A twist on every one's favorite Total Drama Island. So here is how it works.

How It works

  • I'm the host, and MARVEL is the chef.
  • Don't complain about Marvel.
  • I'll give out a challenge, which is normally a stupid trivia question. First to answer will get a head start in the challenge. The thing that will get your team to win is the one with the most activity.
  • You can vote off others by saying in comments "I vote for <user's name> to go home.". The one with the most votes is eliminated.


Team 1: The Arrowheaded Jabber-jays.

User Skills
Liza Bow&Arrows, Agility, Speed, Brains, Very very convincing, and killing Eli in every user rp games known to wikia.
Marina Alert, Fast Reflexes, Imitating Voices. So you can imitate voices? Your perfect for the jabber jays.
Blake Deception, speed, trying to ally with Salmon but scares him away leading him to his death, weaponry.
Summer Cleverness, Strength, Accuracy, Running, Stealthy. Assisting Liza in killing me in rp games on wikia.
Nathaniel Fast, good endurance, smart, good balance, extreme memory.
Connor Smart, karate, swimming, good memory, watched Total Drama
Justin ???

Team 2: The Monsterous Wolf-Mutts

User Skills
Rebekah Manipulation, Meemay Using, Stuff, and also killing me in rp games.
Kate Clever, Swimming, Acting, and Netflixing. Netflixing? :D
Connor Stamina, Memorization, Balance, Fast combat, Sneaky, Having SWAG, Drivin. I can drive too!
Biel Marina Swimming, dancing (not helpful, duh), clevernes, being the master of image editing.
Lady Cuter than all of you. Swagmaster. Has the yoloness. Can breath, being 4'1.
Charles Brute strength, Accuracy, Use of heavier weapons, socializing, climbing and swimming, being the oldest and tallest competitor.
Zach intelligence, perception, deception, friendly, caring

Note, there will be a merge in the final 7, meaning everyone for themselves.

Other Main Characters

Name Role
Salmon Host
Marvel Co-Host/Chef
Peter Technical Chief
Trisha Lowly Intern

Point Chart

Team Point amount
Arrowheaded Jabber-Jays 8
The Monstrous Wolf-Mutts 3

Elimination Chart

Placing Eliminated Contestant
Congrats on making it to the MERGE!
Runner Up

Decided to sign up? Here's the form!




Preffered Team:

Just the Begining.

Salmon stands at a podium on the island, awaiting to greet the contestants who were coming in via motorboat. "They better know today is the day of the first challenge." Salmon mutters to co-host Marvel, who makes a grunting sound. The first motorboat in view is driven by none other than Ryan.

"Welcome, to the island." Salmon says as he shakes Ryan's hand. The teen stands over a foot taller than the host. "Now, I've conventialy set up this lawn chair to sit down and wait for everyone else. As for you Ryan, I'm pretty sure you're gonna have to stand." Salmon says with a bright grin. Ryan groans, and watches the second competitor come in.

Liza drives this motorboat, and jumps off as the thing crashes into the island, exploding. Salmon gets on his walky talky, and says "Trisha, get over here and clean this mess immediately." he then turns to Liza. "Some intro." he mutters. "A pleasure to meet you too." Liza says sarcastically. Another motorboat can be heard coming.

The next competitor pulls up, and it looks like the boat is empty. When Lady steps out. Salmon laughs. "Welcome... Lady..." he says in between snickers. Lady just gives him a death glare, and that shuts up Salmon.

Connor 1 is the next to pull up, saying that he knows everything about Total Drama. "Yeah, but this is total HUNGER." Salmon keeps explaining, but it is of no use. Connor 2 arrives next, calling Salmon short, who threatens him with an early elimination if he keeps it up.

Rebekah arrives, in her hand a large mallet. "This island is croquet free, dear Bekah." Salmon says, but Bekah keeps a tight grip. Kate arrives, distracted by her ipad. Salmon sees she is watching netflix, and pats her back to alert her she is on the island. "Shhhh! This is the best part!" Kate complains. Salmon facepalms and waits for the rest of the competitors.

Zach arrives next. "Hello Zach." Salmon says, and Zach replies with a "Warm welcomes, dear host.". Marina 1 arrives, dancing all the way. "Okay, you may stop now, you're on the island." Salmon says. Blake is next, sporting an odd grin. "Blake, you may put posters of Gamzee in your cabin, but only ONE." Salmon says.

Summer arrives, her eyes hidden by shades. "Welcome Summer." Salmon says, when Summer takes them off, and says "Pfft. I'm obviously going to win. No need for formalities.". Nathaniel arrives, sporting a serious expression. "Nathaniel... why so serious?" Salmon jokes, but no response.

Marina 2 arrives, looking cheery. "Welcome Marina." Salmon says, and Marina imitates him. "Don't do that again." Salmon says. Justin is the last one to arrive. "Save the best for last." Justin says, making Ryan and Lady scoff.

The Challenge that Started it all

"Well, as you can tell, I have a reaping bowl. Don't judge. Anyways, to make this like the hunger games, you'll be "reaped" into your teams. Got it? Good." Salmon exaplains. "Okay, our first contestant... the destrucitve Liza gets to go in the arrowheaded jabber jays!" Salmon says.

After everyone gets sorted into groups, Salmon announces the first challenge. "Simple Canoeing. Did I say simple? I mean dangerous. For one, some of the canoes won't float, meaning you'll have to swim the rest of the way. Also, rapids will be a danger, and at the end, our dear Marvel here will chuck rocks at you." Salmon says with a snicker. "If I get hurt you'll hear from my lawyer!" Liza says. "Dear Liza, remember blowing up that boat from earlier?" Salmon says, shutting her up.

"Now, go get em tiger!" Salmon says.

Ryan gets to the canoe first, throwing Lady in it before jumping in himself and paddling. Connor and Summer are the first two for the other team to get in a canoe. Zach jumps in one, but it sinks, and he groans as he gets on another canoe.

It seems everyone is on their canoes with a buddy, except Zach who's canoe was a dud. "Turn left turn left!" Rebekah shouts to Kate, and they turn just at the exact moment, causing Blake and Marina 2 to crash into the log that Kate and Rebekah just avoided.

Liza is riding the rapids with a frightened Justin. "It's not that bad." Liza says, but Justin points to a large rock. They try to turn right, but Zach gives them a shove, causing them to crash into the rocks. Liza gets mad and throws rocks at Zach, but he is gone.

The lead is a fight between Lady and Ryan and Connor and Summer. "Give up!" Lady says, just to get her mouthful of water as the four go through a water fall for the cave to get to the finish line. "Come on Connor, you're buff, put more muscle into it!" Summer says. Ryan's great heigh causes him to bump his head on a stalagmite, delaying them.

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