Hi! This is my first Hunger Games and I hope you enjoy the finished result. After Mockingjay, Coin's family leaves District 13 and lives in the Capitol. After the epilogue, Coin's family takes over the President's mansion and starts the Hunger Games over again. Three tributes apiece. I need the tribute's first and last name, district, gender, age, appearance, skills, and weaknesses. Thanks!

Male Female

John Trike (finnickmellark)

Strengths: Speed, Strength, Archery, Knife

Blond Hair, Green Eyes

Shimmer Hyrute (Icanhasnofriends)

Skills: Beauty, Speed, Intellegence,

Blond hair, blue eyes


Malecai Gerama (Icanhasnofriends)

Strengths: Sword, Axe, Knife, Spear, Intellegece, Strength

Blond hair, Brown eyes, Muscular

Eva Stone (Epic Hobo)

Strengths: Sword

Light brown hair, brown eyes


Matthew "Matt" Coupe (finnickmellark)

Strengths: Dagger, Bow and Arrows, Hand-on-Hand, Knives, Machete

Brown hair, Brown eyes, Glasses

Aria Velinose (Cloveismywife)

Strengths: Knives, Snares, Resourcefulness, Intellegence

Brown hair, Brown eyes, Small


Chrspin Lanform (50thgamesFTW)

Strengths: Spears

Silver hair, Black eyes, small nose

Silver Ganis (50thgamesFTW)

Strengths: Knives, Daggers, Stealth

Short gold hair, Kind smile


Christian Lorne (NerdDFTBA)

Strengths: Snares, Strength

Blond hair, Muscular

Camilla Averson (Cloveismywife)

Strengths: Friendly, Knows what to eat, Swords

Blond Hair, Blue Eyes, Attractive


Benjamin Woodrew (KEWLBEN)

Strengths: Experience with weapons

Tan skin, Short brown hair, Blue eyes

Lynette "Lynnie" Handsows (The Hunger Games Girl)

Strengths: Knives

Long blond hair, blue eyes.


Altlas Dunnin (tothedoom)

Strengths: Tomahawk, Knives, Axe, Hand-to-Hand combat

Green eyes, dark hair

Mia Lillyrun (Petra Lillyrun)

Strengths: Axe, Knife

Olive skin, Brown hair, Green eyes, Tall


Sebastian Klein (Justafox)

Strengths: Blowgun & Poison, Knives

Brown eyes, Light brown hair, Tall

Bree Barlow (Captainsv)

Strengths: Athletic, Likeable, Well-Coordinated

Dark-skinned, Tall, Green eyes


Troy Cunner (A Wikia Contibuter)

Strengths: Speed, Stealth, Bow & Arow, Sword

Brown hair, Hazel eyes

Annabelle Freeman (AshtonMoioLover)

Strengths: Stealth, Axe, Blowgun & Poison

Red hair, Green eyes


Alonzo Mourning (Aniju Aura)

Strengths: Axe, Homemade Spears

Brown hair, Blue eyes

Amira George (Hungry4more)

Strengths: Good climber, thinks fast, camoufalge

Green eyes, Red hair, Freckles


Ayaan Hlupe (Thena.airice14)

Strengths: Speed, Strength, Intimidating apperanace

Dark skin, Short brown hair, Brown eyes

Rani Cooper (Hungry4more)

Strengths: Running, Good with Hands

Blond hair, Blue eyes


Reese Granger (Petra Lillyrun)

Strengths: Blowgun & Poison, Running, Climbing, Plant Identification, Swimming

Long black hair, Green eyes, Tan skin

Aurora Wilde (NerdDFTBA)

Strengths: Stealth, Blowgun & Poison

Long hair, Teal eyes, Pale skin


Jason Johnson (AshtonMoioLover)

Strengths: Trickery, Mace, Traps

Dark hair, Tan skin, Brown eyes

Lily Axelhurst (AshtonMoioLover)

Strengths: Bow and Arrow, Knife, Stealth

Long brown hair, hazel eyes


Disrtict 1

John Trike:

I stood in the 15 year old's section and waited to see who would go in the Games. Our escort, Olivia Traine stood there waving her hand in the bowl. Then she pulled out a name. "Shimmer Hyrute!" Shimmer walked up to the stage and looked as proud as she could be. She started to blow kisses to all of the cheering audience. "Excuse me, but that's my job!" Olivia yelled. She stood on the stage and blew kisses, and suddenly, the audience stopped cheering. Her face was so red! "Anyway, the boys." Once again, she put her hand in the bowl, and grabbed a name. "John Trike!" My mother gasped. Seriously, Mom? Anyway, I walk to the stage. The audience is clapping and I have a smile on my face. If I win, I could be famous! If I lose, I'd still be famous!

District 2

Eva Stone:

I eagerly wait for the reapings to happen. Then as our escort, Sandon Root, comes in, we all clap. "Thank you!" he says. Then he walks over to the girl's bowl. "Now our female tribute will be..." He puts his hand in the bowl. I am very anxious. Then he calls out "Kailee Song!" She walks up to the stage. She turned twelve yesterday, so she'd probably be the youngest tribute. She began crying. Real tears, not sympathy tears. "I volunteer," I say casually. "Another volunteer!" Sandon says. I walk to the stage. Kailee is looking better. "Thank you," she says. "You saved my life." "Your welcome, now shut up," I say. Then, she starts crying again. My brother gives me a funny look. "What?" I mouth him. The Sandon patted my back and put his hand in the boy's bowl. "The male tribute is... Malecai Gerama!" He walks up there and I know that winning the Games would be harder then I thought. He was pure muscle. I think I volunteered for the wrong Games. "Ladies and gentlemen, the Tributes of District Two!"

District 3

Aria Velinose:

I am one of the smallest fifteeen year olds in the reaping areas. The sun isn't up yet. District Three is the western-most district, in what was once California. Then Luna Behan, the escort comes out in a dress that would be considered weird even on Capitol standards. "Hello!" she shouts. "Now I will select a male first this year. I like to change things up a bit." My thirteen year old sister giggles, pointing to Luna's dress. She reaches her hand out, and the rediculous inflated bracelets make it impossible to fit her hand in. The audience stiffles a laugh. She throws the handcuff/bracelet off and draws the name like a normal person. At least, more normal. "Matthew Coupe!" He is one of the strongest people I know. He walks up to the stage. He was orphaned at five, so he grew up tough. "Now for the ladies!" Her hand is making me nervous. My sister and I lock eyes. "Aria Velinose!" I slowly walk up to the stage. I pretend not to be scared, but it's almost impossible. I huddle my jacket close and feel the cold wind blow on my face. My sister's eyes were watering. I knew that she knew that there were twenty-five people who would win ten times before me.

District 4

Silver Ganis:

The reapings begin. I'm kind of scared and unlike most people of District 4, I don't want to be reaped. I am a small girl and know I probably wouldn't be accepted by the Careers. Annie Cresta, now well into her fifties, decided to come to the reaping this year. She is sitting down in a chair next to our crazy escort, Dylan West, who is wearing his hair in a mohawk died blue and purple, varying each spike. He's nineteen, one of the youngest escorts. "Now for the girls, we have Rosetta Lanform!" Chrspin, her brother yells to the girls, "Someone, volunteer!" I have had a, well, crush on Chrspin for about two years now. I guess I would do anything for him, so... "I volunteer!" Dylan reached down and shook my hand. I saw Chrspin in the audience and he mouthed me thank-you. I am so happy that, and I must have zoned out for a while because I didn't realize that Chrspin was reaped. Chrspin was reaped! I was feeling very sad and amost cried on national television. I guess one-way love never lasts.

District 5

Christian Lorne:

"Ouch!" Macy shouts. "That's not me!" I say in response. Mrs. Burns is taking the orphans from twelve to eighteen to the reapings this year. "Quiet!" Mrs. Burns said. "Don't cause a commotion like you did last year." she said sternly. I remember last year. Macy and Thomas, two of the orphanage kids got in an argument. They resorted to physical violence and Macy ended up in the hospital for three weeks, and a good three weeks they were. So, the escort, Danielle Strike is talking about Panem and the districts and the First and Second Revolutions and Blah-Blah, I don't care. Finally, she gets to the names. Her hand clawed around the bowl. Then she shouts "Camilla Averson!" Camilla walks forward slowly and stands on the stage. I look at her and she gave an icy look to the audience. Then Danielle puts her hand in the boy's bowl. She picks a name. "Christian Lorne!" I am scared. The soft snow lands on my coat. I brush it off as I walk to what would become my death. Camilla looked at me and I saw a sad look in her eyes. As I se Camilla's parents, they bring back a memory I tried to forget.

District 6

Benjamin Woodrew:

I saw just how real the Games were a few years ago. When I was twelve, I was reaped, and a complete stranger volunteered for me and won the Hunger Games. Now, I'm here once again. As Tambour Dust walks out he cires, "Welcome!" and he continues with "Ready for some Hunger Games? Well, you're in luck!" and he says this every year. So after minutes, and what seemed like hours, of the routine speech, he draws the name. "Lynette Handsows!" She walks to Tambour the Repetitive and is shaking as if it were below freezing. Then he reaches in the other bowl and calls my name. Again. I walk up there and Lynnie gives me a sort-of-smile and then looks to see her family a few more times before the Games. I would wave to my family, but they treat me like a servant. I heard that Peeta Mellark had a strict mother. Now, he and his family are all in hiding and have been the main focus of the Capitol's research since Coin's family took office. But maybe, I'll be victor. I spied on the weapon maker in the neighborhood for about a year now. I can use an axe pretty well. But now, stay focused on the present.

District 7

Mia Lillyrun:

"Hello! Welcome! It is such an honor to come here from the Capitol and take all of you children to the Hunger Games!" our escort, Nina Grin, said. She was so obsessed with how amazing the Capitol is. She can get very, very annoying. She takes a slip out of the bowl and calls my name. "No!" I shout. I would do anything I could to get kicked out of the Games. When I get up there, I stick out my foot and Nina trips and falls. Almost everyone stares and gasps. When she stands up, she is fine, but the floor has a make-up stain the shape of her face. A few kids are giggling, and I kind of do, too. "Enough! I wish I coud send you back but it is against the law!" In a huff, she mutters out a name no one cane hear. Everyone is confused. "I said, Altlas Dunnin!" Altlas walks up and he stands on the Nina stain on the floor, just to infuriate her. I know him pretty well, and even when he is about to die, he'll never change.

District 8

Bree Barlow:

When Aaron was reaped, my life changed. He became a victor and now we live in the Victor's Village. He is my brother and is nineteen now. Now I'm just stepping on to the sixteen year olds section. Then Retta Barnes comes out to show us the video and after a long time of introductions, she finally gets to the reapings. "Okay!" she shouts. "For the ladies!" she grabs a slip and takes a look at it. "Bree Barlow!" I guess it would happen sooner or later. They always choose victor's families. "Bree, it was such an honor to escort your brother. I hope you do just as well as he did." she states. Then her hand goes in the other bowl and doesn't stall around and just gets to the point. "Sebastian Klein!" He was pretty tall, and he showed up in a crowd. "Come on Sebastian." He slowly walked up to her. He knew he had a good chance of winning, but he still didn't want to go. Now, I can see the injustice of the Capitol very clearly now. The Coins need to go down.

District 9

Troy Cunner:

I am only twelve and I'm pretty sure I won't get reaped, but you never know. Then Jasmine Tea comes out to take some names. "Welcome to the 90th Hunger Games District Nine Reapings!" she says joyfully. I can tell she expects a cheer, but she doesn't get one. "On to the names. This time, we will draw the boys first. "Troy Cunner!" "No!" I shout furiously. I only had one slip in the entire bowl. How is this possible? I then get pushed to the stage. The crowd looks at me. They can tell that I probably won't win. "And for the ladies we have Annabelle Freeman!" she runs up to the stage. She is one of the sliest people I know. I remember a girl from District 5 who has the strategy Annabelle will probably use. She tries to look strong, but her hands are shaking and that's what she does when she gets scared. She's afraid she'll lose, like many more people. "Our tributes of District Nine!"

District 10

Alonzo Mourning:

The District 10 reapings just began. Frisco Strain is just about to draw the names for District Ten. "First, for the ladies we have Sarah George!" Sarah was eighteen. She was great with hand-to-hand combat. I have seen her in the ranch before, and would go far any year, but this year her ankle was sprained. "I volunteer!" I heard a small girl say. Once I saw her face, I knew it was Amira, Sarah's sister. Sarah was holding their brother now, who was eleven and has tears running down his face. "Wow! A volunteer!" Frisco exclaimed. It was amazing, we haven't had one since the 63rd Hunger Games. "And for the boys we have Alonzo Mourning!" My name echoed in my head as I walked to the stage. Out of the thousands of boys there were, it had to be me. Oh well, I'm in the Games and I'll do whatever it takes to win.

District 11

Rani Cooper:

Ingrid Igloo is babbling on about how great the Hunger Games are. "Oh! When I was a girl, we watched Johanna Mason win, and remember in the 79th Games when there was an avalanche that covered the arena!" Then some kid pulls my ponytail. "Hank!" I shout. He laughs and pretends it wasn't him. She puts her hand in the girl's bowl. Suddenly, she pauses. "Get that creature away from me." She shouts to Mayor Nile. Ingrid gets scared, and loses her balance, making her wig fall off showing her frizzy hair. The mayor swats a mosquito out of the air with his hand. "That was the most disgusting thing I have seen in my life," she says as she adjusts jer wig. Really. It's just a bug. So she draws the name. "Rani Cooper!" As I hear my name, I am stared at by everyone around me. "Come on, I won't bite, only those insects do that." I stand here thinking of how I could win. "Well, we must continue. David Savanna!" A boy, I think his name is Ayaan, volunteers. He will be eighteen on April 3rd and it's March 23rd. He looks very intimidating. I hoped that we would be allied.

District 12

Reese Granger:

Effie Trinket, now in her early seventies, knows how much we hate the Games, so she makes the reapings quick. She was forced to be an escort and to prepare children for their death ever since the second set of Games began. "Lindsay Reef. Oops, there isn't anyone with that name, so we must continue." A Peacekeeper pointed a gun at her. She read the slip trthfully and said, "Aurora Wilde." Aurora's teal eyes started to get red. She was about to cry. "And for the boys, we have Reese Granger." It felt like a punch in the stomach. Mayor Delly Cartwright looked my direction. I walked up, angry that I had to die this way. I remebered Peeta Mellark and Katniss Everdeen. They went through two games and survived both. Maybe I can. Now they are in hiding with their two kids. The Capitol has no mercy.

District 13

Jason Johnson:

Thirteen has had thrity years to rebuild itself and it has done a good job. We have about half of us underground and half of us above. I live with my mother above ground. My dad went on a quest with several other peope assigned by the Capitol to look for a place to start a District 14. I wish he could come home. I feel alone around here, since my mother is always drunk. I saw lots of people around here. Then Christopher Justice came and was his usual crazy self. He was in his forties now. He got the bowl and shook it up like he does every year. Five years ago, he dropped it and all of the reapings were postponed. "So, our first tribute is Lily Axelhurst." She was a thief. She would steal food while people were out of their homes. Very sly. Then Christopher greeted her and started shaking the other bowl. Then he drops it. Just before it hits the ground, Lily catches it. She knew that there would be the same people reaped as before, so why wait? "Thank you, Lily, now the boy is Jason Johnson!" As I walked up there, we gave each other a look and shook hands.


For the stylists, choose the outfit and chariot design. Two stylists per person. Please make sure that your costumes and chariots relate to the district's industry.

Name and District Male Outfit Female Outfit Chariot Design
District 1: Matt Grimer Golden chestplate, bright yellow suit, dark blue shoes Yellow dress, gold shoes, red hair piece, green waistband A Roman chariot that is glowing gold
District 2: Giddion Gallor Black suit with gems that sparkle in the light, a long flowing black cape that flaps in the wind Long, flowing black dress that also sparkles in light because of gems on the dress, also has a long black cape The chariot is black with white swirls on the side with weapons on the front and back.
District 3: Karmin Donson A plain black tuxedo, white shirt, and black tie, also glows in the dark A white dress that trails behind her and a smaller grey dess over it, glows in the dark A grey chariot with wings floating above the ground
District 4: Stella Banerz Dark blue suit, Light blue wristband, Golden shoes, Bright red dyed hair Dark blue dress, Light blue hair clip, Sand colored high heels, Gold ring, Gold dyed hair Light blue cart, with gold and dark Atlantic colors on it
District 5: Gary Friar An electric plug, mostly white but with a black hat with a copper wire sticking out the top An electric socket, mostly white with a black hat with a copper wire stickng out the top Whenever the tributes touch, the copper wires send sparks in the air, is very machine-like, has pistons on the back that shoot out blue fire
District 6: Guilia Freyz The boy will wear a fitted jumpsuit and have a trail of airplane smoke behind him The girl will have a dress made from airplane bits forming a tail on the back It looks like a high-speed train with lots of glass windows, giving the audience a good view, the horses will be gray with white streaks
District 7: Russel Grylls The male will be dressed up as a hatchet The female will be dressed as a tree The chariot will have camouflage materials on it
District 8: Patch Tremor A suit made from patchwork that looks like his face from a distance Same as male, but a dress Made of different fabrics, like patchwork
District 9: Phoenix Elveera Golden jackets that are tightened by two belts making an "X" shape, a grain like print on the jacket, gold boots, reef on his head She has a white shirt and a gold vest and grains that make fake wings, but otherwise the same Wooden chariot with leather straps, pulled by painted horses
District 10: Cyan Quetzal Black and White vest over a tan shirt, has a pair of horns that look like a bull's, cowboy boots, a large belt with a bull's head with ruby eyes Same vest, smaller horns and a tiara, cow beltworn around her neck, furry earrings Silver-painted wood, decorated with belts and feathers, has large horns in the front, pulled by Clydesdales
District 11: Jessika Oboe Same as female, but a tuxedo White cotton dress, jewels on the dresss that look like agricultural products Designed like a large piece of cotton, pulled by well-groomed mules
District 12: Sienna Grey A coal miner's suit covered in coal dust Almost naked with coal dust over her A black chariot with flames painted on them
District 13: Kayla Benton A light blue tuxedo with a dark blue jacket over it A purple dress that expands at the waist down

Deep glittery purple, shoots confetti out from the sides the color of graphite, both tributes are holding swords

1st: District 11

2nd: District 8

3rd: District 2

4th: District 3

5th: District 6

6th: District 10

7th: District 5

8th: District 9

9th: District 4

10th: District 13

11th: District 12

12th: District 1

13th: District 7


Anyone can sponsor a tribute. If you didn't submit anyone, you have 200 dollars. If you did, you have 200 dollars plus 100 extra dollars per tribute and 50 extra dollars per stylist. And yes, you can sponsor your own tribute. Thank you!


Sword: 90 dollars

Spear: 70 dollars

Bow and Arrow: 75 dollars

3 Knives: 40 dollars

6 Knives: 75 dollars

Axe: 75 dollars

Tomahawk: 60 dollars

Trident: 120 dollars

Dagger: 75 dollars

Mace: 50 dollars

Slingshot: 40 dollars plus 5 dollars for each small stone and 8 dollars for each large stone

Nunchuks: 30 dollars

Machete: 45 dollars

Javelin: 70 dollars

Blowgun & Poison (8 darts): 55 dollars


Burn Medicine: 60 dollars

Cut Medicine: 70 dollars

Fire Ant Medicine: 80 dollars

Fever Medicine: 90 dollars

Antipoison/Antivenom: 95 dollars

First Aid Kit (Cut and Burn Medicines, Bandage, Sling): 200 dollars

Bandage: 40 dollars

Cast: 70 dollars

Sling: 25 dollars


1 Fruit (Apple, Banana, Grapefruit, Orange, Mango, Plum): 15 dollars

2 Chicken Legs: 35 dollars

Corn on the Cob: 25 dollars

Gallon of Milk: 10 dollars

Gallon of Water: 15 dollars

With Ice: 20 dollars

Bread: 15 dollars

Turkey: 50 dollars

Pasta Dinner: 75 dollars

Thanksgiving Feast (Turkey, Cranberry Sauce, Corn, Mashed Potatoes, Pumpkin Pie): 125 dollars


Poison: 35 dollars

Iodine: 50 dollars

Tent: 100 dollars

Scuba Tank: 120 dollars

Helmet: 70 dollars

Full Armor (including helmet): 150 dollars

Shoes: 40 dollars

Hiking Boots: 65 dollars

Jacket: 60 dollars

Blanket: 50 dollars

Mine Starter: 60 dollars

12 Matches: 70 dollars

Camouflage Kit: 35 dollars

Backpack (Empty): 20 dollars

Backapck (Has Water Bottle, Bread, and Camouflage Kit): 80 dollars

The prices on all of the items will go up after each two days are over.


Day 1

Lily Axelhurst: District 13

Jason and I were the first ones to training, due to jet lag. We decided to show all our skills before the Careers came. Jason is going to the snares while I am going to the archery station. I shot five arrows and four were bullseyes. The trainers give me some techniques to use, and I hope they help me live through the next few days. Then I hear the elevator beep. Aurora and Reese form 12 and John from 1 came out. I pretend to act weak and "accidently" stepp in one of Jason's traps. "Where is your district partner?" Remus, the Head Trainer asks John. "Well," John responds with a smirk on his face. "John!" Shimmer shouts as she stepps out of the elevator. "Do not ever push me out again!" Jeez, if she can't handle a push, an arrow in the knee must make her die, literally. Jason untangles me and I head over to the swords section, my weakest weapon. Then, Eva and Malecai come out and then they, with John and Shimmer go to the Gauntlet and almost seemed to dance around it. I drop the sword because of the weight, and Aurora came to help me. Guess I found a new ally.

Benjamin Woodrew: District 6

Lynnie and I are in the elevator. We look out at the Capitol and it is one of the most beautiful places either of us had seen. It would probably be one of the last, too. "Lynnie, should we be allies?" "I'll see if you're what I want once we get to the Training Center." she says. We stepped out. The tributes are going crazy. It was 9:00, a whole hour before training began, and sixteen tributes were already here. John and Shimmer are at the footracing section, Troy from 9 is alone in the edible plants section, and Rani and Altlas are challenging each other to the knife throwing section. Lynnie walks over to Rani and Altlas, and I go over to Bree from 8. She's in the snares section, only becuase it was in the corner of the room. "Hi, Bree" I say. "Hi," she whispers. "I'm trying to stay down because of my brother, you know." She looks worried. "Well, after you go to some training, I bet you won't be so shy." I say. "Well, I guess I should work on being intimidating. After all, I already have a lot of it on my side." we both start to smile. We walk over to the footracing station and Bree and I go against the tributes from Eleven and One. All six lanes are full with five of the fastes tributes, and then me. "On you mark, get set, go!" I come in dead last, but Bree got first! After I pass the finish line, Bree asks, "Allies?" I look over at Lynnie in the middle of a huge crowd of people, conversing with them right and left. She'll be fine. "Allies," I say.

Camilla Averson: District 5

Christian and I are the 24th and 25th people to arrive to the Training Center. Annabelle must be training on her own. We may have been here sooner, but our escort, Danielle insisted we had to "look our best" for training. Remus yells at us for what seemed like hours and then we're free. "Time for lunch!" Atala yells. She is the second-in-command for head trainer, moved down because of her age. Christian sits at a table with Ayaan, Alonzo, Lynnie, and Aria. I sit at a table next to the Career table. I feel something at the back of the head. Then the Careers start to laugh. "It was Eva!" John says gasping for a breath in his giggle fit. "No, it was him!" Eva shouts, also laughing. All five of them. Wait, only five? I saw that girl from Four eating by herself, looking really depressed. I moved to a different table where I could enjoy my lunch.

Reese Granger: District 12

Since there was lots of demand for it from the tributes, there is now a blowgun station, new this year. I am going over to it with Aurora and Troy. I got seven dummies and shot about five in the heart. "So Troy, where's Annabelle?" Aurora asks him. "She says that since our mentor allows it, she can train in the hotel room." "Well, she should go to practice." I say. "I think it's part of her strategy. She wants to stay down." Troy shoots another and it hits the dummy exaclty in the heart.

Malecai Girama: District 2

The five of us are in the knife-throwing station when Camilla comes up to us. "Why's Silver by herself?" she asks. "She wanted to," John responded truthfully. "Even if she did want to, we wouldn't let her in." "Well," Chrspin starts, then Shimmer beats me in smacking him in his face. I speak up. "Well, we all know, she's gonna die, you're gonna die, along with twenty-three others. Live with it." "Well I think this alliance would fail without someone who actually notices the survival stations." Camilla responds. "Let's see." Eva responds. "Get her, Malecai." I throw the knife at her and she dodges it and it hits Remus in the foot. Then he yells and asks who it was. "Camilla," John says quickly. "No! It was Malecai!" "I don't care, and you are both banned from training here for the next few days!" Atala jogs over to him. "We should check the witnesses. There were a few tributes who saw this." I'm trying to act as if Camilla had done it. "Training ends right now!" Remus shouts. "I need to find a doctor. Tax, you can find who threw this knife tomorrow morning when I'm back from the hospital."

Day 2

Amira George: District 10

Alonzo and I are at the camouflage station when Malecai and his crew stand where Remus usually stands and starts to talk. "This is Malecai Gerama, and if you tell Tax, Atala, Remus, or any trainer, you'll be the first one I kill." Camilla runs up there and states, "They may find out you're lying and take you to prison when you're out of the arena." There are lots of oohs and aahs and I see Jason thinking about this intently. Tax steps in and Malecai and Camilla jump off and look at Tax as if they hadn't done anything. "First we'll have Districts One and Three, the rest of you, train for the Games, and Malecai and Camilla, go to your rooms until Atala and I have decided who was guilty." I go upstairs to the outdoor Training Center, a new addition for the second set of Games. There is a crowd of people, about thirty watching us train. John and Eva were on the weightlifting station and were getting several cheers from the audience. Apparently, they had challenged each other. Us three are the only people out here. Now, I am beginning to climb the practice mountain. I go up higher and I see Malecai in his room throwing something at me and trying to make me fall. When I see the District 9 floor, Annabelle was jumping over chairs she was using as hurdles. Jason is at the bottom of the rock and he slips and lets go and falls to the ground from the Distrcit 3 level. I think his leg is broken. One less competitor to worry about.

Matt Coupe: District 3

Shimmer and I are sitting together, while Aria and John are sitting at the other side of the room, so district partners don't create any scheme. Tax comes in. "So," he asks. "Don't argue, just give me you opinion of who threw the knife. John went first. "Camilla." He sounded determined. "Aria?" Tax questioned. "Could I remain neutral?" Aria responds. She was small. It must be hard for her to stand up to a threat like Malecai's. "Yes." He probably knows that she thinks it was Malecai. Shimmer asks to be neutral, which was strange, and I stand up for Camilla and told him that Malecai did it. John and I give each other glances. "John, can you give in detail what happened?" "Yes sir. Shimmer, Eva, Chrspin, Malecai and I were at the archery station." His first sentence and he's already lying. "Then Camilla came over and said, 'Why are you mean to me?' which we weren't. She threw her knife at Remus's foot to prove how powerful she was." "Well, here's the truth." I blurt out. "I was at the trident-throwing station when Camilla started inquiring them about their ways. Then, Eva told Malecai to prove to Camilla that they didn't need survival stations. Malecai threw his knife at her and she ducked, creating a path towards Remus's foot." When Malecai would see me, he would not be happy. Aria is looking at me and hoped I wouldn't have a knife thrown at me, like Remus. "You are dismissed. Districts Four and Six!"

Sebastian Klein: District 8

I am waiting for a lane at the blowgun station to be open. Amira comes in from outside and was soaking wet. Apparetly, the Careers had sprayed her with a high-power hose, which we all heard from inside. Jason is in line and his foot is looking pretty bad. His mentor, Sunny, comes down and took him to his hotel room. It was awkward. Sunny was twelve when she won last year's games, so she is younger than Jason and Lily. When my turn comes, I select a poison, not real of course, and fire a few darts at the target. I miss completely. Why? Because I hear a scream come from the judging room. Troy, Alonzo, and Amira are in there. I can tell it was Alonzo. We all run to see what's happening. Alonzo is unconcious on the ground and Malecai was coming down to "pick up" Eva. Amira and Troy are on his side trying to wake him. "He's still breathing." Amira says to Troy. "I can't believe you knocked him out!" Chrspin yells. Chrspin attacks him, and Amira joins in the fight. Then Eva starts slapping Amira, and Amira bit Eva's hand. Then I join in and I see Bree kicking John in the head. Eva is against Amira and me and she pins both of us to the ground. Some people, like Christian and Aria are afraid of the Careers and fight on their side. Silver attacks Malecai when he is about to grab a weapon from any station he could make it to. I kick Eva in the shin and she yelps. Lily is running upstairs to see Jason and tell him what's happening. Mia is trying to ply people apart. Atala get the microphone on full volume and yells, "Hey!" Immediately, everyone covers their ears. She puts the microphone down and leaves the next few events to Tax. "It is required that we give the tributes twenty-four hours to train. I will only let you train for two hours tomorrow. I would let you not come at all. Now go to your rooms and tomorrow, there better not be any commotion. There are a few people who can stay longer: Camilla Averson, Mia Lillyrun, Annabelle Freeman, Alonzo Mourning, Lily Axelhurst, Jason Johnson. Other than that, two hours. Bree and I slowly trudged to our room and said our goodnights, and once we told Retta our story, she almost fainted. Funny, you don't seem to lose it when you see children die on national television.

​Day 3

Alonzo Mourning: District 10

I was injured yesterday by that monster, Malecai. Now, I have severe headaches and gives me a huge disadvantage in the Games. Aria is crying at the camouflage station, where she painted herself a desert color and blended in with the sand. She fought for the Careers. She was scared, so I forgive her. "Aria," "Yes," she whispers. "Are you okay?" "I don't really know. I'm scared about the Games. I don't want to die." she puts her head in my lap and she cries. "Do you want to be allies?" "Really? Most people wouldn't want me." "I think you're a great fighter and once my headache, I can teach you some more." "Thank you!" She wipes a few tears away from her eyes and and is still breathing heavily. I found a new ally and I feel better already. But I do know that after the Games are over, I won't see Amira or Aria or anyone anymore.

Silver Ganis: District 4

Chrspin helped me yesterday. I feel more and more happy about us. I hope I can tell him about bringing our relationship to a romantic level. I might as well tell him once we get in the Games, since we'll never see each other after them. I try out the Gauntlet for a while to try to eavesdrop on the Careers. "Should we let her in?" John asked the group. "Two to three. Silver won't be a Career." Good. Now which two wanted me. I could break them off the alliance and start a second Career alliance, or something. "We should really let her come in." I hear Chrspin say. Yes! He was one of them, now I just have to find the other one. I waited for a while to see who it could be. I heard Malecai say that he wanted me killed along with "that District 10 boy," and Alonzo already knows. I hop off the Gauntlet and tell Shrspin I was eavesdropping. He told me that the other tribute was Shimmer. We discussed the idea of the alliance, and if Shimmer would let us. Chrspin walked over to her in the Footracing station and asked her. "I'll think about it," she said. She went over to the spears station with Chrspin. We had agreed not to tell the other Careers. As we all walked back, Tax saw us for what would be the last time for twenty-five of us. The six good tributes stayed for the rest of the day and probably were able to practice skills that they didn't want the Careers to see.

Annabelle Freeman: District 9

I am at the axe throwing station when Atala calls us in to eat. This is my first and last day of training at the Training Center. Troy told us about the fight, and I'm glad he did. I could practice things like acting for sponsors, or agility other places, but here, we could practice all of our weapons without our escort, Jasmine, complaining about make-up and such. All of us came to eat. I finally got to try the lamb stew I wanted for ages. We all are telling about funny experiences of our life and which victor's were the best-looking, which Games we liked the most, so on. We all enjoyed this last day here and I guess we can end our lives on a positive note.

The Games

Day 1

Ayaan Hlupe: District 11

The clock begins. Rani and I look at each other. Speaking of rainy, it start to rain at the forty-five second mark. I look to see the arena and it has a river with several tributaries, two ponds, one of which the Cornucopia horn is dipping into. I see John who's next to me, eyeing Camilla and a small javelin, obviously making a plan. Thirty seconds left.

Lynnie Handsows: District 6

There's hardly any time left. Then I see a pack of eighteen knives. I would just sprint over to them and run to any place in the swamp surrounding the two lakes. The sun glints in my eyes as I try to draw attention away from the knives. Ten seconds left.

Chrspin Lanform: District 4

Utter silence strikes the arena. Five. Four. Three Two. One. The gong sounds we're off. Lynnie and Lily both run for a pack of eighteen knives, which Lynnie then grasps and kills Lily with one of them. Silver and I both run the opposite direction of the Cornucopia. At a distance we see Camilla who was stopped doing something, and Silver threw a rock at her and we saw blood, so she probably is dead.

Camilla Averson: District 5

I found a red liquid of some sort and threw it in the air when the girl from Four threw that stone at me. She probably thought I was dead.

Mia Lillyrun: District 7

I'm at the back of the Conucopia. Several people surround me, like Christian, Bree, Reese, Eva and John. Malecai is fending off the front. Then, we all lose balance. The tip of the Cornucopia is breaking off and will sink! I can't swim! I take a breath. We're sunk now. All at the same time, Bree swims to the top. Christian tries to swim up, but John pulls him down and climbs above him. Christian drowns, I think and Eva tries to knock Reese out. Reese swims to the top and runs. I manage to get to the top and Altlas catches my eye. He sees me and jumps in. Malecai also sees us and tries to throw something at us. I don't care what, but it was sharp. Altlas grabs me and pulls me out of the lake. We grab some clothes and run.

Rani Cooper: District 11

I try to run off. I grab a blanket and it rips. Someone caught the other end. That someone was Malecai. I run and he shouts. Eva and John are fending off more people from the Cornucopia and I have no idea where Shimmer is. Malecai grabs an enormous axe and slices my torso. "No!" I scream. Too late. I took my final breath as another slice goes to my head.

Alonzo Mourning: District 10

Aria and I are running off to the swamp. We are being stared at by a raccoon. Aria got one of her two knives she snatched from the Cornucopia and threw it at the coon. We took the raccoon and I grabbed a match that I stole from Troy and found a place where the rain wouldn't set it out. After a while, we should have fresh meat.

Bree Barlow: District 8

Benjamin and I ran as far as we could from the Cornucopia. The rain pours on us. In the middle of the jungle, there is a huge oak tree which doesn't usually belong in a tropical place. I am walking towards All of the sudden, it collapses. "Benjamin! Where are you!" "I'm on the other side." "Oh, thank goodness." I climb over and the tree had missed him by an inch. "Next time," I gasped, "Let's avoid anything unnatural."

Reese Granger: District 12

The Cornucopia battle is almost over. With my camouflage kit, I painted myself as a tree and now, I'm watching the Cornucopia. Eva killed Matt and it's over. Then I thought I saw Aurora. I lean to see, and I forget it was raining. The tree bark is slippery and I am falling. I think I broke my arm. The Careers didn't notice and my knee couldn't kill me. But hypothermia would soon.

Troy Cunner: District 9

It's getting late. I've made a camp on the lake away from the Cornucopia. There were several layers of thickets between the two lakes, so I think I'm fine. The anthem plays and I look to see who died. I heard only five cannnons, which seemed normal since the were either three or four Careers. I drifted asleep when the first person was showed.

Deaths of Day 1

26th: Lily Axelhurst- 13: Lynnie

25th: Christian Lorne- 5: Drowned by John

24th: Rani Cooper- 11: Malecai

23rd: Matthew Coupe- 3: Eva

22nd: Reese Granger- 12: Fell from a tree, Hypothermia

Day 2

Aurora Wilde: District 12

I have been walking for miles. The rain has been going nonstop. Then, I receive a parachute. I am so happy, I almost screamed! I got a backpack with bread, water, and a camouflage kit. I was starving. I look at the full loaf of bread and take about two or three slices on it. I put it down as bait for any animals I see. Then, a bird comes down and take a nibble from the bread, I take a dart for my blowgun, wipe off the poison on a tree, and shoot the bird. It's small, so it dies immeadiately. I smile and eat it. Now, I have a lot more than I had an hour ago.

Eva Stone: District 2

A parachute falls from the sky. John races to get it, and John and I are both sad to see that it's for Malecai. He smiles and opens it up like a Christmas present. Now I'm really mad. Malecai has two, bright, shiny, clean, axes, a gallon of water, full armor, and bread. He shows us like he wants us to kill him. "So where do you think Shimmer is?" John asks. "She may be with those District 4 creeps," I say. "After all, she did want Silver." "Let's track those runaways down before they start killing us." Malecai states. "I have two friends to help me." "Thanks, Malecai." I say. "I was talking about the axes, genius." "Whatever."

Troy Cunner: District 9

I got my first parachute! I opened it up and I got a blanket. It was perfect! If I put some grass over it, no one would see me, and I'd be warm from the rain! I ran around the lake to look for other tributes, when I saw a huge dog. I had seen these in the 74th Hunger Games. They killed the boy from District 2. It was calm, but when I started to walk back, it attacked. I tried to outrun it, but it was no use. I tried to punch it, but it had no effect. He had me pinned on the ground. It bit my foot and there was a huge mark there where its teeth bit. I felt like I was almost dead when I kicked it, and it disentigrated. I heard that after mutts are old enough, that they do that. I just hoped that I wouldn't find anymore.

Aria Velinose: District 3

Alonzo and I have been running as far away from the Cornucopia as possible. Then, a silver parachute fell from the sky and we opened it. Alonzo got his on machete! We could both kill with weapons we're comfortable with! We had reached a desert area, the only place we knew of that wasn't raining. We both walked forward and we started to sink. Quicksand. "Alonzo! Help!" "Just lay on your back, Aria!" "I'm trying!" Alonzo made it up and is tugging on my arm now. "Don't let go!" he shouts. All of the sudden, Alonzo fainted. Now, I'm stuck in the quicksand and dying. "Alonzo!" I cry. I try to make my self even, but it just doesn't work. Then, my head goes under the sand, and I breathe my last breath.

Chrspin Lanform: District 4

A cannon woke me up. It was high noon and Silver was talking to a blond girl in the distance. "Is that Shimmer?" I ask. "Yeah," she says. The two girls help me up and we all look at our belongings. We have some nuts and a knife. And apparently, Camilla faked her death. "Where'd you get the knife?" I asked. "I was spying on Lynnie and she dropped one. One went into Lily, so she has sixteen now." Shimmer responds. "So, at least we have food and water." Silver says. "Do you think the Careers are tracking us down?" I ask. "Yes, that's why we didn't go to the Cornucopia" says Silver. "Well, let's find a better place to hide."

Sebastian Klein: District 8

I have no allies, no food, no weapons, and the only reason I have water is because of the rain. I slowly walk to a hill, and I am surprised to see a small adobe house with a number 3 on it. I walk inside, and it has several wooden drawers and they contain some goods, like I was looking for! I found a bow and arrow, which I can shoot okay, a mango, and a first-aid-kit. This would also be good shelter from the rain, which everyone needs. It's about midnight now and the girl from Three is in the sky. Twenty tributes left.

Deaths of Day 2

21st: Aria Velinose- 3: Quicksand

Day 3

Amira George: District 10

The Careers are out hunting again. I am at the top of a tall tree in the western part of the arena. They are laughing at their previous kills when someone catches their eyes. "Who was that?" John asks. "I don't know and if I did, they would be dead by now!" Malecai whispers. The person moving was Altlas Dunnin. They chase after him. I climb down my tree and run behind them. They just spotted both District 7 tributes' hiding place and they're going to attack. They see the Careers and Mia gives Altlas their homemeade spear, and he throws it at John, who was hit right in the heart. Mia and Altlas are running away and Malecai and Eva are not in a good enough mood to go after them. John whispers something to Eva and Malecai and then a cannon sounds. Then I realize, I had nowhere else to go. I would have to kill the Careers. I grab the spear in John's body and throw it at Eva. She is hit in the arm and is bleeding a lot. Malecai charges at me, and then a tornado comes along. It was trying to split us in different directions, and it worked. There were no casualties, and I hopped back up in my tree. Knowing that there were only two Careers on the third day would make me sleep better.

Alonzo Mourning: District 10

I was still sad about Aria's death, and hadn't done much since. If Malecai hadn't poisoned me, I could've saved her. I guess it was a battle to the death, so it probably didn't matter. I got a backpack with some bread, water, and camouflage kit and some antipoison. I took it and lost my headache. I sat on a tree stump and thought to myself that I could win this. There were nineteen of us. I could still change my odds. For now, I have to survive.

Benjamin Woodrew: District 6

We are trying to do a drill for a Career attack and then a parachute falls from the sky. Bree grabs it and sees what's inside. "Yes!" Bree says quietly. "What is it?" "A backpack, bread, and a machete." We look at our gifts in awe. Bree puts on the backpack and I take a nibble from the bread. Bree holds the machete low, so they'll think we're weak, and we'll attack. We will begin for weaker tributes to hunt.

Altlas Dunnin: District 7

It just stopped raining, and Mia and I are devouring the chicken legs someone got us. I felt shallow, though, killing the boy from One. We tried to make another spear, just in case. Next time, I'd let Mia do the killing. We looked in a tree and saw Annabelle, frm District 9. Mia throws the unfinished spear at her and she hops down, shoots a dart at us from a blowgun she probably stole, and she missed by millimeters, literally. She sprinted off toward the center of the arena and left. We weren't anxious to kill her, so we didn't. I see another parachute from the sky, and I see two wonderful axes. Mia and I smile at the sight of this.

Annabelle Freeman: District 9

After Mia threw that spear at me, I became a lot more careful. I saw a package go down by the lake away from the Cornucopia and it was a full backpack and a blowgun for Troy. I sat on my tree seeing if I could kill anyone. I could kill Troy right here and now, but it would let District 9 down, and he was only twelve. I decided to wonder whose cannon that was earlier today. It was getting close to 8:00, if I have to guess, and I reach out to touch a leaf, and then I realize it was poisonous and jerk my hand away and washed it. It was a good thing I went to the Training Center. Then I think for a while. I run over to a small tree stump and started carving a cup. I didn't know when it would rain again, and my plan, well, you'll see

Camilla Averson: District 5

I grab a huge sword from a parachute and I look at it and smile. I'm going to hunt tributes right now. Amira George, the girl who volunteered for her sister, is walking aound looking for something to eat. I get out my sword, jump down, and attack. Amira screams, I run away, and the Careers find her. Only one come out of the Cornucopia, there should be more, but oh well. Amira runs away from them, and so do I. Malecai looked straight at me and I knew who he wanted to kill more. He threw his axe, and it landed into Amira's scalp. He doesn't stop though. He runs after me and I start climbing up a hill. We know one of us will die now. Amira's cannon bursts causing us to both lose our balance and fall down opposite sides of the slippery hill. I run off, trying to make as little noise as possible. Now, everyone but the Careers need fresh water.

Jason Johnson: District 13

I sat down on a small rock and look up at the sky. Two tributes died today and I want to know who. I need something for my leg, since it is almost impossible to walk. I slept during the day in a small ditch in the ground where I cover myself in dirt, so no one notices me. John and Amira's faces showed in the sky today and I was confused. I had no idea how many Careers there were this year because District 4 might not be with them, and the same with Shimmer. I knew that there were two less people out to kill me today, and that was comforting, in a way.

Deaths of Day 3

20th: John Trike- 1: Altlas

19th: Amira George- 10: Malecai

Day 4

Lynette Handsows: District 6

Sixteen knives. I stare at them and think to myself about how I killed Lily. I wish I hadn't, but it's a battle to the death. I am walking around, trying to find anyone to kill. I want to go back home to District 6, but I'm stuck here. Then, I see an adobe house with a number 2 marked on it. I'm very confused. I take a look inside. There really isn't much in here. Part of the roof falls. Then another. Then the house collapses and I barely escape with my life. I tiptoe away, hoping that no one heard it.

Annabelle Freeman: District 9

I start my plan. I fill my wooden cup with water, and then I grab the poison leaves, lots of them, and sink them in the lake. Now no one will get clean water but me. Troy walks out and before he takes a sip, I stop him. "No Troy!" Now everyone knew where we were. Eva jogs out of the bushes seperating the lakes. Eva and Troy are in a wrestling match to the death. I grab my blowgun, and it has no darts. Troy is almost dead now. I grab his blowgun and point it at Eva. I shoot her right in the neck. A cannon is heard. Troy is laying on the ground. "Annabelle!" "Troy! I'm so sorry!" I'm wailing so much now and I don't care about my appearance to the audience. "Troy!" His cannon goes off. I hold him one last time and try to get over the fact that no one from home is with me. "Goodbye," I continue to cry for a while. Troy's dead. I have the right to be upset.

Benjamin Woodrew: District 6

I hear someone crying. Bree grabs the machete and I grab a blowgun we received this morning. They're by the lake away from the Cornucopia. Bree gets her machete in her hands, ready to make her first kill. It's Annabelle crying out there. I see her, but I don't want to kill. Bree does instead. She grabs her machete and Annabelle sees us. She runs away. She's fast, but Bree is faster. Bree grabs the machete and stabs Annabelle in the back. The cannon doesn't go yet. Bree stabbed her again in the heart and Annabelle dies.

Silver Ganis: District 4

Chrspin and Shimmer wake me up and told me who died. Only one Career left. It was amazing. Shimmer spoke up. "I'll get some water and you two look out for anyone hunting us." "Okay," I say. Shimmer disappears into the woods. Chrspin and I collect berries and talk about District 4, our home sweet home. A cannon sounds, and we wonder who it could be.

Ayaan Hlupe: District 11

I'm starving almost to death, and I am lost completely. I come across an adobe house, and take a peek inside. There's lots of supplies, necessary for survival. I see someone walking toward it. I think it's Sebastian. I decide to show myself. He charges at me with his knife. I grab the knife, but he is strong, and I can't seem to stab him. Finally, his strength isn't enough and he is stabbed. I stab Sebastian one more time to make his death quick and the fifth cannon booms through the air.

Deaths of Day 4

18th: Eva Stone- 2: Annabelle

17th: Troy Cunner- 9: Eva

16th: Annabele Freeman- 9: Bree

15th: Shimmer Hyrute- 1: Poison from Annabelle

14th: Sebastian Klein- 8: Ayaan

Day 5

Camilla Averson: District 5

I had almost died of thirst when a gallon of water came in a parachute. I knew the girl from 1 died because of the lake water, so I couldn't go there. I had to be careful. Malecai was chasing me, and he will be until one of us dies. Then, I see Lynnie with all of her knives. She had two vials of poison and was dipping her knives into them. I stayed out of her way because I didn't want two people chasing me.

Bree Barlow: District 8

I am watching Benjamin open his parachute. It has a backpack with bread, water, and a camouflage kit, and a slingshot with two rocks. We go hunting for other tributes. We ran into the tributes from District 7. Mia grabbed an axe and swung at me. I ducked, and Benjamin did too, just in time. I grab my machete and swing at Altlas. He blocks it with his axe. I shoot Benjamin's blowgun at Altlas, but the poison wasn't on it, so it just stopped him. Mia threw her axe and almost beheaded me. Benjamin grabs the axe and buries it in Altlas's back. Altlas falls to the ground. Mia tries to take him somewhere else to let him heal, but it's too late. The fourteenth cannon of the Games rang through the air. I grab a parachute from the air and take out some corn on the cob.

Alonzo Mourning: District 10

In another parachute, I get a gallon of milk and some bread. I have been moving around a lot in the past few days, and I came to a place that had a red liquid. I ripped off a piece of my bread, and put some liquid stuff around it, trying to set a trap. I hope it works.

Malecai Gerama: District 2

I have two axes and am currently hunting Camilla down. I hear a rustle in the trees above me. I see a girl. Lynnie from District 6. There's a parachute coming down to me, and she grabs it. She doesn't see me clearly now, but she knows I'm near. I start cutting the tree down. She yelps. "Please don't!" "Give me my parachute!" She drops it and I pick it up. It's a machete, perfect along with my axes. "Thanks," I say. I begin to cut the tree down again. "No! We made a deal!" "Too bad." The tree fell down. She ran off, unhurt. I began to chase her with my machete. Then, I realized. I have no allies, so I can't chase both Camilla and Lynnie. I stayed here, thinking of who I should go after, right when it began raining again.

Jason Johnson: District 13

I try to see what the Careers, well, Career is doing, but Malecai had disappeared from the Cornucopia. He must be after someone. Inside the Cornucopia, which I never imagined being in, there were weapons of all kinds. No food or medicine, but still. Swords, bow and Arrows, Knives, and underwater there was a trident. Then in a parachute, I got a mace, which was the weapon I use best, and the only one I knew missing from the Cornucopia. If my leg was fixed, I'd have a bigger shot at winning this than I do now.

Chrspin Lanform: District 4

Silver wanted to talk to me about something. I had no idea what this was about. "Chrspin, I have something I've wanted to tell you for a long, long time." "What?" I asked. "Well, I kind of, I really, uh, I have had a crush on you for about two years now." "Really?" I asked. "Yeah. Remember when we were at the beach for Mayor Phillip's birthday? When I was tangled in a fishing net underwater, and you saved me?" "Yes," "Well, I realized how hansome and nice and," Before she could finish, I reached over and kissed her on the lips.

Deaths of Day 5

13th: Altlas Dunnin- 7: Benjamin

Final 12

Malecai Gerama

Chrspin Lanform

Silver Ganis

Camilla Averson

Benjamin Woodrew

Lynette Handsows

Mia Lillyrun

Bree Barlow

Alonzo Mourning

Ayaan Hlupe

Aurora Wilde

Jason Johnson

Day 6

Aurora Wilde: District 12

I put on my backpack and start off into the desert. I am going along and I see Alonzo who is picking up a parachute that has a gallon of milk and some bread in it. He is extremely still for some reason. He isn't looking at me. I look down and I see there is a Death Rattler by him, an extremely poisonous snake that have a ninety percent fatality rate in its bites. He grabs a machete and as quickly as he could, and slices off the snake's head. The head then grows a new body faster than Haymitch can slurp up a beer, which is very, very fast. It begins chasing him. Then, the Death Rattler sees me, and begins to chase me. We are in the jungle again. I see Lynnie sitting on a tree stump, eating berries. She looks at me and the Death Rattler. She throws one of her knives. I'm not sure if she wants to kill me or the snake, but the snake dies. She throws her knife at me, and it lands in the ground. I touch the tip, and it turns out to be poison. I'll wash my hands after this. Then I grab her knife and throw it at her. It lands in her head, killing her immeadiately.

Bree Barlow: District 8

Benjamin and I just found a small house with a number 4 on it. We take a look inside. it gets us out of the rain and we are thankful. There isn't much in here. Then it shakes. The house collapses. I jump out in the nick of time. Benjamin wasn't so lucky. "Benjamin!" I shout. A huge piece of the ceiling knocked him in the forehead. He was unconcious, and there was blood on his forehead. I am crying my heart out. "Don't die!" He is laying on the ground, white, cold, bloody, and breathless. His cannon finally sounds. I don't ever seem to end my crying. My best friend is gone. And my District partner, and fourteen other people. This is the worst time I've experienced in my life, and probably one of the last. I hope Aaron would cheer me on. I wish I didn't kill Annabelle! I don't want anyone to die!

Silver Ganis: District 4

Chrspin and I have found a cave so we can stay secretive about our relationship. We were laying on the floor, talking about home. We kissed a few times and we enjoyed each other's company. We deicded that since we wouldn't see each other when we got out of the arena, we should spend all our time together. When I said I was going to sleep, he leaned over and kissed me. My dreams have finally come true.

Deaths of Day 6

12th: Lynette Handsows- 6: Aurora

11th: Benjamin Woodrew- 6: Adobe House #4 Collapse

Day 7

Alonzo Mourning: District 10

I get an axe from another parachute, and I decide to make a spear with it. I'm standing completely still, and someone comes along and is about to steal my bread in the trap. It was Ayaan, the guy from District 11. He grabs my bread and sprints off into the woods before I even raise my spear. It helps to be fast.

Aurora Wilde: District 12

The girl from Six had eight knives left. I wasn't a knife person, but I could make a few kills with them. It's still raining like it had been since Day 5. Malecai has more weapons than anyone could use in a lifetime, and I have no idea where District 4 has been this entire time. Alonzo could still be in the desert, for all I know. At least there's only one alliance.

Malecai Gerama: District 2

I have no idea what happened to Lynnie. I'm alone here, with John and Eva dead. I give up on chasing someone and am going to go back to the Cornucopia. The Cornucopia! Someone could've taken all of my weapons! I sprinted to the golden horn as fast as I could to see the kid from 13 testing out weapons. "Hey!" I shout. I don't care if the other eight heard me. I just want my weapons back. He throws a mace at my feet, and I jump above it. Then, he grabs his knife and throws it at me, and hits me on the arm. I grab my machete and swing at him, right through the chest. He died exaclty when this happened. Now I had my Cornucopia back.

Mia Lillyrun: District 7

Altlas has been dead for two days. I don't have anyone to help me. I guess it had to happen sooner or later. Benjamin's dead now also, so I want to avenge Bree instead. I find a tree to look out of, like my siblings and I used to do. We would sing songs and enjoy ourselves, I would kill to get home, which I probably will in the next few days. I heard someone coming. I ran off. I grab my axe just in case. It was Ayaan. He is coming towards me with a huge trident. He must have gotten it when Malecai left the Cornucopia. He came towards me. I swung my axe at him, and we knew that we would never see each other after the battle. I swing my axe at him. He ducks. The trident is stabbed straight in my head. "Make it quick," these would probably be my last words.

Deaths of Day 7

10th: Jason Johnson- 13: Malecai

9th: Mia Lillyrun- 7: Ayaan

Final 8

Malecai Gerama

Chrspin Lanform

Silver Ganis

Camilla Averson

Bree Barlow

Alonzo Mourning

Ayaan Hlupe

Aurora Wilde


For this Hunger Games, the tributes' families will be invited to the Capitol, and take the seats tributes normally sit in.

Malecai Gerama: Disrict 2

Caesar Flickerman: Mr. Gerama, how do you think you son is doing?

Mr. Gerama: I think he is doing well, and he has the potential to win.

CF: Mrs. Gerama, you son has made three kills, most in the arena. Are you proud of him?

Mrs. Gerama: Of Course! Who wouldn't be proud of a son like Malecai?

CF: What tributes should Malecai watch out for?

Mr. Gerama: I'd say Ayaan Hlupe from District Eleven. He's made two kills, but he is no match for Malecai

Chrspin Lanform: District 4

CF: How do you feel about your son's choice to break off the Career alliance?

Mr. Lanform: He is very strong to do that. Shimmer and Silver were both wise, and I was sad to see Shimmer die.

CF: Rosetta, how did you feel when Silver volunteered for you?

Rosetta: I was very scared. I wanted her to win, and then my brother was reaped. It's really hard for our family.

CF: And Mrs. Lanform, how do you feel about Silver and Chrspin's relationship?

Mrs. Lanform: I am so happy he had finally found love. It's something a mother look forward to. I wish they could see each other after the Games *tear*.

Silver Ganis: District 4

CF: Mrs. Ganis, how do you feel about your daughter's performance in these Games?

Mrs. Ganis: I feel that she is doing well and I hope to see her again.

CF: Has Silver told you two about hercrush on Chrspin?

Mr. Ganis: No, but I could tell she liked him.

CF: And the other Mrs. Ganis, how has your granddaughter been doing in these Games in your opinion?

Grandmother Ganis: She is amazing, and I have high confidence that she'll win

Camilla Averson: District 5

CF: How did you feel during the reapings?

Mr. Averson: I was sad, and I wanted her to win desperately.

Mrs. Averson: I agree, and I wish Christian didn't die so early on.

CF: If you could see her now, what would you say to her?

Mrs. Averson: Always keep food with you at all times.

Bree Barlow: District 8

CF: Aaron, it's great seeing you again. How hard has it been being away from Bree?

Aaron: I understand what she's going through, and I hope she can win this.

CF: Mr. Barlow, another one of you children has been in the Hunger Games. Are you scared?

Mr. Barlow: Yes, but I hope she can come home with a smile on her face, just like Aaron did.

CF: And Mrs. Barlow, which Games was scarier for you?

Mrs. Barlow: I think Aaron's. He was only thirteen when he was reaped, but this Games is still scary, and Sebastian and Benjamin are both dead, so I hope she lives.

Alonzo Mourning: District 10

CF: Mr. Mourning, what did you think of Aria?

Mr. Mourning: She was a nice girl and if he wasn't poisoned, she'd be alive now.

CF: Flo, has your brother done the right things?

Flo: I think so. I miss him and I don't want him to die.

CF: And Mrs. Mourning, have you ever thought of your son being in the Hunger Games?

Mrs. Mourning: On his first reaping, I was scared to death. He is my oldest child, and when I was raised in Thirteen, we didn't have reapings.

Ayaan Hlupe: District 11

CF: Hannah, how did you feel when your boyfriend was reaped?

Hannah: It was his last reaping, and I didn't want him to miss his 19th birthday, which happens tomorrow.

CF: Grandfather Hlupe, I know you lived by Chaff, the District 11 victor when you where growing up. Does he resemble Ayaan?

Grandfather Hlupe: In a way he does. My gradson is amazing and I want him to win this for the Hlupes and District 11.

CF: And Mrs. Hlupe, how had you felt when he made his first kill?

Mrs. Hlupe: I have no doubt in my mind that he would've been friends with Sebastian and Mia if they weren't in the Games.

Aurora Wilde: District 12

CF: And to all the Wilde family, I'm so sorry to hear of Mrs. Wilde's death three days ago.

Katherine: I miss my mommy *tear*!

CF: Mr. Wilde, do you worry about your daughter?

Mr. Wilde: Yes, she could die any second now, and I feel terrible, and I want to thank Sienna and Effie for helping my daughter.

CF: Katherine, who do you think would be Aurora's biggest threat?

Katherine: The boy from District 2.

Day 8

Ayaan Hlupe: District 11

Today is my birthday. I'm starving. I sit on a log and thought about Sebastian and Mia, how I wish I could undo those deaths. Then, I see a Death Rattler. I hop up a tree where it can't follow me. I hope I'm safe here. I try throwing sticks at the snake, making hissing noises back, but nothing seems to work. Then, two more Death Rattlers come along. I swear I can hear them saying, Happy Birthday, Ayaan.

Camilla Averson: District 5

Right now, I'm drenched in water. It's been raining for so long now, and only stopped for about two days. At least Malecai stopped chasing me. I've ran halfway across the arena to the river at the north side in the last few hours of Day 7, when I learned my family would be interviewed. There's a huge crack in the ground where I'm at. I throw a rock at it. All of the sudden, the ground begins shaking, and the water is bouncing out of the river, and if I had to guess, the lakes too, like a kid playing with a pail of water. Great. I caused a flood and an earthquake.

Bree Barlow: District 8

I stare at my food, hiding under a tree, so it doesn't get wet, so happy that someone sponsored me. Like any normal person, I gobble up the pie before anything else. Oh! I haven't had pumpkin pie since I visited District 9 on my brother's victory tour. I could be fed for a long time, probably for the rest of the Games. Now, for the turkey legs. Before I could enjoy my meal, a huge wave comes along, soaking my corn. I pick up the tray and run to place in high ground.

Aurora Wilde: District 12

A huge crack appears in the ground. The ground is shaking, and trees are falling like dominoes. The water in the lakes and rivers are being sloshed around, but seem like they're not loosing their water. Then the ground splits in half, and there is an endless amount of air and clouds below us. Then, a tree falls on my hand, and I let go. The blood in my ears in pounding. I'm going to die. I see colors flashing before my eyes. Then, my uniform opens up a parachute. I had no idea that there was one there. As I fall, I see below me, a tropical island, probably about 10 miles long, mostly covered in sand. The rain from the first arena is still pouring on me, but now I have less to worry about, and I still have my backpack. Still falling...

Alonzo Mourning: District 10

I'm falling, and the parachute opened a few seconds ago. I was on the east side of the arena on a tree, when it toppled and sent me over the edge. I see a body shaped imprint on the sand. That's where Aurora fell. I see a volcano and my parachute is taking me there. I start trying to steer my way out of it, but it's no use. I'm grabbing the top of the volcano now from the inside. Hopefully, I'll pull myself up. I dropped one of my spears and it sizzled in the lava. Then, I manage to pull myself up, and I'm safe once again.

Tribute Stats

Aurora and Alonzo are both on the second arena.

Malecai is in the left side of the arena, at the Cornucopia.

Ayaan is still in the tree.

Camilla is on the right side of the arena, and is close to the edge.

Bree is on the right side, and little does she know, she is very close to District 4 tributes. She is also the farthest from the edge of the arena.

Deaths of Day 8


Day 9

Bree Barlow: District 8

I finished a lot of my feast and won't need a lot of food for a while. The flood has been getting really bad. Now, in low ground, the water goes up to my knees. I had a flashback of my life, my family, my brother's Games, me and my friends, Sebastian's girlfriend, my reaping. While I was daydreaming, there was a huge wave that chased me. I saw District 4, and they were running too. Chrspin is calming Silver down, but they're not running. Then I see that the arena must've broken in half, and there was a jump to who knows where. They jump. Then parachutes come out of their backs. Then I go. I grab my machete and throw it at Silver's parachute, which pops, sending her to a freefall.

Chrspin Lanform: District 4

Silver fell from above me, and as quickly as I can, grab her, and hold her with me. Of course, the parachute is falling faster now, since more weight is on, so we have to find a good place to land. I realize that most of this area is sand. You couldn't run away from anyone. They're forcing us to fight. About one eighth of the island was covered in grass, so we tried to land there. I don't know if we're the first ones down here, but I hope we are.

Aurora Wilde: District 12

A machete fell from the sky two inches from my face a few seconds ago. I guess I have a new weapon.

Ayaan Hlupe: District 11

Three apples came to me from a paracute. I put two in my pockets, and one, I throw to the three snakes, and they slither off. The second I get off the tree, it falls into that abyss. Then, I feel the ground, almost tilting. I grab onto a tree, hoping it will help keep me on. The tree uproots and I am falling. This is now the third tree to fall down the abyss. I knew I'd live for a while, since Alonzo is still alive. Malecai was the first to fall. All of the Cornucopia's weapons disintegrated in midair, and Malecai now has two axes and a machete. Camilla and I fall similtaneously, and I think all eight of us are off the original arena.

Alonzo Mourning: District 10

The rest of the tributes are down here stranded on this island, while I'm trying to cover my footprints. Another machete falls, probably Malecai's, onto the arena, but it's too far from here to get. "Attention tributes!" I hear a vioce yell. "The final Eight are all on the second arena. There is a smaller island across the sea. This is where the feast will be. It has food, weapons, medicine, and bags that have your name on them. You may take someone else's bag if you wish. We hope you get all the materials you need. You have four hours to go to the feast. Thank you, and have a good day, Panem."

The Feast

Aurora Wilde: District 12

I take a parachute from a tree and open it up, and I see full armor. This would be great at the feast. The island was closest to me. I looked at my machete, and I smile, thinking of ways to kill other tributes. After I change, I hop into the water. It isn't freezing like the rain from the first arena. The island is farther than it looked. I finally climb onshore and I see Chrspin and Silver running, and taking my bag. I yell and slice at Chrspin's foot. He yelps in pain, and drops my bag. Silver takes out a spear and stabs me in the chest, but the armor deflects it. District 4 is swimming away, and some of Chrspin's blood drips in the water. I grab my bag and start to swim back. Malecai hasn't come because of his arm, and the other four are probably not here yet. Then in the sky, I see a digital clock hologram. Three hours left. I can't believe that I didn't notice it before. As I return to the island, I see several sharks come and smell Chrspin's blood.

Alonzo Mourning: District 10

I swim to the island. There's lots of things here. I could tell that others had been here before, because there were some imprints in the sand, but there was still a considerable amount of food. A shark swam by me, and I was scared to death. I backed off and stayed on this island for a while. Two hours and thirty minutes left.

Bree Barlow: District 8

As I make my way to the island, I see a huge shark muttation. I try to swim back to the main island. It doesn't work completely. The shark bites my foot off, and I can't swim back as fast as I could earlier. Eventually, the shark reaches its mouth over my head, and I never see earth again.

Ayaan Hlupe: District 11

I hear a cannon, and I don't know who died. It could be anybody, even Malecai. The feast is basically over, except the boy from Ten, who isn't going out after he saw something. I look out to see huge sharks between the two islands, and immediately understand.

Chrspin Lanform: District 4

Silver and I are sitting on a rock, trying to heal my wound. She puts on a bandage, which helps stop the bleeding, but not enough though. I'm in desperate need of medicine, and Silver runs off to get more medicine from the feast, but I stop her. We go underground in a cave we found an hour ago. She lays beside me, and I don't feel as alone in this arena. We were the only alliance left.

Camilla Averson: District 5

The timer has gone down to one minute, and Alonzo still hasn't left the island, and no one else has come. The sharks kind of keep people where they're at. The timer reaches zero. The island explodes, and Alonzo's cannon bursts through the air. It's midnight now, and six of us are left. Twenty have died.

Deaths of Day 9

8th: Bree Barlow- 8: Sharks

7th: Alonzo Mourning- 10: Explosion

Day 10

Chrspin Lanform: District 4

I received some cut medicine, so my foot is feeling better. We also got a trident and a javelin, which we can use pretty well. We are in the vegetation-like area of the island, and over the distance, we see someone, and we're not sure who it is, but they obviously know who we are, since we're the only alliance. The person charges at us. Silver and I pick up our weapons, and back off. It's Aurora. She has a machete and she wants us dead. She swimgs her machete, and Silver tries to block it with her javelin, but it slices through. I stab her with my trident, and it bounces off. I hit her again, and her shoulder begins bleeding. I can tell she feels great pain, but she still keeps fighting. Aurora and us are that there will be one or two cannons after the battle. Aurora swings her machete, and I put my trident up front so it's blocked, but I'm a second too late. Silver has a huge cut in her torso. Aurora is running away, and Silver is almost lifeless. "Silver," I cry. There are tears running down my face as I watch her die. "Chrspin, I'll miss you," she begins crying, but who wouldn't. "I love you, and thank you, so much, for volunteering for Rosetta. I'll never forget you." Silver eventually dies, and it feels like my only friend has gone away.

Malecai Gerama: District 2

The rain stopped and I have to go to the small pond to get my water. The rest of the tributes might not have any water, unless the water surrounding the island is fresh, not salt. I pick up a stick, and try to go fishing, and get one. Fresh meat.

Camilla Averson: District 5

I woke up when the fattest parachute of all time landed on my stomach and almost took the air out of me. I couldn't believe my eyes! I say a full body armor, corn, a backpack with bread, water, and a camouflage kit, and a pack of three knives. I put the armor on, and gobbled up the corn. I am feeling great! Then, I go back to sleep, and notice how the sun had eerily gotten bigger.

Ayaan Hlupe: District 11

I look at my Thanksgiving feast, and decide to eat the turkey first. My armor makes it kind of hard to eat, but still, it was like heaven food. It's starting to get pretty hot out here, and my food is becoming dry.

Aurora Wilde: District 12

I was spying on Chrspin, who just got armor, but he hasn't used it yet. He was probably feeling bad, and I wish we didn't have to kill each other. He is holding a javelin, ready to stab himself. It's two inches away from his body, when he passes out. I take off my armor and throw it on the ground because of the heat, which most people of Twelve aren't used to. I wish Reese were here. I don't know who killed him, but he died on Day 1. So many people dead, so few alive.

Malecai Gerama: District 2

My arm injury is starting to fade away, and so is the water in my pond. I catch more fish before they die of dehydration.

Deaths of Day 10

6th: Silver Ganis- 4: Aurora

Day 11

Ayaan Hlupe: District 11

I finished my feast and will be full for quite some time. The volcano is at the end of the island and it rumbles slightly. Lava is pouring out of the volcano at fifteen miles per hour and I'm scared to death. I start to sprint off, keeping in mind that I'm the fastest tribute remaining. Malecai hears me running, and throws an axe at me. He misses, but barely. If he had hit me, I would've fell down and burned up. Now he only has one axe. Camilla comes along, barefoot, and it's funny that none of us are killing each other. Now, we're at the only place in the arena that isn't covered in sand, where Chrspin comes out, running for his life. Aurora is the only one on the other side of the arena. Suddenly, after half of the arena is covered in lava, it stops flowing, as if an invisible wall were there. Then, the lava disappears, along with the half of the island it destroyed.

Aurora Wilde: District 12

Using the camouflage kit I received on Day 2, I was able to spy on the other four tributes as they were chased by lava. The Gamemakers are obviously trying to get us to kill each other, and it's working. Malecai pushes Chrspin into the ocean, who probably won't be able to climb back up. Ayaan and Camilla both sped off somewhere, and Malecai stood at the edge feeling happy and proud about the person who'll be his fourth kill. Malecai will probably be camped up there for a while watching Chrspin, so I can't move at all, and that's not helping when two other people could kill you any second. Chrspin will survive for a while, being from Four, so I'll have to be completely still.

Chrspin Lanform: District 4

I need to climb up, but Malecai won't get his eye off of me. He may expect me to die of drowning if he forgot I was from District 4, or want me to commit suicide over my loss of Silver, whom I dearly miss, but suicide would not be the answer.

Camilla Averson: District 5

I pick up my sword, looking for someone to kill. I haven't made any kills yet, but I know I'll probably have to if I want to win. It's surprising that no one died during the lava spew. I want to go back to District 5. I dust off my footprints in the sand, hoping no one finds me. A skunk came up to me, and started to spray. I backed off, and the sand that the spray landed on shriveled up, creating a tiny pond of water and purple poison.

Malecai Gerama: District 2

A huge wave splashes over Chrspin, and the kid hasn't died yet! Then, Ayaan, chased by a tracker jacker, comes my way, and I grab out my axe. At the same time, Chrspin climbs up the mountain, and Aurora appears out of nowhere, running to the other side of the arena. Too many people to kill. I swing my axe at Ayaan's head, and I once again, miss barely, but I still have my axe with me. Chrspin runs off to me, and his trident pierces my lower back. The tracker jackers head his direction, and he flees, not taking time to cover his footprints. I swing at Ayaan, who dies immediately as the axe hits his neck. Another cannon rings, and only four people remain.

Aurora Wilde: District 12

I just experienced one of the craziest moments of my life. Now, Chrspin is running down around my new camp, and I take my blowgun I got from the feast, and shoot him. The dart had no poison in it, so it wasn't fatal. I grabbed one with poison, this time, and when I was ready to shoot, Chrspin came at me with his trident, and buried it in my forehead. I told him sorry for killing Silver, and thought about Silver and Lynnie but then changed my thoughts to me, at home, hoping my family was safe. I expect to hear my cannon any second now, as blood trickles down my face. I told Panem sorry for my kills, and closed my eyes for the last time.

Deaths of Day 11

5th: Ayaan Hlupe- 11: Malecai

4th: Aurora Wilde- 12: Chrspin

Congratulations to the last three tributes, Malecai Gerama, Chrspin Lanform, and Camilla Averson

Day 12

Camilla Averson: District 5

The skunks have been coming everywhere. I found seven in the past few hours. The island is getting smaller now, since the poison pond touched the ocean, causing the land to disappear as it touches the contaminated water. The Gamemakers are trying really hard to get us to fight. It's getting really hot now, and I have almost passed out twice. I could hardly sleep, knowing that I have half the attention of both Chrspin and Malecai and having to kill these skunks.

Malecai Gerama: District 2

The sun is unbearably hot, and I keep having to move my camp forward because of the shrinking island. Then, I feel a sharp pain in my ankle. I almost scream. I look down to see a crab. I step on it, and I almost expect to hear a cannon. I take the shell and bury it, hoping to use it as an alarm system, and try to cook the meat, which wouldn't be hard since the temperatures are in the triple digits.

Chsrpin Lanform: District 4

It's about 7:00, and I see Malecai. He's sleeping, and I have my trident ready. He would be dead, and I'd wait until Camilla fell asleep to kill her, too. I tiptoe forward, and step on something crunchy, a crab shell, I think. Malecai wakes up. He hits my upper chest with his axe, and it bounces off the armor, leaving a weak spot. I throw my trident at his legs, causing his foot to bleed. He once again, hits me in the heart area, making it even weaker. I throw my trident and miss. He gives another swing, leaving my heart open to the next hit. He falls over his foot, and I run to get my trident, but he throws sand in my eyes. I can't see anything, and lose my balance. There is a pain in my upper chest, probably when Malecai threw his axe at me again. Silver's last cries fill my head. I think of her, my parents, Rosetta, and District 4, so I can have my last thoughts of something good.

Camilla Averson: District 5

I was asleep for just a few seconds when a cannon woke me up. I would hunt that person down after my proper amount of sleep, but no. The island shakes, and rises about eighty feet in the air with gravel underneath it, and I could feel my parachute pop in my bag. Probably the stunts of the Gamemakers, wanting us to fall to our death.

Day 13

Camilla Averson: District 5

I have been awake for a while, and it's about 1:30 in the morning. Malecai is probably planning a sneak attack. I take some sips of my water, wondering if this would be my last day in the arena, victorious, or not. Then, Malecai flies from out of the bushes, axe in hand. I duck barely in time. His foot has an injury, so I may have an advantage. I swing my sword at him, and make a very, very shallow cut in his arm. He seems unaffected by this, and swings at my legs, and it goes straight through the armor. My leg hurts like crazy, and I'm worried. He's killed five people, and I've killed none. He has more experience. I run to the right, an he follows. He swings for my neck, and I duck. The axe hits my head, causing me to feel really dizzy. I swing my sword at his hip, and he begins to lose balance. He is barely missing my swings. Then, a stupid skunk mutt comes up. Out of desperateness, I hold it up, and the spray hits his foot. He screams. He loses balance, and falls. The twenty-fifth and final cannon bursts out. I don't know if he died on the impact, drowning, since he is 230 pounds, or poison, but he died. I can finally go home to District 5! I passed out three seconds later.

April 9, Day after the 90th Hunger Games, Location Unknown

I was about four years old. Mom and Dad ran into a room. I hears guns. Mom told me that Christian's parents had died for standing up to the Capitol. Christian had watched them get murdered in the meeting, and he tried to forget it. Then, I wake up. I am in a white room where I can't even tell where the floor stopped and the walls began. There was a projection floating in mid-air, a television screen for the Capitol. I am watching what's happening. A news reporter, tall and thin with green hair, stood up and addressed the citizens of Panem. "Camilla Averson, District 5 victor, committed suicide on the way back to District 5 for unknown reasons. Now what do you think about this," the screen flipped off. I bet it was because I used the skunk as a weapon. A plate flew down from above me, with food and water. I wonder if I'm ever allowed out.

Death Chart

Death Chart Tribute and Distirct Cause of Death
26th Lily Axelhurst: 13 Lynnie's Knife
25th Christian Lorne: 5 Drowned by John
24th Rani Coooper: 11 Malecai's Axe
23rd Matthew Copue: 3 Eva in Hand-to-Hand
22nd Reese Granger: 12 Hypothermia
21st Aria Velinose: 3 Quicksand
20th John Trike: 1 Altlas's Spear
19th Amira George: 10 Malecai's Axe
18th Eva Stone: 2 Annabelle's Blowgun
17th Troy Cunner: 9 Eva in Hand-to-Hand
16th Annabelle Freeman: 9 Bree's Machete
15th Shimmer Hyrute: 1 Annabelle's Poison
14th Sebastian Klein: 8 His Knife, Killed by Ayaan
13th Altlas Dunnin: 7 His Axe, Killed by Benjamin
12th Lynette Handsows: 6 Her Knife, Killed by Aurora
11th Benjamin Woodrew: 6 Adobe House #4 Collapses
10th Jason Johnson: 13 Malecai's Machete
9th Mia Lillirun: 7 Ayaan's Trident
8th Bree Barlow: 8 Swallowed by Shark Muttation
7th Alonzo Mourning: 10 Island Explosion
6th Silver Ganis: 4 Aurora's Machete
5th Ayaan Hlupe: 11 Malecai's Axe
4th Aurora Wilde: 12 Chrspin's Trident
3rd Chrspin Lanform: 4 Malecai's Axe
2nd Malecai Gerama: 2 Read Day 13
1st (Victor) Camilla Averson: 5

After the Games

Camilla Averson was released from the prison two days before the Victory Tour. Caesar interviewed her during her visit to the Capitol on the Tour. The news said that she was in a coma, and thought to be dead. Camilla went back to Five, and her family moved into the Victor's Village, and let Christian's family live with them too. The Capitol is still angry with Camilla, and have retired the skunks from appearing in any Games.

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