I was skeptical about starting a new games, mostly due to my low string of luck with my past two games. However, after reading one of my older games, I had an evil plan. Due to these being my 5th games (I don't count the hybrid games as they were never started nor the salmon games as they were canceled), I think this idea will work well.

The New Twist

4 dead tributes will be voted from the previous Appalachian Games. It's not so easy for the tributes of the 124th, 125th, and 126th Games. 16 of these tributes will be voted to fight in an arena, until 6 of them remain. Those six will be entered into the main games for a second shot at winning.

Canidates for the revenge arena below.

124th Games: The Isle Games

125th Games: The Mutt Games

126th Games: The Disastrous Games

81st Games: The Salmon Games

Votable tributes to be revived below.

344th Games: Appalachian Games


  1. 6 tributes only, due to the mass amount of tributes participating.
  2. Nay to reserves.
  3. Only vote for one tribute for appalachian games, and 4 tributes for the revenge arena.
  4. No flame wars in the comments.
  5. Respect Marvel, and always take comment 69 from Blake >:3.
  6. If your active, your tribute lives longer. Plus, more updates from more active users.

New Pool of Tributes

UNLIKE the previous games, a full fledged district WAR will happen. Every known district.

District Tribute/Gender Gender Age Weapon Personality
1 Hendonism Splendor Male 14 Dead tributes? He seems normal on the outside, but inside he is a psychological mess. He has borderline personality disorder. He has been developing misanthropic tendencies but he doesn't want to become a misanthrope so he tries to stop his feelings from getting the better of him
1 Dierde Vassa Female 16 Sword, Mace, Blowgun I'm not a stereotypical District One girl. Sure, I've trained for a long time, but I'm not sadistic or stupid and I don't shove my boobs in boys' faces, nor do I tolerate boys throwing themselves at my feet. Not that they'd do that anyway. They tend not to interact with me since I spend so much time alone. They're probably scared of me or something.

Radiant Tayz

Male 16 Stuff that kills Radiant used to be joyous, happy and amazing. He would wow the crowd with his antics. Now, he's cold, desolate and insane. The games change people. He swears quite a bit and mutters lots about his pre-first games life. He's very angry inside, but if you can unlock his golden heart by reminding him of the kind things he has done, you can unlock his old personality.
2 Amaya Raine Female 14 Machete, Flail, Knife Amaya was always an outcast. She was never liked and ALWAYS invisible. Nobody noticed her. This led to her being very stealthy and sly and mysterious. She is cold hearted and likes to kill. She doesn't like people. Being invisible is a good thing. If she is invisible, nobody will notice her and nobody will care about her, meaning she has a better chance of surviving.
3 Damian Byte Male 14 Electricity, Chain and Hook, Blowgun Laconic and evasive. He doesn't socialize with people much because of his father. He's also very mysterious, he doesn't reveal much about himself.
3 May Blester Female 12 Traps, Shepherd's sling... ahaha David and Goliath May is innocent and sweet, even tough this girl-ish and immature way has brought many unfortunate things to her life. Due to this child-ish behaviour, May doesn't accept rules, and cannot difference "okay" things from the extremely dangerous stuff she does every day. May is a dreamer by heart, and has a kind heart.
4 Manta Li Male 17 Poison Darts, Sickle, Sword The cruelest bastard you would ever meet, Manta is a charming and cynical liar. He's snappy and seethes with rage when interrupted or angered. He's ferocious, a force to be reckoned with. A little paranoia is mixed in too, as well as insanity. This man wouldn't think twice about torturing and killing your child, reanimating them, and going through this cycle 100 times.
4 Emilia Oswald Female 15 Trident, Bow, Blowgun Emilia is smart and brave, but also Daring and Adventurous
5 James Dant Male 15 Throwing knives, knife, dagger James is a friendly person, who gets along with other people well. He's easy to like, but sometimes he can be a bit mean or harsh, even though he's a very well-meaning person, and isn't afraid to speak his mind or stand up for himself. Sometimes, he just doesn't know when enough is enough, and wkill keep on arguing even if he knows he's lost, or keeping trying something over and over even though it will get him in trouble. He's a talkative person that can sometimes just be a bit too much, but he always means well.
5 Bluebella Kidd Female 16

Knives Trap

Bluebella is an amiable girl who completely lacks envy or rancor. She supports her friends' decisions with good will, and is willing to take risks to protect her friends. She is a bit clumsy at times, plus she isn't the most graceful girl you'll ever meet, but she has enough discipline. People could say she hides her protective side inside a shell of timidity, which is true, but Bluebella is the kind of girl who remains closed to everyone, afraid of being judged or made fun of. 
6 Matthew Smith Male 18 Tazer, Sword, Spear Matthew is likeable and very smart, using his smarts to do amazing things. He also has a good sense of humor, but sometimes believes in unordinary things. leading to him having a darker past.
6 Thalia Combe Female 16 Long bow, CRESCENT throwing knives. Thalia is a seductive, sadistic girl. She is considered nice and sweet by people, but this is only done by manipulation. Her sadistic qualities only fuel her cracked ego and personality. She has been known to short temper spasms, getting upset and everyone, and feels as if the world is just stupid and that she is meant to dominate it. She feels as if she is better than others, and will do anything to prove it.
7 Matthew Brown Male 14 Bow and Knife Brave and Secure
7 Herba Hemway Female 17 Axe Sassy and sarcastic but once you get past that she can be kinda nice. She also can be pretty fiery
8 Leon Silicus Male 16 Knife, Machete, Fist Leon is ruthless and cold-hearted, he can easily kill anyone on his way, even his close friends and allies. Leon never gets close to anyone, he only keeps allies for their usefulness. Leon thinks that people are split into two groups: weak and strong. Leon also believes that his main goal is to kill everyone he thinks is weak, and is determined for this to happen. He is also very clever, so he can easily fool people and make them fall into his traps.
8 Glory Evann Female Bow, Dagger, Spear Glory is extremely bossy and arrogant. She is also over-confident and thinks that she is the strongest and cleverest person in the world. Glory hates being ordered around, but she sometimes listens to the advice her family gives her. And after she kills someone, she kicks his body and mutters something like "weak" or "pathetic".
9 Julio Zethes Male 16 Sickle, Scythe Julio is a good person, willing to help oldest ones and people who need him in general. He isn't very outgoing, nor a person who likes to drain much attention for himself. He is very clumsy, and a bit shy, but he is too self-absorbed to notice this behaviour. He is very responsible, and always thinks about the consequences that might be led by his actions. He tends to bottle up his feelings, and is usually not willing to inform a friend of his feelings, even if the friend has what is necessary to help him.
9 Anala Henderson Female 14 Hurlbat Laconic, pretty smart, shy, very determined, and not afraid to kill
10 Jamieson Erie Male 14 Sword, Blowgun Jamieson is bright, cheerful and positive
10 Irene Watson Female 17 Curved Sword, Butcher's Knife, Throwing Knives Irene is a fierce girl and usually dominates any room she walks into. But, she isn't a brat about it, but rather is kind and intelligent
11 Bulgur Durum Male 14 Pitchfork Shy, clumsy, a little timid, but clever
11 Antonia Rabbit Female 15 Whip, Knife, Club Antonia is a sweet, caring girl. She can easily sacrifice her life for anybody she loves. She is very kind and generous, but if anyone hurts her loved ones, she becomes insane. She is also over-protective and is ready to kill anyone for her friends to make it out alive.
12 Jacob Antio Male 14 Scythe, Throwing Knives, Bow Jacob is generally a very sweet, talkative boy, who's fun to be around, and easy to get along with. He can be very social, and likes to be around people most of the time. Though, he also is very dramatic and emotional, often shifting emotions quickly. He may seem tough on the outside, but on the inside, he can be very sensitive and easily hurt. He can also be a very independant person, and doesn't really like accepting help from others except from Callie. When he's angry, he's a hard person to get along with, since if you try to be nice at all, he will retort with a sarcastic or hateful comment. He tries to act nice to people all the time, treating everyone with a certain respect and kindness. Towards Callie, his feelings are so mixed... yet, he feels like he should protect her. He has some trust issues sometimes and can be very stubborn and hard to forgive as well as not wanting to forgive people.
12 Calliope Antio Female 17 Curved Sword, Crossbow, Mace Callie is very quiet and serious, and usually keeps to herself, only talking if she is spoken to. She usually has a quiet voice, which makes it hard for you to hear her, but she doesn't care. She'd rather be alone than in the prescence of other people, but she can tolerate it, and can even find that she likes other people if she just is patient and learns to deal with it.

She's very caring, though, is good at soothing, or calming people down if they're injured or upset, or evey angry. It's hard to make her angry, unless you do something really wrong, and when she is angry, you don't want to be around. Being angry is her perfect chance to destroy things and let out all of her emotions that she keeps inside normally. She can be really emotional at times, but tends to keep it inside so no one knows.

13 Julian Veritas Male 15 Machete or Bow Julian is a quiet, fragile, and caring boy. He is very antisocial, but likes to be with a few people. He’s the kind of boy you’d want as a friend, since he can be very helpful and loyal, too. He is very trustworthy, and no one really knows what he would sacrifice for them until the moment comes when they actually need it. After Jolee’s death, he became a lot like she used to be, in the fact that he can be very upbeat and nice, often laughing and trying to make people happy. On the inside, he might be a bit depressed, but he wants to be happy, and he is. All he wants is to be happy, and to make others happy, just like Jolee.
13 Aeralene Ekiert Female 18 Machete, Throwing Stars, Curved Sword Aeralene, on the outside, seems shy, helpful, and caring, which is how she acts usually towards other people. She doesn't talk very much, which can make you wonder just what is going on inside her head. She is also quick to judge or get envious or angry of other people. When you get to know her, you still don't really know her. She keeps so much inside of her.

But, when you do think you know her, you will see that she can be cruel and unforgiving, letting all of her anger and envy out. She is very quick to blame others, and has a bit of an anger issue, hurting people when they don't do what she wants them to and screaming at them, not caring how much she hurts them, as long as she can rid of her anger. She is very serious and doesn't like to joke around or have fun, and would rather stay serious and on the pessimistic side of things. She cares about almost no one but herself, putting herself before everyone else, sneaking food when no one is looking... she's the kind of person who, if the alliance came to an old bridge over a giant cavern, she would make everyone else go first to see if it's safe.

She's selfish and cruel, but, every once in a while, she does love someone. For some odd reason, she feels differently about them, and she has no idea why. Neither will anyone else. All they should know is that they should treasure that fact.

14 Cole Neuk Male 15 Scythe Cole looks like a bloodthirsty killing machine, but it's not the case. In fact, he only kills when he has no choice. Cole is confident, but not arrogant, and hates arrogant people. He is also determined, but is more of a follower then a leader. He isn't nice or caring, but he can help and care for people he loves.

Sky Flammel

Female 14 Stealth, knife, bow and arrows Sky is very mysterious. Not many people know much about her. She can be dark during sad times, and vice versa. Sky loves to sneak up on people and observe them so she can learn more about them. Nobody knows why she acts this way. Only she knows.
15 Rowan Coupe Male 13 Saber, Bow, Gladius Rowan is very nice, but he can quite shy towards people he doesn't know.
15 Mikelle Quenton Female 13 Longsword, Bow, Machete Mikelle is calm and collective most of the time, but is also outgoing and can make friends easily
0 Aloysia Greyback Male 17 Sword, Knife Aloysio is very strict, not only on other people around him, but also himself. He is a perfectionist, as well as a clean freak, altough he does have a relaxed side. He doesn't really like human company, and because of this he is very anti-social and inclosed in himself. However, Aloysio is also very intellectual and spends most of his time hanging out with his small number of friends. He is a bit of a snob, and always acts superior and overly intellectual upon meeting new people, thus leading to his inclosed personality.


Alluria Nexus Female 15 Mace, flail,  machete Alluria, though she previously had problems with developing a personality, now has a very strong one. She is very protective and sassy, often giving ones who give her or loved ones trouble a lot of grief. She's also very curious, expecially about human things and what makes her different. The most admirable trait about Alluria, though, is her ability to be so independant. She's lived her whole life as part of the Capitol's master plan of technology, but she's ready to break free. She is her own person, even if she's not even human, and she believes that no one should be tied down the way the Capitol has done to her and countless other citizens.

Note: District 15 is my version, not the standard version. AKA "Weaponry".

The Bloodbath Fodders

UGH SAlmon, you killed my tributes in the bloodbath AGAIN!

Hate that? I do too. I've taken ALL of the past troll tributes, and added them here. However, some of these might survive and play a vital role... mwahahaha.

Tribute Age District Weapon
Joey Wheatgobb 15 9 Scythe
Joshua Cottonseed 18 8 Sword
Bronze Lucrian (known as Bronze Gemstone at the time) 17 1 Spear
Stone Rockgobbler 18 2 Machete
Cord Wireson 12 3 Traps
Atla Gillson 17 4 TridentT
Thalia Wulf 16 6 Throwing Ax
Seedling Greenfurrow 13 11 Sickle
Mac Greybeard 17, looks 54 3 Dagger
Fat Robin Hood 18 5 Bombs, Fatness
Flamingo Kisser 16 5 Axes
Dancing Weirdo 15 0 Baseball Bat
Moordoor 12 15 Knife

The Appalachian Voted Tributes

District Name Age Weapons Personality
1 Sapphire Lustre 17 Sword, Throwing Knives

Headstrong, sarcastic, and as stubborn as a mule, Sapphire is quite an outcast, and nobody actually really likes her. Has a bitter attitude towards her fellow careers, and has come to loathe the Capitol she is meant to love, finding their control and power very oppressing. Quite often openly mocks her fellow district 1 citizens when training, and is easily provoked, taking great joy in causing trouble at every opportunity, and doesn't really know when to back down. Deep, really really deep down she's actually rather sweet and sensitive, but that was crushed by rigorous training, the death of her family, and bitterness.

3 Dennis Rystentia 12 Knife Dennis is a pure, innocent little boy. He wished his birthday didn't have to be in the Hunger Games, or as he calls them, "The Hunger Deans". He's adorable, charming and hilarious. Just the one kid you would expect. He's purely innocent. He has the right ideas.
7 Uzi Kystrel 15 Machete, Uzi Uzi seems to be a very happy, intelligent and sweet guy. Underneath his shell however, lies a distraught, vengeful and saddened 15 year old kid. He murdered his twin and parents. Why wouldn't he? He is worried about being found out. He still has a heart of gold however. You just need to unlock it.
12 Celicia Fen 15 Bow, Knives Celi is a very cautious, fragile girl, who often stands in the background. You can pick apart the crowd before finally finding her, hiding the background, scared to come out. She's somewhat scared of being around other people, which means she is very anti-social and prefers to be alone, in a quiet place. She's very fragile, and if you criticize her just a little bit, it can cause her to break down and start to cry. She hates it when other people are mean, and has a pure heart and soul deep down. When she does have to interact with other people, she is normally very polite and caring, being very careful, and always thinking before she acts.

Revenge Arena tributes



District Name Age Weapons Personality
9 Rainbow Dash 14 Knife, Baton Rainbow seems like a nice, controlled tom-boy who's an extremly fast runner, but then, when she goes to work (yes) with her dad, at a place called the "rainbow factory" all horror is unleashed. Maybe she'll save her gruesome personality for the end. Who knows?
15 Pinkamena Pie 14 Torture, Sickle, Trust Pinkamena is very depressed and does not like touching the topic of friendship. She can tend to use disturbing humor and she is a fan of puns. However, on the inside she longs to "play" with her friends, cut them open and "see their colors run", basically a sadistic, insane and bloodthirsty monster. However, she can always easily convince people into becoming her friends, being the first part of her trap. She likes torture and gains random sorts of pleasure from doing so, ranging from joy to sexual pleasure. She is very rude to people she sees as annoying too.
6 Blade Spectrus 14 Spear To be presumed!
2 Blaze Hellfire 18 Broadsword Blaze is harsh, brutal and blunt. He is an arrogant boy too, his ego big enough for three people. He's quite harsh when talking to people, and the only words that usually come out of his mouth are death threats or insults.

He can be very brutal, and can smash your head to bits without some much as blink. He's fine with killing, and doesn't really care who he is with, as long as they don't get in the way of his kill.

4 Kokoro Hitogoroshi 17 Dagger, Teeth, Poison, Sharp Nails Kokoro is immature and bossy in a way. She is comparable to a character by the same name who has a rather bossy and rough tone in her voice. In fact, that's her favorite character too too. She often starts to be abusive, giving very subliminal but funny orders to her brother, Kodai. Kokoro has an odd pineapple addiction as well, and she can also be protective of her allies almost like a guard dog. She is also childish at times, warming up to some tributes so much she might fall asleep hugging them from trust. You can love her or hate her, but you can't underestimate her bloodthirst and capricious side either.
13 Flippy Twinmind 17 Many, many things Judging by Happy Tree Friends, bipolar, one side normal, one side INSANELY BLOODTHIRSTY AND FRICKEN AWESOME.

The Introductory

Darkness covers the sun as dark clouds hang high in the sky. The brisk air is filled with excited voices and idle chatter, as many fans of the capitol stand near the president's mansion. After the quick end to the bloody and brutal Appalachian Games, the capitol was ready for more. It had been many months in the waiting, but the time for the games was upon them once more, and not a greater time to begin yet again.

Cheers and shouts ring out as a man in a fancy tuxedo walks out. He raises his hand, and the cheers slowly shout down. "Wonderful citizens of the capitol. I am your president, president John Smith. Common name, it might seem. But not a common personality. Today, we are going to present you all with a surprise." John says, as he pulls out a red envelope.

His gloved hand opens up the letter, as he pulls out a white slip of paper. He clears his throat, stepping up towards the stage's edge. "In recognition that the past never dies, the royal families who lived back in the days of the 124th Games have written a decree. On the 345th Hunger Games, bring back tributes from the favorite games of your forefathers. However, only bring back the good ones. Tributes will be back from your previous games as well, to make it even more bloody. However, tributes from our period must fight in an arena before they advance on to the main arena. New tributes shall be reaped alongside them, and all of the tributes will fight until a sole victor remains. Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favour."

Shouting and yells erupt, happy in the capitol, yet in anger and anguish in the districts. The president waves the crowd off, before walking off the stage. The crowd sits in silence, as they soon began to depart like thieves from a robbery.

Sharpe Cinder, the victor from the previous games, sits in her home in District 9, watching the broadcast. She is shocked, but then a spark of hope fills her soul. Jamie could come back, and win. Then she could admit her feelings she had for the boy all along. She quickly rushes into her bedroom, changing into a simple black tanktop matched with sweatpants. She ties her hair up in a ponytail, before slipping on a pair of sneakers. She grabs a small coat, leaving it unbuttoned as she rushes outside.

Being still very young, now 13, Sharpe is quiet small compared to the crowd in nine. However, her plan was simple. She was looking for the escort, so she could inact her plan. She kept searching, but she couldn't find her. She was beginging to abandon hope, when she saw the man.

"Poil!" she shouted. The escort looked up, before giving Sharpe a smile. "Yes my dear?" he said sweetly. "Tell Caeser I need to be on his show tonight, live." she says quickly, catching her breath. "Sure thing, anything for sweet little Sharpe." he says. Sharpe groans.  "I hate it when he calls me that." she says as he rushes off, his fancy shoes sounding against the cobble streets.

Later that night, as Sharpe is on Caeser Flickerman the VI's late show, she gives the capitol a message. "So you liked the mess I made of the girl from 12 in the previous games? Well do me a favor capitol. Please, oh please, vote for Jamie Flip to be revived to fight in the games. He is a very decent fighter, you know how he took down the boy from 7. Vote for him, and I assure you, you won't be dissapointed. Do it for me, Sharpe Cindre." she says, as she is cut off from the live broadcast.

Sharpe was content with her attempt, happy she gave Jamie another chance at winning. However, such a stunt on live tv might have just put her life in danger. She was worried for her life, but excited to possibly see Jamie, alive and well. But also fearful, that he might meet a more gruesome fate than his previous one, so excruciating that Sharpe couldn't bear the sight.

The Revenge Arena


The breath of life flowed through my body. I rose up, in a room with a bunch of other confused people my age. I knew I had died. I remember it as if it happened minutes ago. I was ensnared in a bear trap, my ally Rainbow trying to free me. However, that stupid boy from 1 got to me first, throwing his spear into my chest. I died because of him, but now, I was alive. Once again to wreck more havoc. To kill yet again.

I looked around, and I saw her. My ally Rainbow was here too. So wait? She died as well? Which means she didn't win either! I try to run over to her, but I run into an invisible barrier. She notices me, and tries to talk, but no words come out. The capitol is up to some antic, I'm sure of it. They always are.

A static noise erupts inside the room, before a raspy voice comes in on a speaker. "Attention, all of you tributes. You all are wondering how you are alive if you have died. You all have been capitol favorites, and due to that, we have generously decided to bring you back, give you a... second chance, at life. All you have to do, is... fight. You all, all 16 of you. However... only 6 of you can escape alive... those six of you will fight many others, and if you survive... we let you go, to leave your lives in luxury and peace." the voice said. Anger boiled through me, I'm pretty sure everyone else was as well.

Sure, a second chance at killing others without capitol punishment would be wonderful thing indeed. But did they really have to bring us back to fight again? Messing with the dead won't ever help them, but the Capitol won't ever understand. They never will.

Suddenly, something happened. The floor began to rise up. The ceiling opened up, as if it were actually the ground to something else. The bright sun blared into the once bland room, filling it with bright light. The floor slowly kept rising and rising, the previous room dissapearing from my sight. The sun was bright, and as soon as my vision adjusted to it's brightness, I found myself staring at a golden horn. Just like those many years ago. The years before I died.

To my left was the nut Jeffrey, who was smiling ear to ear. I knew of his bloodlust, and knew he was a very deadly tribute. I knew I had to kill him before he killed me, or else I would die again and this time not come back at all. I looked to my right. The girl with blue hair from 4 in the games before mine was there. Her teeth were filed into fangs, and she looked determined, as she stared at the cornucopia, already in a stance to make a mad dash towards it.

My eyes scanned over the surroundings. The cornucopia was surrounded by a river of hot magma about 40 feet away from my plates. Probably to end this quickly, so these games would be over so the survivors could be served in the "main course", with all the others. But right now, my thoughts were guided on the shiny knife glinting in the sun. I would need this knife. I knew Jeffrey was looking for it, so I knew I had a fight coming. I just had to beat him to it, and the games would breeze by.

I looked at Rainbow, several pedestals to my right. She noticed my indication. She pointed towards the mouth of the cornucopia. I nodded my head. I pointed towards the knife, and she agreed. I saw Cario studying us, as if he knew our plan. I would need to kill him now as well... my plans couldn't be foiled. Rainbow and I had to live. Then we could wreck havoc in the main games. And possibly, win. Both of us, the victors who killed over 12 tributes in a single games.

My victorious thoughts was interuppted by the same montonous voice repeating the same numbers. "60... 59... 58...". I took a deep breath in, and exhaled. For the first time ever, I was slightly nervous. These tributes were the best favorites... and biggest threats. Jeffrey, Cario, all of the others... all out to kill me. To make sure they survived into the main games, and to get that at all costs, killing me being apart of it.

"25... 24... 23..." the countdown continues. I was ready. I got in a stance, to help me sprint the fastest I could, towards the knife, towards the mouth of the cornucopia. Jeffrey smiled at me, making a slitting motion with his finger on his throat. Arrogant bastard. He was going to be my first victim. I could already imagine his corpse on the ground, my blade covered in his blood as he suffered slowly as I cut into him many, many times, until he died from the wounds.

"10... 9... 8..." I was prepared fully. To get out of here and just be left alone. "7... 6... 5... 4... 3... 2... 1..." The gong rings, and I begin my sprint. My cruel life flashes before my eyes, but I regret nothing at all, as my feet pound against the cornucopia's bottom and I grasp the knife's handle as I swing it out at the closest figure to me...

Rainbow, my only ally.


I sprint across the field, the gong resounding in my head. I had wondered about coming back, but for now, I honestly didn't give a crap. I was in another battle to the death, and this time, there was only one way to escape with my life. To kill everyone else until 6 tributes remained.

I reach the cornucopia, many people begginning to arrive. I grabbed a spear off a rack, as the swords were too far back, and that big boy from 2, Nathaniel, was already back there taking a sword. I run out with a spear, looking for someone to kill. I see my chance. Emily is bended over, taking a quiver out of a bag. Her bow laid to the side, so I prepared to strike.

I sprint towards her, my spear gripped firmly in my right hand. I see her turn around, gasping out as I thrust my spear out. Emily drops prone just in time as my spear nicks her back, scratching it and causing it to bleed. She dives for her bow, but I stamp down on her hand. She cries out in pain, as I stab the spear into her shoulder.

I wiggle the spear around, ignoring Emily's screams. I drive the spear deeper in, when a sharp pain erupts in my leg. Emily stabbed my leg with an arrow. I drop down, as she stabs at me again. I let go of my spear as I stop her arm. I twist it around, and she drops the arrow. I savagely take it, before knocking her down with a strong punch to her neck.

I pin her down with my knees, stabbing her everywhere with her own arrow. Blood spills all over me as I continue stabbing her, and I'm sure she's dead. But I keep on striking her over and over, relentelssly, until I hear the satisfactory boom of the cannon. BOOM! Knowing she was dead, I took the spear out of her corpse, and began to run off.

I stop as soon as I realize.... there is no where to run. Kokoro and Kodai Hitrogoshi have me cornered, the lava moat at my back. They smile, revealing their awful fangs. "Stand back!" I say. "You blue haired snakes! Stay back!" I repeat again. They just smile at me, twirling twin daggers in their hands. I knew I needed to act, or else I would be a burning pit of charred Blade in a minute.

I let out a barbaric yell, holding my spear out and banzai charging at the duo. My plan oddly suceeds, as the two both acted surprised. I use the force of my charge to impale my spear into the body of Kodai. He sputters, clawing at me. I pull my spear out, just as twin blades rake across my back.

I turn around, Kokoro standing there, hate filling her eyes. She swung rapidly, her strikes so fast I had extreme difficulty blocking and avoiding them. I stabbed out, the girl nimbly dodging backwards before she lept at me, knives pointed. I held the spear ready, as I swung downward, bashing her in the head with it. She fell over, dazed. I thought I had her done for, but of course, it's never that easy.

I took off a soon as two tributes came after me. I leaped ontop of the cornucopia, climbing away from them. They angrily ran off, but to my surprise, another tribute had come up here as well. Perfectly camouflaged into the metal, was Flippy. The bipolar pshychopath. And in his hands, gleaming in the sun...

...was a chainsaw.


I cowered behind a crate, deep in the back of the cornucopia. Metal clashing, reminding me of how horrifying the bloodbath was in my previous games. A tribute screams out, gargled by blood as their corpse bangs into the crate I currently hide behind. I yelp as I jump back, the dead tribute with a cut throat turning out to be Cario. Nathaniel stands over his corpse, his bloodstained sword pointed downward. His eyes scan the cornucopia for more tributes. I take a deep breath and hold it in, trying to not make a peep.

Nathaniel looks around a little more, before he leaves to go outside. I exhale, before grabbing a dagger off the rack. BOOM! Cario's cannon. I didn't waste time running out, the sight I saw horrendous. The rainbow haired girl was fighting a girl with pink hair, both equally matched in combat. The crazy camouflage nut was on top of the cornucopia, revving a chainsaw up as he begin to approach another tribute. The blue haired girl is currently engaged in combat with that Pacster guy. I knew I couldn't fight any of these tributes well, so I begin to run off, looking for some way to survive.

I looked for a good hiding place, as I really didn't wanna fight any tributes. i noticed a corpse of another tribute. Seeing it as one of my only options, I ran forward towards it. I grimaced as I put the corpse of the girl overtop of my body, concealing myself.

I was scared. I could hear my heart beat faster and faster. BOOM! Another tribute gone. I think I might make it, before someone drags me out from under my cover. I scream and slash my dagger out, the hand letting go of me. I see my assaliant, and nearly scream in terror. Jeffrey.

"Hello puppy! Time to say Bow-ow!" he says, grinning as he stabs his knife towards me. I yelp as I throw my arms up in the way. The knife slices through them, spraying blood all over my face. I scream out, as I wipe blood from my eyes to see Jeffrey ready to attack again.

I kick out, hitting him in the crotch. He bends over, falling. I get up and begin to sprint away. My arms are burning, blooding still spewing rapidly from them. I run over the corpse of Matthew, not really caring as I just try to find something to stop this pain.

I feel myself weakening, as the blood loss brings me to my knees. I don't have time to rest, before a tribute is slammed into me. Bella wraps her hands around my throat, as if remembering that I killed her. I can't pull her arms off my throat, their too weak from the massive loss of blood. I can't breathe, I'm beginning to asphyxiate. I clutch desperately at Bell's face, trying to get her hands off me. But she doesn't relent, as she keeps a firm grip. I feel myself go lightheaded, my vision blotting up. Darkness consumes me, and I know this feeling already. The feeling of Death.


That damn chainsaw noise was annoying me. I looked up, the tribute jumping down from the cornucopia. I gripped my sword tightly in my right hand as I went to eliminate this annoyance. An unlucky tribute turns at the wrong moment, as the vicious military-like tribute kicks them down, before cutting their head in half from side to side with the chainsaw. Blood spills everywhere, the tribute is barely unrecognizable. BOOM! The cannon sounds.

The tribute was Bella. I knew she wouldn't last long without a bow, so I ran towards the vicious chainsaw maniac. I stabbed my sword out, and surprisignly, it connected to where I wanted it to. The side. The tribute turns around, glare of hatred at me. He swings the mighty chainsaw at me, but I step back. I slash his wrist, trying to sever his left hand, but I falter and the strike nicks his shoulder instead.

The tribute sees an opening, before bringing the chainsaw down on my femur. Horrendous amounts of pain shoot up and down my right leg as the tribute begins to slowly cut my leg off. I wildly slash out, most of my strikes missing. However, one connects to the gas container of the chainsaw, and all the gas spills out. The chainsaw stops running. The tribute looks angered, as I slash his chest, causing him to fall over.

I yank the chainsaw out of my leg, supporting my weight with my sword. Gasoline is poured all over the area, and I knew I must move or else... that Pyromaniac Drago would have the perfect opprotunity to strike. I hobble away, but that tribute STILL comes after me, a fit of rage evident on his once evil face.

I honestly thought slashing his chest open would finally subdue him, but he was one tough person. He wears down at me with punch after punch, trying to claw my throat open, even SINKING his teeth into my neck. I couldn't fight him off, no matter how much I pushed back, it was over. Nathaniel Chirp was going to die to some bloodthirsty psycho path.

Drago appeared. I knew he would see it some time. He looked like he doubted himself, as he closed his eyes, and lighted a match. The vicious tribute got off of me, finally, to turn his attention to Drago. However, we both knew it was over. With my last strength I could muster, I grabbed the vicious tribute, bringing him down to the ground. I held him tight, ignoring his struggles.

Drago had lost it at the sight of fire. He threw it down on the gasoline. However, this gasonline didn't just catch fire. After the flames spread, it EXPLODED! I was flung far away, my body crashing into the grass. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! The explosion had also eliminated three others. Something sharp was imbedded in my chest. Shrapnel from the cornucopia. I clutched at it, trying to remove it. However, that was the last thing I would ever do, as I died, clutching my chest.


I cough, the heavy smoke clogging my airways. An explosion had nearly concluded the games there, but it seemed it didn't kill enogh people. I scanned around the smoke for Pinkamena, but I couldn't see her. Why had she all of a sudden attacked me? I thought we were allies, and even more than that, best friends. Was she using me the whole time? Anger boils inside me. She probably was going to use me to win the Mutt Games as well, if Bronze hadn't intervened. I had been so guilty for not being able to get her free from the trap and blamed myself for her death. I had a bunch of negative emotions about it all for nothing.

I lean against what's left of the cornucopia, trying to catch my breath. A large figure slumbers through the thick smoke. I raise my knife, but I'm too weak from lack of fresh air. My arm shakes, before falling to my side. I see the tribute. Blaze Hellfire, one of the most deadly tributes to be revived. His broadsword was bloodstained, I knew instantly he had killed Matthew.

His fire red eyes glared at me, as he slowly began to lumber towards me. "Flashy hair won't save you weak little girl. District 9 was always full of sorry excuses for tributes and a bunch of losers. You're going to become the next one." he said, as he raised his broadsword, high above his head. I threw my arms up in a defensive position, even though I knew I wouldn't survive the blow.

No pain erupts in my body, instead, the sound of two bodies smacking against each other sounds around. I open my eyes, hope fills me, that Pinkamena was trying to redeem herself by saving my life. However, I'm wrong. Jeffrey is on top of Blaze, cuting into the boy's torso with his bloody scapple. "You were going to be a pain in my side the whole games! So, why not end you in the PREQUEL?" he sais, laughing like a maniac, continuing his job.

To be honest, I hated both tributes. Blaze was an arrogant son of a... I'll let you finish it... and Jeffrey was an insane, bloodthirsty maniac. But if I had the choice to who I would fight one-on-one, I would choose Blaze. His arrogance I could manipulate, unlike Jeffrey's lust for blood, which was extremely difficult to manipulate to my advantage. Before Jeffrey turns Blaze into the new "sausage bites" gas station snack, I stumble over to the two.

I utilize my last strength, putting all of my anger, hate, and sorrow for what Pinkamena did to me, trying to muster up my last strength I could to end this petty revenge arena, for another chance at life in peace. I thrust my hand out, knife gripped firmly in it, right into Jeffrey's exposed neck. He makes the sound a person makes when they choke on water, and I knew I hit a vital artery in his neck. I feel sad for the boy as he sputters around the floor, blood pouring from the wound, trying to get the crimson liquid out of his lungs. After about 5 awful minutes, Jeffrey goes still. BOOM!

Exhausted, I fall to my knees. An announcement rings out, specifically stating one thing. "Congratulations you 6 tributes! Through your courage and bloodshed, you have not only provided us with a glorious show, but also, a second chance at redemption! At revenge! All of you... the six of you, will be transported out. Your wounds will be treated and completely healed... knew limb's... grown back... To be sure everyone has an equal chance at winning! So stay where you are!" they say. Like I was going anywhere. I could feel myself being lifted off my feet. I temporarily pass out, not knowing anything happening to me.

When I awake, I inhale sharply. The air is clear and crisp, something I'm thankful for. All my cuts from my battle with Pinkamena are gone. I'm dressed in a hospital gown, my hair tied up in a messy bun. I look around. A woman in a doctor's outfit greets me. "You finally awoke. Nasty fight you had." she says. I scoff. "I'd like to see you people get your asses in an arena and fight to the death! Hell, half of you would die because you broke your damn nails!" I say in anger, punching the female doctor to the ground. Before I can make another move, someone stabs me from behind. I look, to see a muscled doctor with a needle in his hand. I grasp at his vest, as he looks down on me. "Time to dash in your dreams..." he says, as I lose conscius.

The First Reaping


I can't believe I'm alive... I can remember vividly how I died. Luckily, the afterlife took pity on me. But, the capitol didn't have it's last laugh. They brought me back, saying I was just "a lovely, cute little boy." and saying something about Sapnis. Sounded like a tree, sappy to me.

I was back in the salty breeze District 4, the beautiful palm trees sway in the breeze. I look up to the light blue sky, the beach sun beaming down on me. I sit alone, allowing the waves to touch my toes as I wiggle them through the wet sand. It's too bad I would have to go in the Hunger Games AGAIN and risk my innocence. I still missed Diamond too... Ever since that Sapphire took him away... I'm glad I made her die.

"Dennis, it's time." A gruff voice of a peacekeeper says behind me. I didn't like the capitol, they had been my cause of death already and kept me angry ever since. They did this to me, made me fight and lose my innocence. I grumbled at the man, as he forcefull grabbed my arm. "We're moving now Rystentia." he said in a more angered tone. Not wishing to make this intimidating man even more angry, I followed him to the reaping square of District 4.

District 4's crowd was large as usual, and unlike poorer districts, was full of chatter. Being reaped here was an "honor", a pleasure reserved for the best. To go into the Hunger Deans. I totally didn't want to go, and I hoped someone would volunteer, but of course, no one did.

I am led to my seat, as the peacekeeper stands nearby. A girl I think looks cute sits by me. She must be the survivor of the revenge arena. Deciding to be the friendly boy I am, I say "Hi, I'm Dennis. Who are you?". She turns, flashing me a fanged smile. "I'm Kokoro, but that won't matter. You are becoming my ally, you cute little ball of fluff!" she says. Why does everyone call me cute?

"Don't I have a say in being your ally?" I reply. "Nope! I'm the boss! Even if my brother didn't make it..." she says, trailing off. "But I like District 4. It's coastal, perfect climate for pineapples! Do you like pineapples? Because if you don't, I might have to hurt you!" she says. This girl was nuts, or just really childish. Before she can boss me around anymore, the escort takes her place on the stage. Time to see who would be unlucky to participate in a games full of grizzled veterans.

"Welcome District 4! I am sure you all are very excited for the reapings of the 345th Annual Hunger Games!" the escort shouts. Cheers erupt, and slowly hush. "Now, for a nice moment of silence, we shall reap our female tribute!" the escort says. She walks over to the reaping bowl, her loud high heels clanking agains the wooden stage. She picks a name out, unfolding it, before clearing her throat and leading aloud:

"Marcy Leech!". Naturally, it isn't but a milisecond before someone shouts, "I VOLUNTEER!". A pretty girl with dark brown hair and hazel eyes walks up to the stage, a confident smile on her face. "What's your name dear?" the escort asks. "Emilia Oswald!" she says in a brave tone. "Your female tribute District 4, Emilia Oswald!" the escort says. The crowd applauds, as the escort begins to go over to the male's bowl.

After the tense seconds, she unfolds a slip. "Manta Li!" she calls out. A gigantic, scary looking boy at least 7 foot tall looks up at us. He gives a glaring smirk at us, I can feel his lime eyes bore into me. I had to know to not get on his bad side, or I would be dead meat.

"Your Male tribute, Manta Li!" our escort says. He walks over, and almost immediately, to me. "Look at this pipsqueak. How in the world did you even get 3rd place?" he said. I tremble, before saying "Luck I guess.". "Luck is right." he mutters. "Stay out of my way, or you'll hav-" he begins, but Kokoro interrupts him. "You're not scary grass hair.". I know immediately she just screwed up.

He grabs her throat, shaking her around like a toy. "You'll learn to not INTERRUPT me when I'm talking. Do you understand?" he says menacingly. "Put her down you big meanie!" I say, trying to sound as innocent as I possibly can. Thankfully, my trick works, and people begin to move for Manta. He doesn't take kindly to it, but he submits. He shows he has smarts, as he uses his charm to his advantage.

"I wasn't doing anything harmful. My intention was just to be celebratory." he lies. They let him be, the idiots. As soon as I am loaded onto the train, I keep myself a great distance away from Manta. He is a cruel person and is most likely bloodthirsty as well.

I hear a knock at my door. "Come in." I say. Kokoro walks in. "Wow. You knucklehead, I didn't expect someone like you to stand up for someone like me. You've got some kind of courage to you... you could be a good ally to me. On second thought, you will be my ally, your just too cute to be left unprotected.". I actually am shocked. Sure, I wanted to be in an alliance with her. Even if she was a bit bossy, I had a small crush on her. "Sure... also, nice job on calling Manta a grass head. Guess he was nervous about being pinched on St. Patrick's Day or something." I say. Kokoro laughs, and then says. "You're funny. I like that. Allies then." she says. Before I say anything else, she's gone.

I flip on the tv, to see who else was resurrected. I sit back, not expecting anyone I had a close relationship. I hope Diamond would be one, but no. I drop the remote, my mouth wide open. Displayed on the screen, is a name I've learned to hate. How could she be voted back in? That name, is none other than, Saphire Lustre.


Saphire Lustre

I, along with all the other useless tributes in my district, are up early, like most career districts. None of District 1's tributes had survived the revenge arena, so I was stuck with two new people. Hendonism didn't look like he could do a thing, being a 14 year old. Dierde was a loner type of person, so I knew she wouldn't make the careers either. I hated the careers, but they would be the only minions I would have.

"Move." I say aggrivated at the peacekeeper in the doorway. Stupid oppressive capitol. He doesn't do anything, to my surprise. "Move!" I say a little more authoritive. He moves, as I walk outside, towards the training center.

I snicker as I pass the new District 15 tributes. Two weak little 13 year olds. When I arrive, everyone is in a big huddle, as if waiting or something. "This place is so big!" Hendonism says. "Yeah, I bet it can be bigger if the capitol let us build it." I say mockingly. That's when the head trainer yells for everyone to hush, so we can get the boring speech from him.

"What a large crowd of tributes! Now, I'm going to lay down the instructions and rules of this facility." the trainer says. I yawn, already knowing from last year. I am surprised I was picked to come back, after my anti-capitol nature, and also my "extreme heartlessness". But, I'm back, and ready to split up other's family even more... just like the so called "accident" that took my parents. I knew it was the capitol, I was sure of it.

"Anyone worthy to join the careers, come over here now." a deep voice booms. The boy from 2, Blaze, who survived the Revenge Arena, stands there. A handful of tributes flock over to him. I scoff, but decide to join them anyways.

"I'm your leader careers. I've survived against other skilled tributes in the revenge arena, so I am deemed fit." Blaze says. "But I'm more intelligent than you." the new girl from 8 replies. "I'm deemed more fit than you, because I'm the best there is." she said proudly. "Ha! You think you're the best? I could crush you like a tin can! The biggest should lead us!" the monstrous new boy from 4 says. Everyone breaks into an argument, so I know it's my time to say my piece.

"Shut up! You all argue like no one's business! What kind of alliance wins with disputes like this? Did a career win last year because of disputes? NO! They placed horrible! I know... I was there... and I don't want it to happen again." I shout. They all shut up. "Okay then Ms. Lustre. Prove to us your worthy." Blaze says. Me? Prove? I didn't have to! I was from District 1!

I storm over to Blaze. I quickly legsweep him, pinning his arms behind his back and pressing his head to the floor, in an effective hold. "That proves it well enough." I say. "Anyone else want to question me? If not, let's actually do something productive today." I command, letting Blaze out of the hold.

I take notice of a rather large alliance full of weirdos. All those tributes that no one rooted for, the ones who had low self-confidence, the oddballs. None of them looked threatening, except for the past careers Atla, Bronze, and Stone. I knew their role. They were just extra deaths to entertain the capitol. However, there alliance was currently very large.

Mikelle is trying to get Rowan out of his shell, by being outgoing to the shy boy. Pfft. Pathetic, it wasn't like either of them would win anyways. I watch over my careers, taking note of how they perform. Naturally, Manta is handy with weapons and extremely strong, but he seems a bit slowed by his bulk. Glory is deadly, but has high arrogance, something that can change something. Blaze is probably the biggest threat overall, balancing speed and strength along with expertise sword fighting.

This year was going to be a rough one. Most of these tributes were not that bad, and probably could deal some damage. But I was not going to die to traitors. I was going to make sure, if I got doublecrossed, I would kill the traitors, slowly, and painfully, without a second thought. I was going to win this time.

Your Scores

District Gender Score
0 Male 8


1 Male 8


2 Male 10
2 Female 7
3 Male 6
3 Female 5
4 Male 11
4 Female 9
5 Male 7
5 Female 6
6 Male 8
6 Female 11
7 Male 5
7 Female 7
8 Male 9
8 Female 8
9 Male 6
9 Female 6
10 Male 8
10 Female 7
11 Male 6


12 Male 6


13 Male 8


14 Male 10


15 Male 6




Careers: Emilia, Radiant, Manta, Leon, Glory, Amaya, Blaze, Sapphire

Anti-Careers: Matthew, Flippy (?), Blade

Young Alliance: Mikelle, Rowan,

Ship 1: Dennis and Kokoro

Ship 2: Celicia and Uzi

Siblings: Jamieson, Irene

Loners: Anyone not listed above.

The Bloodbath

Jamieson Erie

I wince as the capitol maiden injects a tracker in my arm. My mind races with all the possible outcomes, and that in less than an hour, about 8 or 9 tributes would stop breathing, and cease to exist. I've watched District 10 over the years, and I was fearful for myself. Our female was the first death and our male died on the second day. With these chances I wasn't too confident. But I had to keep myself cheery, for the sake of staying positive, and to look good for the capitol.

My stomach has butterflies when the hovercraft lands, and I'm sent to my escort in a room below the arena. "Good luck." I say to my half sister Irene, who takes another tunnel to go to her escort. "You too." she replies, as she dissapears from view. Eventually, I make it to the room.

I liked my escort. Originally, he was from District 11, so he knew how living in a poor district was. "Well Jamieson, I can't really help you from now. But my last advice to you is my guess at the arena. Your clothes are made of foamed neoprene and are very lightweight and easy to move in. So this arena is going to be very large, probably a hot desert or a tropical jungle. Seeing as neoprene is mostly waterproof, expect a large amount of water too. Good luck, I wish the best to you." he says.

The arena wear is something District 4 might find familiar, but to me, I didn't recognize. It was a full suit, covering me from the chest down. The sleeves were cut, and the shoes felt rubbery. However, despite sounding like a skintight jump suit, it was very easy to move around in and very comfy. "15 seconds till launch." the robot voice.

My escort nods, and I walk into my tube. After about 15 seconds, the glass shuts, and the tense moments before rising in the arena get to me. My plate goes up, and I am very nervous, my hands shaking. A voice in the back of my head says "Survive Jamieson. Don't fail me again.". I don't know who it is, but I shake it off as a hallucination brought on by fear as a bright light blinds me.

When I recover, I stay around my surroundings. Only one word describes it. Beautiful. I stand on my plate on a sandy beach. The cornucopia gleam's emerald in the bright sun, something I've never seen the gamemakers do. It sits in water the most beuatiful blue water I've ever seen. Even the spokes extending from it are silver. Behind me, the greenest jungle goes as far back as I can see. To my front on the other side of the north beach, green hills rise gently up. The eastern and western sides of the arena are a mixture of both, and I'm shocked. However, I snap back to reality as soon as a voice booms over the arena.

"Let the 345th Hunger Games begin. May the odds, be ever in your favor." the voice says smoothly, before begginning the countdown. "60... 59... 58..."

I scan the plates around me, looking for Irene. She's far from me, and I curse. To my right, a tribute is dancing on his plate, taunting the tribute on his right. To my left is a dude who looks like he's in his mid fifties. What kind of competition was this?

I shake a bit more when the countdown reached 40. What was I going to do? I had no choice, but to run for the knife on the cornucopia. It wasn't a sword, but it would be used as more of a tool than a weapon to me, and I could just tie it on to a stick and it'd be a spear.

It seems the dancing tribute had his fun to poor Mikelle, who was in tears over what he had said. He turned his attention to me, saying "You a stupid fool, bein' on my left like dat. Yo a dead fool' lil' boi." he said in an annoying accent. "Listen, shut up." I say. "U mad bro? Oh wait! Yo not my brudder! Yo dead!" the weirdo said. He was on my kill list now.

I find Irene, signalling to her to meet me at the cornucopia. She looks in fear at the water surrounding it. I forgot. She was a bad swimmer, and if she got caught in the water by a skilled swimmer, she was as good as dead.

I didn't want to cause her to die, so I abandoned my idea about going to a knife and to just meet up with Irene in the jungle, to keep us both alive. I knew this was a big risk, but she mattered more than gaining a free item I could proably craft.

"10... 9" that was it. I prepare myself to go on a full out sprint towards Irene, my plan is simple. Reach Irene, escape unharmed, survive, and try not to die. I was fearful, not for only mysef, but for Irene, my family back home, my friends, and anyone else who would have trouble with out me. As the countdown reaches 0 and they signal the start of the games, my thoughts are clear, adrenaline takes over, as I find myself sprinting towards Irene.


As soon as the gong rings, I dive into the water. The sound of water rushes into my ears, I can hear my hear beating at a fast rate. I keep my breath held, daring to not let a single bubble of air escape. I feel something hard. I did it! I reached one of the spokes!

I surface, rubbing water out of my eyes. I heave myself up onto the spoke, making a dash for the cornucopia ahead of me. Some of the other nimble tributes run down the spokes to my left and right. To my left, is the career Glory, who's oddly from District 8. To my right is Flippy, someone else I would definetly want to avoid engaging in combat with.

I reach the cornucopia, looking for Jacob. I see him haul himself up one of the spokes with trouble. He wasn't physically strong, so I knew he would have trouble with it. I turn around, ducking as a scythe nearly takes my head off. Joey Wheatgobb, someone I'm shocked to have already gotten here, prepares to swing again. I grab the handle of the long weapon, trying to fight for control of it.

He gains the advantage, pushing down on me with his weight. On my back, he holds the scythe near my neck. I push back, but I can't do it. I hope Jacob safely made it away, as I was as soon as a goner as ever. However, Joey relenquishes as someone pushes him off me. I expect to see Jacob, bu kt it's only the career leader, Sapphire.

I jump up running before she can try to kill me. I don't look where I'm going as I collide with another tribute. I get up, but it's only Jacob. "Thank goodness! I thought you were someone else." He said as I helped him up. He holds a curved sword in his hands, giving it to me. "I know your better at combat, so here." he says. "Thanks." I say, as I begin to search for a backpack to help me survive.

By now, many other tributes are begging to arrive. I was quiet surprised how no cannon had boomed yet, probably cause most of the people here were careers or not-so bloodthirsty tributes. As I pick up a water proof duffel bag, I hear Jacob. "Callie! Help!".

I see the hulking figure of Stone, a machete grapsed firmly in his hand, cornering the unarmed Jacob. "Shut up you little shit! Screaming help to someone who doesn't exist won't save you now!" he says, raising his machete.

I sprint, my feet pounding against the floor. I drive all the force of my speed into a stab, and I feel myself stop immediately. My sword goes through Stone's back and out his front. I yank my blade out, as he falls on his knees, before falling face-first to the ground, dead. BOOM!

Jacob is just as shocked as I am. Deciding to not risk getting anything else, Jacob takes Stone's machete and we begin to leave. I kick down a rather fat tribute who's trying to lugg himself on a spoke back into the water, and look to Jacob.

He ducks to avoid a wild hook from Seedling Grenfurrow, a small brunnette girl who doesn't look like anything. Jacob dives into the water, Seedling jumping on top of him, sinking him under. She keeps her head above the water so she can breathe, while drowning Jacob. Not on my watch.

Jacob manages to pull Seedling under. I hope he can just hold out a little longer as I kick my legs out and furiously paddle my arms to reach him. Blood stains the water as both go under one last time. I see Jacob emerge, no sign of Seedling. "She's not dead!" Jacob says. "I just stabbed her leg." I nod to him, carrying the duffel bag over my shoulder.

Seeing no point to finish her off, as she probably couldn't swim up with a stabbed leg, me and Jacob furiously make our way to the beach. For us, the bloodbath might be over. But for the other tributes who remain, there bloodbath has all but just begun.


This bloodbath doesn't seem any different than my first games and the Revenge arena. A bunch of soon to be victims of mine running straight into their death. I finally made it to the cornucopia, and just in time, as most of the tributes had just arrived.

BOOM! The second cannon sounds. I see a 12 year old tribute trying to run away. I grab his backpack and pull him down to the cornucopia floor. I pound my fist into his neck many many times, before I hear that satisfying sound of the cannon. BOOM! He didn't stand a single chance.

A sharp pain erupts in my shoulder. I turn in fury, Joshua Cottonseed preparing to swing at me again. I back up, reaching for a weapon. I pick up a spear, as Joshua swings his sword at me again. I duck, as his sword stabs into a crate. I take the offense, stabbing Joshua in the chest. I push into him, until he drops dead, his sword clattering to the ground. BOOM! I pick it up, smiling with glee. It's a broadsword. No one stood a chance now.

I turn around, to see my ally fighting a skilled female I recognize to be Atla Gillson. "I should be in the careers!" she shouts, stabbing her trident out at Manta. Manta seems to look BORED, as he deflects the blow like it was nothing. "You are so good at combat!" he lied sarcastically. "Enough games Manta, just kill her." I shout to him. "You're no fun Blaze." he says, pulling out a bowie knife and slashing Atla across the chest. She clutches her wound, as she falls on the hard ground. She crawls for the water, but not before Manta brutally finishes her by stomping on her head, crushing her skull. BOOM! I would have to watch out for Manta, he obviously was one of the most dangerous tributes in this arena.

So far the bloodbath was going grand for the careers. I watch Sapphire fight a redheaded girl, Manta laughing evilly as he approaches a wounded Moordoor. Glory was equal to Thalia in combat, as the two block and parried each other's blows indefinetly, neither of them drawing any blood on the other. Emilia and Radiant were fighting side by side against two of the voted tributes, Celicia and Uzi. Leon was twirling a serrated sword around as he approached Mikelle, an evil grin on his face. I couldn't find our last career member, Amaya. Then, I saw her.

The jumpy guy, the one with the dance moves, kept kicking her down into the water, preventing her from reaching the cornucopia. "A lotta good that flashy hair does ya, yo fricken' outcast." he taunts, moonwalking as he kicks her back down. I slowly walk towards him. He doesn't notice me, so I try to swing my sword to stealth kill him. However, he grooves out of my blow's direction, as I feel a blunt pain in my stomach.

"So much fo big muscles meathead" he says. Fury got to me. I swing, but he naturally gets out of it. "Ya missed stoopid foo'" he says, swinging the bat as he bonks me again. I stumble backwards, as he whams me again, and again. "What's a'matter ya fricken wuss? Yo a big pansy!" he says. Before he can crack my skull with his devious bat, Amaya grabs him and pulls him to the ground. He slaps her, saying "Sit down" before he's gone. Amaya helps me up. "Thanks I guess." I force out. I didn't give people thanks much, and it had become hard to do.

I sprint to the cornucopia, a cannon booms when I reach it. BOOM! "His screams were so loud, so musical." Manta says as I arrive. He stands on the extremely cut up, gruesome body of Moordoor, his knife bloodstaine with a hunk of flesh hanging off of it. I knew I would have to kill him, he was not only deadly, but his bloodthirst was unquenchable. But I would have to make it look like an accident. Now was not the time, but I knew I would have to do it eventually.

The only career who looked like they were having diffuculties was Emilia. She was dwarfed by the former career Bronze, who had her backed up by the water's edge. I was going to go over and help, but I saw Radiant, fury on his face, sprinting to kill Bronze. I wonder what had gotten into him. He was always closer to Emilia than the rest of us, so he must have been best friends with her. Or, he could've been more than friends with her. I would soon find out as I watched the Bronze and Radiant began to flight, a feeling of pleasure inside me as I grin.


I let out a frightened squeak as Leon traps me, a devious and evil grin on his face. "You definetly are a part of the weak. Sadly for you, I vanquish weaklings like you." he says, stabbing at me with his serrated sword. I narrowly dodge the blade, as I sprint for my life. I hear Leon's feet pound behind me as he chases me down. I'm breathing so heavily I don't hear another tribute sneak up and shove me to the ground.

"Where are you going so quickly snowflake?" Glory says. "No need to make fun of my hair." I say calmly. If I'm going to die, I'm going to accept it and not freak out about it. Plus, it's distracting them a little longer as I near closer to a discarded spear.

"Glory, this is my kill, let me destroy this weak girl." Leon says. Glory glares at him. "I don't take orders from bloodthirsties like you." she snaps back. Leon growls, as he pushes Glory aside and stomps towards me. He doesn't get far, when Glory shoves him into a crate. "If you kill the weak, maybe you should consider suicide!" she taunts. Leon springs up, and I take this as my one and only chance to run, to survive, to not be the next tribute to die in the bloodbath.

I grab the discarded spear and run straight towards the water. I notice an arm come into my field of view, but I don't duck in time. It smacks me as I fall into the water. A bright haired girl looks down at me. I try to swim away but she jumps on top of me, dragging us both under. I drop my spear, watching it sink to the sandy bottom. A sharp jabbing pain erupts in my side, as the girl punches me in the ribs.

I fight back, but my inability to be bloodthirsty makes me worry if I accidentally kill her. She jumps on my shoulders, pushing herself to the surface and pushing me further down. I try to swim up, but her weight keeps me underwater. After she gets a breath, she comes back under, putting me in a chokehold. "Please..." I whimper, all that comes out is a flurry of bubbles. My life was going to end in a painful way, drowning. All my bottled up emotions, being offended by Glory and the dancing weirdo, taunted by the careers during training, and worst of all, failing to keep myself alive for my ally, Rowan. I wonder what his thoughts would be when he found my face in the sky tonight.

Tears stream from my face, as my chest tightens painfully as my lungs empty out completely. I stare into the girl's green eyes, the same color as mine, as she holds me under for just a little longer. Just when I'm about to give in to the pain and die, her grip relenquishes. I kick my feet out furiously, throwing my arms out. I swim as fast as I can, as my head breaks the surface. I make the loudest gasping sound I've ever made, as I see what happened to the girl.

Rowan stands there, a sabre in his hand. The girl's corpse floats face first, blood staining the water. "Oh Rowan thank you!" I shout, hugging him. He blushes, and all he manages to say is "You're welcome.". Before we leave the water to go to the beach, I go under to retrieve my spear. When I get it, we get to the beach and begin running through the jungle. BOOM! The redheaded girl was dead. I ran alongside Rowan, as he navigated through the thick jungle.

I hoped he knew where he was going, as the thick jungle gave me the chills. One thing I was glad of that I wasn't alone. I couldn't stand being in this arena, the feeling of fear of a tribute trying to kill me at every second I was alive. But instead I had an ally, who shared the burden of worry. Someone to watch my back, to keep me safe. When we stop at a huge fallen tree, I sit beside him. "So..." he begins. "What's your plan?".


Flippy had lost it. He held a sawblade as a weapon, and was hacking the limbs off of Joey Wheatgobb with it, and the blade was covered in crimson blood. Even though I was a Spectri, this sight was pretty gruesome and gory for me. "Just... kill him. We need to go before the careers attack us. We're sitting ducks Flippy come on!" I yell to my ally. He just cackles menacingly, as he draws out the nearly dead Joey's death.

He flashes a smile to his victim, exposing jagged teeth that looked like they were sharpened regularly. Joey was just a bloody mess, 2 of his limbs hacked off and the other two hanging by a bloody thread. I felt like throwing up, when Flippy took the cut off arm limb and shoved it into Joey's mouth. It was very gruesome, as Flippy smothered Joey with his own severed arm. I turned my head away, trying my best to ignore Joey's croaked choking sounds as Flippy finally killed him. BOOM!

Flippy runs past me. "Oh, so we're leaving now?" I comment as he dives into the water. But not to escape. But after three fighting tributes. I sigh as I pick up my spear and head in after him. He was a crazy ally and his means of killing were disgusting, but he was deadly and someone I could count on if I ever needed to take on an alliance.

"NEVER. TOUCH. HER. AGAIN. YOU. CAREER. REJECT!" I hear Radiant scream angrily as he punches Bronze over and over on one of the tribute pedestals. Flippy is slinking up on the other tribute, Emilia, like a snake. I watch and ready my spear in case I need to throw it as Flippy grabs Emilia by the throat and slams her into the stone spoke. I see Radiant turn around, as Bronze punches him in the back of the head, knocking him unconscius as he falls under the water. I creep around the cornucopia, getting closer so I can stealth kill Emilia in case she proves threatening to Flippy.

I creep past the fighting Glory and Leon who are trying to be broke up by Blaze, as I inch near. Emilia's pushing Flippy backward as Bronze swims away. Radiant seems to have regained conscius as he surfaces, seeing Flippy. This is my chance.

I jump onto Emilia's back, my weight putting her under. Flippy growls at me as Radiant puts him in a choke hold. Flippy chomps on Radiant's arm, as he releases. Flippy slashes at Radiant with his saw, but Radiant plunges under to avoid the attack. Manta, Amaya, and Sapphire have arrived, and I knew we couldn't fight the whole career alliance. I jump off of Emilia and begin paddling furiously towards shore. I feel guilty for leaving Flippy, but he was going to get us both killed by his plan of action.

I breathe a sigh of relief as I plop onto the sand. I needed to rest before running into the woods, it wouldn't be like any tribute woud lurk on the beaches anyways. Boy was I wrong. Cold steel is pressed against my throat. "Any sudden moves and you die." a cold voice says.

A girl my age with flashing rainbow hair sits behind me, her knife to my throat. I recognize her from the Revenge Arena, Rainbow Dash. A weird name, but it seemed to fit her well enough. I stare into her purple eyes, which turn to fear when she looks to her left. She lets off me and dives into the sand as I hear something whistle overhead.

I am quick to be on my feet as I see the unknown threat. A girl with pink hair and blue eyes throws another knife. This one lands in Rainbow's leg, rendering her unable to run. She lets out a cry of pain as she falls into the sand, her steel dagger falling out of her grasp. Her dagger is closer than my spear, as I stomp into her back to keep her on the ground as I grab it. The pink haired girl has her attention turned to me, as she throws another knife at me.

"You are pretty handsome... such a shame that I have to kill you. Funny, Blade being killed by his namesake." she says as I dodge her first thrown knife. She runs at me, her last knife clutched in her hand, as she slices at my chest. I see it coming and back away, before reatliating by slashing her left arm. She hisses in pain and anger, as she uses her right arm to slam the hilt of her knife into the side of my head. I'm disoriented, as she slams her elbow into my chest, winding me. I try to regain my breath, but she's already shoed me on back and has her kness pinned on me.

"Ah, inflicting pain on others, such a joy that I have here." she says, as she cuts her knife across my stomach. It's agonizing, I can't help but scream. She grabs my hand, then says "This little piggy went to market, this little piggy stayed home." as she grabs my thumb and first finger. "This little piggy ate beef, this little piggy ate none." she said, then she got the the pinky finger. "This little piggy went screaming..." she says, slashing my pinky finger off as it sails into the sand. I am in agony, as she finishes her nursery rhyme by saying "All the way home."

I know she's going to draw out my death, as I look at my missing pinky finger, now a bleeding stump. I close my eyes and grit my teeth, trying to make myself stop breathing so I can just die already. However, I hear a grunt and scream. I open my eyes, Flippy slashing the girl's side. He was alive? He kicks her, burying her face in the sand with his foot, smothering her. I see Bronze on the horizon however, his spear in position to throw. As much as I wanted this girl to die, I grabbed Flippy by the arm, saying "Bronze will get her! We need to leave.", as I tug him into the tree line.

I find a small pond of water, dipping my bloody finger in it. The cool water numbs my pain, as I investigate my stomach wound. It's deep and still bleeding. Flippy though has a backpack draped over his shoulders, as he brings out... a gauze roll. "You're a real hero." I say. His sadistic smile is gone and his eyes are back to their normal color. He is in his calmer state, so he must not remember me betraying him. "Don't move, it'll just make you bleed more." he says quietly, patching up the stomach wound. He's a good ally when he's nuts, but a great one when he's calm. Guess that's why they call him Flippy.


This bloodbath is finally over, after 5 long minutes of screaming, the sound of metal clanging against each other, and blood staining the once beautiful water. Corpses of the fallen litter around the cornucopia, some mutilated so bad I can't recognize them. It's an awful sight as I stay crouched behind a crate in the cornucopia, my legs burning as I've been in this position for quiet a while.

I wondered about Felicia and Sean, as they most likely watched me at home. I was somewhat upset about Felicia breaking our promise, but I got over it quick. Just my luck, to be reaped into a games with a ton of past tributes, most of them expirienced killers who must of thought these games were very easy and no challenge to them at all.

I could feel breathing down my neck. I whirled around, closing my hand into a fist as it collided with someone's jaw. I look down, to see Sky Flammel. She was so small, all she was doing was observing me. That's all she really knew what to do. She begins crawling away, looking at me, her emerald eyes wide in fear. "P-Please... don't kill me! I'm begging you..." she says. I walk over to her, and she covers her eyes, her body tensing up. She begins to sob, before looking up at me one last time. "Please... don't kill me..." I couldn't do this. I couldn't kill her. She was crying, she was deathly afraid of dying.

I extend my hand out, before saying softly "Grab my hand. Let me help you." She looks at me, drying her tears and wiping her eyes. She grabs on my hand, as I pull her up on her feet. "Come on. We need to leave." I say, bending down and picking up a backpack. I hand her the backpack, as I pull a satchel of throwing knives off the cornucopia wall. "T-Thanks..." Sky manages to stutter out. "No problem. Let's get moving." I say, looking out to the cornucopia mouth. What I see horrifies me.

The whole career alliance. Staring at us, pointing, most of them with a stupid grin on their face, Manta even daring to laugh at us. "Such a cute little pair..." Sapphire says. "Make you a deal. You two can lay beside each other as corpses." Blaze adds in, as the other careers laugh at his stupid joke. "Now, which one of you should I cut up first..." Leon says. I draw a knife from my bag, before saying "Stay back! I'm bound to hit one of you fatally!" as I grab it by the handle.

Leon's the first to move for me. I quickly throw one, as it pierces his arm. He slows down as Glory leaps from my side. She tackles me to the floor, subduing me with a strong blunt hit to the forehead. "I always was the best!" she says, raising her bloodstained dagger to finish me off. I wince, but I'm surprised when no pain comes. I look up, Glory is not on me anymore. Instead, I hear the angered screams of Glory as she fights someone else.

"You arrogant bitch!" Cole says as he slices at Glory with his scythe. She manages to slip into the water, and Cole turns to fight with Manta. Sky is running behind me, heading for the water. Amaya tries to sneak around the corner to surprise stab me, but I'm one step ahead, as I duck and kick out sideways, knocking her on her back. Not daring to waste the time to finish her off, I keep sprinting. I halt to a stop when I remember the two careers I didn't keep track of. Radiant and Emilia.

"Umm... Bluebella?" Sky says behind me. When I turn around, Sapphire and Blaze are there, weapons drawn. "It's over smarty pants. Brains can only get you so far." Sapphire calls out to me. I look and formulate a plan, my mind racing at the speed of a capitol train. I knew Radiant couldn't tread water without the help of Emilia, so if I could just disable her, me and Sky could escape. "End of the line." Radiant says, as he draws a long sword out of it's sheathe. I then put my plan into action.

I feign a knife throw at Emilia. She ducks, falling for my feign, as I turn and throw the knife into Radiant's right shin. He begins to fall, balancing himself on his sword as he tries to regain his movement too run at us. Emilia is still dazed, so I charge at her. She thrusts her trident out, a blow I knew was coming, as I hop over the low blow. I pass Emilia. She turns around to get me, but she is pushed to the ground by Sky's body. Radiant has now recouped, and is moving at us. Blaze launches a spear at me, and it barely falls short as it nicks across the ground and slides into the water. Sky is up quickly, and just when I'm about to jump in, a fiery pain erupts in my leg. A huge knife is in it, one thrown by none other than Manta Li. Cole must've escaped, as the huge boy was lumbering towards us.

I fall in the water, forgetting to take a deep breath. I choke, trying to breathe but water comes down my throat. I sputter as I gasp, coughing up water. I swim as fast as I can, seeing Sky reach shore. I hear the quickened splashes of someone behind me, urging me to swim faster. Eventually they stop, and I make it onto the sandy beach. My leg feels like it's on fire, as I struggle to pull the huge knife out. What I see on it makes me nearly feint. A green liquid, looking like rattlesnake venom. Manta had poisoned the knife. I had been poisoned. Sky looks down at me, saying "Come on Bluebella... please..." as she drags me into the trees, propping me up against the closest one.

The wound looks awful, the poison turning it into a sickly yellow color. Every second I felt more fatigued, every breath I took felt harder and harder to inhale. I needed a cure before tomorrow night, or I would be dead, I was certain of it. Sky looks at me, worry in her eyes. "Are you going to be fine..?" she asks in a trembly tone. "That's up to the sponsors... if I don't get any medicine, I'm going to... die." I say. I can't bear to look into her eyes, as her fear for her me, an unknown ally, was greatly evident, and the guilt I would feel by leaving her alone with my death, would only be worsened by those teary eyes.


Kokoro and I were both fast, so we covered a huge amount of distance. The jungle began to thin out and give way to a much cooler forest. I looked at Kokoro, who had stopped. "Something wrong?" I ask. "I'm... tired... We're stopping." she says, laying down. I sat down beside her, checking out one of the backpacks I had achieved. The bloodbath wasn't bad for us, the only encounter we had was with Bulguur, but Kokoro scared him off.

I rummage through the bag, the contents were not normal. Mountain dew, doritos? Seriously? The only normal thing in there was parts for a spear. Kokoro has sat back up, and is looking at me with a puzzled expression. "You're kidding right?" she says when she sees the doritos.

Kokoro sits on a rock, sharpening on of her knives she got in the bloodbath. She had a run in with the extremely fat tribute, who nearly smothered her with his weight. She managed to squeeze out, something I was thankful for. I had started to take a liking to her, finding her to be just to be 17 with a much younger mind. "Get down from there!" Kokoro says. I snap to my senses, grabbing a rock on the ground and looking up in the trees.

Kokoro wasn't talking to a tribute... instead to a group of pineapples hanging on the branches. "I just want you!" she says. I snicker at her. She was so addicted to pineapples it was funny. Pretty much all she had talked about during training. "Hold on." I say "Lemme get them for you."

I jump on the tree, climbing up it by using the stretchy green vine. I keep climbing, when I notice the vine feel like it's moving. I hear a hiss, and see I've grabbed on to a tree viper. I jump back, nearly falling off the tree. The snake is about to strike my neck, end me for good, when it makes an angered hiss. It flails around, and I see a knife embedding it into the tree. I look down at Kokoro, who is staring at the snake with hateful eyes. "Don't hurt Dennis you mean ol' snake." she says.

After retreiving the pineapples, Kokoro hugs me. She nearly squeezes me like a lemon, before she eagerly digs into the pineapples. I watch her, as the sun get's low in the sky. Soon enough, the sky is dark, as stars twinkle in the sky. Soon enough, I hear the first notes of the glorious anthem, and instinctively turn my head to the sky, as the first face appears.

I'm surprised Stone perished, along with Atla and Thalia. The three of them were excellent fighters and were pretty deadly. The others weren't so surprising, as they had been bloodbath deaths in their previous games for the most part. The face of the creepy kid Moordoor appears, before the anthem closes.

"Let's get some sleep." I say. "I should take first watch, since you helped me." Kokoro says. I don't disagree with her, as I roll up in a sleeping bag. I fall asleep, hard dreams interrupting my thoughts, nightmares about Diamond and meeting Sapphire again.

Day 2: Water is as deadly as Fire

Celicia Fen

"Wake up sleepy head." a voice says, poking me. I groan, and roll over. Cold water is splashed on my face, as I sprawl up. "Uzi!" I say in shock. He was laughing, and I knew he wasn't trying to be mean, just try to make these games a little less more worriesome. I smile at him, remembering our success in the bloodbath. I had achieved a bow and a lot of arrows. Uzi once again wielded a trusty ax, and we had secured a decent amount of bags from the cornucopia.

After cleaning myself up in the freshwater pond we had camped out near, Uzi and I had some crackers and peanut butter for breakfast. "It's a lot warmer than it was in our previous games." he mentions. The trees were not oak and pine, but jungle. The grass foliage was thick and green, and I still was marvelling at the beauty of the arena. It's a shame it would be the last sight for many, but at least it was a bliss one.

"I guess so." I reply shortly, as the sun beams down on the water, shimmering in the morning hours. I was grateful for a second chance, but when it came down to it, how was Uzi and I going to win together? I snap out of my thoughts, when Uzi mutters quietly "Celicia... draw an arrow..."

I reach into my quiver, pulling one out and putting it in the bow string. On the other side of the lake, is the female from District 3, May Blester. She was a young and probably weak 12 year old, but her smarts and knowledge of traps made her deadly. She seemed to be making a trap hidden underwater, as she would constantly swim under and back up to collect another one of her materials.

"Celicia... she's too dangerous. She probably has a ton of other traps set up around her. If we step into one of them, it'll more than likely be fatal. We need to move out of here as quietly as possible. Let's move when she goes under again. Ready?" Uzi whispers in my ear. "Yes." I reply shortly. Soon enough, May is gone under again, as me and Uzi sneak into the jungle.

After getting a good distance in, I stop and check my items. We didn't forget anything, so that was good. "That was close." I say to Uzi, who is watching the area for any other tributes. "Come on Celi. Let's climb this large tree. It'll give us a vantage point over the other tributes." Uzi says. "You'll help me climb, right?" I ask nevously. "I always will. I'll never let go." he says. I can't help but smile, surprised that I haven't blushed yet.

Uzi helps me climb the tree, and as the branches thin, the leaves begin to thin as well. When we reach to the highest our weight can support us, we have a good view. I can see May, still making her trap. "Look over there. Another tribute." Uzi says, pointing farther away. The boy from 0, Aloysio, is propped up against boulder. "Heat must be killing him right now. District 0 is a mountainous arctic wasteland." Uzi says. I look around too, my heart nearly dropping into my stomach. The careers are already moving. "Uzi... they're getting awfully close..." I mention as I see Sapphire lead them.

"Oh Cole! Here boy!" Glory says, whistling like she was calling a dog. I knew Cole was a big anti career person, so no wonder he was on their kill list. "Alright Celi... we're gonna have to jump to another tree. The foliage on this one isn't thick enough to hide us." Uzi tells me. "What?! I can't do that!" I say, the nearest tree looking far away, the drop even further down. "I'll jump first, and I'll catch you. Don't worry, trust me." he says.

Uzi leaps from his branch, grabbing the other tree's branch and pulling himself up. "Your turn Celi." he says. I jump, making it. "See, you can do it. One more tree okay?" Uzi says. The careers are basically below us, searching for Cole still. I hold my breath, fearing the sound of breathing would alert them to us.

Uzi jumps and makes the other tree with ease. I take a good start and jump. However, I fall short of the branch and feel myself begin to fall. I hold in my scream of terror, as a hand grips my arm. "Woah! Gotcha." Uzi says. I am basically dangling above Manta, the huge boy a look of evil on his face. He hasn't cleaned the blood off his blade, like it was some sick trophy. I let out a squeak of terror, as Uzi heaves me up on the tree.

We both wait in silence, as the careers eventually pass by. As if on cue, Uzi and I both let out a sigh of relief. "These games are a lot more dangerous than our previous ones." he says. "No joke." I say, my legs swinging over the branch. My adrenaline had pumped twice today, and it wasn't even 10 AM. It was no joke at all... these games were very deadly, and the risks I would have to take have all but begun.


"I swear I saw something up in the trees!" Amaya says, pointing into the canopy. "While should we listen to her? She's the weakest of this alliance!" Leon shouts. Amaya lunges at him, but Sapphire grabs her arm, before twisting it painfully. She nearly breaks it, but releases, before saying "If you think you are a career, then have the decency to act like one!". We all shut up when we hear someone humming. "Prove to us you have a killer instinct and belong in this alliance." Sapphire whispers, shoving a machete into Amaya's hands.

We all walk towards the sound of the humming, anxious to see Amaya prove herself. When we arrive, I look at the tribute we've discovered. Hunched over and leaning on a stick for a cane, is the tribute with the severe aging disorder. The 17 year old who looks 54. I laugh, no challenge at all. "Kill him." Sapphire says coldly.

I'm surprised when Amaya stabs out, maybe she was a cold blooded killer after all. The old man knocks her blow away with his stick, as it is cut in half. Amaya swings again, but the old man shuffles behind her. He kicks the back of her leg, putting her on one knee. He then grabs her neck, putting her in a tight chokehold. Amaya's look of killing is into one of panic, as she struggles with the man on her back.

None of dare to move, in fear of Sapphire or Blaze striking us down for interferring. Amaya's face is red, as she begins to make sputtering noises, as her windpipe is squeezed. She can't hold her breath forever, and if things don't change, she's dead.

I'm actually enjoying her sounds of choking, being the torture guy I am. Her face is purple like a grape, and her attempts to free herself begin to weaken. Sapphire sighs, striding over to the two. As if it were something she did for a job, she kicks the old man off Amaya, before swinging her sword down in an arc, and I watch with pleasure as the old dude's head sails off his neck and rolls into the foliage. Amaya is trying to regain her breath, before it's knocked out of her again as Sapphire kicks her in the ribs.

"What was that? You let that WEAKLING beat you! You even had a WEAPON!" she says, raising her voice as she kicks Amaya in the side again. BOOM! Delayed cannon... old man must've had a pacemaker. I snap out of my thoughts about the cannon, looking at the bloody and beaten Amaya, who was gasping and crying at the same time. I was smiling and I could tell Glory and Leon were enjoying this. Blaze stared down at Amaya with a glare. Emilia and Radiant looked a bit worried.

"Get up. Maybe we can find you someone you can actually kill." Sapphire says, as Amaya gets up shakily. Sapphire was an abusive leader, she always had a bitter attitude to us. I could understand why those two tributes in her alliance previously betrayed her. But for a leader, Sapphire was mean but she knew what she was doing. I followed behind the other careers, eager for someone else to kill. Moordoor was fun to mutilate, and I knew there were others like him.

After hunting all morning, we returned to the cornucopia at noon to eat something for lunch. Besides killing the old dude and Sapphire beating Amaya, nothing interesting had happened for the whole day. I sat by Leon, the boy almost as evil as me, as I ate some dried fruit and a charred steak. Everyone one of us dined together, except for Amaya who sat by the cornucopia's edge, her feet dipped in the water. I could still hear her sniffle every now an then, but did I care about other people's emotions? You bet I didn't.

Glory kept bullying Amaya by throwing pebbles at her. "I'll be right back." Emilia says, getting up sand surprsing me by sitting down beside Amaya. She cared too much about others... that would get her killed. After finishing the lunch I had, I sharpened my bloodstained knife, still fresh from Moordoor's blood. Then, everyone one of us gets excited. One the beaches, three tributes I recognize as the anti careers are sitting.

"Anti careers eh? Let's show them there is no anti to us." Blaze says, grabbing his sword. Everyone's ready to go. "Amaya, time to prove yourself, or this time, I might kill you." Sapphire says, as everyone except for Radiant dive into the water. We all stay under, as to not alert our enemies. Being from District 4, it wasn't unnatural for me to stay underwater for long periods of time. Glory swims beside me, and I know it's natural for her too. We stay underwater, until we all make it to the beach. But there is a problem. Those were not anti careers... but instead, something much worse. I stare at their awful reptile scales... they're not tributes at all... They're changlings.


After the semi action of today with the cannon and all, things had gone quiet in the jungles, birds chirping, bugs making noise, the trees swaying in the breeze. Bronze had tried to kill me again, as I vividly remember how he killed me the first time... my foot caught in a bear trap set by the bastard, and Rainbow couldn't free me in time.

Truth be told, I wasn't using Rainbow the whole games. But the reason we became enemies all of a sudden, was because I remembered it was her fault I died. If she could've freed me, I would have become victor and could have lived my life normally until I died of old age. She saved so many others by letting me die, so many spared from my torturing means.

I feel a heavy object smash into the back of my head as someone pushes me over. My vision is blurry and I can't make out the blunt object smash my head again. For some reason, it corrects my blurred vision back to normal, and I see the new boy from 0 wielding a large stick. Before he can knock me out with another strong blow, I roll to the side and quickly push myself on my feet. I knew how to defeat him, using words to throw him off.

"Oh, a boy from District 0... wasn't your district supposed to be intelligent?" I taunt, as he slams his stick forward. The blow is sloppy enough for me to avoid it, and slash his back with my long knife. Enraged, he swings again. I duck, the force he put into the blow throws him off balance. He was done now. I slammed the handle of my knife into his head, knocking him down. Before he could get up, I pulled out another knife before stabbing his left arm into the ground with it. He screamed, and I smiled.

"Poor poor boy... you should have just stayed away from me." I say, stabbing the other knife into his other arm. "I must look like such a harmless, little, pink jeweled girl." I fakely say. "Would you like me to show you how little I can make you?" I say, pulling out a small knife. "This is where friendship gets you." I say, severing a large artery in the boy's arm. Blood sprays all over the greenery, turning it crimson. I relish his screams, as I grab a large rock. "How about I fix the twitch in your legs?" I say, before I slam it onto his shin until I hear it crack.

I laugh like a maniac, before slashing open the boy's stomach, and shoving my knife into his stomach. It's a bloody mess, but I have just begun... until I hear voices. "Dumb foo' be screamin'" one says. The dancing guy. I hated him, he was annoying. "Hopefully he has a steak sandwhich with extra cheese." the voice I recognize as the Fat tribute. "Robin, get this over with so we can go kiss Flamingos..." a feminine voice says. "You got lucky..." I mutter to my victim, before I slit his throat and sprint off.

It was too late when I realized I left two of my knives on his body. Damn! I couldn't turn back now. I kept sprinting, before I tired out. I stopped, panting. "You breathe loudly." someone whispers in my ear. The pretty girl from 6, Thalia I believe, sits on a branch right above my head. "What do you want?" I say to her. "A pageant trophy?"

"I already have a lot of those. But what I wanted to ask you was to ally. We're both sadistists, and we both know how to get our way through manipulation... I think we'd make an excellent alliance. What do you say?" the girl says in a sweet voice. I ponder on the thought... I could use an ally... "You know what... I'll ally with you." I say. "Then it is a deal." Thalia says.

I was just going to betray her anyways. But not now. Now I needed her. She was good with a bow and got a high training score. She probably was a major step up from my previous ally, who was probably hunting for me. BOOM! Bye bye Aloysio... with his death, the competition dwindled... but I was going to have to kill Rainbow soon... she was my biggest threat.


The day hasn't been as bad as yesterday, the lack of cannons has been over a 3 hours span. I had gotten over the very excitingly horrifying bloodbath, and had managed to calm myself down and not be so nervous. Heck, I think I was adapting to the arena.

In the bloodbath, I couldn't reach a scythe, and I was attacked by the Flamingo girl. She knocked my sickle into the water, and I only managed to escape with a thin rapier. It was unfamiliar in my hand, as it's blade was long and skinny and the sword itself was very lightweight. I liked it as a backup, as I was small for a 16 year old and needed to use speed to take down large tributes such as Manta.

Deciding to gain some bit of practice with the weapon, I stop myself near one of the oak trees. Having left the humidity of the jungle, I was a bit more happy with the temperate climate of the conifer forest. Stopping, I set my items down, hiding them in the shrubbery in case of a sudden attack, as I drew the sword from it's skinny sheathe.

Getting in the best stance I knew from studying bigheaded careers and their famed swords, I stood parallel to the tree. I gave it a couple of slashes, and realized how fast I could strike with the Rapier. A smile formed at my lips, as I unleashed on the tree, slashing wildly, as bark flew. I stabbed, the rapier getting stuck in the tree. I tugged and pulled, yanking it as hard as I could to pull it out.

The sword flies out of my hand, and twirls up into the branch of a high tree. It stabs into the branch, swaying a bit before going still. I groan, as I shift my feet nervously. Climbing was foreign to people from District 9. After all, we're just simple harvesters, and the capitol never bets on us because most of our tributes are the first deaths to occur.

"Okay... shouldn't be too bad... swords only about 15 feet up... worst that could happen is a broken bone from falling, but I shouldn't fall..." I say to myself, grabbing the first branch and pulling up. My feet land firmly on the branch I just scaled. "This isn't too bad." I say, grabbing another branch and swinging up. I repeat the motion, until I'm just 3 branches short of my weapon.

The sword begins to shake as a chipmunk stands on it. "Oh no little buddy. Don't stand on that, it's sharp, you could get cut" I call out. It leaves, as I grab my swords handle. However, I hear a snap below me. I let out a sharp cry, grabbing both hands on the sword's handle. My feet dangle below me, the nearest branch at least 7 feet down.

The blade shakes a bit, as it gets loser in the tree. I grit my teeth, one thought on my mind. "Land on your feet Julio, land on your feet."

The blade shakes lose. I fall, a branch hitting me in the face. THWACK! Blood pours from the cut on my cheek, as I position myself to land. I land on my feet hard, luckily though it doesn't hurt me that bad, just a short pain and an after shock. I test my legs for anything broken or strained, but little pain erupts in me. I'm fine, and I could continue moving.

The sun is still high in the sky, as I begin to search for water. Achieving only a weapon, I needed to use survival knowledge to find other sources of resources. I walk a while, keeping my footsteps quiet to hear any signs of water.

I hear the sound of a constant rushing. Sounds like a large river. As soon as I see through the treeline, sure enough, there is a huge river. It rushes with quickly, looking deep enough to drag all but the tallest under it's deadly waves. It would take someone from 4 to cross this efficiently without a boat or other flotation device. I'm glad it's running, as I scoop it into my hands and drink gratefully. It's clear and crisp, tasting even better than the bottled water handed out to workers in District 9.

I look at my reflection, and I'm soon freaked out. I see myself, but behind my shoulder, I see someone familiar. His face is beaten, one of his eyes is pure white with no iris, the other one a glowing red iris shows brightly. His evil grin is shiny with sharp teeth, some chipped and even missing. The worst thing but most recognizable is the large gash in his head, still oozing blood like that fateful day. I know without a doubt, this is Elvis, my deceased brother.

I am startled as I jump back from the water, expecting to collide into something solid. I collide into the ground, nothing anywhere near me. I look around, no one in sight, nothing but trees, grass, the sky, and this rushing river. More on my tip toes now, I grab my sword, being more careful as I sit by the river's edge. I was gonna camp here, no doubt. But after seeing the hallucination of Elvis, his last words to me make me think he's actually a friendly spirit trying to assist me...

Smile Julio... be the happy one you always are.

He was right. I should be happy, I have found a source of clear, fresh water, and I had a weapon to make hunting tools and traps with. I could survive with these things alone. I was skeptical, but one thing was for sure... Elvis was trying to help me from beyond the grave, something I would think to be impossible.


I smile with glee as I hang from a tree by my legs. The upside-down Dennis is staring at me with worry. "Kokoro... please get down, you could get hurt!" he says. "Aw come on Dennis, you know it's fun. We need to have some kind of fun in these things!" I call back to him. "I... I just don't want you to get hurt, that's all... you're my only ally..." he says. I notice him stutter a bit at the last part and decide to call him out on it. "I know I'm more than an ally to you. You can't hide it real well." I say, swinging back onto the branch and sitting upright.

Dennis looks away, his face red as a fresh apple. I jump down from the tree, walking up to him. "Go ahead, you know you want to admit it." I say, ruffling his hair up. He looks up at me, ignoring his messy hair, before saying "Yes, I guess I better come clean. Can't hide it forever." he says. I am practically bouncing with excitement, as I eagerly wait for him.

"Kokoro... something about you fills me with joy. I hope this doesn't come out all mushy and stuff, but I like you. Not as a friend, but more than that. I think I love you." he says. Love? That's more than I expected him to say. No one had loved me since my brother Kodai, but his recent passing split my heart apart. Was Dennis trying to mend it together?

For once, the boy shocks me. I liked Dennis, he was loyal and sweet as sugar, but loving someone as much as I did Kodai wouldn't be easy. It hurt too much to lose him twice... "Wow... You really are a good ally... Come here." I say. Before I know what he's doing, Dennis pulls me in a hug. Thankfully it wasn't a kiss yet, that would've been awkward. But it's enough for me to return love. After we pull apart, Dennis offers "How about we go explore some more?". I nod, exploring would give me time to think about what had just happened.

As I munch on a pineapple, I do start to notice my emotions for Dennis strengthening. Apparently I was meant to be with him, maybe by some other-worldly figures, or maybe it was plainly inevitable. I nearly bump into Dennis as he stops abruptly, looking around us.

Around us is a glass dome. "I don't remember walking into this..." Dennis says. "Must be a gamemaker trick!" I say. There looks to be no way out, as I walk over to the dome's edge. I bash at it with my knife, but it doesn't go away. "Kokoro... look..." Dennis says, pointing to a flashing neon sign that has appeared from the ground, reading a dreadful message. "Hope you can hold your breath"

Almost immediately after I read it, water begins pouring from the vegetation at our feet. A drowning trap! I wasn't worried for myself, as I used to have to stay underwater for long times back in District 4. But Dennis... he wasn't no fisherman, just a harmless 12 year old!

I kick at the glass, but it doesn't break. Soon enough, the water is up to my knees. Dennis stabs into the glass, but it's no use. We both realize one thing... the water wouldn't go away until either we drowned or until it drained by accomplishing the task the neon sign said.

The water is neck deep, and we know it's time now. I nod to Dennis, as we both fill our lungs full of air, and then plunge under. The first 30 seconds are realitevly not a problem. I keep my eyes closed shut, not wanting them to burn in case it's salt water.

Around the minute mark, I feel some air escape through my nose, as my chest begins to burn a bit. Half a minute later, my lungs are on fire. I empty them of all my air, and hope that the water is close to draining. I hope for Dennis too, as I my head begins to hurt and feel woozy. As I feel like letting go, I feel my head surface. I gasp, opening my eyes and embracing the sun light. I see Dennis, lying on the ground, wet and passed out.

For a split second, Dennis appears to be my brother Kodai. I know what to do, as I rush over to Dennis. I push on his chest, but that doesn't work. But what I do next, I know is meant to be. I kiss him, yes, on the lips, as I give him mouth to mouth. I begin to feel hopeless, but he rises up, sputtering and coughing up water. I expect his first words to be thanking me, for saving his life. But instead, all he says to me is:

"Wow... You are a good kisser..."


I stay crouched in the bushes, Blade and Flippy beside me. We managed to bump into eachother after escaping a geyser induced flood. But now, I'm tense. Glory, the career girl from eight, is hunting alone. Flippy and Blade have been bickering for the past hour on whether her coming alone is a trap or an act of arrogance. I sit here, my crossbow loaded. I don't care for the weapon, but my allies say once we kill the careers I can get whatever I want.

Glory begins to move away, and we yet again sneak towards her. I aim my crossbow, to end their stupid bickering. I fire before either of them notices, and smile slyly as my bolt finds it's mark and pierces Glory's thigh. She falls sideways, landing in a stream with a splash. My allies are shocked, as the angered Glory tries to reach for her mace. I rush forward, kicking Glory's mace into the stream, before slamming the sole of my boot onto her head.

My allies rush over, Flippy looking around wildly as if someone was going to pop out and ambush us. "Knocked her out..."

I listened to Blade and Flippy argue for hours about what we should do with her. I was getting rather annoyed, as I threw pebbles at a tree, boredom evident. Who knew being trapped in arena with people trying to kill you was so boring?

"Too damn risky!" Flippy says to one of Blade's schematics. "Your plans involve brutal torture! She could be more of a use!" Blade argues. Having enough, I pipe in, saying "Why not use her as bait, then when she serves a purpose, kill her?"

There's an odd silence. I feel like it will never end, until Blade says "That sounds good." Flippy soon agrees, as I begin to form the plan in my mind.

"Tomorrow morning, we tie her up to a tree near the cornucopia. When she wakes, she'll more likely scream at her allies or something. All of them except that bloke from 2, who will stay at the cornucopia. We sneak in, poison the supplies, kill the boy from 2, and leave. If all goes well, the careers will fall and the biggest threats to us will be gone." I explain to my allies.

The sun gets low in the sky, as we drag Glory to the deginated tree. "This one oughtta do." I say, picking a tall tree on the beach's edge. It's easier said than done, as we nearly drop our bait many times. We finally reach the top, and Flippy begins to hogtie Glory to the tree.

I watch from a lower branch, when Glory wakes up. She looks around frantic, and opens her mouth to scream, but doesn't get the chance, as Flippy smashes a large rock into her forehead. "You idiot!" I shout. "She'll probably be out till day 4 now!"

My mood worsened by the fact we'd have to sit in this stinking tree for a whole day. Judging by the wound, I'd say she would wake up a day from now. Knowing if we left now, something would eat her and our plan ruined, so we'd have to wait till' she woke again, then we could strike. I had no room for error, as I began to question my allies. My thoughts are interrupted, as the sky is pitch black, with the faces of the dead appearing in the sky.

The boy from 0 appears first. I didn't expect him to last long in such a climate polar opposite to that he was used too. Then the old dude, who I was surprised even survived the bloodbath. Watching previous tapes of the revenge tributes showed me that the old dude was one of the first deaths in his first games.

Flippy and Blade are snoring on their branches, using their backpacks as pillows. I stare into the moon, when a loud roar interrupts the night's peace. Everything goes silent after the roar. Something gigantic, and definetly dangerous, lurked the ground tonight. For once, I'm glad I'm in a tree, with bark scratching my backside.

Yo' Death Chart

Placing Victim Killer Cause of Death Day
55th Stone Rockgobbler Calliope Antio Sword through back 1
54th Seedling Greenfurrow Jacob Antio Leg stabbed, drowned 1
53rd Cord Wireson Blaze Hellfire Cracked skull 1
52nd Joshua Cottonseed Blaze Hellfire Speared 1
51st Atla Gillson Manta Li Head smashed 1
50th Moordoor Manta Li Cut up, tortured 1
49th Thalia Wulf Rowan Coupe Stabbed 1
48th Joey Wheatgobb Flippy Twinmind Suffocated with own limb 1
47th Mac Greybeard Sapphire Lustre Decapitated 2
46th Aloysio Greyback Pinkamena Pie Tortured 2
Congratulations Top 24! Marvel Approves
Final 10 Tributes still alive!

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