I know i have another games going on right now, But i simply can't resist this idea of this. Per usual TDI rules there will be 22 Contestants. Except with a Twist, When votes are at a Tie two users must 'Fight' to the Death, And whoever Loses dies. There will be 'Challenges' that a user has to face. There will be no Reservations and only 1 spot per person.

Signing up is pretty easy, You will have to follow this Template

Name :

Age (16-21) :

Personality :

Appearance :

Picture (This can be Yourself or a random picture, Just put it with your signup :

Weapon Of Choice (They won't be used unless a vote is Tied agains them) :

Height : 

Idea For Team Names (This is Optional, Just some reccomendations would be nice) :

Also Remember, You have to send Advice for every challenge, If not your likely to fail for your team and be voted off. 

The Campers

Name Age Team

Camper Information
Name Age Height Personality Appearance Status


The Team Names are Unknown right now so i can't make tables...

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