Hi! I'm going to host my fourth Games here, and I will start having a series of Games after this. I am working on the Alliance Games at the time, but I will manage to run both Games at the same time. If you were in my first Games, you know I like to have longer Games. The 100th Games were kind of short because it took me a while to get thorough everything, and I didn't want to lose people. Anyway, expect to have around nine or ten days, possibly more. These will be normal Games with twenty-six tributes including District 13, and I hope that these are good!


1. No profanity.

2. If your tribute dies, no complaining.

3. Make your tribute like a real person. They can't be good at everything.

4. Don't be rude to other users.

5. It may take a while to update, so I need patience, but if I don't update it in like two or three days, you can leave a message on my page.

6. Enjoy yourself. This wiki is made for fun, right?


You may have reservations for two days, then I'll take it down.

Name Age Weapon Creator
District 1 Male Garnet Wilke 17 Spear Cupcakesrule
District 1 Female Amethyst DeMoir 17 Bow and Arrows Cupcakesrule
District 2 Male Aldo Gambetti 18 Sword Dagbid247365
District 2 Female Demetria Callitor 15 Spear Readwritelivenikki
District 3 Male Zachary "Zack" Riggs 17 Knife 50thGamesFTW
District 3 Female Adian Menaly 17 Sword 50thGamesFTW
District 4 Male Logan Blue 18 Trident Nate777
District 4 Female Misty Blue 18 Knife Nate777
District 5 Male Alex Fillie 15 Sword Cloveismywife
District 5 Female Maybelle "May" Carmen 17 Bow and Arrows Readwritelivenikki
District 6 Male Royce Deneath 13 Axe JWW
District 6 Female Serelle Calter 16 Bow and Arrows


District 7 Male Luke Searer 17 Axe Thena.airice14
District 7 Female Enili McGee 15 Bow and Arrows Aniju Aura
District 8 Male Dake Larson 16 Bow and Arrows Captainsv
District 8 Female Daina Coleman 16 Bow and Arrows Clove is the best
District 9 Male Parker Blask 14 Throwing Knives Captainsv
District 9 Female Destine Sandust 15 Throwing Sickles Rainbow Vampire
District 10 Male James Will 15 Spear JWW
District 10 Female Alice Marsop 14 Blowgun IHeartHungerGames
District 11 Male Hinder Black 17 Crossbow Bolandcas
District 11 Female Chandler Brass 16 Knife Bolandcas
District 12 Male Jacob Dawson 12 Slingshot Dagbid247365
District 12 Female Leah-Rose Maegan 12 Spear Aquastar4infinity
District 13 Male Lucifer Fingal 17 Dagger Aniju Aura
District 13 Female Jenna Everett 17 Blowgun Cloveismywife

Tribute Gallery

Tribute Template (2 Tributes Per Person) (This will be deleted as soon as all the tributes are in)

Name: Give them a name that isn't weird or stupid. Look up Swedish naming laws, and you'll see an example of a bad name.




Weapon(s) of Choice:



Appearance: (It would be better if you made a Lunaii, because I will have a tribute gallery. If you can't, that's okay. I'm going to try to keep them in the same format, like the picture below. I'll have this here until the first tribute is in, then I'll use them as an example.)


Feel free to add anything else to it.


I choose them, but you may ask for an alliance between a few people. There will not be rediculous amounts of tributes, like 14 in one alliance. That only happens in Quells where there are more tributes.

Alliance 1 (Careers)

Amethyst DeMoir (1)

Garnet Wilke (1)

Demetria Callitor (2)

Aldo Gambetti (2)

Adian Menaly (3)

Misty Blue (4)

Logan Blue (4)

Alex Fillie (5)

Royce Deneath (6)

Alliance 2

Serelle Calter (6)

Enili McGee (7)

James Will (10)

Jacob Dawson (12)

Alliance 3

May Carmen (5)

Daina Coleman (8)

Dake Larson (8)

Parker Blask (9)

Destine Sandust (9)

Alliance 4

Luke Searer (7)

Alice Marsop (10)

Chandler Brass (11)

Hinder Black (11)

Leah-Rose Maegan (12)

Tributes Remaining Singular

Zack Riggs (3)

Jenna Everett (13)

Lucifer Fingal (13)


District 1

Amethyst DeMoir

Reaping day. I think I'm volunteering this year. Anyway, the escort, Lisa Gains, walks to the microphone. "Welcome, welcome, District 1! I am so happy to come here to reap tributes for these Games and just to here in this wonderful place, not as good as the Capitol, though, but..." I, along with about half the audience, zonk out every year. As long as I can remember, she's been the escort and she's never talked for less than an hour before the names are reaped. I remember one year, a girl started swearing at her about halfway through the long speech. Anyway, reaping time. After hat seems like centuries, she gets to the names. "Sarah Starlight!" Sarah was fifteen, and looked confident she could win, but it was obvious that she'd die within the first few days. "I volunteer!" I shout. "Okay! We have yet another volunteer, and did you know that seventy percent of all tributes from here are volunteers? I find that interesting, and a lot less compared to the eighty-five percent of District 2, and..." I zone out, and look at Garnet, the only guy that doesn't like me. The problem is, he's the only one I like. He walks up towards me. I realize why. He was reaped! Oh gosh, I wanted to win and come back to him, and oh gosh, why did I volunteer?!

District 2

Aldo Gambetti

"Hello, and welcome to the reaping, and I am so glad to see District 2 again, and just think about two people here, getting the trip of a liftime to the Capitol and the arena, and..." the escort, Keith Gains, twin brother of the District 1 escort, was droning about the Capitol, District 2, the Hunger Games, and somtimes, I think, just get to the Games. Why even bother talking about this junk. It seems everyone in District 2 agreed with me, and my sister and her friends were discussing ways to kill him. After a while, he finally got to the names. "Ally Gambetti!" My twelve year old sister, who took like 50 extra tesserae so she'd be reaped. She didn't volunteer like a normal person because she "wanted grain," in other words, she'd chicken out. "I volunteer!" a voice came from the 15 year old girls section. I recognized her from somewhere. "Demetria Callitor!" the escort said without asking her name. Oh right, she was the mayor's daughter. "Earl Kingsley!" A sixteen year old boy walked up to Demetria and Keith and I shouted "I volunteer!" "So we have another volunteer!" the escort said. "Isn't it amazing how anxious we all are to get in the Games? I know that both of you will do spectacularly and you'll be the crowd favorites, and..." There we go again. Demetria and I stared at him, ready to push him off the platform, which we almost did. "Demetria! Aldo! I am so happy you'll be competing this year! These will be spectacular Games, and you two will enjoy so much! You know, we have new stylists for your chariots, so..." This is his eleventh year. 20 people survived him, somehow. Help me!

District 3

Adian Menaly

The first thing I wake up to is my mother's putrid voice singing to me and my siblings. It was very early out here, being the farthest west District of Panem. My sister, only three weeks old starts crying, and my brother, twelve years old, acts like he's going to die. I took all the tesserae, so he'd be fine. I wish he'd shut up for one second. "If I get reaped, what if I get killed in the bloodbath, or what if I get killed by wild porcupines, or," I'm ready to slam his mouth shut and get on with my life. Anyway, I go to the reaping with a chicken coup we call family, and Moofa, the escort begins talking in an accent so thick, all I can hear is jibberish. After everyone in District 3 settles down, he calls out a name. Everyone looks around in confusion, and no one knows who was reaped. This goes on for almost fifteen minutes as Moofa tries to explain to us who the name was, but I yell at him. "I volunteer!" The crowd gasped and stared at me. He draws another name, and reads it off. No one can understand him, like the first name, so I run over and shout the name in the microphone. "Zachary Riggs!" Everyone covers their ears as I say his name, and the boy who must be Zack walks to us, and I give him a quick thump on the head.

District 4

Misty Blue

"Bye, Misty," Logan, my husband tell me. "Bye," I tell him. Logan and I got married last year. He is the nicest man on Earth, and I couldn't stand to be seperated from him. We both had to take one tesserae each, just in case of a drought, like the one that killed my sister. There had been minor riots in District 4 because of the loss of jobs, and people died of hunger and protesting. Anyway, I think I'm pregnant, but after Mrs. Everdeen died, the doctors here have been horrible. The escort, Kayleen Eliscope walks up to the stage. She was an elderly lady, at least ninety-five, according to several people. "Welcome, District 4!" Her hoarse voice sounded through the square, and most people clapped and cheered. I used to think they were fun, but now, I can't risk it. I have a husband, in-laws, parents, and possibly a child, my life can't be over because of a Game, can it? "We have come here once again to select tributes for another Games, the 121st. Now, we will start with the females, as usual. Her glasses glinted in the District 4 sun as a poor girl would be forced to enter a 26-way battle to the death. "Misty Blue!" The audience gave a half-hearted applause as I walked to the stage, and I look around, shocked. Logan looks like he's been punched in the gut, and my mother started bursting into tears. I walked up and she took a good look at me. "Midty Blue, everyone!" Her voice rang through the square, and she walked over to the male's bowl. Logan is almost in tears, which I have never seen him do, and I get ready to die. "Logan Blue!" she said. I felt like suicide already, and he walks up, hugging me tightly, and both of our families are in panic, and Kayleen stares at us. Then, her glasses slip of her face and shatters into pieces. "Oh!" she screams. "I payed 400 Capitol pounds for these!" Tears fall from her face, and she holds the remaints of her glasses in her hands. Just like the Capitol. Cry over glasses, but not the death of 25 children and adolcents.

District 5

Alex Fillie

The reaping day, dreaded by all citizens of the Districts besides 1, 2, and 4. My parents get a nice suit ready for me, and I was prepared. I walk out into the square, getting called names by twelve year olds as I walk over to my section. Our escort, Earl Healer walks up and begins to talk in his almost robotic voice. He introduces us to him and begins calling names. Camilla Averson and Logan Hawkeye are standing by him, wondering who would be reaped. "For the girls today we have Maybelle Carmen." An eighteen year old girl, strikingly attractive, walks to the stage, and I can see that she looks worried. "And Alex Fillie will be our male tribute this year." Laughter sounds through the audience as I walk towards them, and Maybelle gives a look of sympathy in my direction. I couldn't believe that a fifteen year old with no tesserae was reaped. District 5 has done well in the past few years, so I keep my hopes up and hope to return home. Tears fall from my mom's face, and I look at District 5 for what will probably be the last time.

District 6

Royce Deneath

I am not going to chicken out and not volunteer like last time. I would join the Careers right after I saw them. The escort, Kathrin, starts talking in the microphone. "Hello, District 6! Today we will reap a young man and woman for these Games!" Then, someone threw a moldy piece of bread at her, and she squealed. "I should've chosen District 9," she muttered under her breath. "Now the boys will go first this year. Jared Line. And the girls..." "I volunteer!" I yell at her. "Run, and make it snappy." "Serelle Calter is our female tribute, and hurry. I want to get out of here as fast as I can." Serelle gives me a look as if I were insane, but I don't care. "Hurry, we need to get to the train. Now." She's gotten grumpy over the past few years.

District 7

Luke Searer

"Have you tried the grilled crawfish?" "No, but I want to. But the brisket salad is divine..." The Capitol made a big mistake giving us two escorts. Normally, they rotate, but this year, I don't know what happened. Nothing Capitol people love more than Capitol people. Normally I'd say the Hunger Games, but they haven't gotten to the reaping, and we've been here for half an hour. "Oh, I love Guava tea!" "I know, right? It goes well with Kañiwa bread." "Really? Oh, now I get it!" Why do they keep talking about food? Finally the mayor goes over to them and tries to urge them on, and they both do, reluctantly. "Emli McGoo," one of the girls says. "No, that's Eriili McCee." After what feels like hours of arguing, they decide that the name is Enili McGee. "Now for the boys," one of them begins, but it interrupted by the other girl, who shoves her aside and says my name. I walk up there with Enili and we stare at the audience, and they look back, sympathetically, either for the Games, or the escorts.

District 8

Daina Coleman

Fein Noterna is the new eescort for District 8 this year and he looks, well, odd. His hair was in the shape of a tornado and he had torquoise lipstick. Anyway, he should be getting to the names soon. I was barely listening when I heard my name shouted on the microphone. Oh gosh! I hoped someone would be desperate enough to volunteer, but no one was. My sister was screaming her head off, scared to death, as no one we had ever known had been reaped. Then, Fein grabs another name out of the bowl and announce it to the audience. "Dake Larson," and he walked up. He was that boy who never talked. He was at school when I was younger. He had few friends. His family was devistated and he gave me a blank look, and I felt a bit bad for him. Something must've happened to him to make him not talk.

District 9

Destine Sandust

I look at the escort with a blank look, wondering why he thinks he's so "pretty," trying to find a way to block all that out. "The girl who will experience my hotness on the train rides and time in the Capitol is Destine Sandust!" No, it can't be me! I'm only fifteen! Then, he puts his hand into the boy's bowl. Some unlucky boy would have to go into the Hunger Games, and deal with our escort, Harren, whichever one was worse. My mind froze, thinking about how I would have to compete in these Games. Then Harren reaches his hand into the bowl and swishes it around. "Parker Blask!" I remember his brother was reaped two years ago. We both gave Harren blank looks, trying to ignore the fact we'd be in a fight to the death.

District 10

Alice Marsop

I walk to the reapings, worried about my odds of being reaped. My aunt was in the Games a few years ago and died when a car crashed into the Cornucopia. There was something about District 10 and families being reaped. Anyway, the escort stands up there and begins talking. "Hello, District 10!" he yells. "Now," he smiles at us with his artificially colored rainbow teeth. "We will reap a girl and boy for these Games!" The crowd looks at him like he's an idiot and he chooses a girl's name. Please don't be me! But my wish doesn't come true. "Alice Marsop!" he yells. I walk up and look at District 10 and wonder which boy would be reaped. "James Will!" James walks up towards us, trying to hold in tears. We both stare at District 10, hoping that we'd be able to come back.

District 11

Chandler Brass

Our escort, known for being a klutz, walks to the stage. She beats her hand around the girls' bowl and knocks it off, causing it to shatter into pieces. The mayor, as if expecting this, has a spare bowl he hands her. "Chandler Brass!" A Peacekeeper shoves me up to the escort, and I wonder if this is a dream. This can't be true! "And for our next tribute, we have Hinder Black!" A seventeen year old boy walks towards us, and I can see my father's worried face as the escort shoves us towards the train.

District 12

Leah-Rose Maegan

We have had the most stupid escort in the history of Panem. He comes every year in a swimsuit so all the girls can see his muscles. He is not the brightest, but the girls love him, and we've had more female volunteers in the past six years than District 4. "Good morning District 12!" He yells. Some of the fifteen year old girls scream as he puts his arm up to show how thick his muscles are. Honestly, I think that his head is thicker than his muscles, but whatever. "Now, we're here to reap two tributes!" More girls scream and I can't stand it anymore. This is my first reaping, and hopefully the worst. "Leah-Rose Maegan!" I look up there and I can't believe it. I have one slip in there, and it got picked. "And Jacob Dawson is our male tribute!" I knew him from school. He was also twelve and he couldn't believe what he was hearing. "Our tributes of District 12!"

District 13

Lucifer Fingall

All of District 13 stares at our escort who enthusiastically welcomes the three victors we've ever had. Then again, we've only been in forty-four Hunger Games. We're always the last district to be on the television so people usually expect some bug surprise to happen. Which there won't be, so there's always people who think we're stupid, but ever since the 109th Hunger Games, 13 has been in the Careers, so we've gotten a bit more popular. I won't be in the Careers this year, though. The escort comes up and introduces himself to the crowd and starts to pick out a name. "Jenna Everett!" Jenna gapes and looks for her family, and is barely holding in tears. Then he starts speaking again. "The male tributes of these Games is going to be Lucifer Fingall!" At that moment, my world froze. Jenna looked at me and we both understood that we wouldn't be Careers this year. My "friends" shoved me up and I was stuck on stage with our escort. I'll probably never come back here.


Day 1

Serelle Calter: District 6

I'm so tired, I don't even want to get out of bed. I think a fly's coming by my ear, but I don't care. "WAKE UP!" I wake to a start and fall off my bed. "Royce!" I yell at him. An Avox girl walks up to me and hands me a cup of coffee as I head towards the elevator. Royce is laughing his butt off, and I really want to throw a grapefruit at him. I can't believe he's so rude. I walk into the Training Center, and everyone else is there but Distructs 3, 4, 5, and 7. I take a stoll over to the archery station, and Tax greets me with a smile. I have never touched a weapon in my entire life, so let's hope it goes well. Tax explains the basics to me. I put the indented part of the arrow on the back part of the bow, and the middle on the rest on the front, and put three fingers just below where the back of the arrow is. I pull back, aim for the target, and it hits the three point range. I guess I can only get better.

Logan Blue: District 4

We get into the elevator, and I think we're the last ones down. Then, Amethyst hops off the Gauntlet from across the room, and runs to me, followed by Aldo, Demetria, and Garnet. They grab us and run to Jenna and Lucifer. "So, let's make some plans." Aldo says. The tributes from 13 slowly walk off, and Demetria looks enraged. "What's next!" she yells. "Is Tubby leaving us, too?" I look at Misty, with a look that says, 'Can I hurt her?' She shakes her head, and I look back at them. Almost simultaneously, Aldo and Amethyst yell, "Career auditions at the mixed weapons station after we finish there!" Garnet began talking. "Attendance is mandatory or we will kill you in the arena!" Immediately, everyone ran up to the mixed weapons, waiting for us to finish.

Chandler Brass: District 11

Hinder and I allied up with Luke from 7, Alice from 10, and Leah-Rose from 12. I really hope they didn't choose us for the Careers. They started their turn, as they ran through an army of dummies, killing them with a weapon of choice, each tipped only enough to hurt a dummy and not a real person. Remus said that there were about 300 dummies. But they finish in less than five minutes, and none had heads. Then, the Careers and Trainers begin setting up dummies, and the eighteen of us were ready to go, and the tributes from 13 can't help but watch. Misty shouts for us to go, and I immediately snatch up a knife, and begin killing, trying to get in practice, but staying low from the Careers. Leah-Rose and Alice join up with me, and hope we aren't seen. I stab a dummy in the heart, and Leah-Rose throws a spear into another, but it bounces off Jacob's head, but he doesn't notice. We run up and Alice shoots a sticky dart at one, and the Careers tell us to stop. Demetria speaks up. "We want three people. The girl from 3." Adian jumps up and down in excitement. "The boy from 6." Royce does the same and slaps Serelle in the head. Serelle has managed to keep her temper so well, I don't know how she does it. "The boy from 5." Alex looks a bit scared. "He's in our alliance, and he's staying there," Enili says. "Really? Are you sure?" Aldo asks, getting in their alliance's faces. James from 10, Serelle from 6, and Jacob from 12 look in shock at what's happening. Aldo walks off, and there are eight people trying to kill their alliance.

Parker Blask: District 9

Lunchtime. Yay. I sit with my alliance, May, Daina, Dake, and Destine. Dake hardly ever talks, unless necessary, but he's very strong with weapons, and is very smart. We had a strong alliance, and we could make it pretty far in the arena, if I had to guess. We're pretty good friends. Then, Amethyst gets up, and wa;ls to ge some more prune tea when she falls on the floor, probably unconscious. Immediately, everyone backs from their food, knowing that it had happened before. The food had a berry in it that made people fall unconscious. I saw Adian smiling, and I had no idea what was going on. A few people started cursing at Remus, and Edo, the martial arts and hand-to-hand teacher begins panicking, and everyone is running around, like chickens with their heads cut off when Royce and Logan fall, almost simultaneously. Serelle runs to Logan, and desperately tries to wake him. Then, Amethyst starts oulling her shoe up, when she though no one was looking. "Their faking!" I yell. "That's why Adian was smiling!" Zack looks at her in disgust. "Why?"Jenna asks. "We didn't want you to eat. We hoped you would be too tired to train anymore," Aldo admitted. "Nice try," Daina says sarcastically. "You can quit the act, Logan," she says. Misty ducks down by Logan. "Logan," No response. "Logan!"

Day 2

Enili McGee: District 7

I feel my hair, wishing I could wear it out, but I'm tryin to look innocent and weak so I'm not noticed. I haven't actaully done so well, though. All of us are waiting downstairs anxiously to see what happened to Logan, when Edo steps in and adresses us. "Misty, don't worry, Logan will be perfectly fine. Sometimes tributes get stressed out before they enter the arena. Ask Atala about how often this happens. She's been training tributes for almost seventy years!" Most tributes were confused at first and thought that she was crazy, but then realized that it's normal for people in the Capitol to live to about 135 years with all of this medicine and stuff. Edo dismisses us, and everyone leaves the space, and a smile comes across Misty's face, knowing that Logan was okay. Then, I join up with my alliance, and Alex speaks up.

Adian Menaly: District 3

I hear Jacob gasp as Alex walks toward the Careers. "I'm joining you guys now," he says calmly. "Well come on!" Garnet says, leading him toward the fencing station. Now, we have a huge alliance of nine, and no one can stop us. We were almost invincible. I couldn't wait until the Games. It was only two days. I stare into space as I had a vision of myself killing the tribute that was right in front of me, Leah-Rose. It was so wonderful, when Demetria screams in my ear. I slapped her in the face, jokingly, and she sticks her tongue out at me and drags me toward the sword station.

Jenna Everett: District 13

I was one of the few people who didn't want an alliance, so I had no one to follow me. I run over to the outdoor training center, hoping to gain sponsors. The crowd cheers as Zack almost beats Marianne, the main swimming trainer. Zack smiles at the audience, and several girls yelled random comments at him, like "Marry me Zack!" If you wanted to be married to him, you shouldn't have put him in a battle to the death. Luke and Leah-Rose came down from the rock climbing station, when Marianne opened a small hatch on the ground, and openend up to a cave-like room. "What's that?" I ask her. "It's a maze," she says. "There are different challenges you have to go through. Would you like to try?" "Sure," I say. "You'll have to suit up first. Here's a grappling hook, a flashlight, and you can choose one weapon." My hand immediately races to the blowgun. "There you go, and we'll see you on the other end!" "So why do we need a weapon?" "Just bats," Marianne shouts, jumping into the pool, while James watches me go down on a circular plate, kind of like the arena. What did I get myself into?

Alice Marsop: District 10

Hinder and I are down in the maze trying to get out. We're on a huge orange and dusty cliff, and at a dead end. This is the second time we've been here. This maze has so many paths and a lot lead to the same place. "My flashlight's starting to get dim," Hinder tells me. "We better get moving," We run back one of the five paths here and pass through corridors that Hinder had to duck to get through, on thin bridges of rock that surprisingly didn't collapse, and back to a huge circle, which we've been to a whole bunch of times. "We haven't tried this one," I tell Hinder, pointing to a rather large and drak passageway. He shines his light on it, and we see four bats fly through, and I shoot one with an arrow of mine, and toss the bat aside. The other three fly away in fear as we run into the passageway.

Hinder Black: District 11

I follow Alice into the passageway, hoping to get out soon. It's starting to get pretty cold out here, and being from 10 and 11, we were freezing. We run through passages, and almost all of the forks had dead ends within one hundred yards, so most of the time, Alice just fires an arrow down there to see. Then, we meet a diverge, and the walls are mostly open now, and we can see almost everything. My flashlight flickers and dies, and Alice looks at me. "Which way do we go?" "I don't know. Each one could last a while. We have to get back before lunch." The quiet sound of squeaking bats gradually gets louder and louder when the girl from 13 jumps in, firing darts out of a blowgun behind her back. Alice starts shooting, and lost her last of thirty-six arrows she was supplied with. She panics, tripping over a crack, and she fell down the middle of the fork.

Jenna Everett: District 13

The girl I ran into just fell off the edge, and I suddenly see a grappling hook fly up, and by one point, is holding on. "It's going to break any second now!" the girl screams. "I'll try to pull you up, Alice!" A thud sounds and the room gets darker. "Hinder! I dropped my flashlight!" He's on his knees, trying to pull the rope up. He'll never make it alone. I guess one less death would be good. Only twenty-five in the arena. But I don't feel right. Me, letting an innocent girl die. "I'll help," I tell the boy, Hinder. "Thank you!" Alice says as Hinder and I hold a grip and pull her up, slowly but surely. Her harness looked like it would snap any second now. She finally grabs onto the rock, and while trying to get out, grabs my arm, causing me to drop my flashlight down where hers is. Hinder grabs her hand before she falls again, and gives it back to me. We each pull her up, and she puts her two feet on the ground, and sighs of relief. "Sorry about your flashlight," she says. "Your name?" "Jenna," I tell them. I know that you're Alice and Hinder." "Alliance?" Hinder asks me. "No, but I won't kill you or your alliance," "Us too," Alice says. "Thank you, Jenna," "We still need to get out," Hinder states. "There's light coming from the left, so let's go," I tell them. I run out to cheers from the audience, and Leah-Rose, James, and Luke greet us with gratitude and tell us how they thought we wouldn't come back.

Jacob Dawson: District 12

Today has been pretty eventful. Logan came back and was able to eat lunch with us, and everyone was here for training. It's been a pretty good training so far, and other than Alex leaving us, we were about as happy as people going into a death match in three days could be. Lunch had started, and we were all extremely hungry. Serelle and Enili had become extremely chatty, and talked all throughout lunch, and James and I talked about different Hunger Games yesterday, and since then, we talked about things that were close to us, and we bonded. It turns out, we both love the spicy mozzarella pasta the Capitol makes for us. I couldn't believe that we'd almost all be dead in less than a month. For now, I wanted to enjoy just having some friends.

Day 3

Destine Sandust: District 9

Our mentors, stylists, and escort watched us as we anxiously awaited our scores. The first up was the boy from one, whose name is apparently Garnet Wilke, and he received a 9. Next up was Amethyst who received a 7, and Aldo with a 10.

Royce Deneath: District 6

Our mentors let all the Careers come up here, and Garnet and Aldo were proud of their scores, while Amethyst looked bummed. Demetria says that we'll be surprised at her score. She, Adian, Alex and I jumped in excitement, while Logan, Misty, and Serelle were by a wall talking about something. "An eleven!" Demetria yells. Immediately, Adian and Aldo cheer her with "beer," as we like to call our soda. Zack was up next with a five, followed by Adian with a nine.

Lucifer Fingal: District 13

Still way, far away from our scores. Logan receives a 9, followed by Misty with a 7. Alex gets an 8, and Jenna and I both swear we hear fireworks from a few stories down.

Luke Searer: District 7

Enili and I watch as the score goes to May with a six, and then to Royce with a seven. The next face rolls around with a four on it, and then I see me, and as I look closely, I see double-digits, and it's a ten!

Dake Larson: District 8

Daina and I sit on the couch looking at the scores. Enili's is a 5, and finally mine comes around. A six. Average score. Daina looks at me. "Mine's going to be bad," she says, half-smiling. A three comes by her face on the television, and she looks a bit embaressed, but I shrug, and look at the next score, a 4 for Parker. I almost feel like talking around her.

Amethyst DeMoir: District 1

I'm still embaressed about the seven, but Garnet tells me it's fine. I feel his arm go on my shoulder, and I suddeny feel lifted, like I was set free. It kind of died down after Serelle got her score, so the mentors for 6 just walked off, leaving us to watch the rest. A two for Destine, and a six for James, followed by Alice with a 7.

Zack Riggs: District 3

My mentor, victor of the 87th Hunger Games, doesn't seem to care if I win or lose. I hope I get some sponsors, and a five won't cut it. Hinder got a six, and Chandler got a three. My escort was the only one who really cared about me, and she felt sympathy. Jacob's score came as a five, as I sat here, just with my escort, wishing I could escape.

May Carmen: District 5

I can finally hear the scores. The Careers on the floor above me were stomping and yelling and booing, and so on. I could see Leah-Rose with a three, Lucifer with an eight, and Jenna with a seven, and Clara Flickerman turns off the air for a commercial break. I think I didn't deserve a six, but hey, I'm not complaining.



Sword: 120 dollars

Spear: 110 dollars

Bow and Arrow (comes with 8 arrows): 110 dollars

Extra Arrows (6): 40 dollars

Knives (4): 100 dollars

Knives (6): 130 dollars

Dagger: 70 dollars

Axe: 110 dollars

Trident: 150 dollars

Slingshot (comes with 8 stones): 80 dollars

Extra Stones (10): 50 dollars

Club: 90 dollars

Mace: 100 dollars

Shuriken: 80 dollars

Nunchuks: 70 dollars

Tomahawk: 90 dollars

Javelin: 80 dollars

Blowgun (comes with 6 darts and 1 poison container): 100 dollars

Extra Darts (6): 40 dollars

Extra Poison: 40 dollars

Food and Beverages

Gallon of Water: 50 dollars

Half Gallon of Water: 30 dollars

Quart of Water: 20 dollars

Pint of Water: 10 dollars

Quart of Milk: 15 dollars

Chicken Legs (3): 40 dollars

Thanksgiving Feast (Whole chicken, Mashed potatoes, Cranberry Sauce, Corn, Pumpkin Pie): 150 dollars

Turkey: 50 dollars

Pasta Dinner: 80 dollars


Bandages: 60 dollars

Flu Medicine: 70 dollars

Burn Medicine: 90 dollars

Cut Medicine: 40 dollars

Antipoison: 100 dollars

Sling: 70 dollars


Blanket: 60 dollars

Sleeping Bag: 70 dollars

Backpack: 50 dollars

Matches (12): 30 dollars

Tent: 140 dollars

Iodine: 70 dollars

Jacket: 60 dollars

Shoes: 40 dollars

Hiking Boots: 80 dollars


Poison: 90 dollars


Kill: 50 dollars

Top 15: 100 dollars

Top 10: 120 dollars

Top 5: 140 dollars

Tribute User Money
Adian Menaly 50thGamesFTW 0 (Dead)
Aldo Gambetti Dagbid247365 240
Alex Fillie Cloveismywife 0 (Dead)
Alice Marsop IHeartHungerGames 0 (Dead)
Amethyst DeMoir Cupcakesrule 0 (Dead)
Chandler Brass Bolandcas 0 (Dead)
Daina Coleman Clove is the best 0 (Dead)
Dake Larson Captainsv 0 (Dead)
Demetria Callitor Readwritelivenikki 0 (Dead)
Destine Sandust Rainbow Vampire 0 (Dead)
Enili McGee Aniju Aura 490
Garnet Wilke Cupcakesrule 0 (Dead)
Hinder Black Bolandcas 0 (Dead)
Jacob Dawson Dagbid247365 0 (Dead)
James Will JWW 0 (Dead)
Jenna Everett Cloveismywife 530
Leah-Rose Maegan Aquastar4infinity 0 (Dead)
Logan Blue Nate777 0 (Dead)
Lucifer Fingal Aniju Aura 0 (Dead)
Luke Searer Thena.airice14 0 (Dead)
May Carmen Readwritelivenikki 0 (Dead)
Misty Blue Nate777 0 (Dead)
Parker Blask Captainsv 0 (Dead)
Royce Deneath JWW 0 (Dead)
Serelle Calter Thena.airice14 0 (Dead)
Zack Riggs 50thGamesFTW 0 (Dead)


Cruise Ship. Dagbid guessed it, so he receives an extra 100 dollars.

The Games

Day 1

Amethyst DeMoir: District 1

My stylist, Sean waves goodbye to me, as he won't see me until I win. I look around, and we're at a ship port, I think. District 1 doesn't have many rivers or lakes, so all I know about stuff like that if from Misty and Logan. Alex is on my right, and Chandler is on my left. Garnet must be on the other side of the Cornucopia. Fifty second left.

Hinder Black: District 11

It's chilly out here, and I see some tiny flakes of snow on the ground. I've never actually seen snow in my life, except when it showed the Capitol celebrating its independence in February. The March sun still glints in my eyes as I look for some throwing knives. Thirty-one, thirty, twenty-nine, twenty-eight.

Royce Deneath: District 6

I'm one of the youngest Careers in these Games, so I'd like to see people's face when they see me kill. Leah-Rose is on my right, and Zack is to my left. Leah-Rose looks at Alice, two plates away, and she gives a nod of approval. Only fifteen seconds until we can go.

Zack Riggs: District 3

There's a knife right in front of me. I could run for it, but should I? I look towards the ocean, and want to run off so badly, away from this place, from the blood. Five, four, three, two, one.

Luke Searer: District 7

As soon as the gong sounds, we all make a step forward, and trip to the floor. Feet cuffs. Adian is the only one still standing straight up, and she laughs her head off, and the cuffs tighten, and she squeals in pain. "Attention tributes," Claudius Templesmith Jr. begins. "You will have only ninety minutes to get off the port and make it to the ship, two miles away. If you don't make it, well, your chances of surviving will be very slim. The ship will dock here at eight o' clock in the morning of Day 2. We'll straighten you up now and put ten more second on the clock. Good luck to you all, and happy Hunger Games!"

Enili McGee: District 7

The clock goes down once more, and there are four more seconds on the clock. "Three, two, one," This time, the gong didn't sound so powerful. I had more confidence. Suddenly, an axe flies toward my head, and I duck, just in time, and see an axe buried in Jacob's body.

Alice Marsop: District 10

Royce made the first kill, and everyone began running, either to the Cornucopia or to the ship. I run in for some arrows and I hear Zack scream one last time as Aldo puts a knife into his heart. Chandler runs up to me. Leah-Rose is almost gone. We need to go, and Hinder and Luke will find us.

Lucifer Fingal: District 13

Amethyst finishes Leah-Rose off with an arrow in the head. I immediately start running to the ship, when I feel a sharp pain in my back. I struggle to keep my eyes open, but it's nothing fatal. I pull out an arrow that Amethyst shot at me, and throw it back, hoping it hits someone.

Dake Larson: District 8

I grab Parker's hand, and we run off, when he slumps to the ground dead. There's a spear in his back, and Demetria and Amethyst high-five. I fire an arrow towards Demetria for killing him, but it hits Amethyst instead. Garnet has a tear in his eye as he leans over to kiss her one last time.

Daina Coleman: District 8

May and I run off to find Destine and Dake, when I see Destine's head sliced off by Alex. Then, I see Adian stab a sword into my heart. My vision fuzzes, and I can see her going after May and Dake. "Run!" I tell them. These will be my last words.

James Will: District 10

According to some signs I found, Enili, and I are a half-mile down the port. Almost to the ship. Lucifer runs past us, being followed by Garnet, and surprisingly, Garnet didn't notice us. I hear a pop, and then a thud. One of them was killed. We still don't know where Serelle is.

Jenna Everett: District 13

I saw Lucifer being chased off by Garnet, and I don't think he's alive anymore. I really hope he is. The eight Careers are debating who should carry the supplies, and Logan told them that Misty wouldn't carry anything. I'm hiding under a bush, and look up at the clock, projected onto the sky. 45 minutes gone, so it's halfway through. "She isn't in the position to. I'll carry double," Logan says. "What if he just wants it so he can kill us, or leave us like the tributes from 13 did?" I hear Garnet say. "It's a good thing I killed Lucifer." Demetria begins speaking, but is interrupted by a cannon. I listen closely, and seven of them are heard. "Let's go, and make it snappy. Demi, Royce, and I will carry the weapons, the food will go to Tubby and Logan, and Aldo, Garnet, and Alex will carry the medicine. Okay?" Adian looked pleased with herself, and there was an eerie silence in the air. "Please stop calling her Tubby," Logan says angrily. "Why?" Adian questions daringly. "'Cause if you don't, this sword will go straight to your neck." Logan says, putting the edge of a sword just below her chin. "Fine," Adian says, her tone not changing the slightest. "Now put that thing down. We only have forty-three minutes left, and I'm not a fast runner." "We can't get everything, it would take way too long," Aldo states. "Well no one's left, so we can just leave it." The eight of them pack supplies in their bacpacks, and Logan takes Misty's. After they are out of sight, I step out of the bushes, and see that Hinder and Luke are just to my left. We greet quietly, and try to tiptoe out to the boat. We made an indirect alliance, so I wouldn't be with them, but we wouldn't kill each other. Luke's eyes are staring at all the weapons laying in the Cornucopia, while Hinder thanks me again. "Where are the girls?" I ask them. Well, Leah-Rose is over there," Hinder says, pointint to her body, still with an arrow in it. And Chandler and Alice probably went to the ship. Luke looks up. "Thirty-nine minutes, fifty-four seconds. We better get there soon." The three of us careful not to get the Careers' attention, run silently.

Serelle Calter: District 6

Jenna, Luke, and Hinder just left, leaving me the only living person still hiding the Cornucopia. Suddenly I hear the screams of the Careers. "You didn't kill him! His body isn't even there!" "It must've gotten knocked off." That voice was Garnet's. I remember his voice. He was the last person I heard before I blacked out while on the Gauntlet. Then, a squeal came. Jenna's. "District 13 must hate me," Garnet yells, probably about to kill her. A splash sounds, and it seemed to echo. Garnet fires an arrow at Jenna, but misses and hits Luke. He falls into the ocean, but he's not completely dead. He starts swimming toward the ship. He's struggling. For some reason, I want him to live. I look at the clock, and there are twenty-two minutes, thirty-six seconds. I better get moving.

May Carmen: District 5

Dake and I watch closely at what's going on. Luke manages to climb out with Hinder's help, and they begin running. Luke is sogging wet, and Jenna looks like she has a broken ankle. I looked for Alex, who was supposed to be with them, but I didn't see him. The three run towards the boat, and Jenna falls. Just before Adian puts a spear into her body, Luke runs to her and takes her out of the way. They manage to escape, living.

Chandler Brass: District 11

It's almost midnight, and the anthem begins. Our horrible, putrid anthem. First up was Amethyst from 1. Good thing, too. She killed Leah-Rose. Alice gave me a small smile. Next up was the boy from 3. Zack. He had no allies. Daina from Eight, and both from Nine. Jacob's face went up, and we though about it for a while. I was sure I saw Lucifer dead, but Leah-Rose was too. Leah-Rose's face went up, and all I knew, is that Lucifer was alive.

Day 1 Statistics

The Careers (Garnet, Aldo, Demetria, Adian, Logan, Misty, Alex, and Royce) met up in a camp that Alex went in front of them to find. They have almost everything they need, except food, which was covered in chlorine water after it was knocked into the pool. Misty, especially, will need a lot of food. Garnet is sad about Amethyst, and was ashamed after Lucifer wasn't seen in the sky. Logan and Misty are thinking about leaving.

Alliance 2 (Enili and James) is doing well. They are in a hotel room, and they still have to find Serelle.

Serelle found the control room, and can steer the boat in any direction she pleases, but she doesn't have a good view of what's going on anywhere but in front of her, as she has a camera.

Alliance 3 (May and Dake) are doing fine, but they're close to the Careers, and neither of them know it. They may need weapons soon.

Alliance 4-A (Alice and Chandler) are in need of some water. They made a camp in the kitchen, but the water there looks poisonous.

Alliance 4-B (Jenna, Luke, and Hinder) are by a performing stage, and are doing poorly. They need some food and Jenna needs medicine, while Luke may need some new clothes, or he will die of hypothermia.

Lucifer's whereabouts are unknown, but he does need medicine.

There are nineteen remaining tributes.

Day 2

Aldo Gambetti: District 2

All of us are starving. We stare at each other hoping for food, when the beeping of parachutes sound through the sky. One lands in my lap, and it reveals a shiny sword. Everyone stares in jealousy at me, and then Alex, who received turkey. I could see Adian adn Demetria trying to get a snippet of his food, but he won't allow it. I'm getting so hungry, I can't stand it. Misty looks especially starved, as she has to feed two people. Then, a cannon booms, and we all begin to ponder over what happened.

Chandler Brass: District 11

"I didn't know it was him!" Alice pleads, looking in shock at James's dead body. "He's the closest person you have. Of course you knew. I wouldn't walk in and kill Luke, would I?" Enili yells. "You killed my ally, and I only have Serelle left, and there's no telling where she is now. You better run." Alice yanks my arm, and we headed out, running as fast as we could with Enili at our backs, firing arrows at Alice, when one hits a ramp on the edge of the boat, causing it to swing out, and make an open spot for anyone to fall. Immediately, the boat began tilting, and I heard screams from across the boat. There was a knife that fell, probably from the Careers, and it splashed silently into the ocean. I began slipping, and I became desperate. Enili ran off, chasing Alice, and I couldn't keep my balance. Every time I try to run, I just keep slipping more and more. I'm holding onto the edge of the rail, but an arrow, almost shot out of nowhere, hits my hand, and I fall backwards into the ocean. Being from District 11, I can't exactly swim. My head goes underwater, and that last thing I hear is a muffled cannon.

Serelle Calter: District 6

My feet fly down the stairs, and shout. "Enili!" I yell. "I'll get you sooner or later!" Enili yells at Alice. "Serelle!" she says excitedly. "Where's James?" I ask. "He was the first cannon. And the second was Chandler, she fell off the boat." "I know," I say. "I was the one who tilted the boat." "So you're at the control room?" "Yep," We hug once again, and talk about how scared we were, and what we did during the arena. I tell her about Luke, Hinder, and Jenna, and she tells me about Lucifer and Garnet. I still couldn't believe that our alliance of five went down to us two, and Alex, I guess. I opened a parachute with some chicken and water in it, and thought to myself about which tributes were the most dangerous.

Hinder Black: District 11

Jenna just received some medicine for her ankle, and is walking off to find a camp elsewhere. Luke got some matches and a banket, and I received some chicken legs. Alice pants and runs into view. "Alice!" Luke says. "Where's Chandler?" "She was the second cannon. I made the kill for the first. I'm exhausted," "Jenna just left. She stayed for a while to put medicne on her ankle," I tell her. "I'm just so glad you two are alive!" She sat down for a quick snack, while we talked about our arena experiences.

May Carmen: District 5

Dake and I have camped by the front end of the boat by a luggage cart. We've been fine so far. Only two of us are left, since three died in the bloodbath. I haven't had anyone to talk to yet, but it gives me a chance to relax. It's almost midnight, and we await the anthem, when I see a parachute with a bow and arrows in them come down. The boy from 10 and girl from 11 were up, and the sky didn't go dark though. A picture of Claudius Templesmith Jr. was up there, and he began to speak. "Having a good time so far?" he asks. I'm surprised no one yelled "no" at him. "We'd like to announce that there will be a surprise time at ten minutes past midnight, every night. I'm sure you'll be up then, looking at the sky. Surprise time is a surprise that we send to you, and it usually involves a death or two. So in," he checks his wristwatch and looks up at us again. "Seven minutes, something big will happen. See you at the nect announcement!" The sky went dark, as Dake began writing his thoughts down on a piece of paper. "Maybe we should move," it said. "Good idea," I whipser. Like everything in this arena, this had to have a time limit, too. I look over to the back left of me, to see the boy from 13 barely move into view.

Day 2 Statistics

The Careers (Garnet, Aldo, Demetria, Adian, Misty, Logan, Alex, and Royce) are doing fine and they all still need food or they have a huge chance of dying tomorrow.

Alliance 2 (Serelle and Enili) have stayed in the control room with a good supply of food, but may need some water soon.

Alliance 3 (May and Dake) are moving back to an area that they could be safe when the surprise happens.

Alliance 4 (Luke, Alice, and Hinder) are a bit short on water, but will be able to make it for a while.

Jenna has made a camp in a hotel room, and may need some water.

Lucifer was seen running towards shelter, and doesn't need anything currently.

Day 3

Demetria Callitor: District 2

Gifts poured down on us, and I opened up a quart of water and a pasta dinner, while Adian got some turkey and a club, and Aldo received some turkey and knives. Garnet, Logan, Misty, and Royce looked at us in jealousy, and Alex still had one and a half chicken legs left. Our alliance wouldn't succeed this year if no one got food. Misty is at my knees begging for food, and of course, I refuse. I'm hungry. "Guys," Adian announces. "The surprise time is happening in a one and a half minutes. We've got to prepare ourselves for anything." Logan reaches his arm out and fires an arrow, and we all look to see Dake's body on the floor. May took the arrow out of his neck and ran off. Then, a howling sound fills the air.

Luke Searer: District 7

Hinder and Alice are beginning to pace, anxiously awaiting the surprise time. A howling fills my ears, and a muttation, like a monkey, but looked like a skeleton at the same time, jumped onto the boat. It immdeiately jumped onto Hinder's chest, who stabbed it on the back as it dropped to the floor, revealing its collar, which had the name "Hinder" written on it. Then, one jumped directly onto my face.

Aldo Gambetti: District 2

These skeleton monkeys are now on the boat. Royce had to ply his off of his face, but it still wasn't dead. Demetria's had an spear in its neck, and Alex just finished his off. Then, two jumped on the boat, one onto Misty, and one onto me. I slam a knife into the mutt, and it falls down. Then, Logan throws a trident at the monkey attacking Misty, just to be attacked by one himself. Adian whacks the club at Logan's head, killing the muttation, but making him faint onto the floor. He'd be fine. Royce finally kills his, when two more attack Adian and Garnet. They both scream in agony, so I go to Adian's and snap its neck, and then a cannon sounds and Garnet falls to the ground.

Enili McGee: District 7

I hear screams coming from everywhere, and the remaining fifteen of us are fighting for our lives. Serelle's is dead, but she has a huge cut in her leg, and that wouldn't go unnoticed. I suddenly get partially blinded, when mine comes on the boat. It gnaws on my foot, and I run around, trying to get it off. I manage to kick it out into the ocean, and thank goodness it didn't jump out.

Alice Marsop: District 10

Luke 's is completely dead now, and May runs around behind the stage, trying to get the muttation off of her. We don't even bother trying to kill her, as we have problems of our own. I shoot a dart from my blowgun, and hit mine from the sky, killing it, and we all heard a silent splash in the water, knowing that we were safe, as all of our mutts had gone.

Jenna Everett: District 13

I've been trying to kill this mutt for almost fifteen minutes, and it's not even dead yet. It just won't die. It drops its fangs into my chest, and I shoot it again with my blowgun, but it doesn't seem to work. Then, a flash of light hits my eyes, and I'm almost unconscious, but a lot of pain is relieved from my body, though it isn't absent. I close my eyes and hope to open them again.

Alex Fillie: District 5

That was a chaotic night. Garnet was the only victim of the monkeys, so I'm expecting some huge thing tomorrow. It's about seven-thirty, and I'm trying to go to sleep with everyone else so we don't miss surprise time or the deceased. I look up and see Misty and Logan running off. I gasp, which wakes up Demetria. She throws a spear into Misty's body, and she collapses, soon followed by a cannon. Logan throws his trident at us, but misses terribly. He's now defenseless. Demetria zonks out, so after fifteen minutes, I shake Aldo a bit. "Should we go now?" he wispers. "Yep, right after we take a few supplies with us. Will they be after us?" "Let's hope not. Misty was killed in the snap of a finger." We quietly sneak over to a restaurant.

Lucifer Fingal: District 13

It's midnight, and I see two faces in the sky that I never expected to see. Garnet and Misty. Already dead. I felt bad for Misty, she had her baby to take care of. Then, Dake appeared into the sky. I lay down in my hotel bed, feeling good that I prevented Jenna from being up there tonight. Now, I just have to work on getting the monkey bone off my saber, then I'll be ready for surprise time.

Day 3 Statistics

The Careers #1 (Demetria, Adian, and Royce) are doing fine, but were betrayed by three people. Royce still needs food or he will die tomorrow.

The Careers #2 (Aldo and Alex) are doing okay, but Alex may need weapons. They are in the restaurant.

Alliance 2 (Serelle and Enili) need water, and Serelle is in desperate need of medicine. They are at the control room.

Alliance 3 only has May, and she needs food pretty badly. She is in a luggage room.

Alliance 4 (Hinder, Alice, and Luke) need water soon, or they will die. They are still camped by the performing stage.

Lucifer is in a hotel room still, and is doing okay.

Jenna is in a different hotel room, and needs water.

Logan is doing well, and he's made camp around a recreation room.

Day 4

Logan Blue: District 4

Misty was about to have her baby before she was killed. I lost my wife and daughter, and I'm overwhelmed and devistated. I pick a gallon of water, a turkey, and a trident from my parachute, when I run into a girl with some turkey in her hand, holding an arrow with the other. "Logan!" she whispers. "May?" I question. "Yes, it's me, we need to find Lucifer. We're trying to build a strong alliance. "Listen, I'm sorry about Dake," I start. "No, it's fine. He can be with his family now." I look at her, and we both agree we need to find Lucifer in less than seven minutes, the remaining time until the surprise.

Aldo Gambetti: District 2

We each received swords, and I got a knife and some water, too. Surprise time was almost here. Just thirty seconds. We readied our swords, prepared to kill any mutt they sent at us. Second felt like hours, and even though only Garnet died because of the mutts, I think that it's still going to be dangerous. Only thirty second reamained until we were set out to fight the arena's traps.

Enili McGee: District 7

Serelle received some medicine from her mentor, and she could walk around almost perfectly. I heard a crack of thunder, probably for emphasis for the surprise, when an enormous wave swept over the boat. Serelle and I immediately climb down from the tower, and just in time, as it falls over and hits someone in the head. A cannon bursts through the storm, and we look down to see Alice's dead body, crushed. "It's karma," I say, watching as Hinder and Luke run off, Luke carrying three gallons of water.

Adian Menaly: District 3

I look over the corner to see May and Logan, one of the many traitors, hop into a trapdoor inside of a dining hall, that probably led to underneath the boat. "Royce, Demi," I whisper. "In there." We run into it, trying to ignore the splashing of waves outside us, when a glass wall breaks, and pieces of glass fly everywhere, on hitting Royce in the forehead, causing him to bleed. Then, a burst of water comes in, and Demetria and I hop down into the trapdoor, but Royce doesn't make it. He can't run any longer, and he is drowning. Finally, the cannon sounds, and he falls to the floor.

Luke Searer: District 7

Jenna comes up to Hinder and I, trying to get to shelter. "There's a door. In the dining hall, and I think there's around thirty storage rooms under there. We need to get there, and get there fast." Then, we spot Alex and Aldo running towards us, and we pick up the pace. We run dwn a flight of forty stairs, and we enter a few dirty, grey-painted halls, one to the left, one to the right, and one straight forward. "There's footprints," Hinder announces. "They're on the right, so we should go left." At the end of that hall, it forks again, we see two different hallways, each with five rooms, and they both lead to dead ends. I rush forward to the fourth room on the right, and Jenna and Hinder follow me, and we settle down on a bed, probably used for emergencies, like this. Then, we hear the patter of feet, and Alex's voice. "Over here, to the left," he says. They were on the other side of the hallway, but we sill didn't know if they'd come out and hurt us.

Lucifer Fingal: District 13

I decided to get into the alliance with May and Logan. This stealth strategy is working, but it won't let me win. I thought back to the girl in the 74th Hunger Games from District 5. We watched that, and several other Games that involved rebellion, such as the 50th and 90th. I just wished I could escape this place, once and for all, but not until eleven more people died. Less than half of us remain, but this could go on for days. The 116th lasted twenty-five days, as a result of having a bloodbath with only three fatalities. Anyway, I creep down the stairs, and as they were the first ones down, their footsteps should be the lightest. I look down the right corridor, and see that the footprints had stopped. They must've taken their shoes off. I quietly walk along, when I hear someone whisper my name. May peeks around the coner and ushers me into our room, the first one on the right. "Is anyone else out there?" I ask. "Thankfully, no," Logan says. We all meet formally for the first time, and talk about how bad the Careers were doing this year. How Jenna, Logan, Misty, Aldo, Alex, and I all left them. The tributes from 1 had died extremely early, and Royce died today. "So that leaves only Demetria and Adian," May says, in shock. Normally they did better than this. The three of us settle down and had a bite to eat, trying to ignore that probably in less than a week, we'd never see each other again.

Hinder Black: District 11

We had settle down, careful not to make any loud noises. Jenna is with us, which reminded us of the bloodbath. Horrible memories, when Leah-Rose was hurt by so many Careers and finished off by Amethyst. I thought about Chandler and Alice, who had already met their ends, too. We look at our belongings. Jenna has a blowgun, which she is keeping in our trunk, and Luke's mentor has supplied us all with a gallon of water, and Jenna has her own. Since Alice is dead, we have extra, just in case. Luke is supplied with a half-broken axe, and I had a more or less decent crossbow. Then, we hear a sound, that was like a boom, or burst, but a crack at the same time. There's probably a malfunction with the cannons or something.

Demetria Callitor: District 2

I had some poison in my hand. I was ready to use it. "Adian, I'll be in the kitchen trying to clean the turkey. I'll cut off the parts that have saltwater on it." "Okay," she responds, with a sort of shaky voice. I take the saltwater coated parts off, so it would look like I did what I said, and then put poison onto the both legs of the turkey, and give it back to Adian. It was the only food she had left that hadn't got drenched. "Here's the food Adian!"

Adian Menaly: District 3

"Okay! Thank you, Demetria!" I say with false joy. I take the left leg off and sniff it, knowing Demetria's plan to poison me. "I smell poison," I lie. As is anyone could smell poison. "What?" Demetria says. "I don't smell anything." "You tried to poison me! Don't lie!" I charge at her with my sword, and I hit her arm barely, but the sword slams into the wall, and I try to pull it out. Demetria throws her spear at me. She misses horribly, and it too, sticks in the wall. We both get our weapons out, and Demetria tries to stab me with her spear. I pin her down and rest the sword on her head, and tell her off. "Little Miss Mayor's Daughter, you'll be dead in less than enough time." Just as I'm about to slam it into her skull, she knocks me off and sticks her spear in my heart.

Demetria Callitor: District 2

I rush out the door and go where I think I saw Hinder, Jenna, and Luke go. To the left hallway. I go to the end of my hallway, and see that the crack noise earlier was the trapdoor. It had cracked, and water was comind down. I could still hear the waves rolling above the boat. It was ten o' clock in the morning, and they hadn't stopped yet. I run to the left, and I can hear Aldo and Alex talking. I wanted to kill them. But I ditched Adian too. It wasn't time, though. I'd leave them alone. For now. Anyway, I can hear Jenna, Luke, an Hinder whispering in another room. I silently open the door, and an arrow comes whizzing my ear. Hinder gets his crossbow ready and I put my hands up. "I want to ally," I say. "The Careers turned against me, and I have no allies. Could you join up with me?" There was silence through the room. "I'll share my feast with you." They looked at each other, and Luke says, "Welcome to the alliance!" Jenna and Hinder hand me a gallon of water that was probably meant for Alice.gave it to me. "I also want to tell you something else," I say. After a silence, Hinder asks, "What?" "The trapdoor has a huge crack in it, and their is water pouring down the stairs. It could get pretty big, and flood us. We need to cover the doors with excess wood. Like this trunk. We can just keep the supplies in the bathroom." They looked at each other in agreement, and Luke begins, "We can't make too much noise. Alex and Aldo are in the third room the left, six rooms down." "Okay, Luke will carve the plank with his axe, Demetria and I will try to find an adhesive, and Hinder has the sturdiest hands, so he'll put the cohesive and the wood on the door." Jenna tells us. We all nod in agreement, preparing for the flood.

Mid-Day 4 Tribute Statistics

The Original Career Alliance is now scattered into other alliances, or dead.

Alliance 1 (Aldo and Alex) are at the third room to the left in the left hallway. They need nothing currently.

Alliance 2 (Serelle and Enili) have done a very good job of staying low, and are in the fifth and last room to the right of the central hallway. They may need some water.

Alliance 3 (Logan, May, and Lucifer) are at the first room to the right in the right hallway. They have quite a stash of weapons, but need food.

Alliance 4 (Demetria, Luke, Hinder, and Jenna) are preparing for the leak. They are doing well, and have food and water. Demetria may need medicine after her fight with Adian.

I added the money for making it to the Top 15, as I forgot to earlier. After one more death, you'll be in the Top 10. This is not the end of Day 4, just the first half. I will continue it after people get a chance to sponsor.

Alex Fillie: District 5

It's two o' clock, according to the clock we have here. Aldo grabs a parachute out of the sky and opens up some food and water. I don't really need anything now, so I'm fine. Suddenly, I hear a booming noise. It's not a cannon, but something else. "What was that?" I ask him nervously, pacing around the room. "Someone may've gotten hurt," Aldo says, trying to calm me down. But I know something's happening. "Get our swords ready," I tell him. We both walk outside the door, slowly and quietly, and try to reach a place where no one would think to go. "Let's get in those caskets," Aldo tells me. "Okay, but why do they have caskets in here?" "I have no idea, but it doesn't look like a trap or anything. Hop in," he closes himself into one, and out of the corner of my eye, I saw water coming down the stairs. "I'm coming," I tell him. Hopefully these float.

Serelle Calter: District 6

Enili takes a gallon of water out of a parachute, drinking it as if she's never had water in her life. I peek out of our peep hole and see water coming down. Since District 6 is located in what they used to call Indiana or Kentucky, we don't have much access to water, except for a river or two. It starts creeping my direction, and I whisper to Enili. "Come here," I say. She looks through and sees that the ground is covered in water, and it's coming out at an extremely fast pace. Do you think we should try to get back up to the ship?" I ask her. "Well, the waves stopped chruning. We should at least take a look." We walk out the door, and see water dripping towards us, finally, and go around the corner and into the main room. We go up the staris, careful not to trip. It has two cracks in it, and they are spewing out water pretty fast now. I look down to see wo coffins floating in the inch high water. "They might have supplies," I tell her. I open one up to see Alex. Enili gasps, and looks at Alex in disgust. Aldo hops out of the other one, and hurdles a sword into my chest, and my eyes black out.

Aldo Gambetti: District 2

I have now made my second kill in the Games. Enili looks scared, and doesn't know where to go. Enili fires an arrow that hits Alex's hand, and he cringes in pain. She sprints off toward the right hallway, when a hand jerks her by the collar. We run back to her camp, hoping the water doesn't get too high.

Lucifer Fingal: District 13

I let go of Enili's collar and let her inside. She chats with May and Logan, and I look outside. Logan offers me some food from his feast, but I refuse. May gives a silent squeal of delight when her milk comes in her parachute. I look out there, at Serelle's dead body, in shock that only ten of us are still alive. I'm going for a while. I'll be back in about forty-five minutes, if everything goes smoothly. "What are you doing?" May asks as I go. I don't respond, and make my way out.

Luke Searer: District 7

I'm getting nervous. It's down to ten of us, and four of us were here. Jenna is avoiding Demetria, but Hinder and I think she's okay. She did share the feast with us, and no one has died. Demetria applies some cut medicine to herself, and the four of us are almost completely silent. Hinder carefully puts the last piece of wood on the door, and the four of us look pretty happy. We clean up the little bit of water that got into our room and have a quiet celebration. I look around and go inside the closet to change clothes when I slip on some water and fall over, through what should be the wall. I put my hand through it again, and it shakes violently, giving off a faint buzzing noise. I could see darkness on the other side of it. "Guys," Jenna, Hinder, and Demetria come in with me, and I show them. "It might lead to some goods." Jenna states. "But what if it's a trap?" Hinder looks pretty worried, and touches the hologram with his hand, in awe. "Well, we'll all probably be dead in a matter of time, so why keep safe? The Hunger Games is about risks." Jenna says authoritatively. Jenna and I lead the way, and Demetria and Hinder follow closely behind. Suddenly, a glint of gold catches my eye. "This is amazing! Weapons of all types!" Demetria runs up, and hands us each some weapons. While Demetria is looking at her new, shiny, golden spear, Hinder goes to a crossbow that a lot works better than his old one. I look at the axe there and I can see my reflection in it. It was amazing. I now had even more confidence that I could win. Hinder takes his crossbow, walks back a bit and fires. It soars through the air, landing just to the left of Demetria's body. "Hey!" she yells. She throws her spear at him, but he dodges it easily. Hinder runs back, and we can still hear his feet running in the distance, and a click. He locked us in. I grab my axe and runs towards the door, hoping it would burst open. I throw my axe at the door, and it makes a small chip in it. I finally get up to the door, and start hacking away at a hole. On the third chop, the door has a sizeable hole, and I can fit my head, hand, and axe through it. Hinder shoots an arrow at me, and gives me a slight scalp shave. I throw the axe at him, and it buries itself in his stomach. He struggles to stand up, and just as my hand finds the lock, a cannon booms, and for a second, everything froze.

Jenna Everett: District 13

We follow him back the long hallway, which probaby stretched the entire length of the boat. We settle back in our camp, and we now have one less member. "I can't believe he betrayed us," Luke says, as if he were in a trance. Luke is now the last person who was originally in thei alliance. I felt bad for him. I remember seeing almost all of our allies corpses on the floor, and a felt bad for them all. This time, it was different.

Lucifer Fingal: District 13

My vision starts failing me, as it does occasionally. I stumble around until I reach Enili's old camp in the middle hallway. I can see Alex and Aldo taking a nap. Aldo is dead asleep, and Alex seems a bit restless. Probably waiting for surprise time and the faces in the sky. I put a few drops of poison onto my saber, and quietly walk in. I rest it on Aldo's forehead, and just as I'm about to push it in, "Hey!" Alex yells. He is about to stab me with his sword, when I push him down, and deliver a fatal stab to his forehead. He isn't dead yet, but soon. He begins yelling at Aldo, who moves a bit and hops up. I sneak out of the hallway, and make sure he doesn't kill me. Then, Alex's cannon booms, and everything seems silent. I look at the stairs. There isn't any water coming down. I sneak up and hope that my room isn't a disaster. I look to see complete havoc wrecked the boat. The tower had gone down, glass is shattered everywhere, and it looks horrible. Nothing was where it used to be. I can see a monkey bone, that hadn't been destroyed. I take it, and I will keep it near me for the rest of my life, whether it be just a few more days, or until I'm an elder. I wondered if Enili, Logan, and May still wanted me, or they realized what happened. A boom surrounds the sky, and Alex was probably dead.

Demetria Callitor: District 2

Jenna decided to leave us, in a peaceful way. Luke and I are the only ones left. We look out the window, and see the now calm waves rocking us back and forth. I looked up and Adian, who I killed earlier, was the first face up. Alex, the guy who ditched us, was up next. Both from 6 were up, and it especially hurt when Royce was up there. He was my last ally. Then, Alice was up, who had gotten crushed my the tower, and finally Hinder. Who had betrayed me. That leaves Aldo and I, Logan, May, Luke, Enili, Lucfer, and Jenna. Districts 2, 7, and 13 don't even have a single dead tribute yet, but that would change in a matter of time. Now, the interviews were going around, and I wonder what my dad would say about me. I'm just getting so close to going home.

Day 5

May Carmen: District 5

Lucifer left us, and that's okay, knowing how few of us there were. Logan and Enili went up the stairs, but I stayed here for safety. They'd come back after a while, if they survived surprise time. I hear a scramble of feet go up the stairs, and I get out a bow, just in case. I anxiously await the surprise time, hoping that I don't die.

Lucifer Fingal: District 13

Demetria and Luke fly up the stairs, and run into the wrecked game room. Aldo follows shortly after, sword in hand. Seven of us are here, and May was still below. I looked at a clock in my room, and it told me that there was only a few seconds until 12:10.

Demetria Callitor: District 2

Surprise time begins now. I immediately hear the sound of a cannon, and look around me. "I don't think anyone died yet," Luke tells me. I look over to the front of us, and see a small island that we seem to be docking into. "Land ho," Luke whispers to himself. Suddenly, I realized what the cannon was. A huge cannon ball, the size of a globe, comes flying at the ship.

Enili McGee: District 7

I feel my stomach go up in my body. Logan and I both run up to the dock and try to get out before it sinks. The chilly air send a shiver up my spine. He runs down a set of stairs that had been let down, and I follow him quickly. The thought about May made me a bit worried. Should we go back?

Jenna Everett: District 13

I have a sinking feeling inside of me as I desperately try to run out. The ship can't steer anymore, and a second cannon ball hits the ship. It begins drifting away from the island. Aldo runs down and takes a short swim to the island. I run from outside my corner down the stairs and take a leap onto the island. Aldo doesn't seem to notice me, so I'll be fine.

Luke Searer: District 7

Demetria grabs my collar and shoves me down the stairs in a hurry. The boat was about thirty yards off the island, and we take a brief swim to get to the island. Another cannon ball comes flying through the air. Then, a scream hits our ears as the third cannon ball hits the bottom deck. May was dead.

Aldo Gambetti: District 2

It's four o' clock in the afternoon, and not much has happened today except for the ship sinking. I saw Jenna run by earlier, but I was too lazy to go after her. I heard some screams by the beach area, but I don't think it was much. Just seven of us left. It's hard to grasp the concept of living in the Victor's Village.

Logan Blue: District 4

Enili and I made camp by the beach. We keep looking at the blood of several tributes. Some crab mutts were around here until we killed them. Enili's, Demetria's, and Lucifer's blood littered the beach. There are some footsteps that haven't been completely washed off, but grass is only feet away from them so it was hard to tell where everyone went. This hasn't been too exciting today, and we keep thinking about how we should've brought May with us. A dart enters my hand and I take it out, and put it in my pocket, and I tell Enili to run. We sprint off into the woods, and my hand is still bleeding a bit. I hoped no one would follow the blood trail. Enili takes the darts from my pocket and checks it. "Not poison, but unless we get some bandages, we'll have your blood leaving trails to wherever we are.

Jenna Everett: District 13

I looked at my blowgun, feeling stupid about myself for not putting poison on it. Today hasn't been very eventful, aside from the ship. No sponsoring, one death, and there haven't been any run-ins with other tributes. There have only been one or two screams in the arena today, so I think things will be huge tomorrow. "Attention tributes," Claudius Templesmith Jr.'s voice rings out to us. "Tomorrow there will be a feast. The Cornucopia will be put in the center of the island. It will begin at five o' clock in the morning, tomorrow. Surprise time is cancelled for then. Attendance is not mandatory, but there are some valuable things there. Good luck, and happy Hunger Games!" As soon as he finishes, I see May's face light up the sky. District 13 has done exceptionally well this year, and we weren't even in the Careers. I slowly fall asleep, blowgun in hand.

Day 5 Statistics

Alliance 1 (Enili and Logan) are doing okay. They have weapons, but they may need water, and Logan needs medicine.

Alliance 2 (Demetria and Luke) are doing okay. They have no weapons, but managed to find some food and water

Aldo has a sword and knife, but needs some water soon.

Jenna has a blowgun and water, but needs food sometime soon.

Lucifer is doing fine, and is camped out on the opposite side of the island that the boat left them off.

Feast Rules

You have to tell your tribute whether to go to the feast or not. I will give you until Wednesday 5:00 P. M. Dallas time. They will not get hirt if they don't attend, but if they do and survive, I guarantee they'll come with something good. If you do not tell whether to go or not, your tribute will die at the feast.

Day 6

Logan Blue: District 4

I open my eyes, and the island moon glints in my eyes. "Enili, are you going to the feast?" I ask her. "No, Lucifer's going to find us, and I already have some water," She takes a sip and looks up, thinking of something. "I'm going." "I don't think that's a good idea," "I have to go." I walk off, and I can hear an owl buzzing in the sky. According to the clock in the sky, which I hate, as everything has a time limit in these Games, there was ten minutes until the feast.

Jenna Everett: District 13

I slowly walk to the feast, hoping to get away living, and with valuable things. I already had some food, and I was ready to fight. It was time, and I immediately saw Luke and Demetria run in. I shot a dart at Luke's head, and he goes down. I didn't want to kill Luke, but I could tell that things were getting critical. Demetria cautiously grabs a spear and looks around. Immediately, Logan jumps out of a bush. I shoot at him, and he jumps out of the way. Demetria throws a spear and it hits his thigh.

Logan Blue: District 4

The pain in unbelieveable. I grab a bow, and before I die, I do the thing I needed to most. I fire at Demetria's forehead, and she's gone. I avenged Misty. I couldn't move without the spear hurting my leg, and if I moved it, I could die of blood loss. I don't know what to do. Suddenly, a dart enters my neck, and I see Jenna running to get supplies. "Goodbye," I tell all of Panem. I guess I can be with Misty.

Aldo Gambetti: District 2

Just our luck. It's about noon and it's raining. My clother are soggy, and my food is too. There were only four of us left in the arena, so I may be going home soon. The sun shines into my eyes, and I desperately hope to get out of here as soon as possible. Then, I see someone lurking through the trees. I grab a sword, and look up. A boy, Lucifer, I think, is up there, trying to get some leaves to eat or something. I grab my sword, and run to the tree. He freezes in shock and tries to get out. His foot's stuck, and he can't get away. I grab my sword and begin hacking at the tree, trying to get him to come down. He desperately tries to get out, but he can't. Loser. With each hit, the tree's cut gets deeper and deeper, until it finally goes down. He still can't get away. I plunge the sword in his head, and he's gone.

Jenna Everett: District 13

I look at the sky, and first there's Demetria. I still didn't know if I could've trusted her or not. Then the next two. Logan and Luke. I almost start crying. Especially about Luke. He was my ally, and I killed him. I couldn't trust myself. Then, the last face was either Enili or Lucifer. I worriedly look at the sky, and Lucifer is shown. I lean over and tears fly from my eyes. I grab a green flower and put it in the ocean, as it reminded me of the color of his eyes. I was lost, and for the first time, I felt completely alone. Only Aldo and Enili are out there. I should be happy that we're the only ones left, but I wasn't. I lay down to sleep, hoping that tomorrow would be a better day.

Day 6 Statistics

Aldo is close to the center of the island. He has a sword and a knife, and some water.

Enili is by the beach again, and has water and food.

Jenna has a her blowgun with an extra refill of darts, and managed to pick up two throwing knives and extra poison.

Day 7

Jenna Everett: District 13

I can't believe I've made it this far. A distant honk surprises me as I look towards the ocean. A ship, that looked like the old one, but a lot bigger, docked into the port. Then, I saw a huge shadow, casted by a huge wave on the opposite side of the island. I immediately grab my blowgun and run to the new ship. Enili waited up there for me, and I knew she was an ally. Aldo runs up and makes the first swing. His sword slashes Enili's cheek, and she loses her balance, falling backwards into a crate. She released all of her anger and swung an anchor at him, and he fell to the ground. Then, Aldo throws his sword, and it hits my stomach. I await my cannon, not knowing when it will occur.

Aldo Gambetti: District 2

I get the anchor off, and walk in sort of a limp. I'm surprised that Jenna's not dead yet. Enili grabs her bow and fires an arrow at me, and it hits a sack of beans, which pour out afterwards. She fires again and it barely misses my head.

Enili McGee: District 7

Aldo runs to get his sword from Jenna's body, and she squinces in pain. I run up to him and throw an arrow hoping to scare him off. He goes back and I load. He slips as he steps on some beans and falls on his back. I shoot an arrow at his head, and he yells in anger. He looks at me, in true sorrow, and says, "I'm so sorry." Those are his last words as a cannon booms, signifying the twenty-fourth death in the arena.

Jenna Everett: District 13

"Enili," I say. Tears fall from her eyes, knowing that I won't live. "Give this to District 13," I say, holding out a monkey bone. "Okay," she says through tears. She hugs me, and there is an eerie silence. "Just put an arrow in my head. Make it quick," I tell her. "No, I can't," she says. "You could live instead of me if I jump," "You have to, Enili," She reluctantly grabs her arrow and puts the tip of it on my forehead. It was my time. "Ready?" "No! I can't!" she says. She finally loads her bow and aims for my heart. I was almost gone now, and I wanted to be with Lucifer. Almost like a flash of light, the arrow flies from her bow and enters itself into my heart. "Goodbye," I say before blacking out for the last time.

Death Chart

There will be only one victor this year.

Placing Name District Day Killed Killed by How
26th Jacob Dawson 12 1 Royce Deneath Axe in Chest
25th Zack Riggs 3 1 Aldo Gambetti Knife in Heart
24th Leah-Rose Maegan 12 1 Amethyst DeMoir Arrow in Head
23rd Parker Blask 9 1 Demetria Callitor Spear in Back
22nd Amethyst DeMoir 1 1 Dake Larson Arrow in Neck
21st Destine Sandust 9 1 Alex Fillie Decapitated by Sword
20th Daina Coleman 8 1 Adian Menaly Sword in Chest
19th James Will 10 2 Alice Marsop Arrow in Head
18th Chandler Brass 11 2 Serelle Calter/ Enili McGee Fell into Ocean
17th Dake Larson 8 3 Logan Blue Arrow in Neck
16th Garnet Wilke 1 3 Monkey Muttation Ripped out Throat
15th Misty Blue 4 3 Demetria Callitor Spear in Chest
14th Alice Marsop 10 4 Control Room Tower Crushed
13th Royce Deneath 6 4 Waves Drowned
12th Adian Menaly 3 4 Demetria Callitor Spear in Heart
11th Serelle Calter 6 4 Aldo Gambetti Sword in Chest
10th Hinder Black 11 4 Luke Searer Axe in Stomach
9th Alex Fillie 5 4 Lucifer Fingal Saber in Forehead
8th May Carmen 5 5 Cannon Ball Smashed
7th Luke Searer 7 6 Jenna Everett Dart in Neck
6th Demetria Callitor 2 6 Logan Blue Arrow in Head
5th Logan Blue 4 6 Jenna Everett Dart in Neck
4th Lucifer Fingal 13 6 Aldo Gambetti Sword in Forehead
3rd Aldo Gambetti 2 7 Enili McGee Arrow in Head
2nd Jenna Everett 13 7 Enili McGee Arrow in Heart
Victor Enili McGee 7 None None None

One Year Later (Victor's POV)

Aurora sits in the corner, crying. Zaine doesn't look too happy either. I can't blame them, though. Even if they win, they will still have nightmares about their kills. I shake myself off, trying to forget last night's dream. Aldo, Jenna, and Chandler dancing around me, putting me in a cage and throwing me into a pit of fire... Just don't think like that. The escorts, Irene and Laura, aren't helping at all, either, babbling on about what clothes they have wore to the different Hunger Games. Aurora comes to me, and hugs me, as I'm the only person on board except for Zip and Pip, as I like to call them. Zaine comes up and I can see he's fighting back tears. I look out the train, wondering which one of these tributes would come out alive.

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