Chapter 1, the Reaping

Hi, my name is Amy Winders. I am about 5"6, my eyes are as green as grass, and my hair is a brown color. I am pretty slim, but I am strong for my looks. I am 15, and it was reaping day. The day was boring as usual, get my hair braided into twin ponytails, wear my mom's white dress, go with my little brother Daniel. He is 13 now, and he is just as bored as me. We walk, wear we get our fingers pricked and then proceed. I daydream until I hear our escort the usual annoying speeches blah blah blah, then saying in that annoying tone "Let the odds ever be in your favor!" then she exclaims "Ladies First!". I yawn, clearly not expecting much. Then, like a crackle of thunder "Amy Winders!". My name. I was going to the hunger games. My look of boredom instantly changed to one of fear. Daniel started to sniffle as I was taken to the stage. I could see my mother, weeping into my father's chest. He looked very sad too. I stood, trying to keep a straight face when the escort called the Boy's name, "Brett Jakobs!". Brett was one of the biggest teenagers in our district. We shook hands, and stepped away.

Chapter 2, the Last Visit

My family came in. Daniel hugged me, then my mom and dad. Dad gave me a few words of advice. "Get to a ranged weapon. Remember how well you threw rocks with me?". I remembered those days. We would try to hit trees with small stones. I got good at it and could hit the slimmest trees. Then my mom said "Win it... for us..." then Daniel said "Don't die sis...". The rest was a blur, and soon I found myself boarding the train. I waved to my district as the train left.

Chapter 3, The Train Ride

The train was nice, but where it was taking Brett and I was not. He winked at me a couple times, but I was focused on surviving the games. Our mentor, who's name was Alex Birchstone, was sitting in his usual stool, reading a book titled "How to overcome horrifying memories.". I remembered his games, he killed 5 tributes, 3 being careers. To win he drowned the District 9 Female, something he mostly remembered. "Oh hey Amy." he greets, and I ask "Do you have any tips to... survive?". He looked at me, then saying "Well... don't start a fire. It's what killed 3 of the tributes. Anything is a weapon. Even a twig can do some damage. Look out for animals in the arena. Venomous snakes killed half the careers in my games. Do not get in an alliance. Even Brett could be against you.". Then I thought. Brett... my district partner. Soon we came to a halt, then looking out the window, many capitol citizens cheered and waves. I forced a fake smile and waved back. Brett seemed to do the same.

Chapter 4, The Capitol

When we were shown to our rooms, it was luxury. My bed was a big fluffy bed opposed to the one at home which was a wood frame with hay and deer skin for covers. "Welcome to the capitol. The tribute parade is tonight, so be sure to go and get ready." our escort said. I groaned, I got here 24 minutes ago. I plopped on the bed. I turned on the tv, showing "Best Hunger Games Moments." First games... The big District 6 Male stabbed the District 11 Male then beat him with a rock. I watched as the announcer talked excidetly about the 1st ever hunger games. When it got to the 5th I turned it off. Couldn't stand it. When it was time, I went down t the prep team. 

Chapter 5, The Tribute Parade

Of course Brett and I were dressed up to represent our district. They dressed us up in purely sown jackets and pants. For me they braided my hair into two ponytails running down my shoulders. They put too much eyeliner for my liking but little eye shadow. Brett looked at me. His hair was spiked a bit. He then said "Your pretty eyes stand out." which was the first thing he ever said to me. I blushed but then regained my senses as our carriage moved. I took a look at the tributes. District 1 and 2 Tributes... all 4 of them career material... then the District 3 Tributes, who appeared pail and not threatening. The District 4 Tributes looked like careers. The District 5, 6, and 7 tributes weren't no worry, nor were the District 9,10,11, nor 12. Brett and I waved, trying to earn ourselves sponsors. The president gave his speeches, and then we got word of training in the morning. I looked over at the District 1 Tributes terroizing the poor District 5 Tributes. Both were 12 year olds, and I felt pity for them. We headed upstairs, 

Chapter 6, The Training Day 1

We got there, and then the trainer gave her speech about natural deaths happening a lot more. When she finished, I went to the survival station. I learned how to set up a tent and start a fire. I checked the edible plant's memory game, and did pretty well. Then I went to test the throwing weapons station. I threw a knife and hit the bottom of the target. Too light. I tried a spear and missed completely. I heard the careers, composed of the District 1, 2, 4 Male and Female tributes and the District 7 Male, snicker. Tried a bow, but you didn't throw them. Then I felt a throwing ax. Perfect weight then I smiled. I threw it as it twirled in mid air. Then it hit the target square in the chest. That shut the careers up. I saw Brett at the Sword station, cutting off heads of mannequins like there was no tomorrow. Soon it was time to go and rest for the next day of training.

Chapter 7, The Training Day 2

I decided to sharpen my skills on throwing axes and to remember the edible plants. It was average until the District 1 Female, who seemed to be the leader of the careers came up to me. "You look like you'd be good enough to join us. What do you say?". I simply replied "No thanks.". She hissed and walked off. I continued sharpening the skills I needed to survive. Tomorrow was the day to see the training scores and odds of winning, and to hopefully impress the capitol, and for the Interviews the day after that.

Chapter 8, Impressing the Capitol

I trained hard as I could that day. When the time came at night for our tryouts, and the District 7 Tributes left Brett and I came in. They called Brett first and he went in. I thought of what I should do for the games, then thought of Daniel, Mom, and Dad. They called me and Brett wished me luck. I walked in as the judges watched me. I started by quikcly setting up a fire and tent, then showing how many edible plants I could remember. I finished it wish hitting 3 out of the 5 targets in the lethal spots. I left smiling, knowing I had achieved a good score. Then we sat at the dining table watching the scores. "Ruby Shorelin, from District 1.... a 10! Bruce Stone from District 2... a 9!". It continued on, "Edgar Eelsman, from District 4.... an 8!" then "Ellis Mayers from District 7.... a 10!" then finally it got to Brett and I. "Brett Jakobs, from District 8..... an 8!" I broke into applause and Alex exclaimed "Nicely done Brett!" then it got to me... "Amy Winders, from District 8..." I held my breath for what seemed like forever "A score of 10! Brilliant District 8 Absouletely Brilliant!" everyone in the room cheered for me. Alex then said "Cheers to our wonderful tributes! Brett and Amy!" and we all clinked glasses.

Chapter 9, The Interview

I polished up in the final day of training, then got prepared what to say to Caeser Flickerman. I figured it out what I was going to say. My hair was already in twin braided ponytails, so they only re apllied the eyeliner. When Brett was up, I was nervous. He said he was going in confident and to keep his head held high. The capitol applauded as Brett left the stage. I walked up, and with the usual intro, I took my seat. "So Amy, heard you got a ten. How long has it been since that happened?" then the audience laughed and I forced a smile. No one had gotten a score above 8 since the 7th hunger games. "Well a while Caeser, a long while." they laughed again. "So, Amy, whats your plan to survive?" I thought, then replied "Keep survival and combat balanced, Avoid the careers until the end." Caeser seemed impressed. "And how are thoughts of home? Do you have anyone you want to win it for?" I replied simply "My family sure would want me to return home alive." and with that and applause. I watched the District 7 Male, Ellis, in his. He seemed cocky, as if begging for an ax in the skull. The District 7 Female acted shy and soft spoken, and the District 10 Male was silent for the most part. When it was over we left to our rooms... the games were tomorrow and I was a wreck.

Chapter 10, The Bloodbath

I was ready. Nervous, but ready. All the tributes road to the final talk with their stylist. It didn't sting when they put in the tracking device as much as I thought it would. When we  My stylist re did my hair to what I liked, the usual twin braided pony tails then I dressed in my attire. I readied into the tube. My podium. Slowly it raised when it got to the top it blinded me. When my eyes adjusted, I saw I was on a flatland. One side of the flatland was an ocean, the other side was a jungle and rivers. It counted down from 60. I saw a bag. I targeted that bag. I looked at Brett who looked at the Cornucopia ready to go. 30,29,28 the countdown continued. I looked at the scared District 5 Tributes, at the Cocky District 7 Male, at the silent District 10 Male... 5,4,3,2,1. Then I was running for the bag. I got it and was tackled by the District 9 Female. She had hold of my throat. Slowly my vision was starting to black out, then I thought "Not the 1st one.... not like this!". I slammed my fist into the side of her jaw. Then I threw her into the cornucopia, killing her. I took off towards the jungle. When I got to a safe distance I watched. The District 7 Male, Ellis, killed the District 10 Female. I saw Brett. He had a sword and with it he killed the District 3 Male. The District 6 Female killed the District 12 Male. The District 7 Female was slaughtered by the District 11 Male. The District 6 Male chased down the District 3 Female, killing her with his shortsword. He took her bag then ran. The District 9 Male killed the District 5 Female. It ended with the Distirct 2 Male killing the District 11 Female. The careers had secured the cornucopia. I checked my bag... a water canteen, two cracker packs, and a hatchet. "A mini throwing ax..." I muttered as I got the hatchet. When an acorn hit me on the head. I turned. Up in the tree, the scared 12 year old District 5 Male looked down upon me. I readied my hatchet.... but I just couldn't do it. "Hey... Amy? Amy Winders?" he called down. "Yes... that's me..." I called back up. "Is my District Partner, Mary, alive?". I shook my head. The District 5 Female had been cut down by the District 9 Male. He looked pained. "What's your name?" I asked him. He then replied "Joey Littlesin.". I tossed him one of the cracker packs, as I knew most edible plants. "Good Luck.". He smiled then hid. I heard the careers coming and continued further into the jungle. 

Chapter 11, The Careers

I started to count the cannons. Only 8, surprisingly low. Then the careers shuffles reminded me of why I was running. A river was up ahead, and the District 6 Female was taking a sip. Upon seeing me she ran. I ran into the river. They were very close now. My only choice was to hope they didn't notice me. I took a huge gulp of air then plunged under the river, laying still at the bottom. It was only 2 and a half foot deep. Sounds more muffled underwater, I heard there feet splash by. My lungs were burning, and I released some air... too much. I watched as the feet splashed away, lungs screaming... I surfaced and gasped a huge breath of air. The careers had passed... luckily. I then thought of how close I had come to drowning myself. Then I saw Brett. He stood their smirking. "You must be really tough to be underwater for over a minute. Then suddenly BOOM! and then in quick succession BOOM!. Brett and I wondered what had happened. We decided to set camp by the river. I found a patch of edible raspberries and Brett and I enjoyed a wonderful meal. But then the sun set. The First Night had begun.

Chapter 12, The First Night

I looked in the sky, looking at their faces. The District 9 Female, The District 10 Female, The District 3 Male, The District 12 Male, The District 12, The District 7 Female, The District 3 Female, The District 5 Female, The District 11 Female, and then the two from the most recent cannons, The District 11 Male and District 2 Female. That left both District 1 Tributes, the District 2 Male, both District 4 Tributes, the District 5 Male, both District 6 Tributes, the Distrct 7 Male, Brett and I, The District 9 Male, the District 10 Male, and the District 12 Female. The night though, was freezing. My breath came out in wisps, as did Brett's. But I remembered building a fire was a death trap. Luckily, Brett had warm sleeping bag. We huddled in them, soon falling to sleep.

Chapter 13, Day 2

We woke up bright and early. For breakfast, I caught us a rabbit by somehow hitting it with my hatchet. We then decided to store it. We ate some of the raspberries.on the bush, when Brett explained "You know, Amy, you might make it. Your balanced in survival and combat.". I smiled. "But look at your beefy profile, you could take on any career!" I said laughing. Then we stopped. Splashing nearby. About 30 feet on the opposite shore, the District 12 Female was running. Both District 4 Tributes pursued her. When a huge tiger muttation jumped out and ripped the District 12 Female to shreds. The cannon sounded to show. The District 4 Female ran for it, and the male stabbed it with his spear. The tiger flung him into a large rock, sounding another cannon. It then scented Brett and I, and started to run. We ran, as I hurridely climbed an oak tree. I held my hand down, to help Brett up, "Hurry grab my hand!" I yelled as the muttation got closer and closer. I pulled him up right as the tiger smashed the branch he was just standing on. We panted, seeing the remaining careers. The District 1 Tributes, the District 2 Male, and The District 4 Female. Three shot the tiger with bows, and then finished it off. The careers didn't see us and walked on. When I felt a pincer bite my hand. "Ouch!" I said sharply as I smacked my hand. A dead, harmless looking fly was there. When I flicked the corpse off, the bite showed up green. Then a pain shot up my arm. I grunted. "Amy! What's wrong!" Brett asked. My blue vein was turning green, it was slowly going up my arm. The pain intensified. Brett figured out what was wrong. "Amy! That was a poisonous jungle fly! A mutt by the gamemakers!" he said. He reached in his bag, searching for the venom removing stuff he found the District 3 Male carrying. Or so I thought. He pulled out a clear bottle. The green was going up my neck vein... Brett held my arm where I was bit, and poured the liquids on it. It stung. I screamed, but Brett held his hand over my mouth so the careers couldn't hear. Then, it subsided... the pain was gone. My veins returned blue. I was alive. "I owe you one." I told Brett. He just shrugged and said "Well, anything to help a district partner.".

Chapter 14, Cornucopia Raid

We climbed down and thirsty, I took a long drink from my canteen. I didn't trust the river. We searched the District 12 Female, who had some more food and water. Then the District 4 Male, who had a fishing rod and a sword. We decided to go hunting. When suddenly BOOM!. Careers had killed someone else. Or the other way around. I readied my hatched as we went to the cornucopia. Only two careers were guarding. It appeared the other remaining three went hunting. The District 1 Male, and The District 2 Male were sitting in there talking about home. I unleashed a battle cry as Brett and I charged the two careers. The District 1 Male wasn't too bad. I rolled dodged on of his slow blows and stabbed him in the neck, easily finishing him. The District 2 Male, though armed with a kukri, stabbed Brett in the shoulder. I ran at him and he punched me in the stomach, knocking the wind after me. When he was going to make a killing blow, Brett stabbed him in the back, then beheaded him also. "Yet again, thanks" I said. I grabbed some throwing axes and food and water. Now to kill the 3 Remaining careers.

Chapter 15, Night 2

We checked the faces in the sky. Of course The District 12 Female and The District 4 Male appeared. Then the unknown cannon, which belonged to the District 6 Female. The District 1 Male, then finally the District 2 Male. Then we spotted them, the careers. Ruby, the District 1 Female was panting. "Ellis stop running! I need to catch my breath." she said bending over panting. "How about we leave her to the dang mutt's chasing us?" The District 4 Female said. "Atla, you do that and I'll rip your heart out." Ruby replied. Ellis then said "Hurry, the big thing is coming. Get to the cornucopia. No doubt Bruce and Damion are dead." he said running. They continued. Then I saw the pursuer. A bigger variant of the tiger at the river ran, flanked by two smaller ones. They ran past, and seeing this jungle dangerous, we slept in a tree that night.

Chapter 16, Days Later

For the rest of the week, more tributes died, including the District 9 Male and District 10 Male. It was day 8, and the careers had found District 2 Female, who had killed the District 6 Female prior.  Only Ruby, Ellis, Atla, Brett, The District 6 Male, The Small boy from 5, who I believed was Joey, and Me. Brett and I stood by the ocean, where the careers were. We had allianced with Joey, who planned a distraction. He ran past the careers. Ellis and Ruby chased him, while Brett and I planned to quietly take out Atla. I came up behind her and lodged and ax into her shoulder, and before she screamed in pain I shoved her under the current. Brett pinned her arms down, as I held her head under. Her eyes went from fierce and fighting to scared. She squirmed trying to escape my grasp. Soon she ceased movement. Then the cannon sounded. We realeased the grip, as she stared up blankly. Then another boom. Ruby and Ellis had chased down and killed Joey. They charged at us. I threw and ax hitting Ruby, effectively chopping her whole arm off. She screamed in pain. But to my right, Brett was losing. Ellis grabbed one  his punches and I ran to try and help. But Ellis snapped his arm, then with a rock pulled Brett into it, bruttally smashing his skull. I screamed in anger and gave Ellis an ax through the skull. BOOM! Then I walked over to Ruby and finished her off too. BOOM! Brett... I crouched down by him, trying not to cry. "Brett.... you did it... your a hero... your parents would proud." I started to sniffle. Tears ran down my face. Then he said "At least my last site... is of your beauty." then he stopped moving. BOOM!. I wiped the tears from my face. Two tributes left. The District 6 Male and I.

Ending 1

I heard a loud screech. A huge troop of tigers. I ran up towards the cornucopia, where they stopped at the edges snarling. The District 6 Male came in from the north. Then I climbed atop the cornucopia like him, as the tiger mutts scratched the metal. He swung at me with his short sword as I ducked. He stabbed me and I yelled. I came down with my ax, cutting his shoulder. Then he slammed his fist into me. I was knocked down, and thought "This is it... I am going to die in the final 2. A failure." But then I saw the District 6 Male's chest exposed as he was ready to finish me off. I threw my last ax, hitting him in the chest. He fell dead. The cat mutts receded. The last cannon fired. I, Ruby Winders, had won the hunger games. When I returned to my escort and Alex, they gave me hugs. Alex whispered "I know you and Brett were real close..." he said. I didn't say much at Caeser's winning interview. The tribute parade was slow. District 1, Ruby's and Damion's families glared at me. District 2 gave me sad looks. District 3 did nothing. District 4 gave me looks, but then felt sorry for me. Besides, I killed Atla. Joey's family said that Joey died due to my stupid plan when I went to District 5. District 6 knew that it was either me or their tribute. District 7 remembered Ellis, but didn't say anything hateful. District 9 didn't like how I killed their female first. District 10, 11, and 12 didn't care. When I got home, my family were happy to see me. We moved into the victor's village, as I watched the bloody reminder of my games. First it showed me kill the District 9 Girl. Then it showed the District 7 Female die. It showed Brett kill the District 3 Boy. Then later on it showed me and Brett take down Damion and Bruce. It showed me the District 11 Male killing the District 2 Female then getting killed by Ruby. Then it showed Ellis kill the District 10 Male by the cornucopia. It showed the District 9 Male die to a swarm of the deadly jungle flies. It showed me and Brett drown Atma. Then Joey getting killed. I couldn't watch this part. I turned off the tv, and slept for nightmares I knew would come.

Ending 2 (From Ruby's POV)

I chased down Joey and killed him with my blade. Ellis and I turned to see Atla had been drowned. I ran forth dodging a throwing ax intended for my arm. I sidestepped it and plunged my blade into Amy's heart. A cannon signified her death. Brett killed Ellis, but I slit his throat. Now to kill the District 6 Boy and win it. I ran from the cat mutts climbing the cornucopia. The District 6 Boy sliced my leg, peeling skin off it. Then he grabbed me and pulled me. He held my head down, and a cat grabbed it. I screamed as my hair was pulled. I sprang up stabbed the boy in the neck and thrust his dead corpse to the cats. The final cannon. I had won. For District 1.

Ending 3 (Amy dies, District 6 Male wins)

After Brett died I ran up the cornucopia. The District 6 Male was there. I missed him with my last throwing ax and drew my hatchet. He stabbed my right eye and I screamed in pain. I held my hand over my bloody eye. I hit him in the back, but he came back with a counter attack. My vision blacked out when cold metal contacted with my chest.

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