Welcome to the first Annual Mentor Games. In these games users will sponsor 3 tributes and help them survive in the battle to the death. Users will send the tributes gifts and give them advice on what to do in the arena. There will be no chariot rides, training scores, or interviews. The first annual Mentor Games begins in the arena. 48 tributes will compete in a games to the death in a special arena. Who will win? Who will lose? Ladies and Gentlemen this is the Mentor Games. May the odds be forever in your favor. :D


Tributes Money Status Actor
Katniss Everdeen ---- Deceased AshtonMoioLover
Peeta Mellark ---- Deceased Wikia Contributor
Primrose Everdeen ---- Deceased Rockman117
Mrs. Everdeen ---- Deceased Rockman117
Buttercup $500 Alive Catnipkatniss
Lady $500 Alive Rockman117
Madge ---- Deceased Madgeical
Gale Hawthorne ---- Deceased Mysims
Greasy Sae $500 Alive Quomler
Marvel ---- Deceased Wikia Contributor
Glimmer $500 Alive Epic Hobo
Cato ---- Deceased Wikia Contributor
Clove ---- Deceased Catnipkatniss
Foxface $500 Alive AshtonMoioLover
Jason ---- Deceased AshtonMoioLover
Thresh ---- Deceased CallamD97
Rue ---- Deceased Rue district11
Gloss ---- Deceased catoxprim
Cashmere ---- Deceased Mysims
Brutus $500 Alive CallamD97
Enobaria $600 Alive FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne
Beetee ---- Deceased Rockman117
Wiress ---- Deceased Shadow Seer
Finnick Odair $500 Alive Shadow Seer
Mags $500 Alive Quomler
Blight ---- Deceased CallamD97
Johanna Mason $500 Alive Mysims
Woof ---- Deceased FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne
Cecelia ---- Deceased Madgeical
Chaff ---- Deceased FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne
Seeder $500 Alive Madgeical
Male Morphling ---- Deceased Epic Hobo
Female Morphling ---- Deceased catoxprim
Haymitch Abernathy ---- Deceased Rockman117
Effie Trinket ---- Deceased Shadow Seer
Atala ---- Deceased Justafox
Cinna ---- Deceased Justafox
Portia ---- Deceased Rockman117
Tigris $500 Alive Justafox
Octavia ---- Deceased Ms.finnickodair
Venia ---- Deceased Ms.finnickodair
Flavius ---- Deceased Ms.finnickodair
Caesar Flickerman ---- Deceased TheatreBoy12
Plutarch Heavensbee ---- Deceased Quomler
Fulvia Cardew ---- Deceased Rockman117
President Coin ---- Deceased Epic Hobo
President Snow ---- Deceased TheatreBoy12
Cressida ---- Deceased TheatreBoy12

Day 1 (Bloodbath)

5. 4. 3. 2. 1. Ladies and Gentlemen let the Mentor Games begin *gong*

The tributes start running towards the cornucopia quickly.

Prim calls for Buttercup and scoops him up and starts running towards the forest with her Mother, Lady, and Gale close behind her. They reach the forest and stare at the cornucopia waiting for Greasy Sae to come. They spot Greasy Sae pick up a backpack a cutting knife. Mrs. Everdeen is glad they have such an excellent cook with them. When she catches up they head into the forest.

Katniss, Peeta, Madge, Wiress, Beetee, Rue, Mags, Johanna, Finnick, and Haymitch manage to grab a few backpacks and weapons and dart into the forest. President Snow runs in after them. Once Katniss spots him she take an arrow and shoots it right into his cold heart. BOOM. Her and her allies then run deeper into the woods.

Plutarch, Coin, Fulvia, Cressida, Tigris, and Atala manage to grab a few things and also run into the forest.

The careers start the killing. Cashmere picks up the closest weapon, an axe, and throws it into Chaff's chest. BOOM. Gloss threw a knife into Blight's forehead, and he looses to much blood. BOOM. Enobaria stabs Marvel in the chest multiple times BOOM.

Cecelia, Woof, and Seeder run quickly into the woods.

Effie, Flavius, Octavia, Venia, Portia, Ceaser Flickerman, and Cinna quickly run into the forest after grabbing a backpack.

The morphlings also manage to make it into the woods alive.

Jason and Thresh run into the tall grass together, while Foxface runs into the woods on the opposite side of the cornucopia.

The careers decide that it's time to settle down and they decide to go to sleep early while taking shifts keeping an eye out on things.

Prim, Buttercup, Gale, Lady, Mrs. Everdeen, and Greasy Sae managed to find a cozy underground cave and settle down. Greasy Sae starts picking herbs and makes a nice warm stew for her allies. Gale un-packs the backpacks to find a few things of food, jackets, and sleeping-bags in each. They have a wonderful first night.

Katniss, Peeta, Madge, Wiress, Beetee, Rue, Mags, Johanna, Finnick, and Haymitch find an above ground cave hidden from sight. They find very good things in there back-packs and decide to sleep because they have a long few weeks ahead of them.

Plutarch, Coin, Fulvia, Cressida, Tigris, and Atala find three large tress that are very tightly squished together and decide to sleep there.

Cecelia, Woof, and Seeder set a tent in tall grass and sleep.

Effie, Flavius, Octavia, Venia, Portia, Ceaser Flickerman, and Cinna find a small but big cave and rest in it.

The Morphlings decide to sleep in a tree for the night.

Jason and Thresh become allies and set up a tent far on the other side of the arena in the tall grass by a very very very small water pond, that possibly only has enough water for a few days.

As night falls tributes begin to sleep after Chaff, Blight, Marvel, and Snow's pictures appear in the sky. There were only 4 deaths. That's good. But it still means 44 remain.

Day 2

As the sun rises a few parachutes appear in the sky.

Thresh receives a spear.

Rue receives a knife.

Woof also receives a spear.

Prim, Buttercup, Gale, and Mrs. Everdeen are sound asleep in there underground cave in there sleeping bags, while Greasy Sae is milking Lady. She's making a nice salad and milk for breakfast.

Katniss, Peeta, Madge, Wiress, Beetee, Rue, Mags, Johanna, Finnick, and Haymitch are sound asleep when Clove and Cato arrive. Johanna and Finnick wake up in just enough time to trip the two. When they hit the floor everyone awakens. Rue and Mags are taken to safety behind a tree while the others fight. Clove stabs Madge in the chest. BOOM. Cato starts swinging at Wiress and Beetee when Haymitch takles him. Cato takes his axe and stabs Haymitch's back with it. He lost to much blood BOOM. Katniss screams and immediately shoots an arrow through Cato's throat. BOOM. Clove runs away. Everyone is shocked at the deaths as there bodies are lifted into the sky and taken away. Everyone comforts Katniss.

Plutarch, Fulvia, Coin, Atala, Cressida, and Tigris awake still in there tress. They begin talking and then suddenly a knife enters Coin's head. She falls out the tree and BOOM. Plutarch, Cressida, and Atala jump from the tree and start fighting against Cashmere and Gloss. Cashmere tackles Cressida and stabs her three times in the chest. BOOM. Tigris gasps from the tree. Atala kicks Cashmere off Cressida. Plutarch takes a knife and throws it into Gloss's chest. BOOM. Cashmere runs to safety quickly.

Cecelia, Woof, and Seeder are still sound asleep in there tent.

Effie, Flavius, Octavia, Venia, Portia, Ceaser Flickerman, and Cinna are awake talking about fashion in there cave.

The morphlings are still asleep in there small tree.

Jason and Thresh are practices there fighting skills against each other for the rest of the day.

As night falls Madge, Haymitch, Cato, Coin, Gloss, and Cressida's faces appear in the sky. There were 6 deaths. THat's good. But it still means 38 remain.

Day 3

The sun begins to rise and parachutes cover they sky.

Atala receives a spear.

Ceaser Flickerman receives a spear and soup. He shares the soup with his team.

Greasy Sae gets a fruit basket filled with fruit. She says that when it is empty she can gather ingredients for food in it.

Plutarch gets matches.

Mags gets the best kind of sleeping bag there is. It is furry in the inside.

Katniss receives another Bow and Arrow, and starts teaching her allies to use it.

Clove gets soup and some fruit.

Buttercup receives a knife. He stares at it for a while. Then he starts to put his paw close to it and when it touches he jumps back and swarms.

At the underground cave, Mrs. Everdeen is helping Prim milk Lady, while Buttercup is still staring at his knife. Gale is helping Greasy Sae collect ingredients for there next meal.

Katniss, Peeta, Wiress, Beetee, Rue, Mags, Johanna, and Finnick are out hunting for food. A few of them come up with some squirrels and they skin them, cook then, and eat them.

Plutarch, Fulvia, and Tigris are being trained by Atala who is teaching them fighting and dodging skills.

Cecelia, Woof, and Seeder are eating some nuts and drinking water. They enjoy each others company.

Effie, Flavius, Octavia, Venia, Portia, Ceaser Flickerman, and Cinna are talking about fashion again when a single career shows up. It's Clove. She throws her knife into Flavius's shoulder, and he begins to bleed. Ceaser Flickerman takes Effie, Portia, and Octavia to safety. Venia stays behind, though she is told to go to safety, she is the strongest girl they know. She kicks Clove in the knee caps which makes her fall. Clove pushes her into a wall in the cave and passes out. Clove takes her knife out of Flavius and begins to stab him again. BOOM. The girls gasps in horror. Cinna hits Clove with a rock, but she throws it back at his foot. While lifting the rock off his leg she throws an axe into his chest. BOOM. Everyone screams in horror. Clove leaves with an evil grin on her face. The rest of the gang help Venia up and mourn the deaths of Cinna and Flavius.

The morphlings have nothing to eat and are becoming hungry.

Jason and Thresh are hunting and shot 3 squirrels, 1 bird, and 1 speared fish. Tonight they eat like kings.

As night falls, Cinna and Flavius's faces appear in the sky. This makes everyone very sad. 36 remain.

Day 4

Sun rises, and parachutes cover the sky yet again.

Effie receives a fruit basket, knife, and spile.

Katniss receives night-vision goggles and soup.

Tigris gets an empty bag, matches, and warm clothes.

Woof and his allies get fruit baskets.

Peeta gets a knife, spear, and axe.

Cecelia and Seeder both receive knifes.

Fulvia, Atala, and Tigris wake up, only to hear the sound of a cannon. BOOM. Plutarch was just stabbed by Thresh. Atala sprints to her spear and throws it. It hits Thresh's leg and he slowly runs away. They are very much in shock, and Fulvia is in tears.

Effie, Octavia, Venia, Portia, and Ceaser Flickerman are waking up and begin there daily fashion talk. Suddenly Effie falls off the log she's sitting on and a knife is seen in her back. It was Clove. Before anyone could do anything Clove ran into the forest and disappeared. BOOM. Effie is know dead.

Thresh makes it to the careers and pulls the spear out. His leg is bleeding but not that bad. He sneaks around and throws it into Cashmere's throat. BOOM. Thresh runs away leaving the careers wondering what just happened.

Katniss, Peeta, Wiress, Beetee, Rue, Mags, Johanna, and Finnick are in there cave roasting squirrels while talking about there districts.

The morphlings are still asleep in there tree.

Cecelia, Seeder, and Woof are eating there fruit enjoying each other's company.

In the underground cave, Buttercup stares mesmerized by the knife. Greasy Sae is making her famous chick stew, from a chicken that Gale found, who is know milking Lady. While Prim and Mrs. Everdeen are napping Jason arrives. He throws an axe into Mrs. Everdeens back BOOM. "MOM", Prim screams. Gale squeezes Lady's milk onto Jason's face. Greasy Sae then takes her pot and bangs him in the head and he falls to the ground. He gets up and stabs Prim. BOOM. There is a silence, and before Gale and Greasy Sae could make a move, Buttercup jumped and pushed Jason down. Jason landed on Buttercups knife. BOOM. The knife was finally useful. Greasy Sae cries into Gales shoulder as he comforts her. Buttercup puts his knife in his mouth and cuddles next to Prim's dead body. He has a sad look on his face. At least he got revenge.

Night falls, Plutarch, Effie, Cashmere, Mrs. Everdeen, Prim, and Jason's faces appear in the sky. It was a very sad day in the arena. Tomorrow is the feast. Who will survive it?

Day 5

The sun rises and no parachutes appear in the sky. If sponsors sent anything to there tributes they will get it tomorrow since the feast will have anything they need.

There is an announcement saying that the feast is starting.

Atala and Tigris go to the feast while Fulvia stays behind. They grab there bags and luckily make it out alive.

Ceaser and Venia go to the feast while Portia and Octavia stay behind. While running, Ceaser is struck with an axe in the chest. BOOM. An arrow is thrown at Venia but she dodges it. She gets the bags and runs but an arrow enters her neck with blood squirting everywhere. BOOM.

Thresh runs into the Male and Female morphlings and stab them both to death an runs away with his bag. BOOM BOOM.

Gale grabs him, Lady's, Greasy Sae's, and Buttercup's bags and run.

Johanna, Finnick, and Katniss go grab there's and there alliance member's bags and return to them.

Cecelia, Woof, and Seeder stay at there campsite and eat fruit and nuts. They decided not to go to the feast.

Nobody else goes to the feast that night.

As the sun falls, the morphlings, Venia, and Ceaser's faces appear in the sky. Portia and Octavia break into tears.

Day 6

The sun rises, and parachutes appear in the sky.

Atala receives a rope.

Buttercup gets night-vision goggles.

Clove gets expensive hollister warm clothes. The careers look at her like she's crazy.

Atala is teaching Fulvia and Tigris how to tie knots with her new rope, while eating some squirrel.

Portia and Octavia are a wreak. They've been sobbing for hours over Venia and Cinna.

Greasy Sae is sadly recovering from her emotions, and is milking Lady. Buttercup is looking at the night-vision goggles when Gale picks them up and forcefully puts them on Buttercup. He is scratching everything up when the goggles are getting on his eyes. When there on all the way he looks around confused. His eye catches the knife and he sits down and watches it.

Johanna, Finnick, Mags, Rue, Katniss, Peeta, Wiress, and Beetee are eating some squirrels in there cave peacefully.

Cecelia, Woof, and Seeder are sitting around there fire when Thresh appears and stabs Woof in the back. BOOM. Cecelia gets up and runs but Thresh throws an axe into her back BOOM. Seeder is shocked and picks up a spear and throws it into Thresh's forhead. BOOM.

As night falls Woof, Cecelia, and Thresh's faces appear in the sky. Seeder is know all alone. She slowly cries herself to sleep.

Day 7

As the sun rises, no parachutes appear in the sky. The tributes still have there things from the feast and are enjoying them.

Atala, Fulvia, and Tigris are all exercising, and getting in shape.

Portia and Octavia are planning a revenge plot against the people who killed Venia.

Greasy Sae is cooking a nice stew that is filled with the chicken that Gale found somewhere mysterious. Buttercup has some how managed to place the night-vision goggles on Lady and Buttercup is busy staring at the knife. While Lady is trying to walk around with the goggles on she can't see. She falls over and squishes Buttercup. He sqeals and Lady manages to get up. Buttercup goes back to the knife to stare.

Johanna, Finnick, Mags, Rue, Katniss, Peeta, Wiress, and Beetee are all eating some squirrels when Clove comes up in the bushes. She throws a knife towards Beetee and Wiress jumps in front of him and it goes threw her stomach. Beetee pleas Wiress not to die but BOOM'. Clove throws a knife at Johanna but Beetee jumps in front of her. Clove runs away quickly. Beetee's last words are "I have to be with her". BOOM

Seeder is all by herself in the woods and is looking for a place to stay. She finds an underground cave that belongs to Greasy Sae, Gale, Lady, and Buttercup and they let her stay.

As night falls, Beetee and Wiress's faces appear in the sky. Who's face will be up there next time?

Day 8

The sun rises slowly as the tributes awaken. There are no parachutes in the sky. The tributes are beginning to get sick and hungry.

Johanna, Finnick, Mags, Rue, Katniss, and Peeta are all hungry and tired of squirrels and nuts. Peeta and Katniss go look for some food. In the woods, Peeta finds a berry bush. he puts one in his mouth and the gushy center is so delicious that he shoves so many in his mouth. He begins to choke. Katniss is trying to help him but there are too many berries. He begins to cough up blood and BOOM. Katniss looks at the berries and discovers there not poisioness, but she doesn't pick them. She cries to herself on the way back to the cave.

Atala, Fulvia, and Tigris are all eating when Atala and Fulvia are shot in the neck with arrows. Tigris is shocked and turns to see no one. They ran away to fast. BOOM BOOM

Portia and Octavia are ready to kill and avenge. They have decided to avenge tomorrow.

Greasy Sae and Seeder are talking when Tigris enters. She asks if she can stay and they allow her. Gale is milking Lady outside the cave, while Buttercup is staring away at the knife. Gale is shot in the next, and lady runs into the cave BOOM. The girls, Lady, and Buttercup quickly rush outside to find Gale dead. Greasy Sae has tears running down her eyes. The person who killed him was too fast.

Night falls as the mystery killers settle down at the conrucopia. It was the careers. Gale, Fulvia, Atala, and Peeta's faces appear in the sky. Who will be next to die?

Day 9

The sun rises and no parachutes appear in the sky. The tributes wake up and begin to hunt.

Johanna, Finnick, Mags, Rue, and Katniss are all ready to go when Clove and Glimmer appear. Clove takes her spear and jams it into Rue's stomach. Katniss and Mags scream. Katniss turns and sticks her knife into Clove's stomach the same time Clove jams a knfie into Katniss's stomach. BOOM BOOM BOOM. Glimmer runs when she finds out she's by herself and runs in the direction that leads to the cornucopia. The others mourn the death of Katniss and Rue.

Glimmer is almost to the cornucopia when she bumps into Portia and Octavia. She shoots in arrow into Octavia's neck and stabs Portia to death. She returns to the cornucopia safely. BOOM BOOM.

Greasy Sae, Seeder, Tigris, Buttercup, and Lady are sound asleep and safe....for now.

Night falls. Clove, Katniss, Rue, Octavia, and Portia's faces appear in the sky. Who's next?

Day 10

The sun rises and no parachutes appear in the sky. The hunting begins.

Seeder, Tigris, Buttercup, and Lady are still asleep. Greasy Sae is cooking breakfast. Suddenly an arrow is shot and hits the wall next to Greasy Sae. Glimmer runs towards Greasy Sae with a spear. Suddenly Greasy Sae turns around very fast and jabs a knife into Glimmer. BOOM. Greasy Sae begins crying and the other wake up and comfort her.

Finnick, Johanna, and Mags are all sleeping and peaceful, until Enobaria and Brutus show up. Brutus kills Finnick with an arrow. BOOM. Mags wakes up and takes Finnick's trident and kills Brutus with it. BOOM. Enobaria kills Johanna with a spear, and then Mags kills Enobaria with the trident. BOOM BOOM. Mags is all alone.

All the others are safe and sound, for know. The victims faces appear in the sky. Who's next?

Day 11

The sun rises and again no parachutes in the sky.

Seeder, Buttercup, Lady, and Greasy Sae awake to the sound of a boom. BOOM It was Tigris, who died from dehydration. They all wake up and mourn the loss. Mags then walks in and ask if she can join there group. They reply yes and welcome her.

Foxface appaers with blood all over her face, and is ready to kill. But who is her first victim?

Day 12

The sun rises and no parachutes appear in the sky.

Greasy Sae is making everyone breakfast, Lady and Mags are sleeping, Seeder is cleaning, and Buttercup is playing outside. Buttercup is trying to catch a butterfly and Greasy Sae and Seeder smile and laugh. Suddenly a knife enters Buttercup right in the stomach. He falls the ground. Seeder picks up her knife and is ready to fight but no one is there. They look at Buttercup's wound and it's too serious. BOOM. They let out a quick cry and wake up Lady. They decide to go look for Foxface.

While Greasy Sae, Mags, Lady, and Seeder are looking for Foxface suddenly a huge light is seen in the sky and then a big bomb is heard. A plane is seen breaking the force field and hovering over the cornucopia. Greasy Sae, Seeder, and Lady run.

Foxface is seen seeing the same thing as the others. She runs towards the cornucopia.

The plane stays in the air while stairs fall from the plane to let people on.

Lady makes it there first and goes up the stairs. Greasy Sae and Mags follow Lady.

Seeder gets onto the plane and the Foxface is running up the stairs fast behind. The plane starts moving away from the steps but Foxface jumps and is holding onto the step of the plane. Greasy Sae and Seeder gasp and lady steps on Foxface's hands making her fall. BOOM. Greasy Sae, Mags, Seeder, and Lady make it back to the Capitol as the victors.


Item Price Info
Capitol Medicine $300 It can heal any kind of injury.
First-Aid Kit $150 It has band-aids, Rubbing Alcohol, etc.
Fruit Basket $50 Contains Apples, Grapes, Bananas, and Oranges.
Soup $10 It is a fresh hot soup that will fill you up and warm you.
Spile $50 It will help you get syrup/water from trees.
Trident $1,000 It can kill anyone instantly.
Night-Vision Glasses $100 These help tributes see at night clearly.
Water Container $25 It is filled with 1 cup of water.
Empty Bag $10 This can hold any items you get tired of holding.
Rope $100 Counts as a weapon and tool.
Matches $15 Helps start fires
Blankets or Sleeping Bag $100 Comfortable and Warm.
Knife $200 A sharp weapon
Spear $200 A sharp weapon
Axe $500 Deadly weapon
Bow and Arrows $500 Deadly weapon
Warm clothes $100 Helps stay warm and covered-up

Death Chart

Place Name Cause of Death
48th President Snow Arrow through his heart
47th Chaff Axe in the chest
46th Blight Blood Loss; Knife in Forehead
45th Marvel Stabbed in the chest
44th Madge Stabbed in chest
43rd Haymitch Axe in back; Blood Loss
42nd Cato Arrow in throat
41st Coin Knife through head
40th Cressida Stabbed 3 times in the chest
39th Gloss Knife in the chest
38th Flavius Stabbed
37th Cinna Axe in chest
36th Plutarch Heavensbee Stabbed
35th Effie Trinket Knife in back
34th Cashmere Spear in throat
33rd Mrs. Everdeen Axe in back
32nd Primrose Everdeen Stabbed
31st Jason Fell on knife
30th Ceaser Flickerman Axe in chest
29th Venia Arrow in neck
28th Male Morphling Stabbed
27th Female Morphling Stabbed
26th Woof Stabbed
25th Cecelia Axe in back
24th Thresh Spear in forehead
23rd Wiress Knife in the stomach
22nd Beetee Knife in stomach
21st Peeta Choked on Berries
20th Fulvia Arrow in Neck
19th Atala Arrow in Neck
18th Gale Arrow in Neck
17th Clove Knife in Stomach
16th Katniss Knife in Stomach
15th Rue Knife in Stomach
14th Octavia Arrow in Neck
13th Portia Stabbed
12th Glimmer Stabbed
11th Finnick Arrow
10th Brutus Trident Stab
9th Johanna Spear
8th Enobaria Trident Stab
7th Tigris Dehydration
6th Buttercup Knife in Stomach
5th Foxface Fell to her death
Victor Greasy Sae
Victor Lady
Victor Seeder
Victor Mags

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