It has come to my attention that we have several mods who are no longer active. I was wondering if we could take away their status and give them to people who are more active. As far as I know, Gale's Girl, RueButtercup, ilovepeeta, Thomasb97 and Skybender101 are all inactive, and Justafox has been blocked, as he wished. That leaves us with Oblivion1001, Dannoh403, Asfbn, HeavyRotation, and the admins, and Necterine is the only one who has enough time to be on chat. I think that the chat mod spots should be opened up again. This may be considered pointless, but I think that five people, not all of them participating in chat, isn't enough to keep this chat troll-free. This is just my opinion, and if you disagree, please, I would prefer you don't cuss at me.

Apple fruit

So pretty!

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