Welcome to The Lunaii Games, where master Lunaii doll-makers get to show off there talent. Each week there will be a different character from the Hunger Games you must create. The characters are not just Main Characters. I might throw in some minor characters also. If you join, please be active. Please Join and enjoy the fun. Happy Lunaii Games and May the odds be forever in your favor. Let the games begin! :D


Tributes Status
BNBCP Currently Competing
Queen Aria Currently Competing
Brianna Currently Competing
Vinny Currently Competing
Excel Currently Competing
569822 Currently Competing
Tehblakdeath Currently Competing
Currently Competing
Currently Competing
Currently Competing

Elimination Table

Week: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Place Contestant Status
TBA Queen Aria
TBA Brianna
TBA Vinny
TBA Excel
TBA 569822
TBA Tehblakdeath

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