Welp, The games have ended. I'll be making my new games Here, And congratulations to The Boy In The Pikachu Tattoo and his Tribute Honoria May Borealis.

My new Games :

Also, District placements~!

12th :District 12 Has been Eliminated (Samantha Placed 16th, Twix placed 14th.)

11th :District 10 Has been Eliminated (Madison placed 21st, Kwartz placed 13th.)

10th :District 7 Has been Eliminated (Douglas placed 19th, Camellia placed 12th.)

9th :District 8 Has been Eliminated (Indigo placed 17th, Allana placed 11th.)

8th: District 9 Has been Eliminated (Kyle placed 18th, Karmen placed 10th.)

7th: District 11 Has been Eliminated (Jansen placed 24th, Titanium placed 9th.)

6th: District 6 Has been Eliminated (Harley Placed 15th, Piper placed 8th.)

5th: District 1 Has been Eliminated (Jeffcoat Placed 22nd, Antoinette Placed 6th.)

4th: District 5 Has been Eliminated (Wire Placed 23rd, Solaris placed 4th.)

3rd: District 4 Has been Eliminated (Chandler Placed 20th, Bloodrayne placed 3rd.)

2nd : District 2 Has been Eliminated (Noah Placed 7th, Kumiko placed 2nd)

1st : District 3 Has Won, (Kronos Placed 5th, Honoria Placed 1st(Winner).)

Honoria May Borealis of District 3 Is the Victor!!!!


Honorable Mentions

These are the tributes that were my complete and utter favorites, but Didn't surpass Honoria in deserving to win.

Antoinette Paris(1) By Janine F. : I absolutely loved her character, She was quite a diverse career tribute and had a very good presence in my games, She also holds my 'Favorite Death' Award, I loved her, if Honoria didn't win she would, but when i wrote her death i felt it would be better than her winning.

Titanium Gold(11) By Janine F. : Your really clever with your characters, A capitol girl kidnapped and living in District 11, Love it. Couldn't kill her off so i let her escape with her Forever Best Friend Karmen(9).

Piper Quinn and Harley Swoop by Nightlock Kyrptonite : I felt these two were an adorable pair and really sweet and valiant. They did what they could to help save the little girl and in the end theyre efforts did not go to waste.

Noah Ragman(2) By Vatonica : Poor Noah was a bit unlucky this entire game, but he sure did have a Presence, Because of him Antoinette was so driven to win, I really liked this character.

Allana Darkbloom(8) By NommehZombies : Allana, Oh how crazy she is. She has the most kills out of one tribute in the entire games, Making her Lethal, but i felt she was a bit to shortlived, I think i made a mistake killing her so early, Sorry Nommeh. 

And Finally....

Solaris Eurus(5) By The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo : I feel like i love all your tributes, But these 2 are some of my favorites, I was actually deciding between 5 Victors, Titanium, Honoria, Solaris, Antoinette, and Allana from the start, but I felt that in all, Solaris didn't deserve to win like the 4 others, but she is still one of my favorite tributes.

Welcome To My Games ^_^

This is my first LONG AWAITED games, Im so happy to have these up and so happy for people to be joining in :)  This game is going to be a Horror-filled amazing game, It takes place inside of a Modern-Day Mansion, but with Plenty of Twists, Nobody Will be Safe ^_^. This is my first games and i hope you enjoy them.  

You Better freaking LOVE these games, I went through HELL to get this to work. Credit to all the people who helped me, So i dedicate these games to you.

Rainbow Shifter - You helped me so much with my technical issues, Thankyou ^_^

Annamisasa - You helped me emotionally alot and always talked to me, I owe you one :P

The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo - I always aspired to be good as you and Drew, You inspired me to make these games and i honestly i owe it all to you.

DrewLovesKuninn - I, Like Ryan, Always aspired to be like you. You are an amazing writer and i'll never forget you, I miss you already :P

Glimmerandsparkle - You were always there for me, You still are, and i thank you for that, because whenever i needed a shoulder to cry on you were there :P

Justafox - Felt like forever since ive heard of, or even talked to you, I remember when i had a huge crush on you, I guess i dedicate this to you because of all the good memories you've given me. Im getting all emotional writing these >.<


I'm Implimating 'Hunters' into this games, The hunters are certain Victors from Mysims' Quarter Quell. They will Hunt down and kill your tributes ^_^

Tribute Template


Disctrict :









Interview Angle: 

Training Angle: 

Bloodbath Angle: 



The Arena will be a Haunted Mansion full of traps and Gimmicks.

The Cornucopia is the Living Room, it is attached to all the hallways leading to the other rooms. After the Bloodbath it becomes a High-Risk location Due to it being attached to all of the rooms, it has quite a few trap doors due to being over the Basement.

The Library is a small part of the house made up of 1 Large room connected to a Hallway and 1 Small Room connected to that, It is a Medium-Danger room, Its mostly full of Trap-Doors leading to the Basement.

The Gallery is a small part of the house made up of 1 Large room connected to the Garden and 2 Hallways. It is a Medium Danger room full of Paintings. 

The Garden is a Mid-Sized Outdoor Courtyard, It's smaller than the Living Room and is Connected between The Gallery and the Living Room ( Through A Hallway ) and the Gymnasium, It's a Medium-Risk room and is the only opening to the Gymnasium. 

The Gymnasium is a Large Indoor room, Its full of Equipment and not a real danger, its a Low Risk room and it's only opening is The Garden ( Unless the Secret Passageway Is Found. ) 

The Poolhouse is an Exclusive Hard-To-Get-To Room, its only Opening being a Secret Stone passageway in the Cornucopia and a Secret Opening in the Pool inside of the Gymnasium, It's the Lowest Risk Room and full of Supplies. 

The Music Room is a small Low-Risk room, Its only opening is a hallway connected to the Living Room, It is full of instruments and has Minimal Supplies. 

The Bedroom is a Mid-Sized sized room made up of 2 Smaller Rooms, It has Soft Beds, a Mini-Fridge, Some Weapons and Supplies, Its a Mid-Risk room due to the probability of an Alliance going there is high and there are Certain things there that can kill. 

The Basement ( Which is not listed in the Picture ) is located under the Living Room, It has many many trapdoors leading to it, The Basement is the epiffany of death with an Acid Pool, Mutts, and Many Many More. If a Tribute goes to the Basement there is only a 5% Chance they will Escape. It's only escape is a Spiral Staircase at the middle of the Acid Pool, It has no Supplies or Weapons.

Tributes *Closed*

I know im doing this a bit weird, but i have to keep VERY VERY GRACIOUS with the Tables. I will remember most about your tributes, especially the ones im like, Im really good about that.

Name District Weapons Placement User
Cinia Pacifica Hunter Sword, Bow, Explosives N/A Madgeical
Pamline Falcon Hunter Axe, Mace N/A The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo
Terri Rosedain Hunter Blowgun, Whip N/A Glimmerandsparkle
Natalia Wren Hunter Knife, Whip N/A EpicHobo
Jeffcoat "Jeffy" Kline 1 Bow+Arrow,Throwing Knife,Throwing Spear 22nd Vatonica
Antoinette Paris 1 Axe, Knife 6th Janine F.
Kumiko Cinder 2 Shuriken, Bow+Arrows, Knife 2nd PumPumPumkin
Noah Ragman 2 Throwing Knife, Throwing Spear, Throwing Axe, Dagger 7th Vatonica
Honoria May Borealis 3 Dagger, Technology 1st The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo
Kronos Blade 3 Stakes(Run Edward Run), Poisons, Sickle 5th Hybrid Shadow
Bloodrayne Hurricane 4 Long Knife 3rd XxXMidgetInABikiniXxX
Chandler Fishler 4 Trident, Axe 20th XxXMidgetInABikiniXxX
Solaris Eurus 5 Dagger, Seduction 4th The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo
Wire Elec 5 All (Favors Spears) 23rd Tehblakdeath
Harley Swoop 6 Darts, Knife 15th Nightlock Kryptonite
Piper Quinn 6 Bow+Arrows 8th Nightlock Kyrptonite
Camellia Winchester 7 Axe, Knife 12th Beetee19
Douglas Gibbons 7 Axe 19th Beetee19
Allana Darkbloom 8 Knife Gloves(Great, We have a Freddy). 11th Nommehzombies
Indigo Rankine 8 Sword, Slingshot 17th Kman528
Karmen Loktile 9 Any 10th Jasmine Rosejoy
Kyle Iceburg 9 Mace, Rock, Slingshot, Club 18th Vatonica
Madison Gross 10 Bow and Arrows, Throwing Axe 21st Vatonica
Kwartz Diodin 10 Scythe, Axe 13th Kman528
Titanium Gold 11 Throwing Knifes 9th Janine F.
Jansen Pothide 11 Hammer 24th Jasmine Rosejoy
Samantha Shepard 12 Knife, Traps, Spear 16th Gurule2012
Twix Cinders 12 Spear 14th Nightlock Kryptonite


Careers : Jeffcoat Kline(1), Antoinette Paris(1), Noah Ragman(2), Kumiko Cinder(2), Kronos Blade(3), Chandler Fishler(4). *Closed*

Hunters : Cinia Pacifica(Hunter/1), Pamline Falcon(Hunter/7), Terri Rosedain(Hunter/10), Natalia Wren(Hunter/2) *Closed*

District 6 and Honoria: Piper Quinn(6), Harley Swoop(6), Honoria May Borealis(3).

District 7 and Kyle: Camellia Winchester(7), Douglas Gibbons(7), Indigo Rankine(8), Kyle Iceburg(9).

Solo : Bloodrayne Huricane(4), Wire Elec(5), Solaris Eurus(5), Allana Darkbloom(8), Karmen Locktile(9), Kwartz Diodin(10), Madison Gross(10), Jansen Pothead(11), Titanium Gold(11), Twix Cinders(12), Samantha Shepard(12).

( Leave a Comment if you want your tribute to be in an Alliance/Start an alliance, If it's not listed/Not decided before the games start, or you ask to be solo, You will be alone. )


I will be Adding a New Concept to this game, Hunters. There will be 4 in All and they will be coming in At different Times of the Games, I will ask Certain People themselfs to Submit a Hunter, Do not submit one if you are not chosen. Hunters have to have won a Game. Currently i have 3/4 Spaces filled, but They haven't answered back yet so i'll have to see. The Last spot ( Or other spots if One of them says No ) will go to Whoever i think of'   

Death Chart

Death Chart
Name District Placement Who Killed Them/How
Jansen Pothide 11 24th Jeffy/Platform Explosion
Wire Elec 5 23rd Solaris/Throat Slit
Jeffcoat "Jeffy" Kline 1 22nd Titanium/Knife In Head
Madison Gross 10 21st Kumiko/Shuriken In head
Chandler Fishler 4 20th Bloodrayne/Stabbed To Death
Douglas Gibbons 7 19th Harley Swoop/Dart To Head
Kyle Iceburg 9 18th Allanna/Stabbed
Indigo Rankine 8 17th Allanna/Stabbed
Samantha Shepard 12 16th Kronos/Bled To Death
Harley Swoop 6 15th Twix/Himself/Acid Pool
Twix Cinders 12 14th Himself/Harley/Acid Pool
Kwartz Diodin 10 13th Solaris/Stabbed In Head
Camellia Winchester 7 12th Solaris/Scythe In Stomach/Bleeding
Allana Darkbloom 8 11th Camellia/Axe In Back/Bleeding
Karmen Locktile 9 10th ???/???
Titanium Gold 11 9th ???/???
Piper Quinn 6 8th

Cinia/Arrow To Heart

Noah Ragman 2 7th Natalia/Throwing Knife
Antoinette Paris 1 6th Cinia/Arrow to Head
Kronos Blade 3 5th Xena Ressurection/Halberd/Poison
Solaris Eurus 5 4th Skye Ressurection/Knife
Bloodrayne Hurricane 4 3rd ???/???
Kumiko Cinders 2 2nd Honoria May Borealis/Luck
Honoria May Borealis 3 1st N/A


If a tribute Kills someone they get their money 

Medicine Pain Killer: $50 Burn Creme: $75 Sleep Syrup: $25 First aid Kit: $100 Antibiotics: $75 Any Other Needed Medicine Not Listed : $50-100 ( Depending on the Item ) 

Food, Drink, Survival Sleeping Bag: $125 Tent: $125 Blanket: $75 Soup: $50 Bread: $25 Canteen (With water): $50 Canteen (without water): $25 Lemonade: $75 Stew: $100 Meat: $75 Matches: $75 Anything Else Not Listed: Depends on Item 

Weapons, Armor, Skills Axe: $375 Armor: $450 Blowgun: $225 Darts (12): $150 Poison: $125 Bow: $350 Arrows (12): $175 Knives (6): $275 Sword: $350 Spear: $325 Awl: $125 Trident: $425 Net: $200 Camouflage Paint: $125 Any Weapons Not Listed: ( Depending On Weapon )

Current Money ( Im not making this into a table )

Antoniette : Dead

Jeffy : Dead

Noah : Dead

Kumiko : $900 Needs : Kumiko cannot be sent anything currently.

Kronos : $900 Needs : Kronos cannot be sent anything currently.

Honoria : $450 Needs : Weapon ( She likes Knives, Electrical Traps cost $300 for a pack of 5 )

Bloodrayne : $900 Needs : Bloodrayne cannot be sent anything currently.

Chandler : Dead

Solaris : $1800 Needs : Solaris Cannot be sent anything currently.

Wire : Dead

Piper : Dead

Harley : Dead

Camilla : Dead

Douglas: Dead

Allana : Dead

Indigo : Dead

Karmen : Dead

Madison : Dead

Kwartz : Dead

Titanium : Dead

Jansen : Dead

Samantha : Dead

Twix : Dead


Honoria’s POV

I wake up in my room, yawning slightly, I go through my wardrobe full of clothes that are surprisingly Stylish, I wasn’t given anything to wear so I put on a Light Yellow Spaghetti-strap shirt and… I think these are jeans, but they’re white. I go to my District’s ‘Living Room’ and sit on the couch, Wow… Its so comfy! The sun is shining in and I turn on this HUGE TV. I get up, going through the fridge of goodies, It all looks so so delicious! My mentor comes out of her room and sits on the couch, she’s still in her PJs. I grab some delicious Thing out of the fridge and put it on the plate, Its Chicken Wings I think , but they taste so fancy, I sit with her and she helps herself to some. Her name is Kimmi Kestyn, she had a double win with a District 2 Tribute.

“So Honoria, I want you to focus on Survival, you probably already know the drill” She says, Munching on a wing, I nod at her and she whispers

“Stay Away from Kronos… He seems a bit…. Murderous…”

“Yeah I noticed…”

We talked for a bit, I took a shower and got ready and then the 3 of us took our elevator down to the training room, We sat for a bit until everyone got there, The district 6 pair being last. A woman approaches the big group as the Mentors leave.

“Hello Tributes, First of all, Welcome to the 117th Annual Hunger Games, my name is Celine Flare, I’m also the District 5 Mentor. Let me give you some advice. Most of you won’t die of Fighting, but Natural Causes. The Environment and Disease, Hunger, Thirst, All of these things, So don’t just go pick up weapons, I didn’t and look at me now, I personally killed Careers for fun and won my games. Stay safe and stay smart.” She walks away and we get released to train. I begin doing a matching game for food, Then I go to the Edible Plant station, a Girl and a boy join me

“Hey There…” The girl speaks, She looks at me, she’s way taller, she frowns as does the boy

“I’m sorry you got reaped little one”  The boy adds, he pats my head.

“Wanna Ally with us?” She adds, I was so happy I nodded my head, they smiled and so did I, We continued Talking and Learning what types of plants and berries were edible.

Antoniette’s POV

Me and the Careers are doing well, I’m beheading Dummies with my Axe, Jeffy is Shooting his Bow, All is well, That crazy girl from 4 isn’t joining us, So we replaced her with the even CRAZIER Boy from 3 who is Staring at Samantha like she’s a Meal…. Okay then… I suddenly hear a Scream and then I see an Arrow whiz in front of my face, Jeffy on the floor, and the Arrow make it’s Impact in the Back of the Boy from 11. Jeffy Tripped on something and Shot Jansen… Oh crap. His district partner and a small group gathered around him, They medics quickly rushed in and took him out. Yikes…  They all look at Jeffy but it wasn’t his fault. Titanium was her name I think, Points to Jeffy and drags her finger across her throat, I would be shitting my pants right now if I were him… Because SHE is scary. The bell rings and we go to lunch.

Camellia’s POV


I’m pretty Relaxed as I Practice with my axe a bit, We have a solid 4-Man Alliance, Although I don’t like that Indigo guy much…. He’s a bit of a bully. I saw him Push over the Guy from 12 and call him Gay, But he is gonna regret that as this tower of a girl, Who is Ravishingly beautiful AND Who I have Nicknamed ‘Strong Black Woman’ Solaris Eurus Comes right behind him and taps him on the shoulder, as he turns around His face is met with a Fist that sent him back a few feet and into the wrack of weapons, The kind girl helps Twix up and make sure he’s ok, I hear someone scream ‘YOU GO GIRL’ as I laughed a bit, I found that funny and pretty awesome, She’s pretty nice, I might let her live if I come across her. Doug sees this and Laughs along with me and Kyle. We continue practicing and soon enough the bell rings, Whew, I’m beat… Welp, I guess I’m going into the Arena Tomorrow. I just hope I’m Ready.

The Games

Day 1: The Bloodbath

Titanium’s POV

I am standing on my platform and I look around, It’s an old haunted mansion.  I am a bit shocked, Celine said the Enviorment would be a Factor, And my mentor, Lynette, Said the Arena would be an outdoor forest… Im shocked this is what it is, I hear a bomb go off and im even more Scared, Jansen was in a Wheelchair due to not being able to walk with the Wound he had…. How unfair for him.. I feel so awful for him… Im going to get revenge on Jeffy. The wheels slip and he rolls of the Platform and Explodes…


The countdown is at 15 Now and already my District Partner is dead, I stare daggers at Jeffy who smiles at me, He knows im going after him….






It’s Go Time!

Wire’s POV

Im Horrified, I freeze for a second, then realize its too late to get supplies, but I see a Backpack far away and begin running tward it, I see the horror, Of the bloodbath and Jansen’s Burnt and Bloodied Body on the ground, I grab the backpack and Begin running away until I feel and Foot on the side of my head, A Flying Side Kick oh come on! Im knocked on the ground and see Solaris with a Dagger Slit my throat, I don’t feel anything and she stomps on my head to finish me off, I feel my grip on the backpack loosen and she grabs it and runs away with it, My skulls cracked and I can’t breathe… Oh well… I tried….


Kumiko’s POV

Holy Shit it’s the bloodbath!!! It really is! I see my weapon of choice, Shuriken and grab them, I knew they were here for me. I see Jeffy trying to shoot someone but I see Titanium sneak behind him and cut his forearm off with his knife, She takes the backpack he was holding and puts it on as she runs away, He dropped his bow and is screaming, She takes one of her throwing knifes and throws it into his Forehead.


Oh my god… Jeffy is dead. I throw a Shuriken at her but it sticks in her Backpack, ‘Well Theres another weapon she gets’ I think, along with her Throwing Knifes. Damn, Im only doing more damage! I see Madison running with a backpack and Throw a Shuriken at her, She freezes at it burries itself in the Side of her head, She falls to the ground Dead. ‘Well I did something productive!’ I see Bloodrayne Running away with a bloody Long Knife, I look and see Her district partner, Chandler, On the ground with a Whole in her chest I don’t hesitate to throw a Shuriken in her back, She is injured and bleeding but doesn’t stop running.

BOOM!!!! BOOOM!!!!

Piper’s POV

Me, Harley, and Honoria are running from the living room, Far Far Away, we see a Axe sail by us, and see Antoniette, Harley Returns fire throwing a dart at her but she ducks, The Dart burying itself in Douglas’ Chest, I hear a Scream, Assuming Its Camilla. The 3 of us Keep running until we get to an Outside Area, we run to another door and hide in it.


Kronos’ POV

I Tie up a girl, Grinning, We are staying in the Living Room, the Bloodbath is still going but I don’t care. I begin to Burry my stakes in her arms, her legs, I kiss her and bite her tounge, This kind of torture is great… So great. I begin stabbing her repeatedly, her bloodcurdling Screams turn me on even more.

Allana’s POV

I have my knife gloves on and see an alliance of 3 Running away, I dash in, burying them in a boys chest, then in a boy’s head. The girl is shocked, She tries to strike me with her Axe but im already far far away, running, running from the Lives I just took.


Antoniette’s POV

We hear one more cannon but don’t see anyone, The bloodbath is over, We see what members we have left, It’s just me, Kumiko, Noah, and Kronos, We see Kronos walk out from Behind the Couch with a Evil Evil grin on his face, While the 3 of them are talking, I say I have to go to the bathroom, but I peek behind the couch and find the Bloody, Tied Up, Cut Up, Tortured body of Samantha.


The Bloodbath Is Over.

Overview Day 1

The Careers are doing well, They have unlimited Supplies, But Antoniette is very very uneasy about Kronos. They are mourning Jeffy and Chandler.

The Hunters have not been released into the Arena currently.

Alliance 2 ( District 6 and Honoria ) Are Thriving in the Gymnasium, They have enough food and water to last them Day 4 But only Piper and Harley have Weapons. Honoria Likes Knifes Or Electrical Traps

Camilla is all alone now as all of her Alliance died in the Bloodbath, She has enough food and water to last till Day 3, She has an Axe and currently doesn’t need anything but friends ( Which you can’t gift ). She is Residing in the Library.

Bloodrayne(4) is Injured and currently only has a Long Knife, She is Wandering the Hallways and hasn’t found a place to rest. Bloodrayne Needs Food and Water by day 3 Or she will die. She needs Medicine by day 4 or She will get an Infection.

Solaris(5) Is Thriving in the Gallery, She has a Dagger, Medicine, And enough Food and Water to last her til Day 4. She does not need anything.

Allana(8) Is Thriving in the Gallery with Solaris, She has all the supplies she needs and a Weapon, They have agreed to have a temporary alliance but it will not stick, they just won’t kill eachother. She has enough food and Water to last her till Day 4, She isn’t sharing with Solaris and Vise-Versa.

Karmen(9) and Titanium(11) Met up and decided to Ally, as they are both grieving their Lost District Partners, They have found a ton of supplies in the Bedroom and are good til Day 5, but Karmen Doesn’t have a weapon. Karmen Likes All Weapons. They are currently residing in the Bedroom

Kwartz Diodin(10) Is a bit Worse-For-Wear, He currently has only enough food to last Day 3 and No Water, Also no weapon, but he only has a few bumps and bruises. He is currently residing in the Music Room and is dangerously close to Bloodrayne(4).

Twix Cinders(12) Is currently Wandering in the Garden, He has a Spear and enough food and water to last til Day 2, He is Unknowingly Dangerously Close to Alliance 2 and if they decide to Venture out he could be targeted or they could bring him into their alliance. Twix needs food and water by Day 4 or he will die of Starvation/Thirst. He is currently Mourning Samantha.

Day 2: Doors Kill

Honoria’s POV

I’m surprised I survived until Day 2, I would be dead without Piper and Harley Who are possibly the sweetest people alive. We talked about how life was at home, They were surprised I haven’t gone to the factories at my age, and how unlucky it was for me to get reaped. I was shocked when I heard they were both Volunteers for Younger Siblings, Guess that’s why they wanted to protect me… That’s sweet of them.  I was lucky, I searched through my backpack and found a Hunting Knife, its pretty sharp, It’s suited more twards hunting animals but it’ll due. We see a Silver Parachute float down outside near the exit of the Garden, we grab our weapons and run out, Seeing the boy from 12, Twix. Piper tries to choke out the word Alliance but he is already running at us. Piper’s Arrow clips his foot and Harley misses his dart completely. I readied my knife as the boy charged at us with a Spear, but Harley tackled him to the ground…. What happened next none of us we’re ready for… The ground dissipates, as if a Trapdoor, Harley and Twix disappear into it. All we hear are their bloodcurdling screams and sizzling… Followed by two cannons. We’re heartbroken, Piper is crying furiously after the loss of her District Partner, Im on the verge of tears too, All he did for us… His efforts won’t be wasted. We take the supplies Twix had that didn’t go down with him, Some Soup and Water. We go back into the Gymnasium as I try to comfort the Emotionally broken Piper.


Allana’s POV

Me and Solaris decided to make a kill or two then split, a decent idea since we’re both pretty dangerous, earning 9’s in our Training Scores. I eat a little of my Food supply, which I have plenty of, Pack up and put on my Knife Gloves. Solaris and me begin walking around until we spot the  girl from 4, Bloodied and injured. None of us are particularly good in ranged fighting, So we decided to let her go as she is a lot faster than we are. We walk for what seems like forever until we see that freak from 10, He stares us down like we are the epittamy of evil, Which I probably am. I see the Scythe strapped to his back but Solaris is already a step ahead of me, She tackles him to the ground. It’s a struggle but I don’t really plan on Helping, One tribute less either way you look at it, I debated killing Solaris as she is a huge threat but decide against it as she Drives her dagger through his head. She gets off of the corpse and turns around to look at me, but her eyes go wide and she lowers her dagger, I tilt my head in confusion, But then I felt the impact in my back as I crumble to the floor.

Camellia’s POV

I pull the axe out of Allana’s back as she clatters to the ground, but im fully focused on the girl running 45 MPH at me with a Dagger, I assume Allana was her Ally. My axe clashes with her dagger a good 3 times, but Solaris is strong. She overpowers me and ends up slicing my hand off. The axe in my right hand goes flying as im now on the ground without a weapon. Solaris grins, Taking the Scythe she got from Kwartz’s Corpse out of her belt and holds it up. I close my eyes, sighing in Defeat…. Atleast ill be with Douglas again, I think as I feel the sharp pop in my chest. Solaris takes my backpack and runs away, I’m laying on the ground as I look over, Allana’s body…. Is gone. After this realization everything in my world goes black.

Antoinette’s POV

Today was a quiet day, but I don’t mind…. Im the weakest of the Careers and they can definatly see that.  We decided to hunt. Kronos and Kumiko lead the group as the 2 Strongest members, I feel a bit useless, But im just happy Kronos is in my line of sight, Letting him out of it could be lethal. We keep walking until we see Bloodrayne, but she dashes away leaving small drops of blood. Shes probably injured, I wish I could help the small girl but…. I guess that isn’t an option. We keep walking until Suddenly Kumiko and Kronos sink fall into the Abyss that was the trapdoors…. I turn around and hear Noah scream in pain, Theres a freaking beartrap on his foot! Great, now our strongest Allies are in the lethal Basement and my only other Ally is injured. Come on Already gimme a break!!!!

Titanium’s POV

Me and Karmen are doing pretty well, We have all the supplies we need, I gave her one of my Knifes aswell. We suddenly hear stepping outside and turn dead silent. I peek out the door and invite Karmen to do so. Solaris and Bloodrayne battling it out. Solaris has the upper hand indefinatly, but Bloodrayne is fast. Bloodrayne gets a slash on Solaris’s Ankle and she shrieks in pain, Falling backwards. She didn’t stay there though. She went through a Trapdoor. Well now shes gone. We hear her screaming then nothing. Bloodrayne stands there victorious, but not for long as a Axe sails by her and a Knife hits her in the back. She falls into the previously set off trapdoor. We see Antoinette supporting a boy who can bearly walk, I think it’s Noah. I wonder how everyone else is doing…. Or if theres that many people left…. Me and Karmen decide to eat dinner then debate raiding Antoinette and Noah. We decide against it.

Cinia's POV

Despite all the deaths we are still being put into the Arena. The hovercraft lets us off at the poolhouse, we are well-armed... This weaponry is amazing. A Special silver bow with silver arrows... Terri has a beautifly crafted bladed whip, Pamline an Axe made out of gold and Natalia a set of flawless golden throwing knifes. We make a fire and i cuddle up next to Pamline. I honestly think im in love with him... We have talked about it before, he even said he would move to my district and live with me the need arise, or vise versa.... But we're both Mentors... I wonder if it would work out. Terri and Natalia are asleep and we are laying down. Gazing up into the stars. There isn't a roof on this place and theres a forest clearly surrounding this mansion. I look over


"Yeah Cin?"

"....Why won't they ever leave us to have our own life?"

He lets out a small chuckle. "I bet you thought after you won they would let you go."

I nod. "Pam, they are horrible people... If it werent for them we wouldn't be in this mess... I wouldn't have all this guilt, and Terri would still have Riley".

He nods, and embraces me as i snuggle closer to him, we're going to have to wipe the upper floor clean of tributes tomorrow...

Gamemaker’s POV

There are 2 gamemakers watching over tributes, One woman, Audacia, and a man, Rilai.

“Hey Audi”

“Yeah Ri?”

“Check on the tributes in their rooms in the basements. We can’t use trackers for them anymore but we have cameras in the rooms”

Audacia looks in the Cameras

“District 5 Female Solaris Eurus is doing fine in her room, but she seems to be getting hungry.”

“Send her some food, even if the sponsors don’t give us money, She’ll give us a show.”

“Your right Ri, Hey what about her old ally, I don’t see Allana in the same room.”

Rilai types up the coordinates of where Allana should be Residing. He motions Audacia to look. They see the bloddy pale corpse of Allana Darkbloom.

“Died from her injures it seems like” Audacia pointed out

“Well, Ill sound a cannon. District 8 Female Allana Darkbloom Eliminated.”

Audacia keeps looking through the Cameras

“Seems like Kumiko and Kronos are in their rooms. Kumiko is a bit injured but she’ll live.”

“Understood, Ill go tell Head Gamemaker Diaem of the news, See you later Audi”

Audacia waves to Rilai and he walks off to deliver the news of the death.

Day 2 Overview

Antoinette is currently fine and doesn’t need anything.

Noah is injured greatly and shaking due to a bear trap snapping on his foot. He needs Antibiotics Or he will get an infection by Day 4. He needs Painkillers as soon as possible or he may begin shaking, It may affect his aim.

Kumiko is in her room in the Basement, She cannot be sent anything.

Kronos is in his room in the Basement, He cannot be sent anything.

Honoria is in the Gymnasium with Piper mourning Harley. She does not need anything.

Bloodrayne is in her room in the Basement, She cannot be sent anything, It is possible she is already dead due to her injuries, But the gamemakers have been unable to recover a corpse so her fate is still unknown.

Solaris is in her room in the Basement, She cannot be sent anything.

Piper is in the Gymnasium with Honoria Mourning Harley, She currently does not need anything.

Karmen is in the Bedroom with Titanium, She doesn’t need anything.

Titanium is in the Bedroom with Karmen, She doesn’t need anything

Day 3 : Antoinette's Final Stand

Titanium's POV

We wake up early in the morning, It's day 3, the day Emmerweiss, Drina, Cirena, and Lucy are coming for me. I can't leave Karmen behind, She is too nice and now my best friend, i shake her awake and pack up, she yawns, wiping her eyes.

"Where are we going Titanium?"

"Somewhere... You have to trust me."

She looks a bit concerned but then smiles and nods. I decide it's time to go. We open the door and i dash, dash all the way to the Gardens, wrapping my hand around Karmen's i see it appear, a whole in the ground. I jump through it with her as she screams, The secret passageway lights up and i dash dragging her along with me, we hear 2 cannons for us and i know i have to hurry. I finally see the edge and take the leap of faith into the top opening of the hovercraft, we tumble into the group of 4 girls but we all laugh on the ground, Adelphine Heavensbee, who took over the rescue job after her father Plutarch died, joins in the laughter, as the hovercraft takes off, Bye Panem, I’ll never miss you.


Antoinette’s POV

I’m beyond worried, Noah is in bad shape and we have nothing other than what his mentor sent to heal him, the cornucopia had barely any Healing supplies. The wheelchair is helpful to him so he has mobility now, but im beyond worried he wont make it, it is the hunger games but he is my last ally, I hear two cannons, Kumiko and Kronos…. Atleast I think it is, Now im surely alone. Noah has been drugged up with painkillers for the past few hours, All of a sudden I hear it. The screaming of 2 girls and harsh footsteps, I grab my axe and Noah his knifes but I realize I have to push him too. Runs out Honoria and Piper followed by 4 people… One is ravishingly beautiful and elegant looking with Long flowing blond hair and Violet eyes, She is brandishing a bow, The other are 2 equally beautiful girls with a Lariat and throwing knifes, then a amazing looking boy with an Axe, I recognize them…. All around the same age, It’s the victors from the 105th Hunger games… Not good, I know I can’t beat them, I begin running along with Honoria and Piper, Honoria looks at me with a saddened expression while running, I look back at her with a smile, I know what I must do.

“Take Noah and get to safety!” I scream at her, she switches spots with me and begins running with the Wheelchair, Piper who is right behind her sees the Golden Arrow whiz by aiming for Honoria, She does the most valliant thing ive ever seen, Walks right infront of it, It impales her heart and kills her instantly, but she died happily, Im going to do that, So I can save this girl. Another knife wizzes by and I hear another scream and a crash, Noah’s gone too, but im not looking back, I run into the group with my axe as the Lariat wraps around, cutting my arm off, Im held to the ground as the Girl with Violet eyes Sits on my chest, making sure im down,

“I Respect a girl who puts her allies first, Your friend from 3 is down in the basement now, safe and sound. What you have done is beyond recognition and you should feel proud.” The girl says, Her allies are emotionless and quiet.

“That means a lot coming from you, Lady Cinia.” I Repeat, this girl is the equivalent to a freaking queen in my district, earning more kills than any Career from 1.

“Thankyou, Antoinette, I normally would spare your life, but this isn’t on my terms, I will make your death as quick and painless as possible.” She says, She aims her bow at my face but I motion for her to wait, and take the diamond necklace off of my neck, She seems saddened, lowing her bow and taking it.

“I understand, I will deliver this to your family, Any last thoughts?” She says.

“Tell my family I was ignorant, ignorant for wanting to do this, This was the worst mistake I have ever made, And I want you to make sure my little sister doesn’t go through with this.” I say

“You’re the wisest Career ive ever seen in my life, I wish I was like you when I was younger, The respect I have for you is extremely large, Rest in piece Antoinette.” She aims her bow as I smile, but like it could miss at a range like this. I see a splitsecond of the arrow going into my face. But I feel nothing, as I die with a smile on my face, Knowing I saved atleast one life.


Day 3 Overview 

All tributes are in their rooms in the basements, Gifts are now Disabled. Happy Hunger Games!

Day 4: Level B

Kronos' POV

After falling down the trapdoor i land in an empty room in the basement, not many left. I clutch the bone i took from the girl as a keepsake, she was fun to watch scream...

" Attention Remaining tributes, You have all made it too your rooms and it's time for the challenges, we have ressurected tributes similar to you and you must fight to the death, if they win they will be able to go home, good luck. First fight will be Kronos Blade from 3 Against Xena Daniels from 9, who died in the 105th Hunger Games, good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor!!

Xena jumps down from an unknown ledge and stares into my eyes, she has been genetically enhanced by the capitol, it's more than obvious. She stands up from her crouching position and wields her Halberd... A perfect counter to my Sickle, but if i land a hit on her she’s dead.

"Make the first move". I say, staring here down and keeping a stern voice

"I've lost once, I'm not gonna let life slip away again!" she screams, she charges, her purple hair flying and her violet eyes gleaming, as if trying to blind me, her Halberd clashes with my sickle, she breaks the clash and backflips over me, Grazing my arm with her Halberd. She backflips over to her original position and stares me down once more, until a smile creeps across her face.

"What you smiling about!" I say, losing my temper a bit. She points her Halberd at me once more

" They said i am alike to you, unlike any district 3 tribute... They chose me and enhanced me to fight you... 5 minutes and your dead, My Halberd is coated with a poison that attacks the brain and corrupts it, making the heart stop."

"How advanced... But not enough for me!!!" i run and jump at her, slicing her arm as she tries to dodge and slices me across the back with her Halberd.

"N-now you are gonna die to-..... What the..." I think I just saw it, the slash mark disappeared, as is the wound dissolving, she smirks.

"You have probably already noticed... The Capitol has genetically enhanced me." I suddenly begin losing my balance, I feel so dizzy, there is so many of her now.... I collapse to the Ground, iIsee the blurry figures of Xena walk up to me, raise their halberds then bring them down. I feel nothing but the burning pit of hell.


Honoria's POV

After hearing the announcement I curse silently, I fall through the ground to what seemed to be an empty room. I’m surprised I didn't fall to my death, the floor seems concrete... What the hell is it... I hit it and it feels odd, I think it's rubber. I realize Solaris is also in my room too according to the thump on the ground, she waves at me but then runs over and gives me a big hug, I'm surprised by this, but I smile at her.

"Wonder what’s in store for us..." I say, we sat down and began eating stuff in our backpacks, just talking

"Resurrections... From the 105th Hunger Games too..." she spoke

"I wonder who we'll be fighting, there’s most likely going to be 2 opponents..."

She gets an expression like the light has shined in on her mind, then frowns "Your from District 3... And there is two of us.. That must mean we're facing Andy and Malena Darling."

I frown and take a bite of an apple

" I remember a story about them, Andy lasted up until the end, then Natalia killed him."

She looked a bit perterved

"Natalia... Wait, The Hunters their..."

I nod to Solaris, Cinia, Pamline, Terri, and Natalia are all from the 105th.

" H-HONORIA LOOK OUT!!" Solaris screams, throwing herself down on me as a Electric Bolt bypasses where my head was. I see Andy and Malena Darling. We stand up, i grab my knife and Solaris her dagger.

"Holy Crap... What did they do to you..." Solaris spoke. Andy's body was mostly metal now and Malena was practically emitting Electricity.

She shoots another spark at me and i jump, i realize the matches have been decided, Solaris is dealing with Andy, but she lost her dagger and it's being used against her due to Andy controlling it. I’m quickly dodging

Blasts when one hits my shoe. I feel nothing... Another hits me directly in the chest... Nothing! The suits are rubber! Malena has nothing! Now is my chance, I run up and slice her head clean off. Her head bounces away as her body crumbles to the ground. Solaris jump-kicks Andy straight across the face and a tooth flies out as he falls to the ground. I toss her my knife and she takes no time to burry it in his forehead. I’m unscathed and she has just a small slice on her arm.

"Phew... We did it!" I cried in happiness, I went back to our backpacks and applied medicine to her wound and wrapped it. While I was wrapping it I hear a thump and Solaris suddenly fell forward in her sitting position, a knife in her back. I see a resurrection of Skye Clementine with another knife meant for me, but I don't wait to throw one in her direction, it hits her in the temple and she crumples to the ground... Just like Solaris did... Just like that I’m Alone again... I try to hold the tears in but it doesn't work.


Kumiko's POV

I freefall through the trap, I try to scream but my screams are cut short as Ihit the ground on my back, I get up slowly, moaning in pain as I pull a shuriken out of my arm. Dammit... I

fell on it. I realize I have no supplies than my set of 12 shuriken. Nothing to Wrap the wound, I realize I most likely won't survive this... Hearing the cannon of another tribute I stand up, knowing it's my turn... I must have been Third... I realized I was laying on the floor for a long while, maybe I passed out.

" Attention Remaining Tributes! Round 2 The Double Match has ended, Honoria May Borealis defeated all three resurrections, Malena Darling, Andy Darling, and Skye Clementine. Solaris Eurus met her unfortunate Demise to the Skye Clementine Mutt. Round 3 is Kumiko Cinder vs. Saffra Keene!!! Let the battle commence!"

I stand up, Reaching into my holster and pulling out 3 shuriken. Saffra Keene falls down from the sky with a crash. I take a look at her and feel like I never want to look back... She is... What is she.... I don't even know... Her hair is Fire... SHE is fire....

"What the hell are you...." I mutter, completely shocked at her form. She is seemingly emitting flames...

"Your next and last opponent, Stand and face the true might of District 2." She says in her demeaning voice, I begin tossing my shuriken right at her, she begins throwing fireballs, I dodge each one excellently until she throws one at a mid-air shuriken, sending it backwards and aflame directly into my leg, the force knocks me down, my leg is singeing and I’m in a whole world of pain, I stupidly try to pull it out, burning my hand and quickly pull it out of my skin and throwing it. Shit that hurt. I begin throwing more but they don't phase her until she's directly over me. She looks down at me like I’m trash. That is, until I see a sharp metal sword through her chest right to my nose. It pulls out and she collapses, falling on me and burning my body. I quickly push her off and stand up with small tears forming, I’m burnt and bleeding and in a whole world of pain. Who do I see before me? Cinia Pacifica herself in all her glory.

"That bitch belongs dead". She said, putting her sword back in her holster, she hands me a small bag

"Sorry about whatever damage she caused, this medicine should heal anyone and anything."

"T-thanks but... Why are you helping me, I'm from District 2 not 1..."

"You seem... Different from the rest... Not so stuck in your ways. I see by your battle skills, you've barely trained for this at all. You weren't a volunteer either. You we're reaped correct?" I nod at her and she smiles.

"That’s why I want you to win. When I have my daughter I'm not training her for the games." she pats her stomach

"You have a parent who went through the games I assume?" She spoke.

" Yeah... My dad..."

" That’s why you haven't trained much... He didn't allow you... Nobody that has experienced these games would wish it upon anyone.... It never ends when you win either, even when you die, as you've seen, your never free once you've participated. I don't regret volunteering, i wanted to have a better life for my family, I only wish that was my motive then..." She speaks, her expression is sullen and i see how wise she is, I take every word in, memorizing it. She puts her hand on my cheek and feels my soft long hair, she finally hugs me. I'm so shocked, all along i thought she was this wretched demon that killed Saffra... But she's amazing..

"We're rooting for ya Kumiko... Win this for us alright" She smiles and begins to walk off, I see her reach 3 other figures and walk off into the darkness with them, I collect all of my salvageable shuriken and Use the Medicine on my sizzling and aching wounds. Cinia Pacifica just saved my life. And I was shocked.

Day 4 Overview

Bloodrayne is nowhere to be seen and it's unknown if she is still alive.

Kumiko is in the Final Room with Honoria and the Hunters.

Honoria is in the Final Room with Kumiko and the Hunters.

Day 4 : Nightfall Brings The Last Demise.

Honoria's POV

I get to the final room and see the girl from 2, the first thing i notice is her beautiful maroon hair. She waves me over, i notice 4 others, i sit next to the Brown haired girl with Stunning Teal eyes and warmed my hands on the campfire.

"...You know you two are going to have to fight to the death tommorow right?" Cinia says, chewing on a energy bar, Terri offers me one and i take it, chewing it slowly.

"Yeah... But Kumiko, Ive counted the cannons.... This just doesn't add up... There should be 2 more tributes"

"Hmm... I noticed that too." Pamline says, damn I’ve gotta say he is hot. Cinia is resting her head on his shoulder, Iassume there is something going on there. Natalia is asleep next to me and Terri while Terri stares into the fire.

"Who could be left...." Terri says, going through the rolodex of tributes in her head

"Hmm... Who died in the Chambers?" Cinia questioned

"Solaris did...." I hang my head, She was my only true Ally, Piper and Harley only wanted to use me to survive... But Solaris, she helped me to this point.

"Hmm.... That girl from 4?" Terri asks

"I thought she died during the bloodbath, Didn't you kill her Kumiko?"

"I don't think it was a fatal hit... But I haven't seen her..."

“Who was the girl Kronos killed?”

"That was the girl from 12, Samantha." Terri said

"Mmm.... Bloodrayne is alive..." Natalia says, groggily she gets up and takes a Death Chart out of her backpack, Sure enough, Bloodrayne isn’t on there. She hands it to Cinia and lays back down, Cinia re-adjusts herself in Pamline's lap, she gets her arms free from his hug and looked at the paper.

"Yep..." she says, I’m a bit surprised that the little girl lived the confrontation with my old alliance.

We hear a cannon bellow, we look around, but nobody appears

"Guess there’s only just me and Kumiko now…”

The Hunters watch us as Kumiko grabs a Shuriken and I one of Natalia’s Golden throwing Knifes, The weapons clash and Kumiko tackles me, We begin rolling around, me ontop of her, her ontop of me, Until finally I hear a scream, Kumiko has a blade in her chest, I get off of her and lean by her body, Cinia looks over with Pamline.

“…Y-you deserve this More Honoria… I’m glad you lived to survive this horrible thing…. Go back to your family.” She says, Smiling. I am crying heavily as is Terri, Cinia and Pamline are standing in a hug with Pity in their eyes, They have seen to much of it to be phased anymore. I leave a kiss on the girl’s forehead.

“Please don’t die Kumiko… Please…” I regret this, it’s my fault she died, I pick up the Golden Throwing Knife and put it near my heart, but she weakly moves her arm over it, lowering the blade, I stare in shock at her as eyes flutter closed and the cannon sounds. Cinia crouches next to me and embraces me, I hug her and sob into her shoulder as the Hovercraft comes, It’s ironic, but its raining in this closed room. The gamemakers must be making a show out of this sad moment, But you can see the Anger in Pamline’s Eyes, The Pity in Terri’s, The Lack of Emotion in Cinia’s with a tinge of Hurt, and The Absolute Sadness in mine, Cinia helps me walk to the Hovercraft as Terri and Pamline follow along, guiding a half-asleep Natalia. I have won the games, but did I really win?


The Survivors Part 1: Honoria May Borealis

....Life has been hectic for me, My family was shocked to see me come home, Everyone Cried, I did too, But not for them. Infact there has been alot of tears, The Tour was the most difficult and i guarentee the Capitol was upset when they figured out the fate of 3 Certain Tribues. It started with District 4, I told them Bloodrayne's true fate, There was a crowd of Silence as i was glared at by the Peacekeepers, The Capitol knew, But the Citizens didn't. District 5 Was Emotional, The somewhat Two-Faced Girl Solaris, and one of my Allies for a short time, Along with her District Partner Wire whom was killed by her. Wire's family consisted of a Small girl, A Mother, and a Father, And his Parents could do nothing but mourn for their son and glare at Solaris' Family and I, The two beings who caused his death. District 6 I Cried, Harley and Piper were amazing people, They saved my life, And their families did nothing but hug me and cry with me, This is the only time i went into the Audience. District 7,8, and 9 Were a blur, I knew none of the tributes but Faintly remembered the Girl Who had Escaped with Titanium, I told them Karmen was in a better place, I saw her family grinning obviously seeing what i had said, District 10's Tributes were both killed in the bloodbath, I remember Indigo's Mean and Hateful personality. District 11 I had done the same thing for Titanium, The Nurse only smiled and closed her eyes, Remembering the girl. District 12 was Emotionless, Seeing the Pale faces and Grey eyes. District 1 Was furious staring at me, But it was ok because Cinia was there, She stepped to the stage and held my hand, But placed something in it, A Diamond Necklace, I knew whos it was, The Girl from 1 who Willingly gave her life to Save My Own, Enemies Quickly turned Allies. I walked down, Finding Antoinette's Family, I walked up to her mother, who's Red Teary Eyes were full with anger, But softened and began to cry as i put the Diamond Necklace in the Small Girl who i assumed to be Antionette's Sister. The Mother ran over and hugged me. After she finished the hug Cinia took time to give the Speech we were all waiting for. Lady Cinia began to speak "As You Know, Both tributes from our District have died this Year. One of them, Antoinette Paris, Went Above and Beyond any tribute, Giving her Life for others, Before i was forced to kill her, She told me things that i never thought i would have heard from any Career, She was Wise Beyond her Years and i have the highest respect for her". She looks directly to the family, Her Eyes being as Serious as a Woman who has comitted More Murders then there are Districts in all of Panem. "Miss Paris, Your Daughter's Final Wish was For her Sister to Receive her most prized Possesion Her Necklace, And to make sure she never participates in these games." Cinia's Voice was Resonating with Tension, The Mother Burst into more tears, The Daughter and I locked Eyes, Before she Smiled at me, A Smile of Hope, A Smile of Foregiveness.

The Survivors Part 2: Titanium Gold and Karmen Loktile

Living Here is fantastic, I have been living with Karmen for a month now, Despite my Appearance everyone treats me the same. I never knew a Safehaven for Escapees Exsisted, But it did, Somewhere in what used to be called Canada. It functions well, I get to go to School along with Karmen, A woman named Kacey and her daughter Poroi act as our 'Supervisor' So to say, Making sure we are OK, There are alot of people here, Victors and Escaped Tributes Alike, We function just like a normal Society. I am studying to Ironically become a Doctor. I don't think about Life that was the Games, And Panem, And i'm glad i don't, I've moved on from that, And i don't regret it.

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