Since I always lose rp games, I thought "If i'm the creator, how can i lose?". Lol, welcome to my first ever rp games. As you can tell, these games will be chilly. Well... freezing. But pretty. Because the northernlights are the anthem! Read on if you want to join or find out more!

More info

I loved rp games, and so now I follow the trend to make one. There will be a LOT of cool things in this arctic orientated arena like...

  • Temperatures at 10-20 during the day, and 5-NEGATIVE 7 at night. BRRRRRR!
  • The northern lights is the anthem!
  • Blizzards!
  • Snow wolves!
  • An abondoned cottage! With a witch!
  • A vast evergreen forest!
  • The cornucopia is on a frozen lake!
  • You can ice fish!
  • You can tame a polar bear with fish!
  • You can choose a pet from the list, many, many types of pets.
  • The Yeti mutt (evil laugh)

Le lovely users

Name Age District Gender Weapon
Gold 17 1 Male Spear
Tara 16 1 Female Staff
Kyle 14 2 Male Sword
Aylona 16 2 Female Throwing knives
Cecil 14 3 Male Being last unnamed tribute to die in 74th Games.
Toast 14 3 Female Garrote, Throwing knives, ELECTONRICSSSS!
Bronze 17 4 Male Spear
Liza 14 4 Fepotato Bow and Arrows
Mr. UNGH 16 5 Male Long Sword
Tahlia 14 5 Female Dragon Scythe
Blake 14 6 Male Sickle
Summer 14 6 Female Crossbow, Cleaver, Throwing knife
Jay 14 7 Male Ax or Knife
Amina 14 7 Female Bow and Arrows
Adrian 15 8 Male Knives, Spear
Zoey 15 8 Female Throwing Ax
Austin 14 9 Male PEPPER SPRAY? LOL!
Rebekah 13 9 Female Mallet (Is it Meemay?)
Eli 14 10 Male Ax, Machete, Bare hands
Eliza 14 10 Female Ax, Machete, Bare hands
Aidan 13 11 Male Trident, KNives, bow and arrow
Lexi 14 11 Female Bow and Arrow or throwing knives
Tracker Jacker Fart 18 12 Male Stupidity
Amber 14 12 Female Bow and Arrow, Throwing knives, Trident

Pets you can choose from (Credit to lexi for starting this kind of thing)

Name Gender Species Description Owner
Jay Ugger Male Umbreon Based off of a nickname of TehOnlyUmbreon, this is basically a pokemon. Jay
Winter Female Snow wolf She loves this arena, being adapted too the cold. She'll also keep away the wolf mutts! Summer
Drunky Male Siamese Cat He always walks like a drunk sailor. Give him some alcohol and he'll go on a frenzy. Tara
Chinook Female Husky She will pull the dogsled you can find in the cornucopia! Great companion. Toast
Bo Male Hound For those tributes who like to hunt, he can sniff out any living thing, and lead his owner to it. Summer
Salmonella Female Flying-Fire breathing salmon Based off of my feminine nickname, this fish can fly and swim, and breathe fire! Austin :)
Dusky Male Baby dragon Although just a baby, he can still claw and set other's shoes on fire. Liza xD
Paulina Female Mini Sphynx Although meant for the desert, she can easily rip others to shreds. Rebekah
George Male Giant Scorpion An animal with a poisionous tail, if not cured, it will kill. Gold
Pancake Female Mule She can carry anything in her saddlebags. And can be ridden. Rebekah
Balto (You saw it coming) Male Husky-wolf combo He knows the arena head to toe, and will lead his owner where they want to go. Kyle
Daisy Female Horse She has no idea were to go, but is a very fast steed. Was mauled by wolves
Bowser Male Bulldog A very tough and stubborn companion, Bowser won't go down without fighting! Blake
Electrus Female Jolteon She is a very swift one, easily shocking foes into submission. Killed by Brutus Clone
Nikolai Male Puggle He will bark very loud, alerting the owner of an enemy's presence. Eli
Cupcake Female Cupcake Cat A cat that is made up like a cupcake! You can eat her, but what you eat grows back! Blake
King Male Wolf Mutt A wolf mutt of the District 6 Male from the 74th Games. Very vicious. Aidan
Belly Female Border Collie Very hyper and extremely playful. Saying "Cat" sets her off. Rebekah
Coffee Male Camo Dog He is a dog that can blend in with anything. Lexi
Leila Female Komodo Dragon Her bite is very infectious, so be warned! Blake
Snapper Male Snapping Turtle He's very fast even though being a turtle, and never relenquishes his bite. Rebekah
Bailey Female Baby Elephant Cute, not much else. Rebekah
Spike Male Griffin Hatchling Resistant to diseases and posion, and has a good talon. Adrian xD
Dawn Female Pony Basically one of them MLP ponies, with colors resembling Dawn. Capable of speech. Tara :P

Sign up Sheet

Glad you made it here! Sign up!





Preferred Weapon:

Preferred Pet:

Death Chart!

Placing Victim District Killer District Method When
24th Mr. UNGH 5 Rebekah 9 Meemay assault Bloodbath
23rd Zoey Halst 8 Tahlia 5 Gut's spilled out Bloodbath
22nd Eliza 10 Amber 12 Arrow to neck Bloodbath
21st Cecil 3 Summer 6 Throwing knife to chest Bloodbath
20th Tracker Jacker Fart 12 Rebekah 9 Spear to leg, fell in hole, spear went up spine. Bloodbath
19th Aylona 2 Tara 1 Ax to chest, rolled into iceberg. Bloodbath
18th Bronze 1 Snow Wolves Wilderness Mauled Night 1
17th Amina 7 Tara 1 Decapitated Night 1
16th Amber 12 Rebekah 9 Accidental Day 2
15th Tahlia 5 Blake 6 Split skull Day 2
14th Adrian 8 Adrian 8 Suicide -.- Day 2
13th Kyle 2 Liza 4 Arrow through temple Day 2
12th Tara 1 Austin 9 Spear tip to heart Day 2
11th Austin 9 Lexi & Rebekah 11 & 9 Throwing knife and Meemay assault Day 2
10th Aidan 11 Blizzard Wind Froze to Death Day 2
9th Lexi 11 Jay 7 Ax to neck Night 2
8th District 15 Rebel 15 Peacekeeper Capitol Headshot Day 3
7th Peacekeeper Capitol Eli 10 Ax to neck Day 3
6th District 15 Rebel 15 Peacekeeper Capitol Shot in heart Day 3
5th District 15 Rebel 15 Peacekeeper Capitol Shot off hovercraft Day 3
4th Peacekeeper Capitol District 15 Rebel 15 Snipe'd Day 3

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