Welcome to the 20th Quarter Quell. This year the games will be very exciting. 24 Tributes will be selected for ages 12 to 80. Happy Hunger Games and May the odds be forever in your favor.

In your audition include the following: (Sign-Up as 2 Tributes)

  • Name
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Height
  • District
  • Weapons
  • Strengths
  • Weakness
  • Bloodbath Plan
  • Allies
  • Reaction when your name was picked at the Reaping

During the Reaping I will post how you acted when your name was picked from your audition. At training center I will post your scores and judge them by your strengths and weaknesses and pick your allies all from your audition. At chariot rides I'll chose your outfits (the outfits will be related to the district) to save time. During the Bloodbath I will add what you will do, and if you don't pick a very good plan you might be killed. After that you can be killed or injured by You are the sponser. Everyone starts with 500 dollars. Only way to get more money is to kill. Comment what you would like to buy for your tribute. There will be many feasts (most will not be deadly feast) and they'll have exactly what you need.


Tributes District Age Money Status
Cassie Mortimer 1 13 ---- Deceased
Aurum Livingstone 1 15 ---- Deceased
Thalia Combe 2 16 ---- Deceased
Benjamin Woodrew 2 17 ---- Deceased
Anna Grimwism 3 15 ---- Deceased
Joe Grimwism 3 15 $500 Deceased
Janet Devlin 4 15 ---- Deceased
Orion Seacast 4 15 ---- Deceased
Raine Winters 5 15 ---- Deceased
Mark Johnson 5 80 ---- Deceased
Tamora Summers 6 19 $500 Victor
Reggie Miller 6 22 ---- Deceased
Aurora Wilde 7 12 ---- Deceased
Altlas Dunnin 7 16 ---- Deceased
Kacey Miller 8 12 ---- Deceased
Mark Simon 8 24 $500 Deceased
Ella Marena 9 14 ---- Deceased
Bash Gold 9 15 ---- Deceased
Regina Morrison 10 40 ---- Deceased
Christian Lorne 10 16 $500 Deceased
Lynette Filina 11 13 $500 Victor
Quincy Williams 11 19 ---- Deceased
Betty Lee 12 80 ---- Deceased
Alexander Williams 12 20 ---- Deceased


District 1

Aurum Livingstone - When his close sibiling was picked at the Reaping he volunteered to make his father proud.

Cassie Mortimer - When she was picked, she freaked but then was confident.

District 2

Benjamin Woodrew - When he was picked, he freaked but then was confident.

Thalia Combe - She volunteered for her sister. She wants to win it so her father won't hate her.

District 3

Joe Grinwism - He volunteered for Anna to protect her, but she was still put it.

Anna Grinwism - She was shocked and then Joe volunteered for her and she was still put in with him.

District 4

Janet Devlin - Shocked and terrified but grew confident.

Orion Seacast - Was very excited and volunteered for his brother.

District 5

Raine Winters - She was scared in the inside but tough on the outside.

Mark Johnson - He was briefly shocked but then promised his best.

District 6

Reggie Miller - He was exstatic and has been waiting to be reaped since age 18.

Tamora Summers - When she was picked, she freaked but was then confident.

District 7

Aurora Wilde - When she was picked, she freaked but was then confident.

Atlas Dunnin - When he was picked, he freaked but was then confident.

District 8

Kacey Miller - She was scared and upset.

Mark Simon - He was nervous at first but then calmed down.

District 9

Ella Marena - She was horrified.

Bash Gold - He was excited to finally show off his fighting skills.

District 10

Regina Morrison - When she was picked, she freaked but was then confident.

Christian Lorne - When he was picked, he freaked but was then confident.

District 11

Lynette Filina - When she was picked, she freaked but was then confident.

Quincy Willaims - He tried to act tough for his family but was scared in the inside.

District 12

Betty Lee - When she was picked, she freaked but was then confident.

Alexander Williams - When he was picked, he freaked but was then confident.

Chariot Rides


The Tributes wore outfits relating to there district.

Training Center and Scores


  • Raine Winters and Kacey Miller
  • Betty Lee, Alexander Williams, Regina Morrison, Bash Gold, Lynette Filina, Quincy Williams, Mark Johnson, and Mark Simon.
  • Careers
  • Ella Marena, Anna Grimwism, and Joe Grimwism.


  • Cassie - 7
  • Aurum - 8
  • Thalia - 6
  • Benjamin - 6
  • Anna - 7
  • Joe - 8
  • Janet - 9
  • Orion - 6
  • Raine - 7
  • Mark - 7
  • Tamora - 7
  • Reggie - 5
  • Aurora - 7
  • Altlas - 5
  • Kacey - 5
  • Mark - 7
  • Ella - 8
  • Bash - 7
  • Regina - 7
  • Christian - 7
  • Lynette - 8
  • Quincy - 8
  • Betty - 8
  • Alexander - 7

Day 1 (Bloodbath)

5. 4. 3. 2. 1. Ladies and Gentlemen let the 20th Quarter Quell begin *gong*

The tributes race towards the cornucopia quickly. Thalia Combe makes it there first with Janet Devlin and the other quickly behind. Orion Seacast grabs a spear and spears Alexander Williams. BOOM. Thalia Combe and Aurum Livingstone grab for the same weapon and Thalia picks it up a stabs him, forgetting he was a career. BOOM.

Raine Winters, Kacey Miller grab one backpack and run into the woods.

Betty Lee, Bash Gold, Lynette Filina, Mark Simon, Quincy Williams, and Mark Johnson grab a few weapons and backpacks and run into the woods quickly.

Regina Morrison trips on her way to the woods, and is then Thalia Combe spears her in the back BOOM.

Anna Grimwism, Joe Grimwism, and Ella Marena grab a backpack and a weapon a run into the woods. Joe and Anna have decided to not stay with the careers

Aurora grabs a backpack and runs quickly into the woods alone.

Christian goes straight towards the forest without getting anything.....alone.

Altlas Dunnin quickly runs into the forest trying to catch up with Christian.

Cassie and Tamora run into the woods together because Cassie was rejected by the careers for being to young, but a career is following them. It's Orion Seacast. He stops running and throws his spear at Tamora's leg. She falls but they manage to walk to a cave. She is injured, pretty bad. Tamora needs Capitol Medicine.

The Careers decide to finally settle down at the Cornucopia and stop killing for the day and rest.

Betty Lee, Bash God, Lynette Filina, Mark Simon, Quincy Williams, and Mark Johnson manage to make it to a cave that is hidden behind lots a trees and branches.

Raine Winters and Kacey Miller decided to settle down in a large tree.

Anna, Joe, and Ella make a tent in an area hidden from sight.

Aurora manages to find a large tree to settle in a large tree but it's Raine and Kacey's. But they let her stay anyway.

Atlas catches up with Christian and they decide to stay together.

As night falls Alexander Williams, Aurum Livingstone, and Regina Morrison's faces are shown in the sky. There were only 3 deaths today. That is good. But it still means 21 remain.

Day 2

Morning rises and many parachutes appear in the sky.

Raine and Kacey both receive sleeping bags.

Atlas receives an Axe.

Tamora receives Capitol Medicine, which Cassie helps her apply to her injury that vanishes right when the medicine is applied.

Mark Simon and Bash Gold both receive 1 capitol medicine, 1 fruit basket, 1 pair of night vision goggles, and 1 pack of matches each.

Betty received 1 fruit basket.

Christian and Atlas decide to split up an look for food. Christian searches and stumbles upon the cornucopia. While he spies on the careers he sees all the supplies they have. He's fascinated by the shining, sharp weapons they have piled up. He then sees food. It all goes to his head and he runs toward the cornucopia, with only a sharp stick in his hand. Janet Devlin is closest to the pile, while the others our on the other side of the pile. He tackles Janet, ready to kill. She was luckily armed, with an axe. Janet pushed him off her and stuck the axe into his chest. Blood went everywhere. BOOM. It was her first kill. The careers comforted her.

Betty, Mark, Mark Simon, Quincy, Bash, and Lynette were all in the cave, hidden from sight. Mark Simon was complaining about not getting enough fresh-air so he went for a walk. He found a stream of water and splashed his face in it. He felt refreshed. Then as he moved his hand around the following water a fish appeared. It bit his finger, with it's sharp teeth and Mark screamed. It was a poisonous fish. He started to shake, and then became very cold. he fell to the floor and sadly started to die. BOOM his eyes were still open as his body lay there. Bash went to look for him and saw the body. He went back to tell the others and they were very sad at his lost.

Joe, Anna, and Ella became hungry. Anna and Ella stayed together at the Tree, while Joe went hunting. As he was hunting he saw a bush moving. Joe stuck his hand in the bush and then...."GRRRRR". A mutt leaped from the bush tackled him and bit into his head. BOOM. The Mutt's teeth were so long and sharp they went right into his brain. The Mutt went back into hiding and Ella and Anna were know all alone.

As night falls Christian Lorne, Mark Simon, and Joe Grimwism's faces are shown in the sky. There were only 3 deaths today (like yesterday). That is good. But it still means 18 remain.

Day 3

The sun rises, and two parachutes appear in the sky.

Janet receives a knife. She is glad considering she almost died yesterday.

Benjamin receives a spear. He is know ready to kill anyone who tries to attack him.

Raine and Kacey awake at the noise of footsteps. They become very scared. The two of them look down from there tree to find Aurora. They had let her spend the night in there tree after the bloodbath. But then she left for Day 2, and is know here again. "I was wondering if we could be allies...." she says while climbing up the tree. Raine and Kacey look at each other and say "Okay". They then all be-friend each other.

Atlas is know all alone in the woods, and is frighted. He finds an under-ground cave and decides to rest there.

Anna and Ella are still sound asleep in there tent. The two are still frighted that Joe died yesterday.

Tamora is know better, and her and Cassie are running through the woods together. They find a squirrel, skin it, put it on a rock in the hot boiling sun, and it roasts up perfectly. They then share it.

The careers are all ready to attack, considering what happened yesterday. But no one shows up and the sunset is know appearing. They back off and decide to eat.

Betty, Mark, Quincy, Bash, and Lynette are all good in the cave. They have good supplies, and are hidden from sight. It is a little hot in the cave, but they all have fans, and the night cools them. But Mark Johnson (the eighty year old man) starts to become very hot. He quickly fans himself with the fan but it doesn't work. He pours water on himself, but that doesn't work either. He slowly falls to the ground, sweating to death, and dies. BOOM. Betty and the rest of the gang are very saddened. Mark died of heat-stroke.

As night falls Mark Johnson's face is shown in the sky. There was only 1 death today. That is good. It means 1 down 17 to go.

Day 4

The sun rises and parachutes clutter the sky, once again.

Bash gets a water container filled with 1 cup of water to last him all day.

Aurora receives soup and night-vision goggles.

Lynette receives an empty backpack, a full water container, and a fruit basket.

Raine and Kacey get a spile to share.

Atlas is still in the underground cave. He is becoming a little hungry. The food he had is know all eaten. His stomach growls for food.

Anna and Ella are still asleep in the large tree. There's loud snoring. Hopefully they don't attract enemies.

Tamora and Cassie are having the time of there lives. They have plenty of food (to last them Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner), and a pretty good hideout. Tamora acts like a big sister to Cassie.

The careers are still sound asleep, but armed.

Lynette shares her fruit basket with Betty, Quincy, and Bash. They all sit in the cave, around the small fire they built, eating fruit, and just having a good time.

The one tribute who hasn't been heard from the whole time, Reggie Miller, finally appears. His face is pale. He's very skinny. He's hungry, and could eat anything. He runs into the woods to hunt.

Kacey, Raine, and Aurora are all in the tree telling stories about there districts. They each explain what there jobs, family, and lives are like back home. Suddenly an arrow enter Kacey's neck and she fell out of the tree. Raine jumps from the tree, armed with a bow and arrows, and shoots the tribute in the heart. BOOM. It was Reggie Miller. "Kacey!" cried Raine. She ran over to her, along with Aurora. Kacey had blood flowing from her neck. Raine thought about taking the arrow out but she knew that she would sadly die either way. Kacey got out one last word "Stay Safe". Her eyes slowly closed and BOOM. Raine cried the rest of that night, while Aurora comforted her.

As night fell Reggie Miller and Kacey Miller's faces are shown in the sky. There were 2 deaths today. It bitter-sweet. Bitter because two innocent kids died and sweet because it means 15 remain.

Day 5 (Feast)

As the sun rises on the day of the first feast. Only a few tributes have parachutes.

Atlas receives 3 things of soups and slurps them up quickly. Still hungry.

Raine receives a locket that says "I will never leave you in your heart." that has two pictures. 1 of Raine. 1 of Kacey. This makes her tear up, but happy tears.

An announcement is made that there is a feast. The feast features everything each tribute needs. It starts at noon.

Noon arrives, and each tribute makes a run towards the cornucopia.

Atlas grabs his bag but is speared by Thalia Combe, who grabs her's and Atlas's and runs. BOOM. Benjamin runs into Thalia who she spears in the gut. BOOM.

Aurora Wilde and Raine Winters quickly grab there's and run into the forest.

Quincy, Bash, and Lynette go and grab there's and Betty's (the 80 year old woman) who's waiting for them at the cave, and quickly run back.

Ella and Anna run towards there's. Ella accidently grabs Janet's bag and Janet shoots her in the leg. Ella falls to the ground, but still breathing. Anna tackles Janet but Thalia comes up from behind and stabs Anna in the back. Janet takes the knife and slits Ella's throat BOOM. Anna spits blood in Thalia's eyes, and on Janet's face. Anna slowly dies from blood loss. BOOM. Janet takes the know half-blinded Thalia to the other side of the cornucopia.

Cassie and Tamora are still at there base and telling funny stories. They then decide that most of the tributes are possibly gone from the cornucopia by know and run towards it. They spot their bags and run. Suddenly Tamora sees an arrow flying towards her and she screams "DOCK". But it's too late. Orion Seacast had shot in arrow right into Cassie's stomach. Tamora scram. She turned, armed, to kill Orion but he was gone. As she knelled down by Cassie tears fell from both of there eyes. Cassie got out one last word. "You have to win.". Cassie's eyes slowly closed and BOOM. Tamora was devastated. She quickly ran back to her base and scram her heart out until she fell asleep.

As night falls Atlas Dunnin, Benjamin Woodrew, Ella Marena, Anna Grimwism, and Cassie Mortimer's faces are show in the sky. It was a sad day in the arena. 10 remain.

Day 6

As the sun rises, no parachutes appear in the air. Tributes are beginning to awaken.

Quincy, Bash, Lynette, and Betty wake up to the terrible smell of a skunk. As they look for a new place. Most of them are taken by animals. They finally decide that the only place is the Cornucopia.

Tamora catches up with Raine and Aurora as they decide to leave the tree. There planning on going to the other side of the arena. The only way is through the Cornucopia. They see that the careers are asleep and starting running. Orion Seacast awakens and shoots a dark gun right into Aurora's leg. She falls. Orion pick up a spear and stabs it into Aurora's thigh. Blood gushes out non-stop until she dies. BOOM. Tamora takes a knife jumps on Orion and starts stabbing him all over violently. "This is for all the people you've killed. Aurora. Cassie. Possibly more. DIE" she scream, while stabbing him. BOOM. Raine stares in shock. He was finally dead. Tamora had avenged Cassie and Aurora. Tears flew down her eyes as she slowly walked into the forest with Raine.

Quincy, Bash, Lynette, and Betty watch the careers, who are sound asleep, carefully. They start heading in. Quincy and Bash lead the way with Lynette and Betty close behind. As they slowly move towards the careers they awake. It's like the bloodbath all over again. Bash reaches for his weapon but his throat is slit by Janet Devlin. BOOM. Quincy screams at Lynette to take Betty away from here and she does so. While Betty and Lynette are almost out of sight Janet throws a spear (a very long distance) into Lynette's shoulder. Betty then takes the Bow and Arrow Lynette has and shoots at Janet's leg. It was a perfect hit, that landed straight in her thigh. Betty helps Lynette makes it to safety. The temporarily blinded Thalia Combe is know swinging her large knife around when it finally slices through Quincy's chest. BOOM

Night falls and everyone is safe, for know. Tomorrow is the last day. Who will win? Who will lose? Looks like we'll just have to find out.

Day 7

The sun rises and 1 parachute falls from the sky.

Janet receives Capitol Medicine, and applies it to her leg.

There is then an announcement made that if 2 allies are alive they can win.

Janet and Thalia are ready to win and run into the forest to kill. They sneak up on Raine and Tamora. While Raine is walking around a bush grabs her in the bush stabs her throat and BOOM. Tamora becomes scared and stays in the tree. Janet and Thalia move on to the next group.

Lynette and Betty are just waking up. Lynette is packing her stuff, when Betty sees Thalia's spear going for Lynette. Betty jumps in front of Lynette and sacrifices herself as it enters her stomach. Lynette turns quickly and docks at the next spear coming towards her. She throws it back and Thalia and Janet run away. Lynette goes back over to Betty's body and tears fall from her eyes. "You are the sweetest lady I've ever met", says Lynette. "Thank you for the wonderful experience", replies Betty. Lynette's tears fall from her eyes faster. Betty turns over and sadly dies BOOM.

Tamora catches up with Lynette and they agree to become allies. In the cave they talk about the people they've met in the arena, like Raine, Kacey, Cassie, and Betty.

Janet and Thalia are talking about winning. "So since we're allies we're gonna win right", says Janet. "Heck no I'm winning by myself", Thalia explains. "What?" Thalia picks up a knife ready to spear but Janet jabs the knife out of her hand and jabs it in her heart. BOOM. She drops the knife and runs to the cave where the girls are.

Janet explains that Lynette and Tamora should win, and she picks up some nightlocks with one last word "You two deserve it". She eats the berries and BOOM

An announcement is then made that Tamora and Lynette are know the winners of the 20th Quarter Quell. They cheer in excitement that this bloody game is over. A helicopter arrives and picks the two girls up. While in the helicopter they look at the arena through the window. They remember all the innocent people that died and they are know furious with the capitol. But at least they survived. :D


Item Price Info
Capitol Medicine $300 It can heal any kind of injury.
First-Aid Kit $150 It has band-aids, Rubbing Alcohol, etc.
Fruit Basket $50 Contains Apples, Grapes, Bananas, and Oranges.
Soup $10 It is a fresh hot soup that will fill you up and warm you.
Spile $50 It will help you get syrup/water from trees.
Trident $1,000 It can kill anyone instantly.
Night-Vision Glasses $100 These help tributes see at night clearly.
Water Container $25 It is filled with 1 cup of water.
Empty Bag $10 This can hold any items you get tired of holding.
Rope $100 Counts as a weapon and tool.
Matches $15 Helps start fires
Blankets or Sleeping Bag $100 Comfortable and Warm.
Knife $200 A sharp weapon
Spear $200 A sharp weapon
Axe $500 Deadly weapon
Bow and Arrows $500 Deadly weapon
Warm clothes $100 Helps stay warm and covered-up

Death Chart

Place Name District Cause of Death
24th Alexander Williams 12 Speared
23rd Aurum Livingstone 1 Stabbed
22nd Regina Morrison 10 Speared
21st Christian Lorne 10 Axe in the Chest
20th Mark Simon 8 Poisonous Fish Bite
19th Joe Grimwism 3 Mutt Bite to the Brain
18th Mark Johnson 5 Heat-Stroke
17th Reggie Miller 6 Arrow shot into the heart
16th Kacey Miller 8 Arrow shot into the neck
15th Atlas Dunnin 7 Speared
14th Benjamin Woodrew 2 Speared in the Gut
13th Ella Marena 9 Throat Slit
12th Anna Grimwism 3 Stabbed in back and lost to much blood
11th Cassie Mortimer 1 Speared in Stomach
10th Aurora Wilde 7 Spear in Thigh; Lost to much blood
9th Orion Seacast 4 Stabbed to Death
8th Bash Gold 9 Throat Slit
7th Quincy Williams 11 Knifed through the chest
6th Raine Winters 5 Stabbed in the throat
5th Betty Lee 12 Sacrificed herself with spear in stomach
4th Thalia Combe 2 Stabbed in the heart
3rd Janet Devlin 4 Poisoned by Nightlock Berries
Victors Tamora Summers and Lynette Filina

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