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~PopTart~ September 27, 2012 User blog:~PopTart~

Okay. You guys may think I just want attention, but I'm seriouesly thinking about leaving. I'm no Cass, Andy, or Ryan or anyone popular, but I wanted your opinions. I'll probably finish my Games. But the reason that I may leave for is that people have been rude. Excluding me. Being plain out mean. You know who you are. Anyway, I'll see who wants me to stay. I have tried to stay out of the leaving drama, and enjoy my time here, but everything I do, I get criticized, though when others do it, it's fine. In fact, people were telling me I couldn't enter tributes into a Game because I'm not a regular. Well let me tell you, I've been here since April. Maybe these five months were a waste. Maybe I shouldn't have even gone here in te first place. I've gained friends, something I would've never though possible over the internet, but sometimes, just like in the real world, I'm always left out on things. Call me a n00b, arse, or attention wh**e, but I won't care. I just want to see if people really wanted me back. I apologize for creating drama, but I just need to be reassured that I belong here. Or if I don't.

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