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Info you should have before the games start and people who need to submit it:

  • Stats, Or whether you want me to do them for you. (Dis.3 F Katelyn.danita, [more peeps and info but I gtg] )

News Flashes: (Important info on things happening on this blog)

  • Please enter your weapons and preferred alliances, careers are districts 1, 2, and 4 like usual, but other districts may join. Other alliances must be confirmed. 01:31, July 13, 2012 (UTC)
  • If Stylists are not filled then the tributes will be wearing cardboard boxes for the chariots. I can tell you that the capitol won't like that very much... 01:31, July 13, 2012 (UTC)
  • Spam (links) are allowed until all the tributes are filled as long as you add these games as a link in your games. AKA to spam me you must also spam yourself. 01:45, July 24, 2012 (UTC)
  • All tributes are filled and Stylists are needed. Reapings are being done and the games will start VERY soon I'll send a message to ur talk page to notify peeps, ty. 23:31, July 25, 2012 (UTC)
  • I'll keep thhe reservation for Dannoh403 for 2 more days and post somthing on his talkpage. After that, it's an open spot if s/he doesn't post the Dis. Male. 04:51, July 29, 2012 (UTC)
  • If you want you tributes lunaii to look a certain way just post it. For females do the pink dress, light pink background, pink boarder and for males the dark blue tux like shirt with a tie, light blue background and blue border thnx! 04:51, July 29, 2012 (UTC)

Please read both the intro and the rules!!!


I'm very proud to be hosting my first ever Games. So these are the Status Games. These games will start out with mostly normal rules until you start all the info on your tribute. There are Tribute Templates on my Profile. It will explain how to fill them out. The stats and all will be on another link that I'll post here. If you do not feel like doing stats I'll do them for you and it will be RANDOM. If you do not like these do not blame me. If you don't fill out your own stats please include this Info: Name, District, Age, Gender, Appearance, Personality, and their Weapon. Later on I will ask for Bloodbath Strategies and Alliance choices. If these turn out a success then I will post Status Games 2. Good Luck and may the odds be ever in your favor! Yes, Stylist, Gamemakers, and Escorts will be included. This all done using! Spots Left: NONE, LET THE GAMES BEGIN!

Link: Check here to find out all your tribute's stats, what they need, and where they are.


  1. I have the right to not allow your tribute into these games if someone already has reserved it a within a page before you. If it's cause I havn't updated in while then I'll pull some strings, MAYBE.
  2. Don't blame me if your tribute dies. It's gotta happen to 23 of the tributes.
  3. Only one winner. It makes the winning more valuable, and the not winning easier to accept.
  4. Please no swearing at all, at anyone on this blog.
  5. The Capitol does not have tributes.
  6. Please make all info a new comment unless you just wrote something. It annoys everyone to flip over page after page of comments to find somthing.
  7. Mild language and if you have problems with that just comment and I'll star them out. (*) 04:51, July 29, 2012 (UTC)Meatballlover~
Tributes (Maximum 2)
District 1 Male Pheonix_Junder (18) FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne He's tall with rough blonde hair and deep blue eyes. He's mean but funny. He's pretty fast but very likeable, good with sponsors. He is super strong but has no luck. He is actually quite smart and was one of the smartest people in his school.


District 1 Female Desra_Windstrom (13) Nommyzombies Long golden blonde hair; deep green eyes. She never talks much and keeps to herself.


District 2 Male Dillon_McAlpine (13) Mysims Not very strong, but very fast and sly. He's good looking and seems to be very likeable, he doesn't have much of a survival head, but he's a career, so that isn't a problem, he's incompetent with anything with his hands, but things seem to go his way.


District 2 Female Aurora_Vixen (17) Ms.District1 Silky medium dirty blonde hair, electric blue eyes, thin, athletic, sexy. sorta tan. Arrogant, concieted, snobby, and ruthless. Very Likable and fast. Has alot of survival skill. Has fair strength, luck and tech. knowledge.


District 3 Male Bartonrude_Bombsnap (12) Raeoki He's a small and skinny with brown hair and blue eyes. Freckles dot his red cheeks and nose, which had both been sunburned from playing in his front yard. He is very happy-go-lucky, and is also rather friendly, willing to make friends with anybody. Unfriendliness and pessimism upsets him, and he prefers to avoid emotions no matter what the situation, but if it's another person who feels disagreeable, he'll try to cheer them up. He'll give up if the other person is stubborn.


District 3 Female Aria_Camelliston (16) Katelyn.danita

Beautiful, brown hair,with blonde and copper-like highlights, very distinctive bright blue eyes, tanned skin, thin, petite body. Sweet, fun, good sense of humor when happy; rude and thoughtless when angry, She's very close to her older brother.


District 4 Male Zoro_Laurey (17) Cloveismywife Tan skin, blonde hair, grey eyes, freckles, buff. Smart, funny, arrogant, cocky, condescending.

Weapons: Trident

District 4 Female Raine_Glade (16) Ms.District1

Long Bleach blonde hair, burgandy eyes, tan, thin, muscular. Arrogant, flirtious and over confident.She is very likable, and lucky. Fair survival skills, strength, and speed. Limited Tech. Knowledge.


District 5 Male Pamline_Falcon (17)FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne He's strong and fast a great climber, but can't swim. He's smart but very quiet, isn't that likable

Weapons: Axe

District 5 Female Kaitlyn_McAllister (16) Asfbn

She has dark brown hair and extremely dark brown eyes. Fair skin, quite pretty. She has average strengh. Her best skill is her speed, but she is quite lucky and likable. She also has an above average knowledge of technology.


District 6 Male

Joseph_Lisp (17) Jsm13athome

He isn't too strong, and doen't have the best tech. knowledge, but his survival skills are okay, and he is very fast, also he's pretty likeable, and extremely lucky.


District 6 Female Reagan_Sloan (16)Jsm13athome She's a very strong and also has pretty good survival skills. She can run at average speeds, is fairly popular, and has an average amount of tech. knowledge. She has horrible luck, though. Her parents were millionaires before she was born, but their company had money stolen, and the business went bankrupt. Now their jobs are to carry food from the port to the market, twenty miles away.


District 7 Male Reserved for Dannoh403


District 7 Female Holly_Bark (12) HeavyRotation

She is giggly, beautiful, and foolish. She has Fast Reflexes and likes a guy named Kudo. She's a redhead with dull green eyes and peach skin. She's strong, fairly fast, fairly smart, likable, and can somewhat survive. She has a fair amount of luck.


District 8 Male Joshua_Zane (16)_ Katniss Jane Mellark He has blonde hair with a red bandana, flawless skin, and is 6'8". He's strong, brave, fast, accurate, smart, and a quick thinker. He's lives with his father now. His older brother was reaped in one of the previous hunger games and gave him the banner he had in his pocket. His sister and mother were taken away by peacekeepers and killed in the capitol. Only him and his father are left and he vows to avenge his brothers death in the games.

Weapons: Labrys (it's a type of axe)

District 8 Female Silken_Dimity (16)~PoundtheAlarm~ She has strawberry-blonde hair, grass-green eyes, pale skin, full lips, is 5'7", thin, and quite pretty. She's sweet, fun, caring, intelligent, and would do anything to come back to her family. Her parents, Cottone and Lacer Dimity, older brother Lowell and baby sister Calico. Let's not forget her best friend, Lisle. He kissed her after she was reaped, in the Justice Building.

Weapons: Bow and Arrow and Throwing Knives

District 9 Male Alex_Donaque(13) Mysims Kind of funny and crazy, tends to be nice to people when he meets them and has a good sense of character. Can be a bit hostile to those on his bad side. He is a bit niave and always sees the best in people, but he can be too quick to judge people. Short dirty blonde hair that is just the right length and hue. He has blue eyes, quite short. Sometimes is described by older girls as cute. Alex grew up in the poor part of the district with his sister Katy. He always protected her in fights and when people insulted her, he was bullied a lot at school which made him very upset and once suicidal. Luckily, his mom and sister were always there for him when things happened, his dad works a lot and isn't home.


District 9 Female Scarlett_Dawn (17) FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne She is very fast and smart. She has very good survival skills and a bit of teh knowledge, she is not that likeable as she is quite reserved and shy, she has a bit of luck an a bit of physical strength.


District 10 Male Casper_Gostum (14)IHeartHungerGames He's a very lonely person. His older brother was reaped when he was 5and was killed in the bloodbath. His mom went crazy and commited suicide. His dad left moving to district 6, leaving them to fend for themselves. Casper was forced to get a job ridding barns of mice. While working, he discovered a creature that does it naturally. It was a barn owl, which most people thought of as a nuisance. He would rescue and raise them to catch mice for the farmers. He would then sell them to barn owners, in exchange for money, which he would use to buy food.


District 10 Female Ariannah_Justice (15) Dedejacob She's Spiritual and Natural. She can tell if plants are edible or not. She has Blonde Hair and Green eyes. She has freckles. Fairly Strong and somewhat likable, She's fast, smart, can survive fairly and gets luck fairly.


District 11 Male_ Flail_Hert (18)__ District1er He's Extremely strong, pretty smart, somewhat fast, and can survive. He is blind in his left eye.

Weapons: Sword

District 11 Female Tanya_Komoria (18)Readwritelivenikki She lived a normal life and was always sweet until her 12 year old sister died in the Games. during she was sick. No one mentioned her sister had been reaped until she had recovered. When She found out, she was furious. She is very persuasive, and uses sweet talk and beauty to get her way. She's very determined to make sure her little sister didn't die in vain. She volunteered, knowing she would most likely die but accepting it. She's small and skinny, but has lots of muscle from working in the fields. She loves a good adventure, and is very brave.


District 12 Male Drew_Kendall (17)Readwritelivenikki He's a hostile person. He barely opens up to anyone, and he can tell a person's flaws from their first meeting. One of the only people that can make him smile is his little brother, Luke. He's got the handsome and dark seam look, but is sarcastic and hostile. He is quite strong and fast, but doesn't have much knowledge or likability. When he does open up to a person, he'll do anything to protect them.


District 12 Female Misty_Calliden (17)Readwritelivenikki She lives in the Seam, and has to care for her little sister and sick mom with her older brother. Her father works in the mines, but she and Byron, her brother, have to work to feed their family. She's a strong admirer of Katniss Everdeen, and hates the Capitol. She's very smart and fast. She's good at defeating the odds with speed and smarts, not relying on chance to save her family. She's moderately popular at school, because she's very funny, sweet, and quite attractive. Oddly, for a Seam girl, she is golden brown haired, with ocean blue eyes.


The Tributes

Stylists (Maximum 2)
(If they do not sign up then your tribute will go out in a cardboard box.)

District 1

District 2 by ~PoundtheAlarm~
District 3

District 4

by ~PoundtheAlarm~
District 5
District 6
District 7
District 8
District 9
District 10
District 11
District 12 by Readwritelivenikki

Gamemakers (Maximum 1)
Head Gamemaker Serrine_LeClaire ~Meatballlover~

Head of Events Bob (just Bob) RavenRT

Head of Arena Arebesque_Lisbusten Mysims
Head of Mutts Lauraly_Doen Polinarose
Head of Special Effects Minerva_Strife KatnissJaneMellark

Private Training
Pheonix Jounder
Desra Windstrom
Dillon McAlpine
Aurora Vixen
Bartonrude Bombsnap
Aria Camelliston
Zoro Laurey
Raine Glade
Pamline Falcon
Kaitlyn McAllister
Joseph Lisp
Reagan Sloan
Holly Bark
Joshua Zane
Silken Dimity
Alex Donaque
Scarlett Dawn
Casper Gostum
Ariannah Justice
Flail Hert
Tanya Komoria
Drew Kendall
Misty Calliden
Escorts (They don't do much so you can have as many as you want)
District 1 Nina Goldbert (F) The hungery games
District 2 Johnny Ander (M) The hungery games
District 3 Tiffany Terrace (F) Katniss Jane Mellark
District 4 Damian Joans (M) The hungery games
District 5 Mario Valtoni (M) Katniss Jane Mellark
District 6 Carlos Mintania (M) Katniss Jane Mellark
District 7 Ginana Davidson (F) The hungery games
District 8 Mindia Star (F) Katniss Jane Mellark
District 9 Dawn Smart (F) The hungery games
District 10 Demitri Zoan (M) and Apple Nest (F) Katniss Jane Mellark
District 11 Justin Mintare (M) Katniss Jane Mellark
District 12 James Deen (M) The hungery games

Death Chart




You start out with $500, like most games. Each day you earn $25. For the favorites in chariots you earn 100 each. For Final 12 you earn $50, For Final 6 you earn $100, for Final 4 you will Earn $200!


~Sword ($100)~Knife ($50)~Throwing Knives [3] ($200)~Spears [3 with heads] ($100)~Spear Head Small Refil [6] (50)~Spear Heads Large Refil [12] ($75)~Bow ($150)~ Small Quiver of Arrows [6] ($50)~Large Quiver of Arrows [12] ($75)~Slingshot ($50)~Rocks {take 2 shots to kill} [12] ($50)~Blowgun ($100)~Small Dart Pack [6] ($50)~Large Dart Pack [12] ($75)~poison [can be put on weapons or be fed to other tributes] ($75)~


~Sleeping Bag [1 person] ($50)~Sleeping Bag [2 Person] ($75)~rope [5ft coil] ($25)~water [3 days] ($50)~Spile ($75)~Wire [3ft coil] ($25)~Blanket ($50)~Flashlight ($25)~Flashlight Pack [5] ($100)~Bread [1 day] ($50)~Dried Meat Pack [3 day] ($100)~Dried Fruit Pack [2 days] ($75)~matches [6] ($25)~canteen [stores water] ($25)~


~First Aid Kit [minor wounds can be treated] ($75)~Mutt Healer [romoves all mutt affects-poison, swelling, etc] ($100)~Painkiller [lays the wound another day]~Burn Cream ($100)~MAGICALHEAL [heals anything instantly] ($400)~Capitol Meds [heals anything but takes a day] ($300)~Sleep Syrup [ZZZZZZZ...] ($50)~


This will be a very spcial Arena, it will be released after I finish the Chariots, or if I do them the Training (group).

Congrats to the 1st Place Winner:

(Name) Aka (User)

Reapings (Each District has a different twist)

(Thoughts are in italics)

District 1

Desra Windstrom's POV

I wake up in cold sweat. Why had I voluteered, it didn't make sense. I had promised myself that I never would. Even though my family could use the money, and a new house would be nice, but mom said that little amount of money wasn't worth me. Stupid dream, Now I'm all worked up. What the hell was I thinking when I volunteered, that would never be me. And plus, even if I got reaped today I'd have at least 5o-60 kids volunteering so there was nothing to be afraid of. I got out of bed and randomly went into the closet and snatched up a dress. I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth, comb my hair, and wash my face. after that I went and put on my dress in there. I stared at myself in the mirror. I've never seen this dress before. Then I noticed the tag, HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY, I forgot, this is the part I hated, My Birthday was usually the Day they started The Games. I sighed as I ripped off the tag and headed downstairs, got a biscuit and ran out the door shouting goodbye to my mom.

As I entered The blood taking section and passed quickly slightly wincing as the needle is stabbed into my finger. I meet with my friend, Elaine and start talking, "New dress, it's SO cute!!!" She smiles and looks at me sadly, "Happy Early B-Day!" I thank her and start biting my lip. "What's wrong??", she asks suddenly frowning. "I...I had a dream...I VOL..." She cuts me off quickly, "Don't let a stupid dream bother you, everyone has them. It's your second year and we've got plenty of volunteers that'll voluteer on your behalf." I could tell she was nervous too, she NEVER cuts me off like that. I was about to ask her what was wrong when the video started playing and all voices disapeared.

As the video ended the escort appeared up on the stage, smiling way too hard. "HEEELLLLL-O EVERYBODY", She said, WAY too close to the mic. It seemed the whole district cringed, including the peacekeepers. "Wellll-come too the 123rd HUN-GER GAMES!!!!!" I don't like this new escort for many reasons, the first 3 being, #1 because she Talks too loud, #2 because she curves her words too much, and #3 Our other escort was still pretty normal looking, this one looks like she had surgery done 100 or so times. Sickly throw up green lips, maroon skin :P! She's even got the navy blue hair and boxy clothing going every which way. My name is Nina Goldbert and I am going to be doing the reapings TOO-daaayyy"Oh, yes, This year we have a slight twist....." She pauses for maximum suspence...




"The TWISSTTT will be, that all the REEE-WARRRDDSSS will be DOU-BLE and as a BOOO-NUS you can take THa-REE FA-REEE trips to the capitol plus ALL expenses paid!!!!!!!!!!" WOW! That is amazing, double the money, plus three ultimate trips to the capitol, ALL EXPENSES PAID!!! You know, the thing is with such great rewards and all, I could actually win this thing. "NOWWW, back to where we were, LAYYY-DEEEEES FIRST!!!" Now all I have to do is appeal to her. "And it is Elain Rost!!!" It seems everyone in the district, accept Elain wanted to volunteer, I didn't even need to shout. I raised my hand and walked up to the stage as if she had called on me and she seemed annoyed. She didn't do anything though. I also partially did it for Elaine and by the look on her face, she knew it. She also knew I was doing it for my family, as we still owe dept. After this I knew every single penny of our dept would be paid as either they would have on eless mouth to feed or a humungo reward.

The escort calls the Boy's name less enthusiastically and I sorta liked her real voice even though it had that annoying capitol accent. "Zach Florance" A boy walked up before anyone said anything, " MY NAME IS PHEONIX JUNDER." He said quite loudly into the mic. I could tell the escort didn't mind him...he was really good looking. Didn't really like him though, too much training made him look to strong. I was supposed to start my training this afternoon but I don't think that's gonna work out. " Good luck and may the odds be EVER in your favor." We shake hands and are then rushed into the justice building and I feel really sick, and I think to myself:

What have I done???

District 2

Dillon McAlpine's POV

I bashed at the dummies, slicing at their heads, stabbing them thier hearts. Training my first year has just been blood and sweat. I've grown twice as much as I did last year, way taller and a scar on my arm just under my shoulder is real cool too. I always try and show it off, along with my amazing skill. Today I was in the gym early, getting ready for reaping day, this year the coach chose Marcus and Aurora to compete, Marcus being 18, and Aurora being the oldest too. this year he didn't have an 18 year old female. He is our official coach and every year the district finds two 12 year olds, one female one male, to go into training. But this year's 18 year old female was killed in some accident though, training accident, no idea what happened. So I'm determined to get a start in training. Today, no matter what the coach says I will voluteer. I'm ready, He even said so himself, he said that only because Marcus was 18 and I was way more skilled but had to wait. Marcus should thank me, He'd probably get his butt kicked anyway. Me, I'm smart and fast. I may not be the big but I'm still fairly strong. Anyway I'm about done, after I finish this last set of dummies I'll go to the reaping square.

DARN! The weapons from the racks all fell down after I pinned the last dummy and I had to clean them up, Now I'm late and my parents are probably gonna lecture me on how I should really have prepared better clothing, after all, I am volunteering in front of a whole district. I've got it all planned!

I then walk up to the blood taking station and they prick my finger quite harshly. I run out to the 13 year old section and take my place, closest to the escort, smiling at her. I think her name is Joan or somthin when...HE turns and stares at me. STUPID, it's john and it's a HE I must like an idiot right now! Well, His hair is long, I bet some of the 12 year olds still think he's a girl. He's a pro though, best escort around, no accent. "Hello and Welcome to the 123rd anual HUN-GER GAMES! My name is Johnny Ander, you can also call me John. Now, where were we...AHA! The Tewwwisssst" he makes it sound so interesting and boring at the same time, all mysterious. "This year's twist will be..."

(I am now placing you at the best cliffhanger here)

Chariots (I'll start right after Reapings)

There will be rewards, and there will be penalties...

Training (Group) [They'll be here 2 days after chariots probably]

There will be rewards...

The Games (Sometime after the Training)

So Excited for these to Start! :D

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