Welcome to the second Annual Mentor Games. In these games users will sponsor 3 tributes and help them survive in the battle to the death. Users will send the tributes gifts and give them advice on what to do in the arena. There will be no chariot rides, training scores, or interviews. The second annual Mentor Games begins in the arena. 50 tributes will compete in a games to the death in a special arena. Who will win and who will lose? May the odds be forever in your favor.


Tributes Money Status Mentor
Katniss Everdeen $500 Alive Rowanflight
Peeta Mellark $500 Deceased Rowanflight
Primrose Everdeen $500 Alive PumPumPumpkin :3
Mrs. Everdeen $500 Deceased Wesolini
Buttercup $500 Alive Yui Nii-san
Lady $500 Alive BaconCanadian
Madge $500 Alive Yui Nii-san
Gale Hawthorne $500 Alive Annamisasa
Greasy Sae $500 Alive Toast With The Most
Ripper $500 Alive Jazzy1324
Glimmer $500 Alive DavinaCIaireTO
Cato $500 Deceased Tehblakdeath
Clove $500 Alive The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo
Foxface $500 Deceased Nightlock Kryptonite
Bonnie $500 Alive Jazzy1324
Thresh $500 Alive The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo
Rue $500 Alive Annamisasa
Gloss $500 Alive The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo
Cashmere $500 Alive ~glitterday~
Brutus $500 Deceased BaconCanadian
Enobaria $500 Alive Nightlock Kryptonite
Beetee $500 Alive Tehblakdeath
Wiress $500 Alive EvilhariboMadness
Finnick Odair $500 Alive Nightlock Kryptonite
Mags $500 Alive Wesolini
Blight $500 Alive Mistfire333
Johanna Mason $500 Alive Wesolini
Woof $500 Alive 569822
Cecelia $500 Alive PumPumPumpkin :3
Chaff $500 Alive Mistfire333
Seeder $500 Alive Wesolini
Male Morphling $500 Deceased Toast With The Most
Female Morphling $500 Alive DavinaCIaireTO
Haymitch Abernathy $500 Alive ~glitterday~
Effie Trinket $500 Alive EvilhariboMadness
Atala $500 Alive ~glitterday~
Cinna $500 Alive Tehblakdeath
Portia $500 Alive DavinaCIaireTO
Tigris $500 Alive Nightlock Kryptonite
Octavia $500 Alive Nightlock Kryptonite
Venia $500 Alive Toast With The Most
Flavius $500 Alive Toast With The Most
Caesar Flickerman $500 Alive BaconCanadian
Twill $500 Alive Yui Nii-san
Fulvia Cardew $500 Alive Toast With The Most
Coin $500 Alive Jazzy1324
Snow $500 Alive Rowanflight
Cressida $500 Alive Wesolini
Annie $500 Alive Annamisasa
Marvel $500 Alive EvilhariboMadness


Item Price Info
Capitol Medicine $300 It can heal any kind of injury.
First-Aid Kit $150 It has band-aids, Rubbing Alcohol, etc.
Fruit Basket $50 Contains Apples, Grapes, Bananas, and Oranges.
Soup $10 It is a fresh hot soup that will fill you up and warm you.
Spile $50 It will help you get syrup/water from trees.
Trident $1,000 It can kill anyone instantly.
Night-Vision Glasses $100 These help tributes see at night clearly.
Water Container $25 It is filled with 1 cup of water.
Empty Bag $10 This can hold any items you get tired of holding.
Rope $100 Counts as a weapon and tool.
Matches $15 Helps start fires
Blankets or Sleeping Bag $100 Comfortable and Warm.
Knife $200 A sharp weapon
Spear $200 A sharp weapon
Axe $500 Deadly weapon
Bow and Arrows $500 Deadly weapon
Warm clothes $100 Helps stay warm and covered-up

Day 1 (Bloodbath)

5. 4. 3. 2. 1.

BOOM. The Male Morphling had accidentally fallen off his pedestal. The land mine under his pedestal had just blown up and killed him instantly.

Ladies and Gentlemen let the Mentor Games begin! *gong*

The tributes start running towards the cornucopia quickly.

Katniss runs straight for the bow and arrows. Snow spots her and picks up a machete and throws it right towards her. Before it could hit her, Peeta jumps in front of her to protect her. It pierces right into his stomach and he falls to the ground. BOOM. Katniss sits down next to his body and starts to cry. Haymitch notices and picks up Katniss and puts her on his shoulders. He runs straight towards the forest with Madge, Mags, Rue, Annie, and Finnick (who picked up some backpacks and weapons) not far behind them.

Wiress, Johanna, and Beetee manage to grab some supplies and dart quickly into the forest.

Primrose scoops up Buttercup and runs to Gale, Greasy Sae, and Mrs. Everdeen (who are standing outside the forest with spears in their hands) with Lady trailing behind. As Prim is getting their Cato appears and throws a knife into Mrs. Everdeens throat. BOOM Blood squirts all over Prim's face. Gale grabs a sobbing Prim while Greasy Sae throws a spear at Cato. It misses. Cato runs towards Greasy Sae but she picks up Mrs. Everdeen's spear and stabs him in the stomach. BOOM. Greasy Sae then runs into the forest to catch up with the others.

Venia, Octavia, Flauvis, Portia, Cinna, and Tigris manage to grab a few supplies and weapons and run into the forest.

The careers start their kill spree. Foxface grabs a weapon and starts to run into the forest but Clove throws a knife and it hits her right in the back. She falls. BOOM. Seeder, Cecelia, Blight, and Woof grab some weapons and supplies and run to the forest but stop to wait on Chaff. Chaff starts darting to the forest but Brutus jumps in front of him and cuts Chaff's arm. Chaff manages to take the sword from Brutus and stab him right in the heart. BOOM. He catches up with the others and they run into the forest to find shelter.

The female morphling doesn't grab anything and darts straight into the woods.

Ripper grabs a sack of food and runs as fast she she can into the woods by herself.

Caeser Flickerman, Fulvia, Coin, Cressida, Effie, and Atala grab a few supplies and run into the forest.

Bonnie and Twill dodge a few arrows from Cashmere's bow and arrow and run into the forest without any supplies.

Thresh grabs a weapon and darts into the tall grass by himself.

The careers decide that it's time to settle down and they decide to go to sleep early while taking shifts keeping an eye out on things.

Katniss, Haymitch, Madge, Mags, Rue, Annie, and Finnick managed to find a large cave and begin settling down for the night. Katniss cries herself too sleep.

Wiress, Johanna, and Beetee find a large tree decide to sleep on it's large branches.

Prim, Gale, Lady, Buttercup, and Greasy Sae found an underground cave and decide to sleep in it. Prim manages to cry herself to sleep.

Venia, Octavia, Flauvis, Portia, Cinna, and Tigris find a large cave next to a lake and set up camp there.

Seeder, Cecelia, Blight, Chaff, and Woof found a good spot in the middle of the tall grass and set up their tens there.

The female morphling climbs up a tree and falls asleep.

Ripper is all alone and stumbles across Greasy Sae, Prim, Gale, Buttercup, and Lady's cave and she asks if she can stay there. They let her stay and they all fall asleep.

Caeser Flickerman, Fulvia, Coin, Cressida, Effie, and Atala find a few trees and decide to make camp there.

Bonnie and Twill climb up a tree and fall asleep.

Thresh finds a nice spot in the tall grass and falls asleep.

As night falls tributes begin to sleep after the Male Morphling, Peeta, Mrs. Everdeen, Cato, Foxface, and Brutus's pictures appear in the sky. There were only 6 deaths. That's not too much, but it still means 44 remain.

Death Chart

Place Name Cause of Death
50th Male Morphling Land mine explosion
49th Peeta Mellark Machete in stomach
48th Mrs. Everdeen Knife in throat
47th Cato Spear in stomach
46th Foxface Knife in back
45th Brutus Sword in heart

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