Hello there!

Welcome to my first ever attempt at a hunger games. These games, are the Isle Games. Why, you may ask? These games take place in an ocean. There are several islands, each connected with shallows. Freshwater is only in the cornucopia or the oasis in the 4th island. One can swim in the ocean, but going to far will result in eating of deadly fish mutts (unless on boat, of course). The island the cornucopia is on is the largest, with each islands having a few palm trees. Cocunuts are harvestable, and the cornucopia will be stocked regularly. Interested? Post a char sheet! LIMIT TO 4 TRIBUTES PER PERSON!


There are 4 Mutts:

Coral Snakes Mutt: These nasty things provide a venomous bite that can kill if not treated. If bitten in Chest, Neck, or Head death happens in 10 seconds.

Biter Fish: These ferocius things commonly appear under the sand in the shallows of the water, and have a bite like a knife.

Venomfang Fish: Although rarer than Biter Fish, these suckers will poison prey. While not swift like the Coral Snake venom, it is a slow painful death.

4 Eyed Bear Mutts: Black and brown bears with 4 glowing purple eyes that appear on the 2nd, 6th, and 8th islands at night. They are deadly, but can be killed.


All members have 1000 dollars to spend freely. Items are:

Revival: Bring back a dead character you liked dear. Not usable past Day 3. Costs 1000 dollars

Fresh Water: Save your thirsty tribute from dehydration. Costs 100 dollars.

Many types of food: Starving tributes don't stay fit! Costs 100 dollars.

Coral Snake Venom Antidote: Tribute bitten by one of these things? Sponsor this to help them! Costs 250 dollars.

Venomfang Fish Venom Antidote: Same as above, 250 dollars.

Disinfect Cream: This stuff will prevent an infected wound. Costs 200 dollars.

Preferred Weapon: Send in any weapon to your tribute! Costs 500 dollars.

Members Money!

569822: 700 dollars

Everyone else: 1000!

Character Sheets








Appearance (pictures and description accepted!):

Weapon of Choice:



District Male User Age Weapon Female User Age Weapon
District 1 Pacster Chalmers Myworld 17 Sword, Throwing Knives Circe Winerose WitchandWizard 16 Poison, Traps, Blowgun & Darts
District 2 Blaze Hellfire WitchandWizard 18

Pike, Broadsword, spiked mace

Ivana Dupree Andy1854 17 Axe/Throwing Knives
District 3 Cord Tron Hungergamesrocks 16 Knife Luma Sparsin Hungergamesrocks 15 Spear, Combat
District 4 Kodai Hitogoroshi Mistfire333 15 Dagger, Teeth, Poison, Strangling

Kokoro Hitogoroshi

Mistfire333 15 Dagger, Teeth, Poison, Sharp Nails
District 5 Aaron Lop Grumpily14 14 Axes of all types Calypso Eirwyn Yui Nii-san 16 Dagger
District 6 Zak Slaughter Nightlock Kryptonite 16 Everything Mimic Slaughter Nightlock Kryptonite 16 Everything
District 7 Blade Spectrus Tehblakdeath 14 Spear, All types of knives and swords. Mirianna Gunther Omnomnomattack 14 Axe, Sword
District 8 Joshua Cottonseed Extras 18 Sword Emma Brynne Hicaterpillers!! 16 Throwing Knives, Knife
District 9 Joey Wheatgobb Extras 15 Scythe Adriana Chloris WitchandWizard 15 Traps, Hands, Teeth
District 10 Brandon Ivey Myworld 15 Sword, Throwing knives Missy Teagle Yui Nii-san 14 Throwing Knives

District 11

Sedar Seed 569822 ??? Bow and Arrow Valine Honeyman Hollownight1 15 proficient with quarterstaff and scythe
District 12 Lucas Cole 569822 12 Dagger Athena Eirwyn Yui Nii-san 18 Sword


Anti Careers: Blaze, Kodai, Brandon, Kokoro

Careers: Blaze, Ivana, Circe

District 11 Alliance: Valine and Sedar

Eirwyn Alliance: Calypso and Athena

Traning Scores!

D1: Pacster Chalmers: 8, odds of winning 7-1. Circe Winerose: 7, odds of winning 11-1.

D2: Blaze Hellfire: Score of 10, odds of winning 4-1. Ivana Dupree: 7, odds of winning 10-1.

D3: Cord Tron: Score of 6, odds of winning 15-1. Luma Sparsin: 7, odds of winning 11-1.

D4: Kodai Hitogoroshi: Score of 9, odds of winning 6-1. Kokoro Hitogoroshi: Score of 9, odds of winning 7-1.

D5: Aaron Lop: Score of 5, odds of winning 18-1. Calypso Eirwyn: Score of 6, odds of winning 14-1.

D6: Zak Slaughter: Score of 9, odds of winning 6-1. Mimic Slaughter: Score of 9, odds of winning 5-1.

D7: Blade Spectrus: Score of 7, odds of winning 12-1. Mirianna Gunther: Score of 9, odds of winning 8-1.

D8: Joshua Cottonseed: Score of 5, odds of winning 20-1. Emma Brynne: Score of 6, odds of winning 17-1.

D9: Joey Wheatgobb: Score of 3, odds of winning 33-1. Adriana Chloris: Score of 7, odds of winning 13-1.

D10: Brandon Ivey: Score of 5, odds of winning 18-1. Missy Teagle: Score of 5, odds of winning 19-1.

D11: Sedar Seed: Score of 10, odds of winning 5-1.  Valine Honeyman: Score of 7, odds of winning 10-1.

D12: Lucas Cole: Score of 4. Odds of winning 27-1. Athena Eirwyn: Score of 11!: Odds of winning 3-1.


24th: Joey Wheatgobb shot in the head by Sedar Seed with Bow and Arrow. (Bloodbath)

23rd: Mimic Slaughter strangled by Kokoro Hitogoroshi. (Bloodbath)

22nd: Joshua Cottonseed stabbed in skull by Kodai Hitogoroshi. (Bloodbath)

21st: Cord Tron slammed against pedestal by Zak Slaughter. (Bloodbath)

20th: Lucas Cole hit with throwing knives by Brandon Ivey (Bloodbath)

19th: Mirianna Gunther stabbed with Sword by Athena Eirwyn (Bloodbath)

18th: Aaron Lop stabbed in chest with sword by Blaze Hellfire (Bloodbath)

17th: Pacster Chalmers skewered in head with Spear by Blade Spectrus (Bloodbath)

16th: Luma Sparsin shot by Circe Winerose with Blowgun. (Bloodbath)

15th: Missy Teagle bit by coral snake with fangs. (Day 1)

14th: Kokoro Hitogoroshi drowned by Zak Slaughter with hands. (Day 1).

13th: Blade Spectrus throat slit by Emma Bryne with Dagger. (Night 1)

12th: Emma Bryne hit in skull by Brandon Ivey with Throwing Knife. (Night 1).

11th: Zak Slaughter bashed in head by Kodai Hitogoroshi. (Night 1).

10th: Circe Winerose shot in chest by Sedar Seed with bow and arrow. (Day 2)

9th: Valine Honeyman shot in neck by Circe Winerose with poison dart. (Day 2)

8th: Brandon Ivey ripped apart by Bear Mutt with Teeth and Claws. (Night 2).

7th: Adriana Chloris stabbed by Athena Eirwyn with sword. (Day 3)

6th: Kodai Hitogoroshi decapitated by Athena Eirwyn with sword. (Day 3)

5th: Athena Eirwyn stabbed in neck with dagger by Ivana Dupree. (Day 3)

4th: Calypso Eirwyn stabbed with sword by Blaze Hellfire. (Night 3)

3rd: Blaze Hellfire shot in head with bow by Sedar Seed. (Night 3).

2nd: Ivana Dupree stabbed in neck with Knife by Sedar Seed. (Day 4)

VICTOR: Sedar Seed from District 11! Congratulations 569822!

The Games

The moderate morning was a buzz in the capitol. Many citizens flicked on tv to watch the games, as bloody a brutal killing was sure to entertain there evil minds. Many got ready and the gamemakers cracked their knuckles. The arena was a lush, isle chain with islands running to everywhich side. A warm climate made it tropical, and the ocean gently lapped the beaches. Unknown to tributes, shark like mutts patrolled when the water got dark blue. The water was also salt water, making the only good water supplies from rain, the cornucopia, or the oasis hidden on the 5th island. Many spectators were ready. 

The tributes were nervous, each shaking, except for the confident few. They talked to their stylist, each sharing last minute words, before stepping onto the tube to their doom.

Pacster's POV

When the tubes rose up, I knew immediatly that this arena was too lush. Tropical isles, warm air, gentle sea breeze? To calming for a bloody games. I eyed the cornucopia, seeing my prized sword. I nodded to my fellow careers and got ready to rush.

Circe's POV

I heard the countdown start, and looked for something to focus on. The cornucopia had all my arsenal of favored traps and poisons and even a blowgun. But if I were to survive I would have to work up from the small things. I looked at a dagger atop a bag. I focused ready to reach it.

Blaze's POV

I knew the tributes feared me. I had aquired a high score and odds. I could use their fear to win this. I was from District 2, and I wasn't going to let someone beat me. The countdown and 25 now, I was ready for whatever the cornucopia had for me. Ready to kill.

Ivana's POV

The countdown at 15, I listened as it went down. I had a plan. Stick with 'Blaze. Get a weapon, and deal some damage. I focused on the axes of all types, ready for the worst. Then it was happening. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1... And all the tributes were off.

Joey's POV

I ran as fast as I could to escape the menace cornucopia. With a score like mine, my chances of surviving it were terrible. I didn't see an arrow come for my head, as everything faded to black.

Mimic's POV

When I jumped off my pedestal I ran for the cornucopia. I grabbed a rock and smashed it into Missy's side, but I was tackled by Kokoro. I attempted to smash her, but she bit my arm and then firmly gripped my throat. "Zak!" I yelled hoarsely. I didn't live much longer, as Kokoro strangled me.

Kokoro's POV

I saw Mimic, going for a weapon. I tackled her and when she tried to punch me, I bit her arm with my sharp teeth. I then strangled her. I ran up, taking the knife she had. I saw Emma and targeted her. A fist slammed into my jaw, and I was knocked down. Joshua raised his spear, and I thought I was dead.

Kodai's POV

I saw Kokoro about to get skewered, and then I swung my kukri in Joshua's head, and watched him fall lifless to the ground. I helped Kokoro up as we went to kill more tributes.

Emma's POV

I watched Joshua save me and about to kill Kokoro, but then he was stabbed my Kodai. I had aqquired water and food and left the cornucopia, running widly away.

Joshua's POV

I saw them target Emma. I slammed my fist into Kokoro's Jaw and raised my spear. Then it faded to black.

Cord's POV

I had a bag, but Zak shoved me from it. I tried to run but he grabbed my shirt and slammed me into one of the pedestals. He looked furious, and then it hit me. Someone had killed his sister. He slammed my skull into the metal pedestal until I saw darkness.

Zak's POV

I lost track of Mimic... until I saw her lifeless corpse. I, furious, shoved Cord, and when he tried to run I grabbed his shirt and pulled him to the ground. I beat his skull against the ground and pulled a baton out of his bag. I then ran towards Blade, baton drawn.

Adriana's POV

I ran from the cornucopia. My survival skills would keep me alive, I knew it. I ran into the second island and decided to find game to hunt.

Sedar's POV

I ran for a bow, knowing my chances were great. No one ran after me. My score must have scared them. I grabbed it and saw Joey running. I took aim... and let the arrow fly. I knew it hit him. I then grabbed some food and proceeded to chase after Adriana.

Lucas's POV

I ran for dear life, then ducked into a bush. So far so... I screamed as a rough hand grabbed me and threw me into the water. Brandon had me cornered. He threw a knife and hit me in the shoulder. I screamed in agony as he threw another into my left eye. Then, one hit me square in the forehead. I coughed up blood, then darkness consumed.

Brandon's POV

I saw Lucas hide in a bush. I lifted him up like a toy and threw him into the water. I threw three knives into the boy, until he fell dead. I then walked off before the careers saw me.

Athena's POV

I had acheived the highest score and many tributes feared me. I grabbed a sword off the cornucopia wall, and saw Mirianna trying to kill Calypso, my ally. I rushed over before stabbing Mirianna in the back. Calypso gave me thanks and we ran all the way to the 3rd isle.

Mirianna's POV

I grabbed a stone and had shoved Calypso into the ground. I raised the large rock and felt a pain in my back. I then saw the ground coming face first and everything darkened.

Aaron's POV

I had secured a weapon and was charging at Ivana. Blaze then cut off my left arm. I screamed as he came in and stabbed me in the chest with his sword.

Blaze's POV

I saw Aaron trying to kill one of my distracted careers. I cut off his arm, then stabbed his chest and threw his corpse on the ground stabbing it one more time to be sure. 

Pacster's POV

I attacked Blade, and he blocked my sword. Then he stabbed my abdomen with a spear. I swung again and he ducked stabbing my shin. I fell. "How embarassing, a career dying in the bloodbath." I thought as he stabbed my head to finish me.

Luma's POV

I ran trying to escape Ivana. No hope though as dart of poison hit my neck. My vision blurred and I soon hit the ground. I panted until darkness consumed.

Circe's POV

I saw Luma running from Ivana.... I aimed my blow gun and shot. It hit her in the neck. Then I regrouped with the careers, who were still killing.

Missy's POV

I had a bag, and everything. I ran to get away. I stopped, panting by an oasis on the fourth island. Smiling, I knew it was drinkable. Then something sprang up and bit me. I shrieked as a coral snake hung from my chest. I ripped it off and killed it, but it had already bit me. I then slowly died.... painfully.

Kodai's POV

The bloodbath was over, and Blaze, Ivana, Circe, and I had secured the corncucopia. We had lost Pacster but we still had enough careers to win. I smiled, showing my sharp teeth. This gave Circe a disgusted look. I was ready to hunt.

Brandon's POV

I ran into fellow anti career Blade. "What did you get?" I ask. He replies "A bag of food and freshwater.". I nod and reply "I got a spear and some jerky.". We then went into hiding as Athena ran by chased by Kokoro.

Blade's POV

I heard a noise and turned. Kokoro stood their. Kodai's twin. She had effectively pulled some supplies out from under the careers' nose. "Kodai is distracting them. He is undercover, so don't attack." she told us. The three of us walked to the 7th island, the second to last one on the chain. We set up camp, and then I was amazed when Kokoro pulled out a fish with her hands. "Must learn that in District 4..." Brandon commented. 

Valine's POV

I hid during the bloodbath, and when it was over I ran. I saw Sedar crouched in a bush with a bow. I stepped on a twig and he pulled an arrows and had it pointed at me. "Valine?" he asked, confused. "Yes." I replied, then he said "We are going to steal from them careers when they leave tonight.". I nodded as we waited for night.

Calypso's POV

I met up with Athena who was on the 4th island, looking down at a dead Missy. The hovercraft came and picked the dead girl up. "Calypso, looks like we survived the horrors of the bloodbath." then she looks at the dead coral snake. I cringe thinking of one attacking me. We set up ready for night.

Zak's POV

I was furios. Mimic had died, and I couldn't do anything about it. I was going to find Kokoro, that weird toothed killer. She was going to suffer.

Blaze's POV

I had started to organize our supplies when Kodai walked up to me. "I am going hunting." he told me. He had a pack and a dagger. "Suit yourself, be back her by night or you'll be hunted along with all them others.". He ran out. I continued organizing.

Emma's POV

I couldn't believe it. It was nearly night and I had managed to survive. I had outlived Joshua, which kind of saddened me. He died to ensure my survival, and that made me wish to not be alive. Then I watched as Zak stormed by. I jumped into the water  I submerged hoping he wouldn't notice me. I felt something nip my foot. Then in an instant a sharp pain, as I saw my own blood in the water. I screamed but the water muffled me and I swallowed water. I quickly surfaced as I coughed up water. Zak was gone and I looked at my calf. It was bleeding and bite marks were around it. Fish mutts, wonderful. I pressed a leaf against it trying to stop the bleeding.

Kokoro's POV

I sat at the waters edge, catching another fish. It had razor sharp teeth, and it must have been a muttattion. Brandon and Blade were argueing about whether to start a fire or not. Then I felt a rough hand force my head into the water. 

Kodai's POV

I had found the anti careers, Brandon and Blade. But... Then I saw Zak trying to drown Kokoro. I dropped my bag and drew my dagger. I gripped Zak stabbed him. A cannon. But not Zak's, as he threw me into the sand. He took off, and I threw my dagger at him but it sailed over his head. I ran over to Kokoro's floating corpse. Drowned. Brandon and Blade had pursued after Zak, but came back saying that he was running towards the cornucopia. I gripped sand and swore that Zak would not live.

First Night

Brandon's POV

The sun set, and night happened. Kodai and Blade slept and I took watch. Then, something loud woke us all. The capitol anthem. We looked in the sky, watching the fallen appear. Zak had lived, oddly. Kodai and Blade resumed sleep, and I started to slowly drift... when a BOOM awoke me. Blade had gotten his throat slit by Emma. I quickly threw a knife into her skull. BOOM! Kodai awoke, seeing we had lost another member of the alliance. He growled and we were wide awake.

Emma's POV

I was in so much pain from the bite on my calf. I stumbled over towards 3 tributes. I had my dagger, and I slit Blade's throat. I targete Brandon but I was hit in the skull with a throwing knfie.

Adriana's POV

I was wide awake that night setting up traps with wood and leaves. I was hungry, and there were barely any game on these islands. Just them big brown things in the trees. My stomach growled as I continued making a trap. 

Sedar's POV

I watched as the careers left after hearing two cannons. They left Ivana to guard. Valine sneaked in grabbing some supplies, Ivana stood there then turned. I shot my bow into her shoulder before she could hurt Valine. "Blaze! Circe! I need help!" she yelled as she drew a knife. Valine ran and I did also, as we heard the careers' footsteps coming.

Ivana's POV

I was left to guard the supplies while Blaze and Circe went hunting. I yawned, until I saw the sneaky Valine. I then felt a pain in my shoulder. An arrow. "Blaze! Circe! I need help!" I yelled as I chased after Valine. I watched as Cirse came and shot a blowdart at Valine, hitting her calf. 

Valine's POV

I felt a needle hit my calf and I ran faster. When Sedar and I stopped on the 6th isle we panted. I pulled out the poison dart and my wound was worse. Then I heard a chiming noise. A capsule landed in my lap. I opened and read the note "Get well and good job.". It was disenfect cream. I opened it and applie gently to my calf. Then it stopped looking infected and it didn't hurt as bad. Sedar smiled. "Looks like we achieved sponsors." he said happily. I smiled, thinking of the hope of getting out.

Kodai's POV

I had left Brandon sleeping in a tree as I went to hunt for Zak. I tracked his clunky footprints, until I saw him eating a fish raw. Upon seeing me he growled and attacked me with a rock. It hit me hard in the skull and efficently knocked me back. He attacked again, but this time I grabbed his arm and bit it. He screamed and let go of the rock. I then right hooked his jaw, and watched him fall. I watched him crawl but he didn't deserve mercy. He killed Kokoro and needed to die. I pummeled him with his own rock till he died. BOOM!

Sedar's POV

I heard the chiming noise Valine heard. Another capsuale landed and in it fresh bread. "Here is something from home" it read. I gave some to Valine and we ate a hot meal. We had weapons, dried foods, freshwater, and now bread.

Circe's POV

I was dissapointed when Valine and Sedar got away. I was soon processing ways to poison the idiot brutes from District 2, Ivana and Blaze. We all slept in the cornucopia that night, waiting for a cannon to wake us.

Athena's POV

Night was not good for the rest of the night when 3 cannons had just went off. We were wide awake. A rustle in the bushes. "Kodai?" Brandon called out. We saw the boy walk looking for his alliance member. I gripped my sword, but Calypso held me back. She pointed at Sedar and Valine in the bushes. Sedar had a bow, and we knew we couldn't take him. We saw Brandon walk off, as we drifted off. 

Day 2

Valine's POV

We saw the careers walk by, hunting. This time they left Circe behind, possibly due to trust issues. I watched whittle a poison together, and knew we could take over the cornucopia and surprise the other 2 careers. Sedar notched his bow, but then she moved and he cursed.

Blaze's POV

Ivana and I had went hunting. "Uh, Ivana?" I asked. "Yeah?" she replied. "Circe is up to something. I know it." I say worried. Ivana gives me a puzzled look. "Well, we should kill her." she says. While that was a good idea, I needed to stay alive, and that means we'd need more people to stay alive to.

Sedar's POV

I had my bow set. I launched an arrow and missed. Circe turned and called for help. She blew a dart at Valine who charged. It hit her in a fatal spot. I launched an arrow, hitting Circe in the chest. BOOM! I looked down at Valine, who said "Sedar... you got her right?". I replied "Yes.... she is dead.". Valine then smiled and went limp. BOOM! I heard Blaze and Ivana coming and I took off running.

Ivana's POV

Blaze and I rushed over there. Circe and Valine's bodies were being picked up hovercrafts. That left Blaze and I as the remaining careers. We were not leaving the cornucopia, I could tell by the look in his eyes.

Adriana's POV

Man, I was hungry. These isles had no deer, only disgusting fish. I survived off the brown things in the trees, which kept me from dehydrating. I hoped somoene would sponsor me with food.

Kodai's POV

I had found Brandon, and since we were the last two anti careers, we had to live. We decided to stop walking for the day and to camp out on the 2nd island. I caught fish and the two of us ate.

Seder's POV

I heard the chime of a sponsor package. I opened it and it was a necklace with Valine's initials. The note read "Keep going". I was trudging on. I had to find a place to hide, or someone would find and kill me. I watched as Adriana threw rocks at coconuts to get them down. Smart girl to use cocunut milk as an alternative to fresh water.

Calypso's POV

I bet we were boring the capitol. There hadn't been a cannon for 3 hours. No doubt some storm would conjure up to get some bloodshed going. We waited for the 2nd night before we would hunt. Take careers by surprise.

Night 2

Brandon's POV

Kodai and I were camped out by a tree. The first night was rainy, which was odd. I had a coconut split into halves making an efficent bowl. I trapped rain water in the bowl and we drank, quenching our thirst. A flash of lightning, and I saw something with 4 eyes about 35 feet away. I was frightened and I could tell Kodai was too. Another flash and the thing was right by us. I screamed as the bear grabbed my legs and pulled me into darkness.

Kodai's POV

BOOM! Brandon's cannon went off as I ran for my life. Three of them were on my tail, and I was running. When I got on the 3rd island they stopped pursuit. I panted, then fell into the sand and slept.

Ivana's POV

I had snuck out while Blaze was asleep and went hunting. I saw Adriana in the water. I threw my Ax and it hit her in the back. She instantly fell under the water. I walked over to check and she sprang up and forced my head under. I tried to get her off me, but she was holding on tight. I saw Blaze running and I blacked out. My vision returned and I was coughing up water. Blaze was standing over me in the cornucopia. "You almost got yourself killed!" he said at me. "You nearly drowned! Adriana got away to, with your ax! You know how are chances are now?". 

Adriana's POV

I was attacked by Ivana with an ax. I went under, and when Ivana came I pulled her under and kept her down. I saw Blaze come and ran before he could kill me.

Blaze's POV

I was worried when I woke up and Ivana was gone. I found her nearly dead, and that scared me. I yelled at her and I think she got the message. The sun rose, and Day 3 had begun.

Day 3

Kodai's POV

The whole Anti Career alliance was dead. I had to return to the careers, as maybe they remembered me. I got to the first island and met Blaze and Ivana. Blaze drew his sword but then he said "Kodai?". I nodded and he lowered his weapon. 

Athena's POV

Calypso and I were walking when an ax buried itself into Calypso's shoulder. I saw Adrianna and tackled her. I then stabbed her with my sword. BOOM! Calypso touched it and then screamed. I remembered how low her pain tolerance was. "This is going to only hurt for a second" I said, before pulling it out. She screamed, and started to break down in tears. I gingerly washed the wound with freshwater but it started to form pus. It was getting infected.

Sedar's POV

I was in hiding. I knew the last people alive were in alliances and would kill each other. I just had to sit back and relax. 

Calypso's POV

I had a burning pain from infection. I knew if I wasn't sponsored soon the infection would kill me off. Thats when I saw them. Careers. "RUN!" I yelled as Athena and I took off. Kodai, Blaze, and Ivana were chasing us, and they were not relenting. 

Ivana's POV

I was chasing down the Eirwyns, my bloodlust was very high now. Athena stopped, and said "Keep running Calypso.". She drew her sword to make a stand against us. Kokoro tried to hit her with his trident, but she bloked it and decapitated him. I tackled her and she dropped her weapon. I brutally stabbed her with my dagger. 

Blaze's POV

I admired Ivana's Brutality, but then again we'd have to kill each other sooner or later.

Night 3

Ivana's POV

I had left Blaze. I knew the time were the careers kill each other was about to come, so I left. I was walking around, when I heard a scream. A cannon soon followed. I looked over, and saw Calypso with a swor sticking out of her head. Blaze was here. 

Blaze's POV

I had found and killed Calypso. She had begged me to kill her, as her arm was infected and she was screaming. I heard a rustle. Sedar. He shot at me and I dived to the ground, as I dodged the arrow. I charged him with my sword and swung effectively cutting his thigh. He shot me point blank with another arrow in the arm. I swung again, but grabbed my arm, and immediatly kicked my stomach. In a fashion I'm sure the capitol liked, he executed me, by shooting me in the head.

Sedar's POV

I had fought and shot Blaze. I had to find and kill Ivana. I tracked her all night looking for a way to find her.

Finale (Day 4)

Ivana's POV

I was tracking Sedar. I found him and he launched an arrow at me. I dived into the water to avoid it, and swam out and attacked with throwing knives. I hit his cheek and then stabbed his gut. In return, he shot me in the hand and stabbed me in the neck. I was bleeding and fell into the sand. I knew I was going to die. I started to tear up, knowing I wouldn't return home to District 2. I slowly faded into death.

Sedar's POV

I had done it. I heard the last cannon boom in the distance, as it echoed over the island. The hovercraft came to get me, and there sat my escort. "Sedar, you have won! District 11 will finally have a living mentor since 55 years." she said cheerly, but I was not cheery. I had killed a lot, and I saw that Ivana was not a heartless killer, but actually had emotions. I could still see her teary face as she died. I returned home to District 11, everyone cheering. They finally had a victor for a long while. I was shown to my victor's mansion and had to embrace doom of the next games, to train tributes, and watch them die.

(Hoped you all liked it, and I might even make another games. Hopefully they'll last past Day 4.)

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