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  • ~PopTart~

    The Hourglass Games

    March 1, 2014 by ~PopTart~

    I attempted to make a game a while back called the Sands of Time, but I never finished it.  I'm going to redo the concept this time with just 28 tributes, and basically, these games will involve time travel.  It may be difficult to pull of but I can do it.  What that time travel is and how it works, you will find out.

    Tribute Template Name:



    District: (Top three choices)






    Appearance: (A Lunaii gallery will be posted.  I would ask if you would post Lunaiis with your tributes, but if you cannot, describe them, and I will make several Lunaiis matching the description.  You will choose the one you like best.)

    Please, feel free to add more.

    There is not necessarily a limit to how many tributes…

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  • ~PopTart~


    February 28, 2014 by ~PopTart~



    You don't remember me....

    Ok well if u do OMG IM BACK

    So yah.  I plan to start those Games of Hungah, and I will bring back the 2nd Alliance Games if you all want.  I'm so happy ot be back!  I've had some stuffs to deal with, but now I think I'll be able to come regularly!!!!!  I missed you all!  Including,


    SO.  With all the news and shit.

    Anna, I about when I left, you said you were going to NZ and Anna I so proud of you guuuuuuurl.

    Vinny, I started learning some Português (just for you!) so yah.  (I kinda suck though.)

    And (sentimental time)

    If yall didn't know, I am being raised with homophobic parent…

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  • ~PopTart~

    The Games of Love

    May 17, 2013 by ~PopTart~

    Hey guys!  I'm going to draft tributes when I'm finished with the 2nd Alliance Games, and yes, we will have the drafting.  These Games are just like any other, except every district has a couple in it.  And yes, I will except gay/lesbian couples.  I want to do these Games because there have been quite a few marriages around my neighborhood recently, and I feel like it would be cool to write.  I too many good tributes are submitted, I may have two couples per district, but there will probably only be one victor, or possibly two if they're a couple but idk yet.

    Name: (Give them a good name.  I don't want Sadafagahajakalapayataraeawa Nufuusasafitatareto)

    Age: (12-18.  Not 6.  Not 20.)

    Gender: (Male or Female.  Nothing Else.)

    District: (Capitol, 1…

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  • ~PopTart~

    Hello Everybody!

    May 16, 2013 by ~PopTart~

    I IS BACK.  And I plan to stay here.  School is out and I am so happy.  And I'm still frigging pissed because I almost got this kid expelled but he wasn't so he'll be back next year to steal my homework.  (That's actually why I didn't do so wel this year.  I got straight B's :(  So sad)  But anyway, I wanna say hello to...







    Ninjatoasteh (Willeh just sounds wrong)



    This eh thing is getting old John.

    Anyway, if I didn't mention you, that means I was too lazy to type anything more so don't feel bad.

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  • ~PopTart~

    550th Hunger Games

    January 22, 2013 by ~PopTart~

    Hello all!  I'm going to open these Games.  You can submit as many tributes as you want until I finish my 2nd Alliance Games.  There will be a Third, but that won't happen until later.  I will not limit the amount of tributes I select from one person.  I will base my selections completely on character quality.  If it comes to it, I may have all the tributes from one user.  (Though the chances of that are like very low.)  The twist is that the twenty-eight tributes will travel across the globe of 2013, trying to find the hovercraft that will lead them to victory in teams of four.  Of course, just wandering around won't do them any good.  They'll follow a trail of clues leading them to different continents.  Each team will have an all-terrai…

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