Through generations the hungergames was banished from Panem. That was until Archie Salvory got to the throne, he managed to get the power back to the Capitol and crush the rebellion. The 13th district was divided and the 14th district was made. The 13th district had to make medicine and the 14th district became a district training soliders, pilots and millitary intelligence. The job of the 14th district's job is to maintain peace in panem. The hungergames were reinstated with all 14 districts joining.

Quell twist

As Panem was split between the strong capitol and the weak rebels, the tributes will also be split between the strong and the weak. There will be two seperate arenas, the lower scoring tributes against the higher scoring tributes.


1. You have from today (september 25th) until October 2nd to submit tributes. You may submit as many tributes as you want.

2. It does not matter if you submit your tribute first or last. I will be handpicking the tributes based on the ones submitted over the one week period.

3. If there are still spots open after the tribute draft on the 2nd, then it is first come, first serve for the remaining spots.

4. Tribute template:

Name: (I don't like names that also are words)

Districts: (List three, in order of preference)




Backstory: (I want long backstorys including how you have gotten your strengths and weapon skills if you have any)


Appearance: (Your tribute has a bigger chance of being accepted if you make the lunaii yourself)

Weapon: (List 1 or 2)

Strengths: (besides weapon) (List 2)

Weaknesses: (List 2)

Fears: (List 1)

Interview Angle:

Bloodbath Strategy: (detailed)

Token: (why?)

Alliance: (can be filled out later)

5. Brand new tributes will most likely get drafted. Also, people who say "on my profile" won't get drafted. You have one week to make this tributes, and it doesn't matter if someone else submits a tribute before you, because you will get the spot if your's is better.

6. I may be using some adult language so be aware of that. There may be some sexual references as well.

7. Do not get mad at me if/when your tribute dies or if they don't get drafted.

8. Everyone who submitted a tribute has $500 in sponsor money. Users who submitted more than one tribute have $500 to spend for each tribute.

9. If you are reading this right now, you have to submit a tribute.

Some info

I will not use a lot of time on the reapings or the interviews, my main focus will be on the training session, describing the arena and the games.

14 is careers as most of them train combat as a job. This do not mean they always have volunteers, but it means that anyone picked is as trained as a career. I will not accept weak tributes in this district!

Tribute Troy Battel avtually look like this Troy.jpg but it was the wrong format and I couldn't find the skincolor or the haircolor I used so it ended up like it is in the gallery!


District Gender Name Age Height Weapon User
District 1 Male Jason Oceanwater 14 5'5 Searted axe, teeth ErosDistrict1
District 1 Female

Allura Anders

16 5'8 Trident, sword EpicnezzEmily
District 2 Male Luke Odair 17 5'1 spear, bow Jack412
District 2 Female Mria Kessoy 14 4'1 Bow & arrows, Tomahawk Hungergamelover2121
District 3 Male Phoenix Renora 14 4'1 Knife, Blowgun PopTart / Jsm
District 3 Female Alana Lotinee 17 5'8 knives, bow &arrows Amberfang123
District 4 Male Alex Reddel 17 6'1 Trident, spear Pierulesnotyou
District 4 Female Reminiscence Banori 15 6'0 Spiked whip, Axes IHGWIKI
District 5 Male Veto Magnate 13   Nunchucks The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo / Pokemon guy
District 5 Female Clara Sparks 15 5'5 wire and othe power and electricity sources BlueThunderPuppy
District 6 Male Albinus Wellsgood 14 5'2 Crossbow, knife Chirochibechirt
District 6 Female Coralie (Coral) Eledette 13 5'6 Spears KrazyKittyTime
District 7 Male Leon Sycamore 15 6'1 Axes, Throwing axes A Wikia contributor
District 7 Female Mckenna Ecelenti 14 5'3 Throwing axes, Throwing knives Pierulesnotyou
District 8 Male Troy Mattel 17 5'9 Knives, Daggers Miscellaneous2
District 8 Female Martina Covert 16 5'6 Sword Cloveismywife
District 9 Male Axel Paxton 14 5'4 Bow & arrows BlueThunderPuppy
District 9 Female Reyna Celesta 12 4'1 Mace EpicnezzEmily
District 10 Male Osprey Pionus 17   throwing knives, blowgun The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo / Pokemon guy
District 10 Female Hattie Cyntlinmo 14 5'3 Mace, Bow & arrows A Wikia contributor
District 11 Male Ryan Hetlini 13 4'1 Blowgun, knife Amberfang123
District 11 Female Alyss Shepherd 15 5'4 Awl, Spear Annamisasa
District 12 Male Pyro Vuldren 12   Dagger, Knife The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo / Pokemon guy
District 12 Female Angel (aftername) 13 5'1 Daggers, Knives Peeta~rocks
District 13 Male Blake Hatch 17 5'8 Sword, Knives Tails818
District 13 Female Detria Glace 14 5'6 Throwing knives Annamisasa
District 14 Male Calvin Atlas 18 6'2 Axe, Sword LightStone123
District 14 Female Katriona Greystone 18 6'4 Axe throwing, sword Annamisasa

Tribute Gallery


Careers: Jason Oceanwater (1), Allura Anders (1), Luke Odair (2), Alex Reddel (4), Reminscence Banori (4), Calvin Atlas (14), Katriona Greystone (14), Blake Hatch (12) *OPEN*

Alliance 1: Phoenix Renora (3), Alana Lotinee (3), Troy Battel (7), Martina Covert (8)

Alliance 2: Axel Paxton (9), Reyna Celesta (9), Clara Sparks (5) *Closed, except on consent from owners of all tributes on team*

Alliance 3: McKenna Ecelenti (7), Angel (12), Detria Glace (13)

Alliance 4: Hattie Cytlinmo (10), Alyss Shepherd (12)

Day 1

Water - $100

Food - $100

Day 2

Dagger - $50 - Possible to dual-wield

Longbow - $100

Crossbow - $150 - easy to aim but does not shoot as far

Quiver of 12 arrows - $50

Axe - $100

Spear - $150

1 Shortspear - $50 - Possible to send up to 3 in one pack

Greatsword - $100

Sword - $75 - Possible to dual-wield

Blowgun - $50

1 dart - $5 - Possible to send up to 10 in one pack.

1 fork - $1


District 1 - Jason Oceanwater

I wake up to the sound of my alarm. I get dressed in my finest clothes, today is reaping day and I want to look as good as possible when I volunteer. I walk into the kitchen and I’m met by the smell of egg and bacon. I love bacon. When I’m done eating I go to the bathroom, brush my teeth and style my hair a little. I say good bye to my mother, she wishes me luck and I leave the house thinking this might be the last time I see the house. I’m one of the last people to arrive at the reaping. I hurry over to the zapper lady and she takes my blood.

The escort is a young good-looking woman, although she looks like she has the worst bad-hair-day in her life. She takes the microphone and starts talking. She begins to talk about the ordinary boring stuff and I stop listening. I suddenly notice that she is going over to the girls’ bowl and I start paying attention.

She picks up a name and begins unfolding the paper. I hear about 7 girls shouting “I VOLUNTEER!”. The lady picks a girl, “what’s your name?” she asks. A beautiful girl walks on stage. “Allura Anders” the girl says confidently into the microphone. She’s pretty, but she looks dangerous too.

The escort walk over to the boys’ bowl, she picks out a piece of paper, and before she even gets the paper out of the bowl I shout “I VOLUNTEER!!”. I walk onto the stage with my dad in mind. “I’m doing this for you, dad” I say silently to myself as I walk over to the microphone. I say my name, we get applause and then we head for the train. We sit on the train and the escort begin telling us all about the capitol, but all I can think about is how much closer to winning I’m getting by the second.

District 2 - Mria Kessoy

I’m really tired. I’ve been out all night training with my knife. I want to be ready in case I should get reaped. I throw my knife at some rat walking by. At first it looks like it missed, but then I look closer and see that the knife hit the tail and the rat is now stuck. I pick up the living rat by the tail and then I pick up the knife. I study it a little before I set it free. I throw my knife again and this time it hits. I pick up the knife and decide to go to the reaping.

I get my blood zapped and I walk over to my spot. The escort enters the stage and begins shushing into the microphone. After about three minutes, people finally start to shut up. The escort doesn’t look anything like the other capitol people. She wears normal clothes, she has little to no makeup on and most shocking of all, she’s actually pretty. She starts talking. “Everyone knows why they’re here right? Then let’s just get on with the reapings. She walks over to the girls’ bowl and picks up a piece of paper. I think of how nice it would be to win. I would live in the victor’s village and life would be perfect. Maybe I should volunteer. The odds might be against me but I’m good with a knife so I could maybe stand a chance at winning, but then again I don’t want to risk my life and the escort seems to already have read a name so it’s a little too late to think about volunteering now.

I start to wonder who the tribute is and then the escort repeats the name. “Alana Lotinee, where are you?” she says into the microphone. It takes some seconds before I notice that everyone is looking at me. I got reaped? I slowly start walking to the stage. It feels so unrealistic. Well at least I won’t have to stand there and regret not volunteering afterwards. I say my name into the microphone and wait.

The escort walks over to the boys’ bowl. She picks up a name. “Phoenix Renora”. Some weird kid with a ponytail walks up to the stage with a sad grin on his face, but all I can think about is that I might be dead in some days. We enter the train and, we both start staring out the window. “What’s up with the stupid ponytail?” I suddenly say to him. I don’t know why I would say that but it just slips out of me. He gets sad and he answers me with “nothing”. I feel really dumb.

District 3 - Alana Lotinee

I’m really tired. I’ve been out all night training with my knife. I want to be ready in case I should get reaped. I throw my knife at some rat walking by. At first it looks like it missed, but then I look closer and see that the knife hit the tail and the rat is now stuck. I pick up the living rat by the tail and then I pick up the knife. I study it a little before I set it free. I throw my knife again and this time it hits. I pick up the knife and decide to go to the reaping.

I get my blood zapped and I walk over to my spot. The escort enters the stage and begins shushing into the microphone. After about three minutes, people finally start to shut up. The escort doesn’t look anything like the other capitol people. She wears normal clothes, she has little to no makeup on and most shocking of all, she’s actually pretty. She starts talking. “Everyone knows why they’re here right? Then let’s just get on with the reapings. She walks over to the girls’ bowl and picks up a piece of paper. I think of how nice it would be to win. I would live in the victor’s village and life would be perfect. Maybe I should volunteer. The odds might be against me but I’m good with a knife so I could maybe stand a chance at winning, but then again I don’t want to risk my life and the escort seems to already have read a name so it’s a little too late to think about volunteering now.

I start to wonder who the tribute is and then the escort repeats the name. “Alana Lotinee, where are you?” she says into the microphone. It takes some seconds before I notice that everyone is looking at me. I got reaped? I slowly start walking to the stage. It feels so unrealistic. Well at least I won’t have to stand there and regret not volunteering afterwards. I say my name into the microphone and wait.

The escort walks over to the boys’ bowl. She picks up a name. “Phoenix Renora”. Some weird kid with a ponytail walks up to the stage with a sad grin on his face, but all I can think about is that I might be dead in some days. We enter the train and, we both start staring out the window. “What’s up with the stupid ponytail?” I suddenly say to him. I don’t know why I would say that but it just slips out of me. He gets sad and he answers me with “nothing”. I feel really dumb.  

District 4 - Alex Reddel

I walk down to the training room, I can’t sleep so I decide to practice some instead, I pick up a spear and send it flying towards a dummy’s head. The head takes a hike with the spear into the wall. I pick up a trident and ruins another dummy with it and then I send it flying against another dummy. I notice my dad standing beside the dummy and how the trident will hit him if it misses. The trident hits the dummy and misses my dad by one inch. “Good shot” he says, “but being good with a trident or a spear won’t win the games for you, you have to have some survival skills too, you know”. “Well if I kill everybody in the bloodbath I won’t need those survival skills, will I now?”, I reply. “I just don’t want you to die in the games Alex” he tells me. “Then don’t disturb my training” I reply with a hint of a threat.

I finish my training, and then I take a shower. I walk over to the reaping. I’m so excited. I can’t wait for the games. It’s going to be so much fun killing the other tributes. I’m going to easily win, I am one of the best in district 4 and district 4 is the second best district. All I have to do is make sure those super-careers from district 14 don’t live through the games, because I’m not sure I can beat them in the finals. I reach the reaping just in time. I get my blood zapped, walk over to my spot and I get ready to volunteer.

The escort comes on stage 15 minutes late, she tries to calm us down but it doesn’t work. She then gets so angry that she just yells “SHUT UP!!!” into the microphone. Everyone shuts up and she returns to being a normal escort. She has a blue afro with a pink stripe in the middle, her skin is pale and she wears something that looks so pink and fluffy that even a nine year old would puke if she saw it.

“Attention eventual tributes” she says. I decide to not give her my attention, because they never have anything new to say anyways. I look at all the other tributes. “Damn it” I think to myself, I just realized that I might not be the only person who volunteers. What if the escort doesn’t pick me? I have to make sure nobody else gets picked. I start listening to her crap again and realize she’s almost done talking.

She walks over to the girls’ bowl and picks up a small piece of paper. A crowd of volunteers shout out “I VOLUNTEER”. What if that happens with the boys too? The escort picks out a girl. She looks like a smiling emo. She looks kind of sadistic too, therefore she probably likes to kill. We will make great friends. “Reminiscence Banori” she says into the microphone. “Wow, that’s a stupid name” I think.

The escort takes back her microphone, “And so for the boys”. Before she even gets to the bowl I shout at the top of my lungs, “I VOLUNTEER”. Then I confidently walk up to the stage hoping no one will kill me for stealing their chance. I get a lot of mean looks from the boys. I walk over to the microphone. “Alex Reddel, your next victor” I say confidently. The crowd goes wild and we are guided over to the train.  

District 5 - Veto Magnate

Fuck!” I think to myself as I try to run away from the peacekeepers. I just set a building on fire with my cigarette, so I’m fleeing. I see some houses and I hide behind them. I’m so stressed right now, if they catch me they will probably kill me. “But I’m so young” I say quietly to myself, I don’t want to die. Nothing is happening. I look around the corner to see if there are any peacekeepers there. I see nothing. The streets are empty, it’s reaping day today so there is no chance of hiding in the masses.

A peacekeeper spots me, he says something into his arm and then he starts running towards me. I run around the corner towards a rough hill. I start climbing, I see some peacekeeper with a taser and then I feel a shock going through me. I fall 15 feet down and land on a peacekeeper. I try to stand up, the adrenaline is pumping. There are seven peacekeepers around me. I black out.

I wake up inside a truck, with multiple guards around me. The guards stare at me. One of the start talking, but I don’t understand a word of what he says. “ije luykfojad ti si yu vulintiling and deie” I hear. Wait! I have to volunteer? Well at least I’m not going to be executed, but the games are almost worse than dying! I black out again.

I wake up inside the same truck as before. A peacekeeper lifts e up and tells me to walk out of the truck. The sun is shining and there are hundreds of people here. The peacekeepers tell me to go get my blood taken and then walk over to my place. I walk over to the zapper-lady and then I walk to my spot. An escort, that looks the same as the other one did before her, enters the stage. She takes the microphone and shouts “WELCOME TRIBUTES” way too high and even the peacekeepers look like they thought it was a little too high. She explains all the basic stuff, and then she starts walking over to the girls’ bowl. She unfolds a piece of paper and shouts “Clara Sparks” into the microphone. A really pretty girl breaks down in tears and the girl net to her tries to comfort her. She is guided onto the stage, and you can see the fear in her eyes. She doesn’t look like she could hurt a fly, and certainly not a human.

The escort walks over to the guys’ bowl and picks up a piece of paper. As she is unfolding I shout at the top of my lungs “I VOLUNTEER”. Everyone looks at me as I walk up to the stage. Some of them look surprised and other people are just relieved. I say my name into the microphone and then we are guided onto the train. Clara and I start talking.  

District 6 - Albinus Wellsgood

I look at my mockingjay-pin, I sofly glide my finger along the smooth surface. It´s really all I can remember from the train crash all that time ago. The sight of her dying has faded, and all I can remember is the moment when she gave met her pin. I´ve kept it safe ever since that happened. I´m hoping that one day, I will be able to pass this pin over to someone else, so that it will live o neven when I am dead.

I look up at the roof. I´ve been wide awake since 3 am. I have been thinking of the reaping all the time. I´m afraid. Afraid that I will be reaped and forced to kill another human beeing. An act of a beast. I would never slaughter another human given this life, just for the sake of entertainment or survival. 24 tributes sent into an arena to slaughter eachother like animals for the amusement of some spoiled brats in the capitol. A horrible destiny awaits the ones who are forced to enter those games, even if they win, because they will still have to live with it afterwards, and if you can manage to do that with no problems, then you are already in fact dead.

I get dressed, I shower and I eat some breakfast. I walk down to the reaping with my brother. He´s just turned 17 and can soon not be reaped, wich will be a huge relief for my parents. It seems like I´m the first one to arrive. I og to get my blood taken and then I find my spot. Peacekeeper´s everywhere. How nice wouldn´t it be to see 24 of those scumbags fight in an arena.

The rest of the district arrives and an escort walks on stage. She seems like she has some problems with walking on her high heels. She tries to grab the microphone but ends up falling down from the stage. Some of the girls in the front are now screaming. Four peacekeepers rapidly take her away and another one comes to clean up the mess. I can see the escort has fainted and a peacekeeper comes on stage. He picks up the microphone and tells us to shut up. He walks over to the girls´bowl and he picks up a piece of paper.

”Coralie Eledette”, a beautiful girl silently walks up to the stage. She is crying but is trying not to show it. She reaches the stage and the peacekeeper places her at the right spot. He walks over to the other bowl and picks up a name. ”Albinus Wellsgood”. FUCK, that´s me. I walk up to the stage as my brother realizes it and tries to volunteer. The only thing standing in his way is a peacekeeper who says ”Shut up” and guides us to the train.

District 7 - McKenna Ecelinti

I hate when I can´t sleep, it´s horrible laying there just waiting to fall asleep. I leave my bed although it´s just 3 am. I sneak past my sleeping dad in the kitchen. I take some throwing knives and some throwing axes with me, and I quietly open the door. The air outside is so refreshing, and the woods is so beautiful at this time. The wildlife is also a little bit more active at nighttime. I set out a timer, I take out a knife and I send it flying towards a squirrel. Two more is flying right at their targets. An axe is hurled right at another one and one last knife is sent flying before the timer starts to make a beeping sound. Five in 10 seconds isn´t too bad. I would maybe even have a fair chance at the hunger games if I volunteered.

I walk to the reaping some hours later. The zapper lady takes my blood, and I find my spot. Some more people arrive and the escort comes on stage. She looks a little bit sick, but it might be just another capitol fashion. Her skin is pale, she wears a purple tight-sitting dress, she has an orange umbrella that seems to be stuck in her green afro, and she has so high heels that her feet is bending the wrong way.

She grabs the microphone and says ”Welcome tributes” In a disturbingly high-pitched voice. She talks a little propaganda at first, then some information and then she tells some irrelevant story about her father. At some point 15 minutes later she finally stops talking about her family, but half the people here look like they are falling asleep already. I would think it would be hard to fall asleep on a reaping, but if I had a sharp object in my hands I would probably have slit my own throat by now.

”Well lets get finished with this shall we?” the escort says and walks over to the bowl. She puts her skinny fingers inside the bowl, and picks up the bottom one. ”Leon Sycamore” the escort says calm. A boy begins to cry as he walks up on the stage.

”Ok, then. Let´s pick out the girl then!”. She picks a name. ”Alana Ecelinti”. Oh no, that´s my sister. ”I VOLUNTEER” I shout as high as I can. I can win this shit I think. I hope. I walk up to the stage as confident as I can and I say my name with a clear voice. ”Looks like both our tributes have volunteered for their family´s! Isn´t family just wonderful? Give them a clap” the escort says before she guides us to the train. I begin talking with Leon and we become friends. It´s a shame I´ll have to kill him.

District 8 - Martina Covert

What a wonderful morning. Oh, wait….it´s reaping day. Good thing I woke up 4 hours earlier so I could get ready then. I wash off my beauty-mask, and then I pick out the prettiest dress I have. When I´m walking down the stairs I meet mom who at once starts inspecting me. Whenever she meets me she inspects me and makes sure I look as perfect as possible. ”Move along” she finally tells me before she walks up the rest of the stairway. I take a deep breath, wand walk down to the kitchen. In our house you can´t just grab a slice of bread and eat it on the way out. For one we can´t eat standing, and it has to be around the kitchen table. Also, I´m taught to not eat with my hands, even if it is just a slice of bread. It can be quite annoying sometimes, but I also know that it is exactly my manners that makes me better than the normal people.

After I´ve eaten, I walk down to the reaping. There is a crowd of people and almost everyone begins talking to eachother when I arrive. Some boys even stare, but I don´t care. I just hold my head up high, and keep my eyes pointing forward. I walk over to the zapper-lady and I present my hand. Thereafter I walk over to my spot and stand quietly without moving. It requires discipline to be perfect.

The Escort enters the stage. A chill goes through my spine when I see her outfit. Who puts a green skirt with a pink leather jacket? Who wears a green skirt? I take myself in making a disgusted look and quickly snap back to having a neutral look. ”Welcome, Welcome” the escort says. She says some stuff about random things and I pretend to listen.

”Now for the girls this year” she finally says before she walks over to the girls´bowl. ”Martina Covert” she shouts. The crowd gasps, and some people begin to cry. I hold my tears back to not loose face as I walk up to the stage. A tear falls from my eye when I walk up the stairs but I make sure nobody can see that I´m sad. I smile to the audience and wink, although I´m crying on the inside.

The escort walks over to the boys´bowl and most of the boys get get nervous. ”Kieran Mattel” the escort says. A boy slowly walks towards the stage. Another boy, who by the way does not look too bad, sprints towards the stage, uses a peacekeepers shield as a ramp, jumps up to the stage, grabs the microphone and slowly says ”My name is Troy Battel, and I volunteer” looking really exhausted. The crowd goes wild and he gives me a wink. We are guided to the train and he immediately begins hiting on me.

District 9 - Axel Paxton

I arrive at the reaping! So many people! I say good bye to my new boyfriend and he plants a kiss on my cheek. If it weren´t for him I would have volunteered this year. The zapper-lady asks me to take my glove off so she can take my blood. She takes my blood and I walk over to my spot.

The escort walks on stage. Way too much make-up, just a red do ton her nose and she would look like a clown. The shoes does not match the top, and shorts like that should never be produced, EVER! The hair is actually styled in a pretty cool way. Not too much and not too boring. Ofc, I still look better.

A squeaky voice comes out of the speakers when she start talking. She talks a little and then she walks over to the first bowl. ”Reyna Celesta”, poor girl. So young, so pretty. She starts crying. I wish I could take her place. A girl like that should not have to die in a game like this. The girl enters the stage and cries some more.

The escort puts her hand in the second bowl. ”Alex Paxton” she quietly whispers into the microphone. I get in schock. I got reaped? But I just got a boyfriend who loves me, and I decided to not volunteer. This can´t be happening. I walk up to the stage. We are guided to the train and, I try to comfort the girl. I´ll do anything to protect this poor girl.

District 10 - Osprey Pionus

”Good luck!” my parents shout at me before I walk over to the zapper-lady. The escort enters the stage and I hurry over to my spot. The escort has the usual capitol-ish style. She has a ring with some engravements, but I can´t read them. She is all white. White hair, white face, white top, white skirt and white shoes. She even has a white umbrella. She says some shit, but I don´t listen too much.

After she´s done with her little speech, she walks over to the girls´ bowl and draws out a piece of paper. ”Hattie Cytlinmo” she reads into the microphone. A girl walks confidently up to the stage. The escort then walks over to the other bowl and picks the deepest piece of paper she can find. I hear my name, ”Osprey Pionus”. I walk silently up to the stage. I think I can do this. I have a good aim, but I also have to get something to throw first though. Damn, it´s going to be hard, but I will win.

District 11 - Ryan Hetlini

”Today is reaping day” I say to my goldfish. ”I´m not going to get reaped though” I continue, ”because you have talked with the president, right?”. ”What do you mean you forgot to talk with him? Now I´m gonna get reaped! Well I better smuggle you with me. Then you can protect me, right?”. Matt (the goldfish) doesn´t answer. I hate when he is like that. He can be so cruel sometimes. I can´t believe he didn´t talk to the president. Well, I´ll have to get ready to kick some ass beside my best friend. He might be small but he is a flippin ninja.

I put my friend in a plastic bag with water, put him in my pocket and walk down to the reaping. I make it in about 13 seconds. I run like super fast, and I broke the record of 400 mph. I walk over to the zapper-lady to get my blood taken. She can try to take my blood, but she will never be able to penetrate my skin. The thisng breaks and I proudly walk to my spot.

The evil clown enters the stage. I recognise it is a she-clown. She is missing the nose but everthing else is just as a usual clown. ”Welcome, district 11” she says into the microphone. She talks some clown-ish-propoganda. I use my powers to block out her speech. The clown picks up a piece of paper from a bowl and says a name. ”Alyss Shepherd” the name she said was. A girl walks up to the stage. The clown picks another piece of pare and says my name. Damn, they found me. I start running but some of the robots catch me. I try to release my fish, Matt, on them but there are too many and they are holding my arms. They guide me to a stage, and then a train. I immediately start questoning this ”Alyss Shepherd”.

I´m really sorry if I changed too much on this tribute. I might have gone too far. If the maker of this tribute did not like this reaping, I apologize. I, at least, had fun writing it. Also, for the record, he is not totally insane, he has just locked himself into a fantasy world to protect himself from any pain.

District 12 - Angel "last name"

There are a lot of people here and I walk over to my spot. The escort enters the stage. She´s so pretty. I wish I could live in the capitol and look like them. So much pink. She starts with the girls. ”Angel ”last name”” she says. ”Oh no, that´s me. I silently walk up to the stage. What about my sisters and my brother? They can´t take care of themselves. I have to win this. For them. I´ll just have to figure out how.

The escort walks over to the boys´ bowl. She picks out a name. A guy shouts ”I volunteer”. He looks sad. He doesn´t look like he wants to volunteer. We are guided to the train and I start to talk with him. He seems quite nice, but he also seems like he tries to act tough. It´s a shame I have to kill him.

District 13 - Detria Glace

My bed is really uncomfortable, so I stand up, and take some nice clothes on. It´s reaping day today, but I have good odds so I think I´m safe. My mom is making me breakfast. While I eat, I drink a cup of district 13´s daily medicine tea. Everyone in the district get´s one cup of very healthy tea each morning. It´s just because we are the source of the medicine. If we had lived in another district, they wouldn´t bother transporting anything to us. Our district are always so good taken care of, but I think it´s only because the capitol needs us and our medicine.

I walk down to the reaping and people start looking at me and whispering to eachother. I hate it when people stare at me. I look at Koto, and he looks back with a reassuring smile on his face. He comes over to me and wishes me luck. I walk over to my spot. We wait for some time.

The escort finally arrives. She looks like she just woke up, and her make-up is only half-done. Her hair is pretty messy and she forgot some buttons on her skirt. ”Welc….*cough*..Welcome tributes” she says. Well it sounded like she just woke up too. This has to be the worst escort ever. She isn´t even smiling. She´s just standing there with a drowsy look on her face. ”Lets just get this overwith” She says after some time.

She walks over to the girls´ bowl like a drunk person and tries to put her hand in the bowl. She fails and misses the bowl. Everyone laughs, and she screams ”SHUT UP!!” into the microphone. She tries to hit the bowl again, but his time the bowl lands on the floor and breaks. She picks up a name from the ground and says ”Detnia Gjaze” in a quiet tone. Some people start looking at me, and I break down in tears. I see the peacekeepers approaching, and suddenly Koto grabs my arm and kisses me. I suddenly don´t care that much about everyone looking at me. I walk up to the stage, and now suddenly everyone is looking at me, and it gets terrifying. ”Give an applause for Detnia Gjaze everyone” The escort says. I´m to scared, shy and schocked to correct her.

She walks over to the boys´bowl and she just pushes the bowl. It breaks and she picks up a piece of paper. ”Blake Hatch” she says. A cute boy walks up to the stage and everyone keeps staring on him instead. We are guided to the train. On the train we don´t talk too much.

District 14 - Calvin Atlas

”BANG”. That was the wake up sound. I jump up from my bed, get my gir on and jog over to my spot. This is the last year I can enter the hunger games, so I really hope I get the honor. Panem´s general walks through the door. Everyone does a synchronized salute to the general. We do a lot of the usual training stuff while he examines us. When he comes to examine me I am nailing the hardest test on the whole traininggrounds. ”Impressive solider 217” he says to me. To get a compliment from the general is huge.

The last excersise before the reaping is a capture-the-flag excersise. We are split into 4 teams to make it harder. The general points out 4 leaders and the rest of the soliders are split. I am appointed the leader of team 3. Team 3 gets the arctic base. The arctic base is a base built in some really cold mountains. Team 1 gets the volcano base, wich is on the opposite side of our base. Team 2 gets the desert base, wich is split into a cold desert right below our base and a really hot desert right below the volcano. Team 4 got the jungle base. The jungle base is a dangerous place to be but also a really dangerous place to attack because of all the animals.

The rules are: You have to have 3 flags to win, so yo ly v to attack 2 bases. You are not allowed to kill someone who puts their hands in the air and surrenders. Everyone gets the weapon they want, except guns and other modern stuff.

My team meets up and I explain the tacticals. I split our team in 3 groups. The defenders, the jungle raiders, and the sand killers. I´m on the jungle raider team. We run down to the jungle. We change our camo from white to green and we enter the jungle. We see the defender group. They have focused on the defenders and we are to few to beat them in pure combat. We decide to assassinate the scouts first. I command my archers to scout for scouts and shoot them at sight. The rest of the group are told to get ready to attack anyone attacking our scouts. Some enemy scouts drop from trees and the enemy defenderes split. Half of them are still standingo n guard and the rest are trying to find the attackers. ”OG” I say. We start attacking. Arrows fly everywhere. I pull up my sword. I slash some guy in the chest and he falls down. Iswing my sword at another guy and his head flies off. The enemy team are getting slaughtered. The few that are not already killed, starts surrendering or retreating. We have lost 3 persons, and the enemy only has a little over half their group left. Time to finish this.

My archers gets in position in some trees. And fires at the remaining defenders. We start attacking as they are firing back. I raise my sword again. An enemy swings his axe at my feet. I jump and I slash my sword right before I land and his body splits into two pieces. An arrow hits my left shoulder. I can´t see who fired. Another arrow hits me in the same shoulder. I ee the girl who fired the shot. She is just about to fire another shot when I throw my sword at her with all my force. She falls down and I pick up my sword. I can spot the flag and I start running for it. My archers clear the path for me and I grab the flag. I turn around and see some giant guy aiming for my neck with a huge axe. I jump to the ground and he aims his axe at me again. I roll over. His axe is tuck in the ground and I cut hsi hand off as he tries to pull the axe out of the ground. He screams and stands up. I jump up and bury my sword deep within his heart. I run towards the arctic base. I return the flag just in time to see sand killers returning with another flag. I can see a lot of dead people lying on the ground. I guess they decided to try to attack us. We hear a big bang and we know we´ve won.

The teams who did best were the volcano team, with Katriona Greystone as leader, and the arctic team, with me as leader. The general enters the stage. ”Today we witnessed a great battle. 30% of those who battled, died. The two leaders who did best today will be entering the hunger games. Those leaders are Calvin Atlas with 4 kills this match and the leader of the winning team. The other leader will be Katriona Greystone from the second best team. She got outstanding, 11 kills. You two soliders march right up here. We march up to the stagea and shake hands. We are guided to the train and we start discussing tactics with our general.

District 13 and 14

District 13 description

District 13 is the most civilized district except for the capitol. The sun always shine here, and the nature is amazing. Everybody in district 13 has a good health and works with medicine. They know everything about plants, animal-anatomy, human anatomy and stuff like that. Most people from district are fit, but they are NOT AT ALL trained in combat in any ways. Seriously, they know really much theoretically, but most of them have never seen anything that could remind of a combat situation. Most of them are pacifists. Although they are pacifists and bad at combat, they still know so much about the human body, thet they know every lethal point on your body and they know where to hit to kill. People in district 13 are not allowed to watch the hunger games.

District 14 description

District 14 is like a huge top secret millitary base. The people of the district live in a village between a desert, a jungle, arctic mountains and a volcano. Nobody except the president and some few otheres know everthing that happens there. The people there are all trained in combat with and without weapons, combat strategies, war, war tactics, human anatomy, they are trained to kill at command. They´re survival skills are as high as possible and the weak people in district 14 are left to die. The whole place reminds of a modern sparta. People in district 14 can not have children before they retire at the age of 40. If the reproduction in the district is too small or the qualityis too bad, they import children from other districts. In district 14 you are not allowed to have a relationship with your children, and you can´t have any other relationships either before you retire. When the children get 12 years old they all are matched up with another 12 year old. Only the winner gets to live. This is to get rid of most of the weak people.

Group Training

Troy Battel's POV

While we are getting instructions, I look around for trustworthy people. The girl from my district is pretty and smart, but she doesn´t look like she could win a battle against anyone in this room. District 3 looks promising, and the girl from district 7 looks sharp too. I will have to study them a little closer and see if they could be potential allies.

The instructor finishes talking andpeople walk to different stations. The gamemakers has scattered the weaponstations around the room to prevent the careers from taking control of all of them. I look around after Alana to see where she is heading. She is heading over to the archery station. The boy from her district follows. I walk over and ask if I can join them.

Alana runs toward the dummies. She throws four daggers while running, hitting both eyes of two dummies. She pulls out two daggers and slashes the leg of a dummy in front of her while spinning around it. She then proceeds to stab the dummy in the back while stabbing the next dummy in throat. She finishes with sending the daggers into the throat of the last two dummies.

I notice how the careers are watching her, and the girl from district 14 walks over to her. ”You got quite some skills Alana. Would you be interested in joining the careers?” the girl asks. The girl is huge and if she asked me, I would probably be too terrified to even answer. ”No” Alana replies, to everyones surprise ”I´m with them” she continues and points at me and Phoenix. The only one more schocked than the careers, seems to be the boy from the district who seems like he just got his hopes of surviving back. The girl from district 14 walks back over to the rest of the careers, and people continue doing what they did. ”Now show yourselves worthy of this team” she says to us with a cute smile.

Katriona Greystone's POV

Me and the rest of careers are spread out on most of the weaponstations. The gamemakers appearantly got tired of having a career winner for the last 13 years, so they spread the waponstations to let the other people train with weapons. Calvin appointed himself leader of the group, and I am the unappointed second in command. I´ts pretty ironic that the only person I see as a threat, is the leader of my group. Well, except for that girl from 3. She is dangerous.

I walk over to the sword station with Calvin, I pick up a greatsword and I cut of the head of the nearest dummy. I slash right through a dummy from bottom to top, I switch my grip on the greatsword so that it points downwards and I stick it through the head of a dummy down to the bottom. The sword is stuck inside the dummy in a perfect vertical position in the middle of the dummy. I see some instructors trying to pull it out of the dummy without suceeding. They remove the dummy instead and a new one appears. I take two normal swords and I set the dummies on pop-up. The dummies all go down. I enter the circle and begin slashing the dummies as they start popping up. One, two, three down. I thrust my sword into a dummy behind my back. I try to pull out the sword, but it´s the stuck. The dummy tries to retreat down to its hole. I get no time to release my grip, my shoulder gets out of joint, and before I know it, my hand is beeing pressed against the floor by the sword in the dummy. I scream in pain, as I can feel the bones in my hand breaking. An instructor turns off the machine and I am guided towards the hospital. Everyone is watching me, and I shove the instructors away as I walk out of the room. I can´t show any weakness, allthough it hurts like hell.

Allura Anders' POV

I might have a fair chance of winning this year´s games. The last three years, district 14 has won each time. This time they won´t win. I´ve already got my district partner and the boy from 2 under my control, and the last two boys shouldn´t be too hard to seduce. Now that Katriona had a ruined hand and can´t train, she won´t be a challenge either. The girl from 4 is just a freak, and I will enjoy shoving my weapon into her heart later. The other alliances forming looks dangerous. Alana´s alliance is probably going to be the anti-career alliance, and McKenna, Angel and Detria seems like they are a group of wannabe-ninjas. We can easily beat those alliances, I just hope we loose some people in the progress to make it easier for me.

Blake Hatch's POV

Oh, God! I have been training all this time. It´s soon end of day 1, and I have still not found an alliance! It looks like most people have found a gang to train with. Most of the people I would dare ask or would even want to ask, are already in a group. Maybe I should try to join the careers? No, if I get rejected I would end up as first kill. I could try to show them how good I am? Yeah, I´m good enough to join the careers! I would still have to do something really special to get their attention though. I pick up two blades. I slash a target into three pieces with one hit from each sword. I filet a dummy, and then I throw one of my swords with all my power. The sword hits right through the neck of two dummies, connecting them. Then I jump up onto the sword and I launch myself high up in the air. I ready my sword, and I hack the dummy precisely in two pieces.

I notice that I have some attention from the other tributes. Some of the careers are staring at me like I´m stupid. The girl from 1 looks like she wants to kill me, the boys from 1 and 2 looks like they think I´m alright, the boy from 4 looks like he thinks I´m stupid for even consider trying to make the least impression on even the most retarded of careers. The girl from 4 doesn´t even look at me. All the other people in the room looks somewhat impressed. Calvin on the other hand is looking at me like I´m some science project that needs to be studied. While everyone is watching he begins lifting me up and chacking my muscles. It´s really akward, but i don´t dare to move in case he would kill me. He does a lot of tests on me, and in the end he says "we could use a solider like you, mate", "would you like to join the careers?" he continues. "Sure!" I reply with a careless tone. I just got my hopes of winning this thing back!

Clara Spark's POV

The careers are way too good thisyear, and Alana´s team is almost comparible to them. The only way I could ever win this, is if those two teams decide to take eachother out, and drags everyone except me into the fight. I would still have to fight the remaining tribute though. I´m not even sure if I want to win. I don´t want to kill anyone, and if I win, it just means that someone else will have to die. If I, I have to win this. I have to at least try. I will have to find a team though. Let´s see who I could join...too evil....too good...too bad...too dumb...wait...those guys seem nice...although I think the boy is gay. I walk over to them and I see the girl get scared. I ask the boy if I can join them and he accepts my offer. I have a team. That´s a start. We walk over to the herb station. I´m really going to need this information if I am to survive without eating any meat.

Leon Sycamore's POV

I still can't believe I'm at the hunger games. I'm at the hunger games, and I have a chance at winning. The other tributes suck this year. The careers are mediocre, but they have another team against them, who evens out the odds for everyone. All though Alana is good, she is probably going to be the first target in the games, and the girl from 14 is hurt. The only dangerous guy is the guy from 14, but he will obviously be the first target of the rebellion. I can just lie down and wait for the finals, and then just kill the last guy in one on one. It will be easy enough when he's hurt and tired, and I'm without a scratch. Hah...this might even be fun. I should just troll everyone by making forest fires and stuff like that.

I wonder how the arena is going to be, will it be a big forest with lots of mutts? Or is it maybe going to be a desert without any water whatsoever? Heck, it might even be a huge millitary base under water! Well, however the arena, I still hope it will be possible to fuck everything up. I should just make some bomb and blow up everyone like, that other guy did 3 years ago. Although they were all stuck inside a tiny cave, and he found the only exit. It might not be as effective in a desert. Well, they said they were going to release details on the map tonight. I can't wait!

Corallie (Coral) Elledette's POV - Arena

A big screen suddenly appears out of nowhere. "Pay attention tributes" some way too loud voice says. "This years quell will be revealed now". "You´ve only heard that the quell had something to do with a divided country and the capitol beeing stronger than the rest of the districts". "This is how it will work: The best tributes will be thrown in to one arena, and the other tributes will be thrown into another arena. The winners of each arena will meet eachother in a final battle where your kills in the previous arena will give you advantages". Well, then it's a good thing I didn't make any powerful friends anyways. The voice continues "The arena where the weak competitors shall fight, will be a huge forest island, with a cornucopia in an underwater glassglobe. They will all start in this globe wich has 4 stairways up to the island. In the middle of the cornucopia, is a house with lots of supplies and weapons. There will be food in the forest, but there will be a lot of mutts too. There is no fresh water in the entire arena except for the cornucopia, and the water from the beach will be deadly. The arena where the strong tributes will be, is another huge island. This arena has a lot of open land and two giant houses. There is a small forest at the end of the arena. This forest is the only place with clean water and food in the arena except for the cornucopia.  The cornucopia in this arena will be giant tree. The tributes will start on some branches 50m from the bottom where they will have to climb down using a vine. There will also be a tiny waterfall starting on top of each of the vines just to make it extra hard. Weapons and supplies can be found underneath roots, on the ground and all around it. There will be a chest will all supplies needed inside the tree, especially designed for the winners of the bloodbath. It will open after 10 minutes." As the video stops, we are all guided to our rooms.

Hattie Cytlinmo's POV

The alarm goes off, and I throw it into the wall, destroying it. My escort enters the room and starts yelling at me. I don't want to wake up, I want to stay in some dream world were I wasn't reaped. I take a shower and I put on my training clothes, and when I walk out of the bathroom, I find out that the escort has been standing outside the bathroom lecturing me all along. She is still talking to me about "how I should behave in the Capitol", when my mentor appears.

My mentor finally makes her shut up and we continue eating, while discussing the actually important topic of our survival. He tells us some basic stuff and the strategies he used when winning the games. The truth is that my mom told me about his game, and he only won because he was lucky enough to not encounter anyone, and the only person left was already weak form some poison. He had no survival skills what so ever, the viewers didn't like him, so he got no sponsors, and he had proviants for a year because he encountered an already shot tribute. The person whom had shot the tribute had right after fallen to the ground from his tree, and they both had supplies, that now were lying on the ground. He was the most pathetic winner ever, except for the guy that got eaten by a non poisonous snake-mutt while being unconcious, and only won because the other tributes died before he was digested. "At least we have a mentor, whom has actualle been in the games", I think to myself. Both district 6 and 13 has mentors, who has never been in the games. District 5 has a mentor who can't even remember his games, although he still has some good advice they say.

We are guided down to the training room and I start trying to make friends now that we're all gathered on the same spot. I hit of a good tone with Alyss. I ask if she want to be on my team, and she says "yes". We head over to the bow station and I teach her how to handle a bow. It might come in handy to be able to use a long-ranged weapon.

Pyro Vuldren's POV

I've tried to light a fire for a way too long time now, and people are starting to talk behind my back. It's pretty ironic, since my name is Pyro. I leave the station after admitting defeat and I walk over to the dagger station. I'll have to try to make up for the fire-thingy if I'm going to stand a chance in the games. I slash some dummies with my daggers, and I throw some knives. I try to make an effort but I can't seem to do anything right. I miscalculate a swing an I end up laying on the floor with a hurting wrist. I quickly get up to not seem weak in front of the crowd gathering. I try to pick up the dagger but it hurts. I manage to pick it up and I try to hit a dummy with it to show everyone that I'm fine. I miss and the dagger is slung out of my hand. It almost hits bullseye at some random target. At first I try to hide my face but then I see the careers looking rather impressed. Not impressed enough to see me as a fellow member or a threat, but at least I'm not an easy kill anymore. That is unless I fail on the individual training tomorrow.

Luke Odair's POV

I'm pretty sure Allura likes me, because she has been constantly hanging around me since the start of grouptraining. I might play her a little bit to make her a trustable ally, but I'm still more interested in the leader of the only other dangerous alliance. I silently hope our alliances will fight, and we two are the only remaining survivors. I want to win with her, or be the one to end her life in the finals. I want her last thought to be of us having a good time together, but I also want to win. I will win no matter what, but I still want her too. All I need to get there is to backstab some of my team, and that won't be too hard when I have Allura as my faithful helper. She won't understand that I am backstabbing the careers for Alana. She'll think I am doing it for her, and then I can backstab her.

Phoenix Renora's POV

Me, Alana and Troy are practicing with some daggers when the girl from 8 walks over and just starts talking "I'm sorry, but I couldn't help noticing the daggers you are holding". She fishes up some leather strips from her pocket and starts fixing on our daggers. "There you go" she says after some fixing on the daggers. "Now it should be much better" she continues encouraging us to try them. After a round with them, Alana opens her mouth, "these ARE actually better". "Thank you, what's your name?" Alana asks. We ask her to join our team and she accepts with gratitude. It looked like Troy had his doubts at first, but he's starting to feel better about her. I think she might slow us down, but she might also be of huge help later in the game with her weapon knowledge. Another thing that makes me wanting her to stay, is that I think I'm in love with her.

Reyna Celesta (Love her name btw, because of MLP)

I swing my mace as hard as I can at the targets head. I miss the head and I start spinning around. I feel dizzy and I fall to the ground. People start laughing and I can feel the tears bursting out. People just laugh more. I see Axel's lips moving "Show'em what you're made of girl!". I get up and I swing the mace at the body of a dummy. I see sparks and flying dummy-pieces as I open my eyes when the mace hits the dummy. I broke the machine. I smash another dummy by hitting it through the head, splitting it and destroying the machine within. I look around me. People are starting to get impressed. "Thank you, Axel" I whisper to Axel. The careers are still looking at me like I'm an easy target, but they look afraid of the consequences of killing only me and not the others in my alliance. It's good to have an alliance where we care about eachother. It feels safe!

Reminiscence Banori's POV

Me, my district partner and the tributes from 14 decided to just watch the other tributes, as we couldn't get much better, and we didn't want any more injuries. The other careers has been training with weapons. The boy from 1 seems alright, the girl from 1 is good but way to dangerous to trust. The boy from 2 looks like he thinks he's the most inelligent person on earth, and he is totally convinced every girl in the room is in love with him. He looks like he could betray us anytime, and it wouldn't surprise me if he decided to get help from Allura.

The tributes on Alana's team are really good tonot be careers, and if they team up with another alliance, they could easily take us down. Especially if we have traitors in our group. I wish I could just start killing some of these people right now. The gay guy, the twelve year old and the last girl, seems like a group whoe doesn't want to kill anyone. I'll enjoy torturing them. I should kill them all at once though, they might get filled with revenge if I only kill one or two. The assassin team with the retarded girl, could be quite dangerous they will be lethal if they surprise us. The rest of the tributes looks easy enough to kill, not really a challenge. I am more afriad of the careers, than I am of the others.

The instructors tell us to put down the weapons and go to our rooms. We exit the room and we split to different places. I go through some final things with my mentor before I go to bed. I can't wait for tomorrow, I'm going to get 12 in score, I'm sure of it.

The journeys of Ryan

Alyss' POV

Today I woke up by someone screaming "DIE EVIL TURKEY" in the kithcen. I ran out to the kitchen and found Ryan pressing the mouth of his dead fish at a turkey. He was chanting in weird languages, and rolling his eyes. I'm pretty sure he was convinced his goldfish was eating the turkey

On the way down the elevator, Ryan pushed the stop button on the elevator and climbed out ontop of the elevator. He started cutting the ropes while shouting "I'll save us!". When the rope was cut we only fell down to the next floor and noone was damaged thanks to safety precautions.

In the training room he started sneaking around like a really bad spy. He crawled around on the floor while speaking ot his fish. He was laughing at tributes and he had crazy-eyes. This guy is really starting to creep me out.

I had to sleep in the same apartment thingy as Ryan, and exactly when the clock hit 12 I felt someones skin into mine. I turned around and saw Ryan. He simply explained himself by saying "Fear not my fair princess, I has defeated this dragon who kidnapped you. I have saved you." I hit him in the face and he passed out beside the bed. When he woke up he shouted "the dragon attacked me, I will protect you my princess and ran out of my room". He did not enter my room after this.

I woke up again by some really powerful sounds. I went out to see what was going on, and I found Ryan playing the drums. Where did he get drums?. He suddenly shouted "attention fellow houselivers, there has been no dragon attacks since 1 am". Then he went to bed.

At training Ryan tried to assassinate one of the instructors, I saw him talking to himself, then he readied his knife and shoved his goldfish at the instructor. The instructor knocked him out and walked away.


Arena 1

  • 1 of the 14 spawning points in Arena 1 - Spawning point 1
  • Spawning point 2
  • Spawning point 3
  • Just wanted to show you the heght of the ball, it's 40 meter
  • We you can see, this is made of glass, and there's some water outside!
  • One of the exits, it even glows like on airplanes!
  • These stairs are really hard to climb fast, each step is half a meter high, and there are 50 of them
  • Finally some fresh air! Great, it's raining -.-
  • First sight when you are out of the sphere! BOATS FOR THE FIRST THREE PEOPLE!
  • Or if you get seasick you could just climb up this little sand thingy instead.
  • A small hous on top of that sandything
  • WOW! I'm so high, I'm like flying! I'm sorry that was a lame anyways...!
  • I turned arund to look at where I cam from..
  • Forgot to mention that those buildings are deforested and might be full of mutts!
  • This is what you see if you turn right from the pic with the lame joke!

Individual Training

"Put awesome title thinghy here"

Jason Oceanwater ditched the rest of careers because he felt he could easily win on his own in arena 1.

Allura Anders threw a trident at a dummy's head and missed by an inch. She displayed some excellent sword skills. The judges were somewhat pleased.

Luke Odair threw some spears, they hit the targets but not perfectly. He also displayed capability to use a bow. The judges were somewhat pleased.

Mria Kessoy threw some tomahawks that landed right on targets. She sent three arrows right into the skull of some dummies. The judges were pleased.

Phoenix Renora displayed some nice work with his knives but the judges thought it was boring. He did not get any more attention. The judges still thought he deserved a good score.

Alana displayed some great moves, she moved like a ninja and the Judges were incredibly impressed. She also got some really lucky shots with her bow. 

Alex Reddel outdid himself and displayed great strength, the judges thought he was a little too angry and had problems withcontrolling himself.

Reminiscence Banori threw some axes and tried to put herself in a mid-high section of the scoreboard. The judges were pleased

Veto magnate called for a living opponent. He made some great moves with the nunchucks but ended up knocked out on the floor.

Clara Sparks displayed nothing deliberalately, she picked up a bow and missed completely. The judges looked neutral.

Albinus Wellsgood displayed his skill with his knife and his crossbow. The judges looked neutral.

Coralie Eledette displayed a somewhat ok talent with spears. The judges were not statisfied.

Leon Sycamore showed some minor skills, he deliberately failed. The judges were not impressed.

McKenna showed some great skills with her daggers and her stealth. The judges were very pleased.

Troy Battel showed some great skills with his daggers. The judges were very pleased.

Martina Covert Showed some great sword skills. The judges liked her.

Axel Paxton tried to get as low a score as possible. The judges were not impressed.

Reyna Celesta failed on purpose. The judges were not impressed.

Osprey Pionus hit a lot of balloons with his blowgun and showed that he was capable of killing with a knife too.

Hattie Cytlinmo tried to get a somewhat low score, without making it obvious

Ryan Hetlini threw his goldfish at the judges. He got it back and left the room. The judges were confused.

Alyss Shepherd tried to get a somewhat low score, without making it obvious

Pyro Vuldren did some okay dagger moves, but nothing great. Judges were bored

Angel did a great job with her daggers and her stealth, the judges were impressed.

Blake Hatch did some great moves with his sword but it got stuck in a dummy and he couldn't manage to pull it out. He tried the knives, but he lost his concentration, and the knives missed their targets. Judges were laughing.

Detria Glace displayed some fantastic knife-arts and an amazing stealth. Judges were surprised.

Calvin Atlas showed some perfect use of weapons and how to build one, camo, climbing and swimming.

Katriona Greystone showed some great strength and knowledge in the use of different weapons

Tribute name Training score Arena nr
Jason Oceanwater 4 1
Allura Anders 7 1
Veto Magnate  4 1
Clara Sparks 1 1
Albinus Wellsgood 6 1
Coralie Eledette 5 1
Leon Sycamore 2 1
Axel Paxton 2 1
Reyna Celesta 3 1
Hattie  6 1
Ryan 1 1
Alyss Shepherd 5 1
Pyro Vuldren 6 1
Blake Hatch 6 1
Luke Odair 8 2
Mria Kessoy 9 2
Phoenix Renora 8 2
Alana Lotinee 12 2
Alex Reddel 10 2
Reminiscence Banori 9 2
McKenna Ecelenti 10 2
Troy Battel 11 2
Martina Covert 8 2
Osprey Pionus 9 2


8 2
Detria Glace 10 2
Calvin Atlas 12 2
Katriona Greystone 10 2

Current Status

Tribute Current status Team Needs
Jason Oceanwater Dead None Nothing
Allura Anders On the beach ontop of the stairs, has food, water and a sword Blake Hatch Nothing
Luke Odair Arena 2 Career Nothing
Mria Kessoy Arena 2 No Nothing
Phoenix Renora Arena 2 Alana, Martina, Troy Nothing
Alana Lotinee Arena  2 Phoenix, Martina, Troy Nothing
Alex Reddel Arena 2 Career Nothing
Reminiscence Banori Arena 2 Career Nothing
Veto Magnate Dead No nothing
Clara Sparks Forest, has food, water, matches, poison Reyna Nothing
Albinus Wellsgood Dead No Nothing
Coralie Eledette Dead No Nothing
Leon Sycamore Forest, has water, food and blanket No Nothing
McKenna Ecelenti Arena 2 Detria, Angel Nothing
Troy Battel Arena 2 Phoenix, Alana, Martina Nothing
Martina Covert Arena 2 Phoenix, Alana, Troy Nothing
Axel Paxton Dead No Nothing
Reyna Celesta Forest, has food, water, a blanket, and a knife Clara Nothing
Osprey Pionus Arena 2 No Nothing
Hattie Cytlinmo Far end of forest, has food, and a blanket Alyss water
Ryan Hetlini Right by the beginning of the forest, has a goldfish, water, food, blanket, matches, a knife No Nothing
Alyss Shepherd Far end of the forest, has some water (but is running out) Hattie water
Pyro Vuldren Between the forest and the beach, has a blanket and a lot of forks No water, food
Angel Arena 2 McKenna, Detria Nothing
Blake Hatch On the beach by the entance to cornucopia, has sword, water, food, matches, blanket, knives, poison Allura Anders Nothing
Detria Glace Arena 2 McKenna, Angel Nothing
Calvin Atlas Arena 2 Career Nothing
Katriona Greystone Arena 2 Career Nothing

The Games!

Day 1

The Bloodbath

Blake Hatch's POV

As the tube lifts me up, I am met by the most beautiful sight ever. We are inside a globe of glass, there are steams of fishes, sharks and other sea-animal outside. The floor is made of white marble, and all the light is coming from some crystal-lights. In the middle there is a beautiful house made of wood, and thin glass. It looks like a really nice place to live. I hear the countdown counting "32..31..30..29", I quickly start scanning the arena for my team. I can see Allura five spots beside me on the left and Jason is right next to me on the other side. There are four exits, marked with extreme light, and I can see them leading up to a beach. It seems like all the stairways lead the same place. "10..9..8..7..6", I get ready to sprint for the house, "4..3..2..1".

Reyna Celesta's POV

As I leave the platform, I spot Clara (5). I run over to her, and I grab a backpack on the way.

"Have you seen axel?" she asks. Before she can answer, someone tackles me. I turn my head to see Veto (5) holding me down. He starts choking me.

"CLARA HELP ME!" I shout. Suddenly Axel (9) grabs him and she throws him away from me. Veto runs away towards one of the stairways

"Oh, look there he is" Clara (5) says with a smile. We start running towards the same exit as Veto when I spot Veto getting a huge bite by Jason Oceanwater. Veto falls to the ground and Jason turns towards us. He has a bloody smile and is staring at us like we are a meal just waiting to be eaten. Axel steps forward.

"I'll hold him off, just run" Axel (9) says to us. Clara (5) grabs my arm and we run towards the exit. I turn around and I mouth "Thank you" to him. I can see him fighting Jason while we walk up the heavy stairs.

Allura Anders' POV

I bump into Blake Hatch as I enter the house, just as he sticks his sword into Coralie (6). "It smells like fish and gunpowder in here" he says as Coralie breathes her last breath.

"Where are the weapons?" I ask him. "They're placed inside chests scattered in this house, there is plenty of food in the chests too".  I walk over to a chest and I open it. Forks? Why are there like hundred forks in this chest? "You might want to start digging, all the weapons are buried in useless stuff, and there is some clock counting downwards" Blake (13) says. I turn around and I spot the timer. Fuck, we only have 3 minutes before something will happen. Blake did say it smelled like gunpowder in here.

I take up a sword from the chest with the forks in it. I start trying to figure out where the fish-stench is coming from. I open a chest and it's full of fish. I start digging in it and I see it. It's a bomb. This house is rigged to blow. The whole sphere might be rigged to blow.

"BLAKE, THE HOUSE IS RIGGED TO BLOW, GET SOME STUFF AND LET'S GET OUT OF HERE" I shout. He grabs some knives and some water. We run out of the house.

Albinus Wellsgood's POV

I have been staying outside the hous until the path would be clear. Jason (1) just killed Alex (9), and he's running towards the house. Allura (1) and Blake (13) just ran away from the house grabbing some backpacks on the way like they had seen something horrible inside the house. I decide to follow Jason (1) as he is probably too tired to manage to take me down now. I enter the house and I see Jason looking inside a chest. I grab his hair and I bang his head against the wall. He tackles me to the ground and holds me down. He tries to bite me but right before he reaches my neck, I grab a random fork from the floor, and I stab him in the eye. He screams in pain and rolls of me. I get up and I step on the fork so it goes further into his eye, and he becomes silent.

I spot some kind of timer on the wall. that a timer? For what? As it reaches zero I feel my body burning.


Alyss' POV

Hattie and I found a boat on the beach. We have paddled around the coast, and we are now in the other end of the forest. We managed to get some supplies too. I'm getting a little afraid of mutts, and so is Hattie so we decided to have guard duty. We have enough supplies to survive and there are a lot of food, but we wouldn't be able to fight a mutt or another tribute.

Leon Sycamore's POV

When I was running away from the cornucopia I saw the house within it explode the glass cracked, but it didn't break. I wonder how close it is to breaking. I find a hidden tree, and I climb up in it. I pack up my bag to see what I managed to get. A bottle of water (filled with water), a blanket, some food, some wire and a knife. I could live with that.

The anthem starts to play and I expect to see almost everyone. The first face surprises me, Jason Oceanwater (1). I didn't really expect to see a career on that screen. The rest of the faces are nothing special. Veto (5), Albinus (6), Coralie (6) and Axel (9) are shown on the screen after Jason (1). I go to sleep, hoping to wake up tomorrow.

Tribute odds
Allura Anders 1-5

Clara Sparks

Leon Sycamore 1-8
Reyna Celesta 1-6
Hattie Cytlinmo 1-8
Ryan Hetlini 1-39
Alyss Shepherd 1-10
Pyro Vuldren 1-22
Blake Hatch 1-4
Place Tribute Day killed Killed by Killed from
28th Veto Magnate 1 Jason Oceanwater Bitten in neck
27th Coralie Eledette 1 Blake Hatch Sword in chest
26th Axel Paxton 1 Jason Oceanwater Choked to death
25th Jason Oceanwater 1 Albinus Wellsgood Fork in brain, through eye
24th Albinus Wellsgood 1 Arena Explosion

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