Okay. Basically, we just have competitions to make tributes and their Lunaiis. I'm going to put up a tribute, and you guys make a Lunaii and I'll choose the best one. (In other words, sometimes I'm just too lazy to make them sometimes.) Anyway, you guys can ask me to put your tribute up here, and people will make them too and stuff like that. Anyway, my first tribute here will be...

Allison Fuji

Name: Allison Fuji

Gender: Female

Age: 15

District: 3

Weapons: Sword

Strengths: Technology Use, Tree Climbing

Weaknesses: Speed, Hunting

History: She grew up in with her grandfather in a small hut in an abandoned area of District 3, barely scraping up enough food to eat every day. She has saved her grandfather twice when he passed out. She cannot afford to attend school. Outside of school, she has a few friends, but she can't see them very often.

Token: A wooden flower her mother carved when she was living

Personality: Doesn't talk much, can grow attatched to people though, A little shy

Appearance: Long light brown hair, Grey eyes, Ashen skin

Height: 5' 2"

Interview Angle: Kind

Bloodbath Strategy: Don't even get involved.

Games Strategy: Find water and food, Ally with some people

Allies: Choose a large alliance and hope to blend in.


The winner is...


Kaitlyn's Lunaii!

I thought that everyone else did a great job of making the Lunaiis though, I just thought that this one looked more how I pictured her. Thank you guys, and the next tribute will be up soon.

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