You'll probably say something like, "so original," but that's okay. Here we will discuss different characters and which actors would be good for them. We can even include characters that didn't appear in the Hunger Games film, like Madge, Mayor Undersee, and Gale's siblings. Mockingjay characters can be included, too. This isn't going to be the most organized blog, but here we go.

The Hunger Games film

Sometimes, we aren't exactly sure who played a character. Mrs. Mellark's actor wasn't on this wiki until months after the film. The only actor/actress I can think of that we haven't got a page for is Greasy Sae. If anyone can find out, please make a page and put it in her profile.

Confirmed Members of the Cast

Philip Seymour Hoffman as Plutarch Heavensbee

Amanda Plummer as Wiress

Jena Malone as Johanna Mason

Lynn Cohen as Mags

Meta Golding as Enobaria

Patrick St. Esprit as Romulus Thread

Characters that Need to be Casted (Tributes)

There are still eighteen tributes and several other chracters that need to be casted. We will discuss that below.


I pictured Gloss the way most of us did. Blond or brown hair, blue eyes, I pictured him as not that tall, for some reason. He, along with Finnick, will be the favorites for girls. Chace Crawford would be good.


Cashmere is said to have blond hair, blue eyes, like her brother, Gloss. I think Hayden Panettiere would make a good Cashmere.


Brutus is described as a man in his 40s, and still very muscular. I pictured him tanned, and brown hair. I think David Boreanaz would be good as Brutus.


He is described as being in his 40s or 50s. His appearance isn't a big factor in the series, but we all could picture him in our heads. I, along with many others, thin Michael Emerson would be good.

Finnick Odair

I don't even need to describe him. And there is a 99% chance that Sam Claflin will get the part.

District 5 Male

He is the most mentioned unnamed tribute. He is the first to die, as Finnick threw a trident at him once he reached the Cornucopia. He is also a drunk like Chaff and Haymitch, and threw up at the sword-fighting station. I think Ethan Hawke would be good.

Male Morphling

He is described to have yellow sagging skin and overlarge eyes. I couldn't find anyone extremely good, but Dan Hedaya is okay.

Female Morphling

She, like the Male Morphling, has yellowish sagging skin and overlarge eyes. She, Rue, and Wiress had the saddest deaths in my opinion. Jasmine Guy would make a good Female Morphling.

Characters That Need to be Casted (Not Tributes) (I'll have pictures up later)

Cecelia's Kids

They have a minor role in the series, but they still need to be casted. I think that Asa Butterfield, Morgan Lily, and Ty Simpkins would be good.

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