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8 people escaped the arena, whether with rebels or captured by the capitol. Rebellion has started, led by Pootarch Glazenbeans. President Red though, wishes to crush it though. That's where YOU decide.

How it works

You can roleplay whereever, This will be an open world rp. You can travel around Panem, get into a fight with peacekeepers, and try to win the war for your side. Major events will however be controlled by me (Such as battles for districts.)

Le info sheet



Role: (If survivor of previous games put in "Main Character")


Weaknesses (Optional):

Appearance: (Not required)

Weapon: (Can be guns now :D)

Side: (Capitol or Districts.)

District you start in: (15 for survivors)

What you need to know

To keep this lasting, the career Districts (1, 2, 4, and 14) will be with the capitol. HOWEVER, you can be from one and not be on their side.


  • You can have up to 4 characters. This may increase if I want it to.
  • No godmodding.


Main Characters (Only applicable for Survivors)

Pootarch Glazenbeans: The leader of the rebellion, helped 6 survivors escape the arena.

Eli: District 10 Male in the Arctic Games, survived until rescued by Pootarch Glazenbeans.

Blake Makara: District 6 Male in the Arctic games, survived until rescued by Pootarch Glazenbeans.

Jay: District 7 Male in the Arctic Games, survived until rescued by Pootarch Glazenbeans.

Summer: District 6 Female in the Arctic Games, survived until rescued by Pootarch Glazenbeans.

Gold: District 1 Male in the Arctic Games. Survived, but was captured by the capitol.

Liza: District 4 Female in the Arctic Games. Froze herself, rescued by District 15 Scientists.

Rebekah: District 9 Female in the Arctic Games. Survived, but was captured by the capitol!

Toast: District 3 Female in the Arctic Games, suvived until rescued by Pootarch Glazenbeans.

President Red: A cruel leader who is mean and likes to use torture more than anything.

Tara: District 1 Female in Arctic Games. Killed by Darcos, being tested on by Capitol.

Normal Characters

Joan: A past victor of District 3.

Bee Clio: A past victor of District 7.

Maxine: A rebel medic from District 10.

Justine: A past victor from 3!

Carter Nikolai: An advisor to the president!

Annabella: A peacekeepr in District 1.

Jinx: Capitol Stylist!

Erlend: A rebel in District 6!

Riley: A peacekeeper.

Senni: A past victor from 3!

Noah: Tara's twin and a Rebel from 1!

Ash: District 1 Leader.

Chelsea: One of Rebekah's friends.

Joshua Overshire: Bodyguard of Blake and Jay.

April: Half Sister to Summer.

Noah: Rebel from District 8.

Brendan Jack: A past victor from 6!

Marianne: Younger sister to Liza!

Jessa: A rebel from District 12!

Maybella: A past victor from 3!

Lavender: Twin sister of Buck!

Nick: Past victor from 4!

Christine: A master technology user from 3!

Bristelle Belle Umbrea Intal the 3rd: President's daughter.

Cecil Crim: Boy from 3 who is a District 4 rebel.

Anna Ruben: Girl from 8 who is a District 4 rebel.

Realy: Rebel from District 1.

Amina: Past escort turned Rebel.

Layne Bresnet: Girl from 5 in the District 4 Training center!

Silver: Sister of gold!

Rainbow Dash: Cute girl who is an antagonist!

Kayla: Girl in the training center!

Ella: Rebel from 5!

Ian Nelson: Boy from 3!

Naomi: A girl in the training center of 4!

Adelaide Clio: Rebel and sibling of Bee Clio.

Xavier: Someone of Blake's.

Lindsey: Someone who is going to die because of Marvel.

Minor NPCS

These characters only play a small role and won't be seen often.

  • Countless Rebels
  • Countless Peacekeepers
  • Haymitch
  • Effie

Pictures of our Characters!

  • Joshua Ovenshire, the bodyguard to Blake and Jay.
  • Blake Makara, a victor from the Arctic games.
  • Mia,Sister of Lexi Greenway and rebel
  • Lily, was Best friend of Lexi Greenway and now best friends with Mia.
  • Nick, past victor from 4!
  • Eli, survivor of the Arctic Games from District 10.
  • Cheetah Mellark, District 4 Rebel.
  • Summer, survivor of the Arctic Games from District 6!
  • April, half sister to Summer!
  • Liza, survivor of the Arctic Games from District 4!
  • Marianne, little sister of Liza. (Killed by Marvel)
  • Riley, older sister of Liza. Killed by Unnamed Peacekeeper.
  • Chelsea X, Rebekah's best friend who committed suicide when she was reaped, but was revived for her torture.
  • Rebekah, blind survivor of the artic games.
  • Christine, from District 3.
  • Anna Ruben, District 8 refugee who is for the rebels.
  • Cecil Crim, brilliant boy from 3. For the districts.
  • Realy from District 1!
  • Amina, past escort, now Rebel.
  • Layne, girl from 5!
  • Brendan, past victor from 6!
  • Bee Clio, a victor from 7!
  • Savannah
  • Rainbow Dash, for the capiitol
  • Kayla, girl from 4!
  • Ella, Rebel from 5!
  • Marvel, big villain (Killed by Liza)
  • Ian Nelson, boy from 3
  • Naomi, girl in training center of 4!
  • Cray Cray, the evil peacekeeper and antagonist to Liza. (M.I.A)
  • Aidelade Clio

List of Roles you can use

Capitol Sided Roles: Peacekeeper, Citizen, Advisor to president.

District Sided roles: Past victor, Rebel, Medic, Citizen.


Victim Killer
The guy who injected Rebekah with the needle Cato
Rebel Peacekeeper
Peacekeeper Liza
Peacekeeper Rebel
Peacekeeper Rebel
Cato Gold
Rebel Peacekeeper
Peacekeeper Peacekeeper (Friendly Fire)
Rebel Peacekeeper
Romulus Thread Summer
Peacekeeper Himself
Peacekeeper Toast
Peacekeeper Summer
Peacekeeper Toast
Riley Peacekeeper
Alexander's Bodyguard Cheeta Mellark
Alexander's Bodyguard Cheeta Mellark
Peacekeeper Noah
Finnick Mutt Submarine
Toast Marvel
Drowner Liza
Random District 8 Boy Rainbow Dash
Marvel Liza
Marianne Marvel
Trina Capitol Infilitrator
Capitol Infilitrator Rebel
Rebel Capitol Infilitrator
Capitol Infilitrator Oliver
Oliver Peacekeeper Cray Cray
Anna Capitol Infilitrator
Cecil Capitol Infilitrator
Thalia Thalia
Zoey Peacekeeper Cray Cray

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