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  • I live in in a palace.
  • I was born on July 9
  • My occupation is Writer
  • I am female
  • Yourebeautifulxo

    This is something I am writing for my own enjoyment. You may read it, but you can't submit tributes. I am just skipping straight to the games. No interviews, chariots, reapings, nothing. Just me and The Hunger Games.

    I stood on my plate and looked at the tributes all around me. Some of them are taller than me, and some of them are thinner than me. I guess I was lucky that I came from a wealthier district. 10, 9, 8. I scan the ground for weapons, although I am only intrested in one. And there I see it; a metal mace. My favorite weapon. 7, 6, 5. I hope I can come home and win this, for my friends. Jazmine and Reagyn....Jesse and Megan....I try hard not to cry. But I have to win, for them. I can win this. I will win this. 4. I train my focus o…

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  • Yourebeautifulxo

    The Capitol Games

    February 17, 2013 by Yourebeautifulxo

    Hello! I'd just like to say that this is infact my first games, so do tell me if I do anything wrong. Also, before you submit a tribute please read the intro.

    You remember those two from District Twelve, right?

    Well they've really done it this time.

    They have stopped trying to take down the Capitol, so what did they do?

    They have made the Districts turn against the Capitol, every single one.

    All of the Districts agreed that the Capitol needs to suffer like they have.

    So they came up with a plan.

    24 tributes, aged 12-18, will be chosen from the different areas of the capitol.

    One male, one female. 

    They must fight to the death, like the tributes from the Districts had.

    One representative from each district signed a paper, finalizing the desicion.


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