Yui Nii-san

aka Kacey

  • I live in The Boo, Florida
  • I was born on December 31
  • My occupation is Nail Salon Receptionist
  • I am Femme Fatale
  • Yui Nii-san

    I know i have another games going on right now, But i simply can't resist this idea of this. Per usual TDI rules there will be 22 Contestants. Except with a Twist, When votes are at a Tie two users must 'Fight' to the Death, And whoever Loses dies. There will be 'Challenges' that a user has to face. There will be no Reservations and only 1 spot per person.

    Signing up is pretty easy, You will have to follow this Template

    Name :

    Age (16-21) :

    Personality :

    Appearance :

    Picture (This can be Yourself or a random picture, Just put it with your signup :

    Weapon Of Choice (They won't be used unless a vote is Tied agains them) :

    Height : 

    Idea For Team Names (This is Optional, Just some reccomendations would be nice) :

    Also Remember, You have to send Advice …

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  • Yui Nii-san

    The 118th Hunger Games

    September 15, 2013 by Yui Nii-san

    Hello, This is my second Attempt at a games. Last time Honoria May Borealis from 3 won my games after accidentally pushing Kumiko Cinders from 2 Into a Knife. This games will be full of Twists and hopefully be better written then, So Join Away :D

    The Games Have Started!

    Bloodbath part 1 is up!

    Congratulations to the First Kill, Made by Sorcera Spectrus(14F) on Ilara Spruce(10M)!

    1. Cupcakes. Put as many tributes as you want. Cupcakes.
    2. I will take Links, But if you are linking me make sure it's a good tribute.
    3. I will allow spam for anyone who has Decent Tributes.
    4. Don't make rude or stupid comments to me.
    5. Don't make every tribute an 18 year old whos fantastic with a Sword, You never know who could win, There will be more than 1 Victor
    6. Give Advice to you…

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  • Yui Nii-san

    1000th Edit

    September 8, 2013 by Yui Nii-san

    Hey, It's Luka, I just wanna thank you all for getting me to 1000 edits

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  • Yui Nii-san

    Welp, The games have ended. I'll be making my new games Here, And congratulations to The Boy In The Pikachu Tattoo and his Tribute Honoria May Borealis.

    My new Games :

    Also, District placements~!

    12th :District 12 Has been Eliminated (Samantha Placed 16th, Twix placed 14th.)

    11th :District 10 Has been Eliminated (Madison placed 21st, Kwartz placed 13th.)

    10th :District 7 Has been Eliminated (Douglas placed 19th, Camellia placed 12th.)

    9th :District 8 Has been Eliminated (Indigo placed 17th, Allana placed 11th.)

    8th: District 9 Has been Eliminated (Kyle placed 18th, Karmen placed 10th.)

    7th: District 11 Has been Eliminated (Jansen placed 24th, Titanium placed …

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  • Yui Nii-san

    Hello people,

    I do apologize but this page is broken.

    I will leave a Link to the functioning page in the comments.

    Thanks for barring with me, All Reservations will remain in-tact.


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