Hi and Welcome to the 100th Hunger Games!

This is my second Games and I hope everyone contributes! I'll start the reapings when we have the 90th Hunger Games finished and all the tributes and stylists in.

There are five rules beofre we start

1. When posting a tribute, include first and last name, gender, age, appearance, district, weapons, personality, skills, and weaknesses

2. You can post up to four tributes

3. No stupid names

4. Use tributes you haven't used in the 90th Hunger Games

5. Your tribute must have a weakness since no one is perfect, and they can't be good at everything

The Twist

As you can see, this is a Quarter Quell. Four tributes in each district will be reaped, two between twelve and eighteen, and two between three and nine. There may be more than one victor if they complete a certain challenge, and yes, I did copy this from Mysims.


100th Hunger Games Name Age Weapons Appearance
District 1 Older Male Norman Jacobe 17 Bow and Arrow Blue eyes, Black hair
District 1 Older Female Jennifer Vanle 16 Knife, Sword Red hair, Green eyes
District 1 Younger Male Chase Amos 6 Sword, Knives Short brown hair, Blue eyes, Thin
District 1 Younger Female Emerald Silvers 9 Bow and Arrows, Knives Long blond curly hair, Blue eyes
District 2 Older Male Gavin Fremie 16 Sword Jet black hair, Tan skin, Brown eyes
District 2 Older Female Misty Korna 18 Axe Dark brown hair, Tan skin, Blue eyes
District 2 Younger Male Justinain Bemus 4 Will find one in training Black hair, Chubby cheeks
District 2 Younger Female Bianca Rose 9 Knives (preferably dipped in poison) Pale skin, Long brown hair, Blue eyes
District 3 Older Male Blaze Seeth 16 Sword, Axe Blue eyes, Long red hair, Muscular
District 3 Older Female Adrianna Thorn 17 Bow and Arrows Black hair, Grey eyes
District 3 Younger Male Colin Courtai 9 Knives Blond hair, Blue eyes
District 3 Younger Female Tanya Verule 6 Wire Black hair, Grey eyes
District 4 Older Male Landon Granger 17 Trident, Knife Light brown hair, Green eyes, Tan skin
District 4 Older Female Elena Horisson 16 Spear, Mace Dirty blond hair, Gray eyes, Pale skin
District 4 Younger Male Evan Long 9 Bow and Arrow Short black hair, Glasses, Short
District 4 Younger Female Aqua Lyons 7 Trident, Mace Wavy long brown hair, Green eyes, Freckles
District 5 Older Male Logan Hawkeye 17 Sword, Trident, Bow and Arrow Spiky blond hair, Green eyes, Tall, Muscular
District 5 Older Female Camilla Ryden 17 Trident, Net Blond hair, Torquoise streaks
District 5 Younger Male Nicholas Davenport 9 Axe Hazel eyes, Brown hair, Muscular
District 5 Younger Female Hanna White 9 Knives, Sword Black hair, Pale skin, Blue eyes
District 6 Older Male Shadow Summers 15 Knives, Swords Dirty blond hair, Gray eyes
District 6 Older Female Tamora Summers 16 Bow and Arrows Brown hair, Blue eyes, Pale skin
District 6 Younger Male Ash Palmer 5 Bow and Arrow Brown hair, Green eyes
District 6 Younger Female Clarabella Keen 9 Slingshot Long dark red hair, Green eyes, Freckles
District 7 Older Male Ares West 18 Spears Brown hair, Hazel eyes, Tan skin, Muscular
District 7 Older Female May Axel 14 Knives, Axe Long blond hair, Tall, Brown eyes, Freckles
District 7 Younger Male Dewayne Shade 7 Bow and Arrow Brown hair, Green eyes
District 7 Younger Female Callope Shade 4 Spear Blond braided hair, Blue eyes
District 8 Older Male Justin Nerou 15 Dagger Short black hair, Black eyes
District 8 Older Female Savannah Waters 18 Mace Long red hair, Green eyes, Freckles
District 8 Younger Male Reggie Miller 9 Blowgun & Poison Short, Dark skin, Long dreadlocks, Brown eyes
District 8 Younger Female Marine Hier 8 Needle Blue eyes, Blond hair
District 9 Older Male Connor Embreall 15 Sword, Scythe Brown hair, Grey eyes
District 9 Older Female Serene "Fish" Viola 12 Blowgun & Poison, Archery Blonad braided hair, Amber eyes, Thin
District 9 Younger Male Drajdah Wallace 8 Knives, Spear Dark skin, Black hair, Chubby cheeks, Slightly overweight
District 9 Younger Female Kaleena Ostein 9 Machete, Knives Black hair with gold highlights, Pale skin, Teal eyes
District 10 Older Male Leon Silas 16 Dagger, Throwing Darts, Rope Tan skin, Short brown hair
District 10 Older Female Zanna Vinland 15 Knife Tan skin, Freckles, Black hair, Green eyes
District 10 Younger Male Georgey Dirkson 3 Will find one in training Dirty blond hair, Hazel eyes, Chubby cheeks, Pale skin
District 10 Younger Female Serena Yale 8 Axe, Knives Blond hair, Hazel eyes
District 11 Older Male Caleb Kieds 16 Spear, Slingshot Brown hair, Green eyes, Thin, Tan skin
District 11 Older Female Melissa Clover 12 Blowgun and Poison Brown hair, Tan skin, Hazel eyes
District 11 Younger Male Viscuss Mar 9 Knife Light brown skin, Black hair, Grey eyes
District 11 Younger Female Roseiline Fitzgerald 7 Slingshot, Sword Dark skin, Green eyes, Brown hair, Freckles
District 12 Older Male Grayson Smith 15 Bow and Arrow Black hair, Blue eyes, Tan skin
District 12 Older Female Blythe Smith 15 Spears, Swords Black hair with red streaks, Blue eyes, Tan skin
District 12 Younger Male Quincy Williams 8 Spear, Sword Skinny, Tall, Dark skin, Muscular, Short afro, Blue eyes
District 12 Younger Female

Rosemelrose Divage

9 Knives Red hair, Thin, Brown eyes
District 13 Older Male Brynn Mantis 15 Knives, Spears Muscular, Tall, Skinny, Jet black hair, Olive Eyes, Tan skin
District 13 Older Female Zara Lancaster 17 Knives Long brown hair, Teal eyes
District 13 Younger Male Jett Mantis 3 Dagger Tan skin, Black hair, Olive eyes
District 13 Younger Female Katelyn Devir 7 Whip, Knife Short curly blond hair, Blue eyes, Thin
Tribute Creator
Norman Jacobe 50thGamesFTW
Jennifer Vanle 50thGamesFTW
Chase Amos Mysims
Emerald Silvers
Gavin Fremie
Misty Korna
Justinain Bemus
Bianca Rose
Blaze Seeth
Adrianna Thorn
Colin Courtai
Tanya Verule
Landon Granger
Elena Horisson
Evan Long
Aqua Lyons
Nicholas Davenport
Camilla Ryden
Logan Hawkeye
Hanna White
Shadow Summers
Tamora Summers
Ash Palmer
Clarabella Keen
Ares West
May Axel
Dewayne Shade
Callope Shade
Justin Nerou
Savannah Waters
Reggie Miller
Marine Hier
Connor Embreall
Serene "Fish" Viola
Drajdah Wallace
Kaleena Ostein
Leon Silas
Zanna Vinland
Georgey Dirkson
Serena Yale
Caleb Kieds
Melissa Clover
Viscuss Mar
Roseiline Fitzgerald
Grayson Smith
Blythe Smith
Quincy Williams
Rosemelrose Divage
Brynn Mantis
Zara Lancaster
Jett Mantis
Katelyn Devir


I will open up stylists when all the tributes are in. One stylist apiece, and please make sure that your design has something to do with you district's industry.

District Name Chariot Design Older Male Older Female Younger Male Younger Female
2 Shamrock Harrison
5 Aniju Aura
6 Carnie Carerra
7 Toby Long
8 Callie Jane Rearon
10 Bethia Kyndell Sky blue chariot with painted green grass and a vegetated canopy hangs above the tributes Overalls with a plain red shirt underneath, barefoot, has tobacco in his mouth Cut-off jeans, Leather boots, purple plaid shirt, hair done in two French braids
12 Shanequa and Taylor Copper


I can't wait any longer. The arena will be the four tallest skyscraper in the world lined up together. In order from tallest to shortest, Burj Khalifa (UAE), Arbaj Al Bait (Saudi Arabia), Willis Tower (USA), Taipei 101 (Taiwan).


Alliance 1 (Careers) (17 people)

Norman Jacobe (1)

Jannifer Vanle (1)

Chase Amos (1)

Emerald Silvers (1)

Gavin Fremie (2)

Misty Korna (2)

Justinain Bemus (2)

Bianca Rose (2)

Colin Courtai (3)

Landon Granger (4)

Elena Horisson (4)

Evan Long (4)

Aqua Lyons (4)

Nicholas Davenport (5)

Ares West (7)

Blythe Smith (12)

Rosemelrose Divage (12)

Alliance 2 (2 people)

Adrianna Thorn (3)

Katelyn Devir (13)

Alliance 3 (Little Kids Alliance) (10 people)

Logan Hawkeye (5)

Clarabella Keen (6)

Dewayne Shade (7)

Callope Shade (7)

Marine Hier (8)

Serene "Fish" Viola (9)

Georgey Dirkson (10)

Quincy Williams (12)

Brynn Mantis (13)

Jett Mantis (13)

Alliance 4 (3 people)

Reggie Miller (8)

Zanna Vinland (10)

Grayson Smith (12)

Alliance 5


District 1

Norman Jacobe:

Olivia is standing on the stage welcoming all of District One, and has a smile on her face wider than the moon. "Let's get started, shall we? Our first tribute is Jennifer Vanle!" She walks up to the stage, looking confident, but I don't think she was sure she could win. "Next is James King!" He looks so pleased, like he was 100% sure he'd win. He's such a jerk, and I volunteer for him so he can't get the joy he wanted. "And your name is?" "Norman Jacobe." I reply. "For our younger female, we have Emerald Silvers!" She hops onto the stage, with her dress that probably costed a fortune, and her parents had a few of those. "And last but not least, we have Chase Amos!" The six year old boy walks to the stage, eyeing Emerald as if he could beat her up, and Emerald recognizes this. She sticks her tongue at him, and receives a thump in the head from Jennifer. "Our four tributes for the 100th Hunger Games and 4th Quarter Quell!"

District 2

Misty Korna:

"Hello, District 2!" Sandon shouts. "Let's see who our lucky tributes will be!" My twin brother looks at me, and I know he put lots if extra tesserae in so he'd be chosen. "Misty Korna!" The whole world froze for a few seconds. I couldn't decide if this was good or bad, and I have no idea what to do. "Come on," he says. I stand next to him as he calls out his next name while trying to keep his wig from blowing away in the wind. "Gavin Fremie!" He runs up to the stage smiling, recieving cheers from all of his friends and about twenty girls who have a major crush on him. "Next is Bianca Rose!" her cheer isn't as big as Gavin's, but a lot bigger than mine. "Justinain Bemus!" His parents gasp, and know they have to let him go. He waddles up to the stage. A four year old kid, fighting to the death with 18 year olds? That isn't right. "Goodbye, District 2!" Whoops and hollers are heard from the crowd as we go to a room to say our final goodbyes.

District 3

Colin Courtai:

"Adrianna Thorn!" Luna Behan's voice echoes throughout the pre-morning air. She slowly walks up to Luna, having a timid look on her face. "And for the older male, we have Blaze Seeth!" He walks up, and his mother shouts histerically, trying to get someone desperate enough to volunteer. "And for our younger female, we have Tanya Verule!" The six year old girl was beginning to cry as a Peacekeeper snatched her away from her brother's arm, the only person she had lived with after her parents were killed in a lab accident. "Samuel Washington!" He walks up to the stage. "Ew, you're ugly. Time for another name!" Really, Luna. "Colin Courtai!" I try to run away from Luna, but the Peacekeepers are slightly faster than me. A burst of lightning strikes the stage, and Luna faints. Gasps emerge from the audience. The ambulance comes, and she is taken to the hospital. According to the doctors, it would've killed her if she wasn't wearing so many Capitol coats. That means we almost died, and we were'nt even in the arena yet.

District 4

Aqua Lyons:

Dylan West is standing by the reaping bowls yelling to the Capitol audence. "Hello!" he shouts. "For our first tribute, we have Irina Horisson!" Irina walks up to the stage, proud and confident that she'd win. "I volunteer!" A girl that looks just like her says. It was Elena, her twin sister. "Okay, and for our second tribute, we have Landon Granger!" I remember that his grandmother's sister moved to District Twelve during the Seventeen Years of Freedom, and that Landon's cousin was in the 90th Hunger Games. "And for the younger girls, we have Trina Travis!" The three year old girl walked up, and stood by Elena, who shoved her off. Landon put her in his arms, hoping ot calm her. "I volunteer!" I shouted. I am rushed up to Landon and Elena, and we hear the next name. Evan Long!" He was nine, two years older than me, and he walked up to us, and Elena gave him a shove, causing him to fall over. Dylan helps him up, and we all shake hands in the center. Elena squeezes my hands really tightly, and I almost cuss like a sailor.

District 5

Logan Hawkeye:

"Attention, District 5!" Sandra Taint says, standing on the stage. "We will reap four tributes this year, so expect it to be amazing!" She escorted District 2 for the past five years, so she expected applause, and found it odd that she didn't. "Camilla Ryden!" Camilla ran away from her home a few years ago, and she was renamed Camilla after the victor of the 90th Hunger Games by her adopted family. "And next we have Logan Hawkeye!" My world froze. As if it were slow motion, I walked up to the stage, and stared at my sister's eyes. "Alright, for our younger female, Hanna White!" She looked at Sandra, and was about to begin crying. "And last but not least, we have Nicholas Davenport!" Nick is being pried away from the windmill post by Peacekeepers, and eventually, he walks to the rest of us. My eleven year old sister looked at me, and I knew I had to win for her.

District 6

Tamora Summers:

"Tamora Summers!" Kathrin Krest yells. My sister pushed me off, and I was forced to walk to Kathrin. "And for our male tribute, we have Shadow Summers!" Wait, he had the same last name as me. What if we were siblings? Shadow realizes the same thing, and we look at each other, trying to find a resemblance. He had dirty blond hair, and mine was brown. My eyes were blue, his were grey. I had pale skin, his was tan. I had no idea. It could just be a coincidence. Sandra, not noticing at all, announced "Clarabella Keen!" Clarabella walks up to the stage, also seeming to question Shadow and I's relation. "Finally, we have Ash Palmer!" Ash took his last glances at his family. I looked at my father, too. I then realized that he had grey eyes and brown hair...

District 7

Dewayne Shade:

Faedra Long is formerly from District 7, so she doesn't exaggerate anything, or talk about how great the Games are. "May Axel." Faedra whispers ino the mic. May looks at her father, and I see tears run down her eyes. "Ares West." Ares is strong, and has a good chance of winning, but I see sadness in his eyes, for himself, May, and 50 other kids, victor or not. "Callope Shade." No, that's my sister. This is horrible! She's four years old! "Vincent Green." "I volunteer!" Maybe we could survive together, and I'll try to keep her alive, and we'll try to both emerge as victors. Faedra almost cries as she sees Callope and I stand together, and our parents are bawling. "Our tributes for District 7," Faedra mutters.

District 8

Marine Hier:

Jamie Jones is our escort this year, and he is telling us about how wonderful the Hunger Games are. I'm 8 years old, but I still understand how horrible these Games are. "Savannah Waters!" I hear snickers in the audience. She isn't very popular, and she doesn't have many friends. "Justin Nerou!" A tall boy with brown hair walks up to the stage, and everyone becomes quiet. "Marine Hier!" A Peacekeeper shoved me onto the stage, and Savannah and Justin gave me dirty looks. "Reggie Miller!" A boy, about my age walks up to the rest of us, and I can see that all of our tributes probably wouldn't get along well together.

District 9

Connor Embreall:

Flying pieces of various grain and cereal litter the stage, making a crunchung sound every time it is stepped on. Cynthia Candle says, "Citizens of District 9, now we will reap the tributes for the 4th Quarter Quell!" The wind whistles through the air, and no one makes a sound. "Well, our first tribute is Serene Viola!" I met her once. She goes by Fish, and she is only twelve, but she'd still be on the older half of tributes this year. "Okay, next we have Connor Embreall!" I look at District 9 for the last time. I can believe I was reaped, though. I had tesserae for me, my parents, all four of my grandparents, my triplet sisters, barely a year old, and my ten year old brother. "For our third tribute, Kaleena Ostein!" Kaleena is being pried away from her parents, and thrown at Fish, who tried to make her feel better. "Drajdah Wallace!" He gives Fish a nasty look, and Fish rolls her eyes at him. Apparently, they didn't get along. She is telling about how wonderful that younger children had the opportunity to be in the Games, blah, blah, and then someone threw a shovel at Cynthia, who shrieks, but doesn't move as it lands half an inch in front of her.

District 10

Zanna Vinland:

My brother comes to the reaping, covered in, well, cow fudge. People are either staring, backing away, giggling, or holding their noses when they get around him. He said he wants to get the escort to leave, but I know that really he just wanted to play in the poop. "Hello, District 10! Now for our first tribute, we have Zanna Vinland!" I walk up there, and the escort holds his nose, apparently smelling cow shit from when my brother tried to touch me. Excuse my language. The crowd starts to giggle, and I fling a drop of poo on him, and he squeals and flinches around, knocking the bowls over. "Oops," he says. I know that we won't get along.

Day 2 of the District 10 Reaping

"We have new drawing balls, and a girl who is clean. Now for our male tribute, we have Leon Silas." Leon was reaped last year, and a mentally challenged kid volnteered for him, and made it to second place. He probably expected someone to come. "Serena Yale!" She was just a young girl, but she walked up to the stage, trying not to show fear. "Georgey Dirkson!" Georgey ran up there and I could see a tear in his eye. "Our District 10 tributes!"

District 11

Viscuss Mar:

I'm basically asleep, and faintly recognize the names "Melissa Clover," "Caleb Kieds," and "Roseiline Fitzgerald." Then I hear another name, Viscuss Mar. I've heard of him before, but, oh that's me! I sadly accept my fate and walk to the others. Carol Plair, our escort wakes me up, and gets impatient, so he slaps me, and now I have a nosebleed. Caleb and Melissa are getting me tissues, when a Peacekeeper blocks them from going, since they believe they'll try to escape. Roseiline piches the bridge of my nose, and the bleeding stops. My mother looks extremely scared for me, and is trying to get me back. Goodbye District 11.

District 12

Rosemelrose Divage:

Effie Trinket is standing by the bowls, calling names. The first one she says is, "Blythe Smith." She walks to the stage, and she doesn't look scared, which is a little odd for someone from District 12. "Harris Waxer." "I volunteer!" a boy say who looks like Blythe. "Your name?" "Grayson Smith." Effie looks at them in pity and confusion when she reads another name. "Rosemelrose Divage." I didn't think this was real. A Peacekeeper threw me up on the stage. A boy named Quincy Williams was reaped, and Effie was almost in tears. "Our tributes of District 12."

District 13

Brynn Mantis:

The reaping dude is juggling the four balls, and takes a name out of one. "Zara Lancaster!" Zara doesn't look scared, and I have no idea how she could think that. He puts one down, and calls another name. "Brynn Matnis!" My world freezes. It feels like slow-motion when I walk up there, and Zara doesn't even look my direction. My three year old brother sits in the crowd, and he has a tiny chance of getting reaped, also. "Katelyn Devir!" She reluctantly walks to us when the fourth name is called. "Nathan Loose!" "I volunteer," someone mumbles, probably heard from past Hunger Games reapings, and that voice sounds familiar. It's Jett! My three year old brother! He has no idea what he got himslef into! I almost begin to cry, knowing that he and I would probably both die by the end of these Games. "Tributes of District 13!"

The Games

Day 1

Tamora Summers: District 6

My pedestal rises from the ground, and I see that I am one of the first. There are about six other pedestals up, including someone who my be my brother, who I may or may not ally with. People are rising up, and I saw everyone sooner or later. The time is at 15 seconds. It seems to go so fast but slow at the same time. The timer reaches zero.

Reggie Miller: District 8

The Cornucopia is in the middle of the four buildings, and I go for a blowgun, and run to Taipei 101. I slam open the door, and see a boy, from 7, I think. I shoot at him, and he throws a spear at me. The dart hits his face, intantly killing him. I hide the spear in a closet, and run to an elevator, and click 58, a random floor, so hopefully no one will find me.

Serene "Fish" Viola: District 9

I grab Clarabella and Marine up, and carry them to Arbaj al Bait, where Logan and Brynn are leading the other little kids. Marine screaches as someone comes at us with an axe. Serena Yale from District 10. She throws it, leaving a dent in Marine's skull. I yell at Brynn to take her and heal her, while I take care of Serena. I grab a mace, and throw it at her, but she ducks and it hits Ash Palmer from 6.

Elena Horrisson: District 4

I'm amazed. There are hardly any spears here. One of the few they have, I bury inside of Tanya's chest. Dead for sure. Then Gavin throws a knife at Caleb's throat. Hanna White from 5 throws a knife at Norman, and in return, Jennifer kills her by stabbing her with an arrow.

Leon Silas: District 10

I'm in the 77th floor of the Willis Tower, and I see someone. What a coincidence. Savannah Waters from District 8. I grab a chair, the only item I could find, and I throw it at her, who dodges, and crashes through the window, and a cannon sounds. "No, Emerald!" Landon says. Savannah throws a spoon at my head, and I duck, and it breaks a chandelier, which falls on my head. Savannah gets a piece of glass, and slits my throat. My last thoughts were about my family.

Bianca Rose: District 2

The siblings from 6 come along, and try to grab some maces and run away. I grab a knife, and throw it at Tamora, and she drops dead to the ground.

Kaleena Ostein: District 9

I'm in the bloodbath, and there are hardly any of us here, except for the Careers. I throw a knife at Evan, who ducks, and the knife lands in Blythe's face. Chase throws a spear at me, and I fall to the ground. Chase takes it out again, and stabs me in the heart.

Misty Korna: District 4

Colin, Aqua, Rosemelrose, and I are setting up a camp on the 123rd floor, a sky lobby, perfect for viewing what's going on. And it's one floor above the restaurant. We figured, there are four dead, four up here, so nine people should be able to carry everything up here. And of course we'd take air conditioning if we had the option!

Logan Hawkeye: District 5

Our alliance did well. No one died, and we have the top floor of Arbaj al Bait to ourselves, and Fish grabbed some weapons, and we had enough bandages in the drawers to heal Marine. We're keeping her with one of the older kids at all times. Either me, Fish, or Brynn. We're feeling fine, and we have a view of what's happening from the 120th floor.

Adrianna Thorn: District 3

Katelyn and I are hiding in the 16th floor of Taipei 101, and I realize that our uniforms glow in the dark when I looked in a closet. Should we use them to keep us together, or find away to take them apart so others won't see us?

Zanna Vinland: District 10

Grayson, Reggie, and I all found each other, and we're staying at the 15th floor of Taipei 101. We look outside for the deceased. We know eleven died, but we weren't sure who. The older male and younger female tributes from 1. That's unexpected. Then Tanya from 3. Poor Tanya. The older girl and younger boy from 6. The older boy from 7, who was actually a Career. The little girl from 9, Leon, who I knew before the Games, the older male from 11, and then Blythe. Once Grayson saw this, he began to cry. "She was a Career, but I still love her!" he exclaimed. I heard a stiffle from upstairs. The three of us raced to the elevator and clicked 67, and it is a good thing that they removed the elevator floor tracker.

Day 1 Statistics

(You can sponsor any tribute, even your own, and you can give them any gifts as long as it's reasonalbe. You have five six gifts)

The Careers lost Norman, Emerald, Ares, and Blythe, but still have thirteen left. They are doing fine on supplies, and are in the middle of carrying the Cornucopia supplies to the 123rd floor of Burj Khalifa. They have two people at watch over the camp, and two by the Cornucopia, and don't need anything

Alliance 2 has both members still living, and are currently on Floor 16 in Taipei 101. They could use some food soon.

Alliance 3 are all on 120th floor of Arbaj al Bait, and have most of the supplies they need, but they don't know how sturdy Marine's bandages are. Marine may need some soon.

Alliance 4 is on the 67th floor of Taipei 101. They don't have many things for self-defense if an attacker comes.

Savannah is at Floor 78 of the Willis Tower. She moved up one after killing Leon. She may need some bandages for glass cuts.

Blaze is on the 65th floor of Burj Khalifa, and can't get anywhere since the Careers are using the elevators back and forth. That floor is a residential floor, so he may need a key to rooms to get something out of the fridges, or money to put in a vending machine.

Nicholas is on the 59th floor of Arbaj al Bait, and may need some food.

Camilla is hiding in the small forest, where no one else is. She may need a blanket.

Shadow is devistated my the loss of his sister, but he is doing fine. He is at the 145th floor of Burj Khalifa, a suite floor, and can use the elevator to floor above 123.

May is in the Willis Tower, Floor 34, and need nothing currently.

Justin is on Floor 100 of Arbaj al Bait, and is doing fine.

Drajdah is doing fine and he is at the 5th floor of Arbaj al Bait

Serena was injured escaping the bloodbath with a cut on her knee. She's on the 4th floor of the Willis Tower. She could use some medicine.

Melissa is hiding under a desk on the first floor of Burj Khalifa, and is in fear that the Careers will see her. She could use a camouflage kit.

Viscuss and Roseiline have formed an alliance, and are looking for Melissa to be it, too. They need nothing and are at the 22nd floor of the Willis Tower. (I'll call them Alliance 5)

Zara is on the 103rd floor of the Willis Tower, and may need water soon. This is the balcony floor, but not the top floor.

Day 2

Drajdah Wallace: District 9

I hear the elevator, and I think someone's coming down. I jump behind a couch, and the elevator passes my floor. Someone's probably trying to get to another building. The elevator goes up again, if I'm hearing right. I managed to open a door earlier by randomly whacking it, and I just peeked out and saw who came up. It was actually a pack of knives and two spears. I guess we're doing this instead of parachutes since most of us are indoors.

Nicholas Davenport: District 5

I finally got out of Arbaj al Bait, and I heard a lot of rattle on the 5th floor when I passed on the elevator. Anyway, I ran to Burj Khalifa to meet up with the Careers. I had planned to meet Ares in AaB, but he died, so I'll find my back to the rest of the Careers. I walked into the elevator, and went into another lobby, and after three elevator trips, I ended up on another lobby, where the Careers were. Bianca threw a knife at me, thinking I was a bad guy or something, but missed. We had an awkward reunion, and we looked out the windows for anyone crossing buildings. I see that little boy from 11, Viscuss and the girl, Roseiline. Aqua grabbed a trident, and smashed the window, and glass fell down their direction. They both are jumping away, and survived, but Roseiline looks like she has some glass cuts on her leg. Aqua threw the trident out of the window, which was the original intention, and hit Viscuss in the head. Evan simultaniousely makes a fake "boom" noise as Viscuss's cannon. Justinain throws a knife at Roseiline, and her arm, but she's probably going to live. Now, she's going into our building, and Zara is following her, and I figure that one of them'll be dead soon.

Jett Mantis: District 13

Callope and Clarabella are playing around, while Logan is trying to keep everyone safe. Marine is laying on the bed in a room, and my brother, Brynn is trying to help her. Logan, Callope, Clarabella and I are the only ones outside of our rooms. Callope is testing out a slingshot, and suddenly hears something. "Guys!" she shouts. "Everyone hide!" Logan shouts. Clarabella, Callope, and I are squashing ourselves into a chest, while Logan goes to warn the others, several hallways down. "I hear it," I say. Callope and I both take a peek, but Clarabella pulls us down before we can see. I hear someone walking down, and they start swinging something around. Then I hear a voice. "Oh." I think it was Fish. I take a small peek out, and there is a bow and arrows with Logan's name on them. I climb out, and Clarabella lets out a few grunts as Callope and I climb off of her. The three of us walk to Fish, and we finally get it. It's a sponsor gift!

Grayson Smith: District 12

We are making a system where we can escape if an emergency occurs. Reggie is making parachutes, and Zanna is working on turning of the uniform glow, so no one will notice us at night. I'm cutting glass so we can escape the windows without getting glass cuts. The elevator comes to our floor, and we have no weapons. The Zanna looks in, and it turns out they're sponsor gifts. Knives for her, and a big rope for everyone, which would help us later.

Serena Yale: District 10

I am back in the elevator because I saw a few people get killed by stuff being thrown from higher floors, and I wouldn't want something crashing into my floor. I go to floor 22, and I find some medicine, just right for my knee. I think someone had been here before me, seeing all the mess there is.

Katelyn Devir: District 13

It's very surprising that none of the District 13 tributes have died yet, and that four Careers are gone. Adrianna and I are doing well except for our lack of food. A ring sounds, and we don't know who's passing us. Could be anyone, but then it stopped. Someone stepped out, and this person came with no weapons. Adrianna and I tackle her, and she slaps me, and I become dizzy, but it's nothing serious. The girl's name is May, I think. I join in the fight, and Adrianna pins her arms, and I threw a chair on her legs, and I run to get a knife, and May is back up. She bites Adrianna's arm, and it must've been hard, because it began bleeding. I get the knife from the kitchen ready, and stab May in her back, and I think she's almost dead. She dropped to the floor, and talked to us. "Make it quick," she says. "I know that if we weren't here, we would've been great friends, and I am so sorry for attacking you. I gave her a fatal stab to the neck, and that was the end of May Axel.

Landon Granger: District 4

The sky is pitch black. I wake up from a quick sleep to the distant sound of people bickering. Elena, Gavin, and Aqua, and Rosemelrose were the only ones up. "There are two people coming," Elena says groggily. Misty, Chase, take care of them. "Fine by me," Chase said. After about ninety seconds, two cannons boomed through the air. Gavin and Aqua were going to be back soon, but instead, we saw Blaze and Melissa running toward us with a sword and blowgun, respectively. Rosemelrose threw a knife at Blaze, but missed, and hit the wall. Blaze is taking it out of the wall, and throws it at Jennifer, whose cannon sounds. Melissa blows a poisonous dart as Nicholas, and he dies also. Everyone was throwing weapons at each other, and one hit Blaze in his arm, but he'll be fine. Blaze and Melissa jump out of the window, because they probably didn't want a painful death, but parachutes expand on their backs. They're carrying something. It's Justinain! He has no weapons, so he's helpless! They met up with Roseiline, who we almost killed earlier, and ran off. They kidnapped Justinain. Now, there are eight of us left: Chase, Misty, Bianca, Colin, me, Evan, Elena, and Rosemelrose.

Camilla Ryden: District 5

I'm hiding in a tree, watching all the drama that's happening, and thirty-five people are left. It looks like the the two parachuters and their friend on the ground have kidnapped a "Career Jr." and want them to get him. Then a hear a whisp in the air, and when I turn around, Shadow is standing behind me. I grab a trident that I managed to get from a boy's head named Viscuss. I throw it at his heart, and he slumps to the ground, and I know he's dead for sure when I hear a monstrous boom throughout the sky. I turn my head to the people who've died, and the first face goes up. The older girl from One, odd, but I think I saw that happen when the parachute thing happened. The older boy from Two, small girl from Four, Nicholas, who I knew from home, just a nine year old kid. Shadow, who I just killed, the older girl from Seven, and Viscuss, the boy who I pulled the trident out of.

Day 2 Statistics

The Careers don't have much food because most of it was destroyed when Blaze and Melissa came in. They are still at Floor 123 of Burj Khalifa

Alliance 2 is still at Floor 16 of Taipei 101, and need food before Day 4, and Adrianna needs medicine by Day 4 because of her arm

Alliance 3 is at Floor 120 of AaB, and are doing fine

Alliance 4 is still at Floor 67 of Taipei 101, and are doing fine

Alliance 5 (Blaze, Melissa, Roseiline, Justinain?) are hiding at a small cafe in the first floor of the Willis Tower

Camilla is still in the forest and will need a blanket pretty soon.

Justin is at Floor 100 of AaB, and is fine

Drajdah is at Floor 61 of AaB, and he is doing fine

Serena is doing well, but has no weapons at all, and she's at Floor 22 of the Willis Tower

Zara is at the top floor of the Willis Tower, Floor 108, and is doing well

Day 3

Rosemelrose Divage: District 12

The eight if us remaining are deciding if we should go after Justinain, and honestly, I don't think it's worth it. Suddenly an arrow crashes through the window. "Woah!" Chase gasps. It was from someone on a high floor, seeing the angle it was at. Zara Lancaster from Thirteen. "Evan!" Elena yelps. He's the only one left who can shoot arrows decently, and let it fly and hit the girl on the balcony. Then, a silver parachute comes flying through our window, and we receive a new compound bow and arrow and food for Evan, food and a machete for Colin, and foos for Misty, Landon, and Elena. I was starving, so when they left to try to kill some boy they found, I took a bite of someone's food, and whose, don't know.

Connor Embreall: District 9

I slid into the elevator and pushed a button, and I don't think the other one works. I was tinkering with it earlier. I went down, and I hoped no one sees what's going on. I hear the distant sound of screams. I finally am let off at the 98th floor of Burj Khalifa. Then I get some coins I found under a carpet and put them in a vending machine, and I take a water, even though it's tempting to try a soda, which I've never had.

Evan Long: District 4

"Your head's on my ankle!" "Get your elbow off of my head!" "You're pinching me!" People are screaming, and Chase was pushed into my face, so the braces I wore two years earlier have no purpose now. I can hear Misty shrieking, and Colin had Bianca squashing him. BANG! The elevator hits the bottom floor, and I hit my arm, and it may be broken. Elena and Bianca look like they have some injuries, too. We can't get out at all. "Ow, Bianca! Keep your knife facing a different direction!" "That's a good idea, actually." Colin says. He grabs the knife, to the dismay of Bianca, and started cutting a hole in the elevator door. The six of us desperately try to get out. Bianca is the first, then Chase pushes me out, then Chase and Colin come, too. The only ones left in there were Elena and Misty. Then, Blaze, Melissa, and Roseiline come crashing in, and we all have to hide, except, Bianca has a knife, so we'd save that if we needed it. Misty and Elena were still in the elevator because the holes were too small to get through. They'll be fine, though. The holes are too small to put a good weapon in. "Over here!" Chase whispers. The three of us follow his lead, and climb into a cupboard in the kitchen for Lebanese food. We manage to squeeze in. I look out from a small hole, and the three of them are hunting us, and it seems they've left Justinain back at their camp. I wish I'd stayed back with Landon and Rosemelrose. "Blaze wants them to leave." I whisper. "But Melissa wants to stay, and Roseiline isn't sure." We're even more squashed in here than we were in the elevator, and I'm glad none of us are claustrophobic. "Roseiline wants to leave now." Roseiline and Blaze are standing by the door, and finally, Melissa gives up and goes. We climb out, and we're covered in hummus, couscous, and Lebanese bologna. I'm going to take a shower tonight. We get to Misty and Elena who ask what we're covered in, and we cut a larger hole for them to escape, and we take the working elevator up, and we tell Landon and Rosemelrose we need to go to a different base.

Zanna Vinland: District 10

Grayson, Reggie, and I have been showing each other some weapons. I showed them knife throwing techniques and Grayson modeled from furniture. "I found my blowgun!" Reggie yells. "SSH!" Grayson and I say back. "Sorry!" This reminded me of training, except that there are 33 people instead of 52.

Adrianna Thorn: District 3

I am starving! I haven't eaten in a while, and we both need food from sponsors, soon. Katelyn is getting really skinny, and we have no idea what to do. At least we have enough water. Then someone comes in. Justin Nerou from District 8. Katelyn shrieks. I stand up and try to fight, but I don't think I can because of my arm. Katelyn grabs a knife. He has an axe, and he is well-fed, so I worry about what will happen. Justin throws his axe at her chest, but it wasn't hard enough, because she hardly flinched. Justin has an axe and is about to bring in down on my forehead, when Katelyn stabs his back with a knife. He yells, and Katelyn puts another stab in his heart, and then, the second cannon of the day sounds.

Marine Hier: District 8

I'm feeling a lot better now, and my head isn't hurting. Drajdah made it up here an hour ago. Then the elevator comes with something in it probably. An axe for Logan, a slingshot for Clarabella, and some spears for Callope. I still get dizzy sometimes, but I'm fine. The elevator comes again. They probably forgot something. But no. It's the Careers! Callope throws a spear at Rosemelrose, and she dies. Colin throws an axe at Jett, and another canon booms. I grab one of Callope's spears and throw it at Chase, and he drops dead. Then Landon threw a trident at Clarabella, and then she died. Then a glass wall appears between us, and Fish's mace bounces off of it as she swings it. "Attention, tributes." a voice said. "If you belong to the Career alliance, you must leave immediately. Down the elevator, the six of you. Go." Colin jumped in, and the rest reluctanty agreed to go. They probably wanted to save some fighting for later. Then the glass wall was raised, and they went to a lower floor.

Serena Yale: District 10

I decided to go away from the Wllis Tower and into Arbaj al Bait. I am going inside of Arbaj al Bait on the second floor. I stared at the stars and looked at the six faces in the sky tonight. Now, all the tributes from 1 and 6 are dead, and there are 28 of us left.

Day 3 Statistics

The Careers aren't doing well, and have six members left, or seven, including Justinain. There isn't anything they need in particular, though. They are in the 49th floor of Arbaj al Bait.

Alliance 2 is doing fine, and have gotten food. They are at the 16th floor of Taipei 101 still.

Alliance 3 has lost two members, but has lots of weapons, and enough food and water to last until Day 6. They are still at the top floor of Arbaj al Bait.

Alliance 4 is training with weapons, and have completely set up an escape route. They are at Floor 67 of Taipei 101.

Alliance 5 has Justinain and have made many kills so far, and they are planning on trading Justinain for weapons, or another form of blackmail. They are at the 123rd floor of Burj Khalifa, where the Careers used to be.

Serena is at Floor 2 of Arbaj al Bait, and may need water soon.

Camilla is still in the forest, and she may need a blanket.

Connor is at the 98th floor of Burj Khalifa.

Savannah is in Floor 64 if Taipei 101, and has been hiding there for a while.

Feast Info

The Feast has a huge reward, and can only be given to three people. They can't split it, and many people will want it. Please tell if your tributes is going, and if they are in an alliance of four or more, not all of them can have it. I can't give the Feast away, but I still need you to tell whether they're going or not. This doesn't mean that only three will survive the feast, though.

Going Not Going

Depends (This is different than undecided)

Zanna Vinland Katelyn Devir Drajdah Wallace
Misty Korna Adrianna Thorn Colin Courtai
Landon Granger Logan Hawkeye Evan Long
Elena Horrisson Justinain Bemus Quincy Williams
Blaze Seeth Brynn Mantis Serene "Fish" Viola
Connor Embreall Marine Hier
Camilla Ryden Bianca Rose
Grayson Smith
Callope Shade
Dewayne Shade
Reggie Miller

Undecided (You must tell if your tributes comes to the Feast by July 7, 10:00 A. M. Dallas Time, or your tribute will die at the Feast.) (I may have put your tribute here on accident, and if I don't fix it by 4:00 tomorrow, tell me.)

Day 4

Feast Announcement

"Attention tributes, there will be a feast today. This may seem to be early, and it does for a reason I will announce later. As you may or may not know, twenty-eight of you remain, and none of you are in the Willis Tower at the moment. The feast will be held on the balcony of floor 103, not the top floor, 108. There are three helicopters waiting there. If you manage to get in one, you will be taken to a mansion in an unknown location with the other two tributes, their mentor, stylist, and escort. You will be able to train there, or just take a rest. You will be guaranteed to survive the three days you are there. At noon of Day 7, a little more than 72 hours away, is the time you'll be taken back. Thank you, tributes of the 100th Hunger Games.

Serene "Fish" Viola: District 9

Goergey and Dewayne ask Brynn to tke them, but he refuses. There are lots of complaints, and finally I volunteer to go, and take a bow and arrow with me. "Are you sure?" Logan asks me. "The only alliance that will probably go is the alliance that kidnapped Justinain. I can either kill them easily, or ask them to have pity on us." "I wouldn't recommend going." Brynn tells me. "We'll keep safe, and I think that with the six of us, some will get into a copter." Marine looked at us, and hoped an argument didn't break out. Marine, Brynn, and Logan would be the only ones staying. The five of them came my direction and went down the elevator, hoping we wouldn't find anyone along the way. Then, it stops. Dewayne begins to panic, and no one is feeling safe. A girl runs in and throws an axe, and it hits Georgey in the head. I stabbed an arrow through her skull, and she died immediately. "Do you remember who that was?" Drajdah asks. "Serena Yale from Ten." Quincy responds. "She killed someone from her district."

Bianca Rose: District 2

I didn't want to go to the feast. The odds have not been in our favor this year, as we started out with seventeen, and currently have six. And that's halfway through. The older Careers are telling Colin and Evan to go with them, and they're skeptical for a reason. Colin probably would've never joined the Careers is he knew they would've done so badly. They're all heading to the feast now, and I stare at the three copter, thinking about how bad other Quells would be after these.

Blaze Seeth: District 3

Roseiline and Melissa are in front of me, racing to the copters. Melissa presses a button on the elevator, and it doesn't open. Then, a door flies open, and there are grey, carpeted stairs that I start to jog up. "Ahh!" Roseiline screams. "Run, Blaze!" Melissa yells at me. There's a cannon, probably Melissa's, and the Careers come barreling at us, Landon holding a bloody sword. Melissa threw one of my axes at Landon, who collapsed to the floor. They began chasing us, and we didn't stop running. Melissa made a trip, but I kept running, and Elena killed her with a knife. After a while, I reach Floor 103, and many people followed. The Careers, Grayson, Reggie, and Zanna, and Camilla, were all here, and Quincy and Callope followed, and then there was an awkward pause. There was a huge elephant muttation on the grounds between the buildings, and they trampled over Savannah from 8, and Dewayne from 7, and gave Fish some injuries. Then the fighting began with Elena sticking a knife in my head.

Zanna Vinland: District 10

I'm running to the ladder, and kill someone with a knife who was climbing on it. Camilla Ryden, I think. I climb on, and I hop into a seat, and I'm ready to be taken away to a place away from here. I hope Grayson and Reggie survive.

Callope Shade: District 7

My brother just died, and I begin crying. Fish comes up, battered and beaten, and she takes me back along with Quincy. Where's Quincy? Misty pushes him off the balcony, and he drops to the ground. "Run, Callope!" Now, there's hardly any of us left. Then a spear hits Fish's head. "Score!" I hear Elena say. I run off, crying, and a knife runs three inches away from my head. There are only four of us left, so I ran back to Brynn, Logan, and Marine, and there's an open ladder. I decide that I can do this, to get one last glimpse of the outside world.

Misty Korna: District 2

I'm almost to the top of the ladder, when Elena shakes it, and I begin to wobble. I fall and now I'm hanging on the edge with fingertips. Colin helps me up, when Grayson throws an axe at his back, and we both fall. I'm desperately looking for holds when I finally see one. I grab it just in time, and my fingers are starting to bleed because of glass, and I feel heavier on my legs for some reason, and, oh. It's Colin. "Climb up me, and then it'll be easier for me to climb up." My voice quavers as I talk. Colin climbs on my back, and something sharp must've been under his shoe, becasue I received a sharp cut. "Ouch!" "Sorry!" Colin says. He's up, and eventually hoists me up, saving my life. If I allied with the other Careers again, we'd have to find out.

Elena Horisson: District 4

Great. Just great. After all the work I spent trying to get the last ladder, Evan shoves me off, and takes it for himself. I wonder how Misty and Colin survived, anyway. After Evan took the ladder, Grayson and Reggie took the parachutes down, and as far as I know, Misty didn't have one. I have flashbacks to the bloodbath occasionally. A chair flew from the Willis Tower and hit Emerald, killing her instantly. "They must've grabbed onto the empty hole from the chair that killed Emerald." I told Bianca. Evan was gone, Misty and Colin are gone, probably ditched us, so as you can tell, we're doing horribly this year.

Connor Embreall: District 9

It's aroung night, and my vest begins to glow. The light goes on and off again and again, and I know it's Morse Code. "Meet us at one of the underground floors of Taipei 101," it said. I take the elevator down, which surprisingly, no one else has, and I'm going the bottom, the fifth floor below ground. I hear muffled voices. "I know what I'm doing, Cierna. He's going to meet up with us, and we'll take him to Albion, and I'm sure of it." "Quiet down! People will hear us, kill Connor, and before you know it, everyone will know about Albion and we'll be killed!" "We can't be too anxious about this. Ten years ago, we tried to rescue Eva Stone, but did that work?" "Hi Drina." I whisper. "Connor, come on the hovercraft. We're so glad you got our message!" "Quiet down, Drina." Lucy says. "We can't let anymore people down here, or the Capitol will think we're up to something." Cierna says. I climb in and they take me far, far away. I, along with other people who live in Albion, heard our own cannons shout in the air. The three original escapees heard theirs in the 41st Games, making them around 93 years old. I looked at Panem one last time, and escaped to Albion, where I would plan future escapes.

Day 5

Brynn Matnis: District 13

We finally found Drajdah, and we're taking caution after losing so many people. Callope is gone, and we think she went on a copter. We're getting pretty hungry, since most of the food here is either good, or starting to rot. No one has come in, though, so we'll be fine with the killing standpoint if no one comes along.

Adrianna Thorn: District 3

The feast was huge, and now there are twelve dead, three gone. The elevator passes our floor, and Katelyn lets out a silent shriek. It's going back up now, and both of us hide. I desperately look for a hiding place, and there is a tall basket, that I didn't notice for a while. I climb inside, and Katelyn is still looking, and I guess she found a place, because when two people walked in here, they didn't see anyone. I think it was Colin from 3, and Misty from 2. "Found her!" Colin yells. Misty runs over, and they look through an air vent. Colin threw a knife up, but it bounced off and almost landed in Misty's neck. "Colin, we're trying to kill her, not me." Misty says calmly. Then, I jump out with my bow and arrow, and shoot one right at Colin's neck. He throws a knife at Katelyn duing his last few seconds of life. His cannon booms, and Misty runs off. Katelyn falls to the ground. "Katelyn!" "Adrianna! Win this for me!" "You can still make it," I say, knowing it's a lie. "Bye, Adrianna." She wept some more, and, finally, her cannon sounds. I fall to the ground weaping because my only ally has been killed.

Reggie Miller: District 8

I'm pretty jealous of Zanna for getting on the ladder, but I hope she's fine. We kept on training with weapons when the door falls over. Elena and Bianca run in, and Grayson grabs one of our spears and stabs Bianca in the heart, and Elena digs it out of her, and puts it in Grayson's head, and he is down. All of the tributes from 12 are dead now, along with 1, 6, and 12. Suddenly, metal cuffs appear around my feet. Of course. Elena's the crwd favorite so they'll let her kill me, but no, they go around her legs, too. "Attention, Elena Horisson and Reggie Miller, the doors and elevators to your floor have all been locked up. Early in the morning, on Day 6, you'll fight to the death, and you'll have until noon to do so. In the meantime, you cannot harm each other in any way, or you will be dead. Understood? If so, say yes sir. "Yes sir!" Elena hollers. "Yes sir," I mutter. It was awkward being in a room with someone who will either kill you, or you'll kill them. Elena takes all my food, and stuffs herself up, and I don't even bother worrying. I grab Bianca's knife, and while Elena wasn't looking, stuck it into a chicken leg, and took it out. She was the one who liked poison on her knives, right?

Zanna Vinland: District 10

This is amazing! Callope, Evan, and I have an entire Training Center, modeled after the original, to ourselves! Even the outdoor stations, which are nice to go to. We don't know what's exaclty going on at the arena, but we know that there are twelve tributes remaining, including us three. I run over to the trident station, which I've been trying at for a while, and hit two dummies in the throat, and one at the leg. That one wasn't too good. "Time for dinner!" Callope's stylist, Toby says. We all run up to the table and stare at the food they have. Evan digs into a chicken leg, and his escort, Dylan, looks disturbed. I look at the corn on the cob, and think about how wonderful it looks, and how I desperately want to eat it. We're all doing wonderfully, and the District 7 mentor, Steven Huddleston, helps us all out in training. The beds are huge, and we can enjoy ourselves, and hope that there will be less people at the arena when we get back. I hope Grayson and Reggie are okay, but this place is paradise!

Day 6

Reggie Miller: District 8

I feel horrible, and so does Elena, and neither of us can fight. we've both vomitted several times, and Elena doesn't even focus on killing me now. I wonder what happened to me to make me so sick. Elena probably poisoned my food. I guess it's not deadly, unlike what I was hoping for, but I guess it worked in my favor, too. Both of us are unsure of what we pooisoned, and the Gamemakers will probably kill us soon. I take a rest, knowing that Elena won't be going anywhere, when I feel a tight pain in my back. "I guess those acting classes paid off." Elena says as I close my eyes and faintly hear my cannon.

Adrianna Thorn: District 3

I decide to go for a few kills. I'm in the lobby of Arbaj al Bait, and run my fingers up to the top floor, and I patiently wait for the elevator to get up there. It opens, and there are two older boys and a young girl eating a small meal. I load my bow, and release, hitting one of them in the head. His name was Brynn, I think. Marine and Logan let out a yelp, and Logan went for his axe, and ran at me. I began to run, but it was too late. The axe had already sunk into my head, and I said goodbye to planet Earth.

Justinain Bemus: District 2

I was trapped in a small hole, and I finally managed to climb out. I've been wandering around for the past few hours, and no one has found me. Then Elena rushes out of one of the buildings, and throws an axe at me. I run away before it hits me. "Justinain!" "Misty!" Misty picks me up, and throws me in to her backpack. It's really crowded in here," I complain. "Don't care," Misty responds. I felt a lot of shaking, and then, I think something came up to us. It roared. I think it was one of those elephant mutts. Misty must've tossed me off, and I was squahed by something huge. I can't breathe!

Logan Hawkeye: District 5

A cannon hits the air, and I have no idea who it was. Misty tossed off a bag, and then "BOOM". The elephants are coming closer to her, and I think she's a goner. I can't believe that Marine, Darjdah, and I are the only ones left in our alliance, and then Callope, who we'll se tomorrow, if we live that long. Four of us are left in the arena, along with the three at the house. This is going to come to and end soon.

Elena Horrisson: District 4

Five faces appear in the sky tonight. The Games are about to end, and Evan will come back tomorrow, and we'll be able to kill like crazy. Misty, Justinain, Adrianna, Reggie, and Brynn are long gone, and Districts 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, and 10 are the only ones left with tributes.

Congratulations to the Final 7: Elena, Evan, Logan, Callope, Marine, Drajdah, and Zanna

Day 7

Evan Long: District 4

I peek out of my window, and Zanna's and Callope's helicopters are coming to the balcony floor. Zanna's is the first to get to the ground, and Callope follows, then, I get out. There's a pause, then I run to Callope, and put her in a headlock, and try to choke her. Zanna wasn't to good with hand-to-hand, so she started running down the stairs. Callope is screaming and crying. Finally, her breath stops, and a cannon bursts throughout the arena.

Logan Hawkeye: District 5

Someone's already dead today, and the speed we've been dying, today will probably be the last day. There are onlt two Careers, but we still have lots of problems. The Gamemakers will try to bring us together. "Attention tributes, we will be having a second feast. The Cornucopia is restocked, and attendance is mandatory." Just like that, the voice quit, and I grabbed Drajdah and openes up the elevator. "Where's Marine?" Drajdah asks. "You go down, I'll stay up here to look for her.

Zanna Vinland: District 10

Both of my allies are dead, and I'm getting real worried. I'm the only one who isn't in an alliance, and I don't think I can take it. I'm the first at the Cornucopia, and I think about the three of us at the house, and how Evan killed Callope only a few minutes after we were released. I grab some knives, and look for a target. Drajdah comes down, and before I throw, he says, "Alliance?" "Sure," I respond. Evan and Elena come running out of Arbaj al Bait, and they have weapons in their hands. I throw a knife at Evan, and I hit him in the head. Marine and Logan come running out here, and the Final 5 are all present. "Everyone in the Final 5, stop, we have another announcement. You can become victors if you manage to run on the other side of a dome that's closing right now. If you're stuck on the side you're on, you will die. You may start now, and aren't allowed to kill each other."

Drajdah Wallace: District 9

Us six are listening, and the speaker shouts go. The gate is deep into the forest, and this isn't too good. I'm not a fast runner. Elena is ahead, and Logan's just behind. Marine's behind her, and Zanna is in between me and Marine. The dome is a quarter of the way down. I can't even see Elena now, and Logan is just a dot. Marine is getting small, too. I'm getting pretty tired, and I gope I don't faint.

Elena Horrisson: District 4

I'm the farthest, and I know I'll be a victor, just like my family wanted. The sun is getting really hot. Logan i getting far too, and I can't kill them. I'm not against them anymore. I hardly have any friends back in 4, and maybe they can be with me. Maybe they can be my friends. The dome's about a half of the way down.

Logan Hawkeye: District 5

I'm out of breath, and I had to wake up Marine to go down this evening, and I'm exhausted. We're all in the forest now, and I can see that Elena just passed the line. It's about ten feet away from the ground, three-quarters of the way down.

Marine Hier: District 8

I've had to slow down, because I can't keep up this speed. The dome is eight feet off the ground, and Zanna and Drajdah is beating me there. I'm still keeping a decent pace, though. Logan just passed, and Zanna is almost there.

Drajdah Wallace: District 9

We're almost there, and Marine and I are the only ones who haven't passed. It's only six feet off the ground, so it's almosy over, and I run in, and I will be a victor!

Elena Horrisson: District 4

Marine sprained her ankle and can't run, so I guess she's going to die. Poor thing. Then, I had a flashback to certain times. I remember when I killed a young, six year old girl, Tanya Verule. She placed 50th, and I killed her with a spear. There were five others I killed, and I thought. I don't feel like I'm a good victor. I run into the dome, and grab Marine by the hand, and throw her right under the wall of the dome, and Logan pulls her out. It's almost closed now, and I run to the dome, but it's too late. It is closed, and I think of the four, deserving victors out there, as they call my name. The temperature will rise until my death. I killed many people, but I die a hero. Marine is wailing, and I think about my family, and all my district partners, and I close my eyes for the last time, and the faint sound of cannon is the last experience I have.

Death Chart

Place Name and District Cause of Death
52nd Ares West: 7 Reggie's Blowgun
51st Ash Palmer: 6 Fish's Mace
50th Tanya Verule: 3 Elena's Spear
49th Caleb Kieds: 11 Gavin's Spear
48th Norman Jacobe: 1 Hanna's Knife
47th Hanna White: 5 Jennifer's Arrows
46th Emerald Silvers: 1 Leon's Chair
45th Leon Silas: 10 Savannah's Glass
44th Tamora Summers: 6 Bianca's Knife
43rd Blythe Smith: 12 Kaleena's Knife
42nd Kaleena Ostein: 9 Chase's Spear
41st Viscuss Mar: 11 Aqua's Trident
40th May Axel: 7 Katelyn's Knife
39th Gavin Fremie: 2 Blaze's Sword
38th Aqua Lyons: 4 Melissa's Blowgun
37th Jennifer Vanle: 1 Blaze's Knife
36th Nicholas Davenport: 5 Melissa's Blowgun
35th Shadow Summers: 6 Camilla's Trident
34th Zara Lancaster: 13 Evan's Arrows
33rd Justin Nerou: 8 Katelyn's Knife
32nd Rosemelrose Divage: 12 Callope's Spear
31st Jett Mantis: 13 Colin's Axe
30th Chase Amos: 1 Marine using Callope's Spear
29th Clarabella Keen: 6 Landon's Trident
28th Georgey Dirkson: 10 Serena's Axe
27th Serena Yale: 10 Fish's Arrows
26th Roseiline Fitzgerald: 11 Landon's Sword
25th Landon Granger: 4 Melissa's Axe
24th Melissa Clover: 11 Elena's Knife
23rd Savannah Waters: 8 Trampled my Elephant Mutt
22nd Dewayne Shade: 7 Trampled by Elephant Mutt
21st Blaze Seeth: 3 Elena's Knife
20th Camilla Ryden: 5 Zanna's Knife
19th Quincy Williams: 12 Pushed off Balcony by Misty
18th Serene Viola: 9 Elena's Spear
17th Connnor Embreall: 9 Escaped to Albion
16th Colin Courtai: 3 Adrianna's Arrow
15th Katelyn Devir: 13 Colin's Knife
14th Bianca Rose: 2 Grayson's Spear
13th Grayson Smith: 12 Elena's Spear
12th Reggie Miller: 8 Elena's Knife
11th Brynn Mantis: 13 Adrianna's Arrow
10th Adrianna Thorn: 3 Logan's Axe
9th Justinain Bemus: 2 Trampled by Elephant Mutt
8th Misty Korna: 2 Trampled by Elephant Mutt
7th Callope Shade: 7 Choked by Evan
6th Evan Long: 4 Zanna's Knife
5th Elena Horrrisson: 4 Heated up Until Death
Victor Marine Hier: 8 Victor
Victor Logan Hawkeye: 5 Victor
Victor Drajdah Wallace: 9 Victor
Victor Zanna Vinland: 10 Victor

Victory Tour and Afterwards

Most of the Districts were fine, and in District 4, they all, especiall Marine, thanked Elena for letting her live, and said that she died a hero. 1, 3, 4, and 5, were awkward Districts, since one of their tributes died at the hands of one of the victors. 5, 8, 9, and 10 received lots of praise, since they were the homes of the four victors. The Capitol was excited to see them come, since they've never had that many victors before. There were many people wanting autographs and pictures, and they were very popular. Marine and Drajdah mentored tributes in other Games, which was awkward since the were so young. All of them stayed in touch after these events, and became good friends with Irina, Elena's sister.

Albion was created by Aurora and Venus, a.k.a. Epic Hobo.

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