• Zokab96

    275th Hunger Games

    September 25, 2012 by Zokab96

    Through generations the hungergames was banished from Panem. That was until Archie Salvory got to the throne, he managed to get the power back to the Capitol and crush the rebellion. The 13th district was divided and the 14th district was made. The 13th district had to make medicine and the 14th district became a district training soliders, pilots and millitary intelligence. The job of the 14th district's job is to maintain peace in panem. The hungergames were reinstated with all 14 districts joining.

    As Panem was split between the strong capitol and the weak rebels, the tributes will also be split between the strong and the weak. There will be two seperate arenas, the lower scoring tributes against the higher scoring tributes.

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