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i need tributes!!!!!!!

Yowhyy January 9, 2013 User blog:Yowhyy

Ok so im gonna write a page about the 57th hunger games but i need some more tributes that can take part. In the comments can you please try to contribute a tribute! Please contribute I really need tributes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!









Appearence (you can use pics)

Ideal arena

Any extras

I will update the blog so you can see what districts have been taken etc. I might need to move your tribute to another district and also please dont be upset/ annoyed if your tribute doesnt win..... I'll tell you when its finished and you can check out the page. 

Tributes (blank means not chosen yet)

District 1 boy:           

District 1 girl: Elizabeth'liz' Turnabout  created by: cherrybunny01

District 2 boy:

District 2 girl: Roxanne Camilli created by: Thena.airice14

District 3 boy:

District 3 girl:

District 4 boy: Edward Teach created by: TheMysteriousGeek

District 4 girl:

District 5 boy:

District 5 girl:

District 6 boy: William Jamesone created by: TheMysteriousGeek

District 6 girl:

District 7 boy: Simion Liit created by: The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo

District 7 girl: Selena Kyle created by: Prezziesnow9704:)!

District 8 boy:

District 8 girl: Jezabelle Swift. Created by: ME!!!!

District 9 boy: 

District 9 girl: Amaryliss Heart created by: The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo

District 10 boy:

District 10 girl: Elizabeth Scarlet created by: TheMysteriousGeek

District 11 boy:

District 11 girl:

District 12 boy:

District 12 girl:


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