I have an original, unique, and creative idea that totally wasn't copied from Ninja~Toast.  Anyway, you can't submit tributes in these.  Only I can.  So sorry guys, but you guys can sponsor and bet on tributes.  If you get the correct bets, you can have money for the Maze, a competition that will be put on hold (not cancelled, but on hold) because I've been too lazy to write them.  But the 2nd Alliance will continue.  Anyway, enjoy the Games, and hopefully I can focus on making an awesome plot.


1. Don't submit a tribute.

2. Don't submit a tribute.


4. Don't complain if someone you like dies.

5. Don't be rude to other users.

6. Don't insult my tributes.  Well you can say, 'Ugh I hate ____ because she killed ______!' but not like 'OMG ____ has a retarded backstory!'

7. Tell me if I have any typoes or anything like that.  I hate typoes.

8. Tell me if there's a certain tribute that you really like.

9. Have fun!


Name Age Height Weapon
Capitol Male Kano Nadal 15 5' 7" Throwing Axe
Capitol Female Yadava Danamraj 16 5' 9" Shuriken, Pickaxe
District 1 Male Lucius Eifel 17 5' 11" Sword
District 1 Female Irina Formein 16 5' 4" Bow and Arrow, Axe
District 2 Male Cayenne Menzel 18 5' 8" Knife, Blowgun
District 2 Female Frida Ordoñez 17 5' 6" Axe, Mace
District 3 Male Alve Viako 15 5' 2" Sword
District 3 Female Fe Cochabamba 16 6' 0" Axe, Knife
District 4 Male Rhett Arbor 17 6' 0" Trident
District 4 Female Mandalay Polster 16 5' 6" Bow and Arrows
District 5 Male Segor Salaam 13 4' 11" Club
District 5 Female Comaline Vinson 16 5' 8" Nunchuks, Spear
District 6 Male Nathaniel Divail 14 5' 7" Sword, Knife
District 6 Female Xian Kaytune 12 4' 8" Throwing Knives, Shuriken
District 7 Male Oliver Hagueman 16 5' 11" Axe, Blowgun
District 7 Female Susan Palma 12 5' 1" Throwing Knives, Bow and Arrows
District 8 Male Dominic Lansboro 13 5' 3" Dagger, Knife
District 8 Female Gia Zealand 12 5' 1" Slingshot
District 9 Male Emmett Jutlace 14 5' 7" Spear
District 9 Female Ludaina Soman 16 5' 4" Axe, Whip
District 10 Male Harris Rhine 17 6' 1" Dagger, Blowgun
District 10 Female Max McKinley 17 5' 8" Throwing Knives
District 11 Male Edmund Blueknot 15 5' 5" Spear
District 11 Female Mongla Olenn 17 5' 9" Axe, Whip
District 12 Male Aidan Demilisk 14 5' 4" Pickaxe, Mace
District 12 Female Avery Lacath 12 5' 4" Knife
District 13 Male Timber Yukail 17 6' 0" Trident, Knife
District 13 Female Halifa City 14 5' 6" Shuriken, Sword


As these are the most important part to a tribute, I'll be posting the backstories for each of my tributes here.

Tribute Gallery

Sponsoring Chart

Okay, these rules are the same as Ninja~Toast's.  Each person has 500 dollars.  These Games will last a while.

Cayenne (2) is my main tribute, but I want to sponsor Irina (1) instead.  I cannot change between Cayenne (2) and Irina (1).

I'm sponsoring Comaline (5), but she isn't my main tribute.  I want to sponsor Max (10) instead.  I can swap Comaline (5) with Max (10).

I was sponsoring Ludaina (9), but she just died.  I want to sponsor Dominic (8) instead.  I cannot swap Ludaina (9) with Dominic (8).

Also, the kill bonus will be 75 dollars.  You ARE allowed to send advice, though it isn't necessary.  Also, you can get coupons by answering bonus questions.

User Tribute 1 (Main Tribute) 2 3 4 5

Harris Rhine



Frida Ordoñez



Gia Zealand



Ludaina Soman



Fe Cochabamba


Harris Rhine


Halifa City


Rhett Arbor



Avery Lacath


Segor Salaam


Sponsoring List


Bow (With 12 arrows): $125

Spear: $100

Sword: $125

Combat Knife: $75

Throwing Knives (4): $175

Axe: $150

Throwing Axes (2): $175

Mace: $75

Slingshot (With 10 stones): $50

Shuriken (6): $150

Whip: $125

Dagger: $75

Trident: $200

Pickaxe: $100

Blowgun (With 10 darts): $125

Nunchuks: $75

Club: $75

Food and Beverage

Dried Fruit: $50

Dried Meat: $75

Bread: $75

Cheese: $75

Milk: $100

Water: $100

Cookies: $50

Soup: $100


Cut Medicine: $100

Neosporin: $75

Burn Medicine: $75

Painkillers: $100

Instant Relief: $400

Bandages: $125

Anti-poison: $100


Tent: $225

Camouflage Paints: $150

Poison: $100

Matches: $100

Map of Arena (Doesn't tell where other tributes are): $125

Backpack: $75

Betting Table

Once the first death happens, you may not change your bets, but you can anytime before then.

User 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
Ducky35 Rhett Arbor Cayenne Menzel Avery Lacath Segor Salaam Harris Rhine



Kano Nadal

"Nadal!  I need coffee!"

"Coming," I say to my master, Mr. Ream.  I've been his slave for years.  I remember when I was free, I didn't have to work for someone else, and if I did, I always got paid.  But now, I have little to no freedom.  I look around the house.  It's a dirty place, not very big or grand.  The wooden walls are covered in dirt, and the ground has small holes in it that small rodents have chewed out.  They've given me extra tesserae even though I don't need it.  They want me to be reaped so I can win and get them a new home.  I was reaped last year when someone volunteered for me.  I'm just really tired of them.

"I said, I wanted coffee!" he yells.  I sigh, grabbing a small bowl of coffee beans and put it into a machine with some distilled water.  After about thirty seconds, the steaming hot beverage pours out into the cup below.  I put a bit of cream in, and take it to Mr. Ream, when the coffee machine spits about an extra bit of coffee that lands on the floor. I take it into his room, the only room in the house that hasn't been swallowed by rodents.

"Finally," he says, taking the glass into his hands.

"Now get ready for the reaping.  It's today, in case you haven't realized."

I run into my room and change into a ratty brown shirt, the only shirt that isn't covered in filth, and put on some khaki pants.  As I walk out, Mr. Ream stands just outside the door.


"Yes sir," I respond to him.  What did I do wrong this time?

"There's some spilled coffee on the floor.  I had to clean it up myself."

I begin to panic.  Thoughts race around my mind.  What's he going to do to me?  He answers my question my grabbing a golf club and holding it above my head.  He slams it down and I feel the piece of metal hitting my forehead with so much force. I spit out blood, my eyes slowly close, and I hope to wake up again.

Yadava Danamraj

My alarm clock beeps, but I've been awake for hours.

"Father," I whisper into his ear in the bed next to me.  He groans a bit and stands up.

"Are you okay?" I ask him.

"Yes, said his cracked voice, his gray hair touseled around by the wind.  "I had a dream about your mother," he says.  I remember it like yesterday.  It was back when he had a good home.  When I was only a small child.  I walked through the door and spotted my mother laying on the floor, nearly lifeless.  I shrieked.

"Mommy!" I yelled.  She smiled faintly, but I could barely see it as blood covered her entire face.  "What happened?"

"I can't remember, they erased my memory."  I began crying, and she put her hand on my shoulder to calm me down.  Looking back, she must've known it was her time.  She began reciting a poem.

"Tyger, tyger, burning bright,"  she paused to take a shaky breath. "In the forests of the night," I looked at her once beautiful, still beautiful face, and then I realized that it was almost over.  "What immortal hand or eye-"  Those were her last words.

"Could frame thy fearful symmetry," I finished for her.  Tears fell down my face.  I laid my head down on her arm and cried about her, ceasing to exist.

"Yadava," my father adresses me.  I jolt up and hug my father.

"Let's get ready for the reaping," he says in a voice that can always calm me down.  I put on a dark blue dress, and walk to see my father.  We're wearing the most valuable things we own.  Now that we live underground, working as tunnel diggers for subways, we don't get a lot of money.  A train comes down the tracks and abruptly stops near us.

"All aboard!  Let's get to the reaping!  Chop chop!"  I sigh as the other miners with children in the reaping age climb in.  The train speeds at what seems like an astronomical speed, and finally stops at the City Center.  A man runs across to the President.

"Mr. President!  My dear nephew passed out this morning!  He will still go up when he's reaped, I mean, if he's reaped, but-"

The man is interrupted by the escort's booming voice.

"Welcome, Capitol!" he calls.

"Now is the time once again to reap the tributes for the 234th Hunger Games!  As you know, last year we did pretty well; our boy placed 5th, and the girl placed 10th.  Maybe we'll have even better luck this year!"  A booming cheer erupts, and I smile a tiny bit.  He puts his hand into the bowl and pulls out a girl's name.  Some unlucky, poor girl.

"Yadava Danamraj!" he calls.  No!  That's me!  I look around, hoping someone's desperate enough to volunteer, but no one is.  I look at the man who carried his nephew in on a hospital bed.

"Kano Nadal!" the man calls.  The man, who looks neither sad or surprised, wheels his unconscious nephew up to the stage.

"Now come along, we're going to take the boat across the river to the room where you'll be prepared to show yourselves to the Capitol.  They'll also be able to fix Kano's injuries, so don't worry.  Off we go!"  I look at Kano and immediately think how lucky he was.  His head injury resembled my mother's...



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