-Written By Blue-Ribbonz-

President Rose stares blankly ahead at the crowd full of roaring capital citizens from her balcony. Her black hair falling loosely down her back, curling around her shoulders. Her tight white dress showed off her curved hips and with the rose pattern going down the side, it matched her perfectly. She smiled at all the Capital, before waving and edging backwards into her house, quickly backing into the wall. She saw the pictures of her grandfather, Malcom Rose staring strictly back at her. She sighed and touched his photograph. “I’ll fulfil your promise grandy, I’ll make these games better than they ever have been before.”

She walked over to the table with her game plans and quickly scanned them. "Pathetic" Rose said as she walked out of the Gamemakers room. Rose dosn't care about the gamemakers life, they are ment to do their job like normal citizens. Rose walked to the balcony to announce the 374th games "Welcome Capital, so this is going to be fun this yearm with a whole new arena, Gamermakers and stylists, of course!" Rose spoke in the microphone. "The reapings will start in 2 weeks time. May the odds be ever in your favour" Rose walked back in the room with an evil smirk.

-Written By ~Glitterday~-


1. 2 Tributes per person, no more, no less.

2. First come first served.

3. Reservations are allowed, but only last 2 days.

4. No troll tributes based on anything, not even pokemon. No exeptions.

5. Please don't spam. Not even to get the 100th or 200th or even 69th. 

6. Don't complain when your tribute dies. After all there can only be one victor.












Interview Angle:

Bloodbath Strategy:



District Name Age Gender User
Capital Male
Capital Loreli Hayes 16 Female Blissfully Mine
1 Reserved by Male MyWorld
1 Female
2 Male
2 Female
3 Male
3 Female
4 Male
4 Charm Shynx 14 Female EverAfterHighFreak
5 Grimm Shynx 14 Male EverAfterHighFreak
5 Female
6 Buck Rockwell 16 Male YourFavoriteSalmon
6 Rosalina Rockwell 13 Female YourFavoriteSalmon
7 Brux Konin 18 Male Yoonie
7 Janine Konin 13 Female Yoonie
8 Male
8 Female
9 Lucus Mines 18 Male Blissfully Mine
9 Female
10 Male
10 Female
11 Male
11 Female
12 Male
12 Female
Lucky Pick

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