Well, these will be my fifth Games, and the second in the series. You may think it's a bit early, but by the time I finish the reapings, train rides, and training, my 121st Games will be over. Maybe. But who said you can't have two Games at once? Anyway, I probably won't start the actual Games until the 121st are already finished. But it's a regular Games, Districts 1-13, a male and a female from each, not a quell, but there will be twists. But, I have a good idea for the 125th, but this is the 122nd. Now I will bore you to death with rules, and then, submit tributes!



Make your tributes reasonable. I will not allow any twenty-four year olds, serial kiillers, or werewolves. Okay? And make their names reasonable. Not Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116. True story. Anyway, here's the template. You can have two tributes. You can submit tributes that have been in the 90th, 100th, and Alliance Games, but not in this series.














If you can, please submit a Lunaii of your tribute(s). I will make a gallery. Click the save button on the picture of the Lunaii, not on the crop button, and that would make it a lot easier for me, so I won't have to reformat. Also, if you don't like your Lunaii, I'm sorry, it just takes a lot of work to make all of them.


1. Be nice to me and other users. You can joke around, but don't insult them.

2. Don't use any curse words on here. Sh*t is as far as I want to go when I'm not angry.

3. Loosen your corset and sit down. Also have some beer. We need to enjoy this! If it weren't fun, none of us would be on the wiki, right?


Now we're done with the boring stuff, so let's get to the tributes!

Name Age Weapon Creator
District 1 Male Terry Evans 16 Knife Wikia Contributer A
District 1 Female Verse Dancroo 14 Hooksword 50thGamesFTW
District 2 Male Jake Hangor 17 Knife, Sword 50thGamesFTW
District 2 Female Katie Sundanna 15 Throwing Axes ViciniusDeAssis1999
District 3 Male Watt Powers 14 Blowgun Attackcobra
District 3 Female Rebecca "Becca" Scott 13 Knife Mysims
District 4 Male Derek Saltine 16 Trident, Sword Cloveismywife
District 4 Female Alitica "Ali" Mauve 17 Trident, Throwing Knives Readwritelivenikki
District 5 Male Caton Manning 14 Sword Cato's Son
District 5 Female Brittany Jackson 18 Axe Mysims
District 6 Male Asper Dell 17 Axe, Knife FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne
District 6 Female Redinda "Red" Jameson 16 Throwing Knives, Sword Readwritelivenikki
District 7 Male Zaine Tisch 15 Throwing Knives RZN2
District 7 Female Aurora Wilde 12 Blowgun NerdDFTBA
District 8 Male Flicks Marvel 17 Spear, Knives RZN2
District 8 Female Leanna Farias 12 Bow and Arrow Cloveismywife
District 9 Male Roru Oppo 17 Spear, Throwing Knives Hungergamelover2121
Distirct 9 Female Lira Roberts 15 Throwing Axes ViciniusDeAssis1999
District 10 Male Christian Lorne 16 Spear NerdDFTBA
District 10 Female Morgan Roan 16 Whip, Lasso Tiaraaaa
District 11 Male Reastogger Malefuer 17 Sword AsherMizzou
District 11 Female Adonis "Addy" Jones 14 Throwing Knives Tiaraaaa
District 12 Male Xavier Woods 17 Spear Attackcobra
District 12 Female Anastasia Synalirous 16 Shuriken, Korean Fighting Fan Xx-Frozen-Fire-xx
District 13 Male Battleaxe Mason 15 Axe, Mace FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne
District 13 Female Boxina Gad 16 Sword, Spear Hungergamelover2121


As usual, and for the third time, we will play guess the arena. Whoever guesses correctly gets 100 extra dollars in sponsoring money. You cannot guess if you don't have a tribute. This year, the arena is more natural.


Tell me if your tribute would like to be in an alliance.


Terry Evans (1)

Verse Dancroo (1)

Jake Hangor (2)

Katie Sundanna (2)

Derek Saltine (4)

Ali Mauve (4)

Brittany Jackson (5)

Battleaxe Mason (13)

Boxina Gad (13)

Tribute Gallery



Sword: 120 dollars

Spear: 110 dollars

Bow and Arrow (comes with 8 arrows): 110 dollars

Extra Arrows (6): 40 dollars

Knives (4): 100 dollars

Knives (6): 130 dollars

Dagger: 70 dollars

Axe: 110 dollars

Trident: 150 dollars

Slingshot (comes with 8 stones): 80 dollars

Extra Stones (10): 50 dollars

Club: 90 dollars

Mace: 100 dollars

Shuriken: 80 dollars

Nunchuks: 70 dollars

Tomahawk: 90 dollars

Javelin: 80 dollars

Blowgun (comes with 6 darts and 1 poison container): 100 dollars

Extra Darts (6): 40 dollars

Extra Poison: 40 dollars

Food and Beverages

Gallon of Water: 50 dollars

Half Gallon of Water: 30 dollars

Quart of Water: 20 dollars

Pint of Water: 10 dollars

Quart of Milk: 15 dollars

Chicken Legs (3): 40 dollars

Thanksgiving Feast (Whole chicken, Mashed potatoes, Cranberry Sauce, Corn, Pumpkin Pie): 150 dollars

Turkey: 50 dollars

Pasta Dinner: 80 dollars


Bandages: 60 dollars

Flu Medicine: 70 dollars

Burn Medicine: 90 dollars

Cut Medicine: 40 dollars

Antipoison: 100 dollars

Sling: 70 dollars


Blanket: 60 dollars

Sleeping Bag: 70 dollars

Backpack: 50 dollars

Matches (12): 30 dollars

Tent: 140 dollars

Iodine: 70 dollars

Jacket: 60 dollars

Shoes: 40 dollars

Hiking Boots: 80 dollars


Poison: 90 dollars


Kill: 50 dollars

Top 15: 100 dollars

Top 10: 120 dollars

Top 5: 140 dollars


Terry Evans

"Wake up, Terry!" At first, I don't recognize the voice, but I realize that it's Verse Dancroo. Some of us sleep at the Career Academy before the Reaping Day. She was only fourteen, and someone would probably volunteer for her if she was reaped. "Pick up these weapons," Greg says, desperately trying to clean up the place. I grab my favorite knife and hang it up. "You volunteering?" Greg asks me. "Yep, and I know I"ll come home victorious," Greg had been reaped before, but someone volunteered for him. Most people in the outlying districts realize how few people want to volunteer. Only about two per year actually say the words, "I volunteer." It involves lots of bravery, which I think I'm capable of. I started training at the age of 6. Ten years of training for about a week of continuous death. Greg and I walk out, when he is jerked away by his new girlfriend, Abigail. I sigh, looking forward to my trip to the Capitol. "Our female tribute is Verse Dancroo!" Verse's purple hair glistened in the sunlight as I prepare myself to say two words that will change my life. "Daniel Rower," "I volunteer!" I say, forcefully. My life will never be the same. "Thank you, District 1!" The escort grabbed my hand and began making a lengthy speech about random junk, and Verse would fit well with them. The first thing I had ever heard her say was, "Did you know that the longest Hunger Games of all time was the 109th, lasting a total of 22 days?" This was going to be a long trip.

District 2

Jake Hangor

I'm shoved out of the door and told to walk to the reaping myself. Of course. Along the way, I I wonder if I should volunteer or not. This and another reaping. I guess I'd try this year. "And isn't this a great day! I think that the two tributes we send will do great this year, like our tributes last year, placing 3rd and 7th. You have such great people here, and let's try to make District 2 have a victor this year! We've actually had 15 victors in the entire history of the Games!" Like always, he goes on and on about random junk. Finally he says, "For the girls." "Ally Gambetti!" That was Aldo's sister. She took like a lot more tesserae than she needed so she'd be reaped. About five girls volunteer, and the escort chooses one. Keith Gains, I finally remember his name, rants on and on about who to pick, and finally chooses a girl by the name of Katie Sundanna. "Rhett Jader!" A boy, around fifteen walks to the stage, and I, along with two other boys, volunteer. "You, in the blue shirt," I walk up, proud of what I did, and shake hands with Katie. Before we even stepped on the train, we knew that we would have an awesome time at the Games. Our mentors shove us in there, and we anxiously await our debut in the Capitol.

District 3

Becca Scott

Moofa Jayline's voice has such a thick accent that no one can understand her. I grab Cristina, my sister, for warmth, and look at the moon, wishing we could get up later to experience a battle to the death. Moofa was supposedly very kind, but her voice was almost a different language. "Vekashot," she says. Everyone looks around in confusion. Then, the mayor goes to the microphone and yells my name. I look around, paralized in fear. A Peacekeeper grabs me by my collar and hurdles me onto the stage. Moofa seems to give up, as she gives me the bowl and lets me draw a name. That guy could be angry at me. I saw a name. It sort of looked like "Jett Rower," a guy who I hated. I grab the name and yell it out. "Watt Powers," I say in shock, my voice trembling as I say it. I see Jett in the audience laughing at us, and I almost want to run away. Moofa puts her hand on my shoulder, doing all she can to comfort me. I look at the train, knowing I'd spend fifteen hours in there, waiting to go to the Capitol.

District 4

Ali Mauve

I wake up with a start, and I grab a deep purple dress, and show my parents. "You look wonderful, but you won't be competing, so there's no problem," my mother tells me. I've told her I wanted to volunteer, but she laughed as if it were a joke. "Mom, I really want to volunteer," I say. "My father begins laughing, and my mother puts her hands on my shoulders. "Look, Ali, volunteering for the Games isn't good. You could easily die. And for what? We already live in a decent house, and physical strength and things like that aren't important. You need to graduate." I sigh and look at the floor, wishing for an ounce of freedom. We lived relatively close to the square, so I didn't have a long walk. "Welcome! Welcome everyone!" Kayleen Eliscope said, with a crack in her voice. This woman, probably as old as Panem itself, has been reaping tributes from 4 for a while, and she hasn't been choosing very good ones. Thank goodness we have volunteers. Her hand darts around the girl's bowl, and I, knowing that I would volunteer, don't care who it is. "Marina Armstrong!" "I volunteer!" I say, with about three other girls. "Okay, you," she says, pointing towards a girl, probably only fourteen years old. "No, I want her," she says, pointing to me. Yes! I go up with all of the living victors from 4, some of them immediately recognizeable, like Annie Cresta, old as ever, and oue only living victor from before the Freedom Years. Tammy Saltine was also up there. She had won the 117th Games, I think. Then, as Kayleen clawed around the boys' bowl, and picked out a name. "Lance Wellicoast!" A faint, "I volunteer," is heard from the audience, and we look to see a boy, who looked a bit like Tammy, go up to the stage. "Derek Saltine," he says. Kayleen immediately leaves, followed by Tammy, and the other victors go aside to their homes. All of the public goes away to watch the other reapings.

District 5

Brittany Jackson

My baby boy waves bye to me as I left the house. I set out to the reaping, hoping to get picked. He and I are pretty poor, so I could use a huge mansion and a few servants waiting to attend my needs. I saw a few victors up there, including Camilla Averson, who won the 90th Games and supposedly commited suicide, and Logan Hawkeye, who won a Quarter Quell, the first person from 5 to do so. "Okay, District 5! The time has come to reap tributes for these Games!" the new escort yells out. She wore a headdress probably taller than me, fake wings attatched to the sleeves of her shirt, and shoes that curved up and extend to her waist. She walks up and announces to us. "My name is Lula Harola! I'm the new escort this year. Now, the girl representing District 5 in these Games is Karina Kress!" Karina walks up, and I do something that I will never regret in my life. "I volunteer!" I shout. "Ah! A volunteer! How exciting!" I could feel a thousand pairs of eyes look at me in surprise, disgust, and confusion. Looking around, I saw many different emotions from people across the audience. Karina looks overjoyed, and everyone looks like I killed someone. Which I will be doing in a couple of days. "Caton Manning!" A fourteen year old boy with blond hair and golden eyes comes up and looks in complete shock. "Well congratulations to you two! I'll see you next year, or a year and a half if we win!" Caton looks at me in despair, and Lula speaks again. "Into the train, you two!" Logan is still shocked at my decision, but Camilla looks okay with it.

District 6

Red Jameson

Reaping day. Probably the worst day of the entire year. I walk outside to feel the breeze and smell car exhaust, something common around here. I look at the reaping square, knowing I have to go. Suddenly, I feel something small hit the back of my head. I try to pull it off, but I can't. I look behind me to see Trina, my archrival. "Sorry, I meant to hit you shoulder," she says, getting another piece of gum out of her pocket, and chewing it again. I finally get it all off and throw it back at Trina, but she dodges and it lands on the floor. "Get out," I say, tired of her, being her. "Welcome, District 6." The unenthusiastic escort, Kathrin Keen says, wanting to get away from here as much as she could. "We will have two tributes reaped this year to compete in the 122nd Hunger Games. The girl is Redinda Jameson," I felt a push on my back as I walked up. "And the boy is Apser Dell," she says, apparently wanting to get this over with. Asper walks up, and he looks like comeone I could trust. "Goodbye, District 6," she says. Suddenly, another piece of gum flies up, only two inches away from me. Kathrin gasps, and she looks angry. I thought about how District 6 did in the last Games. Serelle, the girl, placed 11th, and the guy, Royce, placed 13th and waswith the Careers. I sure hoped we did better than them.

District 7

Zaine Tisch

"Welcome to the reaping this year!" "Yeah, welcome!" Last year, there were two escorts, and since we won last year, they think it's a "treat" to District 7. Enili's up by the escorts, looking at us sadly. The boy last year placed 7th, and we did pretty well. I hoped it wouldn't be too bad this year. "Now, we will reap another set of two tributes," "And one may come home victorious, like Enili here!" "I heard that people from 7 like tree costumes," "Oh! I think we'd make good stylists, how about you guys?!" she says to the rest of District 7. They look at her in silence. "Fine, to the names." They shouted them out at the same time, and we couldn't make it out. "No, you go first," both said simultaneously. At the same time, one said "ladies first," and one said "gentlemen first" and they stared at each other awkwardly. "Zaine Tisch!" one of them calls. Enili looks at me in sympathy, even though she was only a year older. "Aurora Wilde," the other calls. A small girl, probably around twelve years old, come up to Enili, me, and the escorts. "Our tributes of District 7!"

District 8

Flicks Marvel

Fein Noterna is back with his goofy get-up, looking at the crowd. "Welcome District 8! Today we will select two tributes to compete in the 122nd Hunger Games!" I saw my mother behind me and she looked worried. Marine Hier was at the stage, giving us a welcoming look, and a few other victors I couldn't recognize. "Leanna Farias!" he yells out. A tiny girl walks up and stares at her house longingly. She looked like she could've been in the 4th Quarter Quell, where along with the older tributes, tributes between 3 and 9 were reaped. "Kevin Marvel!" My twelve year old brother walks up. I do something that changes my life. "I volunteer!" District 8 looks at me as if I were insane, but I had to save my brother. It reminded me of District 12 last year. Both of them only twelve years old, and they died in the bloodbath. A big burst of wind comes along, pulling off Fein's light blue, funnel shaped wig, which happens a lot at these reapings, and his face turned red, contradicting to the green make-up. "Good day, District 8,"

District 9

Lira Roberts

The sound of machines wake me up. I could see some workers putting fonio into some mixing machine. I look out the door, and tap on my sister's shoulder. "Wake up, Karen," "I'm tired," she replies. I grab her hand and pull her out. I hope we don't do as bad as we did last year. Both of our tributes died in the bloodbath, 23rd and 21st. I carry Karen out over my shoulder, and we go to the square. We have a new escort this year. Hope it's someone normal. "And that's how I learned to ride my car!" Our escort was apparently stupid as ever. Drajdah, our mentor and victor of the last Quarter Quell, looked at her in disgust. "So our tributes! The girl is..." she swishes her hand around the bowl, and finally selects a name. "Lira Roberts!" My sister lets out a scream, and everyone stares at me. I almost break down. I'm desperately trying not to cry. "The boy is Roru Oppo!" she yells. Roru looks at us and his eyes become a bit red. "Our tributes for the Games!" She leads us to the train car and looks at us, as if she were surprised we weren't bouncing off the walls in joy.

District 10

Morgan Roan

"If you wake up to the real world, you'd know that you're lucky you lasted this long!" the girl from 2 says, chasing me through the woods. For some reason the words wake up are repeating themselves. My vision gets fuzzy, and the ground crumbles before my eyes. Wake up. Wake up. My sister stands over my shoulder, telling me to wake up. "Nightmares again?" she asks. "Yeah," I respond. She takes me out of the farm and to the reaping. Due to the drought in District 11, there hasn't been much food going around these days, and the Capitol cut off most of our food after Zanna Vinland caused a little stirrup about the Games. She was always the type to rebel. A man with dark, sagging skin sits on the side of the road, holding out a jar that had two coins in it. I toss him another, and he smiles at me in delight. A boy crept around a house carrying a can of meat that belonged to our neighbors. They were pretty stubborn, so I hoped he didn't get caught. Kiro Hansa, the escort, talks into the microphone. As he talks, his artificially colored teeth glint in the sun. "Our female tribute this year will be Morgan Roan!" he says. I walk up, slowly, as he encourages me on. I make my way up to him, and hope someone I hate was reaped. "And the boy this year is Christian Lorne!" They boy who stole my neighbors' food came up and we shook hands. It felt really fast. I'm in, and I'm going to the Games. It seemes to fast to process. Somehow, I felt that Christian would trust me. And I could trust him.

District 11

Reastogger Malefuer

I sit down on a bench waiting for my sister to get ready. A bump hits the back of my head, and I see a shovel laying on the ground covered with a tiny bit of my blood. A few boys are laughing at me, so I throw it at them, and it hits a rather tall and popular boy with pale skin and a hairdo people call "Elvis." As it hits his head, it lays on the floor, and his friend picks it up. "Is that hair gel?" they ask him. I leave before anything big happens. "Welcome, District 11! Today, we will reap yet another pair of tributes!" she says. Helena Erva, the escort, walks over to the girl's bowl and pulls out a name. "Adonis Jones!" she says, gleefully. Adonis walks up, frowning, and trying to hold in tears. "And for the boys, Reastogger Malefuer!" "Get up, shovel boy!" Someone yells from the audience. I look at Helena, and she smiles as if nothing were wrong. She grabs my hand and pulls me up. I shake Addy's cold and trembling hand, as the escort cheers us on gleefully and shoves us into the goodbye room.

District 12

Anastasia Synalirous

The smell of warm cocoa filled the room. No one was really happy though. Everyone looked at our "hot" escort. He's wearing a swimsuit, which isn't smart to do in District 12, and his muscles are enormous. Lots of girls volunteered to spend time with him. My good friend's sister did that two years ago, and miraculously came home alive. "Due to the blizzard we are having, we are having the reaping inside here, and instead of a train ride, we'll be inside of a plane. The same applies for District 13. Anyway, to the names." I desperately hope I won't be picked. The tributes last year placed 26th and 24th, both dying in the bloodbath. "Anastasia Synalirous!" My mother screams and looks light-headed, and my father is nervously pacing around, hoping someone would volunteer. No one does. "And Xavier Woods will be the boy!" The boy, who looks pretty wealthy, probably from the merchant area, come up. "Shake hands, and we'll wait for the plane to come with the tributes from Thirteen!"

District 13

Boxina Gad

I run down the stairs, joyfully waiting for the reaping. It used to happen down here until the 87th Hunger Games, when they switched to above ground. Anyway, there was apparently a blizzard so they're having it down here. This is my fifth year. I'm ready to go in. A good number of us are Careers, but not all. Last year, they weren't, though they did do well. The escort walks up, and welcomes us all. "Today is one of the most important days of the year!" A few cheers emerge from the audience. We're like half-Careers, so it wasn't as strong as from District 1 or 2 or 4. "The girl this year is-" "I volunteer!" I say. "Your name?" she asks. "Boxina Gad." "Our boy this year is-" she waits, as if expecting someone to volunteer. Someone does. "Battleaxe Mason," he says into the microphone. She congratulates us and pushes us to go up the stairs into our aerial department so we can get on the plane. Battleaxe and I high-five and run up, joyfully. I already know that I'm going to enjoy him.

Hovercraft Ride & Pre-Games

Asper Dell: District 6

It's hard to believe that I've gotten myself here. Battleaxe is on my ;eft, grinning evilly at Katie, and Morgan's to my right, and she's shaking like a puppy. I spot Red a few seats over, and look for signs of support. She smiles faintly at me. "Give me your arm," the woman says to Leanna. She puts her arm out, and squeezes her eyes in pain as it goes in, causing the Careers to chuckle a bit. Battleaxe has his arm out, and the chip goes in. I put my arm out, and she drills it in. It hurt more than I thought. My arm was stinging, and I couldn't blame Leanna. I can see that almost everyone is trying to hold it in. I looked, thinking about how this may be the last time I see some of them.

Christian Lorne: District 10

Everyone has a glum look on their faces, with the exception of the Careers. Terry and Ali were sitting next to each other, and they both looked excited about it. They could hardly sit still. Then, there's the boy from Four, who didn't even show up to training. The boy from 12 looks at the tributes from 13 in a negative emotion, I can't exactly tell which. We finally land, and the woman leads us out.

Katie Sundanna: District 2

The woman leads Verse out first, followed by Asper, Leanna, and Terry. She tells us we're going in alphabetical order, so I'm almost last. I look back, and the tributes from 7 and 12 are the only ones left. I'm ready for this. Peacekeepers take my back and show me where I go. I can barely see my stylist over there.

Leanna Farias: District 8

This whole experience has been miserable. People kapt taunting me. You sure you're old enough to get reaped? And other things like that. Then, there was the hovercraft. I hated it. Then, Christina, my stylist, comes into my view, and I run up and hug her. "I missed you, Christina," I say. "You'll be the last person outside the arena I see," I say, with a few tears running through my eyes. "Don't think like that. You can do this, Leanna. I'm positive." I lean on her shoulder, trying to fuel my hatred on the Capitol in the arena. "30 seconds," Christina looks at me. "I'm ready," I say.

Verse Dancroo: District 1

Most people have tears in their eyes, and no one looks too happy. It was a a shock to get reaped. It really was. I could win this if I put the effort into it. I look at the Cornucopia and see a sword. I almost fall off my plate, as I'm so anxious to get it.

Derek Saltine: District 4

Why did they make me do this? My parents wanted me to win. They wanted me to excel. Maybe if I just told them, then this would be solved. I don't know. I think about Tammy and how she won her Games, with a whopping five kills. I'd never amount to as much as she does. The time ticks down. Thirty seconds.

Red Jameson: District 6

The sun beats on us as we look towards the arena, a beach. The beautiful aquamarine waves lilt against the golden sand, and turtle eggs litter the beach. Fish of different types linger in the water, and the warm temperature makes me wonder how it is to live in a southern district, like 4, 10, or 11. "Five, four, three, two, one-"

The Games

Day 1

Aurora Wilde: District 7

Almost all of us run to the Cornucopia. I grab a bow at the same time Leanna does, and she drops it, but I give it to her and pick up a new one and a quiver of arrows. I can hear Caton scream in the distance for mercy as Katie hacks at his chest, and Battleaxe throws a knife at Anastasia, who dies instantly. Leanna and I run off together, and I'm glad I found myself an ally.

Terry Evans: District 1

Derek paces around, and everyone seems a bit nervous. Red throws a knife at Brittany, and I throw one back at her. She dodges barely, and it lands in Addy's head. Brittany slumps to the ground in pain, and Red delivers a final blow to the head.

Verse Dancroo: District 1

Zaine runs up, taking some food, and I grab my sword, and slash him in the chest. He has a big cut and probably won't succeed in battle. He throws a knife at me, and I duck, causing it to make a dent in the Cornucopia. I push my sword into Zaine's head, and he falls over, laying lifeless on the ground.

Ali Mauve: District 4

Derek is fighting with Christian. Christian is about to have him in a headlock, when I throw a trident at Christian. Derek thanks me, and Boxina runs by, stabbing Watt in the back as he reaches over for food.

Asper Dell: District 6

Jake heads at me with a sword. I barely dodge it and swing my axe at him. It hits his thigh, and he clutches his leg in pain. As he does so, I slam my axe into his chest. Lira and Reastogger seem to have an alliance as they run away together, and Morgan is nowhere to be seen. Roru's hiding in a tree. Red comes back with some supplies, when she falls over, coughing out blood with a knife in her back. Katie gives me an evil grin and tells me to run. Red, laying with her back on the ground. Dead. Gone. Then, she winks at me. I take her "dead" body with me, supposedly as a reminder or something. The Careers looked content with themselves, and sat down for a snack.

Flicks Marvel: District 8

I met up with Xavier earlier today. We look up at the sky to see who lived and who died. First up was the boy from 2. Didn't see that coming. The boy from 3, both from 5, the boy from 7, both from 10, and the girl from 12. Xavier looked a bit sad when Anastasia was up there, but I think he would be fine. Leanna wasn't up there, which is good. I guess I underestimated her. The gentle waves of the beach rocked against us as we pondered different strategies to get home.

Day 1 Statistics

The Careers (Terry, Verse, Katie, Derek, Ali, Battleaxe, Boxina) are doing fine, though they may need water in a while. They're at the Cornucopia.

Alliance 1 (Aurora and Leanna) both have bows and six arrows each. They could use some food. They're in the rocky area behind the beach.

Alliance 2 (Lira and Reastogger) may need some weapons soon. They are close to Alliance 3's camp. Both alliances are near the water.

Alliance 3 (Flicks and Xavier) are near the ocean. They may need weapons soon.

Alliance 4 (Asper and Red) are just inside the rocky area. Red needs medicine, and Asper needs food.

Becca is hiding inside of a cave near the island Roru's camping on. She needs food.

Roru has set camp in a small island, not visible to most people on the beach because of massive amounts of fog. He may need some water.

Morgan has made camp around the beach, fairly close to the Careers. She needs nothing currently.

Day 2

Asper Dell: District 6

Red and I have been hearing some odd noises lately. They sounded almost like squeaks. Red sits down and by me and takes a bite out of her sandwich. The squaeking noise becomes louder and louder. Suddenly, a load of bats come flying by and attack us. I grab my axe and chop a few of them in half, and try not to think about Red, who was severely injured and could die in the next few seconds. Finally, I can see more than jsut bat fur, and Red's on the ground, with scratch marks on her face, almost dead. She closes her eyes, and the bats fly away. A cannon booms through the air, and now I realize, that I'm all alone.

Roru Oppo: District 9

The island is peaceful. The sky is a deep blue, and almost no one can see me, unless they have really good vision because of the fog. I could hear a few screams downshore, and I can faintly see a loose arrow soar right over my head. I quickly run off, and it lands exactly where I was standing. That was close.

Lira Roberts: District 9

Reastogger and I are under a Career attack. We can see Terry, Boxina, Derek, and Verse here. Boxina grabs an axe and throws it at my leg. I barely jump up in time. Malefuer has Derek in a headlock, and Terry's hacking away at Reastogger, trying to get him off. Verse swings her sword at me, and I can feel a few of my hairs being sliced off. I grab a knife that belongs to the Careers, stick it into Terry's body, and he falls limp to the floor. A cannon confirms his death. In anger, Verse grabs Boxina's axe and starts swinging like crazy. It hits Reastogger in the chest, causing him to fall over, and while Boxina and Derek help kill him, I run off, hoping they don't notice me. Then I notice someone else over there. She runs up, and I wait for a while. I can see that she has a few weapons with her. Until she's just behind me, I can feel a sharp pain in my back. She's holding a whip and a lasso. She grops the lasso and tries to swing her whip again. I think it's Morgan. I lead her over to the Careers, and they look at us. Boxina and Derek each try to chase us. Derek goes after Morgan, and Boxina after me. I quickly grab Morgan's lasso and hook it up to a tree in the distance. It falls down. Boxina's almost got to me. I throw again. Closer but not exactly. On the third time, it hooks around the branch, and I tighten the knot. Once I get to the tree, I hoist myself up, and Boxina begins shaking the tree. It doesn't move an inch. I make it up there, and stare down there in fear. Suddenly, two cannons boom out. Reastogger was probably dead, but the other one, I have no idea. Probably Morgan.

Battleaxe Mason: District 13

Verse comes back babbling uncontrollably. "Calm down, Verse," Katie says loudly. I could barely make out a few words because she talked so fast with anger, or excitement. "And then I killed Reastogger because he killed Terry, and," Boxina comes back and tells us the news. "We found the girl from 9 and the boy from 11. The boy from 11 killed Terry, so Verse killed him using my axe. Could I have that back now?" Verse hands her the axe, almost whacking it into Ali's head. "And then the girl from 9 ran into the girl from 10, and they ran off. I chased the girl from 9, but she climbed up a palm tree, and I couldn't shake her down. Either Derek or Morgan survived the other fight. Derek came limping into view, with scratch marks over his face, and he needed medicine pretty badly. "What happened?" Ali asked, getting medicine and putting it over his wounds. "That girl," he pauses for a breath "did not go down without a fight," he says, gasping for air. I was beggining to think Ali liked Derek. I don't know how he felt about her though.

Xavier Woods: District 12

"This way," Flicks says, leading me towards a cave. He thought he saw something valuable there. "Are you sure?" I ask him. "Positive, now up this way," I reluctantly follow him down the beach, up different mazes. A girl catches my eye, and she's holding a knife. Becca from 3, I think. "Run, or I'll throw," she says. Flicks and I run back, to our camp in fear.

Leanna Farias: District 8

Aurora and I, probably considered the weakest alliance here, as we're made of two twelve year old girls, but we don't care. We can't really see the night sky from here, as it's a cavern-like place, but they must've fixed the water to do the same thing as the sky, because I saw Terry's face there. The girls from 6 and 10 were followed by the boy from 11, then the water went back to being its colorless self.

Day 3

Derek Saltine: District 4

Ali taps my shoulder, and I jolt awake. "It's just me, silly!" she says, while Katie and she work on making some food for us. Battleaxe looks a bit worried, pacing around iin circles for some reason, but today looks like a good day. The waves lilt along the sand, and a seagull calls along in the air. It swoops down and it seems to go towards Ali. She yelps in pain as it scratches her face. "Help!" I grab a spear and stab the bird, while the other Careers run around in panic. She falls over, and I don't think she'll make it. There are claw marks over her face, and one seems to have hit her head. I try to hold in tears, but it's hard. "Derek, I love you," "Guys, get medicine!" I yell, trying not to cry. I finally give up. Tears fall from my eye as I look at Ali's soon to be dead body in terror and shock. Boxina applies some medicine on her face, but Ali still looks bad. I lean down and put my hands around her waist and lay on the ground. "I love you too," I say. Ali's face, stained with tears, though scratched up by birds, still looks beautiful. "You're beautiful," I tell her through a shaky voice. "Don't die on me," I say, asking her to keep her eyes open. But she doesn't.

Flicks Marvel: District 8

Another cannon rings out, and I look towards the cave. That girl is still in there, watching us carefully. It's beginning to creep me out. "Let's go," I tell Xavier. He follows me through the beach when someone runs into us. Lira Roberts from 9. She grabs an axe and swings at us. It gives me a slight hit in the chest, and I almost fall over in pain. Xavier takes his spear and throws it at Lira, who barely ducks. Xavier's now weaponless. Lira takes a slice at him, and he falls dead. I run up to her, and push her to the ground. I grab my knife, and she grabs my arms. She tries to resist me pulling it down, but she's not strong enough. Suddenly, I feel a dart go into my neck. I faint, and hope to wake again.

Lira Roberts: District 9

The boy from 6 runs off. Why did he save me? I push Flicks's dead body off me and watch Becca in the cave look almost unsurprised. Suddenly, she hops into the fog. I can see a faint glow as she screams. I can hear something, and it doesn't sound pretty. Someone hops back into her cave. Roru, I think. He looks at me, and smiles in a way. I go off, and he takes a look at Becca's supplies.

Verse Dancroo: District 1

Other than the bird attack, this has been a relatively quiet day for us. These Games are going extremely fast, as only ten tributes are alive on the third day. We look up at the night sky to see a few faces. Becca from 3 was first, then Ali, and Derek couldn't stop staring at her face. The boys from 8 and 12 follow up. I look at my alliance. Katie, Derek, Battleaxe, and Boxina are here with me. We're half of the arena. That leaves Asper, Aurora, Leanna, Lira, and Roru. I look up, still in shock of how fast this is going.

Day 4

Battleaxe Mason: District 13

I grab my axe, and prepare to leave the camp. I ponder on who to kill. Verse looks fast asleep. I walk to her, and almost strike my axe on her back. I think about what I'm doing, but assume it's okay. I slam it down, and the cannon jolts the other three up. Derek and Katie run off, hurdling axes at me, and Boxina, in rage, slams a spear into my heart. My vision fades as I fall to the ground. Dead.

Boxina Gad: District 13

I run off, watching the Cornucopia carefully. A huge wave swallows it, taking Verse's and Battleaxe's bodies away with it. Everything is spoiled except for the food and axe I take. Another one comes, and I can tell it won't be over anytime soon.

Roru Oppo: District 9

A big set of waves start crashing. I hop off the island onto the bridge. Then, it snaps. I feel my body jolt as I fall into the water. I can barely see anything. A huge wave hovers over me, and I almost feel it being shoved into my throat. I can't breathe any longer. My head goes under, and I hear my cannon.

Leanna Farias: District 8

We've reached the edge of the rock caves. There's a cliff a few feet away. It doesn't look safe. I take a bite of food to eat. Suddenly, a pair of feet run in. I recognize them as Boxina Gad's. An awkward pause silences the air. Aurora looks at me, and I don't know what we should do. She charges at us, and attacks Aurora. We were both twelve, so I figure she could take any of us. I grab her, and desperately try to get her to stop. I stab my arrow into her back, but the point had dulled out, so it only made a minor cut. She wrestles with Aurora, almost stabbing her, when Aurora manages to push her off the cliff. I can hear her scream. We look at each other, expecting a cannon. Suddenly, I see Boxina fly up, and she's about to slam an axe into my head. Her hair is flailing around wildly, and she has a slight burn on her upper back. It must've been a force field. I, in complete shock, remember to move. But it's too late. Just as her feet touch the ground, her axe goes in my chest. My vision fuzzes. I can see Aurora using my bow to desperately shoot arrows at Boxina. She flees, and Aurora leans over to my side. "Don't die on me," she cries. "It's my time," I say, knowing the truth. I couldn't live. "Win this for me," I tell her. "Leanna, you're not-" I lose my hearing, and my vision goes blank.

Lira Roberts: District 9

I sit down in a tiny field. I saw Roru die today. It was pretty unfortunate. I had seen the Careers go a bit crazy, and I have no idea where Asper is. I look at the sky. The girls from 1 and 8 go up, and the boys from 9 and 13. Only six of us were still here. "Attention tributes," a voice says. "Tomorrow, we will be hosting a feast. Attendance is mandatory, and it will be the last day. Thank you, and enjoy the rest of the Games!" I think about the competition. Katie and Derek, Boxina, Aurora, and Asper. Could I win this?

Day 5

Aurora Wilde: Distirct 7

"Good morning tributes! Due to the popularity of these Games, we will allow two victors! Good luck, and Happy Hunger Games!" That brings relief. I'm hiding in a cave. Boxina's climbing down some rocks towards the beach, and Asper runs from out of nowhere into the Cornucopia. As soon as Boxina is out of sight, I climb down, hoping to win. Lira shoots an arrow that nearly misses Asper's head. He runs at her with an axe he got from the Cornucopia, and swings at her head. She falls, dead, to the ground. Then, Katie and Derek come into sight. Derek pushes her down, and is about to swing a trident into her chin. She knocks him off and stands over him. She knocks his trident away, and he grabs her axe and throws it at her. It misses horribly, making a splash in the ocean. As Katie's about to kill him, Boxina throws two axes at them, one hitting Derek directly in the skull. I cautiously climb down the rocks. Katie and Boxina are fighting now, and it looks intense. Asper throws a knife at me, but hits the rock I was holding on. Suddenly, my grip releases, and I fall. My leg is broken. I desperately try to get up, but it's not use. Asper charges at me with a knife and sticks it in my heart.

Asper Dell: District 6

Only one more death has to happen. Katie charges at Boxina angrily, and knocks her to the ground. Boxina grabs her axe and starts trying to hack at Katie, but she can't reach. I peer back into the Cornucopia, wanting to get this over with. I grab a large knife, just in case. Boxina runs toward me, and I look in oure terror at her. I can barely move. She chomps her axe just inches to my left. She has me cornered in the Cornucopia. I can see Katie, bloody, and barely alive. Boxina has me cornered, and her axe is resting on my chest. She's ready to push it in any second now. Suddenly, she coughs up blood on my face, and I hear her cannon. Katie has another throwing axe in her hand. She congratulates me and takes me away to the hovercraft. I climb up the ladder, helping Katie along the way. I couldn't believe it. I won. I felt like jumping up and down in joy.

Derek Saltine: District 4

The pain in my chest still continues. I look around. I feel like I should be dead. But I'm not. "Wake up," someone says. "I am, and where am I? And who are you?" "My name's Connor Embreall. I escaped the 100th Hunger Games. We managed to hack the Gamemakers' room, and we came to rescue you." "Why me?" I ask. "We saw you. We know you didn't want to volunteer." "Oh," I say, still confused. A woman with pitch black hair steps in and introduces herself as Emmerweiss Nightfall. "Where am I going?" I ask. "To Albion," Emmerweiss says. I'm still confused, but anywhere's better than Panem.

Death Chart

Place Name District Day Who How
26th Caton Manning 5 1 Katie Sundanna Axe in Chest
25th Anastasia Synalirous 12 1 Battleaxe Mason Knife in Heart
24th Adonis Jones 11 1 Terry Evans Knife in Head
23rd Brittany Jackson 5 1 Red Jameson Knife in Head
22nd Zaine Tisch 7 1 Verse Dancroo Sword in Head
21st Christian Lorne 10 1 Ali Mauve Trident in Back
20th Watt Powers 3 1 Boxina Gad Sword in Back
19th Jake Hangor 2 1 Asper Dell Axe in Chest
18th Redinda Jameson 6 2 Bats Blood Loss & Bites
17th Terry Evans 1 2 Lira Roberts Knife in Chest
16th Morgan Roan 10 2 Derek Saltine Trident in Chest
15th Reastogger Malefuer 11 2 Verse Dancroo Axe in Skull
14th Ali Mauve 4 3 Seagull Muttation Claw in Face
13th Xavier Woods 12 3 Lira Roberts Axe in Head
12th Flicks Marvel 8 3 Asper Dell Dart in Head
11th Becca Scott 3 3 Roru Oppo Spear in Chest
10th Verse Dancroo 1 4 Battleaxe Mason Axe in Back
9th Battleaxe Mason 13 4 Boxina Gad Spear in Chest
8th Roru Oppo 9 4 Ocean Drowned
7th Leanna Farias 8 4 Boxina Gad Axe in Chest
6th Lira Roberts 9 5 Asper Dell Axe in Head
5th Derek Saltine 4 5 ?????????? ???????????
4th Aurora Wilde 7 5 Asper Dell Knife in Heart
3rd Boxina Gad 13 5 Katie Sundanna Axe in Back
Victor Asper Dell 6
Victor Katie Sundanna 2

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