Since my previous games, the Isle Games were the 124th Games, these games are a quarter quell and my second games. Hopefully I can make them last longer than my previous games, and I have a tactic to 

District 15

My fanmade district

make it last. 

The Twist

Since the Capitol has been loving the games so much, they have kids wanting to battle in them. They have also brung in fanmade districts 0 and 14, and of course district 13. A new District located in what was Nevada, District 15, is in charge of all the weaponry for the games and for the capitol. They'll be in these games also. To the additional tributes, there is an increase of mutts.

Twist 2

For every mutt killed by tribute hands, another tribute may win. So far, there will be 4 victors.

1 Victor: Every games has one by default.

2 Victors: Bannete Tuskogami killed a Choke Snake mutt

3 Victors: Jeffrey Killheart killed a Three Headed Hound Mutt.

4 Victors: Rarity Gem killed a Peacock Mutt.

5 Victors: Rebekah Ure killed a Choke Snake Mutt.

6 Victors: Jarcus Pollish killed a sheep mutt.


Three headed hound mutts: These mutts resemble red bone and blue tick hound crosses, except they have red eyes and three heads. While easy to kill when alone, they hunt in packs at night. Climbing trees or on top of the cornucopia is the safest way to avoid them.

Crocodile Mutts: They are everywhere in the bog, under the water waiting for prey to fall in.

Sheep Mutts: They roam the meadow around the cornucopia. Although looking harmless, they have dagger like teeth and will attack in herds.

Spider Mutts: These appear in the caves in the thousands. They will eat an unlucky victim up causing a painful death of biting.

Tracker Jackers: You know what they are.

Jabberjays: You know what they are.

Choke Snake Mutts: Disguised as vines in trees of the oak forest, they choke their victims to death.

Peacock mutts with real eyes on tail: These mutts have talons sharper than axes. They can fly, easily knocking tributes out of trees for the hound mutts to eat at night. Luckily, they are poor at seeing camouflaged tributes and hate water.


It is a watery arena, with a long river channeling through it all. It has oak forests and has a tunnel system. There is a huge mountain range, and a tiny desert, and beside the desert a bog. Hidden caves seem safe to stay in but are covered with spider mutts. The river that runs through then can cause a tsunami occasionally. The cornucopia is on a meadow.


  • No advertising.
  • 4 tributes max.
  • Reservations only last for THREE DAYS


Must include these, can have some extra details.








District Male Tribute Age User Female Tribute Age User
Capitol Sundar Cynara 14 DezmondD02 Pearl Illitize 14 Kaeghan-is-a-tribute
0: Astronamy Night Lock 16 DezmondD02 Accia "Ace"  Maven 17 PumPumPumpkin :3
1: Luxury Bronze Gemstone 15 Extras Ebony Fall 15 DezmondD02
2: Masonry Stone Rockgobbler 16 Extras Petal Fall 14 DezmondD02
3: Technology Cord Wireson 12 Extras Skylar Bones 17 Blue-Ribbonz
4: Fishing Konami Aretino 14 Tehblakdeath Atla Gillson 17 Extras
5: Power Shade Spectrus 15 Mistfire333 Ditzy Doo "Derpy" Hooves 14 Everafterhighfreak
6: Transportation Cario Paradox 16 Kaeghan-is-a-tribute Thalia Wulf 15 Extras
7: Lumber Crayolaya Licorice 17 Aspen7783 Trixie "Twix" Slaytor 18 Aspen7783
8: Textiles Banette Tuskogami 16 Mistfire333 Rarity Gem 14 Everafterhighfreak
9: Wheat Jarcus Pollish 16 Kaeghan-is-a-tribute Rainbow Dash 14 Everafterhighfreak
10: Livestock Kaiem (Kai) Sage 13 KatnissEverdeenFan Jinx Ure 15 Everafterhighfreak
11: Agriculture Joshua Hutcerbee 18 Fiveestar Seedling Greenfurrow 13 Extras
12: Mining Willy Fry 15 Ichillyfry Lily Frelen 13 The victor of 4
13: Graphite Eugene "Ugly" Tuxedo 18 YourfavoriteSalmon Sheryl Unnabethy 14 Fiveestar
14: Muttation Marco Bon Stoshia 16 (turns 17 on 2nd day) Aspen7783 Rebekah Ure 12 (13 on 3rd day Blue-Ribbonz
15: Weaponry Jeffrey Killheart 14 Mistfire333 Pinkamena Diane Pie 14 Mistfire333

Death List


34th: Willy Fry impaled in head with ax by Rarity Gem.

33rd: Atla Gillson smashed with fist by Eugene Tuxedo.

32nd: Kaiem Sage shot in head with bow by Ebony Fall.

31st: Crayaloya Licorice hit in face with baton by Rainbow Dash.

30th: Petal Fall throat slashed open with kukri by Accia Maven.

29th: Night Lock speared in back with spear by Bannete Tuskogami

28th: Marco Stosha hit in back with throwing knife by Pinkamena Pie

27th: Joshua Hutcerbee hit in back with throwing knife by Pinkamena Pie.

26th: Sheryl Unnabathey decapitated with short sword by Cario Paradox.

25th: Seedling Grenfurrow sliced in forhead with short sword by Cario Paradox.

24th: Lily Frelen eaten alive with teeth by Crocodile Mutts.

Day 1:

23rd: Jinx Ure shot with bow by Ebony Fall.

22nd: Stone Rockgobbler choked by Snake Mutt.

21st: Bannete Tuskogami eaten alive by Spider Mutts.

Night 1:

20th: Shade Spectrus eaten with teeth by Three Headed Hound Mutt.

19th: Thalia Wulf ripped with talon by Peacock Mutts.

Day 2:

18th: Cord Wireson hit in skull with throwing knife by Konami Aretino.

17th: Konami Aretino eaten alive by Crocodile Mutt.

16th: Bronze Gemstone hit in skull with throwing knife by Rainbow Dash.

15th: Pinkamena Pie hit in chest with spear by Bronze Gemstone.

Night 2:

14th: Skylar Bones beat to death with baton by Rainbow Dash

Day 3:

13th: Trixie Slaytor choked by Choke Snake Mutt.

12th: Jarcus Pollish stabbed in back and shoved off cliff with knife and hands by Ebony Fall.

Night 3: (None)

Day 4:

11th: Rarity Gem slit in throat with dagger by Pearl Illitze

10th: Pearl Illitze stabbed in eye with sword by Derpy Hooves

9th: Sundar Cynara hit in chest with throwing ax by Derpy Hooves.

Day 5 and 6: (NONE)

Day 7:

8th: Eugene Tuxedo hit in cranium with baton by Rainbow Dash.

7th: Rainbow Dash stabbed in chest and both arms cut off with sword by Derpy Whooves.

Victor: Derpy Whooves

Victor: Jeffrey Killheart

Victor: Accia Maven

Victor: Ebony Fall

Victor: Cario Paradox

Victor: Rebekah Ure


Pinkie and Rainbow

Derpy, Rarity, and Eugene

Jinx and Rebekah (if they live later into the games.)

Bronze, Stone, and Ebony (careers)

Trixie, Crayolaya, and Marco


The arena was a bit different this year.  Mutts were hiding everywhere. The sheep mutts grazed, but were deadly. Many spider mutts crawled in the caves. Tracker Jacker nests were in trees, and Jabberjays perched copying the countdown. One of the vines, or choke snake mutts, slithered down. Something moved in the bog and it was an alligator. This years games were going to be a very deadly one. Not only tributes are going to have to survive each other, but also the various muttations planning an attack. Little did they know, for each mutt they killed meant more tributes going home. They would be told at the end whenever they reached their kills. The tributes readied on their platforms as they slowly rose up.

Sundar's POV

Glorious! I was in a games. I wanted to win it for the capitol. Prove that we were just as capable of killing as the districts. I took notice of the sheep mutts and considered them a souce of food. So I aimed towards the cornucopia to get a weapon. 

Trixie's POV

My alliance had a plan. We'd all get weapons and Crayolaya and Marco would protect me while I got our needed supplies. We'd then hide and wait out the rest of the tributes unitl they died. I knew we'd have to kill each other, but at least I had increased chance of winning.

Jeffrey's POV

Many people feared me, mostly because my gruesome looks and way I acted in training. I saw a dagger and smiled with glee. It was so near. The countdown went from 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0. I ran for the dagger as everyone either ran away or toward the cornucopia.

Derpy's POV

Rarity, Eugene, and I ran into the cornucopia. "Dive!" Rarity shouted and I did so. She threw an ax into Willy's head. We left the corncuopia, but Rarity and I were split away from Eugene who was fighting Atla. We stopped panting in the woods. We had aqquired a sword, an ax, and three water canteens.

Shade's POV

I watched as the hideous Eugene kill Atla with his fist. He picked up a scythe and ran towards the bog. Thats when I saw a black backpack. I grabbed it when Kaiem slammed me to the ground. He tried to kill me with his hatchet but I smashed him with the backpack. Then an arrow flew into his skull spraying blood on my face. I quickly got up and ran before Ebony shot another arrow at me.

Rainbow's POV

I used my speed to rush into the cornucopia and secure a baton. I targeted Crayolaya and tackled him. I hit him 4 times with the baton, and he finally died. Trixie and Marco came running at me so I ran. I hoped Pinkamena had secured a good amount of supplies.

Joshua's POV

I picked up a sickle and immediatly turned. I blocked the Lily's attack with a dagger and dragged her into my sickle. I then threw her on the ground and slashed her fore head, killing her. I then got in a shoving fight with Marco, who was protecting his ally Trixie. 

Accia's POV

I ran hard trying to secure my weapon of choice. I only escaped though with a kukri. One of the careers, Petal tried to stab me with her spear. I knocked it away then slashed her throat open with my kukri, then took off running towards mountains.

Bannetes POV

I see Night Lock start to run. I throw my spear, plunging her through the back. I walk over and finish her off with my dagger. I see Jeffrey running at me with a dagger and I get into a defensive stance.

Pinkamena's POV

Rainbow and I have met up and we decide to eliminate the competition. Our rival group, Derpy, Rarity, and Eugene are not here anymore, so we target the District 7 and 14 alliance. Marco is shoving Joshua while Trixie is grabbing supplies. I threw a knife in Marco's back then one into Joshua's. 

Cario's POV

I picked up a short sword and turned around to see Sheryl try to slice me. She cut my elbow and I stabbed her shin. While she was down I cut her head clean off. I ran, then heard Seedling. "Mustard seeds, carrot seeds... I am going to live!". "Not now." I say as I slice her forehead. I take her food and continue running.

Lily Frelen's POV

I ran and didn't look where I was looking, until I felt myself plunge into water. I choked and broke the surface. I gasped until something drag me down. I saw 3 crocodile mutts eating me slowly apart. The last thing I saw was Eugene looking at my remains.

Day 1

Bannete's POV

I had narrowly escaped Jeffrey. I saw a vine and touched it. It wasn't a vine. The snake grasped around my throat and started to choke me. With my last resort, I stabbed it in the neck with my dagger. It loosened it's grip and I fell. I had killed the snake mutt.

Trixie's POV

I can't believe. My two alliance members died protecting me. I had enough supplies to last a while, but my friends were dead. I heard a scream and a cannon. "That girl was so easy to hit with a spear, wasn't she Ebony?". The careers. "Jinx is dead." they chanted. Then they saw me. I made a frightened squeak then flew up a tree. Well, not literally. They stood down there laughing. I felt a scale. Then I had a plan. The choke snake was right there. I picked it up and threw it down at them. Bronze and Ebony escaped, but Stone was choked out. His cannon later sounded. I jumped from the tree, and ran off.

Konami's POV

I survived the bloodbath. I had no supplies though. Then I saw Banette, looking into a cave. He had set his supplies, a backpack, and a dagger, down. I came up behind him, and kicked him into the hole. He screamed as little spider mutts started to eat him. I looked away from the gruesome sight, and ran off with his supplies.

Pearl's POV

I had been raised in the capitol. I was still looking and looking Sundar, the capitol male. Oh why did I have to be in these? I looked for a place to shelter at, as it was dusk. I found a good spot near the bog. I settled in it, and waited for the sun to set. Eventually it did, and night became..

Night 1

Derpy's POV

Me and Rarity were still looking for shelter when the Anthem blared. I looked up, seeing the dead faces. When I saw District 13 pop up I was sure it was Eugene. But it wasn't. Only Sheryl died. Eugene was somewhere. It closed when Stone's face appeared. A handful of people had died on the first gruesome day of the hunger games.

Jeffrey's POV

I was stalking Cario. He was a threat, as he swiftly killed two tributes. I needed to kill him, so I would have a better odds. I heard a howl, and someone scream. A cannon sounded. More mutts. 2 hounds with three heads were standing over Shade's body eating away like it was a buffet. One sniffed the air and ran off, then one charged at me. I tackled me and was gnashing it's teeth, but I grinned as I plunged my knife into it's chest. It yelped then fell over. I took it's carcas, as it could be used for food.

Ebony's POV

Bronze and I were the remaining careers. I never knew Stone would die so quickly. We took turns watching, so we would not have a similar fate. 

Cario's POV

I climbed the mountains, hoping they didn't have yeti mutts. They where only one mutt up here. Jabberjays. If I could kill one for food then I would... they started making noises. Noises of my friends dying. The gamemakers were trying to drive me insane. I covered my ears trying to block out the sound.

Skylar's POV

I wondered were Cord was. I hadn't seen him since the bloodbath. I knew he ran without grabbing a single thing. I saw 17 eyes glaring from darkness. Out stepped a peacock. The eyes on the tail feathers were REAL. I ran as it chased me.

Jarcus's POV

These mutts were teeming at night worse than the day. I saw a flash of red, and then the figure of Thalia was right their with a knife at my throat. She had me as a human shield against a peacock mutt. It charged, and I elbowed her rib and shoved her right into the peacock's outstretched talons. I ran as she was ripped to shreds. BOOM!. When would this cursed night end?

Rarity's POV

Knowing that Eugene was alive, I think me and Derpy were both releived. But this night had already had two people die, most likely from the new arsenal of mutts wandering around. I saw something perched in the tree. A new terrible night terror, the peacock mutt. I threw my ax into it's chest and watched it fall dead. I retrieved my throwing ax. "We have something to eat now." I told Derpy.

Sundar's POV

I bumped headfirst into Pearl. "Sundar, I have been looking for you!" she says. "We capitol folks got to stick together to avoid the rugged districts.". I nodded. We formed a sort of truce, We watched as the dark and terrible night ended, and the sun rose. The hounds and peacock's dissapeared. Day 2 had begun.

Day 2

Konami's POV

I was walking near the bog. Maybe some of that water had something drinkable. Cord shoved me into it, but before I hit the water I threw a knife into his skull. BOOM! I relished my victory and started to swim to the shore, until a Crocodile Mutt dragged me in.

Pinkamena's POV

Me and Rainbow were hunting for weak tributes, until I stepped on something. I shrieked when somehing closed around my ankle. A bear trap. "I wonder what clever one did this!" I said as Rainbow started to undo the trap. Then I saw Bronze, the boy from 1 come out of the bushes. "LOOK OUT!" I said as he threw his spear. Rainbow dodged it, but it went right into my chest. She threw a knife into his skull, as he fell, dead. Rainbow looked over. "Goodbye friend." she said sounding pretty sad. The murderous duo, split by a career. I fell silent... as darkness consumed.

Jarcus's POV

I still was wondering around. I had to find food fast. The sheep mutts. I knew they could be used for food. I also knew they were dangerous. What gamemaker puts in peaceful sheep after all? All I had was a sickle though. If I threw it I knew I would be weaponless. But what choice did I have?

Rebekah's POV

It had been so long since I had been able to choke something. I had a chance of doing it to Ebony but that stupid burly Stone came over. When something plopped ontop of me. I look up to see Trixie, who threw a snake on me. It tried to choke me. No way was I tasting my own medicine. I grabbed it's neck and shoved it to the ground. I lost control as I basically choked the snake. "HA! I am better at choking than your stupid snakes!" I yelled triumphantly. I tied the dead thing into a knot at the end making a rope.

Jeffrey's POV

I knew I was getting closer to Cario with each day. Boy was a good mountain climber, but he was going to die to me. I normally didn't have to chase prey down, but this one was not coming easy. Cario was at the top, and he threw a rock at me. It hit my forehead as I fell down 4 feet to the ledge I was on. He then continued climbing. I got up, and that boy was getting it.

Ebony's POV

Jeffry didn't know I was hunting him as he hunted Cario. I never could get a clear shot at him with my bow as he was always moving behind stuff. I knew if I shot Cario, Jeffrey would kill me by knowing of my presence. When he fell I took my chance. I fired my bow.... and missed. I quickly hid before Jeff found me.

Night 2

Sundar's POV

These games were annoying me. Pearl and I could not find a single pack of food. We shouldn't have eaten all the beef so greedily. The fallen appeared, and less tributes had died than on Day 1. Then, an announcement. "You tributes may not have known, but for each mutt killed by your hands, another person goes home. So far, there will be six!" then it shut off. I dragged Pearl in the bushes. We just had to wait out everyone else.

Derpy's POV

I was surprised when Eugene wasn't in the sky again. I didn't know how he was surviving, but I worreid about my friend. I noticed Pinkamena die, and I knew that a major threat was gone. With the announcement of 5 victors, that made me want to find Eugene. I could tell Rarity was thinking the same. "We've got to find Eugene:" I say as we start to search.

Jarcus's POV

Another deadly night. By now I think the tributes had gotten smart. No cannons had sounded. They were eluding the peacock mutts and three headed hound mutts. Someone shrieked. I ran over to see Skylar getting brutally beatin by Rainbow. She looked at me then darted away.

Trixie's POV

I knew the gamemakers had made the mutts more sparse now. Looks like six victors was enough. Most alliances only had one surviving member, including the careers. I was staying in this tree until everybody else killed each other and I would be one of the six victors. I guess I wasn't the only one with this idea, as only one cannon had gone off.

Cario's POV

I still climbed until I couldn't climb no more. I laid down and rested. This mountain was so tall. The clouds were even below me. There was snow up here. Oddly, it wasn't that cold. A gamemaker's trick. I was so close to the peak but my muscles ached.

Accia's POV

This night was almost over. Not many cannons. Hardly anyone had died. Too many people were hiding, not enough hunting. Dehydration would kick in tomorrow. No one lived 3 days without water. The capitol would soon get their deaths.

Day 3

Jarcus's POV

I saw Trixie in a tree. She threw a snake at me, but I dived to the side. She grabbed another but this one gripped her arm, then slowly made it's way to her throat. I watched as her face turned purple and she fell out of the tree. I threw the snake off, but Trixie had already died.

Rebekah's POV

I walked around the arena trying to find the cornucopia. I found it... ransacked. In it were three hound mutts eating all the food. They smelled me, and I ran as they pursued. I looked franticaly for high ground. They were gaining on me. I found a rock and jumped ontop of it, as the hound mutts gnashed their teeth below. It seems the gamemakers had introduced the nightly terrors to the day.

Jeffrey's POV

I was so close to Cario now. One more day and I would be right by him. He needed to get his throat slit. To go to sleep. He threw a rock at me, but this time I was smart and ducked. He ran up the mountain and I gave pursuit. He was not getting away.

Ebony's POV

I felt someone push me. I turned, seeing Jarcus. He held me to the edge of the mountain. I wasn't going to be shoved off of this mountain. I kneed him in the stomach then stabbed him in the back. I shoved him off the cliff as he fell screaming. A cannon sounded later, and I knew he fell to his death.

Night 3

Sundar's POV

I took watch for Pearl as she slept. We might be from the capitol, but we had out lived a lot of tributes. I think the gamemakers were easy on us. I hadn't encountered too many mutts. Pearl talked in her sleep, and said something about dark future.

Rainbow's POV

I saw Jarcus appear in the sky that night. I couldn't believe my district partner lived that long. I had to find the capitol tributes. They were the last two from the same district. When they were gone, then I had less threats to deal with.

Cario's POV

I threw some rocks at Jeff, who now dodged most of them. I knew I couldn't keep this up much longer, so I got out of his view and hid. I would ambush him when he reached the ridge. I hid, quiet, eagerly waiting for these games to end.

Accia's POV

I nearly ran into Rainbow a lot of times. She and Eugene were the biggest threats remaining, as they both had weapons, and were who could easily demolish a career. I can't believe I have lived to this moment. I was from District 0... not many from my district returned home. I had a chance too.

Day 4

Derpy's POV

Me and Rarity were walking through the woods, when the footsteps behind me stopped. I heard a cannon and turned. Pearl had slit Rarity's throat. Before she did me the same, I stabbed Pearl in the eye. Her district partner shrieked and ran at me. I picked up Rarity's throwing ax and hit him in the chest. I had... blood on my hands. I crouched down... and sobbed softly. I had to find Eugene. He was my last friend in the arena.

Jeffrey's POV

I had made it to the ridge were Cario had disapeared. Now where could he be.... I continued climbing, and didn't know he was behind me. I reached the peak. He wasn't here. I turned around and he wasn't there. It was a trap.

Rebekah's POV

The hounds had left. I gingerly lowered back to the ground. Something wasn't right.... I felt like someone was watching me. I was nervous. Only two people had to die, and I could return home. Back to my family... back to my friends. 

Day 7 (Finale)

(Nothing interesting happened on days 5 and 6.)

Cario's POV

I was behind Jeff, when he turned around and sliced my cheek. He tackled me and put a knife to my throat, and Ebony pointed an arrow at his head. Looks like Ebony would be a victor, as we both would die.

Accia's POV

I was walking when Rebekah ambushed me. She tried choking me but I punched her eye. I kicked her in the stomach and tried to bring my knife down on her. She held my hand as I slowly made my way down to her neck.

Derpy's POV

I heard a rustle and readied my sword. Out of the bushes walked Eugene. "I have been looking for you and Rarity these whole games! Where is she?" he asks. "Dead." I reply, as I pull him into a hug. Then... Rainbow burst from mud. Eugene and I attacked her. She killed Eugene by hitting his cranium with her baton. In rage, I stabbed her many times then cut off both her arms. She was dead. 


"STOP!" A voice shouted to the fighting tributes. Jeff was starting to draw blood on Cario and Ebony nearly had let go of her arrow. Rebekah was nearly dead as Accia's knife was 4 cm from her neck. Derpy was in tears over Eugene. The last two cannons fired. Eugene and Rainbow. "Congratulations to our six victors, of the 125th annual hunger games! Cario Paradox, Jeffrey Killheart, Derpy Hooves, Accia Maven, Rebekah Ure, and Ebony Fall!". The hovercraft came, picking each tribute up and the final dead. 

The end?

The Gamemaker that night after the games retired. A new, crueler, gamemaker approached. "Next year... I want to see how well they can live in burning beaches and volcanoes?" he muttered. He shut his tv off and started to write down his arena ideas.

Note to members

What did you think? Were they better, worse, or the same as my previous games? Were they good? Were they bad (please tell why), and can someone tell me how to make my games last past 7 days?

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