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  • Yowhyy

    Lunaii competition!!!!!!!!!

    January 11, 2013 by Yowhyy

    Ok, so im in the middle of another project right now, a tributes one, but i really wanted to create this!!!

    The rules

    At the beginning of the competion i will ask 6 people to be the competitors. (please say in the comments if you wanna sign up). 

    All lunaiis must be new

    I will set a hunger games character eg. Glimmer and by the deadline set the competitors that are signed up must of entered a lunaii for that character

    There will be a vote that lasts for a day and the person who created the least popular lunaii of that round will be eliminated

    Voting rules

    anybody except the competitors can vote

    You must vote for the lunaii you think has the best resembalence to the character

    In the comments please say if you want to be a competitor. I will update w…

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  • Yowhyy

    i need tributes!!!!!!!

    January 9, 2013 by Yowhyy

    Ok so im gonna write a page about the 57th hunger games but i need some more tributes that can take part. In the comments can you please try to contribute a tribute! Please contribute I really need tributes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!









    Appearence (you can use pics)

    Ideal arena

    Any extras

    I will update the blog so you can see what districts have been taken etc. I might need to move your tribute to another district and also please dont be upset/ annoyed if your tribute doesnt win..... I'll tell you when its finished and you can check out the page. 

    Tributes (blank means not chosen yet)

    District 1 boy:           

    District 1 girl: Elizabeth'liz' Turnabout  created by: cherrybunny01

    District 2 boy:

    District 2 girl: …

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