1. Reservations last two days.
  3. Advice is allowed, but don't be surprised if I don't follow it word by word.

Normal Tribute Template (Doesn't have to be exactly this.











Bloodbath Strategy:

Games Strategy:

Interview Strategy:




Name Age District Weapon Gender
Ryan Lucrian 18 1 Ax (Chirp Killer) Male
Cassandra Sparkle 17 1 Ax Female
Nathaniel Chirp 18 2 Sword (Bronze Slayer) Male
Realy Cooper 15 2 Throwing knives Female
Jaximus Shaden 16 3 Ax Male
Evelynn Shaden 16 3 Sword Female
Matthew Haper 13 4 Bow Male
Mill Haper 13 4 Crossbow Female
Aurum Chirp 15 5 Spear Male
Amber Burn 13 5 Mace Female
Brendan Jack 14 6 Kukri Male
Megan Jack 12 6 Kukri Female
Darius Noxian 18 7 Ax Male
Fawn Rose 12 7 Dagger Female
Connor Smitherson 14 8 Scythe Male
Cassie Wynn 13 8 Spear Female
Yoshi 14 9 Sword Male
Savannah Darnell 12 9 Blowgun Female
Silver Lucrian 16 10 Knives or Crossbow Male
Emily Mclain 14 10 Bow Female
Venom Rattler 13 11 Dual Scythes Male
Clair Gravenstein 18 11 Throwing Ax Female
Drago Fire 18 12 Sickle Male
Lily Silvia 12 12 Bow and Arrow Female


The Cornucopia will start in an ocean, with a dense jungle to the east. Traveling through the dense jungle will lead to a plain, which will then lead to a forest. Going any other directions will just be ocean until the forcefield.


After the bloodbath, salmon mutts will be released into the ocean. At the 12 o clock chime of midnight, the salmon mutts will recede and mutts on land will appear. This will happen everyday.


The Pippycat Tribute Alliance: Fawn Rose, Savannah Darnell, Amber Burn, Cassie Wynn

Jack Alliance: Brendan Jack, Megan Jack

Shaden Alliance: Evelynn Shaden, Jaximus Shaden

Anti Careers: Darius Noxian

Chirps: Aurum Chirp, Nathaniel Chirp

Lucrians: Silver Lucrian, Ryan Lucrian

Training Scores

Tribute District Score Odds
Male 1 10 5-1
Female 1 9 8-1
Male 2 11 3-1
Female 2 8 9-1
Male 3 7 11-1
Female 3 8 10-1
Male 4 6 14-1
Female 4 6 15-1
Male 5 9 8-1
Female 5 7 12-1
Male 6 8 10-1
Female 6 4 27-1
Male 7 9 7-1
Female 7 7 11-1
Male 8 8 9-1
Female 8 6 15-1
Male 9 7 11-1
Female 9 8 8-1
Male 10 11 3-1
Female 10 5 18-1
Male 11 6 16-1
Female 11 10 4-1
Male 12 9 7-1
Female 12 5 21-1

Death Chart

Placing Victim District Killer District How When
24th Evelynn Shaden 3 Silver Lucrian 10 Neck Snapped Bloodbath
23rd Venom Rattler 11 Fawn Rose 7 Dagger in throat Bloodbath
22nd Cassandra Sparkle 1 Aurum Chirp 5 Drowned Bloodbath
21st Connor Smitherson 8 Matthew Haper 4 Arrow to head Bloodbath
20th Darius Noxian 7 Emily Mclain 10 Smashed skull Night 1
19th Lily Silvia 12 Wolverine Mutts N/A Shredded Apart Night 1
18th Matthew Haper 4 Silver Lucrian 10 Brutally Beaten

Day 2

17th Cassie Wynn 8 Salmon Mutts N/A Shredded to pieces Day 2
16th Nathaniel Chirp 2 Ryan Lucrian 1 Ax to the back Day 2
15th Brendan Jack 6 Yoshi Holiday 9 Grappled, rolled into sharp stick. Day 2
14th Ryan Lucrian 1 Fawn Rose 7 Ax to back of head Day 2

The Games


Drago's POV

I walked with my stylist, until he gave me my outfit. "The outfit, looks well suited to wet conditions. Expect an ocean or a rainforest..." he trails off. "15 seconds" a robotic voice says. I step into my tube, and it closes. I watch myself rise up. When we reach the top and my eyes adjust, I see we are in the middle of an ocean. Far off to the east, a rainforest sits. Everyone would be going there, it being the only piece of land in sight. The cornucopia was in the middle of the large ocean, situated on a large concrete slab. "Let the 81st annual hunger games begin. May the odds be ever in your favour." Claudius says into the speaker. 

Realy's POV

I look over, scared. I couldn't swim. I look over, to the right of me, and notice Lily (2). "Allies?" I ask her. She nods. "Your going to have to help me swim." I say, and she nods. I notice the aggressive boy from 10 on my left, and note to watch out for him. "10, 9, 8..." Claudius booms as I ready myself for jumping in the water. "4, 3, 2, 1." a gun blares and I jump in the cold water. I panic as I go under, thrashing to get up, but luckily Lily (2) helps me. 

Silver's POV

I jump in, the water cool against my face. I am one of the first few to the cornucopia, as I search desperately for my crossbow. I can't find it, so I grab a hunting knife. I search for Ryan when a sword slices at me. I jump back, and see Evelynn (3). I swing my hunting knife, which she blocks. She disarms me and stabs for my chest, but I grab her arm and yank her to the ground. I pounce on her and quickly snap her neck. BOOM! I then see Ryan, punching and fighting the boy from 4 against a pedestal.

Amber's POV

I swam immediately, and met up with Fawn. I saw Venom coming at me, with a scythe in each hand. I shove Fawn away from one of his deadly blows, and instead take it. He must have poisoned the tips, because it hurt a lot more than it would. He hunked over me, hissing, when Fawn jumped up and plunged a knife into his neck. BOOM! We knew we had to leave, or risk getting killed.

Aurum's POV

I was glad Ryan was busy, still in the water. I watched Nathaniel get a special steel sword, where Bronze Slayer was engraved into the blade. A rough hand shoved me down, and I noticed the girl from 1. She swung at me with an ax, and I rolled off into the water. I saw her jump in to, and she looked around, confused, until I grabbed her hair and pulled her deeper down. She reached for her ax, but I had stolen it. I watched her scream until she had no air left, when she panicked and started thrashing. I watched her spit out her last bubble, when she finally drowned. BOOM! I burst to the surface, and watched Silver put Nathaniel in a choke hold. 

Mill's POV

I stood frozen as I watched Matthew struggle against Ryan, until Ryan shoved him under the water and swam up to the cornucopia. My instincts told me to run, and so I did. Being from 4, I was naturally good at swimming, as I easily weaved through the water. I reached the beach, and avoided a spear hurled at me by the huge boy from 3. I took off through the rainforest trees. I would have to find Matthew later.

Yoshi's POV

That swim was terrible, but I made it to the cornucopia. I grabbed a sword and started to escape, when something buried into my shoulder. I looked around to see the boy from 7. I tried to run but I tripped into the water and swallowed a bunch of salt water. I surfaced, and tried to make my way to the jungle, but my wound was stinging from this salt water. I crawled onto the sand, and started off to the jungle.

Clair's POV

Nathaniel and Bear are in a fist fight for who is getting the cornucopia, which is fine for me. I had grabbed some throwing axes when something shoved me into the concrete slab. I saw Connor lift his scythe, just to get shot in the head from behind. BOOM! Not wishing to recieve an arrow to my head, I rolled into the water. I had dropped my throwing ax, and I opened my eyes underwater to look for it. The salt burned my eyes, and I blindly felt for it. I grabbed it... the blade part. I screamed as it cut my hand and salt poured in. I grabbed the hilt and swam blindly for land.

Nathaniel's POV

Lucky for us, Silver and Ryan had went to the jungle, leaving the cornucopia for us. The bloodbath was very small, with only 4 deaths. I looked at my gleaming steel blade, smiling. I looked to my left, to see the final tribute leave the cornucopia. The cornucopia was stocked with great items, and I knew we had a chance to win. 

Cassie's POV

"Savannah go go go go..." I say in a worried tone. "Is amber alright?" I ask as we run through the jungle. "She's poisoned." Fawn says worried. We stop, and set Amber down. Then, the cannons went off. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Only 4. We still had a lot of tributes after us. "You guys stay here, I'm going to find some medicine for Amber.". I grab my ax, and search for the antidoate that grows in humid places. That's when I see it... fire. It was coming for me. I looked for a way back to my allies, but I was surrounded by fire. I saw a puddle, and I went in it... though when I fell in it, I found myself underwater. This puddle led to a flooded cavern! I needed to surface, so I went back to where I came in... except it was blocked off. I couldn't climb out... I was going to drown! I banged my fists on the earth above me. I screamed for help, but there was nothing. Then, I saw it... an opening. I swam towards it, and surfaced. I look around, and walk back towards my allies. I hear screaming, and see the enormous boy from 7 swing his ax at me. I duck, and start to run. I hear him crashing through the trees behind me, and look for my allies. I quickly hide behind a tree, and watch the boy pass. I sneak away, and find my allies. "Guys, you need to check this out..." I say as I lead them towards the wierd underwater cave.

After Bloodbath

Matt's POV

I can't believed I had killed someone. I grab my bow and start to hunt. Hopefully I would find my sister some where. When I spotted it, a large bird. I knew what it was, it was one of them cranes we had near District 4. I put an arrow in the bow, and drew it back, aiming for the bird's torso. I fired my bow and watched as my arrow soared into it's chest.

I got my bird, and moved deeper into the jungle, when the trees abruptly stopped and a desert came into view a large plain, with a forest at the far ends of it. I saw Ryan and Silver, and they saw me. They came running after me, and I ran back into the jungle, grabbing vines as quick as I could. I was halfway up the tree, when a knife landed next to my ear. Silver had started throwing them at me!

I grabbed the knife and cut the vine Ryan was climbing, and watched him fall to the ground. I climbed, and grabbed a snake. I yelled and threw the snake at Silver, who simply chopped it in half with a broadsword. I reached the top, and cut the vines off, so now Ryan and Silver couldn't get me... when Ryan started to chop the tree with his ax. Oh great. I situated myself on a branch, and hoped my mentor could think of something.

Emily's POV

I saw night start to reign over the arena. That's when I heard voices below me. "Can we stop Brendan, my feet hurt" a female voice says as I assume it's Megan from 6. "Sure." Brendan replies, as I look over to see a large shadow looming over them. I don't know what to do! I don't want Megan dying but I'm afraid Brendan might kill me! I jump down, ontop of the tribute.

Big mistake, as it's Darius from 7. He roars and throws me into a tree and I hear a snap. I scream out in pain as he walks over with an ax, when a blade goes through his abdomen. The boy is tough, as he turns around and smacks Brendan to the ground. I seize my chance, as I pick up a large rock and smash it into the boy's head. He falls over as the kukri in his stomach goes in even deeper. BOOM! I limp, then fall over, and see my leg was broken.

I crawl, when Brendan comes over, grazed but otherwise fine. I look up at him with pleading eyes for mercy. He raises his kukri, but I can see his arms shaking, and he puts it down. He starts to go, when Megan grabs his arm and whispers "She saved us, and your going to abandon her?". They walk over, and Brendan says "How about you ally with us. Will help with your leg.". I nod, and fall unconscious.

Ryan's POV

Silver and I had been camped under this tree, waiting for the stupid boy from 4 to come down and die. We were eating the snake Silver had chopped in half. So what if they saw our fire. They would be killed quickly if they came. That's when I heard a loud CHONG! I awoke Silver quickly, but he grumbled and rolled over. I readied my ax.

I look to one side, a darkness resumed. I still tried to figure out what the loud chong was supposed to signal. I found out soon enough, when I looked at something move. Red eyes met mine, and then more appeared. More and more. "Silver... we've got company." I whisper in his ear, as he finally awakens. Everywhere they were. Oversized wolverines.

I swang at the first one that came, easily splitting it's skull. The second one came faster and I only nicked it. It fell back, then charged again. I chopped it in the chest, and I didn't see one come behind me. Luckily, a crossbow bolt went into it's eye. Silver had gotten his crossbow out and was loading it. "We need to head towards the beach!" I say. BOOM! Seems the mutts got someone. I don't know who but we keep running. More get in the way, and Silver snaps their necks, having left his crossbow. I was dual wielding an ax and a spear, fighting them while Silver got closer to the beach. I could see it! The opening. I dove for it and rolled on the beach's sand. Silver grabbed dove too, but landed on one of his knives. It wouldn't be fatal, if our sponsor sent some medical supplies.

Day 2

Clair's POV

Games were not going good for me. My sponsor had only sent band-aids, which were not enough for th wound. "There she is, get her!" I hear a voice say. Aurum throws a spear at me, which narrowly misses.

Nathaniel has an ax and I throw my ax into his waist. He falls and I dodge a stab by Aurum. Aurum hit's me and stabs me over and over... he then hoisted me up in the air, and threw me in the water. The wounds hurt, but I knew I was over. I looked to the sky, as I sank to the ocean's bottom, as my last breath ran dry. I blacked out, to see something swimming my way...

Cassie's POV

I watched as Amber brought the girl who was attacked by the Chirp's from the ocean's bottom. "Will she be okay?" I ask with interest. "If she don't get sponsored, I'm afraid not. These wounds have just started to get infected, probably from salt intake." Amber replies.

We go back to our cave and lean the girl against the tree. I check, and she's still breatheing, when I hear a scream. The boy from 4 is running away, so I hide and watch in horror as he is chased down and brutally beaten by the boy from 10. He looks like a bear, large and stuff, when his poor victim's cannon goes off. BOOM! "We got that one." The boy from 1 says, and they're gone soon enough.

"So how are we on food?" Savannah asks. "Low." Fawn replies. "I'll go find some.' I say as I go searching. There are plenty of fish in the ocean, and even though I don't have any fishing exprience. I grab my weapon, which is a dagger, and crouch down to stab the fish... when I fall in.

Pain is all I feel, like I'm being shredded to pieces. I drag myself on to shore, and my last sight is of my allies weeping.

Aurum's POV

"SHIT!" I say as a salmon mutt bites my toe. No swimming back to the cornucopia. Nathaniel got hit hard in the waist, and the wound wasn't looking good. The cornucopia was out in the ocean, which was filled with these carnivorous salmon mutts. BOOM! I watch a hovercraft pull up a mangled body from the beaches near by. "Maybe that one had allies.".

We started to run towards where the hovercraft was, to find a knife and blood. Lots of blood. I look to the footsteps in the sand. Multiple ones. "Seems we got ourselves a pathetic alliance." I say to Nathaniel, who has tied leaves to his wounds.

We followed the trail into the jungle, following over trampled plants, leaves, and broken branches... when the trail abruptly stopped. "What the..." I begin to say, before the grass below me squishes in. I grab onto a log, just as a pit of asps reveal itself. "NATHANIEL!" I shout, before I see him fall. BOOM! "Hello, Aurum" says the rat boy from 1. Ryan Lucrian.

Megan's POV

We look to the sleeping Emily, when a sponsor sound comes. "Emily wake up! It's for you!" I say shaking her. She opens it, and it reads "Inject in the broken area.". She injects her leg, and in an instant, it is mended. Emily gets up, and walks again. "Thank you!" she says to the sky.

We begin to move through the jungle, until we stumble on a field. We journey through the field, until something muffles me with a rag and drags me to the ground. "Shhhhh.... shhhhh. Don't struggle." the voice says. I can't see my assaliant as I wiggle, but he keeps the rag over my mouth.

I couldn't breathe! I tried screaming but it came out in muffled cries, I could fear tears come down my face. "Megan?" I hear Brendan call. I feel the rag come off my face and Emily tackle my assilant to the ground. It's the boy from 9. He jumps to his senses and swings a crescent sword at Emily, who ducks in time and delivers a stab to his gut. He shoves Emily out of the way, before Brendan pins him. Yoshi flings Brendan's kukri away, as they start to grapple. They roll downard and Emily and I race after them.

I cry when I hear a BOOM! I go to the bottom of the hill, to see the boy from 9 victorious, as Brendan had been impaled by a sharp stick. He runs off before Emily and I reach my brother's body. I weep and refuse to leave my brother's dead body. Emily grabs me and has to drag me away, as they lift his body in the hovercraft.

Silver's POV

I looked down at our prisoner, the boy from 5. "What's a matter Aurum, poor chirp brother killed?" I taunt, and grin when he spits at me. "Maybe I should bind your mouth as well!" I taunt. He is furious, struggling and struggling, when Ryan says "We got hostile tributes Silver.".

I growl, and say "Stay here." to Aurum before I grab my knives. Thankfully, my leg is fine due to sponsors, which I wasn't surprised that I got some. I snap from my thoughts when Ryan tackles a girl to the ground and pins her. The girl from 9.

"Please! Don't kill me!" she pleas. "Give me a reason you deserve to live." Ryan says, and she replies "So I can warn you of the ax going in your head." Ryan looks confused, when I see an ax split Ryan's skull. BOOM! I grab my knives, and throw one at the escaping girl from 7, and it pierces her calf causing her to fall. I pounce on her and began to snap her neck, when the girl from 13 brutally kicks me in the neck. She grabs her ally and they start to run through the foliage. I groan and run over to Ryan, who's corpse lies there. "I will win this." I say as I make my way back to Aurum.. to find out...

The ropes are empty. He's escaped.

Victory Tour


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