Since my past two games were good and finished, this is the third of the series. The 126th games. Unlike the previous games, these WON't have multiple victors, even though tributes from the capitol and districts 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15. 34 tributes, battling out in an arena deadlier than mutts.


  1. 6 tribute limits. These games are in DESPERATE need of some.
  2. If a reserve and tribute are posted and the time on the comments are the same, ties go to the tribute.


There are barely any mutts able to survive the onslaught of natural disasters, so there are only two.

Skewer Beak Birds: These birds will skewer your heat with their long spear beaks. They fly in the highest reaches.

Large Rats: These occasionally raid the weather proof underground bunkers accessible to the smartest code crackers. They carry a lot of disease so getting bit will have deadly consenquences unless disinfect cream is at hand.


The arena looks peaceful at first, with its gentle hills and peaking slopes. The forest is green and the cornucopia starts in a gentle lake. Tributes will have to swim to get to or away from the cornucopia.  


District Name Age Gender User Weapon
Capitol Pine Shynx 18 M Everafterhighfreak Machete, Spear
Capitol Sombra Celesta 14 F Mistfire333 Axe, throwing knife, poison
0 Dancing Weirdo 15 M Extras Dancing, feet, hands
0 Sarina Flamboyauge  15 F Andy1854 Sickle, axe
1 Blade Spectrus 14 M Tehblakdeath Spear, knives, swords
1 Ameriele Joseph 17 F SurvivorPands Throwing Knives
2 Allan Pisces 14 M Toast with the Most Fishing Hook
2 Tarin Ailla Brandt 16 F Katnisseverdeenfan Throwing knives, dagger
3 Mac Greybeard 17 (older looking M Extra ???
3 Ember Tantum 15 F Katnisseverdeenfan Combat knife, electricity, blowgun
4 Olly Waves 14 M Aspen7783 Trident
4 Anne Thistle 16 F DezmondD02 Trident, Spears, knives
5 Grim Shynx 14 M Everafterhighfreak Teeth, Blades
5 Fineh Freeman 17 F Hicaterpillers!!! Throwing KNives, Axe
6 Expirement Six 13 M Mistfire333 Cat-O-Nine-Tails, "Cat's Paw", Bladed Frisbee, Chained Sickle
6 Avalannah Bird 16 F Andy1854 Bow, Knife
7 Twixliner Texta 17 (18 on bloodbath) M Aspen7783 Boomerang, lasso
7 Aroma Oaky 16 F Aspen7783 Double ax
8 Hybrid Three 15 M Mistfire333 Any
8 Galina Shannoprough 18 F Andy1854 Knife, bow
9 Yoshi Holiday 14 M Myworld Sword, Throwing Knives
9 Ryla Shynx 13 F Everafterhighfreak Traps, wire
10 Carlos Chavez 18 M 569822 Scythe, Spear
10 Bella Mustang 15 F Hybrid Shadow Bow and Arrow
11 Flippy Twinmind 17 M Mistfire333 Camoflague, Dagger, Explosives. 
11 Marie Yiresley 13 F Toast with the Most Unknown
12 Tails Power 15 M Myworld Throwing knives, sword
12 Jagger Clipsu 14 F Blue-Ribbonz Sword and Spear
13 Fat Robin Hood 18 M Extra Fatness
13 Flamingo Kisser 16 F Extra Lips
14 Vendetta "V" Fawkes 16 M Mistfire333 Weapons no one else uses
14 Bone Corlaya 13 F Blue-Ribbonz Teeth. Razer Blade, Knife
15 Moordoor 12 M Extra Dagger
15 Silver Shynx 16 F Everafterhighfreak Blowgun, sword, throwing knives


Bold=Leader Alliance 1: Twixline, Olly, Aroma, Hybrid, Experiment Six, Bone Crayala, Blade Spectrus and Tails Power.

Weirdo alliance: Moordoor, Flamingo Kisser, Fat Robin Hood, Dancing Weirdo, Mac Greybeard.

Death Chart of DEATH

Placing Victim District Killer District Method Time
34th Mac Greybeard 3 Anne Thistle 4 Trident thrown into chest 00:00:23
33rd Carlos Chavez 10 Blade Spectrus 1 Spear thrown in chest 00:00:38
32nd Fineh Freeman 5 Sombra Celestia Capitol Throwing knife in back 00:00:49
31st Vendetta Fawkes 14 Grim Shynx 5 Rock in head 00:01:03
30th Avalannah Bird 6 Yoshi Holiday 9 Skull smashed with fist 00:01:37
29th Ameriele Joseph 1 Yoshi Holiday 9 Strangled 00:02:01
28th Yoshi Holiday 9 Allan Pisces 2 Fishing hook to head 00:02:09
27th Moordoor 15 Anne Thistle 4 Stabbed, Bled out 07:34:23
26th Jagger Clipsu 12 Tornado N/A Blown into rock 07:56:43
25th Pine Shynx Capitol Tornado N/A Blown into forcefield 08:03:38
24th Dancing Weirdo 0 Bone Corlaya 14 Throat slit 08:07:59
23rd Olly Waves 4 Fat Robin hood/Flamingo kisser 13 Cut in jaw, chopped in shoulder,bled out 24:01:08
22nd Galina Shannoprough 8 Expiriment Six 6 Decapitated by Bladed Frisbee 26:32:36
21st Marie Yiresley 11 Silver Shynx 15 Blowgun dart to neck 26:56:44
20th Hybrid Three 8 Flamingo Kisser/Fat Robin Hood 13 Swung up by rope, ax thrown into skull 31:34:32
19th Expiriment Six 6 Flood N/A Slipped off cornucopia into raging waters. Drowned. 32:48:21
18th Tails Power 12 Silver Shynx 15 Blowgun dart to neck 35:12:37
17th Sarina Flamboyauge 0 Allan Pisces 2 Fishing Hook to skull 36:03:33
16th Aroma Oaky 7 Flamingo Kisser 13 Threw an ax into head. 47:33:34
15th Grim Shynx 5 Fat Robin Hood 13 Throat Slit 78:42:37
14th Silver Shynx 15 Fat Robin Hood 13 Life crushed out 78:44:12
13th Twixliner Texta 7 Flamingo Kisser's Steed N/A Neck snapped 82:12:34
12th Flamingo Kisser 13 Allan Pisces 2 Shot off of steed with hook, hook drove into heart with rock 82:12:56
11th Tarin Ailla Brandt 2 Blade Spectrus 1 Homing Spear to neck 94:08:02
10th Ryla Shynx 9 Ember Tantum 3 Diamond Machete to chest 94:11:29
9th Ember Tantum 3 Bella Mustang 10 Drowned 94:13:04
8th Anne Thistle 4 Sombra Celesta Capitol Hit in side with throwing knife. 94:17:39
7th Fat Robin Hood 13 Allan Pisces 2 Grenade shoved down throat, exploded. 94:18:11
6th Flippy Twinmind 11 Large Albino Rat Mutt Huge bite to legs 101:59:59
5th Blade Spectrus 1 Allan Pisces 2 Stone to forehead 103:43:32
4th Bella Mustang 10 Bone Corlaya 14 Exploded 103:48:38
3rd Allan Pisces 2 Bone Corlaya 14 Exploded 104:05:21
2nd Bone Corlaya 14 Bone Corlaya 14 Exploded 104:05:21
Victor SOMBRA CELESTA! Capitol N/A N/A N/A 104:05:22

The bloodbath

Twixline's POV

I watched as my pedestal rose up. In the middle of a lake. Glorious. Then I noticed how pretty the arena was. I looked behind me. It was the same distance of a swim to the beach as it was to the cornucopia. It was on a floating concrete slab. I looked over at that Dancing Weirdo. He was badmouthing the person on the plate to the left of him, being annoying. He started to dance, and I recognized the person on the pedestal to his left was Silver. She looked over and flipped him off. Weirdo kept dancing. 30 seconds. I looked at Hybrid, who was the closest to me of my alliance. We only had one competing alliance and that was the one full of weirdos. 15 seconds. I started to sweat. This arena was warm. 10. 9. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. I took a huge breath of air and dove into the water. 

Anne Thistle's POV

I was one of the first to make it to the cornucopia. I grabbed a trident when I felt a dagger plunge into my back. I saw Moordoor the small 12 year old trying to kill me. I shoved him into the water and I turned to see Mac picking a sword up. I threw my trident into his chest and watched him fall. I grabbed his bag and I dove back into the water as the average speed swimmers started to show up. I was about to surface when someone pushed me back down. I choked on my words as I struggled with whoever was shoving me. I got up and saw Moordoor trying to kill me again. This time I stabbed him with a trident. I swam and watched as he swam away, finally leaving me alone.

Tails Power's POV

I arrived at the cornucopia sometime after Anne, Twixline, Moordoor, and Mac. I noticed Mac had died and I grabbed a sword when a fist collided into my jaw. I saw Yoshi ready to take a swing at me again and I slitted his shins. I jumped into the water to escape.

Ember Tantum's POV

I had gotten into the cornucopia when something shoved me into the ground. Sombra pinned me and forced my mouth open. She poured poision and I choked on it as it went down from my throat. She was about to stab me but I saw look at Dancing Weirdo who kept making rude noises at her and kept dancing. I coughed and started to run off without anything but binoculars.

Expiriment Six's POV

I was in the cornucopia and watched as Blade threw a spear into Carlos's chest and I watched his corpse fall into the water. I snuck up on Blade and hit his skull hard, knocking him out. I got my torture tool and swam off with the unconscius boy, having many torture plans to use on him.

Bella Mustang's POV

I arrived at the cornucopia to see Vendetta grabbing an awl. I watched as he swam away and I grabbed a back pack. I saw a bow in the back and I went for it. I grabbed it and an arrow when Flippy emerged from the wall, obviously camouflaged. He stabbed me with a combat knife and I shot him in the shin. He threw a rock at me and I dove into the wate to avoid it. I surfaced to be forced under again. This time by a dead body. I looked up and saw Fineh's body with a throwing knife sticking out of it. I swam away and saw that her killer was Sombra. I got to the beach and took off, glad I got a bow and 7 arrows.

Grim Shynx's POV

I had just swam away from the bloodbath when I saw Vendetta run past. He had an awl. I picked up a large stone and slammed it against his head. I grabbed his awl and ran from the person coming towards me, who was none other than Moordoor, with his nasty gut wound.

Silver Shynx

That stupid dancing weirdo! I ran Sombra off but he remained. He was dancing on a crate and calling me names like Pig face and Fatso. I stabbed at him but he grooved his way out of it and kicked me in the face. He called me a stupid idiot and in blind fury I cut at him. Big mistake, he just punched me and roundhouse kicked me off the cornucopia. On my way down I didn't want to move. I just wanted to let drown. But I kept going. That weirdo was going to die.

Marie's POV

I saw Yoshi and Avalannah duking it out bare handed in the cornucopia, Dancing Weirdo dancing and grabbing everything as the alliance he was chased off tributes. Fat Robin hood and Flamingo Kisser were kissing in the cornucopia and Moordoor was bleeding. I think Mac died as he wasn't present. I snuck into the cornucopia and watched as Yoshi smashed his fist into Avalannah breaking her skull. I grabbed a bag and run as Fat Robin Hood tried to stab me. I ducked and swam away as fast as I could.

Yoshi's POV

I grabbed my weapon when Fat Robin Hood tried to crush me with his weight. I ducked as he fell over and that dang Dancing Freak kicked me in th back. I saw the alliance who was dominating the cornucopia, the Weirdos come at me with brandished weapons. Outnumbered 4 to 1 I made my escape. When I reached the beach, Ameriele tried to stab me with a machete. I ducked and tackled her. I strangled her until she finally died. Then I didn't see a hook fly into my head.

Day 1 Notes

  • Tributes alone have aqquired a bag and/or a weapon. It will be revealed which ones have in POV's
  • The big alliance plans to raid the cornucopia.
  • Ember Tantum has been poisoined and if not sponsored with an antidote, will die on Day 3.
  • Flippy's wound has been infected, and if not given disinfect, will die on Day 3.

Night 1

Aroma's POV

A cannon made us all check each other. All of us were fine. "Who died?" Bone asked. "We don't know" I replied. I didn't get much from the cornucopia. The only weapon we got was a spiked mace, which Twixline was hogging. We had about 3 bags. "So who eats or drinks first?" Hybrid asked. "Obviously me." Twixline replied which Tails replied to "You might be our leader, but your no better than us.". Twixline pressed him against a tree. "I will bash your face in with this spiked mace if you say that again.". "GUYS" I yell. Bone and I were the only girls on this alliance so I was surprised when they stopped. "We should be fighting the weirdos at the cornucopia! We can gain the bountiless food and water! I think they only have 3 left! 7 vs 3! We can take them on with the rocks and sticks! We can take the cornucopia!" I say. That got their attention. I picked up a stone. We readied to attack the cornucopia.

Flippy's POV

I had gained a combat knife, some camouflage and food, but got shot in the shin with an arrow. I had long pulled it out and it looked all puss infected. Gross. I looked up as the anthem played. A career tribute from one, which was odd. The older looking kid from 3, the girls from 5 and 6, the boys from 9, 10, and 14. Then the pale and creepy kid from 15. Then, a loud low brass noise. Then a gong. Similar to the one at the bloodbath. I noticed the winds pick up. I had to remember low brass and a gong following it meant a new weather trap. The winds picked up, until I saw a huge tornado on the mountain. I heard someone scream and a cannon sound. It was coming my way and I started to sprint away.

Ember's POV

The poison felt like it was burning my insides. I groaned as I lay on the ground. A little chime perked me up. I say a silver thing. I opened it. An antidote. A sponsor. I drank it and felt better. BOOM! The tornado had claimed another victim. It finally dissapeared behind the mountains. It was night now. And the temperature seemed to decline as well. Soon I could see my breath forming in mists in front of my mouth. My teeth started chattering. I had to get out of the mountains.

Olly's POV

We were at the edge. What I saw nearly made me laugh. Flamingo Kisser and Fat Robin hood were kissing. The Dancing Weirdo was dancing and twirling a baseball bat. "Hey yo fools! Why must yo make out in the games?" he kept saying. The two kissers never replied. Then the Flamingo Kisser turned to a robin which was perched on a crate and kissed it. Good they were distracted. We swam, underwater, so we wouldn't make no noise. My lungs were burning by the time we reached the concrete. We all tried hard to not gasp but of course we did. "What was that noise?" Dancing Weirdo asked his alliance, who were still kissing. When he got no answer he kept dancing. We climbed up, and Twixline let out a battlecry. He swung his mace at Fat Robin Hood but it was blocked by the fatso's knife. The dancing weirdo was hit by rocks thrown at him, and he swung his bat into Aroma's head, knocking her out. He then kicked her into the water and I watched as Bone nimbly jumped in to save Aroma. I was busy watching when the Fatso came at me again. This time he cut my jaw. 

Bone's POV

I jumped in the water to rescue Aroma from drowning, and I put her back on land. I watched as Olly got behind Fat Robin Hood and kick him into the water. Flamingo Kisser came after him and chopped into his shoulder with an ax. She was about to finish him when a throwing knife hit her calf. She dove into the water to avoid another one. Good job Tails. Now the only one still on the cornucopia was Dancing weirdo who kept dodging Twixline's attacks and saying "Yo missed fool!" which made him mad. So mad he threw his mace at the weirdo, who dodged it and kicked Twixline's jaw. "Whatcha gonna do now fool?" he said as he prepared to brutally beat down my ally. I grabbed a dagger and jumped on the dancing weirdo. I slit his throat. "You okay?" I ask Twixline as I help him up. "Yeah" he replies. "Well, Aroma is knocked out, and I think Olly is bleeding badly." I report. I then saw Expiriment Six tying up the knocked out Blade Spectrus. "What are you doing kill him!" Hybrid shouts. Expiriment shakes his head.

Blade's POV

I woke up, remembering me getting smashed in the back of the head. I saw the smiling figure of Expiriment Six and I wriggled, but realized I was tied up. "Let me go!" I yell as i squirm some more. Expiriment smiles. He makes a sign with his finger sliding across his neck. "You shouldn't kill me, I could be a good ally! I already killed someone!" I say as I watch him start to draw a bladed frisbee. "No wait! Think about it. I can help you!" I plea. He sheathes his frisbee and I sigh with relief. I watched as my ropes were cut. I grabbed a spear, and awaited orders from my alliance.

Day 2

Aroma's POV

BOOM! I awoke from my knocked out state, my head hurting. Who died? I see Twixline close Olly's eyes. "He bled out..." was all Twixline said as the hovercraft got the body. My head hurt. "What of Dancing Weirdo?" I ask. "Bone slit his throat. She also saved you from drowning." Twixline replied. I had to thank her. We had the cornucopia. That was a good thing.

Flippy's POV

I had gotten disenfect cream from a sponsor which healed my wounded leg. I had narrowly escaped the tornado, and had watched someone else get blown away. I lost my bag but still had my combat knife and camouflage paint. I had to find shelter for the next bad thing sent at me the next night. I was so busy in thought I bumped into a stone pedestal. It was a button system. It read "Enter the valid code to get to the weather proof bunker.". That did not make sense. I hoped my mentor could crack the code. (Riddle for code. I once was land to dinosaurs. But I split into 7 parts. What am I?). A note fluttered by, saying type in Pangaea. I did, and the floor below me fell. I was in a stone room with torches. A screen red "Next Trap." I looked at it. "Flood."

Tarin's POV

I was starving. I would have grabbed that bag of food if Pine hadn't cut my lip with a knife. All I had was a canteen of water. I had made a makeshift spear, which I constantly tried to hunt tributes with. But I couldn't find any. These hills were covered with flowers. I looked at one which spat liquid in my face. I screamed as the liquid burned my eyes. Note to self: STAY AWAY FROM FLOWERS.

Grim's POV

When I saw Fineh's face in the sky last night, I knew I couldn't ally with no one else. I had a achieved a broad sword and a bunch of food. But dehydration was striking. I saw a russle in the bushes. Who could it be. I saw as a tribute dashed out. I threw my sword, a foolish move, but a desperate one. When I watched as it hit the tree, I ran over and grabbed it just as the tribute punched me to the ground. Allan, and his fishook was bloody. "You were a bit to high strung Grim. I'll end your suffering for that ugly who shared a last name with you". I headbutted the litte snot. He swung and i ducked, tackling him, sending us rolling down the hill. When reached the bottom, he got up first. I looked at my hands. Bloody. My sword cut them on that role. I got up, and saw a throwing knife nip Allan's arm. I saw him start to escape, when I saw my sister. "Ryla" I moaned, hoping she could help.

Bone's POV

With Olly dead, our alliance had lost some moralitiy. Then, I saw Flamingo Kisser and Fat Robin Hood. Fat Robin hood must have gotten hot, as he was shirtless. I nearly was blinded by his 12 fat rolls as he pointed at us. Then from the roof of the cornucopia, Galina jumped on me. She stabbed me with a dagger and slammed my head into a crate. She then held  a knife at my throat. "Move and she get's it. Give me items that I request now." she said sounding full of herself. I saw her hit by something, and her head roll into the floor. I watched Expiriment retreive his bladed frisbee. "Are you alright? You've got a bump and a nasty wound." Twixliner asked. I searched for a medical kit. A sponsor floated down. Medical supplies. I sighed with relief and started to patch myself up.

Hybrid's POV

Our alliance was sitting around doing nothing. Them weirdos could be recruting and planning to retake this cornucopia. After the Galina incident, we had been a lot more careful. Bone was asleep, and so was Twixliner and Expiriment. Blade was watching me, apparently angry, Aroma was sharpening her knife, and Tails was watching the waves lap the beach. This was the most boring games ever. The capitol would be edging to do something if there was no action.

Silver's POV

I hoped that Dancing fool was the cannon I just heard. I knew there stupid alliance was taken away from the cornucopia, as I was chased by the Fatso and the Bird kisser. I saw a rock fly over my head, and with fast reflexes I blew a dart at the direction it came from. I saw Marie fall from the shrubbery, dead. BOOM! I retrieved my dart. Stupid girl.

Allan's POV

I was bloody from my encounter with Grim. I would've killed him if it weren't for that stupid sister of his. I heard a rustle. Out came the Flamingo Kisser, and then the Fat Robin Hood too. Still see he had his hat, but his shirt was gone, revealing his 12 fat rolls of doom. I threw a fishhook into the trees, grabbling onto a branch. I climbed up the tree using the fishing line, to escape them. Well, one of them. I watched the fatty try to climb, but the branches broke and he fell. Though Flamingo Kisser, was getting closer to me each second. She tried to chop me with an ax, but I jumped to another branch. She growled, and continued. This time, I whacked her with a branch. She fell, hitting branches as she did. I watched happily, as the fatso and bird kisser started to glare up at me. They then walked off.

Bella's POV

I was walking with my bow and arrows. Then I tripped over a wire, shooting a dart at me, effectively pinning my shirt against the tree. I saw Ryla walk out of the bushes, wielding a knife. She gave an evil smile. There was a rock sitting right next to me. If I could grab it, and throw it at Ryla, it may give me enought time to reach my bow. She got close, I grabbed the rock hurling it into her body. I broke free from the dart, and picked up the bow. I quickly fired an arrow, right into Ryla's gut. She fell over. I picked up her knife, when Grim came out of the woods. I ran off, watching as Grim weeped over his injured sister.

Tail's POV

"I think we should go hunting." I finally say after what seems about hours. Twixline ponders, then saying "Okay Tails. Aroma, Hybrid, and Blade, go with him. The rest of us, stay here and guard.". We walked off, when I saw Hybrid get swung up bye his feet bye a rope. I watched as an ax buried into his head. Flamingo Kisser and the shirtless Fat Robin hood, the last of the weirdo alliance charged us. Aroma abanoned Blade and I, and we both thought the same. Blade threw his spear, which Flamingo Kisser nimbly dodged. He picked up a brick and smashed into Fat Robin Hood's arm. The fatty fell on him, nearly smothering him. I swing my sword but Flamingo Kisser knocks it away with her ax. When Blade finally escapes we start to run. We lost our since of direction after we had been running. We were lost in the upper hills. 

Night 2

Bone's POV

The anthem played. First it showed Pine, then Dancing Weirdo, then Olly, then Galina, then Hybrid, and finally ended with Marie. Six deaths today. Then, the low brass sound, and the sound of the game starting gong. The same thing as the previous night. The sign of a disaster. Thunder rumbled, and I saw lightning in the sky. Then rain came down in torrents. The water around the cornucopia was rising rapidly. "We got to climb the cornucopia!" I say, starting to climb up the slippery walls. I reach the top and help Twixline up. I reach for Expiriment's hand, but I can't grab it as he slips off the cornucopia into the raging waters. Not much later do I hear his cannon. 

Blade's POV

Dehydrated, I was glad when the rain fell. Tails gathered it in a leaf and we drank gratefully. All I had was a knife and all Tails had was a stone. We were lost, to make things worse. That's when lightning struck a tree nearby. We jumped away from it and were hoisted up in a net. Below us, the remaining Shynx, Ryla, Grim, and Silver were below us. I cut frantically at the ropes, as Silver shot a blow dart. I heard a cannon, and saw Tails had been hit. She aimed at me next, when exactly, I fell from the rope. I ran, making my way towards the cornucopia.

Sarina's POV

I had a sickle and a bag. I had been hiding out in this bush pile for a while, and no one had bothered to check it. The storm had finally stopped, but I heard two cannons last night. Something was walking near me. I looked up to see Allan Pisces carrying a dead deer over his shoulder. I decided to sneak up behind him. When I had my sickle close, I fell into a hole covered by leaves. I think I had broken my ankle. I was doomed... I had to find a way out.

Allan's POV

Two sponsor packages. One big and one small. I opened the big one.... A harpoon gun compatible with fishing hooks! I opened the little one. A box of matches to help me cook this deer! I eagerly load the harpoon gun and check the noise behind me. Sarina was in a hole, moaning. I aimed at her head, and shot it. BOOM! I pulled on the line of the fishing hook, pulling her up. I removed the hook and headed on my way to cook the dear. I covered the area with leaves and watched as my dear was cooking.

Ryla's POV

After Bella shot me I thought I was dead. A sponsor saved me at the last minute. After Silver had gotten a kill, I started to make more traps. It had been some time before the last cannon. Bet the gamemakers were getting frustrated. "Stop" Grim whispered. Silver and I stopped in our tracks. We saw Aroma building what seemed to be a fire. Why wasn't she at the cornucopia? Silver aimed her blowgun, when a fist collided into her jaw. I watched a knife go into Grim's back as someone forced a bag over my head and started to suffocate me. Blind I couldn't resist against the strong arms. BOOM! I wondered who that was. Someone hit me over the head with a rock and I fell unconscius. 

Day 2 Info

  • The remaining Shynxes have been kidnapped by the Weirdo alliance.
  • Blade made it back to the cornucopia along with his remaining allies, Bone and Twixliner.
  • Both tributes from District 2 and 13 are still alive.

Day 3

Flippy's POV

This place was intriguing. The next disaster thing had gone blank, and the torches continued burning. Then, I saw a mouse. Cute little critter, would make me food. I stomped on it, killing it. I stuffed the dead mouse in my pack, until I heard a large scuttling sound. A large rat standing 4 feet at the shoulder was snarling at me. It sprang and I stabbed the side of it's neck spilling blood on my face. Luckily the thing hadn't bit me. It would make good food too, if I only had a fire. Thats when the next trap rang. I looked on it. "Burning beaches". I was glad down here, then I looked over as an albino rat, standing 5 feet at least on it's shoulder sprang at me. It took a huge hunk out of my arm, and I screamed as it started to rip the flesh off my chest. I threw it off me, as it tried to snap me. I grabbed it's snapping snout and it's head and turned it quickly, snapping the beast's neck. I groaned looking at my wounds on my chest. They were already getting infected.... I groaned. This weather proof bunker might have been good, but it's inhabitants were not. I hoped that someone would sponsor me with bandages and disinfect cream, or else I would surely be dead by tomorrow.

Silver's POV

I awoke, tied to a tree with my siblings. Fat Robin Hood was sharpening his knife, and I saw Flamingo Kisser... riding a huge flamingo. "Nice to see you awake. We're gonna test you, and let the survivor go. Two of you will die, and one will live.". I squirmed, but whoever tied these ropes was very good. I saw Flamingo Kisser order her mighty steed to scratch at the branches above us. It fell, and watched as Ryla dodged it, and escaped by cutting her ropes with flint. I saw Flamingo Kisser his, and she flew her steed to go after Ryla. "Execute them" she told Fat Robin Hood, and he smiled evilly. He walked over to Grim, who spat in Robin's face. Robin, angrily slit his throat. BOOM! He then walked over to me, and fell on me. His weight was too much, I heard the tree groan, I was being smothered by his 12 fat rolls. I gasped my last breath, as he crushed the life out of me. BOOM! 

Blade's POV

I had lost Tails, and most of my allies. I then ran into Bone and Twixliner. "The flood swallowed the cornucopia last night" Bone said. Luckily they had grabbed me 2 spears. Then, an announcement rang out. "Since over half of you are dead, there will be a feast tonight at dusk. This will have an item of importance, an item you need. Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor.". We needed to make a plan, we needed to take out the biggesto threats in this arena. Fat Robin Hood, Flamingo Kisser, Allan Pisces, and Sombra Celestia. I knew they weren't all allied, but they were very deadly and needed to be eliminated before tonight. I grabbed my two spears, and Bone, Twixliner, and I started to track down a foolish tribute. My mind still was troubled though....

Sombra's POV

I was excited for this feast. I could finally get more kills. It would be a minor bloodbath, but one nonetheless. I was not only going to grab my bag, but I was gonna force others to come after me when I got their's. Then I would kill them. I had two throwing knives and a dagger. I was ready. I started to walk closer and closer until I sat at the edge of where the cornucopia was. The feast would be there, I was sure of it.

Allan's POV

I was ready to go. I had an advantage of range, and I could easily eliminate tributes. That's when I heard a rustle. Should have covered my tracks. Twixliner charged at me with a mace. Idiot. I shot him in the chest with my harpoon gun. It hooked him above his heart, but enough to mortally wound him. Blade through a spear which went through my shin, and I fell. Before he could rush over and kill me, I heard a screech. Flamingo kisser's steed picked up the dying Twixliner, then snapped his neck, ending him. BOOM! I knew she was a big threat. I got up, aimed, and hooked Flamingo Kisser with my harpoon gun shot. I tugged and pulled her off of her steed. She reached for her ax, but I had already picked up a rock and smashed the hook further into her heart. BOOM! I ran off, trying to not get caught by Blade or Bone.

Night 3

Sombra's POV

I watched the faces in the sky. First the boy from 5, one of them Shynxs. Then both from 7, which were in the big alliance. The girl from 13, which I'm pretty sure upset her in love fat district partner. Then the girl from 15, who was indeed a threat. That's when I saw Allan approach me. His harpoon gun wasn't aimed at me, however, so he must have been requesting an alliance. "Wanna raise hell at the feast" he asks. I smiled, grip my throwing knife, and reply "Hell ya". That's when the podium rose from the water, containing the bags. Then, that low brass followed by a gong. I saw all tribute had came except the boy from 11. That's when the beaches lit on fire. This feast was going to be a bloody one, as the tributes climbed on the tribute plates. A mini bloodbath was going to begin.

Blade's POV

I was ready, as I jumped off my plate going towards the rising pedestal with the bag labeled "1". That's when Anne jumped off with her bag. I caught her in a net I had been sponsored with, and watched as she struggled. I gave her a nice push down under the water as I grabbed my bag. I opened it.... the note read "Heat seeking Spears". Nice. I threw one, and watched as it curved around the pedestal and hit the girl from 2. BOOM! I swam away, trying to reach a pedestal.

Anne's POV

I had gotten a good gasp of air before being forced underwater in this net. My lungs started to crave air, as I reached for my knife. I let out more air, making me crave air worse. My lungs were burning. I finally cut the net, but not before trying to breathe, causing me to swallow and choke on water. I swam, trying desperately, until I finally reached it. I climbed on a pedestal, coughing up more water, waiting for the burning beaches to end!

Allan Pisce's POV

That stupid fat robin hood was chasing me because I killed his girlfriend. I reached the pedestal before him, grabbing my bag. The fatty charged at me stabbing at me with his dagger, but I ducked and rolled into the water. I grabbed the bag labeled "11", before I swam away. The fatty still pursued me, as we climbed on one of the pedestals. I opened the 11 bag, which contained a grenade. Must have been a military tribute... The fatty came after me once more...

Ember's POV

I opened my bag, which was a diamond machete. I turned around, unintentionally stabbing the girl from 9. Poor little one too, as I took her bag. It was a mine. Guess she was trap savvy. Being from 3, I knew how to set this thing. When a gruff hand pulled me under. I saw the girl from 10, dragging me and herself down to the depths of this lake. She stabbed at me with a short sword, but it being harder to fight underwater, I grabbed it and wrenched it from her grip. Not before she swung and hit my jaw, before kicking me in the chest and swimming up and away. I didn't have enough energy to swim away, and I watched as my vision faded to black.

Blade's POV

I watch as Sombra hits Anne why she is in midair with a throwing knife. BOOM! It seems everyone stops when they look at what is happening on the pedestal. Fat Robin Hood and Allan Pisces are having the duel of the games. Robin Hood stabbed, but Allan ducked making the fatty stab into the pedestal. He struggled to pull it out, when Allan jumped on his back and gripped him in a choke hold. Fat Robin hood slammed him onto the pedestal's floor. I saw him prepare to sit on Allan, until Allan brought out a GRENADE with the pin pulled. He shoved it down Fat Robin Hood's throat, and said "It's not over until the fat tribute explodes!" which he ducked away. Fat Robin Hood looked disapointed, as he blew up and his fatty parts went out all over the water. BOOM! I looked behind me. The beaches were no longer on fire. As if on instict, everyone swam toward them, escaping yet again.

Day 4

Sombra's POV

After Allan had killed Fat Robin Hood, everyone had fled. My feast bag armor... which was fine with me. The harder it would be to kill me, the better. I had lost Allan, which was fine because our alliance expired after the feast. That's when I saw it... a huge skewer bird. I ran through the trees but the thing kept chasing me. It pinned me down with it's talon's and I grabbed it's beak as it slowly got closer to my heart... when I stabbed it in the eye with a throwing knife. It released and I slit it's neck open, causing blood to pour everywhere. I scoffed, and walked off.

Flippy's POV

My wound wasn't infected, but it was still bleeding. I knew I would bleed out soon, but I got one last glance at the next disaster board. "Game ending Volcano". Heh, good thing I would miss out on that in my death. I crossed my heart with my arms and closed my eyes, dying in peace. BOOM! 

Bella's POV

I gripped my new bow from the cornucopia. I think the arrows were explosive tipped. The silver bow glowed gently in the sun, when I saw something. A corpse. But. There was someone hunkered down over it. Laughing evilly, as he carved a smile in the corpse's knife. He looked at me, eye's twitching. Allan Pisces, the boy from 2. He had gone cuckoo. Frozen in fear, I watched as he walked close to me. He got me in a headlock, then he clasped his hand over my face. He was smothering me. He muffled my screams, cries for help, until someone punched him. I gasped and dove into the water to escape this maniac. When I got to the other side of the beach, I watched him and Blade wrestle on the ground. Allan pinned him and started to brutally punch him. I watched in horror as Allan picked up a large stone off the ground and smashed it into Blade's forehead. BOOM! I saw Bone emerge from the woods just to see her ally murdered.

Allan's POV

That was a rush. I should have just slit Bella's throat than killing her painfully. I grabbed my harpoon gun and my sponsor bag, which contained more fish hooks. I loaded my harpoon, going off. I had trained for this back at 2. I was ready to win. To kill. 

Bone's POV

I had dried my tears up. That ALLAN, killed Blade. I was alone. I had to avenge him. But how? I walked trying to think of all the way I could torture him, when the tree to the side of me exploded. I looked and saw Bella shooting explosive arrows at me. I dove to the ground to avoid another one which hit the mountain. I got near her and shoved her backwards. She notched another arrow, but I kicked the bow out of her hands. I jumped back as the arrow that was nocked exploded right under Bella's feet. BOOM! I panted, scared, but fine. 

Night 4

Allan's POV

Why was it night already? It was only 2:00 in the afternoon. Must have been in a hurry to end it. The fallen appeared, showing all the deaths of the feast. It showed the 3 cannons today, The boy from 11, The boy from 1, and the girl from 10. I then heard it. The low brass, followed by a gong. Lightning struck the tallest mountain, and lava exploded from it's top. It started to flow down the side.

Sombra's POV

I felt my feet running from the lava, as I knew the only safe place. The water. I headed towards it, when Allan tripped me. "Hello old Ally! I'm going to kill you!" he said in a pshychopath voice. He shot a fish hook, but I rolled to the side. His harpoon gun jammed and I kicked him in the stomach. He punched me into a tree, and was coming closer. When I saw the slim figure of Bone jump out of the shadows. She brought Allan to the ground and was cutting his cheeks with a razor. "Time for you to SHAVE" she said angrily and she cut his face up with a razor. Allan angrily got up and picked her up by the scruff of her neck. "Time for you to smile wide!" he said as he reached for a knife. Bone smiled, and I knew she had something up her sleeve. An exploding arrow. She stabbed him in the neck, and I knew all to well, that they would both go down with a boom. BOOM! BOOM!

Dawn of Day 5

Sombra's POV

"I pronounce the victor of the 126th Annual Hunger Games, Sombra Celesta from our very own!" the announcement rang out. I was picked up by the hovercraft. I hadn't known how I had lived... basically because I was strong. I hoped they wouldn't put me in these again, as these had been worse than ever.

Congratulations Mistfire333!

Thank you all for reading, and stuff. Enter my sequel!

Tell me what you thought of the games!

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