This is something I am writing for my own enjoyment. You may read it, but you can't submit tributes. I am just skipping straight to the games. No interviews, chariots, reapings, nothing. Just me and The Hunger Games.


I stood on my plate and looked at the tributes all around me. Some of them are taller than me, and some of them are thinner than me. I guess I was lucky that I came from a wealthier district. 10, 9, 8. I scan the ground for weapons, although I am only intrested in one. And there I see it; a metal mace. My favorite weapon. 7, 6, 5. I hope I can come home and win this, for my friends. Jazmine and Reagyn....Jesse and Megan....I try hard not to cry. But I have to win, for them. I can win this. I will win this. 4. I train my focus on the mace; at this moment it's my main priority. I take a deep breath, bracing myself. 3, 2, 1!

I run quickly to the mace, avoiding any other tributes. I pick it up off the ground and notice Alisha, the female from District Two, coming toward me with a sword. She stops right before she swipes, realizing it's me. I turn around with my mace in hand. A boy, much older than me, is now coming at me with a sharp blade. He knocks me down and straddles me. My mace drops out of my palm. He whips out his knife and stabs me in the stomach, letting it sit in for a moment. I squeal as he then drags it down, making a large incision. All of a sudden, something pierces through him and he is lifted off of me. I hug my wound to try and keep it from bleeding so much. I look up and see Chase, the male from my district with the boy on his spear. I groan and notice many dead bodies around me. The bloodbath is over. I have survived. 

Chase rummages through a backpack and finds bandages. He gingerly wraps one around my torso, and I smile up at him. His shaggy brown hair is shaken out of place. He takes my hand and helps me up. 

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