Hi! As you may know, Andy is banned until December rolls around, so he is letting me do the district battle from 3 and 4 for sure, and if I finish those before he gets back, 5. Don't get angry at me if your tribute dies: he selected the tributes that live and die, who killed them, what order, and which day. It will go back to note writing once he returns. I hope you enjoy these, and I'm glad that we can keep the battles rolling while he's gone!

District 3 Tributes

District Name User
District 3 (Electronics) Male: Wes Unlead, 15 LilboyfromD3
District 3 (Electronics) Male: Calculum Infinity, 12 Prezziesnow9704!:)
District 3 (Electronics) Male: Giga Techno, 17 Thresh Is Best
District 3 (Electronics) Male: Buxus Redcoat, 16 Captainsv
District 3 (Electronics) Male: Mikuru Foxeye, 18 Madgeical
District 3 (Electronics) Female: Cora Sanderson, 14 Cloveismywife
District 3 (Electronics) Female: Blair Wired, 12 Polinarose
District 3 (Electronics) Female: Isa Guard, 13 Annamisasa
District 3 (Electronics) Female: Allison Fuji, 15 Jsm13athome
District 3 (Electronics) Female: Luka McCandless, 17 Happy Meadows

Other Positions

Position Name User
District 3 Escort Moira Updegraff Happy Meadows
District 3 Mentor Jaela Morgan Happy Meadows
District 3 Stylist Toral Singh Happy Meadows
District 3 Victor Hudson Reboni Cloveismywife

Reapings (Wes & Cora)

Cora's POV

I walk to the reaping with Tarryn, a good friend of mine, and set out towards the reaping. I'm honestly a lot less worried, even though there is a higher chance I'll be reaped, and have to fight to the death against 205 people. There was no volunteering this year, so the Careers would be weaker. There's only a few people who volunteer each year, so it takes a lot of bravery even for them.

"Cora, if you get reaped, what would be your strategy to win?" Tarryn asks.

"Well, I'd probably hide until the Games got down to a few and try to make a trap or something," I say, pondering about how likely it is that I could be reaped. Could I? And even then, there are still around two hundred people that have to die. Lucy Uganda has been reeplaced with a new escort, named Moira Updegraff. She began to speak.

Wes's POV

"Good morning all!" Immediately, my friends and I duck our heads as the microphone gets feedback. Moira has gone ballistic.

"Why is it doing that!" Apparently, the microphones in the Capitol are better than these. After a few minutes of running in circles, she finally calms down.

"Well, we have to load up the train, so we better hurry. But first, as always, we must introduce our mentor and victor. Jaela Morgan is our mentor, and Hudson Reboni is the victor." An eerie silence filled the square as she picked out the first girl's name.

"Isa Guard!" I look over at my sister, and she gives me a thumbs up.

Cora's POV

"Blair Wired," she calls.

"Cora Sanderson!" A push from my back forced me to walk forward. The other two names seemed to be blurred out as I watched the boy who pushed me, Austin, get tackled by Tarryn's brother. A loud bang silenced them all, and Tarryn's brother layed dead, on the ground, with a bullet in his shoulder. They put Austin in cuffs and walked him out. All eyes layed on Tarryn, crying, and leaning on her brother. Blair and Isa stare in shock, and two girls join us on stage, one of them in my class, and along with Tarryn, one of my best friends.

"Allison," I whisper to her. We both look at Tarryn, who is about to go mad. Then, Moira, in more surprise than I could imagine anyone to be, calls out the names for the boys.

Wes's POV

The five girls stand by the escort, some crying into each other's shoulders. Aside from Luka, none of them were that old.

"Wes Unlead!" she almost howls into the air. I walk forward, scared as a bunny. I was only fifteen! How could this happen! I look at the five girls I would be sent into this death trap with, and listen as the escort calls out four more names.

"Calculum Infinity!" she says as a small boy, about twelve years old, walks to the stage.

"Buxus Redcoat!" A boy only a bit older than me walks up.

"Mikuru Foxeye!" He was the oldest tribute reaped from District 3 so far, and he looks rather intimidating.

"And finally, Giga Techno!" The ten of us stand up, looking at District 3, and desperately hoping that we could come back. "Your District 3 tributes of the 108th Hunger Games!" A faint applause is interrupted by Tarryn's cries, because she has lost so many people today.

Train Rides (Calculum & Blair)

Calculum's POV

Why me? I think. I lay my head down on the table, crying over the fact that my death will follow just around the corner. Giga, Wes, and Luka are the only ones even trying to hold in emotion. The rest of us just let it out. Cora and Blair are weeping into each other's shoulders, and Luka and Mikuru are watching the reapings through their tears. Toral and Moira walk around, happy as ever, pondering over how exciting the Games will be, while Hudson and Jaela, both from District 3, know our pain. Isa is alone in a corner, and Allison and Buxus are sitting at a table, trying to calm each other down.

"So how about some food?" Moira asks. The entire room clears out as the us ten tributes try to eat as we've been starving since we were born. I hear Mikuru knock over a plate of pasta as he races towards some stew. I take sip of tea, and it's pretty good. Allison takes a bite that I didn't know was humanely possible out of some blueberry-flavored bread.

"Thank you", Blair whispers to Moira.

Blair's POV

Isa looks down at the floor, not eating at all.

"What's wrong?" I ask her.

"Nothing, I'm just not hungry," she replies. I couldn't blame her. Being put in a 206 way fight to the death kind of takes away your appetite. Buxus looks around the room, as if something were lost.

"What's wrong?" Cora asks him.

"I just miss home, already," I feel a small tear in my eyes, and I see that most people's eyes are starting to get a bit red too. Isa and I already decided on an alliance, and then Cora and Allison came to us.

"Wanna merge alliances?" Allison asks. I don't know why they wanted two girls, twelve and thirteen, in their alliance, but we agree.

"Sure," I say. Isa looks around nervously. I think back to the horrible reaping. Why me?

Chariots (Giga & Isa)

Giga's POV

The chariots. The first time where all the districts meet up. Where we meet 130 people who will probably die in the next few days. Toral fits us into some dresses, puts some lipstick and throws gold flecks at us. And that's just the boys. Anyway, we manage to cram in, thanking everyone that none of us were too big. Right now, I'm barely an inch away from Wes on my left, and Allison is to the right, holding onto Luka and I for balance. The crowd cheers like crazy as District 1 comes in. People yell, celebrate, and the tributes, no matter how cramped they are, still look as bratty as usual. Then District 2 enters, wearing simple grey suits. It isn't cheered as loudly as District 1 was, but the tributes must've been popular as most of the Capitol's eyes layed on one in awe.

"We love you, Jacob!" some random girl from the Capitol says.

"Ready?" Mikuru asks from behind me.

"Ready," we all reapond. Here we go.

Isa's POV

The beautiful horses pull us through as we make our debut to the Capitol. As we enter, I heard the Capitol cheer. It wasn't as strong as the first two, but we were doing fine. I look at my district partners, wondering how they feel. Cora and Buxus wave out to the crowds, trying to make them seem more popular. Calculum looks down, almost trying to hide from the Capitol. Then, District 4 enters in behind us and breaks our streak of glory. The crowd explodes about a thousand times bigger than they did for us. Their cheers are even louder than District 1, and I see a girl with an evil grin on her face. I think her name's Paloma. Anyway, we swerve to the right and park next to District 1, and we all stand, waiting for President Snow to speak to us. The rest of the districts come in, and we wait to go back to our rooms.

Group Training (Buxus and Allison)

Buxus's POV

"Negative three, and to our private training room," Hudson mutters as he presses the negative three elevator button. I guess it would be nice to avoid all of the other tributes down here. Immediately, the door flashes open, and we're all speechless. A huge room opens up to us, and we can't believe that it's only for the ten of us in the entire place. Immediately, I run over to the snares station, along with a few others. Cora began assembling one faster than I thought human hands could move, and Calculum begins choosing which wires to use. Luka is flinging an axe around, hitting targets directly in the center, Mikuru and Allison are fencing. Wes and Giga have challenged each other to a dagger throwing competition, and Isa grabs a bow and fires arrows and hits dummies directly in the heart. I run over to the knife station and begin throwing them at targets. Suddenly, the room quiets down. I can see Blair in the distance hopping on the Gauntlet. She touches the end, and receives some applause from the rest of the tributes.

Allison's POV

Blair just finished the Gauntlet. Hudson's told us that normally only the Careers can do that. I look at her, and she looks pleased of herself. Most of the other tributes are gaping.

"Let's start over," Mikuru tells me.

"Okay," I say, readying my sword. I swing at him, and he narrowly dodges it. He tries to bring it down on my head, but I block it with mine, making a weird noise as he pulls it off. I go for his legs, and he jumps up, and I lean to the side as he hits towrd my stomach. I get my sword in my hands and touch it to his chest, and I win.

"Allison," Isa says, walking up to me. Mikuru walks back.

"Yes," I say.

"Can we show each other our weapons?"

"Sure," I say. I give her a sword, and she holds it up. I place dummies to the front of both of us and show her some thrusts. She does it pretty well. I hand her a helmet and take her up to the fighting stage. I strike to her side, and she blocks. She tries to hit me on the head, but I dodge. We hit our sword in midair, each blocking each other's hit. She swings at my side, and as I'm about to block it, I want to give her self-esteem. She hits me side, and I congratulate her.

"Good job!" I say.

"I know you let me win," she says smiling.

Training Scores/Odds to Survive Round 1

Name Training Score Odds to Survive
Wes Unlead 8 5-1
Calculum Infinity 5 11-1
Giga Techno 7 6-1
Buxus Redcoat 6 8-1
Mikuru Foxeye 7 7-1
Cora Sanderson 5 10-1
Blair Wired 4 14-1
Isa Guard 6 9-1
Allison Fuji 6 8-1
Luka McCandless 8 4-1

Pre-Games (Mikuru & Luka)

Luka's POV

Hudson and Jaela are talking in whipsers, and I can see Blair huddled into a corner, scared as a rabbit. It's eerily quiet, and none of us are too happy about it. Cora has her face against the wall, and Giga looks toward the ceiling, worried about the Games. I'm nervous too, but I do have the best betting odds. Mikuru's the only person who doesn't look scared to death.

"Come on, guys," Toral says. She leads us out and into our private areas, and I see Isa taking a few deep breaths. I try. In and out. It calms me as I prepare to go in.

Mikuru's POV

I'm getting extremely nervous. Moira looks at me, and tells me she knows I can do this.

"Thank you," I tell her, almost in tears. She gives a faint smile and walks off. My score was a seven, putting me up with Giga. I'm still so nervous about this. My body is shaking uncontrolably, and I can almost hear the arena. The timer beeps, and they tell us we have thirty second left. I'm raised into what looks like a factory or electrical provider. No one is in my view, so I won't have combat the second I'm released. Three. Two. One. The gong rings out, and I feel ready. Ready to fight. Ready to win.

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