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~PopTart~ September 6, 2012 User blog:~PopTart~

Announcer: Has this ever happened to you?

Person: I have no tributes.

Announcer: Well look no further! Thanks to the Spam Blog, you'll never not ever not have to have to spam on people's blogs again!

Person: WHAT?

Enough with the nigahiga. Honestly, I'm surprised that no one has thought of it before. Anyway, it's self-explanatory. We just spam here and give links to Games that we or a friend are running. And I feel bad spamming on someone else's page, so this is the answer. People can come here to check for Games to enter tributes in. But by spamming, I don't mean this ----------->
Screen Shot 2012-09-03 at 11.47.37 PM

but links to Games and such. No






ing. Got it? Anyway, this is probably the most unorganized blog I've ever had. Bye!

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