Hello! I'd just like to say that this is infact my first games, so do tell me if I do anything wrong. Also, before you submit a tribute please read the intro.


You remember those two from District Twelve, right?

Well they've really done it this time.

They have stopped trying to take down the Capitol, so what did they do?

They have made the Districts turn against the Capitol, every single one.

All of the Districts agreed that the Capitol needs to suffer like they have.

So they came up with a plan.

24 tributes, aged 12-18, will be chosen from the different areas of the capitol.

One male, one female. 

They must fight to the death, like the tributes from the Districts had.

One representative from each district signed a paper, finalizing the desicion.

Alas, The Capitol Games was born.


1. There are no sponsors or gifts.

2. There are twelve different parts of the Capitol: Cotton(1), Dash(2), Snow(3), Flaw(4), Paige(5), Glase(6), Beech(7), Wisp(8), Whyt(9), Thorn(10), Shate(11), and Ray(12). Although there are twelve areas, they are nothing like the districts.

3. I don't particularlly want any 'normal' tributes. SInce this is the capitol, make them a bit wacky, or loony, or just colorful. Maybe they're ruthless? But no, "I'm scared and weak and frail but I wanna kill people and I'm so normal," tributes. I want intresting. Nothing supernatrual like vampires or anything, but hey, I never said you couldn't have muttated body parts..... *wink, wink*

4. No whining if your tribute gets killed. Obviously it's going to happen sooner or later (unless yours is the victor), so why whine about it?

5. I will only accept 2 tributes per user. Also, if you choose to have two tributes, one must be male and one must be female.

6. If you use inappropriate language, you will be automatically disqualified and cannot compete in any future games I make.

7. Your tribute will be killed the next day if you have no advice for them. I will give warnings to the creators if their tribute is in need of advice.

8. Have fun! These Games were made for fun, so please, no rude comments to me or other tributes. Please keep this fun and exciting!

Tribute Template






Appearence(lunaii pic, but if you don't know how list physical traits and I'll make you one):

Muttated Body Parts(Nothing inappropriate!):

Strengths(Don't make your tribute superman!):


Bloodbath Strategy:



Interview(What he/she does during interview):


  • Cotton M:
  • Cotton F: Lily Moon~Ducky35~18~

Dash M:

Dash F:

  • Snow M:
  • Snow F:

Flaw M:

Flaw F:

Paige M:

Paige F:

  • Glase M: 
  • Glase F: Lemonade (Addie) Icyna~UniCandy~14~

Beech M:

Beech F:

  • Wisp M:
  • Wisp F:

Whyt M: Cyrus Hopewell~District10male~17~

Whyt F:

Thorn M:

Thorn F: 

Shate M:

Shate F: Alexis Zaine~District10male~16~

Ray M: Justin Price~Ducky35~16

Ray F:


The longest reservations last are 2 days, if you do not claim your reservations by then the reservation will be closed and whoever wants your space can have it.

Tribute Slideshow

  • Lemonade (Addie) Icyna
  • Lily Moon
  • Justin Price
  • Cyrus Hopewell
  • Alexis Zaine

Careers? Well, almost.

There will be a special alliance, much like the Careers. The areas that are Syner(Career) Areas, will consist of:





No other areas are contain Syners. If you would like to be a Syner, please include that in the Alliance spot.

All tributes starred (*) are infact part of the Syner Pack.

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