Okay! The third Games in this series start again! I promise they'll be better than the 122nd, as I don't think their quality was too good. Anyway, there will be the normal 26 tributes and normal junk. It's the third Games of this series, and I hope you all enjoy!


1. No cursing.

2. Make your tribute good. I don't want a tribute named "Airplane" for District 6.

3. Don't cuss.

4. Don't complain.

5. Make your Lunaiis without crops or backgrounds. They look nice for profiles, but I need everything to be neat and orderly here.

6. Enjoy the Games!


Name Age Weapon User
District 1 Male
District 1 Female
Distirct 2 Male
Distirct 2 Female Thyra Sarin 17 Bow and Arrows Wesolini
Distirct 3 Male
District 3 Female
District 4 Male
Distirct 4 Female
District 5 Male
District 5 Female
District 6 Male
Distirct 6 Female
Distirct 7 Male
Distirct 7 Female Rose Greyser 16 Throwing Knives, Axes Wesolini

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