora was a poor climber and Ruby's arm would hinder her, so I said something to Mary. "Go and help them up. I'll hold them off as long as I can." I say. Mary says "But your weak!" "Exactly why you should help them" I reply back. Mary gives me a saddened look, before helping Cora and Ruby get in the tree.

2 more wolves come out, followed by a mountain lion. The wolves have the eyes of the boy from 6, and the girl from 2. The mountain lion has eyes of none other than Welson Dare. The one with the boy from 6's eyes comes first.

The thing leaps up, but I sidestep as it lands where I was. Before it turns I have already slashed it's snout open. It howls and I kick it's ribs, hearing a satisfying crunch. I stab it one last time in the face. I can relenquish my victory, as the second wolf pounces.

I feel myself plunging in the lake. The heavy wolf keeps my head under the water, whilst it's trying to rip my neck open. Double trouble. I reach for my knife, which landed in the water, but curse when it floats down to the deeper parts of the lake. I think I'm doomed.

I see a rock. I grab the thing and smash it into the skull of the wolf. It falls over, and I get up. To face the final opponent. The welson bobcat. Cut from my previous battles, and exhausted, I knew I wouldn't make it. The thing charges.

It comes in with full force, clawing my shirt to pieces, causing massive bleeding. I slash it's paw when it comes in for another strike, causing it to back off. It then claws my left leg from the knee down into a bloody mess. I can't continue. The cat is about to deliver the final blow, when a trident goes right into it's skull.

"Fucking Welson." Mary says, retrieving her trident. I start to cry, knowing I'm about to die. "Shhh.. shhh" Mary says. My chest is clawed up, my leg is a gruesome sight. I sniffle, when Mary starts to talk. "Viola... it's okay... your going to be in a better place. Out of this arena in fact." Mary says. It calms me down, but I can feel my self slowly slipping away.

"Mary..." I manage to say. "Yes?" she answers. "Please... don't let this sacrifice be in.... vain." I say out. Mary nods. "You'll be surely remembered." she says. I close my eyes, accepting my death, as the world fades away to the black


I was humming a tune, a squirrel hung over my shoulder. I was looking for Diamond. I was still happy about kicking the honeysickle girl into a ravine, as I strolled down the mountain. As long as no one came this way, I would be fine.

I heard the chime of sponsors. A dagger. I was pleased! I inspected the shiny blade, which glinted in the sun like polished kitchen tools. I tuck it in my pocket, and continue my stroll. I was looking for the stream that ran from the cornucopia.

I was walking, when a twig snapped. I turned instictevly, drawing my dagger and blocking a sword just in time. "I'm gonna make you bleed, little boy." Sapphire said, swinging the sword again. I yelp as I duck and the sword takes my rabbit.

I started running, but she was faster than Honeysickle. She pinned me to a tree, smiling deviously. "I can't wait to hear the cannon." she says, before someone throws her off. I look up to see Diamond, triumphant. Unarmed, but okay.

I see Sapphire get up, a look of anger on her face. "You're done for!" she says, swinging her sword. Diamond dodges, quickly punching Sapphire's ribs. Sapphire, winded, tries to regain her breath but a swift kick to her stomach prevents that.

Sapphire preteneds to be hurt, and I know it quickly she is faking. "Diamond nooo!" I say, but Diamond is to close, and Sapphire whirls around, stabbing Diamond's chest, then spinning, cutting off his head. I run over, and Sapphire points her blade at me.

BOOM! "Widdle boy... awwwwww" she taunts. I charge at her, but she is much stronger, picking me up and throwing me over her shoulder. "I need you for my revenge plan. You'll make the perfect bait." she says, as I kick and scream, looking at my brother's severed head, my face feeling warm from tears.


We are almost at the cornucopia, when Uzi opens fire. I look around, to see a large hairy tarantula dead. 5 more drop from the trees. "Celicia, look out!" Uzi says, as I instinctively drop down, as Uzi sprays the tarantula behind me.

I draw my knife, and plunge it into the next tarantula's head. The gunfire obviously attracted attention, as I saw Jake and Akumai join the carnage. I had to dodge Jake's sword, and Akumai kept swining at Uzi, who was shooting at the spiders.

I grab a stick, and Jake cuts down on it. He pushes harder, but I kick him off me right into the mouth of one of the large tarantulas. His screams get silenced by a single large chomp. BOOM! The spiders recede, Akumai is gone, and Uzi is looking angry.

"Damnit Capitol! Now I have no ammo!" he yells in anger. I look over, to the last two careers, Luigi and Anders, saying "What the heck was that?". We instinctively run towards the cornucopia. No way were we getting out of this without a weapon.

Uzi grabs a throwing ax, and I grab a bow and 14 arrows. I sling the quiver over my back, and begin running. I am running, breathing heavily as far from the cornucopia as I can. I stop when I can't run no longer, and notice I have been split up from Uzi.

Not good. No cannon, so that means Uzi escaped, unharmed. I needed to get a plan, a shelter, some food too. I looked around, until I saw the black beady eyes of a rabbit. I held my breath, and exhaled slowly, before letting the arrow fly.

Bullseye. The arrow penetrates the rabbits head, killing it instintantly. I pull out the arrow and wipe off the blood, before beginning to remove the fur from the creature. I had to find a place to stay until I could regroup with Uzi.


I return to the cornucopia with Anders. He mutters something that I'm no fun to talk to because I never respond. I casually sit down and munch on some bread, while Anders paces around. "Well Luigi... looks like this is it." he says with a menacing glare.

It was not even Day 4 and yet the careers were down to two members from non career districts. When Lavinia died and Sapphire left, the careers shattered. It was more like a private alliance now, a pair of two people from outer districts.

Anders gets bored soon enough, and slumps against the wall, asleep. I look out into the day. The peaceful sound of the stream flowing, leaves blowing in the breeze, the birds chirping and the occasional croak of a bull frog. This would be peaceful if 13 other people weren't trying or thinking to kill me.

Anders mutters something in his sleep, something I can't make out. Must be a dream. This was terrible. No action had happened yet since the gunshots and the cannon, which we didn't cause. I counted 3 today. All caused by others.

A low rumble in the earth awakens me. I shake Anders awake, and he groans. He too, feels the rumble. "An EARTHQUAKE!" he yells. I grab my kukri, a backpack, and sleeping bag, and Anders grabs a mace and two duffel bags. We run out of the cornucopia, just in time as 4 large cracks surround the cornucopia. They split open, and the Cornucopia falls in a lava chasm.

So much for shelter, not too mention, needed supplies. The whole valley was begining to crack, the gamemakers were driving us up the mountain! Anders and I start running up the mountain, just as the whole valley falls into a lava chasm. I can see some animals rolling down the mountain, and down into the chasm.

I pity there screams as they're instantly scorched alive. The ground stops shaking, yet the lava chasm remains. Then, thick clouds cover the sky. A roll of thunder booms out, and I see lightning strike the very last mountain. The tenth mountain's top explodes off. It was secretly a volcano. This arena went from peaceful to dangerous.


Sponsors had sent me a lot, my bag was stuffed full of goodies. In my hand was my signature sickle. But my goal was to find the girl's alliance. It started to rain, and thunder was ringing out. I ran to where I thought the girls where, but the rain was everywhere.

I start sprinting, trying to find my way to their alliance. The clouds are dark and it looks very scary. I was looking and looking, when my foot didn't touch solid ground. I fell in the hole, a trap hidden by leaves. I try to climb out, but it's hard.

"No worries Honeysickle, you can just swim out when the rain fills up the hole" I say to myself, but a flash of lightning reveals the trap maker. Akumai Kubaya. In his hand a large sword I was pretty sure could reach down and stab me.

He stabs down, and I scrunch myself against the bottom corner, and the blade barely isn't long enough. Akumai grabs a hand full of mud and chucks it at me. It lands in my mouth, and I cough and sputter trying to get it out.

Akumai tries again, but this time I hook his sword with my sickle and yank down. He is off balanced, and his sword is flung across the grass. The hole is starting to fill with water, as it is already at my knees. I go under, and try to find something to fling at Akumai.

I look around, but the water is too murky to see anything. My lungs start to burn, so I surface. The water is already up to my stomach. Akumai is grinning, stabbing at me again. I go under to avoid the blade, trying to feel for a rock. huge

My lungs burn but I remain under, I find a rock, and pretend that I drowned. I feel myself float up, and hear Akumai snicker. But I spring up and throw my rock at him. He is hit in the jaw and falls backwards. I swim up and climb out of his hole.

I run fast, and Akumai is hot on my trail. "You can't run forever!" he says. I watch Akumai slip on a mudslide and start sliding down the mountain. I keep running, until I see a lake and fire with 3 smaller figures huddled around it.

I am nearly there, when I hit my head on a low branch. I look around, my vision fuzzy and moving around. I see Mary, Ruby, and Cora looking down at me. I then black out.


The mudslide is taking me downwards, until I see a huge lava chasm. I try to run up, but the mudslide is too powerful. I am about to go off the edge, till I see a vine. I grab the thing, and the mud dumps into the lava. Till something cuts at the vine.

Dennis. I draw out my long sword, and stab him in the gut, where he makes an oof sound, but he already cut the vine. I slip and almost fall, but I stab my sword into the side of the earth. Hanging on by the hilt, I see Sapphire come out of the bushes.

She starts to yell at how useless Dennis is, until I see him run away. I am spared as Sapphire runs after him. I heave myself ontop of my sword, as it wobbles dangerously. I jump up and pull myself on the earth. I watch as my sword is dug loose and falls in the chasm.

All I have is my dagger now. I crouch through the woods which is starting to become a denser jungle. Odd, these Appalachian Mountains are slowly becoming Myinmar Hills. It's raining still, but not as hard. Until I come at a pack.

A pack of dead wolves. All slaughtered, not a sole survivor. The killer, a large looking reptile. I try to put my tongue on it's name, but I can't. It's bounding towards me. I ducked under it's sharp claws, ready for a battle to begin.


I was looking at Ruby and Cora. "We should kill her, I don't want to get attached to another ally..." I say, and Ruby nods, tearing at the mention of Viola. "She should join us, she can be useful!" Cora replies, and I shrug.

"She is a career wannabe, and she could easily betray us." I reply, but Cora says "Maybe she has a lot of combat skill.". Good point, Cora might just be right this time. "Ruby, what say you?" I ask Ruby, who is still sniffling.

"She would make a good ally indeed, and maybe a great friend aswell. But if she was one of the careers, then we could be betrayed. However, I say give her a chance." Ruby explains. "Then it is settled. She may live as our ally and friend." I say.

I decide to take advantage of the rain to get more fish, who loved it. I was spearing them left to right with my trident, filling my backpack up quick. "Bon Appetite" I say, searching for some dry wood to make a fire with to cook the fish.

I look through the rain forest, for some dry wood. I finally find a pile of it, when an ax is brought down. I barely block it with my trident, and see the eager face of Uzi. He climbs up the tree, and starts to throw down branches. I quickly run with the dry wood.

"Uzi... in the... woods" I say between breaths as I make it back to the base. "We're going to need to set some traps, no doubt he has a good view of us from the trees." Cora says. "I got an idea. When the forest dries, I say we burn it. It could take down any other tributes and we can hide in the lake from the fire." Ruby suggests. "Agreed." I say, and Cora nods. A grand idea indeed.

Night reigns over the sky, the fallen appearing in the sky.

  • Diamond Reaperson, District 3
  • Viola Schismino, District 8
  • Jake Locketback, District 11

Day 3 Status Chart

District Name Where With Status
1 Sapphire Lustre 1st Mountain No one Slightly Better
2 Akumai Kubaya 7th Mountain No one Fighting Mutt
3 Honeysickle Ash 4th Mountain No one Healthy
4 Mary Pacifica 2nd Mountain Ruby Burn, Cora Sparks, Viola Schismino Healthy
4 Dennis Rystentia 2nd Mountain No one Healthy
5 Cora Sparks 2nd Mountain Mary Pacifica, Ruby Burn, Viola Schismino Recovering
6 Ruby Burn 2nd Mountain Mary Pacifica, Cora Sparks, Viola Schismino Recovering
7 Uzi Kystrel 3rd Mountain Celicia Fan Healthy
8 Luigi Wilkins Cornucopia Anders Longtail Scraped
9 Jamie Flip 9th Mountain Sharpe Cinder Healthy
9 Sharpe Cinder 9th Mountain Jamie Flip Recovering
11 Willow Thorn 6th Mountain No one Healthy
12 Celicia Fan 3rd Mountain Uzi Kystrel Healthy
12 Anders Longtail Cornucopia Luigi Wilkins


Day 4, What is this, Jungle World?


I don't know how long me and Luigi have been wondering around, searching for something that could or could not be there. We haven't spotted a tribute all night, what makes me think that I will spot one right now?

"I'm going to sleep." I say, and Luigi nods. Still quiet as ever, like his tongue didn't function or something like that. I lay down, keep my mace in my hand, and using the backpack I salvaged as a pillow. Soon, I fall into a dreamy sleep.

I was outside, sitting in a more eerie and demonic version of District 12. The wind russeled, and a door creaked open. Suddenly, I found myself walking through the streets, the eerie wind howling. "Hello?" I call out. The bushes behind me rustle.

I have no weapon, so I pick up a large stone. A thing.... leaps up. I slide back and swing my fist at it. It collides with the jaw, and I come around with the rock and hit it in the side of the head. The thing falls dead... when I see it, I realize it as my own ally Luigi.

I wake up to the clanging of steel, and see Luigi and Sapphire trying to murder each other. Both are evenly matched with a sword. Problem is, Luigi has to settle with the kukri he salvaged. While it isn't much different, I can tell Sapphire is wearing down on him.

I move but I can't. I'm restricted in some thick bonds. I see I'm tied up in some of the thick vines from the trees. Crap, I bet the gamemakers punished me for sleeping. Against a tree. All I can do is watch as Sapphire and Luigi duel to the death.


I step back as Luigi swings his kukri. "District 8, far from great!" I taunt, thrusting my sword out, which Luigi slices aside with his kukri. I can hear Anders yelling. I look over to Dennis, my bait, and snicker when I saw Luigi take it.

The little snot runs over to Anders though... he's going to cut him out. I yell with fury, running, and jumping over Luigi's attempt to cut my legs off. Dennis screams and I slice, my blade catching across him as blood sprays all over myself.

I turn back to Luigi, who slices at me. It catches me on the side, throwing me off balance. I got an advantage he doesn't have, I can stab, whilst his kukri can't. He runs again, and I duck under his arm as he swings, and twirl and slice his back.

He falls on his knees, and I'm ready to make the fluid motion to defeat him.  I jump at a noise, when out of nowhere a fist flies into my jaw. Anders. I swing my sword, but he grabs my arm and twists it so badly I hear it start to crack.

I aim a punch to his stomach, but it hit's something hard. He's put his backpack over his stomach as armor. I fall backwards as he shoves me down. He kicks my sword away, and I know I've met my end. I try to crawl away but he grabs me by my shirt collar and pins me against a tree.

"How's it feel? Go ahead, beg for your life, plead for mercy!" Anders says. He then stutters, and begins spurting. I open my eyes, to see an arrow lodged in his neck. His own District partner stands there, holding her bow up.

Luigi is gone and Dennis is nowhere to be seen, as I watch Celicia lodge another arrow. Knowing I'm too far away to reach her, I retreat. As I run through the thick undergrowth, Ander's cannon booms. BOOM! Another threat to me gone, now I just had to eliminate Luigi and I was in the clear.


I still lie in wait in the tree, as I stare down at the alliance below me. I was outnumbered, but I had the element of stealth on my side. Wait... smoke. I coughed, and saw Cora run away. Damnit! She sat the forest on fire! I jumped to another tree and skidded down it, before drawing my ax.

I coughed, the smoke getting worse. I was trying to get out of the forest, but it seemed near impossible. I heard more feminime coughing, and looking over, I saw Celicia. "Uzi..." she mutters, as she collapses. "Don't worry... I got you..." I say, hoisting her over my shoulder and trying to get out of here.

I see a clearing, and enter it. I exited the forest and was on the 4th mountain. I sat Celicia down, who awoke coughing. "You... saved me." she said. "Get some rest... that was very frightening." I say, and she nods as she lays back down.


The fire had gotten out of hand. Cora runs back. "The lake!" Honeysickle shouts, but it swirls and dries up. "There!" I say, pointing to an opening to the 5th Mountain's lake. We all begin sprinting, tree's falling down, the great jungle getting eaten away by a fire.

Something pushes me to the ground. I look up to see Honeysickle. "You all are so easy to fool!" she says, kicking me again. "You blasted traitor!" Mary shouts. Honeysickle grabs her sickle to finish me off, but I fight back. I grab her arm and yank, pulling her down.

I begin to punch at her, but Honeysickle blocks my futile blows, and punches me hard in the gut. I fall over, and she reaches for her sickle. I crawl on top of her, and begin hitting her head over and over. Honeysickle roars, and stands up, knocking me off her back.

She picks her sickle up, and makes her way towards Mary and Cora. She would no doubt kill one of them... I would never let that happen. Knowing I was going to die, I used my last strength to prevent my allies from dying.

I leap up and tackle Honeysickle into a burning log. I look to my allies, tears blurring my vision. "You are my best friends... I'll never forget what you've done for me. I... I hope you both can win... Run... now, and never look back. I'll...I'll be fine." I say, that last bit coming out in stutters. I close my eyes, as flames over take me, and I cease to be alive.


I dashed and dodged around falling trees. I had a disadvantage here, being slow. I jumped over a burning log before emerging from the forest on the barren rocky side of the mountain. Every forest on the western side of the arena was burning in flames.

I had to move quickly. The 5th mountain seemed the only safe place right now, with it's large water lake. I saw a tribute run at me with their body aflame. I quickly plunged my kukri through their chest. They fell over, the burnt corpse turning slowly to ash. BOOM!

The only way I recognized him was from the weapon he carried. The large sword. Akumai Kubaya. I picked up his sword, grateful to have some kind of one, as I run towards the lake, my goal within meters of my reach and safety.

I stop. Something in my mind tells me too. Then I see them. 9 other tributes who had escaped the fire. The final 10. They look confused, but Saphire comes to her senses first and dives into the water. Celicia and Uzi began running eastward, the place where the fire can't reach.

I run after them, not wishing to fight at the lake. I run and run, trying to get as far away from everyone else. I'm glad that I made it this far, and wish that I don't die.


"I think we lost em." Jamie says, as I stop, panting. The arena had gotten a lot smaller with the fire, and Jamie and I had to move. "So, I guess we made it." I say. "Don't be so sure yet. District 9 must have a victor this year." Jamie says. That's when an announcement rings out.

"Attention tributes, attention. There will be a feast at Dawn. Attend on the 5th mountain... expect chests of goods to be on the mountains peak, or in the depths of it's lake. Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favour." Raleigh the announcer says.

"I'm going to make the plans this time." Jamie says. That's surprising, since he normally has trouble with these kinds of things.

"So, the good swimmers are obviously going to head for the lake. Willow, Dennis, Mary, Cora... those kind of tributes... the smaller and weaker. Whilst the stronger, larger tributes, such as Sapphire, Uzi, Celicia, and Luigi, are probably going to the mountain top." Jamie explains.

"So where do we come in?" I ask. "Alright, since you're smaller than me and your 12, you should head to the lake. Your quick, and you shouldn't have much of a problem swimming to the bottom of the lake. I'll be on the mountain, trying to secure something from up there. We'll regroup in these woods behind the lake, got it?" Jamie asks.

I nod. "Good. Now, rest. You're going to be wet tomorrow, and swimming is tiring. Your going to need as much sleep as you can get." Jamie says. "Alright. I'll see you in the morning." I say, as I roll out my sleeping bag.


The night sky reigns, when the fallen appears.

  • Akumai Kubaya, District 2
  • Honeysickle Ash, District 3
  • Ruby Burn, District 6

These tributes didn't get to see the great inferno that lit up the night, it was a wonderous yet horrifying sight. I fall into a hard sleep, ready to go to the lake for my items.

Day 5, The Tension is Real


I blow into my hands and rub them together, the crisp morning air ever so tense on this foggy morning. I knew I needed whatever was in the bag. I was a fast runner, but I never knew about swimming. I didn't know if I could swim to the bottom of the lake either...

I spot a tribute. A rock gripped in my hand, all my weapons being lost in the great fire, just leaving me with this rock. I notice it to be Dennis. No threat to me, and right now, probably the weakest and smallest tribute still alive. He could be a problem, making it this far.

A figure dives in the water. Her long hair gives her away as a female, but I cannot make her out in the dense fog. I take a deep breath, and dive into the water.

I open my eyes, the murky water hard to see in. I swim downward. I kick my legs out and use my arms to push myself downward. Suddenly, I touch something soft. Mud. I look around, spotting a bright yellow duffel bag. I swim towards it, ready to take it.

A smaller figure darts in and swoops it out of my grasp. Dennis seems to have achieved something. Deciding he wasn't worth the trouble, I spot a bright cyan bag. I swim towards it, till something sharp cuts my leg. I hold in my cry of pain, fearful of losing any air. I turn, to see the determined face of Sharpe.

I grab the bag and use it as a shield as Sharpe strikes again. She cuts it, spilling the contents out on the lake's bottom. I see a glint of steel, and pick up the thing. I hold a scythe. I am happy, yet fearful as Sharpe attacks again.

I raise my scythe, blocking the blow. My lungs begin to burn, I know I need air. I can't stay down here forever. Sharpe must've seen the look in my eye, as she begins to try and pin me down here. She grabs my leg and plunges her knife into my calf. I can't hold it in, as I cry out, wasting precious oxygen. My lungs feel like they're going to burst, as I try to shake Sharpe off my leg so I can reach the surface.


Carnage has erupted on the mountain top. Celicia is behind me, and she notches an arrow for Saphire. Saphire jumps behind a crate, avoiding the arrow. I see Jamie come up, late to the party. Luigi is searching through a bag, a perfect target.

Luigi wastes no time as he digs a sword out of the bag. He sees me, and stands up, drawing the sword. I raise my ax, the weapon I have become used to using, a weapon that in training I would never think I could use correctly.

I swing it, and it clangs against Luigi's sword, shaking it. Luigi quickly jabs and strikes me in the side, but it isn't deep. I swing the ax again, in a downward motion to force Luigi to block it. He does, and the power of it knocks the sword out of his hand.

Thinking I'm victorious, I raise the ax to behead him, when he charges and slams his fist in my gut. He disarms me and kicks the ax down the mountain. I raise my fists up, as he aims a jab for my throat. I see it coming and I thrust my arm out, blocking the punch.

I kick out at him, and effectively bring him lower. I shove him, and he tumbles, rolling down the mountainside. I knew the roll wouldn't kill him, so I take the sword he was using and decide it's better than nothing. That just leaves Jamie.

He throws a large, curved knife. It flies so fast I don't have time to react, as it buries deep in my calf. I knew my femur was punctured, and if I didn't get medical attention, it would be the death of me. But what scares me more, is when Jamie pulls an enormous knife out of his belt. On the blade, and inscription is visible. "Michael Myers Knife".


I run with Mary, ignoring Sharpe and Willow trying to kill each other. Mary's a good swimmer, and she dives in, swimming quickly out of view like a fish. I dive in, the water cool on my face. I swim down, trying to keep up with Mary, but she dissapears.

I look around and spot a light green bag. As soon as I stick my hand in, I cry out in pain. I look in, and see my hand has been clamped tight by a snare. I pull on it, but the snare is bolted to the dirty ground. I search frantically for Mary, as I reach in my pocket for a knife.

I try to pry the snare open, but it still remains tight in the trap bag. "Help!" I scream out, but my cry for help is muffled by the water, and all that comes out are bubbles. I then looked and saw what I had to do. Taking the knife, my hand shaking... I had to cut my hand off.

I slice into my forearm, screaming as the water turns crimson as blood pours from the cut. I begin to saw at my arm, the pain is agonizing. I can't do it. I drop the knife, the pain in my arm too intense. My lungs feel like they're on fire, I know death is soon.

"Help..." I call out more meekly. I hold my breath for about 8 seconds before I try to breathe. I swallow water, and begin to cough, but all I do is swallow more water. I can feel my lungs filling up with water. I look up to the water's surface... my last sight. I let out one more cry of panic, before I am no more.


Boom! The first cannon of the day sounds. I raise my knife and strike, the wounded Uzi blocking it with a sword he was completely unfamiliar with it. "What's wrong huh? Your BOYFRIEND in trouble, poor girl?" I hear Sapphire say to Celicia, but I am more focused on fighting Uzi.

He slices at me, but his unfamiliarness with his weapon makes the blow easy to dodge. I raise the large knife, and cut it down as it buries deep in Uzi's left shoulder. He drops down, and I stab him in the side as he falls. Uzi curls up, and I know it's just about time to finish him.

I raise my knife, but I cry out in terror. My legs start to shake, my artifical muscles messing up. "No!" I say, as I lose complete control over my legs. I fall over, the knife falling out of my hands, as my arms start to twitch as well.

I grab my knife with my only arm that isn't messing up. I look up, Uzi limping with his sword. I raise my knife helplessly. In a last attempt, I throw it, but it doesn't get far before Uzi cuts it down. He looks at me, plunging his sword in my stomach.

He pulls it out, and walks away. I knew this was it. I was going to die... but then I thought of something. "Sharpe..." I moan. My ally. I wondered what she would think when she found me absent from my meeting spot.

I had never told her what I really thought... sure she might be a bit nuts, but I liked her. She was my only friend in these games. The only one in these games I felt a great deal of emotions too... possibly as strong as too love her. As I sit here dying, looking at the sky, I think of Sharpe... and think of her being crowned victor.



I laid another punch on Celicia. She was done for. I turned, and was surprised that Uzi beat Jamie. Throwing Celicia aside, I pick my own sword up. I am ready to fight, when a searing pain goes in my calf. "I made sure to poison that one!" Celicia said.

"Coward, relying on your poisons to kill me!" I say, but the poison does it's job. I fall, clutching the wound, ripping the arrow out. It burns and my blood drips and awful green color. I crawl for the slope, and roll. I finally go off the edge, and down hill roll.

Branches smack my face, I'm sure leaves are caught in my hair. I want the awfulness to end, when I collide with somethig cool. I open my eyes, and see my lower body being lapped gently by the waves, The lake, the second location of the feast.

I didn't get a bag from the mountain, but I had managed to steal Celicia's bag she had taken with her. I opened it, and grinned with delight. Medicine. "Look's like your precious Uzi won't be making it through the night..." I say, grabbing the ointment.

I rub it over all my wounds, and they start to feel better already. I stand up, my sword at my side, as I stare over the lake. Looks to calm to have had a feast here. I decide to look for anything still left at the bottom of the lake as soon as my wounds completey heal. These games where going to be mine. No one was going to stop me.


I knew were Sapphire was now, and I had one intent. Avenging Diamond by killing her slowly. I held a syringe in my hand, and watched the green liquid slosh around. "Paralysis Poison." the label read. My feast bag had a lot more, but this was my most prized item.

After I had gotten my bag, I had decided to watch the feast from a safe distance. Willow got away with many cuts, and Sharpe hadn't followed her for some reason. Cora never surfaced, so I assumed she drowned. Mary kept going under after the feast searching for Cora, but fled as soon as Sapphire showed up.

I had gotten a bag, with the precious poison, a shiny dagger, 2 bottled waters, band-aids, and a large roast chicken. I was going to eat the chicken while seated on Sapphire's corpse, I was sure of it.

I knew when to attack. As soon as night fell and Sapphire fell in a sleep, I would finish her. I knew she wouldn't be ready, to expect me, a small, weak little 12 year old to come after her. Her arrogance was going to be her biggest downfall.


"Jamie! Jamie!" I call out. "Please come out..." I say, but to no avail. I've been calling for Jamie all day, and now the sky was dark. I was shivering, still wet, and the night was cold. I looked up into the sky as soon as the anthem came on.

  • Cora Sparks, District 5
  • Jamie Flip, District 9

No... Jamie. My heart panged with sadness. Jamie risked his life for both of us, and died because of it. A single tear flows down my cheek, but I wipe it away. My sadness is replaced by anger. Whoever killed Jamie was going to pay.

I dug through my feast bag. I pulled out food and water, but I was more interested in the bottom of it. I reached in, and pulled out a large shiny knife. I knew what this knife was. It was the knife I was going to use to win these games. It was, the Bowie Knife.

Death Chart


Name District Killer How/When
24th Robin Smoke 10 Saphire Lustre Stabbed a lot, Bloodbath
23rd Bell Fladgate 7 Anders Longtail Ax to chest, Bloodbath
22nd Casper Ware 6 Welson Dare Throat cut, Bloodbath
21st Joshua Woodart 1 Luigi Wilkins Stabbed in chest, Bloodbath
20th Lavinia Quartz 2 Uzi Krystel Artery stabbed, drowned in own blood, Day 1
19th Jakub Kunnson 10 Jamie Flip Sword in stomach, pushed off Cliff, Day 2
18th Welson Dare 5 Cora Sparks Heart stabbed, Day 2.
17th Viola Schismino 8 Mountain Lion Clawed, bled out, Day 3
16th Diamond Reaperson 3 Sapphire Lustre Decapitated, Day 3
15th Jake Locketback 11 Celicia Fan/Tarantula Mutt Kicked, eaten, Day 3
14th Anders Longtail 12 Celicia Fan Shot in the neck with an arrow, Day 4
13th Honeysickle Ash 3 The Great Fire Burned alive, Day 4
12th Ruby Burn 6 The Great Fire Burned alive, Day 4
11th Akumai Kubaya 2 Luigi Wilkins Impaled through the chest, Day 4
Marvel Congratulates You Final 10
10th Cora Sparks 5 Water Drowned, Day 5
9th Jamie Flip 9 Uzi Krystel Impaled through abdomen, Day 5

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