Hello, This is my second Attempt at a games. Last time Honoria May Borealis from 3 won my games after accidentally pushing Kumiko Cinders from 2 Into a Knife. This games will be full of Twists and hopefully be better written then, So Join Away :D


The Games Have Started!

Bloodbath part 1 is up!

Congratulations to the First Kill, Made by Sorcera Spectrus(14F) on Ilara Spruce(10M)!

Some Rules...

  1. Cupcakes. Put as many tributes as you want. Cupcakes.
  2. I will take Links, But if you are linking me make sure it's a good tribute.
  3. I will allow spam for anyone who has Decent Tributes.
  4. Don't make rude or stupid comments to me.
  5. Don't make every tribute an 18 year old whos fantastic with a Sword, You never know who could win, There will be more than 1 Victor
  6. Give Advice to your tributes, The more Advice you Have, The better chances your tribute will have
  7. Any And All tributes are allowed, As long as they weren't used in my previous games.


Will be Revealed after Alliances are Finalized


Bold means it's Mandatory, Italics mean you don't have to have it, But it would give your tribute a better chance.

Tribute Template :

Name :

Age :

District :

Weapons :

Strength (Just One) :

Weakness (Just One) :

Lunaii :

Personality :

Backstory :

Training Strategy :

Individual Training Strategy :

Bloodbath Strategy :

Allies :


The Arena is made up of many different Zones corresponding to Districts, Only C-12.

Captiol is the Cornucopia, It's indoors and seems to be a mansion, It has an upstairs with very many rooms. It has only 4 exits that are known of and are on each side of the Cornucopia.

District 1 is a small vilage made out of white marbles, It has very many supplies. It is prone to Mutts.

District 2 is a cavey Area, The caves can easily get confusing and have unknown threats. It's prone to earthquakes.

District 3 is a small factory with a surrounding Force-Field, Anything Metal can't enter. All Weapons will be left upon entering this Zone District 4 is a small island surrounded by an Ocean, Hurricanes are occasional there. It has to be swam to. District 5 is a Small Power Plant, Despite having supplies It radiates very much Toxic Waste and can be very lethal.

District 6 is a Train that seems to be working, There are rails that travel across the Zones. It has very many supplies but is Prone To Mutts more than any other zone.

District 7 is a Small Forest, It has alot of natural remedies and plantlife but can be Prone to Toxic Snakes and other Jungle Animals.

District 8 is a Textiles Factory, It has minimal supplies but plenty of warm clothes and places to sleep, It doesn't have anything very deadly but it is a Factory so you could possibly Mess up the Machineary.

District 9 is a Small Barn surrounded by a Fence, It has plenty of Farm Animals which can be Hostile at times.

District 10 is a Vast Corn Field, There is plenty of Crops but it is Prone to Fires.

District 11 Is a vast Tree Area, It is basically a giant collection of Treehouses. It is Prone to Falling-Related Deaths.

District 12 is a Coalmine, It has a collection of houses in the mines, It is very Dark and Prone to Collapsing.


Name District Age Weapons Strength Weakness User
Summit Vicinity 0 17 Scythe, Whip Leader Athletics TBWTPT
Kingsley Orion 0 14 Machete, Trident, Chain Strength Speed LivesInD1
Valerie Moonshine 0 15 Mace Willpower Fragile Nightlock Kyrptonite
Emily Zosma 0 15 Blowgun, Katana, Claws Camouflage Strength LivesInD1
Sapphire Raymond 1 16 Dagger, Whip Swimming Strength LivesInD1
Colton Thorne 1 16 Knife, Sword, Wire Traps Strength Long-Distance Running BaconCanadian
Angelica Sinclair 1 16 Daggers Plant Identifcation Strength Toast With The Most
Ruby Orcawitz 1 13 Sais, Sickle, Short Sword Charm Swimming LivesInD1
Julius Paris 2 18 Mace, Spear Strength Running Hybrid Shadow
Silvanus Justice 2 18 Fists, Brass Knuckles Strength Long-Range Fighting TBWTPT
Kyra Karmella 2 16 Bow, Throwing Knives Aim Strength Cinderflight
Minerva Den 2 16 Blowgun, Boomerang Speed Close Combat TBWTPT
Damian Byte 3 14 Chain And Hook, Blowgun Speed Strength TDR97
Leo Zhang 3 15 Katana Speed Morals WiressFan21
Karla Flake 3 16 Knives Intelligence Asburgers Nightlock Kryptonite
Annabeth March 3 16 Bow, Sickle Intelligence Clingy WiressFan21
Riley Apocalypto 4 17 Tripoon (Trident Harpoon) Strong Dumb as Bricks Nightlock Kryptonite
Percy Grace 4 16 Trident, Mace, Spear Accuracy Guilty After Killing WiressFan21
Zia Grace 4 18 Trident, Spear, Bow Strong Survival Skills WiressFan21
Rhine Ellery 4 16 Knives, Crossbow, Sword Intelligence Trust ArleneLove'sTHG
Train McBridge 5 15 Blowgun Intelligence Emotional TheFireJay
Genner Powow 5 17 Traps, Hammers Stealth Overprotective WiressFan21
Alissa Metal Beam 5 15 Sword Quick Thinker Loosing Train TheFireJay
Tronny Powow 5 13 Traps, Knife Speed Weak WiressFan21
Zak Slaughter 6 16 Everything Murderous Mimic Nightlock Kyrptonite
Ferris "Double F" Ferr 6 15 Club, Dagger Playing Dead Swimming WiressFan21
Mimic Slaughter 6 16 Everything Strength Zak Nightlock Kyrptonite
Greta Maverick 6 13 Chained Hook, Golok, Machete Intelligence Insanity XxXMidgetInABikiniXxX
Hibernius Rashid 7 18 Knives, Scythe Stealth Swimming WiressFan21
Luke Pines 7 18 Axe Intelligence Stealth BaconCanadian
Jennifer Woods 7 Axe, Blowgun Strength Stealth TheFireJay
Hazel Underwood 7 12 Throwing Knives, Crossbow Stealth Breathing Problems WiressFan21
Blade Spectrus 8 12 Scythe, Crossbow Speed Heavy Weapons Tehblackdeath
Rufus Silks 8 16 Knife, Brass Knuckles Strength Survival Skills Hybrid Shadow
Fabrey Texx 8 17 Throwing Knives, Posion Stealth Allies WiressFan21
Chakra Fatalis 8 17 Dagger, Scythe Hand-To-Hand Combat Speed District3
Kahluà "KK" Kokanee 9 16 Scythe, Crossbow Confrontation Peaceful Tehblackdeath
Yuki Kokyu 18 Brute Force, Spiked Clubs, Brass Knuckles Allies Intelligence Mistfire333
Bailey Starshine 15 Spear, Scythe Stealth Confrontation Nightlock Kryptonite
Majora Apocalypsis Lunar 18 Chained Hook, Hell's Flute, Knife Gloves, Whips Unique Weaponry Bad Hearing Mistfire333
Ilara Spruce 10  17 Double-Bladed Axe Strength Speed TBWTPT
Seth Hanson 10  17 Bow, Knife Strenght Climbing BaconCanadian
Helena Krisp 10  18 Katana Heartless Arrogance Nightlock Kryptonite
Sable Rose 10  18 Throwing Axe, Whip Coordination Strength TBWTPT
Kodai Hitogoroshi 11 17 Dagger, Teeth, Poison, Strangling Speed Insanity Mistfire333
Bulgur Durum 11 14 Pitchfork

Plant Identifcation

Clumsy TDR97
Isolde Esyllt 11 17 Shuriken, Throwing Knives Accuracy Hand-To-Hand Combat TBWTPT
Petiola Midrib 11 16 Sickle Speed Not Athletic TDR97
Charce Fire 12 17 Fire, Scythe Strength Allies WiressFan21
Soot Dustcloud 12 16 Sword, Knifegloves, Throwing Knives Inteligence Asthma Mistfire333
Pixie Nuke 12 17 Camouflage, Traps Acrobatics Communication WiressFan21
Eleith Lightstorm 12 13 Blowgun, Knife Intelligence Strength District3
Panthern Agrios 13 14 Chained Beartrap, Knives Hunting Injuries XxXMidgetInABikiniXxX
Mordecai Darah 13 18 Scimitar Hand-To-Hand Combat Making Enemies XxXMidgetInABikini
Mistina Seabreeze 13 14 Long Knives Swimming Climbing XxXMidgetInABikiniXxX
Amme Ilorenzo 13 18 Sickle Strength Fire XxXMidgetInABikiniXxX
Ophid Carne 14 12 Long Knive, Dagger Close Combat Strength TBWTPT
Shaakra Bovell 14 13 Claws Strength Underestimated Tehblackdeath
Sorcera Spectrus 14 17 Dagger, Crosbow, Poison, Throwing Knives Seduction Reality Mistfire333
Pinkamena Diane Pie 14 14 Torture, Sickle, Knife, Trust Assasination Allies Mistfire333
Dusk Olive C 17 Crossbow, Bow, Spear Stealth Plant Identification LivesInD1
Atlas Combe C 17 Crossbow Hand-To-Hand Combat Too Trusting ArleneLove'sTHG
Dawn Olive C 17 Dagger, Throwing Knives, Scythe Plant Identification Stealth LivesInD1
BeDazzlia BeBe Makkie C 13 Crossbow, Camouflage Intelligence Weak WiressFan21


Ok, SO now it's time to figure out what Alliance you want to be in, Comment your choices and if there are any special conditions or you want to be in an alliance with Certain Tributes. If you don't like the choices i have made feel free to tell me, But read the Training first before you do.

Bold = Closed

Italics = Invite Only

Underlined = Leader

If you are not listen in an Alliance you are a Loner.

Careers : Sapphire Raymond(1), Colton Thorne(1), Angelica Sinclair(1), Ruby Orcawicz(1), Silvanus Justice(2), Julius Paris(2), Kyra Karmella(2), Minerva Den(2), Riley Apocalypto(4), Zia Grace(4),Ferris "Double F" Ferr(5), Yuki Kokyu(9) Majora Apocalypsis Lunar(9), Helena Krisp(10), Mordecai Darah(10)

Anti-Careers: Summit Victinity(0), Kinglsey Orion(0), Ferris "Double F" Ferr(6), Yuki Kokyu(9), Kodai Hitogoroshi(11), Isolde Esyllt(11), Soot Dustcloud(12), Ophid Carne(14), Rufus Silks(8), Blade Spectrus(8), Shaakra Bovell(14), Sorcera Spectrus(14)

Female Alliance : Valerie Moonshine(0), Emily Zosma(0), Karla Flake(3), Greta Maverick(6), Fabrey Texx(8), Chakra Fatalis(8), Bailey Starshine(9), Pixie Nuke(12), Eleith Lightstorm(12), Mistina Seabreeze(13), Amme Ilorenzo(13) 

Small Alliance 1 : Damain Byte(3), Bulgur Durum(11), Petiola Midrib(11).

Percabeth : Annabeth March(3), Percy Grace(4)

Powow : Genna Powow(5), Tronny Powow(5)

Metal Train : Alissa Metal Beam(5), Train McBridge(5)

Zhangfire : Leo Zhang, Charce Fire(12) 

District 7: Hazel Underwood(7), Hibernus Rashid(7), Jennifer Woods(7), Luke Pines(7)

District 10: Ilara Spurce(10), Seth Hanson(10), Sable Rose(10)

Capitol C/Rhinebe : Dusk Olive(C), Dawn Olive(C), BeDazzlia BeBe Makkie(C), Atlas Combe(C), Rhine Ellery(4)

Slaughters : Zak Slaughter(6), Mimic Slaughter(6)

Loners : Kahluà "KK" Kokanee(9), Panthern Agrios(13), Pinkamena Diane Pie(14)

Other Information

  • Yuki is both a Career and Anti-Career
  • Pixie and Mistina are always Allied
  • Kodai and Sorcera are always Allied
  • The Hazarnus will only accept District 7 Tributes
  • The Female Alliance will only accept Female Tributes
  • The Zhangfire Alliance will only accept District 3 and District 12 Tributes
  • Capitol C and Rhinebe have Merged.

Training Scores

1-4 - Your Screwed

5-7 - Your Normal

8-9 - Your Above Average

10-12 - Your Electric!

Congratulations to the 12's, You each get one gift you can send anytime during the games to your tributes.

  1. Julius Paris(2) - HybridShadow
  2. Fabrey Texx(8) - WiressFan12
  3. Majora Apocalypsis Lunar(9) - Mistfire333
  4. Pinkamena Diane Pie(14) - Mistfire333

Note : Odds and Scores have a lot of things going into them, Including

  • Score
  • What they did in group training
  • Likeability
  • Allies
  • Age
Training Scores
Name District Gender Score Odds
Summit Victinity 0 M 8 17-1
Kingsley Orion 0 M 7 16-1
Valerie Moonshine 0 F 5 20-1
Emily Zosma 0 F 6 19-1
Sapphire Raymond 1 M 9 11-1
Colton Thorne 1 M 9 12-1
Angelica Sinclair 1 F 8 15-1
Ruby Orcawicz 1 F 10 6-1
Julius Paris 2 M 12 2-1
Silvanus Justice 2 M 10 8-1
Kyra Karmella 2 F 8 16-1
Minerva Den 2 F 10 7-1
Damian Byte 3 M 4 27-1
Leo Zhang 3 M 7 20-1
Karla Flake 3 F 3 50-1
Annabeth March 3 F 6 30-1
Riley Apocalypto 4 M 10 5-1
Percy Grace 4 M 10 5-1
Zia Grace 4 F 9 8-1
Rhine Ellery 4 F 11 4-1
Train McBridge 5 M 2 75-1
Genner Powow 5 M 6 30-1
Tronny Powow 5 F 4 50-1
Alissa Metal Beam 5 F 5 40-1
Zak Slaughter 6 M 10 10-1
Ferris "Double F" Ferr 6 M 5 40-1
Mimic Slaughter 6 F 10 10-1
Greta Maverick 6 F 7 16-1
Hibernus Rashid 7 M 9 9-1
Luke Pines 7 M 8 11-1
Jennifer Woods 7 F 5 40-1
Hazel Underwood 7 F 8 11-1
Blade Spectrus 8 M 7 17-1
Rufus Silks 8 M 10 5-1
Fabrey Texx 8 F 12 3-1
Chakra Fatalis 8 F 8 14-1
Kahula "KK" Kokanee 9 M 6 23-1
Yuki Kokyu 9 M 10 7-1
Bailey Starshine 9 F 5 30-1
Majora Apocalypsis Lunar 9 F 12 2-1
Ilara Spruce 10 M 8 10-1
Seth Hanson 10 M 6 20-1
Helena Krisp 10 F 10 6-1
Sable Rose 10 F 8 10-1
Kodai Hitogoroshi 11 M 11 5-1
Bulgur Durum 11 M 4 50-1
Isolde Esyllt 11 F 7 17-1
Petiola Midrib 11 F 5 25-1
Charce Fire 12 M 6 19-1
Soot Dustcloud 12 M 7 17-1
Pixie Nuke 12 F 10 5-1
Eleith Lightstorm 12 F 5 20-1
Panthern Agrios 13 M 11 6-1
Mordecai Darah 13 M 8 14-1
Mistina Seabreeze 13 F 9 12-1
Amme Ilorenzo 13 F 5 20-1
Ophid Carne 14 M 4 30-1
Shaakra Bovell 14 M 8 15-1
Sorcera Spectrus 14 F 11 7-1
Pinkamena Diane Pie 14 F 12 3-1
Dusk Olive C M 7 15-1
Atlas Combe C M 8 13-1
Dawn Olive C F 5 40-1
BeDazzlia BeBe Makkie C F 3 50-1

Death Chart

Death Chart
Name District/Gender Who Killed Them? How? Day?
Ilara Spruce 10/M Sorcera Spectrus(14F) Knife To Forehead 1
Alissa Metal Beam 5/F Majora Lunar(9F) Sickle To Face 1
Bailey Starshine 9/F Kyra Karmella(2F) Stabbed in the Neck 1
Greta Maverick 6/F Kyra Karmella(2F) Knife Thrown into her Head 1
Kahula "KK" Kokanne 9/M Percy Grace(4M)/Stairs Mace to Chest/Falling 1
Zia Grace 4/F Percy Grace(4M)/Luke Pines(7M) Trident To Shoulder/Beheaded 1
Luke Pines 7/M Annabeth March(3F) Shot with Arrows 1
Petiola Midrib 11/F Isolde Ellyst(11F) Shuriken 1
Damian Byte 3/M Emily Zosma(0F)/Fabrey Texx(8F) Dart and Throwing Knife 1
Ferris "Double F" Ferr 6/M Pinkamena Pie(14F) Torture 1
Tronny Powow 5/F Julius Paris(2M) Bashing Head against Staircase 1
Genner Powow 5/M Helena Krisp(10F) Thrown Katana 1
Dusk Olive C/M Panthern Agrios(13M) Arrow Stabbing 1
Panthern Agrios 13/M Dawn Olive(CF) Beheaded With Sickle 1

Training Day 1

Karla Flake’s POV

All of the tributes Come down from the Elevators, Into the Training Room, Some are Grinning, Kyra is looking at Ruby like a Meal, Despite being another Career. District 3 Got here first, We look pretty weak this year, Except for Annabeth. Out comes a Woman, But instead of walking out, Like Jesus she flutters down from the ground, WITH WINGS. It didn’t take long to figure out this was a Capitol Woman, A Capitol Victor. She speaks with a odd tongue, As if not really understanding decent English, She points to the different Stations, Majora seems to be a bit confused as she can’t hear the Crazy woman mumble, But then again everyone is confused, I’m not, I know the first thing I’m going for, The Knife Station. The Woman gestures for us to go, Mumbling something else then fluttering to the Overviewing Station where game makers are Enjoying Drinks and laughing about, Odd that they are observing us during Group Training… I sigh and walk over to the Knife Station, I’m used to keeping to myself but I wonder if it’s a good idea to do that in this Situation. I see Rhine Ellery and the Capitol Boy talking, They eventually walk to the Gauntlet, People are already making Alliances and I am here all alone… How troubling. I try to throw a Knife and clip the Dummy’s Shoulder, I hear a laugh emit from Kyra, The career who is also Throwing Knives, She throws 3, One hits the Forehead, The Chest, and the other the shoulder, Well it’s official, I am going to die.

Fabrey Texx’s POV

Seems like a tough bunch this year… I have been standing at the Gauntlet for what feels like forever now, It’s a long line that’s for sure. I see the Forming Career Bunch, It’s odd that the District 9 Deaf girl is Leading them, So far it’s members are The girl from 2, Ruby from 1… Which is odd since she is so young, Minerva Den, And all of 1. It’s an odd group by the looks of it, But they sure look strong. After seeing Leo get hit by the swinging metal bar on the Gauntlet, Making him Crash to the Padded Ground, I give up and move to a place that feels more Familiar, The Poison Station. I join the Slutty Girl from 14 and Emily from 0 in making Poisons, She tries but she isn’t very good. I see her about to Mix Water with Nightlocks and grab her wrist.

"That would only weaken down the poison"/

She nods and stops what she is doing, Valerie sits down next to her and observes. I was shocked seeing the girl, I was a fan of her Music, Whenever I got extra money I would buy one of her CDs.

"I’m Sorry that you were reaped… I was a huge Fan." I mutter, I feel awkward around such a star.

"Oh, It’s fine, Thanks for being a fan I really enjoy meeting people who enjoy my music". I am surprised at her tone, She seems… Better, than before. Before I notice it Sorcera is up and moving, Straight to the boy from 2, Unfortunately for her the boy just laughs and walks away, Sorcera is disappointed and comes back mumbling something to the effect of ‘Too good for him anyway…’ But you have to admit, Julius has got it going on.

Before I can think about boys anymore we are dismissed for Lunch, I sit with Valerie and Emily, The careers have their own table and everyone else is spread out amongst themselves in odd groups, some sit alone, But I think I am at home with these 2 girls, They both seem down to earth.

Mistina Seabreeze’s POV

I sigh, Poking at my food, It’s loud in the Training Cafeteria, But this food is delicious. Despite that I have very little stomach to eat, I’m sitting around my District Partners, A Guy who looks like the Devil’s Reincarnation, Another one who’s name I can’t pronounce, And Amme who is just plain not even here… I realize I need to get an Alliance, Panthern wants to be alone and Mo... Mord... Mo- Whatever his name is dislikes me. We get released from lunch and move back into training, I practice with some Long Knives, Throwing Them, Stabbing with them, They are pretty nice to use. I get tired and decide to watch the Gauntlet, The first tribute to pass today was Pixie Nuke from 12… Looks like 12 has a good group this year, The moment she comes out Kyra whisks her away, probably to get her as an Ally. Pinkamena walks in next, I instantly feel uneasy when she’s around… What’s wrong with that girl. She walks in, And instantly gets knocked off the course, But instead of crying out in pain she laughs, She laughs and begins to shake insanely. I begin to back away, Then I hear her Screaming, It’s so high pitched… What the hell is happening to her. All of a sudden the lights in the training Area go out, And all I hear is screams as I push my way out, Trampling a girl who screams bloody murder as I step on her chest, I hear someone scream for BeBe, Which I guess was the Capitol girl. I wanted nothing more than to get out of here, The lights come back on but I am still running as I run into an Elevator, Being Joined by Pixie. I sink to my knees and hide my face, It wouldn’t have been as scary if I didn’t see Pinkie’s reflection in the mirror… It wasn’t Pinkie, It was a Demon engulfed in Flames… Pixie sits next to me to comfort me as we arrive in D14’s Room, We both took the wrong elevator… And it just had to be Pinkie’s District, Their Mentor, A woman who looks to have genetics crossed with a Fox looks at me and Pixie, We make eye contact and she instantly knew someone in her odd group went insane, If Miss Julia Wolfheart only knew the half of it.

Atlas Combe’s POV

I am sitting next in a chair in the medical room with BeBe, She fell when the Lights went out and was Trampled, But other than a few bruises she will be fine. I put my head in my hands, Whatever the Hell went on it surely will happen again, That Pinkie girl is bad bad news… My mentor Esmerella quietly moves over to BeBe’s Unconscious body, Laying a hand on her bruised forehead, The oh-so-familiar Green Flames radiates from her hand, Everyone in the capitol knew Esmerella was a witch after how she won her games, And it was unfair for BeBe to remain injured, So now I am sitting here watching the Magic heal her.

“What happened in the Training Center Esme?”

She gives me the answer of Silence, I sigh and she knows she won’t win this battle, She just speaks.

“…That Pinkamena Girl, There is something wrong with her, She isn’t a witch but she isn’t human either”.

I sigh and close my eyes, Laying my head back on the chair as Esmerella goes back to healing BeBe… What is this world Coming Too, But then I remember I am being put in a Competition to kill other children for Amusement. Oh well, Nothing we can’t fix today. I drift off in my thoughts, The only thing on my mind being about today’s Events.

Training Day 2

Training Day 2

Ruby Orcawicz POV

After yesterday, We were all a little on edge. I, Being the youngest of careers, Are looked down upon by people like Kyra and Minerva. I practice with my Sickle, Running in a circle and tossing it as it beheads a dummy, I try and focus on my training but no matter what I can hear Kyra complaining to our leader, Majora, and her Assistant Julius about me, But thankfully Majora likes me and she wouldn’t let me leave if I tried, So it looks like I lucked out. I decide to take a break from the weapons and look around at the competition, The Anti-Careers seem very small, Smaller than the Female Alliance. That Female Alliance honestly looks a little threatening, Most of them can kill me with ease. People like Pixie, The only tribute to pass the Gauntlet still, And Fabrey Who’s abilities with Throwing Knives are that to challenge Kyra, I feel a bit worried for the Careers, Sure people like Julius could easily break most of their alliance like a Toothpick, But I still feel they are a threat. I feel a hand on my shoulder and look up, It’s my best friend Angelica.

“Hey Ruby, Don’t look so down, Once we get in the Arena you’ll show Kyra what you can really do. Plus if she gets out of line Majora won’t think twice then to kill her.”

Her words make me a bit more relived, She smiles and walks back to the Plant Identification station, An odd skill for a career but nonetheless useful. I grin, At least there is someone out their looking out for me.

Damian Byte’s POV

I feel a bit awkward, I got allies but I feel just like I don’t belong. I sit watching Petiola try to climb and then miraculously make it to the top, Only to fall a second after touching the bell. I sigh, Then turn over to Bulgur tosses Pitchforks mindlessly at Dummies, Only to have them barely clip it, I imagined one of them going Haywire and hitting another tribute, Amusing but oh-so bad. I remember something like that happened last year. I wonder if I’ll win like Honoria did… I wonder if I’ll be fighting Victors. Thoughts race through my mind before I get up and make a decision. I am gonna run that damn gauntlet if it’s the last thing I do. I walk up to it, Most tributes have given up as the last participant of it, BeBe who made a full recovery, Gets straight up hit across the face and falls onto the padded ground, She cries out a little bit before getting up, She’s gonna be feeling that later. I feel the sudden fear as all eyes are on my, When really it’s just the eyes of a few people. I begin to feel my hands sweat, I make a break for it, Dashing straight in, Only to feel the slight chill of a Metal Bar meet my forehead, then the Impact of the Forever Swirling ground. I see Firered Hair above me, I mumble ‘Firetruck’ before everything in my world goes black.

Julius Paris’ POV

I can’t help but giggle a bit as I see the Red-Haired Petiola try and wake Damian up, That thing hit him like a Train. She pours more water on him, But what will that do, The boy Is already in a pool of it. I decide to be the nice person and walk over, Petiola looks up and quickly gets a look of fear in her eyes, I smile though and pick up the unconscious boy, Making sure I don’t get wet, And carry him to the Medics. She seems a bit shocked at the act, But it’s all in the game, Acting nice so nobody tries to murder you is a good strategy. I see Minerva shake her head at me but I only wave it off, Her and Kyra are on my kill list already. After the whisk the boy off I see Petiola walk over to me, She looks at the ground and begins to speak, I hear anger laced in her voice.

“…Thanks for Your Help, I’ll make sure I don’t kill you..” She says before walking off, I get a sly grin, As if that girl could ever kill me. We get called for lunch.

Eleith Lightstorm’s POV

As it being the last day of training, I kind of feel confident about what I’ve learned, I feel like I can really face these games head on. I dig into this absolutely amazing Lamb Stew… I think it’s Lamb Stew, I could care less what it is if it tastes this good! I sit with Karla Flake, The girl from 3. We try to make conversation but we both can’t stop stuffing our mouths with food. Out comes the entire Female Alliance to our Now-Full Table, They begin to speak to us.

“Hey You Two, You look like a couple of pretty girls, Want to join us”? Me and Karla almost choke on our food giggling, That was a horrible approach and we both find it funny that they compliment us to get us to join them. After a failed attempt by Emily, Valerie their leader decides to speak up.

“Alright Look, We are looking to overthrow the Careers this year, Lately Females have been winning a lot, I think this is a change of heart for Panem, Sexism is over and I believe that the more we have the bigger chance we all have of surviving, Please join us you two.” She begged us, I looked to Karla who nodded with a mouthful of Stew, I looked at her and smiled, They girls cheered as we all begin to dig in, Mumbling things like ‘So good’ and ‘I need to get this recipe’. Having friends is a great distraction from the Hunger Games, I almost don’t feel too upset.

Train McBridge’s POV

I sigh, Shooting another dart which misses completely, I shoot another, It Ricocheting off the back wall and almost landing in Greta’s Foot, Who looks at me with a face only I could be scared by. I don’t know why I even bother, I look at the Edible Barries Station… They have Nightlocks, I could off myself if I needed to… I begin to get up, Them drawing me in before Alissa runs infront of me and Shakes me out of it.

“Get it Together Train, We’re gonna get through this!” She shouts

“What makes you think we can survive, We’re all dead anyway! Might aswell make it less painful right!!” I scream back, Letting my Emotions get ahold of me as usual, At this point we have gained some Spectators, Alissa sighs and we both just walk away from eachother, I know she is trying her best to deal with me, I feel bad that im burdening her like this. Aside from the Emotional Rifts we faced in this training, I learned absolutely nothing . Great, Just Great. Welp, Time to die in 2 Days.

Day 1 : I sure do miss home right now... -Isolde Ellsyt(11F)

BeBe Makkie(C)’s POV

50, 49, 48, 47, 46, 45

I feel my breath hitch, I began to have small tears run down my face. I don’t want to die… Not here, Not now. Why, Why did this happen to me instead of everyone else in the capitol… I’m not a bad person, I didn’t think I deserved this. Dawn looks at me, I know she wants me to survive… But I-I can’t do this… I won’t. I decide to end it as quickly as possible, I wipe my tears as I begin to jump, But I hear a shout of ‘No’, I look over to Atlas, He is screaming to me but it all feels like a blur, I can’t die. They all care about me. I can’t die….

Valerie Moonshine(0)’s POV

30, 29, 28, 27, 26, 25

After that, I am sure we are all going to die, I want to protect the poor girl so bad but I need protecting myself. After that twist I have no clue what is going through the Alliance’s Minds right now, My alliance has nothing to worry about… But the thought of any of us dieing is Unreal. It’s starting, It’s happening NOW!  I am going to die right… right now.

5… 4…. 3…. 2… I can’t scream, My entire body goes numb when the gong sounds, And I mindlessly dash into the bloodbath.

Sorcera Spectrus(14)’s POV

I’m in Pain, A Whole world of Pain… I can’t even get off my platform, I knew sleeping with the Gamemakers was trouble, But I needed a good score… My main focus is to get off this Platform now, Kodai(11) sees me and looks at me like I’m crazy, I feel a stabbing pain in a certain place and double over. Damn this hurts! Kodai(11) would never let me die right… He grabs a bag and turns in the direction to me, And once he gets there he scoops me up and hands me a Knife, Looks like I need to focus for just a bit because Ilara from 10 is running at us with what seems to be a Warrior Axe, ‘Just one shot… Just one lucky shot…’ I think, And toss the Knife at him, Lucky enough it hits his Forehead and he stops dead in his tracks, His body clattering to the Marble Floors as the blood pours out of his head. I feel another stabbing pain and cry out as Kodai carries me away, Into whatever Zone we end in, I’m just glad though… Glad Kodai saved me. BOOM!!!!

Ruby Orcawicz(1)’s POV

It’s real, The Bloodbath is Real. The Careers are already angry after a Anti getting the First Kill, I’m not so angry though, At least it was a boy who died. I am searching aimlessly for a Sickle, But I don’t notice Alissa(5) Sneak up behind me, As I feel the girl much older than me pick me up by my neck, I slowly loose the Ability to breath, I’m gasping and she throws me, For a girl she has amazing strength, I fly into the Staircase as I feel my back being somewhat dented, I don’t even try to get up as she dashes over to me, But the savoir of the world, Majora comes in and Whips her straight across the face, The girl falls to the ground with as Majora jumps on top of her, Taking the Sickle I dropped and burying it in the Girl’s once beautiful Face. BOOM!!! I know I’m not expected to get up, I can’t Move. Instead my best Career friend, Angelica comes to guard me, Dagger in hand, I never felt more safe before.

Greta Maverick(6)’s POV

“Alright people let’s get it together!!!!!!!!” Shouts Valerie, Our battle has commenced, But it’s more a battle for Supplies than anything else. I don’t feel very friendly with Any of the females, I feel as if I don’t need to bring much for them, So I just grab what I need. I spot a Bag, It looks perfect, A beautiful shade of blue too. I almost jog over to it, Picking it up and putting it on, I don’t bother for a weapon as I see the Giant Axe next to Illara’s Body, But I just rip the Knife out of his head and Sprint off to the Woods, But something told me to turn around, And when I did I see Bailey(9) being Tackled by Kyra(2) and Brutally Stabbed in the Neck. She was my ally but I didn’t care, Nothing I could do now right, Kyra looks straight at me and I Run, Run faster than I ever had, But it didn’t matter as I feel the Sharp object make it’s way into the back of my head… The girl throws knives… Damn, And I thought I would have lived until tomorrow… BOOM!!!

Percy Grace (4)’s POV

The Bloodbath isn’t letting down at all, I want Kills though, Even though I know Annabeth just wants to survive. I spot Kahlua(9) and almost laugh at the boy as he tried to run up the Mansion stairs, As if that would help him. I don’t hesitate to toss my Mace at him, It impales him in the Chest, It knocks him off his feet as he trips back down the stairs, A sickening crack when he reaches the bottom. BOOM!!! I decide to go for one more before me and Annabeth make our Escape. I spot Zia fighting Luke from 7… I hesitate, I grab a Trident next to me and decide to toss it, Whoever it hits is what fate has Decided. It impales my Sister in the Arm and she falls to the ground, Dropping the Spear she was fighting with, Luke takes the opportunity to bury his axe in my only Sister’s Head. BOOM!!! My heart instantly aches, I don’t know what to do… I thought I wouldn’t care, But it’s my fault she’s dead. Annabeth spots Luke and Aims her bow, He tries to run but she shoots him once in the leg, Once in the Shoulder. Damn Annabeth can’t aim. She finally gets him in the chest on her third shot. BOOM!!! I sigh, I am over this damn games, They took my sister. Annabeth runs over and takes my hand as we walk off the Cornucopia, We run into little Karla Flake(3) but she doesn’t dare mess with us, Annabeth just nods at her and she dashes away, Girls, They get each other so well I guess… Just like my sister got me.

Isolde Esyllt(11)’s POV

I run out from the Mansion door, I almost trip on a body on my way out, I completely ignored supplies but at least I got a whole Holster of Shuriken. I run out and look around, I see Kodai(11) Carrying Sorcera(14) Of to the South, I decide to follow the two Allies I can see… Better than being Alone. I am met by Petiola(11) who is also following them, But it’s clear she wants no Alliance, I stalk her a bit more and decide to try my luck, I toss 3 and all 3 Hit their Designated Target. Her body Falls Lifelessly BOOM!!!!, But then I see it, Damian, Her other ally, the young boy from 3. I really am not into killing small children, But he looks at me like a meal. I see him begin to run at me with his Chain and Hook. I freeze, What do I do? Kill him? I didn’t have to make a Decision as a Dart implants itself in his shoulder, He stops moving and Pulls it out, ‘A Opening!’ I think, But it seems like the owner of a Throwing Knife beat me to it. BOOM!!!!! Out comes the Beat-Up, Bloodied, and Bruised Female Alliance. It’s clear their leader and a small girl from 3 is the only ones Uninjured. The girl from 0 who shot the dart apparently shot it before she passed out from Bloodloss. I decide to join them, After all, Them or Kodai and Sorcera, It’s a pretty easy decision. Me and Karla loot the bodies of Damian and Petiola before running off to whatever Zone we find first. I hope it’s 11… I am really missing home.

Panthern Agrios(13)’s POV

I am still hanging around the Cornucopia, I enjoy the show. I really enjoy watching Pinkamena The Most, The way she toys with the Organs of a barely breathing Ferris is really enjoyable, The last thing he saw was his own heart being pulled out of his chest with a Girl’s Bare Hands. BOOM!!!! That sure will get her some sponsors…  I turn to Julius bashing Tronny’s head Against the Staircase before it caves in. BOOM!!!! Her poor brother tries to help but all he gets is Beheaded by a Thrown Katana, Good aim by Helena BOOM!!!! I sigh, I grow bored of this so I decide to run somewhere safer, More into the Mansions. I realize I forgot a weapon but who cares, Like anyone is dumb enough to come up here. Apparently I was wrong though, Because the only people dumb enough to come into the Upstairs Mansions are Capitol Tributes, And what do you know, All Four of them plus a District 4 Girl decide to make a little meeting with me. They are in worse shape then I thought, I grin, Eyeing the Unconscious girl in Atlas’ Arms. I run at them, Weaponless but what does it matter, They are too weak for me anyway. Dusk fires at me with his Bow, What horrible aim he has. I decide to pick up the Arrow and use it as a weapon, He panics and tries to run but I tackle him and stab him in the back of the neck with his own Arrow. BOOM!!!! I was enjoying myself licking up the blood until his idiotic sister snuck up behind me, It was an odd sight, Seeing my own body separated from my head, I guess that’s what sickles do. All I feel now are the burning pits of hell, but it’s actually quite cold, Just lovely. BOOM!!!!

To Be Continued....

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